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Vital Records
Register of Deaths

Trinity Bay District

Book 10
PAGES 250 - 258

SOURCE: LDS Microfilm Reels

Date of Death Place of Death Cause of Death Surname Given Names Sex Religious Denomination Age Place of Birth Place of Internment
PAGE 251 (Page 250 not used)                
Jan. 13 Aspen Old Age SMITH Lydia F U.C. 89 Hants Hr. Aspen
Jan. 22 English Harbor Natural Causes POTTLE Adam M U.C. 83 English Hr. English Hr.
Jan. 11 Summerville Cancer HUMBY Alfred M U.C. 46 Summerville Summerville
Feb. 15 Dunfield No Entry SPURRELL (?) Effie F U.C. 1 Dunfield Trinity
Mar. 10 Princeton Paralysis WHITE Christina F U.C. 68 Bonavista Princeton
Jan. 10 New Perlican Pulm. T.B. MITCHAM Reuben M U.C. 32 New Perlican New Perlican
Feb. 19 Winterton Meningitis COOPER Pearl F U.C. 1 S. John's Winterton
Jan. 18 Trinity Diphtheria MAYBE Fred James M C.O.E. 4 Trinity Trinity
Jan. 28 Trinity Scarlet Fever MAYBE Evelyn F C.O.E. 8 Trinity Trinity
Jan. 27 Irelands Eye No Entry MILLER Florence Grace F C.O.E. 5Dys. Irelands Eyes Ireland Eye
Jan. 27 Spaniards Cove Heart Disease WALDRON William M C.O.E. 79 Spaniards Cove Trouty
Jan. 16 British Hr. Old Age WHITTY Caroline F C.O.E. 76 British Hr. British Hr.
Jan. 20 Black Duck Cove Convulsions KELLY Clyde M C.O.E. 2 1/2 Mo Irelands Eyes Ireland Eye
Jan. 03 Queens Cove Pulm. T.B. GOOBIE Minnie F U.C. 41 Queens Cove Queens Cove
Mar. 15 Loreburn No Entry FLIGHT Calvert Medas M U.C. 3Hrs. Loreburn Loreburn
Feb. 02 Shoal Hr. Pulm. T.B. LOWE Moses M U.C. 49 Shoal Hr. Shoal Hr.
Feb. 06 Shoal Hr. Senility CLENCH Hannah F U.C. 89 Hants Hr. Shoal Hr.
Feb. 13 Sommerset S.B. SMITH Baby F U.C. SB Somerset Harcourt
Feb. 25 Fosters Pt. Pneumonia BAILEY Clayton H M U.C. 13 Foster Pt. Harcourt
Mar. 11 Waterville Pulm. T.B. REID Beatrice F U.C. 41 No Entry White Rock
Mar. 19 Shoal Hr. Nephritis MAIDMENT Olisham M U.C. 67 Old Perlican Shoal Hr.
Mar. 14 Long Cove No Entry TEMPLE Alfreda F U.C. 16 Long Cove Normans Cove
Mar. 20 Normans Cove No Entry PIERCEY Phoebe A F U.C. 29 Normans Cove Normans Cove
Mar. 25 Gen'l Hosp. St. John's Cancer BENSON William M U.C. 59 Hr. Grace Bay Bulls Arm
Jan. 27 Cat Cove New Hr. Senile Decay HILLIER Catherine F C.O.E. 76 Spaniards Bay New Hr.
Feb. 11 Normans Cove Convulsions NEWHOOK Alfred Lawrence M C.O.E. 1Mo. Normans Cove Normans Cove
Feb. 21 Dildo Heart Attack REID Charles M C.O.E. 41 Dildo Dildo
Mar. 25 New Hr. Inflamation HOSKINS William James M C.O.E. 7Mo. New Hr. New Hr.
Jan. 20 Islington No Entry CHISLETT Maria F C.O.E. 72 Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
Jan. 31 Greens Hr. Pulm. T.B. CROCKER Florence May F C.O.E. 29 Greens Hr. Greens Hr.
Feb. 03 Hearts Delight Malnutrition REID Eli Frances ? C.O.E. 6Mo. Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
Mar. 13 Cavendish Pulm. T.B. JACKSON Bessie F C.O.E. 35 (?) Cavendish Cavendish
Jan. 30 Elliston Old Age COLES Susan F U.C. 81 Elliston Elliston
Feb. 01 Elliston S.B. PORTER Baby M U.C. SB Elliston Elliston
Feb. 17 Newmans Cove Meningitis KEATES John M U.C. 36 Newmans Cove Newmans Cove
Mar. 25 Elliston Old Age COLES John M U.C. 83 Elliston Elliston
Mar. 25 Hickmans Hr. Tonsilitis BUTT Annie F U.C. 13 Hickmans Hr. Hickmans Hr.
Mar. 31 Hickmans Hr. T.B. THISTLE Shirley F U.C. 1 1/2 years Hickmans Hr. Hickmans Hr.
Apl. 02 S. John's Carcinoma/ of Prostate CURRIE John T M U.C. 69 Britannia Britannia
Mar. 28 Little Catalina Lu?? Pneumonia CHAULK Joseph Clayton M U.C. 1 1/2 years Little Catalina Little Catalina
PAGE 252                  
Apl. 07 Catalina Tuberculosis. Meningitis LODGE Donald Albert M U.C. 13 Catalina Catalina
Mar. 01 Hants Hr. Pulm. T.B. BUCKLE Emily Jane F U.C. 57 Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
Mar. 03 Hants Hr. Old Age KING Caroline F U.C. 90 Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
Mar. 13 Hants Hr. Brights Disease PAWLEY Lucy F U.C. 52 Hr. Grace Hants Hr.
Mar. 09 Somervile USA Angina Pectoris BUTTON Elizabeth F U.C. 62 Hearts Content New Chelsea
Jan. 22 Gen'l Hospital Cancer of Stomach KELLAND Joseph M C.O.E. 56 Winterton Winterton
Feb. 06 New Perlican Convulsions PINSENT Leighton M C.O.E. 6Mo. New Perlican New Perlican
Feb. 09 New Perlican Bronchitis MATTHEWS Mary F C.O.E. 19Mo. New Perlican New Perlican
Feb. 10 New Perlican Jaundice WHITE Gordon H M C.O.E. 9 New Perlican New Perlican
Mar. 10 New Perlican Epilepsy BUGDEN Thomas M C.O.E. 59 New Perlican New Perlican
Mar. 23 New Perlican Rheumatic Arthritis PITTMAN Eliza J F C.O.E. 69 New Perlican New Perlican
Mar. 28 New Perlican Arterio Sclerosis SEWARD William M C.O.E. 77 New Perlican New Perlican
Jan. 05 Hearts Content Broncho Pneumonia RODGERS Zackaria M C.O.E. 70 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Feb. 08 Hearts Content Abnormal Labour Haemorrhages BONFIELD Evelyn F C.O.E. 33 Croydon Eng. Hearts Content
Feb. 22 Hearts Content Acute Bronchitis ROCKWOOD Mary J F C.O.E. 77 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Feb. 07 Hearts Content SB BONFIELD Baby M C.O.E. SB Hearts Content Hearts Content
Mar. 23 Gen'l Hospital Tumor of Kidney BUSSEY (?) Stewart M U.C. 45 No Entry Gen'l Protestant
Jan. 15 Gen'l Hospital Cancer of Jaw TIPPETT Joseph M C.O.E. 79 No Entry Catalina
Jan. 21 Trinity East Nephritis FIFIELD Mark M C.O.E. 71 Trinity E Port Rexton
Feb. 17 Champneys East Obstruction/Bowels PRICE Honora F C.O.E. 77 English Hr. Champneys East
Feb. 26 Port Rexton Inanition NORMAN (sic) Ivany (sic) M C.O.E. 8Dys. Port Rexton Port Rexton
Mar. 26 Port Rexton Cerebral Meningitis BUTLER Eileen F C.O.E. 3 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Feb. 24 Gooseberry Cove TB Consumption SEWARD Alphonsus M R.C. 15 Gooseberry Cove Gooseberry Cove
Feb. 21 Chance Cove Tuberculosis ANDERSON Nelson M C.O.E. 54 Chance Cove Chance Cove
Mar. 01 Chance Cove No Entry PEDDLE George M C.O.E. 44 Chance Cove Chance Cove
June 04 Blaketown Old Age JONES ElizabethJane F C.O.E. 73 No Entry Blaketown
Apl. 01 Hillview Spasms LODER John M U.C. 12Hrs. Hillview Hillview
May 25 S.Jones Within Heart Trouble SQUIRES John M U.C. 57 S.Jones Within S.Jones Within
June 11 Hatchet Cove Mastoids BROWN William Herbert M U.C. 46 Hatchet Cove Hatchet
Apl. 14 Trinity East Carcinoma of Stomach FOWLOW John M C.O.E. 67 Trinity East Port Rexton
Apl. 27 English Hr. Cardiac Failure PENNY Clara F C.O.E. 65 Bonavista English Hr.
May 17 Port Rexton Pancreatitis BUTLER Alexander M C.O.E. 79 Port Rexton Port Rexton
May 24 Port Rexton Carcinoma of Jaw PIERCEY Emma F C.O.E. 48 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Apl. 29 Bay Bulls Arm No Entry TEMPLE Elizabeth Jane F U.C. 30 Grates Cove Bay Bulls Arm
May 01 Long Cove No Entry PIERCEY Ernest Frederick M U.C. 3 Long Cove Normans Cove
May 30 Famish Cove No Entry COLLETT Freeman M U.C. 9Dys. Famish Cove Famish Cove
June 19 Bay Bulls Arm No Entry PARSONS Susannah F U.C. 46 Salmon Cove Bay Bulls Arm
Mar. 18 Catalina Convulsions WHITE Annie Margaret F U.C. 3Mo. Catalina Catalina
Apl. 25 Catalina Meningitis MASON Peter Clarence M U.C. 18 Catalina Catalina
May 17 Catalina Tuberculosis CLOUTER Florence F U.C. 14 Catalina Catalina
PAGE 253                  
May 25 Little Catalina Ac. Nephritis TIPPEN Azariah M U.C. 4 Little Catalina Little Catalina
June 22 Little Catalina Heart Disease KENNEDY Joseph M U.C. 62 Little Catalina Little Catalina
June 22 Little Catalina Endocarditis DALTON Albert M U.C. 69 Little Catalina Little Catalina
June 16 Old Perlican Tuberculosis HOPKINS Rachael F U.C. 14 Old Perlican Old Perlican
June 07 Winterton Senile Decay TUCKER James M U.C. 85 Winterton Winterton
Apl. 09 Selbys Cove Brights Disease SPARKES Simon George M U.C. 52 Selbys Cove Selbys Cove
Apl. 25 Hants Hr. Consumption TRAVERS Amelia F U.C. 63 Trinity Hants Hr.
May 24 Hants Hr. Malnutrition GULLIFORD George M U.C. 1Dy. Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
May 23 Brownsdale Malnutrition HOPKINS Annie Jane F U.C. 3Dys. Brownsdale Brownsdale
June 01 New Melbourne Paralysis HARRIS Esau M U.C. 77 Old Perlican New Melbourne
Apl. 07 New Harbor No Entry GEORGE Alfred M C.O.E. 4Mo. New Hr. New Hr.
Apl. 19 Chappel Arm Cancer REID Aubrey M C.O.E. 58 Chapel Arm Chapel Arm
May 10 New Hr. Diabetes HIGDON Ethel Jane F C.O.E. 18 New Hr. New Hr.
May 20 New Hr. Chill THORNE Lulu Ruth F C.O.E. 2Mo. Millertown New Hr.
June 01 Dildo No Entry SMITH William George M C.O.E. 20 yrs Dildo Dildo
June 04 Normans Cove No Entry SMITH Evelyn F C.O.E. 10Mo. Dildo Normans Cove
June 04 Old Shop Senile Decay WINTON Elizabeth F C.O.E. 84 Old Shop Old Shop
Apl. 02 Britannia Cancer CURRIE John T M C.O.E. 69 Britannia Britannia
Apl. 14 Irelands Eye Cancer of Liver LODER Caroline F C.O.E. 69 Irelands Eye Thoroughfare
Apl. 15 Hickman's Hr. Tonsilitis MARTIN Francis M C.O.E. 10 Hickmans Hr. Hickmans Hr.
Apl. 21 Hickman's Hr. No Entry THISTLE Harold M C.O.E. 4Mo. Hickmans Hr. Hickmans Hr.
May 03 Hickman's Hr. General Debility SIMMONS Mary A F C.O.E. 84 Hickmans Hr. Hickmans Hr.
June 19 Hickman's Hr. T.B. MARTIN Simeon M C.O.E. 26 Hickmans Hr. Hickmans Hr.
Apl. 15 Elliston Convulsions HOBBS Baby F C.O.E. 1/2 Hr. Elliston Elliston
May 05 Elliston Pneumonia OLDFORD Elizabeth F C.O.E. 1 Elliston Elliston
May 07 Elliston Le Grippe TRASK Pericval M C.O.E. 10 Elliston Elliston
May 30 New Perlican Paralysis Senility NORTHOVER Johanna F C.O.E. 77 New Perlican New Perlican
Apl. 07 Hearts Content Cerebral Haemorrhage GEORGE Albert M C.O.E. 63 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Apl. 08 Petley Old Age LAITE Charles M C.O.E. 80 Petley Petley
May 18 Burgoynes Cove Meningitis DUFFITT Edmund M C.O.E. 10 1/2 yrs Burgoynes Cove Burgoynes Cove
Apl. 25 Burgoynes Cove No Entry DUFFITT Henry M C.O.E. 1Hr. Burgoynes Cove Burgoynes Cove
Apl. 07 Barton Cancer of Stomach HAYWARD John M C.O.E. 66 Amherst Cove Barton
Apl. 10 Barton Meningitis HAYWARD Jabez M C.O.E. 28 Barton Barton
Mar. 31 Greens Hr. Senile Decay REID Eva F U.C. 83 Salmon Cove Greens Hr.
Apl. 21 New Hr. T.B. Abscess HIGDON Annie V F U.C. 4 1/2 yrs Perrys Cove New Hr.
Apl. 21 Greens Hr. Nephritis MARCH William J M U.C. 78 Old Perlican Greens Hr.
Apl. 24 Greens Hr. Prematurity No Entry No Entry M U.C. SB Greens Hr. Greens Hr.
Apl. 24 Greens Hr. Eclampsia BRACE Ella F U.C. 28 Greens Hr. Greens Hr.
May 08 Greens Hr. Cardiac GREEN Lewis M U.C. 17 1/2 yrs Greens Hr. Greens Hr.
June 03 Trinity Pneumonia LUSH Maxwell M C.O.E. 9Mo. Trinity Trinity
PAGE 254                  
Mar. 23 Irelands Eye Convulsions VOKEY Frederick Henry M C.O.E. 1 1/2 Mo Black Duck Cove Ireland Eye
Apl. 14 Normans Cove Old Age TEMPLE George M S.A. 80 Arnolds Cove Normans Cove
Apl. 16 Dildo No Entry PINSENT John M S.A. 72 Dildo Dildo
June 08 Hants Hr. Sec. Postpartum Haemorrhage STICKLAND Alice F S.A. 21 Hants Hr. Hants Hr.
June 21 New Hr. Consumption THORNE Clarence M S.A. 23 New Hr. New Hr.
Jan. 14 Little Hearts. Ease Cancer STRINGER Thomas M U.C. 62 Little Hearts. Ease Little Hearts. Ease
Mar. 16 S.Jones Without SB No Entry No Entry F U.C. SB S.Jones Without S.Jones Without
June 13 Little Hearts. Ease Consumption STANFORD Laura F U.C. 60 Little Hearts. Ease Little Hearts. Ease
Aug. 11 Summerville Consumption FRY Annie W F U.C. 17 Summerville Summerville
Aug. 26 English Hr. Val. Disease/Heart BARNES George M U.C. 81 English Hr. English Hr.
Sep. 03 Little Hearts. Ease Whooping Cough PEDDLE Gwendolyn N F U.C. 18Mo. Little Hearts. Ease Little Hts. Ease
Sep. 05 Caplin Cove Cong. Debility WHELAN Alma F U.C. 14Dys. Caplin Cove Caplin Cove
Sep. 08 Little Hearts. Ease Measles SPURRELL Irene C F U.C. 11Dys. Little Hts. Ease Little Hearts. Ease
Sep. 16 Little Hearts. Ease Whooping Cough PEDDLE Edward Calvin M U.C. 5 Little Hts. Ease Little Hearts. Ease
Sep. 28 Long Beach Measles AVERY Gordon M U.C. 1Dy. Long Beach Long Beach
Aug. 18 Lead Cove Old Age SPARKES Susannah F U.C. 78 Lower Isld. Cove Sibleys Cove
Aug. 20 Brownsdale Pneumonia THOMS Ambrose M U.C. 24 Brownsdale Brownsdale
Aug. 04 Brownsdale Malnutrition AUSTIN Warren M U.C. 3Hrs. Brownsdale Brownsdale
Aug. 26 Brownsdale Influenza AUSTIN Annie F U.C. 1 1/2 yrs Brownsdale Brownsdale
July 14 Catalina Cancer HOUSE John M U.C. 73 Catalina Catalina
Aug. 03 Little Catalina Convulsions DALTON David M U.C. 15Wks. Little Catalina Little Catalina
Aug. 03 Little Catalina Senility STAGG Edward M U.C. 87 Little Catalina Little Catalina
Aug. 18 Little Catalina Premature DALTON James E M U.C. 1Dy. Little Catalina Little Catalina
Sep. 19 Catalina T.B. NORMAN Irene F U.C. 18 Catalina Catalina
Sep. 21 Little Catalina Convulsions STEED Caleb John M U.C. 2Mo. Little Catalina Little Catalina
Sep. 15 Bunyans Cove No Entry OLDFORD Barrett M U.C. 9Mo. Bunyans Cove Bunyans Cove
Sep. 15 Musgrave Town Blood Poisoning KEATS Donald M U.C. 5Mo. Bunyans Cove Bunyans Cove
July 20 Gander Bay Old Age HARRIS Mary Jane F U.C. 85 Gander Bay Gander Bay
May 10 Smiths Hr. No Entry FLEMMING Baby M U.C. 1Hr. Smiths Hr. Smiths Hr.
June 29, 1930 Long Cove Cong. Debility WHITE Eva Violet F U.C. 4 1/2 Mo Long Cove Normans Cove
July 06 Normans Cove Cong. Debility NEWHOOK Nina? Louise F C.O.E. 3Mo. Normans Cove Normans Cove
Aug. 13 New Hr. Prematurity GEORGE William M C.O.E. 14Dys. New Hr. New Hr.
July 27 Chappel Arm T.B. WARREN Lillian F C.O.E. 2Mo. Chappel Arm Chappel Arm
Aug. 29 New Hr. Diphtheria HIGDON Janie Florence F C.O.E. 5 1/2 yrs New Hr. New Hr.
Sep. 04 Bishops Falls Cholera Infantum SMITH Vernon Bruce M C.O.E. 5Mo. Bishops Falls Normans Cove
Apl. 15 90 Goodridge St. Heart Failure BROWN Cator (?) M   62 Trinity Trinity
July 30 Bay Bulls Arm Asthma TEMPLE Wilson James M U.C. 14Mo. Bay Bulls Arm Bay Bulls Arm
Aug. 17 Normans Cove Old Age PIERCEY George M U.C. 77 Winterton Normans Cove
Sep. 24 Normans Cove Measles PIERCEY Eliza Pearl F U.C. 13Mo. Normans Cove Normans Cove
Sep. 23 Normans Cove Old Age CALLAN Phoebe F U.C. 77 New Perlican Normans Cove
PAGE 255                  
Sep. 27 Whitbourne Old Age BIRD James Hayden M U.C 85 Kentucky USA Whitbourne
July 05 Dunfield Pulm. T.B. CLARKE Elizabeth F C.O.E. 58 Dunfield Trinity
July 05 Mistaken Pt. (P. & S.Marys) Drowning HAYTER John M C.O.E. 21 Trinity Trinity
Sep. 09 Lockston Pulm. T.B. PEDDLE Frank M C.O.E. 18 Lockston Trinity
Aug. 14 Winterton No Entry DOWNEY Israel M S.A. 60 Winterton Winterton
Sep. 18 New Hr. Old Age WOODMAN Mary F S.A. 78 New Hr. New Hr.
Sep. 15 Winterton Ceb. Haemorrhage TUCKER John M C.O.E. 71 1/2 yrs Winterton Winterton
Aug. 12 Hospital Myocarditis HOPKINS Moses H M C.O.E. 57 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Aug. 14 New Perlican Senility WARREN John M C.O.E. 86 New Perlican New Perlican
July 05 Trinity East Hodgkins Disease QUINLAN George M C.O.E. 19 11/12 yrs Trinity E Port Rexton
Aug. 07 Port Rexton Probably Ruptured Aneurism ASH Charles M C.O.E. 82 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Aug. 15 Port Rexton Cancer of Bowel MATE Elizabeth F C.O.E. 72 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Aug. 18 Port Rexton Ch. Phthisis RANDELL Leah F C.O.E. 70 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Sep. 18 Trinity East Pulm. T.B. BANNISTER Phyllis M F C.O.E. 18 Trinity East Port Rexton
Sep. 27 Port Rexton Oakes Sarcoma of Bone REX Jane F C.O.E. 53 Trinity East Port Rexton
July 01 S. John's Gen'l T.B. KING Henry M C.O.E. 46 Champneys West Champneys West
July 27 English Hr. Pulm. T.B. PENNY Thirza F C.O.E. 18 English Hr. English Hr.
Sep. ?8 Hosp for Insane Senile Dementia HUNT William M R.C. 52 Catalina Mt. Carmel
July 30 Clarenville Uraemia SEAWARD Maggie F U.C 38 Shoal Hr. Clarenville
Sep. 07 Clarenville Pneumonia SEAWARD Randolph M U.C 6Mo. Clarenville Clarenville
Sep. 08 Waterville Meningitis REID Joseph Cyril M U.C 5Mo. Waterville Monroe
Sep. 15 Harcourt Senility COOPER Cecil M U.C 79 Trinity Bay Harcourt
Feb. 13 Catalina Heart Failure SHEPPARD Henry M C.O.E. 76 Catalina Catalina
Mar. 06 Catalina Meningitis JEANS Margaret F C.O.E. 7Mo. Catalina Catalina
Mar. 22 Catalina Pneumonia GULLAGE Joseph M C.O.E. 71 Catalina Catalina
May 15 Port Union Heart Failure RUSSELL Sarah F C.O.E. 64 Catalina Catalina
June 22 Port Union Prematurity KING Kathleen F C.O.E. 1Dy. Port Union Catalina
June 23 Port Union Prematurity KING Mary F C.O.E. 2Dys. Port Union Catalina
June 27 Port Union Phthisis RUSSELL Ida F C.O.E. 21 Clarenville Catalina
Sep. 03 Catalina Dysentry COLLINS Frances F C.O.E. 59 Bonavista Catalina
Sep. 07 Catalina Croup GULLAGE Clevland M C.O.E. 3 Catalina Catalina
Sep. 09 Catalina Motor Accident STAGG Isaac M C.O.E. 47 Catalina Catalina
Mar. 02 Milton TB Rheumatic Fever BAILEY Fred M Ch. Organ'n 2 1/2 yrs Georges Brook Milton
June 28 Milton TB Kidney Heart Trouble BAILEY Hazel F Ch. Organ'n 29 Georges Brook Milton
May 04 Georges Brook No Entry STANLEY Maud F Ch. Organ'n SB Georges Brook Milton
Oct. 14 Catalina Bronchitis HICKS Dorothy F U.C 11 yrs Catalina Catalina
Oct. 05 Little Catalina SB KNAPMAN Baby F U.C SB Little Catalina Little Catalina
Oct. 28 Catalina SB MASON Baby F U.C SB Catalina Catalina
Oct. 27 Port Union Convulsions GOODYEAR Hilda Mary F U.C 2Mo. Port Union Catalina
Oct. 27 Port Union Bronchitis BRAGG Edwin M U.C 4 yrs Port Union Catalina
PAGE 256                  
Dec. 16 S. John's Paralysis BLUNDON John M U.C 67 Catalina Catalina
Dec. 24 Little Catalina Convulsions STAGG Rachel M F U.C 11Mo. Little Catalina Little Catalina
Dec. 21 Catalina Neuritis COURAGE Velma L F U.C 2Mo. Catalina Catalina
Dec. 25 Catalina Bronchitis BLUNDON Emma M F U.C 1 11/12 yrs Catalina Catalina
Dec. 25 Catalina Senility HOUSE Hezikiah M U.C 84 Catalina Catalina
Feb. 21 Chance Cove No Entry ANDERSON Nelson M C.O.E. 44 Chance Cove Chance Cove
Mar. 01 Chance Cove No Entry PEDDLE George M C.O.E. 54 Chance Cove Chance Cove
June 04 Blaketown Old Age JONES Elizabeth Jane F C.O.E. 73   Blaketown
Oct. 30 Arnolds Cove No Entry HOLLETT William M C.O.E. No Entry Arnolds Cove Arnolds Cove
Mar. 14 Rantem Cong. Debility BENSON Cecil M M C.O.E. 1Y 5M Rantem Rantem
Dec. 03 New Chelsea Ulcer of Stomach BELBEN Millie F Pentecostal 21 New Chelsea New Chelsea
Dec. 17 New Chelsea Measles BELBEN Newman Leshane? M Pentecostal 3 1/2 yrs New Chelsea New Chelsea
Oct. 04 Buckans Measles POLLETT Lucy Joan F C.O.E. 1 yr Buckans New Hr.
Oct. 02 Normans Cove Meningitis NEWHOOK Hezikiah M C.O.E. 6 yrs Normans Cove Normans Cove
Oct. 14 Long Cove Cong. Debility SMITH Robert D M C.O.E. 6Mo. S. John's Normans Cove
Nov. 15 Deer Hr. Cong. Debility MARSH Leslie John M U.C 3Mo. Deer Hr. Deer Hr.
Oct. 27 Hickmans Hr. Heart Disease MARTIN Ingram W M U.C 40 Hickmans Hr. Hickmans Hr.
Oct. 09 S. John's * No Entry HOLLIDAY John M U.C 70 Britannia Britannia
* NOTE: Uraemia was written in at a later date into the block
Oct. 14 South Port Old Age LAMBERT Henry M U.C 84 South Port South Port
Oct. 28 South Port Measles AVERY Mary B F U.C 9 South Port South Port
Nov. 20 Little Hearts. Ease Tuberculosis MARTIN Emmeline F U.C 25 Caplin Cove Little Hts. Ease
Nov. 21 South Port Consumption AVERY Violet F U.C 28 Wesleyville South Port
Nov. 28 Passenger Cove Heart Failure DEAN Thomas M U.C 53 South Port South Port
Oct. 17 Trinity E Pernicious Anaemia QUINLAN William M C.O.E. 77 Trinity E Port Rexton
Nov. 07 Port Rexton Nephritis PLOUGHMAN Kenneth M C.O.E. 46 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Nov. 07 St.Anthony Hosp. Prolapsed Stomach PLOUGHMAN Charles M C.O.E. 46 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Nov. 22 Trinity East Ceb. Haemorrhage PECKHAM Arabella F C.O.E. 60 Champneys E Port Rexton
Dec. 05 Port Rexton Pulm. T.B. PEARCEY Ada F C.O.E. 19 Port Rexton Port Rexton
Oct. 17 Champneys Cong. Debility GOLDSWORTHY Raymond M C.O.E. 3Hrs. Champneys Arm Champneys West
Nov. 30 Champneys Nephritis ETHERIDGE Donald M C.O.E. 29 Champneys East Champneys East
Aug. 09 Spillers Cove Ricketts PEARCE Catherine F R.C. 10 Spillers Cove Bonavista N
Sep. 07 Spillers Cove Old Age CUFF Annie F R.C. 72 Spillers Cove Bonavista N
Oct. 10 Catalina Old Age NOLAN Alice F R.C. 82 Catalina Catalina
Oct. 21 Twillingate T.B. WHITE William M U.C 29 Princeton Princeton
Nov. 14 English Hr. Senility POTTLE Sarah Anne F U.C 91 Champneys English Hr.
Nov. 19 Dunfield Whooping Cough EARLE William James M U.C 3Yrs. Dunfield Trinity
Nov. 30 Summerville Consumption ABBOTT William M U.C 30 Summerville Summerville
Dec. 24 Trinity Anaemia GOVER Selina F U.C 52 Champneys Trinity
Oct. 22 New Perlican Senile Decay BURRAGE Susan F C.O.E. 94 1/2 yrs Hearts Delight New Perlican
Oct. 30 New Perlican Sarcoma of Jaw PEDDLE James M C.O.E. 87 New Perlican New Perlican
PAGE 257                  
Nov. 05 New Perlican Myocarditis WHITE George Alfred M C.O.E. 79 New Perlican New Perlican
Oct. 10 Hearts Content Broncho Pneumonia SOOLEY Mary F C.O.E. 1 yr Hearts Content Hearts Content
Oct. 18 Hearts Content Nephritis BUDDEN Julia F C.O.E. 77 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Dec. 29 Hearts Content Epithelioma Vulva ROWE Maria Hopkins F C.O.E. 63 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Oct. 30 194 Merrymeeting Rd. City  Convulsions SMITH Alexander R M No Entry 1Mo. Hodges Cove Northern Bight
Oct. 09 Gen'l Hosp. Uraemia HALLIDAY John M No Entry 73 Britannia Cove Britannia Cove
Dec. 16 Grace Hosp. SB GOSSE Baby M No Entry SB Grace Hospital Whitbourne
Dec. 16 Grace Hosp. SB GOSSE Baby F No Entry SB Grace Hospital Whitbourne
Oct. 03 Normans Cove Measles SMITH Louisa F U.C 17Mo. Normans Cove Normans Cove
Oct. 06 Bay Bulls Arm Measles PARSONS Annie Clara F U.C 5 Bay Bulls Arm Bay Bulls Arm
Nov. 18 Whitbourne Pneumonia SULEY Romona E F U.C 1Mo. Whitbourne Whitbourne
Nov. 24 Thornlea Measles BRANTON Jonas M U.C 26 Thornleaa Thornlea
Nov. 18 Normans Cove Measles SMITH Dorothy Irene F U.C 10Mo. Normans Cove Normans Cove
Dec. 07 Normans Cove Consumption SMITH Florence Irene F U.C 37 Normans Cove Normans Cove
Dec. 14 Normans Cove Old Age PIERCEY Charity F U.C 67 Normans Cove Normans Cove
Oct. 10 Dildo T.B. SMITH Samuel M S.A. 33 Dildo Dildo
Nov. 22 Hickmans Hr. Convulsions MARSH Isabel Maud F S.A. 5Dys. Hickmans Hr. Hickmans Hr.
Dec. 07 Dildo Old Age REID Levi M S.A. 80 Dildo Dildo
Dec. 20 New Hr. Measles WILLIAMS Helen M F S.A. 3 yrs New Hr. New Hr.
Dec. 10 Arlington Hts. Mass. Cancer SMITH Mary Jane F U.C 63 Twillingate Elliots Cove
Dec. 11 Little Hr. Cong. Debility CLARKE Fioni (?) Jane F C.O.E. 7Mo. Delbys Cove Little Hr.
Dec. 16 Little Hr. Cong. Debility VOKEY Naomi F C.O.E. 2Mo. Little Hr. Little Hr.
Oct. 30 Trouty Measles JOHNSON Shirley F C.O.E. 2 yrs Trouty Trouty
Dec. 16 Trinity Ac. Peritonitis HAYTER Jessie F C.O.E. 42 Trinity Trinity
Dec. 29 Irelands Eye Cong. Debility WALTON? Harold W M C.O.E. 3Mo. Irelands Eye Irelands Eye
Oct. 14 Shoal Hr. Cong. Debility MOSES? Bond? M U.C 2Dys. Shoal Hr. Shoal Hr.
Oct. 14 Shoal Hr. Cong. Debility MILLS George M U.C 2Dys. Shoal Hr. Shoal Hr.
Oct. 31 Milton Senility ADAMS William J M U.C 84 Old Perlican Georges Brook
Nov. 20 Clarenville Cardiac Asthma PEARCE Eliza F U.C 71   Clarenville
July 29 Hearts Delight Senility CROCKER John M C.O.E. 86 Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
Sep. 02 Greens Hr. T.B. ETHRIDGE Charles M C.O.E. 57 Greens Hr. Greens Hr.
Oct. 27 Hearts Delight Old Age HARNUM Mary F C.O.E. 72 Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
Oct. 19 Hearts Delight T.B. FOST Janet F C.O.E. 38 Hearts Delight Hearts Delight
Nov. 22 Islington Cong. Debility HARNUM Adela F C.O.E. 1 1/2 yrs Islington Hearts Delight
Mar. 13 Cavendish T.B. JACKSON Bessie F C.O.E. 35 Cavendish Cavendish
Dec. 29 Port Rexton Ceb. Haemorrhage POWER Mary F R.C. 78 Trinity E Trinity
Oct. 10 Northern Bight Measles BARRETT Julia B F U.C 1 yr Hillview North West Brook
Oct. 08 S. John's NF Tetanus LAITE James M C.O.E. 33 S. John's Petley T.B.
Dec. 22 Hants Hr. T.B. SOPER Mary F S.A. 23 Lead Cove Hants Hr.
Dec. 31 Hickmans Hr. Whooping Cough BLUNDELL Clarence M M S.A. 3Mo. Britannia Hickmans Hr.
PAGE 258                  
Dec. 20 Whitbourne Old Age PREDDLE or PEDDLE  (sic) William M C.O.E. 82 Spaniards Bay Whitbourne
Oct. 16 Island Cove TB No Entry SMITH Emma F C.O.E. 1 Yr Island Cove Island Cove
Jan. 11 Bay Bulls Arm No Entry PIERCEY Albert M C.O.E. 3Mo. Bay Bulls Arm Bay Bulls Arm
Feb. 23 Bay Bulls Arm Pneumonia SMITH Nathaniel M C.O.E. 51 Hodges Cove Bay Bulls Arm
Apl. 04 Bay Bulls Arm Goitre DROVER William G M C.O.E. 16 No Entry Bay Bulls Arm
July 28 Verdun Quebec Accident SNOOK William H M C.O.E. 25 Bay Bulls Arm Bay Bulls Arm
Nov. 05 Long Beach Measles BARFITT Violet F C.O.E. 1 yr Long Beach Long Beach
Sep. 26 Hodges Cove Measles PEDDLE Rhodes John M C.O.E. 10Mo. Hodges Cove Hodges Cove
Sep. 28 Hodges Cove Measles DROVER George M C.O.E. 3 yrs Hodges Cove Hodges Cove
Sep. 28 Hodges Cove Measles DROVER Gilbert K M C.O.E. No Entry Hodges Cove Hodges Cove
Oct. 03 Hodges Cove Measles SMITH Silas M C.O.E. 1 yr Hodges Cove Hodges Cove
Nov. 23 Hodges Cove Measles CHURCHILL Albert J M C.O.E. 3 yrs Hodges Cove Hodges Cove
May 04 Black Brook TB Cong. Debility MORRIS Myrtle F C.O.E. 3Dys. Black Brook Hillview
Sep. 18 N.W. Brook No Entry VIVIAN Eleazear M C.O.E. 6Mo. N.W. Brook Hillview
Jan. 06 Butter Cove No Entry SPURRELL Uriah M C.O.E. 64 Butter Cove Gooseberry Cove
Dec. 23 South Port No Entry LAMBERT Samuel M C.O.E. 76 South Port Gooseberry Cove
Sep. 03 Gooseberry Cove Convulsions SMITH Philip of George Sr. M C.O.E. 3Mo. Gooseberry Cove Gooseberry Cove

Transcribed by: Gordon Bennett (2012)

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