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Vital Records
Register of Deaths

Bonavista Bay District

Book 10
PAGES 261 - 262 & 299 - 302

SOURCE: LDS Microfilm Reels

Date of Death Place of Death Cause of Death Surname Given Names Sex Religious Denomination Age Place of Birth Place of Internment
PAGE 261                  
Dec. 21 Lumsden N Paralysis PARSONS Martha F U.C. 65 Lumsden N Lumsden N
Dec. 25 Lumsden S Heart Disease STOKES Martin M U.C. 74 Cape Cove Cape Cove
July 18 Plate Cove W Old Age FENNELL Johanna F R.C. 80 Plate Cove Open Hall
July 24 Tickle Cove Whooping Cough LEGGE Johanna F R.C. 5 Tickle Cove Open Hall
July 31 Plate Cove Whooping Cough KEOUGH John T M R.C. 10Mo. Plate Cove Open Hall
Aug. 24 Plate Cove Heart Trouble FURLONG Bridget F R.C. 72 Sweet Bay Open Hall
Aug. 29 Tickle Cove Cancer WHITE William M R.C. 86 Tickle Cove Open Hall
Oct. 15 Plate Cove Whooping Cough PHILPOT James M R.C. 2Y/9M Plate Cove Open Hall
Nov. 09 Open Hall Bronchitis LONG Agnes F R.C. 62 Keels Open Hall
Dec. 23 Plate Cove Exposure WALSH John P M R.C. 12 Plate Cove N Open Hall
July 20 St. Brendans Killed/Lighting HYNES James M R.C. 79 St. Brendans St. Brendans
July 20 St. Brendans Killed/Lighting COLBERT William M R.C. 16 St. Brendans St. Brendans
July 27 St. Brendans Drowned FURLONG John M R.C. 9 St. Brendans St. Brendans
Sep. 05 St. Brendans Convulsions KELLY Philomena F R.C. 1Mo. St. Brendans St. Brendans
Sep. 21 St. Brendans Senility HYNES John M R.C. 84 St. Brendans St. Brendans
Sep. 29 St. Brendans Convulsions FENNELL Michael F M R.C. 2Dys. St. Brendans St. Brendans
Sep. 30 St. Brendans Pulm. T.B. MACKAY Francis M R.C. 21 St. Brendans St. Brendans
Oct. 14 St. Brendans Paralysis BRODERICK Patrick M R.C. 74 St. Brendans St. Brendans
Nov. 28 St. Brendans Apoplexy HYNES Catherine F R.C. 64 St. Brendans St. Brendans
Dec. 12 St. Brendans Senility HYNES Patrick M R.C. 76 St. Brendans St. Brendans
July 22 Wesleyville Asthenia HILL Abi? M U.C. 3 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Aug. 15 Wesleyville Carcinoma/Liver SAINSBURY Maria F U.C. 83 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Sep. 27 Wesleyville Duodenal/Carcinoma WICKS Susannah F U.C. 54 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Oct. 03 Wesleyville Gastric/Carcinoma BEST Alexander M U.C. 53 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Oct. 09 Wesleyville Pulm. T.B. HANN Cassie F U.C. 20 Pinchards Isld. Wesleyville
Oct. 14 Wesleyville Ileo Colitis HANN Julia F U.C. 72 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Nov. 03 Valley Field Puerperal Septicaemia STRATTON Violet F U.C. 24 Valley Field Valley Field
Nov. 14 Wesleyville Atelectasis WINSOR Japhet M U.C. 19Mo. Wesleyville Wesleyville
Oct. 06 Bloomfield Malnutrition HOLLOWAY Barbara F U.C. 9Dys. Bloomfield Musgravetown
Dec. 14 Brooklyn Paralysis PYE Albert Chaulk M U.C. 56 Brooklynn Brooklynn
Oct. 13 Kings Cove Pulm. T.B. DOYLE William M R.C. 65 Kings Cove Kings Cove
Oct. 22 Kings Cove Pulm. T.B. DEVINE William M R.C. 50 Kings Cove Kings Cove
Oct. 18 Broad Cove Cancer HARTY John M R.C. 64 Bread? Cove Kings Cove, Keels
Mar. 03 Keels Influenza CAREW Mary F R.C. 76   Kings Cove, Keels
Mar. 13 Keels Influenza BRYNE Gerald M R.C. 2 Keels Kings Cove, Keels
July 29 Keels Paralysis KELLY Maurice M R.C. 60   Keals K.C.
Dec. 29 Sydney Cove Senility ROGERS Sophia F C.O.E. 73   Fair Isld.
Dec. 22 Cowards Isld. Inflamation CROCKER Elizabeth F U.C. 19 Braggs Isld. Braggs Isld.
Oct. 19 Port Blandford Pulm. T.B. HOLLOWAY Robert M C.O.E. 20 Port Blandford Port Blandford
Dec. 17 Middle Brook Cong. Debility EASTMAN Stanley M C.O.E. 18Mo. Middle Brook Middle Brook
PAGE 262                  
Dec. 29 Happy Adventure Diabetes POWELL Myrtle A F U.C. 22 Happy Adventure Happy Adventure
Dec. 24 Traytown Convulsions GARRETT Arthur M U.C. 3Mo. Traytown Traytown
Aug. 12 Birchy Cove Old Age RYAN James M U.C. 73 Newmans Cove Newmans Cove
Aug. 14 Elliston Cancer BAKER Sarah F U.C. 51 Elliston Elliston
Aug. 14 Elliston Old Age CHAULK Sarah F U.C. 75 Elliston Elliston
Aug. 15 Elliston Dysentery OLDFORD James M U.C. 68 Elliston Elliston
Aug. 24 Elliston Influenza MARTIN Edgar James M U.C. 6Mo. Elliston Elliston
Nov. 15 Elliston Premature CHAULK Norman M U.C. 1Dy. Elliston Elliston
Nov. 26 Elliston Child Birth CHAULK Fanny Jane F U.C. 18 Elliston Elliston
Dec. 09 Elliston Old Age TUCKER Richard M U.C. 78 Elliston Elliston
Dec. 18 Elliston Old Age CHAULK Archibald M U.C. 73 Elliston Elliston
Dec. 22 Elliston Convulsions COLES Thomas M U.C. 1Dy. Elliston Elliston
PAGE 299                  
Jan. 18 Bonavista Embolism CUFF Samuel M U.C. 70 Bonavista Bonavista
Jan. 24 Bonavista Tuberculosis PAUL Fanny F U.C. 63 Bonavista Bonavista
Jan. 25 Bonavista Convulsions TREMBLETT Ralph M U.C. 15Dys. Bonavista Bonavista
Feb. 05 Bonavista Myocarditis SEXTON Stephen M U.C. 84 Bonavista Bonavista
Feb. 16 Bonavista S.B. LINTHORN Baby M U.C. SB Bonavista Bonavista
Feb. 20 Bonavista S.B. FISHER Baby M U.C. SB Bonavista Bonavista
Feb. 25 Bonavista Myocarditis HARRIS Selina F U.C. 75 Bonavista Bonavista
Mar. 02 Bonavista Acute Bronchitis WHIFFEN Edmund G M U.C. 9Mo. Bonavista Bonavista
Mar. 06 Glace Bay C.B. Cor??zid Haemorrhage MORGAN Lucy M F U.C. 38 Bonavista Bonavista
Mar. 22 Bonavista Paralysis MOULAND Charles M U.C. 68 Bonavista Bonavista
Mar. 27 Bonavista Convulsions PHILLIPS Howard M U.C. 7Mo. Bonavista Bonavista
Feb. 25 Bonavista Paralysis HAYWARD George M U.C. 62 Bonavista Bonavista
Jan. 07 Bunyans Cove Haemorrhage PHILIPS Samuel M U.C. 51 Bonavista Bunyans Cove
Feb. 05 Port Blandford Chill (Cong) PARDY Emma F U.C. 5Mo. Port Blandford Port Blandford
Mar. 21 Port Blandford Chill (Cong) PARDY Lossie F U.C. 7Mo. Port Blandford Port Blandford
Feb. 08 Summerville Pneumonia NEWELL Mary F R.C. 75 Summerville Summerville
Feb. 16 Melrose Endocarditis WALSH Michael M R.C. 50 Melrose Catalina
Feb. 27 Spillars Cove Infantile Paralysis FLEMING George M R.C. 10Mo. Spillars Cove Bonavista
Feb. 27 Catalina C? Stomach Disease HUMPHRIES James M R.C. 57 Catalina Catalina
Mar. 25 Bonavista Meningitis FITZGERALD Michael M R.C. 3Mo. Bonavista Bonavista
Feb. 26 Deer Isld. Pneumonia FELTHAM Walter M R.C. 48 Deer Isld. Deer Isld.
Jan. 03 Wesleyville Senility HANN Sophie F U.C. 100 Cape Freels Wesleyville
Feb. 14 Wesleyville Infantile Convulsions MULLETT Raymond M U.C. 3Mo. Wesleyville Wesleyville
Mar. 29 Wesleyville Influenza BEST Lucy F U.C. 70 Swains Isld. Swains Isld.
Mar. 08 Greenspond Convulsions EASTON Mary Rebecca F U.C. 2M/2W Greenspond Greenspond
Mar. 09 Greenspond Diarhoea WOODLAND Ada Maud F U.C. 6M/2W Greenspond Greenspond
Feb. 02 Port Nelson Obstruction/Bowels WHITE Hugh M U.C. 70 Port Nelson Port Nelson
Jan. 27 Musgrave Hr. Influenza PERRY Adelaide F U.C. 69 Indian Islds. Doting Cove
Mar. 27 Doting Cove Convulsions MOULAND Mina Joyce F U.C. 6Dys. Doting Cove Doting Cove
Mar. 31 Hospital/Insane Senile Dementia HOBBS Samuel M   74   Keels B.B.
Jan. 21 Hospital/Insane Epileptic Psychosis NOBLE Amelia F C.O.E. 24   C.O.E. St. John's
Jan. 20 Grace Hosp. Appendicitis QUINTON Ethel F   14   Bonavista
Mar. 26 Deer Lake Hosp. Marasmus RODGERS Lewis M C.O.E. 4M/2W   Deer Lake
Jan. 30 Middle Brook   GUY Ivy Mary F C.O.E. 4Y/6M Middle Brook Middle Brook
Feb. 17 Middle Brook Convulsions PRITCHETT Olive May F C.O.E. 12Dys.    
Mar. 16 Middle Brook Old Age HUNT Bertha F C.O.E. 76 Greenspond Middle Brook
Mar. 11 Port Blandford Pulm. Consumption KEATS Sooley John M C.O.E. 20 Port Blandford Port Blandford
Feb. 10 Port Blandford Pulm. Consumption PEDDLE Sarah Jane F C.O.E. 25 Port Blandford Port Blandford
Mar. 21 Port Blandford S.B. ROUSELL     C.O.E. SB Port Blandford Port Blandford
Mar. 18 Summerville Over Laid? BLANK   F C.O.E. 3Dys. Summerset Summerset
PAGE 300                  
Jan. 12 Charleston Kidney Disease MATTHEWS Allan J M U.C. 18 Charleston Charleston
Jan. 15 Wesleyville Broncho Pneumonia MULLETT Edwin George M S.A. 1Y/10M Wesleyville Wesleyville
Jan. 15 Wesleyville Infantile Convulsions WILKINS Isaac Alfred M S.A. 11M/2W Wesleyville Wesleyville
Feb. 21 Bonavista Gen'l T.B. HARRIS Christina F S.A. 19 Bonavista Bonavista
Mar. 16 Bonavista Septicaemia (Child Birth) ABBOTT Selina F S.A. 23 Bonavista Bonavista
Mar. 18 Bonavista Pulm. T.B. ABBOTT Robert M S.A. 21 Bonavista Bonavista
Mar. 25 Bonavista Pulm. T.B. ABBOTT Joseph M S.A. 17 Bonavista Bonavista
Mar. 24 Bonavista Pulm. T.B. ABBOTT Joseph M S.A. 61 Bonavista Bonavista
Mar. 24 Bonavista   BLANK            
Jan. 06 Fair Isld. Convulsions ROGERS Lillian May F C.O.E. 4Mo. Fair Isld. Fair Isld.
Mar. 18 Trinity   CUTLER Sarah Elizabeth F C.O.E. 59   Trinity
Jan. 08 Lumsden N Cancer GIBBONS Stephen M U.C. 62 Lumsden N Lumsden N
Jan. 29 Templeman Consumption MELENDY Cecilia F U.C. 33 Wesleyville Templeman
Feb. 03 Lumsden S Meningitis GOODYEAR Mark M U.C. 16 Lumsden S  
Feb. 18 Pinchards Isld. Ticking? BOLLEN Sadie Jessie F U.C. 6Mo. Pinchards Isld. Pinchards Isld.
Feb. 12 Lancaster Inanition RYDER Stewart M C.O.E. 1Mo. Lancaster Bonavista
Mar. 09 Bonavista Inanition COLLINS Donald George M C.O.E. 19Dys. Bonavista Bonavista
Apl. 01 Bonavista Gen'l T.B. DURDLE* Isaac James M C.O.E. 56 Bonavista Bonavista
Apl. 24 Bonavista Paralysis HUNT* Rebecca F C.O.E. 89 Bonavista Bonavista
Apl. 27 Bonavista Kidney Disease BUTLER* Gertrude F C.O.E. 26 Bonavista Bonavista
Jan. 05 Bonavista Paralysis BENGER* Phoebe F C.O.E. 70 Newmans Cove Lower Amherst Cove
Jan. 15 Newmans Cove Meningitis ROLLS* Emily Pearl F C.O.E. 26 Newmans Cove Lower Amherst Cove
Feb. 01 Glovertown Scalds SAUNDERS Vincent M U.C. 3 Glovertown Glovertown
Feb. 04 Glovertown Tuberculosis SAUNDERS Edna May F U.C. 23 Glovertown Glovertown
Mar. 24 Glovertown Convulsions PELLEY Florence Muriel F U.C. 7Mo. Glenwood Glovertown
Apl. 20 Traytown Convulsions ?OHYATT? Ivy Gladys F U.C. 2Mo. Traytown Traytown
May 21 Deer Isld. Inflammation FELTHAM Lottie Hazel F U.C. 5Mo. Deer Isld. Deer Isld.
Apl. 11 Bonavista Tuberculosis Pulm. ABBOTT Ella F U.C. 26 Bonavista Bonavista
Apl. 30 Bonavista Broncho Pneumonia HAYWARD Gordon G M U.C. 10Mo. Bonavista Bonavista
May 03 Bonavista Old Age SWYERS Janet F U.C. 80 Bonavista Bonavista
May 13 Bonavista Cerebral Haemorrhage CHARD Amelia F U.C. 69 Bonavista Bonavista
May 16 Bonavista Tuberculosis Pulm. FISHER Elizabeth F U.C. 51 Bonavista Bonavista
May 21 Bonavista Endocarditis COAL Joseph M U.C. 60 Bonavista Bonavista
June 08 Bonavista Scarlet Fever & Pneumonia LINTHORN Clarence R M U.C. 4 Bonavista Bonavista
June 16 Bonavista Measles & Convulsions FISHER Vera C F U.C. 6 Boston, USA Bonavista
June 22 St. John's Tuberculosis TEMPLEMAN Harold M U.C. 43 Bonavista Bonavista
June 30 Bonavista Tuberculosis Pulm. TEMPLEMAN Alice F U.C. 14 Bonavista Bonavista
Jan. 18 Newtown Genl. Paralysis FELTHAM Emma F C.O.E. 78 Newtown Newtown
Jan. 21 Pound Cove Genl. Paralysis GREEN Amelia F C.O.E. 78 Pinchards Isld. Pound Cove
Apl. 25 Pinchards Isld. Heart Failure PERCY? Orpah F C.O.E. 47 Pinchards Isld. Pinchards Isld.
PAGE 301                  
Jan. 12 St. Brendans Convulsions BROOMFIELD Thomas M R.C. 5Dys. St. Brendans St. Brendans
Jan. 20 St. Brendans Paralysis DWYER Patrick M R.C. 69 St. Brendans St. Brendans
Feb. 01 St. Brendans Paralysis TURNER John M R.C. 48 St. Brendans St. Brendans
Mar. 30 St. Brendans Prematurity SB BRIDGEMAN   M R.C. SB St. Brendans St. Brendans
June 15 St. Brendans S.B. WALSH   M R.C. SB St. Brendans St. Brendans
June 26 St. Brendans Strangulation SB BRIDGEMAN   M R.C. SB St. Brendans St. Brendans
May 10 Pools Isld. Pulm. T.B. BOWN Matilda F C.O.E. 18 Pools Isld. Pools Isld.
Feb. 16 Badgers Quay Spina Bifida HOSKINS Stewart James M C.O.E. 2M/2W Badgers Quay Badgers Quay
May 20 Valleyfield Pulm. T.B. WHITE Abigail F C.O.E. 31 Badgers Quay Badgers Quay
June 06 N.W.Arm Valleyfield Paralysis PRESTON Darius M C.O.E. 71 Pools Isld. N W Arm Valleyfield
Jan. 18 Badgers Quay Cystitis SPURRELL Abner M C.O.E. 77 Pools Isld. Badgers Quay
Mar. 23 Valleyfield Man? Bronchitis ATWOOD Myrtle F C.O.E. 2 Valleyfield N W Arm Valleyfield
Apl. 27 Summerville Consumption(Pulm.) RIDEOUT Evelyn F C.O.E. 16 Fox Trap Summerville
June 23 Shoal Hr. Peritonitis WHITE Albert M U.C. 15 Princeton Princeton
Mar. 31 Charlottetown Tuberculosis ABBOTT Isaac M U.C. 48 Bonavista Charlottetown
Apl. 22 Charlottetown Asthma MARTIN Thomas M U.C. 60 Elliston Charlottetown
June 11 Gambo Paralysis BROWN Richard M U.C. 74 Thoroughfare TB Gambo
June 15 Port Blandford Convulsions LAYDEN Arthur George M U.C. 3Mo. Port Blandford Port Blandford
Apl. 24 Musgrave Hr. Senility ABBOTT Abram M U.C. 84 Bonavista Doting Cove
May 06 Musgrave Hr. Pulm. T.B. HANN Edward John M U.C. 18 Musgrave Hr. Musgrave Hr.
May 29 Musgrave Hr. Pulm. T.B. EASTON Bertha F U.C. 21 Musgrave Hr. Musgrave Hr.
May 16 Safe Hr.   ATTWOOD George M U.C. 9Y/6M Safe Hr. Safe Hr.
May 22 Greenspond Brights Disease COWARD Arthur M U.C. 52 Greenspond Greenspond
June 26 Greenspond Marasmus BURRY Harvey M U.C. 8Mo. Greenspond Greenspond
June 05 Safe Hr. Senility JANES Caroline F U.C. 75 Greenspond Greenspond
Apl. 01 Bonavista T.B./Lungs DURDLE* Isaac James M C.O.E. 56 Bonavista Bonavista
Apl. 25 Bonavista Senility HUNT* Rebecca F C.O.E. 89 Bonavista Bonavista
Apl. 27 Bonavista Kidney Trouble BUTLER* Gertrude F C.O.E. 26 Bonavista Bonavista
May 08 Bonavista T.B./Throat TEMPLEMAN Joseph M C.O.E. 31 Bonavista  
May 10 Bonavista Bronchitis BUTLER Heber M C.O.E. 1Y/6M Bonavista  
May 12 Bonavista Senility FIFIELD Lucy F C.O.E. 82 Bonavista  
May 22 Bonavista Senility LANDER John M C.O.E. 86 Bonavista  
Jan. 06 Bonavista Paralysis BENGER* Phoebe F C.O.E. 70 Newmans Cove Lower Amherst Cove
Jan. 17 Newmans Cove Meningitis ROLLS* Emily Pearl F C.O.E. 26 Newmans Cove Newmans Cove
June 26 Newmans Cove Pulm. T.B. HAVEST? Bessie F C.O.E. 39 Leading Tickles Newmans Cove
May 24 Upper Amherst Cove Pulm. T.B. SKEFFINGTON William M C.O.E. 66 Catalina Amherst Cove
June 04 Upper Amherst Cove Gen'l Debility SKEFFINGTON Mary Belle F C.O.E. 52 Catalina Amherst Cove
Jan. 23 Kings Cove Influenza MURPHY Michael M R.C. 56 Kings Cove Kings Cove
Jan. 06 Humbermouth   MADDOX Johanna F R.C.   Broad Cove Kings Cove
Jan. 31 Broad Cove Influenza AYLWARD Michael M R.C. 53 Broad Cove Kings Cove
Nore: DURDLE, HUNT, BUTLER, BENGER also listed on page 300
PAGE 302                  
Feb. 23 Broad Cove - POWER Michael M R.C.   Broad Cove Kings Cove
Feb. 08 Kings Cove Influenza + Old Age MCGRATH Mary F R.C. 84 Kings Cove Kings Cove
Mar. 03 Keels Influenza + Old Age CAREW Mary F R.C. 76 Open Hall Kings Cove
Mar. 11 Open Hall Influenza + Old Age JOY John M R.C. 87 Open Hall Open Hall
Feb. 02 Salvage Ch. Cardiac Disease TROKE Eliza F C.O.E. 78 Salvage Salvage
Mar. 21 Salvage Senility CARTER Sarah Anne F C.O.E. 84 Greenspond Salvage
Mar. 23 Grand Falls Station Lobar Pneumonia & Paralysis? HUNTER Abel M C.O.E. 46 Salvage Burnside
Apl. 15 Burnside Ac. Pneumonia & Paralysis? OLFORD Elizabeth F C.O.E. 65 Salvage Bishops Hr.
Apl. 26 Burnside Pulm. T.B. HUNTER Germain M C.O.E. 21 Burnside Burnside
Jan. 10 Happy Adventure Marasmus MOSS Olive Marie F C.O.E. 1Mo. Happy Adventure Salvage Bay
Feb. 10 Eastport Senility BABSTOCK Sarah F C.O.E. 84 Tickle Cove B.B. Salvage Bay
Apl. 27 Middle Brook Pneumonia COLLINS John M C.O.E. 68 Middle Brook Middle Brook
May 01 Middle Brook Consumption GUY Arthur M C.O.E. 12 Middle Brook Middle Brook
May 04 Dark Cove - (Con) ELLIOTT Wm. Charles M C.O.E. 5Mo. Dark Cove Middle Brook
May 21 Middle Brook - (Con) GUY Mary Eliz'th F C.O.E. 2 Middle Brook Middle Brook
June 01 Middle Brook - WARD Albert M C.O.E. 19 Middle Brook Middle Brook
June 28 Dark Cove Old Age GREEN Elizabeth F C.O.E. 79 Dark Cove Dark Cove
May 30 Port Blandford Appendicitis BLANDFORD Randolph M C.O.E. 12 Port Blandford Port Blandford
Apl. 02 Open Hall Haemorrhage/Brain JOHN? -> E LONG? M R.C. 54 Open Hall Open Hall
May 15 Tickle Cove Tuberculosis MULLOWNEY James M R.C. 62 Open Hall Open Hall
May 12 Plate Cove (Con) KEOUGH William M R.C. 2Dys. Plate Cove Plate Cove
May 19 Plate Cove Blood Poisoning KEOUGH Mary F R.C. 30 Plate Cove Plate Cove
May 15 Plate Cove Heart Failure DOOLEY Edward M R.C. 84 Plate Cove Plate Cove
Apl. 22 Greenspond Cancer/Prostate BURGESS William M C.O.E. 83 Greenspond Greenspond
June 15 Greenspond Senility LOVELACE William M C.O.E. 84 Greenspond Greenspond
June 18 Greenspond Senility POND Anne F C.O.E. 92 Greenspond Greenspond
Jan. 21 Blackhead Bay   HODDER Elizabeth F C.O.E. 60 Kings Cove Kings Cove
Jan. 07 New York USA   BROWNE Philip Henry M C.O.E. 27 Kings Cove Kings Cove
Feb. 09 Keels   HOBBS Benjamin M C.O.E. 19 Keels Keels
Jan. 21 Keels   MARSHFIELD William M C.O.E. 60 Keels Keels
Mar. 31 Keels (Old Age) HOBBS Samuel M C.O.E. 73 Keels Keels
Apl. 05 Dark Cove, Gambo Cancer/Stomach GRANTER Samuel M S.A. 68 Middle Brook Dark Cove
Apl. 19 Wesleyville Cer. Meningitis ROWE Myrtle Carrie F S.A. 25 Wesleyville Wesleyville
May 18 Middle Brook T.B. JERRETT Benjamin M S.A. 54 Middle Brook Middle Brook
May 09 Bonavista Pneumonia FIFIELD Julia F S.A. 43 Bonavista Bonavista
May 21 Dark Cove T.B. GRANTER David M S.A. 60 Middle Brook Middle Brook
June 28 Wesleyville Pulm. T.B. HARVEY Elizabeth F S.A. 42 Wesleyville Wesleyville
June 30 Bonavista Measles MAIDMENT Ella G F S.A. 18Mo. Bonavista Bonavista
Apl. 08 Wesleyville Influenza ROBERTS Caleb M U.C. 30 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Apl. 12 Wesleyville Gen'l Debility SAINSBURY Livie? F U.C. 53 Hr. Grace Wesleyville

Transcribed by: Betty Cumby (2012)

Page Last Modified: Saturday August 31, 2013 (Don Tate)
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