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Vital Records
Register of Deaths

Trinity Bay District
1931 - 1933

Book 11
PAGES 221 - 251

SOURCE: LDS Microfilm Reels

Date of Death Place of Death Cause of Death Surname Given Names Religious Denomination Age Place of Birth Place of Internment
PAGE 221                
Jan-25 English Hr. Pneumonia IVANY Arabella UC 50 English Hr. English Hr.
Mar-03 Summerville Pulm. T.B. FRY Irene B. UC 17 Summerville Summerville
Jan-10 Famish Cove P.B. - REID Richard Squire UC 2 Famish Cove Famish Cove P.B.
Mar-06 General Hosp. Cancer SMITH Bessie UC 98? Flat Isld. Flat Isld.
Jan-04 Lead Cove Pulm. T.B. BUDDON Clara UC 35 Lead Cove Lead Cove
Jan-16 Hants Hr. Influenza ELLIS Victoria UC 75 Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
Jan-25 Brownsdale Pulm. T.B. BROWN Priscilla UC 67 Brownsdale Brownsdale
Jan-30 Melbourne Pneumonia BARRETT Ernest (G.?) UC 11 mos Melbourne Melbourne
Feb-06 Lead Cove Convulsions BUDDON Jessie? L. UC 10 mos Lead Cove Lead Cove
Mar-10 Hants Hr. Pneumonia ELLIS Rachel UC 78 Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
Mar-16 at Sea SS Viking Killed or Drowned AUSTIN John George UC 38 Brownsdale Body not recovered
Mar-16 at Sea SS Viking Killed or Drowned GOODWIN William Henry UC 47 Melbourne Body not recovered
Mar-24 Brownsdale Paralysis HOPKINS Jabez UC 78 - Brownsdale
Jan-28 New Perlican Phthisis Pulmonalis HOFFERN Abram C of Eng 62 New Perlican New Perlican
Mar-04 New Perlican Pneumonia PITTS Gilbert C of Eng 9 New Perlican New Perlican
Mar-10 New Perlican Pertussis Broncho Pneumonia COTTER Peter C of Eng 1 5/12 New Perlican New Perlican
Mar-15 New Perlican Broncho Pneumonia SEAWARD Norah C of Eng 1 1/2 New Perlican New Perlican
Mar-18 New Perlican Ceb. Haemorrhage SNOOK Robert C of Eng 76 New Perlican New Perlican
Mar-21 New Perlican T.B. Peritonitis SNOOK Elizabeth C of Eng 62 New Perlican New Perlican
Mar-30 New Perlican Pertussis SMITH Emma Blanche C of Eng 7 mos New Perlican New Perlican
Jan-15 Winterton Ceb. Haemorrhage HISCOCK Rachel C of Eng 75 Winterton Winterton
Jan-15 Winterton Pneumonia GEORGE Elizabeth C of Eng 37 Winterton Winterton
Feb-05 Winterton Partacition Haemorrhage FRENCH Eva C of Eng 34 Winterton Winterton
Mar-22 Winterton Phthisis Pulmonalis HISCOCK Priscilla C of Eng 63 Winterton Winterton
Jan-31 Hearts Content Arterio Sclerosis GEORGE Israel C of Eng 62 Heart's Content Hearts Content
Mar-03 Hearts Content Cancer of Stomach GEORGE Bertram C of Eng 44 Heart's Content Hearts Content
Mar-11 Clarenville Influenza DICK Mrs. Frank UC 63 Scotland Shoal Hr.
Mar-07 Clarenville S.B. PALMER Baby UC SB Clarenville George Brook
Feb-02 Deer Hr. Pulmonary T.B. MARCH Melina UC 25 Deer Hr. Deer Hr.
Mar-03 Deer Hr. Old Age MARCH Benjamin UC 65 Deer Hr. Deer Hr.
Feb-21 Deer Hr. Cong. Debility PENNEY Leslie R. UC 1 1/2 mos Deer Hr. Deer Hr.
Jan-20 Deer Hr. Cong. Debility BAILEY Ralph UC 7 mos Deer Hr. Deer Hr.
Feb-12 Deer Hr. Cong. Debility MARCH Wilfrid UC 7 mos Deer Hr. Deer Hr.
Mar-28 Hickman's Hr. Cong. Debility PENNEY James UC 77 Hickman's Hr. Hickman's Hr.
Mar-26 Britannia Cancer CURRIE Fenwick UC 47 Britannia Britannia
Jan-07 Catalina Senility KING Theophidus UC 73 Little Catalina Catalina
Feb-08 Catalina Diphtheria LODGE Dorothy L. UC 5 Catalina Catalina
Feb-09 Catalina Diphtheria LODGE Nora? Anita I. UC 3 Catalina Catalina
Feb-13 Catalina Convulsions BLANDON Noah M. UC 4 mos Catalina Catalina
Feb-16 Catalina Internal Haemorrhage ELLSWORTH Francis R.E. UC 2 mos Catalina Catalina
PAGE 222                
Feb-20 Little Catalina Paralysis TIPPETT Azariah UC 77 Little Catalina Little Catalina
Feb-25 Little Catalina Measles DAY Laura UC 2 mos Little Catalina Little Catalina
Feb-28 Port Union S.B. WINSOR Baby UC SB Port Union Catalina
Mar-01 Port Union S.B. COOZE Baby UC SB Port Union Catalina
Mar-01 Little Catalina Pneumonia STAGG Wallace G. UC 5 Little Catalina Little Catalina
Mar-19 Little Catalina Pulmonary T.B. DALTON David UC 26 Little Catalina Little Catalina
Feb-02 Caplin Cove Bronchitis DRODGE Kenneth B. UC 3 mos Caplin Cove Caplin Cove
Feb-03 Little Hearts Ease Pulmonary T.B. WHEELER Louisa UC 26 Little Hearts Ease Little Hearts Ease
Feb-15 Hodges Cove Convulsions SMITH Madeline V. UC 10 dys Hodges Cove Hodges Cove
Feb-15 Little Hearts Ease Bronchitis STARRY Austen? G. UC 1 mos Little Hearts Ease Little Hearts Ease
Mar-27 Southport Pulmonary T.B. LUCY Martin UC 35 Hatchet Cove Southport
Jan-16 Normans Cove Measles NEWHOOK Annie C of Eng 21 mos Normans Cove Normans Cove
Feb-04 Asylum for Insane Septaecemia NEWHOOK Elizabeth C of Eng 51 Old Shop Old Shop
Feb-06 Broad Cove T.B. Meningitis GOSSE Minnie Evelyn C of Eng 13 Broad Cove Dildo
Mar-11 Normans Cove - NEWHOOK Myrtle M.P. C of Eng 2 9/12 Grace Hosp City Normans Cove
Mar-23 Chappell Arm - WARREN Samuel H. C of Eng 13 Chappell Arm Chappell Arm
Feb-10 Greens Hr. Old Age BRACE Jemima UC 74 Greens Hr. Greens Hr.
Feb-02 Cambrodge Mass. Ceb. Haemorrhage PITCHER Robert C. UC 25 Twillingate Greens Hr.
Feb-27 Greens Hr. Drowning PENNEY Silas R. UC 9 Greens Hr. Greens Hr.
Apr-03 Grace Hosp Carcinoma of Breast BARBOUR Lucretia UC 74 - Trinity
Apr-14 Dunfield Ac. Pancreatitus (other diseases of digestive systems) EARLE Marsha UC 9 Dunfield Trinity
Feb-07 Trinity Ceb. Haemorrhage CROCKER Jane C of Eng 85 Trinity Trinity
Mar-01 Trinity Capillary Bronchitis WISEMAN John George C of Eng 2 Goose Cove Trinity
Mar-09 Spaniards Cove Capillary Bronchitis JANES Sophia M. C of Eng 7 mos Spaniards Cove Trouty
Jan-05 Chance Cove - BRANDON William C of Eng 27 (no entry) Chance Cove
Jan-02 Blaketown Paralysis BARRETT Mary C of Eng 74 (no entry) Blaketown
Mar-31 Rantem Pulm. T.B. HOLLETT Sai??? C of Eng 14 Rantem Rantem
Mar-26 Chance Cove Influenza SMITH Hazel C of Eng 4 Chance Cove Chance Cove
May-24 Little Hr. East Pulm. T.B. UPSHALL Emma C of Eng 26 Little Hr. East Little Hr. East
May-19 Summerville Bronchitis HUMBY Alfred UC 1 Summerville Summerville
Feb-13 Normans Cove Cong. Debility PIERCEY Doris Elizabeth UC 1 day Normans Cove Normans Cove
Apr-20 Normans Cove Pneumonia PIERCEY Rosanna M. UC 40 Normans Cove Normans Cove
May-22 Normans Cove Old Age TEMPLE Peter UC 77 Normans Cove Normans Cove
Jan-22 Port Rexton Convulsions COOK Norman C of Eng 3 mos Port Rexton Port Rexton
Feb-07 Trinity East Ceb. Haemorrhage FOWLOW Matthias C of Eng 79 Trinity E. Port Rexton
Jan-12 English Hr. Bronchitis IVANY Dinah C of Eng 77 Salmon Cove E. English Hr.
Jan-17 English Hr. Senility IVANY William C of Eng 83 English Hr. English Hr.
Jan-28 English Hr. Ceb. Haemorrhage PENNY Elizabeth C of Eng 69 St. John's English Hr.
Mar-21 Brooklyn NY USA Cong. Cardiac Condition WALTERS John T. C of Eng 4 dys Brooklyn NY Champney's E.
Mar-19 Brooklyn NY USA Osteritis (Bone Appert?on) WALTERS Theodre C of Eng 24 Brooklyn NY Champney's E.
PAGE 223                
Apr-03 Britannia Old Age BOWRING Henry UC 85 Britannia Britannia
Jun-05 St. John's Tonsilitis PHILLIPS Jane UC 34 Hickman Hr. Hickman's Hr.
May-20 Dildo Old Age SMITH Robert C of Eng 79 Dildo Dildo
Apr-02 Lead Cove Convulsions LAMBERT Everett UC 10 mos Lead Cove Sibly's Cove
Apr-04 Sibly's Cove Influenza ROGERS Andrew UC 2 mos Sibly's Cove Sibly's Cove
Apr-21 Brownsdale T.B. ARMSTRONG Wilson G. UC 19 Brownsdale Brownsdale
May-03 Brownsdale T. B. ARMSTRONG Annie UC 15 Brownsdale Brownsdale
May-17 Melbourne Convulsions CLARKE Marjorie UC 2 mos Melbourne Melbourne
Jun-07 Melbourne Consumption SNELGROVE Simeon? UC 21 Melbourne Melbourne
Jun-26 Hants Hr. Old Age PARSONS Emily UC 86 Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
Jun-23 Lady Cove Cancer SOPER Lucy UC 69 Harcourt Lady Cove
Jun-15 Port Rexton Pulm. T.B. BANNISTER Sidney C of Eng 28 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Jun-26 St. John's Hernia RYAN Eli C of Eng 60 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Apr-07 Grand Bank Myilitis Cystits LAING Obadiah W. C of Eng 66 Carbonear Champney H.
May-25 Champneys H. Pneumonia HOOKEY Cyril G. C of Eng 8 mos Champneys H. Champney H.
May-27 Champneys H. E. Cardio Renal HART Miriam C of Eng 60 Champneys H. E. Champney H.E.
Apr-29 Harcourt Convulsions TILLEY Robert C. UC 2 mos Harcourt Harcourt
May-15 Georges Brook Childbirth PLOUGHMAN Georgina UC 27 Bonavista Georges Brook
May-24 Clarenville Pneumonia BARNES Duncan UC 3 wks Clarenville Shoal Hr.
Jun-14 Clarenville Pneumonia VARDY Edgar C. UC 10 wks Clarenville Clarenville
May-13 Caplin Cove Paralysis WHALEN Marsha E. UC 10 mos Caplin Cove Caplin Cove
Apr-04 Little Catalina Marasmus REID Allan M. UC 2 mos Little Catalina Little Catalina
Apr-19 Little Catalina Paralysis DALTON Mary A. UC 68 Little Catalina Little Catalina
Apr-24 Port Union (?) Stomach LODGE Ellen UC 67 Catalina S. Catalina
May-08 Little Catalina Convulsions FRAMPTON Theodore C. UC 11 mos Little Catalina Little Catalina
May-10 Little Catalina Convulsions BAINSBRIDGE Everett E. UC 4 mos Little Catalina Little Catalina
May-18 Catalina Cancer BURTON Robert UC 50 Shamblers Cove Catalina
Jun-10 Port Union Endocarditis LODGE Mary A. UC 20 Catalina S. Catalina
Jun-04 Port Union Meningitis NORMAN Frederick J. UC 2 1/2 Port Union Catalina
Feb-05 New Chelsea Measles HARRIS Rita Mina SA 2 mos New Chelsea New Chelsea
Apr-07 New Hr. Inflammation HOODMAN Laura SA 36 Dildo New Hr.
Apr-26 Dildo - PRETTY Cora L. SA 4 Dildo Dildo
Apr-29 Dildo - NEWHOOK Bertha SA 13 Dildo Dildo
May-15 Greens Hr. Rickets WHILE Ernest C. SA 7 mos Greens Hr. Greens Hr.
May-18 Hants Hr. Pneumonia EVANS Samuel SA 69 Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
May-20 Catalina Bronchitis DOFFETT Pansy Louise SA 4 mos Catalina Catalina
Jun-28 Hopeall - PIERCEY Bramwell R. SA 9 mos Hopeall Dildo
May-01 Burgoine's Cove Convulsions IVANY William John P. C of Eng 8 mos Burgoine's Cove Burgoine's Cove
May-21 Burgoine's Cove Diabetes DOFFETT Catherine C of Eng 68 Ochre Pit Cove Burgoine's Cove
Jun-19 White Rock Drowning FRAMPTON Frederick C of Eng 14 Gin Cove White Rock
PAGE 224                
May-11 Middle Brook Cong. Debility COLLINS Roderick C of Eng 3 mos Middle Brook Middle Brook
Apr-16 Middle Brook Cong. Debility LANE Eileen C of Eng 5 mos Gambo Middle Brook
Apr-07 Middle Brook T.B. STOCKLEY Harry C of Eng 3 Dark Cove Middle Brook
Apr-01 Port Blandford Old Age CHAFE Nathaniel C of Eng 86 Piddy? Hr. Port Blandford
Apr-21 Port Blandford Pulm. T.B. MOSS James C of Eng 15 Port Blandford Port Blandford
May-29 Port Blandford Meningitis WELLS Emeline C of Eng 15 Port Blandford Port Blandford
Apr-20 Rodgers Quay Pulm. T.B. POND Elizabeth Ann C of Eng 20 Rodgers Quay Rodgers Quay
Mar-15 SS Viking Disaster Killed or Drowned CROSS George C of Eng - Rodgers Quay Body not recovered
Mar-15 SS Viking Disaster Killed or Drowned STOCKLEY Joseph C of Eng - Brookfield Body not recovered
Feb-21 Pools Isld Carcinoma Stomach ABBOTT Annie D. C of Eng 70 Pools Isld Pool Isld
Mar-15 SS Viking Disaster Killed or Drowned WHITE Samuel C of Eng 37 Pools Isld Body not recovered
Mar-15 SS Viking Disaster Killed or Drowned WINTER David C of Eng 26 Pools Isld Body not recovered
Mar-24 Tinkers isld Endocarditis SHEPPARD Peter C of Eng 59 Pools Isld Pool Isld
Apr-19 Pools Isld Senility WHITE George C of Eng 81 5/12 Pools Isld Pound Cove
Feb-01 Wesley Villa Paralysis NORRIS Emily C of Eng 59 - Pine(?)ds Isld
Mar-12 Pine(?) Isld. Pulm. T.B. LUSH Luke C of Eng 23 3/4 Pine(?) Isld Pine(?)ds Isld
Jun-18 Newtown Rheumatoid Astheritis NORRIS Susannah C of Eng 72 3/4 Pine(?) Isld L. Winterton
Jun-06 Winterton Phthisis Pulmonalis PARROTT Emily Ann C of Eng 60 Winterton L. Winterton
Jun-09 Winterton Broncho Pneumonia HISCOCK Mahala C of Eng 62 Winterton New Perlican
Apr-02 New Perlican Meningitis WHITE Benjamin C of Eng 8 mos New Perlican New Perlican
Apr-23 New Perlican Meningitis WHITE Louisa Lilian C of Eng 1 10/12 New Perlican New Perlican
May-13 New Perlican Pneumonia SEWARD Marens John C of Eng 8 New Perlican New Perlican
May-24 New Perlican Phthisis Pulmonalis PITTS Honora C of Eng 47 Champneys H. Hearts Content
Apr-24 Hearts Content Phthisis Pulmonalis ROWE Bertha House C of Eng 15 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Apr-24 Hearts Content Cancer of Stomach PIERCEY Elizabeth C of Eng 74 Hearts Content Little Hearts Ease
Jun-04 Little Hearts Ease S.B. SHAW Baby RC SB Little Hearts Ease Gooseberry Cove
May-12 Gooseberry Cove Closing of Stomach SEWARD Mrs. Mary Ann RC 74 S Ma?? D??ise of St. John's Catalina
Jan-03 Catalina Senile Decay STAGG Robert C of Eng 85 1/2 Catalina Catalina
Jan-27 Catalina Heart Failure STICKLEY Johanna C of Eng 86 Catalina Catalina
Feb-14 Catalina Paralysis JEANS William C of Eng 80 Catalina Catalina
Mar-04 Catalina Phthisis SHEPPARD Naomi C of Eng 20 Catalina Catalina
Mar-28 Catalina Haemorrhage of Brain SHEPPARD Thomas C of Eng 75 Catalina Catalina
Apr-08 Catalina Convulsions STAGG Olive Blanche C of Eng 4 dys Catalina Catalina
Apr-08 Catalina Convulsions STAGG Alma Gertrude C of Eng 4 dys Catalina Catalina
Jun-12 Catalina Paralysis GULLAGE Robert C of Eng 82 Catalina Catalina
Jun-24 Catalina Drowning DOFFITT Edgar F. C of Eng 5 Catalina Catalina
Mar-22 Ireland's Eye Broncho Pneumonia TOOPE Walter Augustus C of Eng 18 mos Ireland's Eye Ireland's Eye
Feb-02 Old Bonaventure Ceb. Haemorrhage STONE Sarah Dorothy C of Eng 69 Old Bonaventure Old Bonaventure
Mar-12 Tiga? Hospital Ac. Appendicitis PARROTT Colin C of Eng 21 Old Bonaventure Old Bonaventure
Apr-30 Ireland's Eye Ceb. Haemorrhage KELLEY Elizabeth C of Eng 65 Ireland's Eye Ireland's Eye
PAGE 225                
Apr-24 Old Bonaventure Broncho Pneumonia SHORT Dulcie Kathleen C of Eng 6 mos Old Bonaventure Old Bonaventure
Jun-02 Bonavista Carcinoma of Stomach SEXTON Mary Gibbs C of Eng 69 Trinity Trinity
May-23 Genl. Hosp. Blood Poisoning WILLIAMS Michael RC 75 Whitbourne Whitbourne
Apr-10 St. John's Senile Decay PITCHER Joseph UC 84 Winterton Hopeall
May-18 Nf. Infirmary Myocarditis CONROY Mrs. Ruth RC 54 Turks Cove Hearts Content
Jul-18 Sanatorium Pulm. T.B. ETHBRIDGE Ernest UC 29 Greens Hr. Greens Hr.
Jul-27 English Hr. Ceb. Haemorrhage BATSON Martha UC 71 English Hr. English Hr.
Jul-10 Normans Cove Paralysis PIERCEY Joseph UC 76 Normans Cove Normans Cove
Jun-02 Normans Cove Cong. Debility NEWHOOK John C of Eng 3 dys Normans Cove Normans Cove
Jun-18 Dildo Cong. Debility HARNUM Clifford C of Eng 1 dy Dildo Dildo
Jul-19 Normans Cove Cong. Debility NEWHOOK Levi G. C of Eng 6 mos Normans Cove Normans Cove
Sep-14 Chappell Arm Senile Decay REID Reuben C of Eng 86 Chappell Arm Chappell Arm
Sep-26 Chappell Arm Typhoid WARREN Robert C of Eng 38 Chappell Arm Chappell Arm
Aug-13 Bishops Falls Drowning MITCHELL Pierie? Pent. 19 Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
Sep-25 New Chelsea T.B. BAILEY William Pent. 58 New Chelsea New Chelsea
Jul-18 Sanatorium T.B. ETHBRIDGE Ernest UC 29 Greens Hr. Greens Hr.
Jul-06 Kerley's hr. Cong. Debility MILLER Shirley May C of Eng 12 dys Kerley's Hr. New Bonaventure
Jun-30 Old Bonaventure Paralysis PARROTT Alexander C of Eng 77 Old Bonaventure Old Bonaventure
Jul-31 British Hr. Ceb. Haemorrhage VATCHER William C of Eng 72 British Hr. British Hr.
Aug-06 Trouty Ch. Nephritis JOHNSON Sarah J. C of Eng 74 Trouty Trouty
Aug-29 Trouty Pulm. T.B. JANES Walter C of Eng 32 Trouty Trouty
Jul-04 Hants Hr. Liver Trouble TARGETT Archibald UC 69 St. John's Hants Hr.
Jul-10 Brownsdale Consumption HEAD Jonah UC 61 Brownsdale Brownsdale
Jul-25 Hants Hr. Senility STICKLAND Obadiah UC 82 Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
Jul-31 Hants Hr. Cancer GREEN Charles UC 55 Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
Jul-25 Brownsdale Consumption ARMSTRONG Bertha UC 5 Brownsdale Brownsdale
Aug-10 St. John's Blood Poisoning ("?" after/ "arterio sclerosa" added above) SOPER John T. UC 68 Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
Aug-19 New Chelsea Senility TRIMM Amelia UC 80 New Chelsea New Chelsea
Jul-12 Brownsdale S.B. AUSTIN Baby UC SB Brownsdale Brownsdale
Sep-27 Sibly's Cove Convulsions EDDY Wesley UC 1 dy Sibly's Cove Sibly's Cove
Sep-29 New Melbourne Convulsions PYNN Archibald UC 2 wks New Melbourne New Melbourne
Sep-29 Brownsdale Influenza MATTHEWS Charlotte UC 3 dys Brownsdale Brownsdale
Jul-25 Little Hearts Ease Senility JACOBS Stephen UC 73 Bay de Verde Little Hearts Ease
Sep-17 S. Jones Without Influenza PITCHER Ruby F. UC 5 mos S. Jones Without S. Jones Without
Aug-08 Winterton Gastro Enteritis PINHORN Catherine D. C of Eng 3 Winterton Winterton
Sep-17 Grace Hosp. Confinement PITCHER Leah L. C of Eng 40 Winterton Winterton
Sep-17 Grace Hosp. S.B. PITCHER Baby C of Eng SB St. John's Winterton
Jul-11 Winterton S.B. PARROTT Baby C of Eng SB Winterton Winterton
Jul-10 New Perlican Diabetes PENNY Louisa L.P. C of Eng 23 New Perlican New Perlican
Aug-14 New Perlican Prematurity HOBBS Willis C of Eng 4 wks New Perlican New Perlican
PAGE 226                
Aug-17 New Perlican Prematurity HOBBS William C of Eng 4 wks New Perlican New Perlican
Sep-29 Hearts Content Pneumonia HOPKINS Sarah C of Eng 75 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Sep-03 Shoal Hr. Inflammation MAIDMENT Matilda UC 64 Hants Hr. Shoal Hr.
Sep-08 White Rock Senility DALTON Eugene UC 85 Catalina White Rock
Sep-14 Waterville Senility REID William UC 77 - White Rock
Sep-23 Shoal Hr. Bronchitis WELLS Sarah UC 76 English Hr. Shoal Hr.
Mar-21 Chance Cove - ROWE Abraham G. SA 1 Chance Cove Chance Cove
Apr-11 Chance Cove - SMITH Joyce SA 2 Chance Cove Chance Cove
Apr-15 Chance Cove Meningitis SMITH Cecil Baxter SA 4 Chance Cove Chance Cove
Jun-04 Chance Cove Heart Trouble BRACE Amelia SA 50 Chance Cove Chance Cove
Jul-03 Chance Cove - ("old age" added) BRACE George SA 89 St. John's Chance Cove
Jul-10 New Hr. Tuberculosis HEFFORD George SA 20 New Hr. New Hr.
Aug-15 Winterton Childbirth FRENCH Mrs. Joshua SA 28 Little Hearts Ease Winterton
Aug-26 Winterton Tuberculosis RUSSELL Mrs. Loyal SA 30 Winterton Winterton
Sep-18 Winterton Old Age COATES Mrs. Willis SA 78 New Perlican Winterton
Feb-24 New Perlican Genl T.B. MATTHEWS Charles UC 46 New Perlican New Perlican
Mar-08 Winterton Broncho Pneumonia PIERCEY Mamie UC 36 Winterton Winterton
Mar-31 Hearts Content Ceb. Haemorrhage ROWE Sarah UC 73 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Jun-22 Winterton Arterio Sclerosis HINDY Caroline UC 68 Winterton Winterton
Jul-04 Hearts Content Myocarditis PUGH Mary UC 59 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Aug-20 Hearts Content Arterio Sclerosis SOOLEY Harriet UC 74 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Aug-22 New Perlican Phthisis Pulmonalis MITCHAM William UC 27 New Perlican New Perlican
Aug-22 Winterton Myocarditis EVANS Annie Maud UC 22 Winterton Winterton
Aug-26 Winterton Phthisis Pulmonalis FOLLETT Jessie UC 17 Winterton Winterton
Jul-13 Middle Brook Meningitis PRITCHETT Charles C of Eng 11 Middle Brook Middle Brook
Jul-22 Dark Cove Cong. Debility SAUNDERS Gertrude C of Eng 7 mos Dark Cove Middle Brook
Aug-06 Dark Cove Cong. Debility STOCKLEY William C of Eng 8 mos Dark Cove Middle Brook
Aug-13 St. John's Old Age BEST Stephen C of Eng 75 Keels Port Blandford
Sep-10 Dark Cove Cong. Debility STOCKLEY Maxwell C of Eng 1 mos Dark Cove Middle Brook
Sep-15 Clarenville Cong. Debility BLACKMORE Bertram R. C of Eng 7 dys Clarenville Port Blandford
Jul-15 English Hr. T.B. BARNES Teresa Ch. Organization 34 English Hr. English Hr.
Oct-17 Little Catalina Influenza KING Edna UC 74 Little Catalina Little Catalina
Dec-10 Port Union Prematurity JANES Mary UC 1 wk Port Union Catalina
Nov-13 Port Union Blood Poisoning LODGE Mildred UC 1 yr Port Union Catalina
Dec-12 Little Catalina Convulsions GOODYEAR Alma Doris UC 4 mos Little Catalina Little Catalina
Sep-29 Champneys H. Ceb. Haemorrhage IVANEY Maria UC 73 Champneys H. English Hr.
Nov-03 Trinity Carcinoma Rectum LUCAS Thomas UC 74 Trinity Trinity
Nov-07 Princeton? Paralysis WHITE Mary Anne UC 65 Kings Cove Princeton
Dec-10 Dunfield Pneumonia EARLE Phoebe UC 35 Dunfield Trinity
Aug-09 Genl. Hosp. Lobar Pneumonia BARFELT Ethel C of Eng 20 Long Beach T.B. Long Beach T.B.
PAGE 227                
Oct-02 New Bonaventure Pnem. T.B. MILLER Frederick J. C of Eng 56 New Bonaventure New Bonaventure
Oct-14 British Hr. Enlarged Prostate ANDERSON William C of Eng 74 British Hr. British Hr.
Nov-13 Ivanhoe Ceb. Haemorrhage WALTON Rebecca C of Eng 54 Ivanhoe Ireland's Eye
Nov-25 New Bonaventure Vas. Disease of Heart MILLER Samuel C of Eng 83 New Bonaventure New Bonaventure
Oct-06 Whitbourne Senility SULEY John UC 72 Hearts Content Whitbourne
Oct-27 Long Cove Senility TEMPLE Elizabeth UC 76 Normans Cove Normans Cove
Oct-10 Normans Cove Cong. Debility COOPER George C. UC 4 mos Normans Cove Normans Cove
Nov-06 Thornlea Senility THORNE Uriah UC 83 Trinity Thornlea
Nov-04 Hickman's Hr. Cancer MARTIN Hezikiah UC 57 Hickman's Hr. Hickman's Hr.
Nov-27 Hickman's Hr. Blood Poisoning MARTIN George UC 25 Hickman's Hr. Hickman's Hr.
Dec-19 Britannia Senility BUGDEN? Mary UC 91 Britannia Britannia
Nov-17 Greenspond Heart Trouble JANES James Watson UC 72 Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
Nov-16 Hants Hr. Stomach Trouble PIERCEY Willis UC 45 Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
Dec-05 New Chelsea Consumption BAILEY Clora B. UC 10 New Chelsea New Chelsea
Dec-06 New Melbourne Senility PRICE Benjamin UC 76 Hants Hr. New Melbourne
Nov-29 Greens Hr. Convulsions ROWE Arthur UC 2 mos Greens Hr. Greens Hr.
Dec-18 New Hr. Senile Decay HEFFERN Kate UC 93 New Hr. New Hr.
Dec-27 Whiteway T.B. JACKSON Marsha UC 27 Islington Whiteway
Sep-28 Normans Cove Cong. Debility NEWHOOK Robert C of Eng 11 dys Normans Cove Normans Cove
Oct-01 Chappell Arm Prematurity WARREN Perry C of Eng 1 hr Chappell Arm Chappell Arm
Oct-01 Normans Cove Cong. Debility NEWHOOK Caleb C of Eng 13 dys Normans Cove Normans Cove
Oct-05 New Hr. Cancer CRANFORD James C of Eng 76 New Hr. New Harbor
Oct-06 Chappell Arm Childbirth WARREN Lydia C of Eng 17 Chappell Arm Chappell Arm
Oct-20 Lomond S. Barbe Apoplexy WOODMAN Robert C of Eng 86 New Hr. New Hr.
Oct-24 Chappell Arm Typhoid Fever WARREN George C of Eng 35 Chappell Arm Chappell Arm
Dec-14 Dildo - MOORE Edwin C. C of Eng 65 Dildo Dildo
Nov-19 Deep Bight Meningitis HISCOCK Harvey R. UC 2y 2/12 Deep Bight Deep Bight
Mar-10 Hillview Heart Failure GREEN Victoria UC 51 Bonaventure Hill View Bonaventure
Mar-24 Hatchet Cove Pulm T.B. LAMBERT Boyd UC 20 Hatchet Cove Hatchet Cove
Mar-12 S. Jones (Within) Whooping Cough ROGERS Gordon F. UC 1 10/12 S. Jones S. Jones
Jul-25 Hatchet Cove Heart Trouble BLANDON John UC 79 Lower Island Cove Hatchet Cove
Jun-24 Hillview Pneumonia CHURCHILL Rose H. UC 66 Hants Hr. Hill View
Sep-13 Loreborn Inflammation MEADUS Cora Pearl UC 54 10/12 Loreborn Loreborn
Jan-13 Bay Bulls Arm T.B. SNOOK Janet C of Eng 10 Bay Bulls Arm Bay Bulls Arm
Mar-06 Bay Bulls Arm T.B. SNOOK George C of Eng 22 Bay Bulls Arm Bay Bulls Arm
Apr-05 Bay Bulls Arm Kidney Disease SNOOK James C of Eng 52 New Perlican Bay Bulls Arm
Apr-08 Rantem Old Age SNOOK Martha C of Eng 84 - Bay Bulls Arm
Oct-03 Bay Bulls Arm Maternity DROVER Mary Jane C of Eng 41 Hearts Content Bay Bulls Arm
Aug-11 Genl. Hosp. Pneumonia BARFITT Ethel B. C of Eng 21 Long Beach T.B. Long Beach T.B.
Jun-15 Gooseberry Cove Cong. Debility LANGER William James C of Eng 3 wks Gooseberry Cove Gooseberry Cove
PAGE 228                
Sep-19 Battle Cove Heart Failure SPURRELL Uriah C of Eng 64 Butter Cove Gooseberry Cove
Aug-31 Southport Convulsions SMITH Sarah Viola C of Eng 2 Southport Gooseberry Cove
May-18 Southport Convulsions LAMBERT Samuel C of Eng 2 mos Southport Gooseberry Cove
Nov-14 North West Brook Cong. Debility VIVIAN Ida C of Eng 1 dy N.W. Brook Hillview
Feb-24 Dark Hole Cong. Debility CHURCHILL Ethel F. C of Eng 3 mos Dark Hole Hillview
Sep-19 Butter Cove Cong. Debility SPURRELL Roland C of Eng 6 dys Butter Cove Gooseberry Cove
June - Butter Cove S.B. STROWBRIDGE Baby C of Eng SB Butter Cove Butter Cove
Mar - Butter Cove S.B. SPURRELL Baby C of Eng SB Gooseberry Cove Gooseberry Cove
Mar-20 Hillview S.B. MARSH Baby C of Eng SB Hillview Hillview
Mar-20 Hillview S.B. MARSH Baby C of Eng SB Hillview Hillview
Dec-16 Long Beach Bronchitis VEY Lloyd Frank C of Eng 4 mos Long Beach T.B. Long Beach T.B.
Sep-27 New Chelsea Paralysis HARRIS Enos SA 73 New Chelsea New Chelsea
Oct-20 Clarenville Growth JARVIS Mary SA 67 - Clarenville
Oct-23 Winterton Meningitis GEORGE Flossie Edna SA 13 Winterton Winterton
Nov-27 New Hr. Tuberculosis CRANFORD Mrs. A. SA 35 Dildo Dildo
Dec-03 Dildo Old Age REID Mary Anne SA 87 Spaniards Bay New Hr.
Dec-11 Trinity East Bronchitis FIFIELD William RC 79 Trinity E. Trinity
Jun-06 Heart Delight Internal Trouble LOCKYER Anne C of Eng 51 Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
Jun-20 Islington - HARNUM Ronald C of Eng 1 Islington Hearts Delight
Sep-06 Hearts Delight Diarrhoea HARNUM Hubert C of Eng 56 Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
Aug- Hearts Delight - (S.B. added later) SOOLEY Baby C of Eng SB Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
Oct-29 Hearts Delight Pulm. T.B. GEORGE Helen C of Eng 43 Whiteway Whiteway
Nov-26 Whiteway - REID Austin G. C of Eng 1 Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
Dec-03 Hearts Delight Internal Trouble REID William C of Eng 71 Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
Nov-08 Hearts Delight Arterio Sclerosis SEWARD Jonas C of Eng 77 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Nov-13 Hearts Content Paralysis BUTT George C of Eng 75 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Oct-12 Hearts Content Pneumonia ANDREWS Eleazer C of Eng 40 Winterton Winterton
Dec-25 Winterton Phthisis Pnem. PARROTT Norman C of Eng 23 1/2 Winterton Winterton
Dec-29 Winterton Pup???d Uterus COATES Amelia C of Eng 25 Winterton Winterton
Dec-29 Winterton S.B. COATES Baby C of Eng SB Winterton Winterton
Oct-24 St. John's Electric Shock WEBBER Frank N. UC 19 Clarenville Clarenville
Nov-20 Clarenville Senility BURSEY Caroline UC 83 Old Perlican Clarenville
Dec-03 Shoal Hr. Pneumonia HUTCHINGS Nora UC 2 Shoal Hr. Shoal Hr.
Dec-13 Insane Hosp. Mania Depressive PEARCE Eliza C of Eng 70 Trinity Trinity
Nov-16 Grace Hosp. Toxaemia of Pregnancy THORNE Lilly C of Eng 20 Dildo Dildo
Sep-02 Sanitorium Pulm. T.B. EASTMAN Georgina SA 19 (no entry) Trinity
Nov-20 Genl. Hosp. Cardio Renal PARROTT Robert C of Eng 68 (no entry) Winterton
Sep-17 St. Anthony Hosp. Ac. Myelogenia Leukemia DAY Stephen C of Eng 43 (no entry) -
Oct-03 Catalina Pulm T.B. HUNT John RC 64 Catalina Catalina
Aug-05 Port Union Heart Failure DUFFITT Dugald C of Eng 64 Catalina Catalina
PAGE 229                
Aug-06 Catalina Convulsions MANUEL Amelia Maud C of Eng 8 mos Catalina Catalina
Aug-24 Catalina Senility BURSEY John C of Eng 76 Catalina Catalina
Oct-05 Catalina Convulsions SHEPPARD Naomi C of Eng 4 mos Catalina Catalina
Nov-06 Catalina Heart Failure HAYNES William C of Eng 73 Catalina Catalina
Oct-23 Port Rexton Cardio Renal RANDELL Catherine C of Eng 66 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Dec-15 Trinity East Vas. Disease of Heart FOWLOW Robert C of Eng 67 Trinity E. Port Rexton
Oct-24 Champneys East Enteritis BUTLER Ethel L. C of Eng 19 mos Champneys E. Champneys E.
Aug-02 Champneys East Senility LONG Mark C of Eng 90 Whitbourne Champneys E.
Oct-18 Whitbourne Tuberculosis KILPATRICK Helena Dinah C of Eng 30 Whitbourne Whitbourne
Oct-11 Whitbourne Malignant Obstruction of Bowel CLARKE James C of Eng 74 Herring Neck Whitbourne
Dec-12 Trinity Vascular Heart Disease LOCKYER William (S.?) C of Eng 71 Hants Hr. Trinity
Dec-27 Shoal Hr. Senility PITTMAN Ellen UC 82 Newman Cove Shoal Hr.
Nov-11 Newmans Cove Convulsions ABBOTT David Joseph UC 1 1/2 Hearts Ease Newmans Cove
Apr-10 Hatchet Cove Paralysis CRAMM George UC 79 Broad Cove Hatchet Cove
May-06 S. Jones Within Heart Failure SQUIRES Benjamin UC 86 Hants Hr. S. Jones Within
Dec-13 Deep Bight Heart Failure SHORT James UC 78 NW Brook Deep Bight
Dec-13 N.W. Brook Pulm T.B. SNELGROVE Fred UC 27 Hants Hr. Hillview
May-08 Hillview Heart Failure PRICE Noah UC 85 Loreborn Hillview
Sep-12 Loreborn Meningitis MEADUS Cora Pearl UC 5 - Loreborn
Aug-08 Fosters Point ????ina Poisoning CRITCH Amos UC 76 Lodge Cove Fosters Point
Aug-25 Lady Cove T.B. SOPER Gladys UC 25 Lady Cove Lady Cove
Oct-05 Lady Cove Old Age SOPER Marsha UC 79 - Lady Cove
Sep-17 St. Anthony Poisoning DAY Stephen UC 42 Lady Cove Lady Cove
Dec-23 11 Fitzpatrick Ave. Myocarditis KING Mrs. John C of Eng 88 Trinity Ch of Eng Cmty
Mar-12 Catalina Cancer BRIGHT John Gover SA 64 Catalina Catalina
PAGES 230-231 BLANK              
PAGE 232                
Jan-17 Little Hr. East Infancy WHITE Mary Grace CofE 14 hrs Whitbourne Whitbourne
Jan-18 Greens Hr. Meningitis BRACE Heber UC 9 Greens Hr. New Hr.
Jan-11 Greens Hr. Senile Decay NEWHOOK Christina UC 85 Old Perlican Greens Hr.
Jan-28 Greens Hr. Senile Decay MARCH Henry UC 92 Greens Hr. Greens Hr.
Feb-19 Greens Hr. Convulsions REID Alfred UC 3 mos Greens Hr. Greens Hr.
Feb-20 Greens Hr. Paralysis NORTHMAN Emma UC 70 Greens Hr. Greens Hr.
Mar-23 Greens Hr. Convulsions ROWE Arthur UC 4 mos Greens Hr. Greens Hr.
Mar-05 Hants Hr. Pneumonia SHORT Wol????? UC 58 Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
Mar-29 Clay Pits Heart Failure BENSON Susannah CofE 69 11/12 Butler Cove Clay Pits
Jan-24 Deer Hr. - MARCH Edith Cavell UC 12 dys Deer Hr. Deer Hr.
Jan-04 Dildo - PRETTY Theresa CofE 4 dys Dildo Dildo
Feb-01 Spread Eagle Brain Disease SMITH Harry M. CofE 1 mo 5 dys Spread Eagle Spread Eagle
Feb-14 Dildo Child Birth WARREN Mary Gladys CofE 20 3/12 Dildo Dildo
Mar-04 Little Ridge - COOPER Rosanna CofE 42 Long Cove T.B. Little Ridge
Mar-11 Little Ridge Age COOPER Robert CofE 78 Little Ridge Little Ridge
Mar-26 Dildo Age SMITH Louise CofE 84 Hr. Grace Dildo
Mar-27 Broad Cove Age BUTCHER? Eliza Jane CofE 73 Spaniards Bay New Hr.
Jan-14 Sunnyside Consumption OSMOND Rosella UC 25 Bay Bulls Arm Bay Bulls Arm
Mar-23 Normans Cove Consumption SMITH Clarence UC 19 Bay Bulls Arm Normans Cove
Mar-27 Normans Cove Old Age CALLAHAN George UC 82 Bay Bulls Arm Normans Cove
Mar-03 Trinity Septic Cellititis Lymcope? TAVERNOR Amy Ann Elizabeth CofE 52 Trinity Trinity
Feb-21 Clifton Old Age RANGERS Jemima CofE 75 Grates Cove Burgoynes Cove
Jan-19 Trinity Old Age COLLINS Jane SA 79 - Wellington
Feb-11 Dildo Old Age PRETTY Mary SA 82 New Hr. Dildo
Feb-17 Hopeall Old Age / Inflammation PITCHER Elisha SA 81 Greens Hr. Hopeall
Feb-18 Dildo Old Age PIKE Joseph SA 75 - Blaketown
Mar-18 Catalina Pulm. T.B. WHITE Julia C. SA 23 Catalina Catalina
Mar-17 Waterville Senility REID Absalom UC 76 Little Catalina L??cl?iville
Jan-23 English Hr. Cardiac IVANY Richard UC 81 English Hr. English Hr.
Feb-08 English Hr. Bronchitis POTTLE Martin (D.S.M.) UC 53 English Hr. English Hr.
Mar-11 Dunfield Cap Bronchitis SPURRELL Priscilla UC 29 Dunfield Trinity
Mar-22 Dunfield Pernicious Anemia HURDLE Joseph UC 60 Dunfield Trinity
Feb-22 Hearts Content Nephritis GEORGE Richard CofE 71 Hearts Content St. Mary's Cemetery
Mar-02 Hearts Content Myocarditis FARNHAM Rosina CofE 73 Hearts Content St. Mary's Cemetery
Feb-09 New Perlican Ac. Bronchitis PEDDLE Susannah L. CofE 10 mos New Perlican St. Augustine's Cemetery
Feb-17 New Perlican Asthmic from Birth SEWARD Geraldine E. CofE 2 dys New Perlican St. Augustine's Cemetery
Mar-03 New Perlican Inflammation of Bowels SMITH Mahala CofE 37 New Perlican St. Augustine's Cemetery
Jan-28 Winterton Cancer of Liver PARROTT Tabitha CofE 78 1/2 Winterton St. Luke's Cemetery
Mar-22 Winterton Ac. Bronchitis HINDY Th?iza CofE 81 Winterton St. Luke's Cemetery
Dec 21 (1931?) New Haven (Conn?) Lobar Pneumonia BURSEY Edgar Wilson UC 38 no entry Catalina
PAGE 233                
May-10 Little Hearts Ease Senility DRODGE Esther UC 88 no entry Little Hearts Ease
May-10 Sunnyside Cancer REID Joseph UC 52 Sunnyside Sunnyside
Jun-05 St. John's Pulm. T.B. LUTHER Grace UC 19 Sunnyside Sunnyside
May-01 St. John's Septic meningitis HOSKINS Louisa UC 12 Britannia Britannia
Apr-24 Deer Hr. T.B. PENNEY Mahala UC 28 Deer Hr. Deer Hr.
Apr-03 Deer Hr. - MARCH Edna D. UC 5 - Deer Hr.
Mar-31 Catalina Senility PELLEY John UC 81 Hants Hr. Clarenville
Jun-19 Shoal Hr. Malnutrition BUTLER Baby UC 7 wks Shoal Hr. Shoal Hr.
Jun-30 Somerset Bronchitis POOLE Willis UC 63 Hants Hr. Somerset
Mar-05 Newmans Cove Rickets KEATES Dorothy B. UC 3 yrs Newmans Cove Newmans Cove
Apr-09 Elliston Inflammation of Bowels TRASK Myra J. UC 3 yrs Elliston Elliston
Apr-14 Elliston Consumption MARTIN Isaac I. UC 23 Elliston Elliston
Apr-16 Elliston SB CREWE Baby UC SB Elliston Elliston
Apr-22 Elliston Old Age HOBBS Hannah UC 83 Elliston Elliston
May-24 Elliston Appendicitis GOODLAND Violet UC 9 3/4 Elliston Elliston
Jun-03 Elliston Old Age CREWE Tobias UC 75 Elliston Elliston
Mar-06 N. H. Brook Heart Failure BAKER James UC 75 Gooseberry Cove Hillview
Jun-09 Hillview Lagrippe AVERY Lizzie UC 2 yrs Hillview Hillview
Jun-10 Hillview Convulsions STOYLES Raymond UC 4 Hillview Hillview
Jan-06 St. Jones Within Paralysis MILLER Marsha UC 86 Hants Hr. S. Jones Within
Apr-06 Hants Hr. Senility CAMPION William UC 89 Brownsdale Hants Hr.
Apr-07 Brownsdale Meningitis AUSTIN Hayward UC 15 Hants Hr. Brownsdale
Apr-25 Bishops Falls Senility TUSK Hannah UC 86 Brownsdale Hants Hr.
Apr-30 Brownsdale Cancer THORN William UC 68 New Chelsea Brownsdale
May-15 New Chelsea Stomach Trouble HARRIS Jordon UC 64 Winterton New Chelsea
May-02 Winterton Arteriosclerosis HISCOCK Jonathan CofE 67 1/2 Winterton Winterton
Jun-05 Winterton Mal disease of pylo??s PARROTT Adam CofE 67 Hearts Content Winterton
May-07 Hearts Content Nephritis ROWE Eliot CofE 67 Hearts Content Hearts Content
May-15 Hearts Content Myocarditis WRIGHT Lavinia CofE - - Hearts Content
May-10 Little Ridge Influenza COOPER Raymond CofE 2 8/12 yrs Little Ridge Little Ridge
May-11 Little Ridge Influenza COOPER Janet CofE 11 1/2 yrs Little Ridge Little Ridge
Jun-15 New Hr. - CRANFORD Theodore CofE 6 mos New Hr. New Hr.
Mar-31 Clifton - PEDDLE John CofE 10 mos Clifton Burgoynes Cove
Jun-20 Burgoine's Cove Old Age PITCHER Matthew CofE 70 Burgoine's Cove Burgoynes Cove
Jul-18 Genl Hosp Hernia NOSEWORTHY Rhoda CofE 70 Whitbourne Whitbourne
Apr-11 Dildo Old Age PRETTY Samuel SA 85 Dildo Dildo
Jun-04 New Hr. T.B. REID Samuel SA 36 Dildo Dildo
Jun-27 New Hr. T.B. CRANFORD Jessie SA 15 New Hr. New Hr.
May-04 105 Quidi Vidi Rd. Apoplexy FIEFIELD Mrs. Louisa CofE 71 no entry Trinity E.
Jun-18 Genl Hosp Ac. Toxaemia WILLIAMS Travenia CofE 18 New Hr. New Hr.
PAGE 234                
Jun-11 Long Beach Cong Debility DROVER Mary CofE 5 min Long Beach Long Beach
Jun-26 Long Beach Pneumonia VEY Laurence Keith CofE 10 mos Long Beach Long Beach
Jun-25 Old Bonaventure Drowning BAILEY Arthur CofE 31 Cat Cove Old Bonaventure
Jun-28 Ireland's Eye Ceb Haemorrhage KELLY David CofE 68 Black Duck Cove Ireland's Eye
May-01 Sunnyside Cancer REID Joseph UC 52 Sunnyside Sunnyside
Jun-05 St. John's Tuberculosis LUTHER Grace UC 19 Sunnyside Sunnyside
Jul-19 Mental Hosp Ulcerated Stomach SMITH George CofE 39 Dildo Spread Eagle
Aug-04 General Hosp Appendicitis GOSSE Elsie Maud CofE 20 Broad Cove Dildo
Aug-06 General Hosp Appendicitis NEWHOOK Elfreda M. CofE 15 Norman Cove Normans Cove
Aug-31 Dildo Pulm. T.B. SMITH Clarence CofE 17 Dildo Dildo
Sep-01 New Hr. Senile Decay HIGDON Charles CofE 78 New Hr. New Hr.
Sep-06 Dildo Dropsy GOSSE Eliza Jane CofE 75 Kelligrews Dildo
Sep-08 New Hr. Convulsions WILLIAMS Samuel Norman CofE 3 mos New Hr. New Hr.
Sep-21 Normans Cove Senile Decay NEWHOOK Amy CofE 70 Normans Cove Normans Cove
Sep-22 New Hr. Paralysis SMITH John CofE 72 Dildo New Hr.
Sep-25 Broad Cove Cancer GEORGE William J. CofE 48 Broad Cove Dildo
Sep-10 Bay Bulls Arm - BRANDON Melita UC 13 mos Bay Bulls Arm Bay Bulls Arm
Feb-19 Little Catalina Convulsions FRAMPTON Marcella UC 6 mos Little Catalina Little Catalina
Apr-22 Catalina Endocarditis TIPPETT Anne UC 68 Bonavista Catalina
May-06 Little Catalina Tuberculosis JOHNSON Laura Frances UC 16 Little Catalina Little Catalina
May-13 Little Catalina Meningitis STAGG Hubert UC 7 mos Little Catalina Little Catalina
May-13 Port Union Senility RUSSELL Thomas UC 93 Kings Cove Catalina
May-17 Little Catalina Drowned TIPPETT Florence UC 2 Little Catalina Little Catalina
Aug-22 St. John's Meningitis RUSSELL Harry UC 28 Catalina Catalina
Aug-22 St. John's Senility PERRY Charlotte Anne UC 70 Catalina Catalina
Sep-27 Little Catalina Senility DALTON Mark A. UC 78 Little Catalina Little Catalina
Sep-28 Port Union Premature RUSSELL Harold UC 1 dy Port Union Port Union
Sep-22 Port Union S.B. COOZE Baby UC SB Port Union Port Union
Jul-21 Newmans Cove Worms KEATS Ruby Mildred UC 7 1/2 Newmans Cove Newmans Cove
Jul-27 Maberly Convulsions CHAULK Myble May UC 5 mos Maberly Elliston
Jul-28 Newmans Cove Dysentary COOL Samuel John UC 9 Newmans Cove Newmans Cove
Sep-05 Elliston Old Age TUCKER Jane UC 80 1/4 Elliston Elliston
Sep-07 Elliston Rickets CREWE Mildred UC 8 mos Elliston Elliston
Sep-08 Elliston Old Age PORTER Benjamin UC 79 Elliston Elliston
Jul-13 Hants Hr. Child Birth ELLIS Minnie Mrs. Pentecostal 29 Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
Sep-05 New Chelsea Influenza REID Herbert Pentecostal 9 mos South River New Chelsea
Sep-09 Old Perlican Typhoid Fever BAILEY Ruby M. Pentecostal 22 New Chelsea New Chelsea
Sep-14 Trinity Malignant Bowel Growth FOWLOW Owen RC 81 Trinity East Trinity
Jul-07 Queen's Cove Convulsions GOOBIE Val?a UC 1 1/2 yrs Queen's Cove Queen's Cove
Aug-24 Southport Old Age HILLYARD Martin UC 82 S Jones Within S Jones
PAGE 235                
Jul-02 Random Hr. Paralysis COOPER Fanny UC 66 Hr. Grace Clarenville
Sep-01 Brooklyn Child Birth HOLLOWAY Myra UC 24 Milton George Brook
Sep-21 Clarenville Congenital BALSOM Reginald UC 2 mos Clarenville Clarenville
Sep-26 Shoal Hr. T.B. MILLS Leander L. UC 43 Shoal Hr. Shoal Hr.
Aug-23 Southport Pneumonia HILLIARD Martin UC 82 Hearts Content St. Jones Within
Jun-30 Thoroughfare Cancer MILLS Walter UC 53 Thoroughfare Thoroughfare
Aug-02 Hickmans Hr. Colic MARTIN Marguerite UC 2 mos Hickmans Hr. Hickmans Hr.
Aug-20 Hickmans Hr. Senile Decay EDDY Jemima UC 86 Hickmans Hr. Hickmans Hr.
Jul-19 New Perlican Arteriosclerosis SEAWARD Sarah CofE 76 New Perlican New Perlican
Sep-04 New Perlican Bronchitis FISHER Jonathan CofE 69 New Perlican New Perlican
Aug-02 Hearts Content Hydro Cepholic (Monster?) SB KELLAND - CofE SB Hearts Content Hearts Content
Aug-26 Hearts Content Colitis BUDDEN Katherine CofE 81 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Sep-18 Hearts Content Gastro Enteritis WARREN Rachael CofE 58 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Jul-06 Hopeall Tuberculosis CUMBY George SA 63 Hopeall New Hr.
Aug-25 New Harbor - WHITE Mrs Hannah SA 78 New Hr. New Hr.
Sep-07 Dildo - PRETTY Mrs Lydia SA 74 Dildo Dildo
Sep-27 Chance Cove - HILLYARD Flossie E. SA 2 mos Chance Cove Chance Cove
Jul-15 Mayne (sic) USA Accidentally Killed GARDNER William H. CofE 40 Trinity Trinity
Jun-05 Grand Falls Accidentally Drowned PELLEY James Garfield UC 31 Shoal Hr. Shoal Hr.
Jul-20 Hosp for Insane Ulcerated Stomach SMITH George CofE 40 Spread Eagle Spread Eagle
Aug-08 Otter's Cove Old Age WALTON Charles John CofE 71 British Hr. Burgoynes Cove
Aug-22 Clifton Cancer of Bowels FRONDE Elijah CofE 67 Bay de Verde Burgoynes Cove
Aug-25 Dark Cove Convulsions SAUNDERS John James CofE 5 dys Dark Cove Middle Cove
Sep-19 Gambo Convulsions OSMOND Druscilla G. CofE 1 1/2 yrs Gambo Middle Cove
Sep-13 Port Blandford Pulm. T.B. HOLLOWAY Mary A. CofE 47 Port Blandford Port Blandford
Sep-23 Greens Hr. Convulsions WASHMAN Abram UC 1 Greens Hr. Greens Hr.
Jan-01 Trinity East Dementia Paralytisa FOWLOW John CofE 79 Trinity E. Port Rexton
Feb-07 Champneys N. Cancer of Liver OWEN George CofE 58 Salmon Cove Champneys West
Feb-16 Musgrove Town B.B. Spinal Sclerosis DAY Benjamin CofE 57 Salmon Cove Champneys West
Feb-20 Port Rexton Meningitis (Don??fal?) COOK Daniel S. CofE 3 mos Port Rexton Port Rexton
Feb-27 English Hr. Ceb Haemorrhage PENNY Johanna CofE 81 9/12 English Hr. English Hr.
Mar-01 English Hr. Cancer of Uterus FIFIELD Julia CofE 62 English Hr. English Hr.
Mar-02 Trinity East Hypostatic Pneumonia FOWLOW Amy CofE 79 Trinity E. Port Rexton
Mar-16 Champneys East Pulm. T.B. BUTLER Solomon (W.?) CofE 23 Champneys E. Champneys E.
Mar-21 Champneys East Senility NURSE Robert CofE 72 Champneys E. Champneys E.
Apr-19 Champneys East Phthisis FREEMAN Mildred M. CofE 20 Champneys W. Champneys W.
May-12 Champneys East Ceb Haemorrhage MILLER Elizabeth Ann CofE 69 8/12 Champneys E. Champneys E.
May-31 Champneys West Carcinoma of Bowel FREEMAN George CofE 71 Champneys W. Champneys W.
Jun-02 Port Rexton Senility BUTLER Thomas CofE 82 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Jun-10 Port Rexton Cardiac Disease PENNEY Amy Ann CofE 85 Port Rexton Port Rexton
PAGE 236                
Jul-17 Port Rexton Drowning RANDELL Frederick CofE 19 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Jul-22 Lockston Vav. Disease of Heart BAILEY Sarah CofE 77 Trinity E. Port Rexton
Aug-02 English Hr. Senility FORD Stephen CofE 85 English Hr. English Hr.
Sep-23 St. John's Cancer of Bowels BAILEY Edward Christian Org. 63 Trinity E. Milton
Oct-22 Poor Asylum Rectal Haemorrhage NOULAN William UC 79 Goose Cove Genl Protestant
Oct-27 S.A. Anchorage Pulm. T.B. SWEETAPPLE Gertrude SA 16 1/2 Britannia Cove S. Army
Oct-24 Sanitorium Pulm. T.B. PENNEY Reuben CofE 32 English Hr. Ch of Eng
Oct-28 Bay Bulls Arm Consumption VATERS George UC 35 Salmon Cove CB Bay Bulls Arm
Nov-04 (of St. John's NF Grace Hosp) Whitbourne Cholerystititis / Jaundice SIMMONS Lemuel H. UC 69 Hr. Grace Whitbourne
Oct-17 Chapell Arm Senile Decay WARREN Charles CofE 80 Chapell Arm Chapell Arm
Nov-09 Chapell Arm - WILLIAMS Eli CofE 60 New Hr. Chapell Arm
Nov-12 Normans Cove - NEWHOOK Manuel CofE 1 dy Norman's Cove Normans Cove
Nov-21 Dildo Peritonitis OAKELY Enoch CofE 53 Wolverhampton Eng Dildo
Dec-08 Long Cove Senile Decay HILLIER George CofE 77 New Hr (or Dudlery) Spread Eagle
Nov-07 Loreburn Bright's Disease PRICE Absalom UC 70 Hants Hr. Loreburn
Nov-09 Gooseberry Cove Pneumonia LANGOR Simon UC 53 Gooseberry Cove Southport
Feb-20 Winterton Pulm. T.B. PARROTT Lillian E. UC 34 Winterton Winterton
Mar-10 New Perlican Paralysis BURRIDGE Emily UC 73 New Perlican New Perlican
Apr-21 Winterton Pulm. T.B. DOWNEY Ellie UC 19 Winterton Winterton
Sep-15 Hearts Content Paralysis STANTAFORD Marsha A. UC 77 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Oct-10 Dunfield Cong Debility CLARKE William John CofE 5 dys Dunfield Trinity
Oct-16 Old Bonaventure Ceb Haemorrhage PITCHER Maria CofE 81 Old Bonaventure Old Bonaventure
Nov-10 New Bonaventure Cong Debility KING Alice Alicia CofE 3 mos New Bonaventure New Bonaventure
Nov-16 New Bonaventure Carcinoma Stomach L SHORT Creslia CofE 60 New Bonaventure New Bonaventure
Dec-02 Dunfield T.B. Glands CLARKE Robert J.G. CofE 2 11/12 Dunfield Trinity
Sep-01 Trouty Heart Disease EARLY Sarah CofE 84 Trouty Trouty
Nov-23 New Bonaventure Influenza MILLER Emma CofE 8 New Bonaventure New Bonaventure
Dec-14 Port Rexton Ch. Enteritis GOVER Patience CofE 76 Trinity Trinity
Oct-04 Catalina Senility COURAGE Elizabeth A. UC 82 Little Catalina Catalina
Oct-29 Catalina Dysentary HICKS Samuel UC 2 yrs Catalina Catalina
Oct-26 Catalina Senility SWEETAPPLE Charlotte UC 85 Catalina Catalina
Nov-11 Port Union Convulsions BUTLER Evelyn May UC 2 mos Port Union Catalina
Dec-12 St. John's Appendicitis SMART Frederick UC 20 Port Union Catalina
Dec-27 Little Catalina Bright's Disease HUNT Thomas UC 62 Little Catalina Little Catalina
Jul-01 Delby's Cove Bron. Pneumonia WISEMAN Mary Jane CofE 68 British Hr. Delbys Cove
Jul-15 Philadelphia - GARDNER William H. CofE 40 British Hr. British Hr.
Apr-27 Trinity Valvular Disease of Heart JENKINS William CofE 88 Trinity Trinity
Jun-21 Trouty T.B. of Spine MORRIS George CofE 38 Trouty Trouty
Jun-17 St. John's Senility LOCKE William CofE 83 Lockedon Trinity
Jul-19 Kerby's Hr. NB Gastric Influenza CLARKE William CofE 70 British Hr. New Bonaventure
PAGE 237                
Aug-04 Lockston Pulm. T.B. PEDDLE Thomas CofE 15 Lockston Trinity
Aug-19 Kerby's Hr. NB Bron Pneumonia WHEY Eric CofE 2 mos Kerby's hr. New Bonaventure
Oct-25 New Perlican Ceb Haemorrhage GHOAL Edwin CofE 60 New Perlican New Perlican
Oct-21 Hearts Content Nephritis ROCKWOOD Alexander CofE 65 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Nov-23 Hearts Content Pneumonia MARTIN Adam R. CofE 75 St. John's Hearts Content
Dec-23 Mental Asylum City Myocarditis and Dementia ROWE William H. CofE 65 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Dec-26 Hearts Content Ceb Haemorrhage GEORGE Jane CofE 68 Hearts Delight Hearts Content
Oct-02 Clarenville Senility DICKS Francis Presbyterian 80 Railway Man Shoal Hr.
Oct-04 Waterville T.B. REID Lizzie UC 25 Housewife Monroe
Oct-06 Shoal Hr. Paralysis BUTLER Lizzie Ann UC 73 Housewife Shoal Hr.
Nov-04 Shoal Hr. Heart Failure BLUNDON James UC 78 Labourer Shoal Hr.
Oct-29 Clarenville Meningo?ole PITCHER Annie F. SA 9 dys Clarenville Clarenville
Nov-29 Newmans Cove T.B. KEATES Annie UC 23 Birchy Cove Newmans Cove
Dec-10 Newmans Cove T.B. RYAN Renee? UC 21 Thoroughfare Newmans Cove
Oct-25 Thoroughfare T.B. MILLS Daphne UC 15 Britannia Thoroughfare
Sep-15 Britannia S.B. JANES Baby UC SB Hillview Britannia
Nov-10 Hillview Consumption JACKSON John UC 76 Lady Cove Hillview
Feb-86 Lady Cove Old Age PELLEY Josiah UC 86 Foster's Pt. Lady Cove
Mar-20? St. John's Broncho Pneumonia GULLIFORD Marsha UC 59 Trinity Lady Cove
Dec-26 Portugal Cove Senility MORRIS Christina CofE 85 Arnold's Cove Trinity
Nov-17 Genl Hosp Arnold's Cove Cancer Stomach BRONSON Cecilia UC 40 Port Union Arnold's Cove
Dec-13 Genl Hospital Ac. Appendicitis SMART Fred CofE 20 Burgoine's Cove Port Union
Nov-06 New Burn Cove Cong Debility DUFFITT Hugh T. CofE 1 dy Summerville Middle Brook
Jun-02 Summerville Convulsions DAWE Jean A.L. UC 11 1/2 wks Summerville Summerville
Aug-20 Summerville Stoppage of Bowels HAMBY Madeline UC 12 5/6 yrs Summerville Summerville
Aug-26 Summerville Summer Sickness LANE Roy UC 1 5/6 Summerville Summerville
Sep-13 Summerville Heart Failure ABBOTT Job UC 74 Dunfield Summerville
Oct-03 Dunfield Gastric Ulcer FLEET Mary E. UC 40 English Hr. Trinity
Dec-22 English Hr. Paralysis BUGDEN Elizabeth UC 48 Trinity English Station
Dec-26 Trinity Kidney Stone BARBOUR Maisie UC 15 1/3   Trinity
Jan-13 Hearts Delight Epilepsy CROCKER Jane CofE 75 Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
Jan-13 Hearts Delight Pneumonia SOOLEY Bertha CofE 43 Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
Jan-24 Hearts Delight T.B. WISEMAN Lenora CofE 62 Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
Feb-04 Islington - CHISLETT Naomi CofE 71 Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
Feb-25 Islington T.B. CHISLETT Edna CofE 14 (dys?) Islington Islington
Mar-17 Greens Hr. - HARNUM Louisa CofE 13 " Greens Hr. Greens Hr.
Mar-31 Greens Hr. T.B. CROCKER Eliza CofE 67 Greens Hr. Greens Hr.
May-06 Greens Hr. Senility CROCKER Joseph CofE 81 Greens Hr. Greens Hr.
Aug-22 Greens Hr. Paralysis LAWTON Mary Ellen CofE 72 Islington Greens Hr.
Nov-13 Islington T.B. HARNUM Robert CofE 34 Islington Hearts Delight
PAGE 238                
Dec-24 Greens Hr. Paralysis HARNUM Plemon CofE 77 Greens Hr. Greens Hr.
Oct-04 Islington Heart Trouble LEGGE Frances CofE 35 Islington Islington
Sep-12 Hants Hr. T.B. YOUNG Annie UC 35 Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
Sep-16 Lead Cove Dysentary BUDDON Jessie Louise UC 38 Lead Cove Sibleys Cove
Oct-01 Whales Brook Teething HOPKINS William C. UC 10 mos Whales Brook Brownsdale
Oct-11 Brownsdale T.B. BUDDON Alphoesus UC 18 yrs Old Perlican Brownsdale
Oct-19 Hants Hr. Paralysis TUCK Peter UC 73 Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
Oct-22 Hants Hr. Senility SHORT Mary Jane UC 77 Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
Oct-23 Hants Hr. Senility SHORT Sarah UC 73 Brownsdale Hants Hr.
Nov-03 Whales Brook Convulsions THOMAS William J. UC 1 1/2 mos Whales Brook Brownsdale
Nov-19 Brownsdale Senility MATTHEWS Kassandra UC 84 Old Perlican Brownsdale
Dec-03 N. Melbourne Senility MANSFIELD Sarah UC 87 Spaniards Bay N. Melbourne
Dec-11 N. Chelsea Senility HARRIS Ambrose UC 74 New Chelsea N. Chelsea
Oct-05 English Hr. Pernicious Anemia PENNY Mary Hannah CofE 74 Bonavista English Hr.
Oct-10 Port Rexton T.B. of Spine PLAUSY Frank CofE 23 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Oct-21 Trinity East Pulm. T.B. JONES Cyril Roy CofE 15 Trinity East Port Rexton
Oct-24 St. John's Pulm. T.B. PENNEY Reuben CofE 32 English Hr. English Hr.
Oct-27 Port Rexton Suicide by Strangulation BUTLER Edmund CofE 55 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Nov-16 Port Rexton Ceb Haemorrhage DAY Stephen CofE 78 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Nov-25 Huntington NY USA Accident RANDELL William R. CofE 30 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Nov-26 Port Rexton Lobar Pneumonia BANNISTER Selina CofE 64 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Dec-11 Port Rexton Pneumonia WHITE Annie CofE 75 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Oct-03 Dildo Senile Decay SMITH Elizabeth CofE 83 Dildo Dildo
Oct-27 Greens Hr. Cancer GREEN Jane CofE 53 Greens Hr. Greens Hr.
Dec-14 Hopeall T.B. CUMBY Lemuel CofE 49 Hopeall Hopeall
Mar-11 Dunfield Bronchitis SPURRELL Priscilla UC 29 Dunfield Trinity
Mar-22 Dunfield Anaemia HURDLE Joseph UC 60 Dunfield Trinity
Jun-02 Summerville Convulsions DAWE Jean Rosalisa L. UC 1 1/2 wk Summerville Summerville
Jun-26 Long Beach T.B. Pneumonia VEY Laurence K. CofE 10 mos Long Beach Long Beach
Aug-01 Sunnyside Drowning DROVER Michael CofE 3 yrs Sunnyside Sunnyside
Jun-11 Long Beach Cong Debility DROVER Mary CofE 5 min Long Beach Long Beach
Aug-27 Butlers Cove Cong Debility SPURRELL Clayton CofE 3/4 hr Butler Cove Hearts Ease
Aug-20 Hodges Cove Pulm. T.B. PEDDLE Agnes L. CofE 34 Hillview Hodges Cove
Sep-06 Habshott? Senility BISHOP John CofE 86 Bishops Cove Hatchet Cove
Sep-13 Black Brook Drowning NORRIS Alfred J. CofE 10 Black Brook Hillview
Jul-08 South Port Cong Debility LAMBERT John CofE 2 hrs Southport Hearts Ease
Sep-17 Sunnyside Cancer SHEPPARD Mary S. CofE 64 Hr. Grace Sunnyside
Dec-02 St Jones Without Senility GREEN Samuel CofE 83 Winterton St Jones Without
Oct-15 St Jones Without Kidney Disease GREEN Gilbert CofE 2 St Jones Without St Jones Without
Aug-10 Sunnyside Rickets SEAWARD Arthur R. CofE 2 Sunnyside Sunnyside
PAGE 239                
Sep-05 Hatchet Cove Cong Debility LAMBERT Lillian Beatrice CofE 29 dys Hatchet Cove Hatchet Cove
Sep-19 South Port Cong Debility LAMBERT Malida CofE 10 mos Southport Southport
Jun-20 Blaketown Cong Debility OSBOURNE Edna Bessie CofE 1 8/12 no entry Blaketown
Feb-10 Arnolds Cove Old Age GUY William CofE 81 no entry Arnold's Cove
Nov-17 Arnolds Cove - BRINSTON Cecilia CofE 40 no entry Arnold's Cove
Jul-17 Whitbourne Old Age NOSEWORTHY Rhoda CofE 70 no entry Whitbourne
Nov-29 Blaketown Cong Debility OSBOURNE James CofE 1 dy Blaketown Blaketown
Dec-02 Blaketown Cong Debility OSBOURNE Harvey CofE 4 dys Blaketown Blaketown
Dec-04 Normans Cove Convulsions NEWHOOK Clarence CofE 7 wks Normans Cove Normans Cove
Dec-18 New Chelsea Consumption HARRIS Lydia Pentecostal 68 New Chelsea New Chelsea
Sep-19 New Hr. - HIGDON John SA 78 New Hr. New Hr.
Nov-09 New Hr. T.B. HEFFORD Adolphus SA 17 Cat Cove New Hr.
Dec-31 Normans Cove T.B. THORNE Mrs. Mary SA 57 Flat Isld Normans Cove
Nov-22 Trinity Cancer of Liver AYLWARD John RC 66 Broad Cove Kings Cove
Dec-24 Old Bonaventure Scarlet Fever TOOPE Lewis CofE 19 Old Bonaventure Old Bonaventure
Dec-26 Portugal Cove Senility MORRIS Christiana CofE 85 Trinity Trinity
Oct-17 Trinity Senility EARLE May H. CofE 87 Trinity Trinity
Nov-15 Old Bonaventure Pulm. T.B. SHORT llewelyn B. CofE 36 Old Bonaventure Old Bonaventure
Nov-29 Old Bonaventure Pulm. T.B. HOUSE Nina B. CofE 19 3/4 Old Bonaventure Old Bonaventure
Feb-18 Catalina Phthisis BRIGHT William CofE 24 Catalina Catalina
Aug-18 Catalina Appendicitis HAYNES William CofE 12 3/4 Catalina Catalina
Sep-07 Catalina Convulsions SHEPPARD Frederick G.Y. CofE 2 3/4 mos Catalina Catalina
Sep-17 Port Union Cholera Infantum KING John CofE 9 mos Port Union Catalina
Sep-22 Catalina Paralysis SHEPPARD Mark CofE 68 Catalina Catalina
Dec-18 Catalina Senile Decay HAYNES Maria CofE 83 Bonavista Catalina
Nov-26 Trinity Ch. Rheumatism SPURRELL John CofE 49 Trinity Trinity
Nov-10 Thoroughfare T.B. MILLS Roy UC 12 yrs Thoroughfare Thoroughfare
Nov-25 Fosters Pt. Paralysis ROGERS Clara Mary UC 11 yrs Foster's Pt. Fosters pt.
Dec-10 Fosters Pt. Suffocation REID Harold Roy UC 6 mos Foster's Pt. Fosters pt.
Dec-08 New Hr. Old Age HOLLETT John SA 88 yrs Spaniards Bay New Hr.
Dec-25 Rose Blanche Drowning BUDDON Levi UC 29 Lead Cove Sibleys Cove
PAGES 240-243 BLANK              
PAGE 244                
Feb-28 Blaketown - OSBOURNE Nathaniel CofE 72 no entry Blaketown
Mar-05 Bay Bull Arm Inflammation LUTHER Dorothy Catherine UC 2 1/2 yrs Bay Bulls Arm Bay Bulls Arm
Mar-15 Bay Bull Arm Tuberculosis TEMPLE Ernest UC 38 Normans Cove Bay Bulls Arm
Jan-06 N.H. Brook Consumption SNELGROVE Maud UC 1 yr N.H. Brook Hillview
Jan-06 Hillview Meningitis PRICE John UC 76 Hillview Hillview
Jan-30 Greens Hr. T.B. of Tongue ROWE Charles UC 42 Greens Hr. Hgreens Hr.
Feb-27 South Dildo T.B. of Tongue REID James UC 71 South Dildo South Dildo
Feb-21 Greens Hr. Heart Failure CROCKER Simon UC 61 Greens Hr. Greens Hr.
Jan-14 New Hr. Pneumonia HIGDON Arthur W. CofE 11 mos 7 wks New Hr. New Hr.
Jan-14 New Hr. Cancer CRANFORD Susannah CofE 66 yrs 11 mos New Hr. New Hr.
Feb-09 New Hr. Scarlet Fever THORNE Clara D. CofE (9 mos) 6 yrs New Hr. New Hr.
Mar-01 New Hr. Senile Decay HIGDON Catherine CofE (89) 9 mos New Hr. New Hr.
Mar-16 New Hr. Senile Decay WOODMAN Thomas CofE (1) 8 yrs New Hr. New Hr.
Mar-29 Normans Cove - NEWHOOK Phoebe CofE (20 9/12) 84 yrs Normans Cove Normans Cove
Jan-07 Dildo TB PRETTY Thomas SA 75 Dildo Dildo
Jan-13 Hearts Delight Chill CREIGHTON Bishop SA 52 Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
Jan-03 Port Union P (illegible) NORMAN John UC 68 Catalina S.S. Catalina
Jan-31 Port Union Epileptic Fit COOZE Adam UC 8 yrs Port Union Catalina
Feb-01 Port Union Ceb. Paralysis BLACKMORE Percival UC 50 Pound Cove BB Catalina
Feb-22 Little Catalina Scarlet Fever DALTON Jacob G. UC 2 3/4 yrs Little Catalina Little Catalina
Feb-22 Little Catalina Senility JOHNSON Julia Anne UC 72 Little Catalina Little Catalina
Mar-20 Little Catalina Senility GOODYER Marsha UC 77 Bonavista Little Catalina
Mar-21 Little Catalina Pulm TB STAGG Eliza UC 38 Little Catalina Little Catalina
Mar-21 Catalina Paralysis HOUSE Marsha UC 73 Trinity E. Catalina
Jan-06 N.H. Brook Consumption SNELGROVE Maude UC 19 NH Brook Hillview
Jan-06 Hillview Meningitis PRICE J. UC 1 yr Hillview Hillview
Mar-13 Deep Bight Cold HANSFORD Minnie A. UC 4 1/2 mos Deep Bight Deep Bight
Jan-15 Trinity E. La Grippe TOULMAN Maria RC 91 Trinity E. Trinity W.
Feb-04 Trinity E. Pneumonia FIFIELD Catherine RC 73 Trinity W. Trinity W.
Jan-23 Grace Hosp. Carcinoma Stomach WILLIAMS Rachael RC 55 New Hr. New Hr.
Feb-06 Poor Asylum Heart Disease MORRIS Benjamin CofE 71 Trinity C of Eng
Feb-24 Sanitorium Pulm TB SMITH Mrs. Florence CofE 26 Chance Cove Chance Cove
Mar-04 Sanitorium Pulm TB HAYNES Philip CofE 45 Catalina Catalina
Mar-24 Genl Hosp Septicaemia POWER John CofE 22 Long Hr. Long Hr.
Apr-20 Genl Hosp Carcinoma Stomach ROWE John RC 64 Trinity Trinity
Feb-02 Deer Hr. TB MARCH Norman CofE 21 Deer Hr. Deer Hr.
Feb-26 Britannia TB IVANY Beatrice UC 24 1/2 Britannia Britannia
Mar-01 Deer Hr. TB PURCHASE Jemima UC 35 1/2 Deer Hr. Deer Hr.
Mar-07 Deer Hr. Pneumonia MARSH Barbara UC 11 1/2 Deer Hr. Deer Hr.
Feb-20 Sanatorium Pulm TB HIFFORD Albert SA 24 New Hr. New Hr.
PAGE 245                
Feb-13 Grace Hosp. Toxic Goiter TUCK Susan UC 40 Greens Hr. Hants Hr.
Jan-15 Little Harbor Drowning VERGE Joseph CofE 41 Old Bonaventure Little Hr.
Jan-15 Little Harbor Drowning VERGE Gladys CofE 21 Traytown Little Hr.
Jan-15 Little Harbor Drowning WISEMAN James CofE 15 Popes Hr. Little Hr.
Feb-09 Deep Cove Cong Debility CLARKE Sadie A.J. CofE 4 1/2 mos Delbys Cove Delbys Cove
Feb-16 Little Harbor Pneumonia VOKEY Phillip CofE 73 Little Hr. Little Hr.
Feb-19 Trinity Ceb. Haemorrhage WALTERS William CofE 76 Trinity Trinity
Feb-28 Dunfield Influenza MARCH Rita CofE 29 dys Dunfield Trinity
Mar-25 Ireland's Eye Cong Debility COOPER Thomas F. CofE 2 mos Irelands Eye Irelands Eye
Feb-16 Ireland's Eye Pulm TB KELLY John CofE 58 Irelands Eye Irelands Eye
Mar-10 New Bonaventure Ceb Haemorrhage CLARKE William CofE 70 New Bonaventure New Bonaventure
Mar-12 Lockston T.B. Spine PEDDLE Sarah I. CofE 12 Lockston Trinity
Mar-18 New Bonaventure Pneumonia STODDER Melina B. CofE 5 New Bonaventure New Bonaventure
Feb-01 Pelley Paralysis BUGDEN Benjamin CofE 68 Petley Petley
Jan-26 Shoal Hr. Senility CHURCH Charles UC 90 Shoal Hr. Shoal Hr.
Mar-22 Little Hearts Ease Old Age STRONG Aaron UC 82 4/12 Old Perlican Little Hearts Ease
Apr-28 St. John's Drowned DOODY Thomas RC 59 Melrose Melrose
May-30 292 Lemarchant Rd. Ceb. Haemorrhage KING Phoebe CofE 73 Catalina Catalina
Jun-10 N.W. Brook Heart Failure SOPER Beatrice UC 43 Pound Cove BB N.W. Brook
Apr-04 Trouty Ceb. Embolism JANES Jane CofE 63 Trouty Trouty
May-02 British Hr. Pulm TB SEVIOUR Louie M. CofE 3 British Hr. British Hr.
May-17 Trinity Enlarged Prostate HISCOCK Robert CofE 88 Trouty Trouty
May-14 Ireland's Eye Cong Debility COOPER Gordon M. CofE 7 wks Irelands Eye Irelands Eye
Mar-17 Pope's Hr. Pneumonia WHITBY John CofE 77 British Hr. British Hr.
Apr-15 Dildo Pneumonia PRETTY Jessie CofE 65 Dildo Dildo
Apr-19 Hopeall Senile Decay SYNYARD Elizabeth CofE 92 Carbonear New Harbor
Apr-12 Chapel Arm Cong of Lungs REID Cyril S. CofE 1 1/4 yrs Old Shop Chapel Arm
May-16 Chapel Arm T.B. WARREN John C. CofE 40 Chapel Arm Chapel Arm
Jun-06 Old Shop Cong Debility DAY Hazel CofE 2 hrs Old Shop Old Shop
May-08 Hants Hr. Pneumonia EVANS Jessie Pentecostal 43 Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
May-16 New Chelsea Cancer PINN Mary E. Pentecostal 69 - New Chelsea
May-19 Catalina Diabetes COURAGE Eliza UC 65 Kings Cove Catalina
May-21 Catalina Paralysis COURAGE Abel UC 75 1/2 yrs Catalina Catalina
May-26 Little Catalina Pulm TB STAGG Frederick UC 19 Little Catalina Little Catalina
May-28 Catalina Senility HOUSE James UC 77 Catalina Catalina
May-29 Little Catalina Cancer STAGG John UC 78 Little Catalina Little Catalina
May-30 St. John's Ceb Haemorrhage KING Phoebe UC 73 Little Catalina Catalina
Jun-07 Port Union Ceb Haemorrhage NAMAN OR NEWMAN Theresa UC 72 Little Catalina Catalina
Jun-11 Catalina Senility HOUSE Mary UC 74 Catalina Catalina
Jun-24 Catalina Pneumonia STANLEY Mary Jane UC 72 Carbonear Catalina
PAGE 246                
May-26 Greens Hr. S.B. SIMMONS Baby UC S.B. Greens Hr. Greens Hr.
May-20 Greens Hr. Tuberculosis BRACE Ernest UC 21 Greens Hr. Greens Hr.
May-24 Hickman's Hr. Tuberculosis BLUNDELL Hazel UC 12 1/2 Hickman's Hr. Hickman's Hr.
Apr-20 Hearts Content Ceb Haemorrhage ROCKWOOD Mary CofE 65 Trinity Hearts Content
May-03 Hearts Content Ac Bronchitis CRAMM Harold CofE 1 wk Hearts Content Hearts Content
May-19 Hearts Content Ac Bronchitis FAINHAM Sarah E. CofE 71 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Jun-07 Hearts Content Hernia ROCKWOOD Amelia CofE 81 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Jun-29 Hearts Content Ceb Haemorrhage ROWE Martin CofE 78 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Apr-05 New Perlican Ceb Haemorrhage PENNY Ishmael CofE 49 New Perlican New Perlican
Jun-03 New Perlican Marasmus SEAWARD Willis CofE 2 1/2 mos New Perlican New Perlican
Jun-28 Winterton Ch. Bronchitis PARROTT John CofE 77 Winterton Winterton
Jan-17 Elliston Old Age TUCKER Sarah UC 70 1/2 yrs Elliston Elliston
Jan-24 Elliston T.B. GOODLAND Jemima UC 40 1/2 yrs Pushthro' Pushthro'
Jan-24 Newmans Cove Meningitis COOL Roy UC 14 yrs Newmans Cove Newmans Cove
Feb-12 Elliston Heart Failure BAKER Ronald UC 44 1/4 Elliston Elliston
Feb-26 Bonavista Exposure TUCKER Ernest UC 16 Elliston Elliston
Mar-11 Elliston Old Age BAKER Susannah UC 82 Elliston Elliston
Mar-28 Elliston Old Age CREWE Arthur UC 71 Elliston Elliston
Apr-10 Burby Cove T.B. RYAN Julia UC 30 Burby Cove Elliston
Apr-26 Elliston Heart Failure WHITE Richard UC 60 Elliston Elliston
Apr-19 Burby Cove T.B. RYAN Arabella UC 49 Newmans Cove Newmans Cove
Jun-24 Newmans Cove Heart Failure KEATES Thomas UC 65 Newmans Cove Newmans Cove
Apr-07 Bay Bull Arm Meningitis WILLIAMS Evelyn I. UC 6 1/2 mos Bay Bulls Arm Bay Bulls Arm
Apr-25 Normans Cove Pleurisy PIERCEY George UC 16 1/2 Normans Cove Normans Cove
Mar-24 Old Shop Consumption DAY Richard Garland SA 8 yrs Old Shop Old Shop
Mar-31 New Harbor - WOODMAN John SA 89 New Hr. New Harbor
Apr-11 Dildo - PRETTY Elizabeth SA 76 Dildo Dildo
Apr-15 Chance Cove Tuberculosis HILLYARD Mrs. Jane SA 22 Chance Cove Chance Cove
May-03 Hickman's Hr. Convulsions MARSH Keziah SA 7 mos Hickman's Hr. Hickman's Hr.
May-06 Hants Hr. Inflammation MAIDMENT Norman SA 11 mos Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
May-18 Little Hearts Ease Influenza NORRIS Florence SA 6 yrs Little Hearts Ease Little Hearts Ease
Jun-06 New Harbor - THORNE Ruth SA 60 New Harbor New Harbor
Jun-12 Clarenville Neoplasm TILLEY Annie SA 48 Apey Cove Clarenville
May-29 New Harbor - CRANFORD Mary Ellen SA 4 yrs New Harbor New Hr.
May-23 Port Union Cancer PELLEY Myra SA 47 Shoal Hr. Clarenville
Jun-06 Clarenville Paralysis STANLEY Minnie UC 64 WhiteRock Clarenville
Mar-02 Shoal Hr. Heart Failure RYAN Stephen UC 70 English Hr. Shoal Hr.
Jun-09 Grace Hosp. Gastro Enteritis HYNES Cyril RC 3 mos Placentia Jt'n Mt. Carmel
Jun-10 Sanatorium Pulm TB SHAW Thomas RC 27 Little Hearts Ease Little Hearts Ease
Jun-28 Sanatorium Senile Decay or Brain (?) SMITH James CofE 50 Chance Cove Chance Cove
PAGE 247                
Jun-10 Sanatorium Pulm TB SHAW Thomas RC 27 Little Hearts Ease Little Hearts Ease
Jan-13 Catalina Convulsions JANES Stella M. CofE 1 mo Catalina Catalina
Jan-31 Catalina Phthisis MANUEL Daisy CofE 26 Housewife Catalina
Mar-04 Catalina Phthisis HAYNES Philip C. CofE 44 Sailor Catalina
Jun-16 Catalina Heart Failure ROWE Miriam L. CofE 69 Housewife Catalina
Jul-06 Poor Asylum Senility HODDER Richard CofE 75 Irelands Eye Ch of England Cmty
Jul-11 N.W. Brook Tuberculosis MARTIN Josiah UC 56 Southport N.W. Brook
Jul-31 Gooseberry Cove Old Age LAMBERT Sarah UC 74 Hillview Southport
Aug-04 St. Jones Within Old Age BENSON Joseph J. UC 79 St. Jones Within St. Jones Within
Aug-31 Loreburn Drowning MEADUS Josiah M. UC 18 yrs Loreburn Loreburn
Aug-30 Deep Bight Meningitis HISCOCK Dorothy M. UC 9 yrs Deep Bight Deep Bight
Jul-16 Georges Brook Tuberculosis ELLIS Marsha W. Adventist 16 Georges Brook Georges Brook
Jul-28 Harcourt Con Debility TILLEY Edward UC 2 mos Harcourt Harcourt
Aug-21 St John's Lockjaw PELEY Susan UC 77 Shoal Hr. Georges Brook
Sep-25 Somerset Shock MAIDMENT Albert UC 17 mos Somerset Harcourt
Jul-28 Little Catalina Tuberculosis STAGG Chesley UC 16 yrs Little Catalina Little Catalina
Aug-29 Whitbourne - SULEY Mavis Rowena UC 22 dys Whitbourne Whitbourne
Jul-03 New Hr. Senile Decay CRANFORD Rosanna CofE 69 8/12 New Hr. New Hr.
May-31 Chapel Arm no entry WARREN Jessie CofE 28 8/12 no entry Chapel Arm
Aug-26 Chapel Arm no entry REID Pierce CofE 3 mos Chapel Arm Chapel Arm
Oct-11 Fever Hospital Tuberculosis CLARKE Hazel CofE 6 yrs Dunfield Ch of England
Sep-29 Poor Asylum Heart Disease COLES Arthur UC 72 Elliston Genl Protestant
Jan-02 Sunnyside T.B. Cong Debility DROVER Eric S. CofE 9 wks Sunnyside Sunnyside
Feb-17 Clay Pits Senility BENSON Alexander CofE 78 Grates Cove Clay Pits
Apr-24 Sunnyside T.B. Senility SNOOK Louisa CofE 87 Labrador Sunnyside
Jun-23 Hodges Cove Pneumonia LANGDON Rita CofE 1 yr Hodges Cove Hodges Cove
Aug-14 Island Cove Random Convulsions SMITH Rebecca CofE 3 mos Island Cove T.B. Island Cove
Jul-04 Newmans Cove Meningitis KEATS Wesley John UC 2 yrs Newmans Cove Newmans Cove
Jul-16 Maberly Old Age CHAULK Louisa UC 71 Elliston Elliston
Aug-06 Elliston S.B. BAKER Baby UC S.B. Elliston Elliston
Jul-01 Burgoynes Cove Inflammation LEAWOOD Lloyd Castney? SA 4 yrs Burgoynes Cove Burgoynes Cove
Jul-10 Dildo - REID Maisie Shirley SA 1 8/12 Dildo Dildo
Sep-22 Hants Hr. Convulsions ASH German SA 1 yr Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
Jul-14 Thoroughfare - IVANEY Harvey Clyde UC 9 dys Thoroughfare Thoroughfare
Aug-04 Britannia Cancer SPURRELL Mary A. UC 68 Britannia Britannia
Aug-18 New Perlican Carcinoma of Bowels PIERCEY Rosanna CofE 74 Normans Cove New Perlican
Aug-05 Winterton Ceb Haemorrhage HINDY Mary CofE 79 Winterton Winterton
Aug-11 Winterton Carcinoma of Stomach HISCOCK Caroline CofE 69 Winterton Winterton
Sep-10 Winterton Cong Debility REID Hubert A. CofE 2 dys Winterton Winterton
PAGE 248                
Sep-23 Grace Hosp. S.B. FRENCH Baby CofE S.B. Grace Hosp Winterton
Aug-22 Hearts Content Ceb Haemorrhage ROWE Frederick CofE 64 Grace Hosp Hearts Content
Aug-02 Hearts Content S.B PIERCEY Baby CofE S.B. - Hearts Content
Feb-26 Chance Cove Tuberculosis SMITH Florence CofE 29 Chance Cove Chance Cove
Jan-23 Rantem Tuberculosis HOLLETT Maggie CofE 48 Chance Cove Chance Cove
Jul-26 Chance Cove Convulsions CLARKE Ellen CofE 1 1/2 Chance Cove Chance Cove
Jul-06 Chance Cove Tuberculosis SMITH James CofE 53 no entry Chance Cove
May-07 Whitbourne - GOSSE Baby CofE 1 hr Whitbourne Whitbourne
Nov-21 157 Thandre? Hill City Angina Pectoris COMERFORD? Richard B. RC 56 St John's Belvedere
Oct-24 Genl Hosp Tumour of Uterus GARLAND Ellen UC 67 New Chelsea New Chelsea
Sep-23 Grace Hosp. S.B. FRENCH Baby UC S.B. St John's Winterton
Dec-03 11 Fitzpatrick Ave City Senile Myocarditis KING John CofE 88 Trinity Trinity
Dec-18 Sanatorium res 59 Queens Rd Myocarditis MILLER Gertrude UC 28 trinity Trinity
Jun-30 Trinity Pulm TB HAYTER Susannah CofE 50 Trinity E. Trinity
Jul-26 Little Hr. Cong Debility VOKEY Rhilla Beatrice CofE 2 dys Little Hr. Little Hr.
Aug-04 Old Bonaventure Heart Disease TOOPE James CofE 83 Irelands Eye Irelands Eye
Aug-15 British Hr. Pulm TB SCEIVOUR? Alexander CofE 56 British Hr. British Hr.
Sep-15 Trinity Prematurity HAYTER Wilson CofE 3 dys Trinity Trinity
Aug-19 New Bonaventure Bronchitis HODDER Robert L. CofE 3 yrs New Bonaventure New Bonaventure
Sep-17 Ivanhoe Ceb Haemorrhage MILLER James CofE 77 Ivanhoe Ivanhoe
Sep-06 St. John's Meningitis WINSOR Vera M. UC 19 Shoal Hr. Pouch Cove
Oct-30 New Hr. Senile Decay NEWHOOK Hannah UC 89 New Hr. New Hr.
Oct-11 Greens Hr. Cancer TAYLOR Naomi UC 70 Greens Hr. Greens Hr.
Oct-11 Greens Hr. Pneumonia ROWE Charles UC 16 Greens Hr. Greens Hr.
Nov-13 St. Jones Within Spinal Trouble TUCKER Abram J. UC 38 St. Jones Within St. Jones Within
Oct-08 Little Hr. Cancer of Stomach VOKEY Patience CofE 60 New Bonaventure Little Harbor
Oct-22 New Bonaventure Cancer of Liver MILLER Henry CofE 60 New Bonaventure New Bonaventure
Oct-25 Trinity Heart Disease TAVENOR Charles CofE 60 Trinity Trinity
Nov-02 Trinity Mediastinal? Growth HUNT Amy E. CofE 76 Trinity Trinity
Nov-03 Little Hr. Malnutrition KING Gladys M. CofE 6 mos Little Hr. Little Hr.
Dec-03 St. John's Senile Myocarditis KING John CofE 88 New Bonaventure New Bonaventure
Dec-19 St. John's Myocarditis MILLER Gertrude CofE 28 no entry Trouty
Dec-22 Trouty Ceb. Embolism TAIT Henry CofE 75 Trouty Trouty
Oct-20 Long Cove Congenital WHITE Susannah CofE 2 hrs Long Cove Normans Cove
Nov-05 Dildo Pulm TB SMITH Mary Catherine CofE 49 Dildo Dildo
Nov-27 Chapel Arm S.B. WARREN Baby CofE S.B. Chapel Arm Chapel Arm
Mar-27 Bellevue Cancer LENITE? Leonard RC 36 Bellevue Bellevue
Apr-07 Bellevue Paralysis WHITTLE Katherine RC 55 Bellevue Bellevue
May-03 Bellevue Measles WALSH Thomas RC 8 Bellevue Bellevue
May-27 Chapel Arm Paralysis PRETTY William RC 53 Chapel Arm Chapel Arm
PAGE 249                
Jul-24 Bellevue Drowning FAHEY Thomas RC 14 Bellevue Bellevue
Dec-21 Bay Bull Arm Cancer LARRENDER Charles K. UC 63 Trouty TB Bay Bulls Arm
Nov-19 Summerville Gall Stones on Liver CREWE Josiah UC 55 Summerville Summerville
Aug-13 Summerville Cancer HUMBY Emma UC 67 Summerville Summerville
Dec-28 Elliston Pneumonia MONLAND Clyde UC 3 3/4 Elliston Elliston
Oct-08 Port Union Convulsions WILTSHIRE Diamond Melinda UC 7 1/2 mos Port Union Catalina
- - - - -   - - -
Oct-20 Little Catalina Paralysis REID Arthur UC 69 yrs Little Catalina Little Catalina
Oct-20 Little Catalina Pulm TB CALLIMORE Thomas UC 39 Little Catalina Little Catalina
Dec-04 Catalina Influenza MCMELLAN Leslie C. UC 2 mos Catalina Catalina
Oct-09 Georges Brook Senility PELLEY John UC 80 Hants Hr. Milton
Aug-25 Hickman's Hr. Tuberculosis BRINTON Clarice SA 10 Burin Hickman's Hr.
Oct-13 Hants Hr. Tuberculosis TUCK William SA 22 Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
Nov-17 Burgoynes Cove Heart Failure CARBERRY George SA 56 Burgoynes Cove Cllifton
Oct-25 Winterton Carcinoma Of Bladder SPICER Eliot CofE 79 Winterton Winterton
Dec-09 Winterton Lobar Pneumonia FRENCH George CofE 61 Winterton Winterton
Nov-19 Hearts Content Ceb Haemorrhage YOUNG Eliza CofE 73 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Dec-14 Hearts Content Bronchitis LEGGE Grace Constance CofE 6 mos Hearts Content Hearts Content
Dec-19 Hearts Content Bronchitis SOOLEY Prudence CofE 79 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Dec-22 New Perlican Debility COFFER Jeffrey (Geofray) CofE 1 dy New Perlican New Perlican
Dec-15 Southport Tuberculosis SEAWARD Mrs Edward RC 43 Deer Hr. Gooseberry Cove
Nov-10 Thoroughfare Tuberculosis MILLS Roy UC 12 yrs Thoroughfare Thoroughfare
Nov-25 Foster's Pt. Paralysis ROGERS Clara May UC 11 yrs Foster's Pt. Foster's Pt.
Dec-10 Foster's Pt. Suffocation REID Harold R. UC 6 mos Foster's Pt. Foster's Pt.
Oct-31 Hodges Cove Dropsy BALSOME Sarah CofE 56 Long Beach Gooseberry Cove
Aug-26 Port Union Cancer of Stomach RUSSELL James CofE 46 Catalina Catalina
Oct-16 Catalina Convulsions BROWN Frederick CofE 3 mos Catalina Catalina
Dec-11 Catalina Cancer of Stomach ROWE William CofE 63 yrs Catalina Catalina
Dec-25 Catalina Senile Decay HIGGINS Hannah CofE 80 Catalina Catalina
Feb-09 Islington Cancer CHISLETT Elias CofE 76 Islington Hearts Delight
Feb-28 Hearts Delight - WORKMAN Sarah CofE 62 New Hr. Hearts Delight
Mar-29 Whiteway S.B. GEORGE Baby CofE S.B. Whiteway Whiteway
May-24 Hearts Delight Senility WORKMAN Julia CofE 72 Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
Aug-29 Hearts Delight Senility FOST Mary CofE 85 Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
Jul-28 Islington Senility HARNAM John CofE 79 Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
Aug-31 Hearts Delight Senility SOOLEY Clarence CofE 13 Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
Jul-31 Hearts Delight Tuberculosis SOOLEY Minnie CofE 37 Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
Aug-24 St John's Tuberculosis MILES Sarah CofE 66 Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
Nov-17 Hearts Delight Tuberculosis SOOLEY Audrey CofE 43 Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
Feb-13 Winterton Drowning GREGNY George UC 63 Winterton Winterton
PAGE 250                
Feb-03 Winterton Drowning GREGORY Frank UC 9 Winterton Winterton
Feb-15 Winterton Meningitis GREEN Samuel UC 21 Winterton Winterton
Jul-10 Winterton Pulm TB ANDERSON Marjorie UC 18 Winterton Winterton
Sep-14 New Perlican Pulm TB PALEM Archibald UC 64 New Perlican New Perlican
Nov-14 Winterton Pulm TB DOWNEY Mabel UC 47 Winterton Winterton
Nov-24 New Perlican Pulm TB HOWELL Margaret UC 1 dy New Perlican New Perlican
Nov-24 New Perlican Pulm TB HOWELL Audrey UC 1 dy New Perlican New Perlican
Jan-15 New Melbourne s.b. CLARKE Baby UC S.B. New Melbourne New Melbourne
Feb-06 Hants Hr. Scarlet Fever ELLIS Dorothy UC 10 11/12 yrs Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
Feb-11 Brownsdale Pulm TB ARMSTRONG Wesley UC 18 yrs Browndale Brownsdale
Feb-13 St John's Toxic Goitre Shock TUCK Susan UC 40 Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
Feb-20 New Melbourne Senility GOODWIN Jane UC 78 Browndale New Melbourne
Feb-01 Brownsdale Pulm TB ARMSTRONG Charles UC 49 Browndale Brownsdale
Mar-04 Hants Hr. Meningitis SMITH Margaret UC 11 yrs Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
Feb-21 Hants Hr. Senility TUCK Joshua UC 78 Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
Apr-02 New Chelsea Internal Growth PALMER Susannah UC 67 1/2 Clarenville New Chelsea
Apr-04 Hants Hr. Senility PRICE Levi UC 83 Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
Apr-14 Brownsdale Dropsy HEAD John UC 71 Browndale Brownsdale
Apr-25 New Melbourne Malnutrition BURSEY Alma B. UC 1 dy New Melbourne New Melbourne
Apr-30 Brownsdale Senility BURSEY John UC 83 New Melbourne Brownsdale
Jun-20 New Melbourne Exposure (sea) BELBIN Harrison UC 14 New Chelsea New Chelsea
Jul-19 Hants Hr. Bowel Obstruction GREEN Myrtle F. UC 4 mos Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
Jul-25 New Melbourne Convulsions HARRIS Sarah UC 10 dys New Melbourne New Melbourne
Aug-05 New Melbourne Inflammation of Brain GOODWIN Sarah UC 71 Old Perlican New Melbourne
Oct-03 Hants Hr. Heart Failure GULLIFORD Edgar UC 59 Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
Oct-24 St John's Tumor of Uterus GARLAND Ellen UC 67 New Perlican New Chelsea
Nov-01 Whale Brook Pulm TB THOMN Joseph UC 70 Hants Hr. Brownsdale
Nov-04 Hants Hr. Cancer of Womb SMITH Lucinda UC 77 Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
Nov-11 New Melbourne Typhoid Pneumonia MANSFIELD George UC 56 New Melbourne New Melbourne
Jan-06 Champneys Infant Sickness RYAN Baby UC 3 dys Champneys Champneys
Jan-12 Champneys Pulm TB MILLER Hazel CofE 15 yrs Champneys Champneys
Jan-08 Port Rexton Pneumonia BARBONE John CofE 78 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Jan-15 Port Rexton Pulm TB BAILEY Naomi CofE 27 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Jan-22 Port Rexton Arteriosclerosis COOK Daniel CofE 79 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Feb-03 Trinity East Carcinoma of Jaw JONES Jonas CofE 78 Trinity E. Port Rexton
Feb-07 Champneys T.B. of Knee WHITE Johanna CofE 49 Lockston Champneys
Feb-11 Champneys Senility FREEMAN Albert CofE 85 Champneys Champneys
Feb-22 Trinity East Broncho Pneumonia FOWLOW Ruby CofE 2 yrs Trinity E. Port Rexton
Sep-17 ? La??no S.B. ASH Baby CofE S.B. Port Rexton Port Rexton
Sep-17 ? La??no S.B. ASH Baby CofE S.B. Port Rexton Port Rexton
PAGE 251                
Aug-12 Champneys Carcinoma of Bowel HISCOCK Charles CofE 64 Champneys Champneys
May-26 Port Rexton Carcinoma of Liver BUTLER Lucretia CofE 74 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Jun-09 Port Rexton Carcinoma of Liver COOK Florence G. CofE 1 3/4 mos Port Rexton Port Rexton
Jun-12 Port Rexton TB of Bowels RANDELL Frederick K. CofE 17 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Jul-01 Trinity East Convulsions DEWLING Elam M. CofE 9 dys Trinity E. Port Rexton
Jun-22 Champneys Senile Decay HISCOCK Patience L. CofE 82 Labrador Port Rexton
Oct-27 Champneys East Compression of Brain (fall) HART Joseph CofE 70 Champneys E. Champneys E.
Oct-27 Port Rexton Malignant Disease Oesaphygus BUTLER Albert E. CofE 64 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Nov-13 Port Rexton Cardiac Failure RYAN Frances CofE 60 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Nov-17 Champneys East Cirrhosis of Liver MILLER William CofE 75 Champneys Champneys
Nov-21 Trinity East Ceb Haemorrhage BAILEY John CofE 80 Trinity E. Trinity E.
Nov-25 Trinity East Rheumatic Fever JONES Charity CofE 52 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Dec-11 English Hr. Pneumonia BATSON Henry George CofE 76 English Hr. English Hr.
Dec-20 Trinity East Enteritis FIFIELD Mary M. CofE 1 yr Trinity E. Port Rexton
Dec-24 Port Rexton Syncope BUTLER Ethel CofE 2 mos Port Rexton Port Rexton
Dec-26 Champneys East Ceb Tumor DAY Albert CofE 31 Champney E. Champneys E.
Dec-31 Trinity East Cardiac Disease HOGARTH Mary F. CofE 57 Bonavista Port Rexton
May-28 Grand Falls Senility BUGDEN Jessie CofE 86 Pelley Pelley
May-16 Clifton Obstruction of Bowel DUFFITT Jessie CofE 73 Bay de Verde Burgoynes Cove
Jul-08 Newbound Cove Cong Debility FRONDE Joseph CofE 3 hrs Nentment? Cove Burgoynes Cove
Jul-08 Somerset Pulm TB BAKER James CofE 27 Snooks Hr. Whale Brook
Jul-22 Somerset Pulm TB BAKER Stella M. CofE 22 Foster's Pt. Whale Brook
Jul-13 Monroe Paralysis STONE Emily CofE 68 Gin Cove Gin Cove
Sep-04 Pelley Chronic Indigestion SCIVEOUR Johanna CofE 67 Clifton Gin Cove
Nov-13 Monroe Heart Failure SHORT Hezekiah CofE 57 Bonaventure Gin Cove
Sep-16 Monroe S.B. HOLLOWAY Baby CofE S.B. Monroe Gin Cove
Mar-07 Guff Topsails Brights Disease BUTT Keziah Ellis UC 36 Random Isld Bay Bulls Arm
Dec-24 Trinity Heart Disease WHITE Charles James CofE 76 Trinity Trinity
Dec-25 Little Hr. East Heart Disease RANDELL Emma S. CofE 8 dys Port Rexton Port Rexton
Mar-07 Port Rexton Heart Disease GOLDSWORTHY Eliza CofE 26 no entry Champneys
Apr-23 Champneys Heart Disease HOFTS Ann Maria CofE 68 no entry Champneys
May-02 Champneys no entry EVELY Elizabeth CofE 76 no entry Port Rexton
Apr-02 British Hr. Pneumonia GARDNER Leone CofE 10 British Hr. British Hr.

Transcribed by: Laurie Lockhart (2012)

Page Last Modified: Friday September 06, 2013 (Don Tate)
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