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Vital Records
Register of Deaths

Bonavista Bay District

Book 11
PAGES 267 - 276

SOURCE: LDS Microfilm Reels

Date of Death Place of Death Cause of Death Surname Given Names Religious Denomination Age Place of Birth Place of Internment
PAGE 267               
Jany 5 Bonavista Genl Tuberculosis MARCH, Lewis UC 48 Bonavista Bonavista
Jany 13 Bonavista Myocardis DUNN, William UC 84 Bonavista Bonavista
Jany 17 Bonavista Convulsions FAULKNER, Albert UC 2 yrs Bonavista Bonavista
Jany 23 Bonavista Cet Heomorhage ROLLS. Joseph UC 81 Bonavista Bonavista
Jany 29 Bonavista T B Bronchitis HARRIS, Grace UC 15 Bonavista Bonavista
Feby 13 Bonavista Myocardis FISHER, Jane UC 68 Bonavista Bonavista
Feby 15 Bonavista Ch Bronchitis HAWKINS, George UC 78 Bonavista Bonavista
Feby 22 Bonavista Bronchitis ABBOTT, Olive UC 1 yr Bonavista Bonavista
Feby 25 Bonavista Maramas TEMPLEMAN, Albert UC 3 wks Bonavista Bonavista
Feby 27 Bonavista Maramas FISHER, Norman UC 3 mos Bonavista Bonavista
Mar 8 Bonavista Intestinal Obstruction SHERRAN, Norman UC 9 Bonavista Bonavista
Mar 20 Bonavista Broncho Pneumonia FISHER, Catherine (Kathleen) UC 4 mos Bonavista Bonavista
Mar 28 Bonavista Genl Tuberculosis ABBOTT, William J UC 21 Bonavista Bonavista
NOTE: The following six entrie have been written over and are not clear at all what was intended or if it was done at a later time. Posted entries are only as close as they could be read.
Feby 1 ? Fair Isl Cancer Stomach HORLICK, Mary C of E 72/82 ? Fair Isl ? Fair Isl
Mar 4 Newport Pulmonary T B COLLINS, Arch C of E 32 Newport Newport
Feby 22 Fair Isld Maramas PICKETT, Minnie B C of E 3 1.2 mos Fair Isld Fair Isld
Feby 10 Greenspond Senility POND, Robert C of E 37 1/2 yrs Greenspond Greenspond
Mar 22 Greenspond Senility LORD, Eliza C of E 85 Greenspond Greenspond
Jany 8 Bragg's isld Drowning ORAM, Azariah UC 19 7/12 Bragg's isld Bragg's isld
Feby 3 Green's Isld Illformed EASTMAN, Richard UC 6 hrs Green's Isld Green's Isld
Jany 4 Sop's Isld Cardiac Failure STOKES, Benjamin UC 82 Cape Freels Sop's Isld
Jany 24 Sop's Isld Accident (Crushed under logs) KNEE, Joshua UC 62 Bonavista Bay Sop's Isld
Mar 22 Greenspond Apoplexy HOUSE, Frances UC 70 Greenspond Greenspond
Jany 16 Bonavista Senility MARSH, Frances C of E 84 No Entry Bonavista
Jan 28 Bonavista Senility HARRIS, Henry C of E 88 No Entry Bonavista
Feby 10 Spiller's Cove Convulsions CULLEMORE (?), Tobias C of E 1 yr Spiller's Cove Bonavista
Feby 12 Bonavista ?? DURDLE, John (of Samuel) C of E 10 Bonavista Bonavista
Feby 14 Bonavista Senility MILES, Mary C of E 89 Spiller's Cove Bonavista
Mar 13 Bonavista No Entry GOSLING, Annie Pearl C of E 11 Bonavista Bonavista
Mar 15 Lancaster (?) Senility RYDER, Absalom C of E 72 Port Blandford Bonavista
Mar 15 Elliston Lung Debility PORTER (?), Irene C of E 5 hrs Port Blandford Bonavista
Jan 17 Port Blandford Lung Debility BROWN, Robert C of E 6 Port Blandford Port Blandford
Feby 8 Port Blandford Pulmonary T B HOLLOWAY, Job C of E 45 Port Blandford Port Blandford
Mar 24 Port Blandford Old Age GREENING, Anne C of E 85 Port Blandford Port Blandford
Jany 9 Port Blandford Old Age PRITCHETT, Rachel C of E 84 Middle Brook Middle Brook
Jany 24 Middle Brook Convulsions ??, Esther L C of E 24 Middle Brook Middle Brook
Feby 16 Middle Brook Pulmonary T B PRITCHETT, Gilbert C of E 33 Middle Brook Middle Brook
Mar 15 Spiller's Cove Old Age FLEMING, Rosanna RC 92 Bonavista Bonavista
Feby 10 Southern Bay Convulsions RYAN, Margarita RC 10 yrs Southern Bay Southern Bay
Feby 15 Sweet Bay Pulmonary T B WEAR, D?? RC 27 Sweet Bay Sweet Bay
PAGE 268                
Jan-01 Bonavista Ch. Nyphritis DAVIS George SA 66 Bonavista Bonavista
Jan-10 Hare Bay - COLLINS Roland SA 17 Hare Bay Hare Bay
Jan-28 Hare Bay Pneumonia SAUNDERS Dinah F SA 58 Gooseberry Island Hare Bay
Feb-12 Wellington - PENNELL Elizabeth M SA 13 mos. Brooklyn, USA Wellington
Feb-12 Bonavista Rickets TEMPLEMAN Hester R SA 1 Bonavista Bonavista
Feb-16 Bonavista Pulm. TB ABBOTT Sarah Jane SA 22 Bonavista Bonavista
Mar-16 Wellington Cong. Deblility HARDING Alma W SA 6 mos. Gambo Wellington
Mar-22 Wellington Cong. Deblility KEATS Susanna A SA 3 mos. Hare Bay Wellington
Mar-28 Wellington Cong. Deblility COLLINS Hilda V SA 6 mos. Wellington Wellington
Jan-15 Saunders Cove Whooping Cough DAVIS William G UC 2 mos. Saunders Cove Saunders Cove
Feb-22 Glovertown Whooping Cough SKEFFINGTON William A UC 7 1/2 mos. Glovertown Glovertown
Mar-27 Brooklyn USA Burns SWEETAPPLE Jessie UC 27 N.Sydney Glovertown
Mar-03 Glovertown Whooping Cough HUNT Wilfred UC 3 mos. Glovertown Glovertown
Mar-30 Bunyans Cove Pulm. TB GRANTER Ennis UC 29 Bloomfield Bunyans Cove
Apr-07 Port Blandford Heart Failure OLDFORD William UC 62   Port Blandford
Apr-14 Bunyans Cove Gangrene of foot TUCKER John UC 74 Elliston Bunyans Cove
May-09 North Sydney Paralysis BURRY Elizabeth M UC 70 Greenspond Bunyans Cove
Jan-04 Wesleyville Paralysis NORRIS Sarah UC 76 Pinchards Island Wesleyville
Jan-05 Pools Island Heart Failure HUNT Robert UC 30 Pools Island Valleyfield
Jan-16 Wesleyville Myocarditis WILKINS Samuel UC 23 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Apr-20 Bonavista - WHIFFEN Maud UC 3 mos. Bonavista Bonavista
Apr-27 Bonavista S.B. ABBOTT Baby UC S.B. Bonavista Bonavista
May-10 Bonavista Arteriosclerosis CHARD George UC 76 Bonavista Bonavista
May-21 Bonavista S.B. ABBOTT Baby UC S.B. Bonavista Bonavista
May-24 Bonavista Bronchitis LANDER James UC 68 Bonavista Bonavista
May-29 Bonavista Heart Disease MAY Lydia UC 28 Bonavista Bonavista
Jun-12 Bonavista Hemophylia HICKS William UC 75 Bonavista Bonavista
Jun-16 Bonavista Broncio Pneumonia FISHER Doris UC 3 mos. Bonavista Bonavista
Jun-26 Bonavista Scarlet Fever BUTLER Roger UC 51 Bonavista Bonavista
Apr-01 Cape Cove Child Birth HOWELL Lily May UC 28 3/4 Cape Cove Cape Cove
Apr-08 Lumsden N Influenza GRAY Clara UC 46 3/4 Lumsden S Lumsden N
Apr-10 Pinchards Island TB NORRIS Charles   65 Pinchards Island Pinchards Island
Apr-03 Cape Island Cancer ANDREWS Keziah   67 Cape Island Cape Island
Apr-02 Spillars Cove Pneumonia FLEMING Elizabeth C of E 80 Bonavista Bonavista
Apr-03 Bonavista S.B. ETSELL Baby C of E S.B. Bonavista Bonavista
Apr-05 Bonavista Influenza McGRATH Elizabeth C of E 82 Bonavista Bonavista
Apr-10 Bonavista Heart Disease RYDER Marianne C of E 77 Bonavista Elliston
Apr-09 Bonavista Cong. Deblility STAGG George C of E 2 mos. Bonavista Bonavista
Apr-15 Bonavista Senility STAGG Stephen C of E 93 Bonavista Bonavista
PAGE 269                
Apr-25 Bonavista Cong. Debility ETSELL Heber J.C C of E 3 wks. Bonavista Bonavista
Apr-25 Bonavista Pulm. TB DYKE Sarah Jane C of E 38 Bonavista Bonavista
May-27 Bonavista Broncio Pneumonia COOLE Elizabeth C of E 68 Bonavista Bonavista
May-05 Bonavista Pulm. TB ETSELL Samuel C of E 29 Bonavista Bonavista
Jun-18 Newman's Cove Pulm. TB HAYWARD Emma B. C of E 15 Newman's Cove Newman's Cove
Jun-26 Newman's Cove Pulm. TB EDMONDS Evelyn C of E 21 Newman's Cove Newman's Cove
Jun-25 St. John's Manic Depression MIFFLIN Maud C of E 35 Bonavista Bonavista
Jan-29 S Brendans Influenza DWYER Mary RC 78 - S Brendans
Jan-31 S Brendans Pneumonia WALSH Francis RC 3 S Brendans S Brendans
Feb-02 S Brendans Senility ALYWARD John RC 87 S Brendans S Brendans
Jan-09 S Brendans Senility RIELLEY Thomas RC 88 S Brendans S Brendans
Mar-02 S Brendans Pneumonia HYNES Madonna RC 1 S Brendans S Brendans
Mar-05 S Brendans TB Intestinal ALYWARD John RC 62 S Brendans S Brendans
Mar-12 S Brendans Influenza BRIDGEMAN Rebecca RC 72 S Brendans S Brendans
Mar-26 S Brendans TB HYNES Rebecca RC 62 S Brendans S Brendans
Apr-04 Burnt Is. Chronic Ca??? KELLY Bridget RC 72 S Brendans S Brendans
May-19 S Brendans SB ALYWARD Baby RC SB S Brendans S Brendans
May-26 S Brendans Pulm. TB WHITE Ambrose RC 21 S Brendans S Brendans
Jun-20 S Brendans Asthma BRODERICK Philip RC 79 S Brendans S Brendans
May-05 Deer Island Pulm. TB EASTMAN Frederick UC 14 Gambo Deer Island
May-18 Braggs Island Malnutrition PANE Eliza UC 9 mos. Braggs Island Braggs Island
Jun-07 Braggs Island Pleursy PANE Josiah UC 68 Braggs Island Braggs Island
Apr-23 Greenspond Senility GRANTER Sarah J C of E 78 - Greenspond
May-30 Greenspond Drowning BRAGG Stewart C of E 25 Greenspond Greenspond
Jan-12 Plate Cove Convulsions TRACEY Olive RC 3 weeks Plate Cove Open Hall
Jan-21 Plate Cove W Old Age WALSH John RC 90 Plate Cove W Open Hall
Mar-01 Plate Cove Convulsions WALSH Peter RC 1 Plate Cove W Open Hall
Mar-01 Plate Cove Measles PHILPOT Mary M RC 1 3/4 Plate Cove W Open Hall
Mar-01 Plate Cove Convulsions KEOUGH Patrick RC 9 mos. Plate Cove Open Hall
Mar-21 Open Hall Cancer BARKER Robert RC 75 Open Hall Open Hall
Apr-08 Plate Cove Malnutrition DOOLEY May A RC 3 mos Plate Cove Plate Cove
Apr-19 Plate Cove W Bright's Disease CAREW Michael J RC 14 Keels Open Hall
May-27 Plate Cove Tuberculosis PHILPOT Bernard RC 30 Plate Cove Open Hall
Jun-19 Plate Cove Heart Disease MULLOWNEY Catherine RC 64 Keels Open Hall
Jan-10 Greenspond Volvulus (intest. Obst) HARDING John SA 2 mos. Greenspond Greenspond
Mar-03 Bonavista Influenza SHARP Elizabeth SA 78 Bonavista Bonavista
Apr-01 Bonavista Influenza SELLARS Simeon SA 70 Bonavista Bonavista
Apr-04 Bonavista Convulsions TEMPLEMAN Gordon SA 5 wks. Bonavista Bonavista
Apr-13 Bonavista Bronchitis ABBOTT Minnie SA 9 Bonavista Bonavista
May-07 Wellington - WILLIS Elmore SA 28 Wellington Wellington
PAGE 270                
May-18 Greenspond Cardiac Disease WHEELER George SA 67 Greenspond Greenspond
May-24 Hare Bay Pulm. TB COOZE Alice SA 44 Wellington Hare Bay
May-27 Hare Bay Pulm. TB FORSEY Pearl SA 25 3/4 Hare Bay Hare Bay
Jan-20 Birchy Cove Consumption RYAN Bessie UC 19 Birchy Cove Newman's Cove
Jan-22 Maberly Convulsions CHAULK Hazel UC 3 mos. Maberly Elliston
Jan-28 Elliston Pneumonia STRICKLAND Maisie V. UC 2 Elliston Elliston
Feb-19 Elliston Consumption CREWE Emily UC 14 Elliston Elliston
Mar-18 Maberly Premature CHAULK Mary Jane UC 1 day Maberly Maberly
Mar-23 Elliston Pneumonia HOBBS Bertha UC 2 mos. Elliston Elliston
Apr-08 Elliston Old Age BAKER Hannah UC 85 Elliston Elliston
Apr-14 Newman's Cove Bronchitis COOL Emily Ann UC 53 Newman's Cove Newman's Cove
Apr-28 Elliston Premature CHAULK Baby UC 1 day Elliston Elliston
May-29 Elliston Premature CHAULK Laura Jane UC 1 mo. Elliston Elliston
Jun-29 Elliston Child Birth PORTER Susie UC 22 Elliston Elliston
Jun-29 Elliston Premature S.B PORTER Baby UC S.B. Elliston Elliston
Feb-14 Keels Not Given PENNEY Chester G C of E 21 Keels Keels
Feb-25 King's Cove Not Given BROWN Ira Lewis C of E 23 King's Cove King's Cove
Apr-19 Open Hall Not Given FITZGERALD Wm. Thos. C of E 28 Open Hall Open Hall
Jun-18 Newtown Rheumatoid Arthritis NORRIS Susannah C of E 72 3/4 Pinchard's Island Pinchard's Island
Mar-12 Pinchard's Island Pulm. TB LUSH Luke C of E 23 3/4 Pinchard's Island Pinchard's Island
Feb-01 Wesleyville Paralysis NORRIS Emily C of E 59 - Pound Cove
Apr-20 Badger's Quay Pulm. TB POND Elizabeth Anne C of E 20 Badger's Quay Badger's Quay
Mar-15 S/S Viking Disaster Killed or Drowned CROSS George C of E - Badger's Quay Body not recovered
Mar-15 S/S Viking Disaster Killed or Drowned STOCKLEY Joseph C of E - Brookfield Body not recovered
Feb-21 Pool's Island Carcinoma Stomach ABBOT Annie D C of E 70 Pool's Island Pool's Island
Mar-15 S/S Viking Disaster Killed or Drowned WHITE Samuel C of E 37 Pool's Island Body not recovered
Mar-15 S/S Viking Disaster Killed or Drowned WINTER David C of E 26 Pool's Island Body not recovered
Mar-24 Tinker's Island Endocarditis SHEPPARD Peter C of E 59 Pool's Island Pool's Island
Apr-19 Pool's Island Senility WHITE George C of E 78 Pool's Island Pool's Island
Jan-02 Cull's Hr. Senility PIKE Sarah C of E 83 Flat Island Traytown
May-31 Cull's Hr. Senility SAMSON Richard C of E 81 Flat Island Traytown
Jun-02 Salvage Influenza BROWN John H C of E 14 Salvage Bishop's Hr.
Jun-05 Bishop's Hr. Pulmonary TB BROWN James C of E 62 Bishop's Hr. Bishop's Hr.
May-10 Deer Lake Broncho Pneumonia SQUIRE Phillip C of E 52 Eastport Salvage Bay
Jun-14 Flat Isld. Marasmus CHEATER Selena C of E 17 Flat Island Flat Island
Feb-04 Hosp for Insane Senile Dementia COLLINS Joseph SA 76 Wellington Wellington
Feb-28 Sanitorium Pulm TB HILL Roland UC 21 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Mar-15 S/S Viking Disaster Killed or Drowned MULLETT Stephen SA - Wesleyville Wesleyville
Mar-31 Genl Hospital Cancer of Lung ATTWOOD Charles UC 33 Safe Hr. General Protestant
May-11 Deer Lake Broncho Pneumonia SQUIRES Philip C of E 53 Eastport Deer Lake
PAGE 271                
Jun-03 Asylum for Insane Manic Depression RUSSELL Belinda C of E 75 Musgravetown Musgravetown
Jan-06 Musgrave Hr. Menengitis WHITEWAY Cluny UC 11 Musgrave Hr. Musgrave Hr.
Feb-06 Doting Cove Tuberculosis HICKS Ruth UC 9 Doting Cove Doting Cove
Feb-09 Musgrave Hr. Tuberculosis HAYWARD Isaac UC 25 Musgrave Hr. Musgrave Hr.
Feb-22 Aspen Cove Pulm TB DINTY Joseph B UC 7 mos. Aspen Cove Aspen Cove
Mar-05 Ladle Cove Heart Failure WEST Hannah UC 82 Ladle Cove Ladle Cove
Mar-22 Doting Cove Pulmonary TB HICKS Willis UC 55 Doting Cove Doting Cove
Jun-23 Doting Cove Cancer MOULAND Mrs. John UC 55 Doting Cove Doting Cove
Jan-07 Lethbridge Whooping Cough PENNEY Minnie K UC 1 1/2 Lethbridge Lethbridge
Jan-24 Musgravetown Whooping Cough YOUNG Eva Marie UC 4 1/2 mos. Musgravetown Musgravetown
Feb-27 Lethbridge Covulsions PENNEY Alexander UC 5 days Lethbridge Lethbridge
Feb-20 Lethbridge Prematurity TREMBLETT James UC 1 day Lethbridge Lethbridge
Apr-05 Portland Menengitis ASH Martin UC 22 Portland Portland
May-06 Lethbridge Senility PYE Samuel UC 96 Brigus Lethbridge
May-13 Winter Brook Menengitis BUTT Dawson H UC 14 1/2 Flat Islands B.B. Winter Brook
May-18 Portland TB Glands PIKE Gerald J UC 2 1/2 Portland Portland
May-20 Lethbridge Prematurity SMART Daisy UC 3 Lethbridge Lethbridge
Jul-18 Hosp for Insane Epilephis COX James UC 20 Bonavista General Protestant
Jul-10 Bunyan's Cove Consumption HARVEY Eliza UC 15 Wesleyville Bunyan's Cove
Sep-18 Bunyan's Cove Convulsions KEATS Hazel UC 7 Bunyan's Cove Bunyan's Cove
Apr-01 Wesleyville Intestinal TB CHURCHILL Lucy UC 36 Wesleyville Wesleyville
May-11 Wesleyville Cardio Renal WINSOR Lewis UC 78 1/2 Wesleyville Wesleyville
May-11 Wesleyville TB HUNT Wilfred UC 20 Wesleyville Wesleyville
May-15 Wesleyville Heart Failure BEST Martha UC 25 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Jul-17 Wesleyville S.B. ANDREWS Baby UC SB Wesleyville Wesleyville
Jul-17 Valleyfield Hematimesis HUNT Emma UC 14 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Aug-16 Wesleyville Senility BEST Edward UC 78 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Sep-13 Wesleyville Cong. Debility WINSOR Joseph UC 3 wks. Wesleyville Wesleyville
Sep-19 Wesleyville Senility STOCKLEY Mrs. John UC 80 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Jul-10 Trinity Diarrhea ROGERS Egla M C of E 11 mos. Fair Island Trinity
Jun-02 Indian Bay Cong. Debility PARSONS Alphaeus C of E 5 hrs. Indian Bay Indian Bay
Jul-25 Fair Island Diarrhea BROWN Roderick C of E 13 mos Fair Island Fair Island
Jul-18 Trinity Cong. Debility GLOVER Eli C of E 3 Trinity Trinity
Aug-10 Fair Island Diarrhea BROWN Raymond C of E 10 mos. Fair Island Fair Island
Aug-16 Silver Fox Island Diarrhea BUTTON Beatrice M C of E 9 mos. Silver Fox Island Silver Fox Island
Jun-01 Silver Fox Island Convulsions WICKS Joseph C of E 9 mos. Silver Fox Island Silver Fox Island
Aug-18 Fair Island Diarrhea HORLICK Kathleen C of E 11 mos. Fair Island Fair Island
Aug-24 Fair Island Diarrhea CUTLER Lenora Dora C of E 1 1/2 Fair Island Fair Island
Aug-29 Silver Fox Island Diarrhea MATTHEWS Pearl C of E 2 1/2 Silver Fox Island Silver Fox Island
Sep-10 Newport Pulm TB COLLINS Randolph C of E 9 Newport Newport
PAGE 272                
Sept.6 Trinity Whooping Cough PELLEY Frank C of E 1 1/2 Bunyan's Cove Trinity
Aug-09 Wesleyville Meningitis WRIGHT Alexander UC 18 Lumsden N Lumsden N
Aug-29 Braggs Isld Apoplexy GLOVER Mary UC 69 Greenspond Braggs Isld
Sep-08 Gooseberry Isld Senility TAYLOR Hannah UC 70 Gooseberry Isld Gooseberry Isld
Sep-30 Braggs Isld Cong. Debility PAUL Josiah UC 11 mos. Braggs Isld Braggs Isld
Sep-20 Braggs Isld Cong. Debility PAUL Alfred UC 2 - Braggs Isld
Sep-20 Braggs Isld Cong. Debility HUNT Herbert James UC 3 - Braggs Isld
Jun-02 Bonavista Cer. Hemmorhage CROWLEY Bridget RC 67 Bonavista Bonavista
Jul-20 Bonavista Old Age JOY Bridget RC 82 Bonavista Bonavista
Aug-12 Summerville Old Age BRENNAN Richard RC   Summerville Bonavista
Sep-19 Catalina Peritonitis LANE Robert RC 9 Catalina Catalina
Jul-04 Bonavista Cancer HICKS Mark UC 61 Bonavista Bonavista
Jul-10 Bonavista Cancer MOULAND Eliza UC 56 Bonavista Bonavista
Aug-20 Bonavista SB NOFTALL Baby UC SB Bonavista Bonavista
Sep-06 Bonavista Cong. Debility ABBOTT William UC 2 Bonavista Bonavista
Sep-08 Bonavista TB SEXTON John T UC 21 Bonavista Bonavista
Sep-28 Bonavista Old Age MARSH Catherine UC 73 Bonavista Bonavista
Jun-03 At Sea N. Coast Drowning DYKE Walter UC 26 Safe Hr. Body not recovered
Aug-04 Greenspond Meningitis JANES Susie UC 1 Greenspond Greenspond
Aug-11 Greenspond Brights Disease HARDING Peter UC 74 1/2 Greenspond Greenspond
Sep-01 Greenspond Marasmus PARSONS Clara UC 5 mos. Greenspond Greenspond
Sep-16 Greenspond Senility STRATTON John UC 78 Greenspond Greenspond
Jun-12 Charleston Heart Failure FRY John SA 75 Greenspond Charleston
Jul-12 Wesleyville Heart Failure DAVIS James Sr. SA 74 Newtown Pound Cove
Jul-12 Hare Bay Paralysis WELLS Lydia SA 55 Little Bay Islands Hare Bay
Jul-12 Wellington - KEATS Julia SA 26 Wellington Wellington
Jul-12 Wellington Tuberculosis PARSONS Maud SA 16 3/4 Wellington Wellington
Aug-12 Bonavista Whooping Cough LITTLE Belle Leander SA 2 mos. Bonavista Bonavista
Aug-12 Greenspond Cong. Debility WHEELER Ena Ruth SA 3 mos. Greenspond Greenspond
9-Mar Hare Bay Bronchitis HANCOCK Eldin H. SA 3 2/3 Brooklyn, NY Hare Bay
22-Sep Wellington Pneumonia KEATS Stephen SA 30 Shoe Cove Wellington
Sep-30 Wesleyville Heart Failure WILKINS Nathaniel J SA 74 Wesleyville Wesleyville
30-Jun Bonavista Meningitis STAGG Stephen C of E 2 Bonavista Bonavista
2-Jul Bonavista Pulm. TB BISHOP Isabella C of E 46 Bonavista Bonavista
9-Jul Bonavista Bronchio Pneumonia SHARP Everrett C of E 11 mos. Bonavista Bonavista
20-Jul Bonavista Paralysis RANDALL John C of E 60 Bonavista Bonavista
Sep-12 Bonavista Bronchio Pneumonia FAULKNER William J C of E 2 1/2 Bonavista Bonavista
Aug-12 Bonavista Dysentry WAY Doris C of E 1 Bonavista Bonavista
Aug-12 Bonavista Carcinoma of Liver DYKE Thomas C of E 70 Bonavista Bonavista
Sep-12 Bonavista Typhoid Fever CLARKE William C of E 40 Bonavista Bonavista
PAGE 273                
Sep-12 Bonavista Pulm. TB DURDLE Mary C of E 19 Bonavista Bonavista
Sep-12 Newman's Cove Pneumonia STRICKLAND William C of E Infant Newman's Cove Newman's Cove
Aug-13 Mid. Amherst CV. Pneumonia COLE Edmund Victor C of E 1 Amherst Cove Amherst Cove
Aug-23 Newman's Cove T.B Menengitis KEATS Albert Wesley UC 12 1/2 Newman's Cove Newman's Cove
Aug-23 Elliston Convulsions CREWE Sarah Dorcas UC 5 1/4 Elliston Elliston
Aug-27 Elliston Consumption COLE Thomas UC 68 1/2 Elliston Elliston
Aug-25 Ladle Cove Convulsions TULK Blanche UC 18 Ladle Cove Ladle Cove
Sep-16 Ladle Cove Old Age ELKINS Selena Mrs. UC 68 Ladle Cove  
Sep-28 Musgrave Hr. Meningitis WHITEWAY Audrey UC 7 Musgrave Hr. Musgrave Hr.
Oct-29 Bunyan's Cove Cong. Debility OLDFORD Blanche UC 1mo. Bunyan's Cove Bunyan's Cove
Jul-12 Bonavista Arteriosclerosis TREMBLETT Henry UC 81 Bonavista Bonavista
Sep-12 Bonavista Cer. Hemmorhage HARRIS Elizabeth UC 81 Bonavista Bonavista
Oct-12 Bonavista TB FISHER (Illegible) UC 49 Bonavista Bonavista
Oct-19 Bonavista Pneumonia CUFF Elizabeth UC 82 Bonavista Bonavista
Oct-26 Bonavista Ch. Bronchitis LINSTORN Elizabeth UC 68 Bonavista Bonavista
Nov-14 Bonavista Convulsions TREMBLETT Allan UC 4 mos. Bonavista Bonavista
Nov-16 Bonavista S.B. WHITE Baby UC S.B. Bonavista Bonavista
Nov-29 Bonavista Myocarditis LANDERS George UC 72 Bonavista Bonavista
Dec-13 Bonavista TB CUFF Elizabeth UC 24 Bonavista Bonavista
Dec-14 Bonavista Carcinoma Lung LITTLE Adelaide UC 56 Bonavista Bonavista
Dec-18 Bonavista Carcinoma Stomach WHIFFEN Susie UC 52 Bonavista Bonavista
Dec-19 Bonavista Endointeritis MOULAND Adam UC 91 Bonavista Bonavista
Dec-29 Bonavista Splemonegaly HAYWARD James UC 37 Bonavista Bonavista
Mar-15 Whitbourne Pneumonia WALL Margaret RC 63 Hr. Grace Holyrood
Mar-22 Gambo Old Age KELLY Thomas RC 85 St. Brendan's Gambo
Aug-12 Bellevue, T. Bay Tuberculosis LYNCH Phelmenia RC 22 Bellevue Bellevue
Jan-12 S. Dildo Old Age BROGIE John RC 87 Spaniards Bay Dildo
Apr-27 Chapel Arm Internal Inflamation KING Arthur RC 2 Chapels Arm Chapels Arm
Apr-27 Gambo Convulsions SLANEY Kevin RC 7 Gambo Gambo
Apr-30 Bellevue, T. Bay Whooping Cough PINSENT Felix RC 2 Bellevue Bellevue
May-14 Bellevue, T. Bay Tuberculosis WALSH Rita RC 26 Bellevue Bellevue
May-26 Whitbourne Blood Poisoning WILLIAMS (Illegible) RC 75 Conception Hr. Whitbourne
Nov-12 Bellevue, T. Bay Old Age MCARTHY Elizabeth RC 78 Bellevue Bellevue
Oct-27 Whitbourne Old Age WALL John RC 76 Hr. Main Whitbourne
Oct-30 Bellevue Tuberculosis PINSENT Anthony RC 43 Bellevue Bellevue
Oct-21 Wesleyville Jaundice MULLETT Martin UC 5 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Mar-12 Brookfield Pulm. Hemorrhage BEST Frederick UC 24 Brookfield Brookfield
Nov-13 Wesleyville Convulsions MULLETT Raymond L UC 3 mos. Wesleyville Wesleyville
Nov-23 Valleyfield Convulsions WHITE Martha R UC 6 wks. Valleyfield Valleyfield
Nov-23 Valleyfield Convulsions WHITE Idella Louise UC 6 wks. Valleyfield Valleyfield
PAGE 274                
Oct-12 Brookfield Drowning BLACKWOOD Martin UC 21 Brookfield Brookfield
Dec-21 Wesleyville T.B MULLETT Forward UC 17 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Dec-29 Wesleyville Malnutrition CHURCHILL Trixie UC 16 mos. Wesleyville Wesleyville
Dec-18 Port Nelson Frontal Sinusitis PARSONS Lavinia UC 16 Port Nelson Port Nelson
Jan-12 Lumsden N. Heart Failure HATCHER Emily UC 67 Cape Island Lumsden N.
Nov-15 Cape Island TB Bowels VINCENT Charles UC 55 Cape Island Cape Island
Nov-30 Newtown Senility BARBOUR Thomas Capt. UC 82 Cobblers Island Newtown
Nov-30 Cape Cove Inflam. Bowels FELTHAM Lily May UC 8 mos. Cape Cove Cape Cove
Oct-12 Lumsden N. Cold GRAY Harvey James UC 6 Lumsden N Lumsden N.
Dec-06 Pinchard's Island Ptomaine Poisoning GILL Samuel UC 38 Pinchards Island Pinchards Island
Dec-29 Lumsden S Constipation GIBBONS Carl Baxter UC 4 mos. Lumsden S Lumsden S
May-12 SydneyCove TB Peritonitis ACKERMAN John C of E 50 Sydney Cove Fair Island
Sep-12 Silver Fox Island Cer. Tumour WICKS John C of E 24 Silver Fox Island Fair Island
Oct-12 Silver Fox Island Cong. Debility ROGERS Delilah C of E 2 mos. Silver Fox Island Silver Fox Island
Sep-24 Silver Fox Island Marasmus ROGERS Priscella C of E 10 mos. Silver Fox Island Silver Fox Island
Sep-23 Silver Fox Island Infantile Diarrhea BUTTON Olive C of E 9 mos. Silver Fox Island Silver Fox Island
Dec-17 Indian Bay Apoplexy PARSONS William C of E 80 Silver Fox Island Indian Bay
May-12 Greenspond Peritonitis MAHAR Cluny C of E 3 mos. Greenspond Greenspond
Jan-12 Greenspond Arteriosclerosis HISCOCK Robert C of E 82 Greenspond Greenspond
Oct-12 Bonavista Pneumonia KEATES Francis C of E 66 Bonavista Bonavista
Nov-12 Bonavista Emphysema HAYLEY Lester C of E 20 Bonavista Bonavista
Dec-12 Bonavista Menengitis STREET Gertrude C of E 6 mos. Bonavista Bonavista
Dec-12 St. John's Manic Depression PEARCE Eliza C of E 70 Maberly Elliston
Dec-12 Amherst Cove Pulm. TB FORD Maria C of E 28 Amherst Cove Amherst Cove
Oct-12 Braggs Island Old Age FELTHAM John UC 73 Deer Island Braggs Island
Nov-12 Charlottetown Fits HAYLEY Thomas C of E 25 days Charlottetown Charlottetown
Dec-12 Wellington Tuberculosis GREEN Alice C of E 29 Wellington Wellington
Jul-12 Plate Cove Convulsions PHILPOTT Bernadette RC 1 mo. Plate Cove Open Hall
Jul-12 Plate Cove S.B. MOSS Baby RC SB Plate Cove Open Hall
Jul-12 Plate Cove West Old Age WALSH Francis RC 78 Plate Cove West Open Hall
Oct-19 Open Hall Tuberculosis MULLOWNEY Josephine RC 29 Open Hall Open Hall
Oct-19 Plate Cove Rheumatism PHILPOTT Richard RC 77 Plate Cove Plate Cove
Nov-12 Open Hall Tonsilitis MOSS Bridget RC 10 Open Hall Open Hall
Nov-13 Tickle Cove S.B. LANE Baby RC SB Tickle Cove Open Hall
Nov-15 Open Hall Paralysis BAKER Abigail RC 78 Broad Cove Open Hall
Nov-20 Plate Cove West Convulsions WALSH Baby RC 1 wk. Plate Cove West Open Hall
Sep-03 St. Brendans Apoplexy HYNES William F RC 38 St. Brendans St. Brendans
Nov-04 St. Brendans Prematurity Bridgeman Francis RC 3 hrs. St. Brendans St. Brendans
Nov-06 St.Brendans Convulsions SAMSON Joseph RC 2 wks. St. Brendans St. Brendans
Jul-15 Musgravetown (Illegible) TB YOUNG Oliver Vincent UC 4 3/4 Musgravetown Musgravetown
PAGE 275                
Aug-15 Bloomfield Senility HOLLOWAY William UC 77 Keels Musgravetown
Nov-18 Musgravetown TB of Lungs WISEMAN Myrtle UC 20 Musgravetown Musgravetown
Dec-24 Bloomfield Convulsions PEDDLE Eva Blanche UC 4 Bloomfield Musgravetown
Feb-28 S.John's Pul. Tuberculosis HILL Roland C of E 21 1/2 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Jul-24 (Illegible) England Retention of Urine KNEE Kenneth Ryland C of E 48 Pools Island Pools Island
Aug-06 Badger's Quay Pul. Tuberculosis JANES Esther C of E 74 1/2 Pools Island Pools Island
Sep-15 Badger's Quay Nephritis KNEE Nina Blanche C of E 2 mos. Valleyfield Valleyfield
Sep-25 Badger's Quay Pul. Tuberculosis SPURRELL Lillian B C of E 19 Badger's Quay Badger's Quay
Oct-24 Badger's Quay Carcinoma of Stomach FELTHAM Hannah C C of E 74 Pools Island Pools Island
Nov-18 Badger's Quay Carcinoma of Stomach KNEE Emma C of E 80 Greenspond Greenspond
Nov-23 Safe Hr. Pul. Tuberculosis KNEE Flora May C of E 23 1/2 Safe Hr. Safe Hr.
Nov-27 Badger's Quay Prematurity SHEPPARD Jesse C of E 3 days Badger's Quay Badger's Quay
Nov-29 Badger's Quay Prematurity SHEPPARD Samuel C of E 3 days Badger's Quay Badger's Quay
Nov-19 Pools Island Dysentry JANES Masie C of E 2 1/2 mos. Pools Island Pools Island
Dec-14 Sanitorium Pul. Tuberculosis DAVIS Herman UC 26   Glovertown
Oct-03 Kings Cove Heart Failure HOLLOWAY James RC 64 Kings Cove Kings Cove
1-Aug Keels Old Age RAMSEY Abram C of E 80 Keels Keels
Oct-12 Trinity East Old Age STOCKLEY Issac C of E 70 Trinity East Kings Cove
Nov-01 Kings Cove - CURTIS Elsie C of E 37 Kings Cove Kings Cove
Dec-19 Plate Cove   PHILPOTT John C of E 60 Plate Cove Plate Cove
Dec-02 Red Cliff - QUINTON Susannah C of E - Bonavista Red Cliff
Nov-18 Grace Hosp. (Illegible) HARDING Susie SA 58 Greenspond Greenspond
Dec-08 Gen. Hosp. Ac. Peritonitis JANES Sadie UC 13 Glovertown Glovertown
Apr-04 Glovertown S.B. BUTT Baby UC SB Glovertown Glovertown
Apr-06 Glovertown Child Birth BUTT Julia UC 22 Saunders Cove Glovertown
Dec-14 St. John's Pulm. TB DAVIS Herman UC 26 Safe Hr. Glovertown
Dec-12 Glovertown Old Age CREWE Solomon UC 76 Elliston Glovertown
Dec-19 Glovertown Malnutrition HOLLOWAY Gerald UC 1 1/4 Glovertown Glovertown
Aug-23 Flat Island Cardiac RALPH Reuben C of E 71 Flat Island Flat Island
Nov-25 Flat Island Senility PETTEN Sarah C of E 79 Flat Island Flat Island
Dec-11 Cowards Island TB Menengitis MORGAN Lucy C of E 22 Cowards Island Cowards Island
Dec-18 Cowards Island Typhoid Fever MORGAN Anne C of E 44 GooseberryIsland Cowards Island
Dec-20 Flat Island Carcinoma PETTEN Eliza C of E 54 Flat Island Flat Island
Jan-25 Gooseberry Island Senility PARSONS Henry C of E 78 GooseberryIsland Gooseberry Island
Jul-19 Eastport Heart Failure HUNTER Elizabeth C of E 64 Burin Savage Bay
Aug-29 Happy Adventure Carcinoma KING William C of E 54 Happy Adventure Savage Bay
Dec-28 C ?? Cove Pulm. TB BROWN Georgina C of E 21 Savage Savage Bay
PAGE 276                
Jul-01 Glovertown Carcinoma of Stomach LANE Job C of E 65 Deer Island Traytown
Sep-06 Angle Brook Oedema (illegible) WARREN Chesley E C of E 3 mos. Angle Brook Traytown
Nov-07 Salvage Malnutrition STURGE John Moss C of E 5 mos. Salvage Salvage
Nov-14 Musgrave Hr. Typhoid Fever WHITEWAY Mrs. Geo. UC 69 Musgrave Hr. Musgrave Hr.
Dec-19 Elliston Consumption STANLEY William UC 60 Elliston Elliston
Dec-23 Elliston Old Age GOUGH James UC 77 Elliston Elliston
Nov-28 Trinity - BRENT Aldon C C of E 5 Elliston Trinity
Dec-14 Brookfield Senility STURGE Basil SA 82 Flower's Island Wesleyville
Dec-24 Hare Bay Dysentry VIVIAN Ruby Belle SA 9 mos. Flower's Island  

Transcribed by: David Welcher (2012)

Page Last Modified: Monday October 24, 2016 (Don Tate)
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