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Vital Records
Register of Deaths

Harbour Main District - Bell Island
1931 - 1933

Book 11
PAGES 111 - 114, 117 - 119 & 123 - 125

SOURCE: LDS Microfilm Reels

Date of Death Place of Death Cause of Death Surname Given Names Sex Religious Denomination Age Place of Birth Place of Internment
PAGE 111                  
Jany 09 Avondale Measles COSTELLO Martin M RC 30 Avondale Avondale
Jany 30 Avondale Pulmonary T.B. CAHILL Bridget F RC 66 Hr. Main Avondale
Mar. 13 Avondale Cancer PARSLEY Anastatia F RC 75 Hr. Main Avondale
Mar. 24 Manuels Pneumonia PORTER William F M C of Eng 8 Mos Manuels Topsail
Feby 20 S John's Shock COLE John Francis M RC 32 Conception Conception
Jany 26 Colliers Heart Failure WHELAN Elizabeth F RC 71 Colliers Conception
Jany 26 Gen'l Hospital No Entry GHANEY Michael M RC 65 Colliers Conception
Jany 26 Conception Blood Poisoning KANE Patrick M RC 49 Silver Spring Conception
Feby 05 Conception Cancer in Throat BUCK Capt. James M RC 75 Conception Conception
Feby 09 Healeys Pond Heart Failure COSTELLO Mrs. John F RC N/Ent Conception Conception
Feby 11 Kitchuses Skin Disease COSTELLO Agnes F RC 70 Conception Conception
Feby 21 Colliers Paralysis MAHONEY Maurice M RC 84 Conception Conception
Mar. 07 Philadelphia Heart Failure COLE John M RC 22 Colliers Colliers
Mar. 21 Silver Spring Pneumonia MAHONEY Bridget F RC 75 Conception Conception
Mar. 24 Colliers No Entry MCGRATH Mary F RC N/Ent Colliers Conception
Apl 15 Avondale Whooping Cough DOYLE Annie M F RC 2 Mos Avondale Avondale
June 18 Avondale Consumption KENNEDY Julia M F RC 28 Avondale Avondale
June 27 Avondale Gangrene PARSLEY William M RC 65 Avondale Avondale
June 30 Avondale Cancer MASON Joseph M RC 75 Avondale Avondale
Apl 07 Chamberlains Haemorrhage DOWDEN Leslie C M C of Eng 8 Dys. Chamberlains Topsail
Mar. 20 Topsail Pneumonia CARTER Cyril M C of Eng 13 Mos Topsail Topsail
May 23 Chamberlains Senility HISCOCK Jane F C of Eng 96 Port de Grave Topsail
June 16 28 Cook St. St. John's Senility MORGAN Jane F C of Eng 82 S Philips Topsail
Mar. 18 Long Pond Influenza BUTLER Daisy Gertrude F C of Eng 7 Mos Greely Town Long Pond
Mar. 22 Long Pond Influenza BUTLER Carl Reginald M SA 2 1/3 Greely Town Long Pond
Mar. 17 Topsail Carcinoma Stomach ALLEN Matilda F SA 83 No Entry Topsail
July 05 Topsail Road Pulm. T.B. BYRNE Margaret F RC 18 Topsail Rd. Mt. Carmel
Apl 26 Hosp. for Insane General Paresis NASH Andrew M RC 36 Holyrood H.M. Holyrood H.M
Mar. 13 Sanitorium Pulm. T.B. WOODFORD Rachael F RC 20 Hr. Main C.B. Hr. Main C.B.
July 01 Topsail Carcinoma Stomach HALEY Caroline F C of Eng 57 Topsail Topsail
Aug. 17 Chamberlains Carcinoma Instestines HISCOCK Elijah M C of Eng 48 Chamberlains Topsail
Sep. 13 Chamberlains Senility FOWLER Edward M C of Eng 86 Chamberlains Topsail
Jany 23 Holyrood Pulm. Lungs HEALEY Rita F RC 5 Mos Holyrood Holyrood
Jany 31 Holyrood Natural Causes BROPHY Anne F RC 78 Holyrood Holyrood
Feby 09 Holyrood Haemorrhage Purp??? QUINLAN James M RC 64 Holyrood Holyrood
Feby 15 Holyrood Nephritis QUINLAN Rose F RC 34 Conception Conception
Mar. 22 Holyrood Influenza FITZGERALD Mary F RC 71 Chapels Cove Holyrood
Apl 01 Holyrood Old Age LEWIS Mary F RC 84 Holyrood Holyrood
Apl 01 Holyrood Old Age FOWLER Mary F RC 86 Holyrood Holyrood
Apl 01 Holyrood Tumor on Brain NASH Andrew M RC 36 Branch, S Mary's Holyrood
PAGE 112                  
May 05 Holyrood Cancer of Stomach BUTLER Edward M RC 65 Holyrood Holyrood
Mar. 06 Paradise T.B. LYNCH Agnes F Ch. Organization 15 Paradise CB Paradise CB
Apl 01 Paradise T.B. CLARK George M Ch. Organization 13 Paradise CB Paradise CB
Aug. 24 Chamberlains Old Age MERCER Isabella F UC 76 No Entry Topsail
Aug. 24 Topsail Carcinoma of Orbit BUTLER Phoebe F UC 75 No Entry Topsail
Oct. 03 Chamberlains Ac. Enteritis FUDGE Gordon M UC 7 No Entry Topsail
Sep. 29 Chamberlains No Entry FUDGE Eric L M UC 5 No Entry Topsail
Nov. 28 Avondale Heart Disease REDMOND Elizabeth F RC 85 Avondale Avondale
Dec. 14 Avondale Spinal Trouble KELLY Michael V M RC 9 Avondale Avondale
Dec. 25 Avondale Convulsions PENNY Bernard M M RC 3 Wks. Avondale Avondale
Sep. 23 Holyrood Senile Decay HARDING Elizabeth F RC 66   Holyrood
Dec. 30 Holyrood Senile Decay KELLY Agnes F RC 86   Holyrood
Jany 30 Chapels Cove Senile Decay HAWCO Philip M RC 78 Chapels Cove Chapels Cove
Apl 18 Lakeview Pulm. T.B. FARDY Bridget F RC 47 Hr. Grace Chapels Cove
July 14 Chapels Cove Pulm. T.B. DUGGAN Kathleen F RC 16 Chapels Cove Chapels Cove
Aug. 06 Chapels Cove Old Age HICKEY Mary F RC 80 Chapels Cove Chapels Cove
Sep. 28 Hr. Main Old Age HICKEY Stephen M RC 78 Hr. Main Hr. Main
Oct. 06 Hillview Paralysis FUREY Peter M RC 47 Hr. Main Avondale
Oct. 10 Gasters Old Age ANTHONY Robert M RC 80 Gasters Hr. Main
Oct. 24 Hillview Old Age MOORE William M RC 83 Hr. Main Hr. Main
Dec. 22 Philadelphia USA Pneumonia FUREY John M RC 48 Hr. Main Hr. Main
Dec. 12 Paradise Cancer SHARPE James M C of E 84 Upper Isld Cove Topsail
Dec. 22 Chamberlains S.B. HISCOCK Baby M C of E SB Chamberlains Topsail
Jany 10 Long Pond T.B. of Lungs BAIRD Rose F C of E 40 Long Pond Foxtrap
Jany 17 Long Pond Senility PORTER Jonathan M C of E 74 Long Pond Foxtrap
Jany 29 Codner Heart Disease KENNEDY Joseph M C of E 42 Codner Foxtrap
Jany 31 Codner Heart Disease FOWLER Elizabeth F C of E 50 Codner Foxtrap
Feby 12 Kelligrews Convulsions PATTEN Archibald T M C of E 3 Wks. Kelligrews Foxtrap
Mar. 08 Foxtrap Meningitis FAGAN Gordon M C of E 16 Foxtrap Foxtrap
Mar. 08 Long Pond Pneumonia DAWE Jacob H M C of E 2 Mos Long Pond Foxtrap
Mar. 19 Long Pond Weakness RIDEOUT James M C of E 1 Dy. Long Pond Foxtrap
Mar. 11 Kelligrews Pneumonia TILLEY George M C of E 74 Kelligrews Foxtrap
Mar. 26 Foxtrap Cancer Oesophagus PATTEN Susannah F C of E 69 Foxtrap Foxtrap
Mar. 28 S John's Bright's Disease LEAR Joseph M C of E 47 Codner Foxtrap
Mar. 29 Foxtrap Heart Disease BUTLER John Chas. M C of E 14 Foxtrap Foxtrap
Mar. 27 Seal Cove Heart Disease DAWE Edith F C of E 42 Seal Cove Hopewell
Apl 04 Long Pond Pneumonia TAYLOR Russell Lloyd M C of E 8 Mos Long Pond Foxtrap
Apl 14 Codner Senile Decay BUTLER Mary Jane F C of E 82 Foxtrap Foxtrap
Apl 28 Long Pond Pneumonia BAIRD Aiden M C of E 6 Dys. Long Pond Foxtrap
May 21 Codner Weakness CLUNEY Fanny F C of E 3 Dys. Codner Foxtrap
PAGE 113                  
May 26 St. John's (Codner) Pneumonia FAGAN Harold M Ch of Eng 1 Wk Codner Foxtrap
May 22 Codner Diabetes PETTEN Isaac M Ch of Eng 69 Codner Foxtrap
May 27 Foxtrap Weakness RIDEOUT Thomas M Ch of Eng 3 Dys Foxtrap Foxtrap
June 20 Codner Epilepsy TAYLOR Emily F Ch of Eng 68 Codner Foxtrap
June 21 S John's Cancer of Intestines GREENSLADE John M Ch of Eng 56 Long Pond Foxtrap
Apl 03 Seal Cove Pneumonia DAWE Elizabeth F Ch of Eng 43 Hr. Grace Hopewell
Apl 13 Upper Gullies Pneumonia DAWE Charles M Ch of Eng 74 Upper Gullies Hopewell
Apl 05 Lower Gullies T.B. of Lungs ANTHONY Ananias M Ch of Eng 19 Lower Gullies Hopewell
July 28 Greeley Town Brights Disease HAYES Robert M Ch of Eng 65 Brigus Foxtrap
July 29 Foxtrap Cancer of Bowels PETTEN Elizabeth J F Ch of Eng 66 Foxtrap Foxtrap
Aug. 07 Peach Town Myocarditis PIKE Fanny F Ch of Eng 16 Peach Town Foxtrap
Aug. 19 Foxtrap Pneumonia CABLE Laura F Ch of Eng 2 Mos Foxtrap Foxtrap
Sep. 09 Greeley Town Summer Complaint GREELEY Alice F Ch of Eng 1 5/12 Greeley Town Foxtrap
July 10 S John's Insanity KELLY William M Ch of Eng 64 Lance Cove Hopewell
July 11 Indian Pond Cancer of Intestines MORGAN Henry M Ch of Eng 69 Indian Pond Hopewell
Aug. 23 S John's Ulcer of Stomach DOWDEN Alexander M Ch of Eng 31 Seal Cove Hopewell
Aug. 15 Seal Cove Senile Decay LEAR Henry M Ch of Eng 84 Seal Cove Hopewell
Sep. 07 Indian Pond Heart Disease MORGAN Willis M Ch of Eng 24 Indian Pond Hopewell
Oct. 01 Greeley Town Senile Decay GREELEY Emma F Ch of Eng 75 Upper Gullies Foxtrap
Nov. 16 Peach Town Cancer of Bowels PEACH Julia F Ch of Eng 33 Peach Town Foxtrap
Nov. 24 Long Pond Pneumonia RIDEOUT Reginald M Ch of Eng 5 Mos Long Pond Foxtrap
Nov. 01 Upper Gullies Pneumonia WARFORD Henry C M Ch of Eng 51 Upper Gullies Hopewell
July 05 Sanitorium Tuberculosis HEARN Rev Patrick M RC 45 Conception Hr Conception Hr
Nov. 27 Gen'l Hospital Pulm. Embolism MUGFORD Samuel M C of E 63 No Entry Long Pond
Dec. 10 Gen'l Hospital Cardio Vascular Disease KENNEDY Mrs Ellen F C of E No Entry No Entry Topsail
May 18 Poor Asylum Cancer of Stomach WALSH Edward M RC 53 Avondale Mt. Carmel
June 23 Insane Hosp Senile Dementia SKANES John S M RC 75 Colliers Colliers
Apl 26 Colliers Heart Disease GHANCY Samuel M RC 76 Colliers Colliers
May 07 Colliers Pneumonia MCDONALD Margaret F RC 9 Mos Colliers Conception
May 14 Colliers Meningitis MCDONALD Mary A F RC 6 9/12 Colliers Conception
June 02 Boston USA Broncho Pneumonia COLE Patrick M RC 22 Colliers Conception
June 12 Colliers Old Age HEARN Elizabeth F RC 92 Colliers Conception
July 05 S John's T.B. HEARN Rev Patrick Off M RC Off 40 Colliers Conception
July 01 Colliers Burned to Death SKANE Mary F RC 22 S John's Conception
July 01 Colliers Burned to Death SKANE Patrick M RC 1 Colliers Conception
July N/E S John's Heart Trouble SKANE John Off M RC Off 86 Colliers Conception
Aug. 18 Kitchuses Heart Trouble KERRY? Thomas M RC 54 Kitchuses Conception
Aug. 24 Colliers Heart Trouble MURPHY John M RC 65 Colliers Conception
Aug. 27 Colliers T.B. WALSH Mrs F RC 58 Colliers Conception
Sep. 01 Conception Heart Failure COLE Francis F RC 11 Conception Conception
PAGE 114                  
Oct. 13 Conception Hr T.B. NEWBURY Robert M RC 18 Conception Conception
Oct. 16 Conception Heart Failure BUCK James M RC 50 Conception Conception
Oct. 16 Kitchuses Old Age COSTELLO Patrick M RC 90 Kitchuses Conception
Nov. 16 Conception Old Age SULLIVAN Jane F RC 82 Avondale Conception
Nov. 29 Colliers T.B. MURPHY Cecelia F RC 54 Colliers Conception
Dec. N/E Colliers T.B. GHANCY John M RC 24 No Entry Conception
Nov. 14 USA Accidently Killed O'DRISCOLL Patrick M RC 60 Conception Conception
Dec. 15 Kitchuses Cancer WADE Rachel F RC N/E Conception Conception
Dec. 22 Conception Old Age CURRAN Martin M RC 92 Conception Conception
Jany 15,1932 S John's Prematurity WALSH Baby Off F RC 1 Dy Topsail Rd. Belvedere
Apl 03,1932 Asylum for Insane Melancholia ALLAN Archibald M UC 56 Topsail Topsail
May 31,1931 Kelligrews T.B. Hip DWYER Thomas M RC 48 Kelligrews Kelligrews
PAGE 117                  
Jany 14 Chamberlains Premature Birth HISCOCK Stanley M C of Eng 24Dys Chamberlains Topsail
Jany 17 Brooklyn NY T.B. MORGAN Marion F UC 29 Topsail Topsail
Mar. 20 Chamberlains Cong. Debility MERCER Charlie M UC 8 Dys Chamberlains Topsail
Jany 12 Avondale Stomach Trouble MEANEY James M RC 71 Avondale Avondale
Jany 31 Avondale Heart Trouble DOYLE Michael M RC 71 Avondale Avondale
Feby 20 Avondale Cancer MOORE Daniel M RC 61 Avondale Avondale
Feby 19 Avondale Fractured Hip COSTELLO Catherine F RC 82 Avondale Avondale
Feby 21 Avondale Heart Trouble ASPELL O? Ellen F RC 74 Conception Hr. Avondale
Feby 27 Avondale S.B. MASON Baby M RC SB Avondale Avondale
Mar. 06 Avondale Heart Trouble WALSH Patrick M RC 80 Avondale Avondale
Mar. 09 Avondale Senile Decay MEANEY Mary F RC 70 Avondale Avondale
Mar. 11 Avondale Stomach Trouble MOORE Joseph M RC 80 Avondale Avondale
Mar. 14 Avondale Heart Trouble FLANNIGAN Bridget F RC 81 Avondale Avondale
June 13 Avondale Senile Decay TURNER Alice F RC 91 Conception Hr. Avondale
Jany 17 North Arm,Holyrood Cancer HEALEY James M RC 53 No Entry Chapels Cove
Feby 01 Holyrood Old Age VEITCH Catherine F RC 88 No Entry Holyrood
Feby 16 S.Side, Holyrood Old Age O'ROURKE Mary F RC 83 No Entry S. Side Holyrood
Mar. 19 N. Arm, Holyrood Cancer of Breast HEALEY Anne F RC 53 No Entry Holyrood
Apl 08 N. Arm, Holyrood Pneumonia HEALEY Catherine F RC 40 No Entry Holyrood
May 10 S.Side, Holyrood Cancer of Uterus KIELEY Mary F RC 49 No Entry S. Side Holyrood
May 12 N. Arm, Holyrood Old Age HEALEY Mary F RC 77 No Entry Holyrood
May 27 Duffs Ceb. Haemorrhage MURPHY Martha F RC 63 No Entry S. Side Holyrood
June 24 Holyrood Old Age KENNEDY Rod??? J M RC 76 No Entry Holyrood
Apl 03 Topsail Melancholia ALLAN Archibald M UC 56 Topsail Topsail
Feby 22 N. Arm, Holyrood Convulsions DWYER Mary Catherine F RC 1Wk N. Arm Holyrood Holyrood
Apl 09 Conception Old Age CORBETT Mary F RC 86 Conception Conception
Apl 16 Colliers Old Age COLE Nicholas M RC 98 Colliers Conception
Apl 22 Kitchuses T.B. COSTELLO Mary F RC 19 Kitchuses Conception
May 13 Colliers No Entry COLE Mercedes? F RC 3 Mos Colliers Conception
May N/E Avondale Old Age ST JOHN Ellen F RC 85 Conception Conception
June 01 Bacon Cove T.B. GUSHUE James M RC 18 Bacon Cove Conception
June 01 Bacon Cove T.B. O'DRISCOLL Richard Q M RC 18 Bacon Cove Conception
June 13 Conception Old Age WADE Catherine F RC 84 Conception Conception
May 10 Paradise Cong. Debility JANES Bertram M C of Eng 11Hrs Paradise Topsail
June 04 Chamberlains Malnutrition FOWLER Gerald M C of Eng 1 5/12 Chamberlains Topsail
June 15 Chamberlains Senility FOWLER Christina F C of Eng 78 Topsail Topsail
June 23 Hosp for Insane Toxic Psychosis LEWIS Elizabeth F RC 69 Holyrood Holyrood
Feby 06 Hosp for Insane Senile Decay SWEETLAND Margaret F RC 90 Hr. Main Hr. Main
Mar. 29 Hosp for Insane Toxic Psychosis HICKEY Mary M F RC 37 Hr. Main Hr. Main
July 15 Grace Hosp Appendicitis SCOTT Uriah M C of E 16 Upper Gullies Seal Cove
PAGE 118                  
July 09 Avondale Old Age MOORE Margaret F RC 88 Hr Main Avondale
Aug. 23 Avondale Convulsions COSTELLO Marie F RC 1 Mo Avondale Avondale
Aug. 31 Avondale Convulsions KELLY Jerome? Mary F RC 3 Mos Avondale Avondale
Sep. 16 Avondale Convulsions DOYLE Margaret B F RC 6 Dys Avondale Avondale
Sep. 25 Chamberlains Paralysis SLADE James M C of E 79 Chamberlains Topsail
Sep. 27 Poor Asylum Uraemia WALSH Richard M RC 67 Lance Cove Mt. Carmel
Aug. 26 Long Pond Cholera Infantum PORTER Marion L F SA 4 Mos Long Pond Long Pond
Sep. 25 Middle Bight Convulsions TAYLOR Jacob M SA 2 Wks Middle Bight Middle Bight
Dec. 12 Sanitorium Pulm. T.B. MURPHY Michael M RC 23 Kitchuses Mt. Carmel
Aug. 30 St. John's Pneumonia DALTON Bernard M RC 39 Conception Conception
Aug. 31 Conception Cancer WALSH Agnes F RC 53 Conception Conception
Aug. 31 Conception Tuberculosis WALSH Stephen M RC 25 Conception Conception
Sep. 09 Conception Poisoning KENNEDY Mary F RC 9 Conception Conception
Sep. 17 Conception Cancer LA??EY Mary F RC 70 Conception Conception
Dec. 30 Chamberlains Pneumonia METCALF Priscilla F C of E 1 10/12 Chamberlains Chamberlains
Oct. 26 Avondale Dropsy SULLIVAN Johanna F RC 76 Conception Hr Conception Hr
Nov. 23 Avondale Dysentry DAMIAN Joseph M RC 6 Mos Avondale Avondale
Dec. 28 Avondale Heart Trouble CANTWELL Barnaby M RC 67 Avondale Avondale
Aug. 05 Holyrood Convulsions MURPHY Margaret K F RC 5 Dys Holyrood Holyrood
Aug. 28 Holyrood N.Arm Injuries Motor Accident HEALEY Anne F RC 76 Chapel Cove Holyrood
Sep. 09 Holyrood N.Arm Paralysis FITZGERALD* Richard M RC 78 Holyrood Holyrood
Sep. 19 Holyrood N.Arm Old Age WALSH Catherine F RC 80 Holyrood Holyrood
Oct. 02 Holyrood Old Age LEWIS Aaron M RC 83 Holyrood Holyrood
Oct. 01 Holyrood Cong. Debility FEWER? Arthur Vincent M RC 1 Dy Holyrood Holyrood
Nov. 23 Holyrood Old Age BARRETT Bridget F RC 88 Holyrood Holyrood
July 31 Gen'l Hosp Tonsils & Adenoids MULLOWNEY Pearl F RC 9 Conception Hr Conception Hr
Sep. 01 Gen'l Hosp Bronchitis CLARKE Walter M UC 45 Avondale Avondale
Dec. 03 Topsail Rd. S.B. WALSH Baby M RC SB Topsail Rd. Belvedere
Mar. 02 Long Pond Brights Disease TAYLOR James M C of E 48 Long Pond Foxtrap
Apl 04 Codner Pneumonia HIBBS Harriet F C of E 64 Codner Foxtrap
Apl 18 Long Pond Convulsions TAYLOR George W M C of E 1 Dy Long Pond Foxtrap
June 03 Codner Pneumonia PETTEN Herbert C M C of E 1 Wk Codner Foxtrap
June 21 Long Pond Cancer of Intestines MORGAN Annie F C of E 71 Long Pond Foxtrap
June 25 Seal Cove Cancer of Intestines MORGAN James M C of E 74 Seal Cove Hopewell
July 06 Long Pond Summer Complaint PORTER Mabel F C of E 2 Mos Long Pond Foxtrap
July 17 Long Pond Senile Decay RIDEOUT Job M C of E 89 Long Pond Foxtrap
Aug. 18 Greeley Town Summer Complaint GREELEY Leonard S M C of E 12 Mos Greely Town Foxtrap
Aug. 26 Codner Summer Complaint CLUNEY Valda F C of E 7 Wks Codner Foxtrap
Aug. 19 United States Ulcer of Stomach TAYLOR Leah F C of E 27 Codner Foxtrap
Aug. 03 Foxtrap Summer Complaint KENNEDY Samuel M C of E 6 Mos Foxtrap Foxtrap
Note * Cerebral Embolism added in the GIVEN NAME Column*
PAGE 119                  
Sep. 03 Long Pond Summer Complaint DAWE Elizabeth F C of E 3 Mos Long Pond Foxtrap
Sep. 14 Foxtrap Pneumonia BISHOP Violet F C of E 5 1/2 Foxtrap Foxtrap
Sep. 15 Codner Summer Complaint TAYLOR Hubert M C of E 4 United States Foxtrap
Sep. 16 Long Pond Senile Decay JEFFORD Rebecca F C of E 86 Long Pond Foxtrap
July 15 Upper Gullies Peritonitis SCOTT Uriah M C of E 16 Upper Gullies Hopewell
Aug. 25 Seal Cove Summer Complaint DAWE Isaac C M C of E 2 5/12 Seal Cove Hopewell
Aug. 28 Indian Pond Summer Complaint MORGAN Abram M C of E 72 Indian Pond Hopewell
Sep. 05 Seal Cove Summer Complaint DAWE George M C of E 67 Seal Cove Hopewell
Sep. 30 Lower Gullies Convulsions ANTHONY Robert S M C of E 1 Wk Lower Gullies Hopewell
Oct. 03 Long Pond Summer Complaint PORTER Mary Anne F C of E 78 Long Pond Foxtrap
Oct. 04 Long Pond Brights Disease DAWE Jane F C of E 73 Long Pond Foxtrap
Oct. 09 Foxtrap T.B. BISHOP Marion F C of E 35 Foxtrap Foxtrap
Oct. 08 S John's Insanity DAWE John M C of E 36 Long Pond Foxtrap
Nov. 28 Long Pond Broncho Pneumonia DAWE Allan V M C of E 10 Mos Long Pond Foxtrap
Dec. 06 Long Pond Cancer Intestinal BISHOP Nathan M C of E 86 Long Pond Foxtrap
Oct. 01 Kelligrews Pneumonia PAYNE James M C of E 67 Hr Grace Hopewell
Nov. 06 Upper Gullies Broncho Pneumonia PICCO Providence F C of E 72 Upper Gullies Hopewell
Jany 14 Hr Main Angina Pectoris WOODFORD James M RC 84 Hr Main Hr Main
Mar. 26 Chapels Cove Paralysis WALSH Patrick M RC 76 Chapels Cove Chapels Cove
Mar. 29 Hr Main Dropsy DWYER Edward M RC 74 Hr Main Holyrood
Apl 06 S John's Lunacy HICKEY Mary A? F RC 36 Hr Main Hr Main
May 14 Hr Main Cancer Nose,Throat MALONEY? Patrick M RC 78 Hr Main Hr Main
July 10 Hr Main Senile Decay WOODFORD Mary F RC 78 Hr Main Hr Main
Aug. 07 Chapels Cove Heart Trouble PENNEY Thomas M RC 67 Chapels Cove Chapels Cove
Oct. 02 Hr Main Meningitis COSTIGAN Agnes Jos F RC 8 Mos Hr Main Hr Main
Oct. 24 Hr Main Heart Trouble COSTIGAN Charles M RC 73 Hr Main Hr Main
Nov. 06 Hr Main Diabetes MASON George M RC 22 Hr Main Hr Main
Dec. 19 Hr Main Cancer of Stomach TERRY William M RC 48 Hr Main Hr Main
Oct. 05 Colliers Cancer GRIFFIN James M RC 68 Colliers Conception
Oct. 27 Colliers Asthma & Heart Failure MCGRATH Thomas M RC 62 Colliers Conception
Oct. 29 Conception General Debility BLACK? Mary J F RC 74 Conception Hr. Conception
Nov. 10 Conception T.B. HILLIARD Gertrude F RC 25 Conception Hr. Conception
Nov. 12 Conception No Entry WADE Michael M RC 7 Dys Conception Hr. Conception
Nov. 18 Colliers Old Age HEARN Mary F RC 79 Colliers Conception
Dec. 30 Chamberlains Pneumonia METCALFE Priscilla F C of E 1 10/12 Chamberlains Topsail
Apl 05,1933 Mental Hosp Mania Depression DELANEY Susan F RC 45 Foxtrap Foxtrap
May 05,1933 Grace Hosp Intestinal Obstruction SCOTT Rita F C of E 20 Upper Gullies Upper Gullies
June 04,1933 NF Infirmary Carcinoma Stomach KENNEDY James M RC 68 Topsail Topsail
June 06,1933 Mental Hosp Senile Dementia COSTELLO Mary F RC 72 Hr Main Mt. Carmel
June 08,1933 Grace Hosp Pychitis? TILLEY Joan F C of E 8 1/2M Kelligrews Kelligrews
PAGE 120 BLANK                
PAGE 121 BLANK                
PAGE 122 BLANK                
PAGE 123                  
Jany 03 Avondale Convulsions AGNES Teresa? Ezekiel F RC 6 Dys Avondale Avondale
Jany 08 Avondale Throat Trouble STJOHN Johanna F RC 81 Conception Hr Avondale
Feby 22 Avondale Meningitis PARSLEY William P M RC 3 Avondale Avondale
Jany 02 Lance Cove Senility DOYLE Bridget F RC 76 Lance Cove Kelligrews
Jany 29 Lance Cove Senility DOYLE Patrick M RC 79 Lance Cove Kelligrews
Feby 14 NF Infirmary Conception Hr Heart Disease LEAREY Johanna F RC 74 Conception Hr Conception Hr
Jany 05 Silver Springs Drowning MURPHY William Sr. M RC 53 Kitchuses Conception Hr
Jany 05 Silver Springs Drowning MURPHY William Jr. M RC 20 Kitchuses Conception Hr
Jany 18 Conception No Entry COSTELLO William M RC 6 USA Conception Hr
Jany 19 Bacon Cove T.B. O'DRISCOLL Bridget F RC 23 Bacon Cove Conception Hr
Jany 30 Bacon Cove Old Age WALSHE Patrick M RC 79 Bacon Cove Conception Hr
Feby 14 S John's Old Age LEARY Johanna F RC 76 Silver Springs Conception Hr
Feby 18 Colliers Heart Trouble RYAN John M RC 79 Colliers Conception Hr
Feby 19 Bacon Cove Heart Trouble WALSHE Bridget F RC 52 Witless Bay Conception Hr
Feby 19 Kitchuses Convulsions KELLY John M RC 3 Wks Kitchuses Conception Hr
Mar. 18 Conception Insanity MCGRATH Mary F RC 8 Conception Conception Hr
Mar. 25 Conception T.B. POWER Thomas M RC 25 Conception Conception Hr
Apl 16 Avondale Old Age NOLAN Catherine F RC 80 Avondale Avondale
May 06 Avondale Bronchitis WALL Bridget M F RC 6 Mos Avondale Avondale
May 22 Avondale Bronchitis DOYLE George P M RC 16 Dys Avondale Avondale
Apl 04 Chamberlains Pneumonia HISCOCK James M C of E 61 Chamberlains Topsail
Apl 20 S John's Cancer HISCOCK Joseph M C of E 67 Chamberlains Topsail
June 09 Topsail SB CARTER Baby F C of E SB Topsail Topsail
Feby 02 Topsail Tuberculosis SHONS? Malcolm M UC 27 S John's Topsail
Feby 09 Topsail Senility MILLER Elizabeth F UC 79? Topsail Topsail
Jany 16 Holyrood Natural Causes WALL Sarah F RC 93 Holyrood Holyrood
Jany 20 Holyrood No Entry HENNESSY Mary F RC 54 Hr Grace Holyrood
Mar. 19 Holyrood N Arm Tuberculosis QUINTON Peter M RC 14 Holyrood Holyrood
Apl 15 Holyrood South Old Age DUFF Patrick M RC 90 Holyrood Holyrood
Apl 16 Holyrood Old Age KIELEY Elizabeth F RC 85 Holyrood Holyrood
Apl 18 Holyrood Motor Accident WALSH Raymond M RC 24 Holyrood Holyrood
May 12 Holyrood No Entry CRAWLEY Elizabeth F RC 65 Holyrood Holyrood
May 19 Holyrood Tuberculosis KIELEY Anne F RC 19 Holyrood Holyrood
Aug. 25 Grace Hosp S.B. HANES Baby F RC SB S John's Mt. Carmel
July 14 Topsail Senile Decay D?OWNS Diana F UC 81 No Entry Topsail
July 16 Avondale ?????? O'BRIEN John M RC 73 Avondale Avondale
July 09 Avondale No Entry DOYLE Clara F RC 4 Mos Avondale Avondale
Aug. 20 Avondale No Entry PERRY Eileen Mary F RC 6 Mos Avondale Avondale
Aug. 28 Avondale No Entry COSTELLO Daniel G M RC 1 Mos Avondale Avondale
Aug. 25 Chapels Cove Toxamia Pregnancy HANES Margaret F RC 22 Chapels Cove Chapels Cove
PAGE 124                  
Oct. 05 Poor Asylum Heart Disease KENNEDY Ellen F RC 73 Hr Main Hr Main
N/E Grace Hosp SB WOODFORD Baby F RC SB S John's Holyrood
Oct. 01 Paradise Consumption CLARKE John M Christian Organ'n 55 Island Cove Paradise
Dec. 13 Topsail Deformed from Birth BULTER John Miller M UC 6 1/2Mo Topsail Topsail
Nov. 25 Topsail Pneumonia CARTER Charles G H M C of E 85 Topsail Topsail
Nov. 29 Topsail Senile Decay SQUIRES Azariah M C of E 87 Topsail Topsail
Nov. 30 Topsail Cancer CARTER Herbert M C of E 55 Topsail Topsail
Aug. 22 Manuels Convulsions ELLIOTT Eve F C of E 3 7/12 Manuels Manuels
Aug. 12 Holyrood Old Age PENNY? William M RC 85 Holyrood Holyrood
Aug. 16 Holyrood Old Age LEWIS Elizabeth F RC 91 Holyrood Holyrood
Oct. 22 Holyrood T.B. Meningitis PENNEY William M RC 23 Holyrood Holyrood
Oct. 29 Holyrood Cong. Debility WALSH Edward Joseph M RC 1 Wk Holyrood Holyrood
Nov. 04 Holyrood Goiter CRAWLEY Mary E F RC 16 Holyrood Holyrood
Dec. 07 Holyrood Old Age HICKEY Mary Bridget F RC N/E Holyrood Holyrood
Dec. 07 Holyrood Old Age HEALEY Patrick M RC 83 Holyrood Holyrood
Apl 06 Brigus Jctn. Whooping Cough GUSHUE Joseph M RC 4 Mos Brigus Jctn Conception Hr
June 10 Brigus Jctn. Cancer KEHOE Mary F RC 56 Avondale Avondale
Jany 01 Lakeview Convulsions BRENNAN John M RC 6 Mos Lakeview Chapels Cove
Mar. 27 Hr Main Pneumonia HICKEY Elizabeth F RC 48 Hr Main Hr Main
May 16 Hr Main Cancer of Face STRAPP Mary A F RC 62 Hr Main Hr Main
May 26 Hr Main Convulsions MASIE Joseph M RC 7 Dys Hr Main Hr Main
Aug. 25 Grace Hosp Eclampsia HAWCO Margaret (Off) F RC 22 S John's Chapels Cove
Sep. 16 Poor House Senile Decay KENNEDY Ellen (Off) F RC 77 Hr Main Hr Main
Oct. 10 Lakeview Senile Decay KENNEDY Sarah F RC 78 Lakeview Chapels Cove
Oct. 16 Lakeview Genl T.B. HAWCO Susan F RC 47 Lakeview Chapels Cove
Nov. 01 Hr Main Cancer of Stomach GORMAN Mary F RC 67 Hr Main Hr Main
Dec. 13 Chapels Cove Senile Decay COSTELLO Walter M RC 79 Chapels Cove Chapels Cove
Dec. 08 Boston USA Tuberculosis GRACE Joseph M RC 58 Avondale Hr Main
Jany 01 Long Pond Inanition PORTER Margaret F C of E 6 Dys Long Pond Foxtrap
Jany 13 Long Pond Bronchitis & Heart Trouble BAIRD Albert M C of E 72 Long Pond Foxtrap
Feby 16 Peach Town Apoplexy DELANEY William M C of E 68 Pearl Town Foxtrap
Jany 23 Upper Gullies Pneumonia MORGAN Emily F C of E 76 Upper Gullies Hopewell
Mar. 08 Seal Cove Tuberculosis MORGAN Walter M C of E 37 Seal Cove Hopewell
Mar. 12 Hopewell Dysentry WARFORD Charles M C of E 79 Hopewell Hopewell
Apl 05 Foxtrap Cellulitis Septicamia DELANEY Susanna F C of E 45 Foxtrap Foxtrap
Apl 13 Peach Town Senile Decay PETTEN Patience F C of E 82 Foxtrap Foxtrap
Apl 26 Foxtrap Pneumonia LYNCH Jememia F C of E 77 Foxtrap Foxtrap
May 02 Greeley Town Broncho Pneumonia BULTER Warwick M C of E 1 1/4 Greeley Town Foxtrap
May 01 Long Pond T.B. Meningitis PORTER Clifford M C of E 11 Long Pond Foxtrap
June 08 St. John's Pyelitis TILLEY Joan F C of E 8 1/2Mo S John's Foxtrap
PAGE 125                  
June 27 Long Pond Rupture MORGAN James M C of E 5 2/8Y Long Pond Foxtrap
Apl 07 Upper Gullies Tuberculosis ANDREWS Benjamin M C of E 60 Upper Gullies Hopewell
May 06 Upper Gullies Intestinal Obstruction SCOTT Rita F C of E 22 Upper Gullies Hopewell
July 16 Kelligrews Cholera Infantum TILLEY Maurice R M C of E 4 Mos Kelligrews Foxtrap
Sep. 15 Long Pond Cholera Infantum SEARLE Doris M F C of E 8 Mos Long Pond Foxtrap
Dec. 05 Codner Senile Decay HARRIS Patience F C of E 86 Long Pond Foxtrap
Nov. 22 Kelligrews T.B. Lungs SMITH Joseph M C of E 50 Manuels Foxtrap
Dec. 07 Greely Town Convulsions GREELY Lorraine F C of E 2 1/2M Greely Town Foxtrap
Dec. 08 Upper Gullies Senile Decay ANDREWS Lavinia F C of E 93 Upper Gullies Hopewell
Apl 02 Colliers T.B. COLE Bridget F RC 18 Colliers Conception Hr
Apl 03 Conception Heart Trouble KEATING Anastatia F RC 68 Conception Conception Hr
Apl 12 Conception Old Age CONWAY Thomas M RC 83 Colliers Conception Hr
Apl 18 Conception Cancer O'TOOLE M F (Magistrate) M RC 67 Conception Conception Hr
Apl 20 Healeys Pond No Entry DALTON Mary F RC 2 Wks Healeys Pond Conception Hr
Apl 25 Bacon Cove No Entry CULLEN Margaret F RC 3 Dys Bacon Cove Conception Hr
May 18 Conception Heart Disease WADE Bridget F RC 45 Conception Conception Hr
May 18 Colliers T.B. COLE Annie F RC 23 Colliers Conception Hr
May 23 Conception Old Age LEARY James M RC 78 Conception Conception Hr
May 24 Conception Old Age GUSHUE Hannah F RC 81 Conception Conception Hr
June 01 Colliers Haemorrhage Brain MCGRATH Samuel M RC 50 Colliers Conception Hr
June 06 Colliers Genl Debility WHELAN Bridget F RC 73 Colliers Conception Hr
June 26 Colliers Old Age WHELAN David M RC 75 Bacon Cove Conception Hr
June 27 Bacon Cove Old Age METCALFE Mary F RC 88 Bacon Cove Conception Hr
June 30 Bacon Cove Old Age KELLY Dinah F RC 78 Colliers Conception Hr
Sep. 29 Colliers H???????? MCGRATH Thomas M RC 67 Colliers Conception Hr
Oct. 06 Silver Spring T.B. KEATING John M RC 53 Silver Springs Conception Hr
Oct. 21 Comfort Bight D??????? CULLEN Christopher M RC 48 Conception Conception Hr
Oct. 21 Comfort Bight D??????? WALSH Joseph M RC 56 Conception Conception Hr
Nov. 15 Kitchuses Heart Disease MANSFIELD John M RC 81 Kitchuses Conception Hr
Dec. 18 Kitchuses Old Age GUSHUE Charles M RC 77 Kitchuses Conception Hr
Dec. 30 Brigus Jctn Pneumonia KEHOE Mary F RC 20 Brigus Jctn Conception Hr
Jany 21 Kelligrews Senility DOYLE Bridget F RC 77 Kelligrews Kelligrews
Jany 29 Kelligrews Endocarditis DOYLE Patrick J M RC 79? Kelligrews Kelligrews
May 24 Kelligrews Senility JOY John M RC 90 Kelligrews Kelligrews
June 15 Kelligrews Oedema COUSENS James M RC 79 Kelligrews Kelligrews
Oct. 01 Kelligrews Dysentry DAWE Susannah F RC 76 Kelligrews Kelligrews
Oct. 26 Kelligrews Endocarditis CRAIG Aiden M RC 26 Kelligrews Kelligrews

Transcribed by: Betty Cumby (2012)

Page Last Modified: Monday September 16, 2013 (Don Tate)
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