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Vital Records
Register of Deaths

Bonavista Bay District

Book 10
PAGES 287 - 297

SOURCE: LDS Microfilm Reels

Date of Death Place of Death Cause of Death Surname Given Names Sex Religious Denomination Age Place of Birth Place of Internment
PAGE 287                  
Jan. 04 St. John's Pulmonary Tuberculosis AYLES James (William) M No Entry 24 Bonavista Bonavista
Jan. N/E Plate Cove No Entry WOODFORD Thomas M RC 74 Plate Cove Open Hall
Jan. 29 Plate Cove Convulsions HOLLOWAY Mary F RC 66 Plate Cove Open Hall
Mar. 17 Hospital/Insane Angle Brook Psychosis HENNEBURY Ewen M No Entry 70 Angle Brook Ch. of Eng.
Jany 04 Cape Freels Tuberculosis STOKES Lydia F United Chch. 22 1/2 Cape Freels Cape Freels
Jany 03 Cape Freels Tuberculosis GAULTON Myrtle June F United Chch. 3 1/2 Mo Cape Freels Cape Freels
Feby 16 Cape Freels Paralysis HUMPHRIES Dinah Jane F United Chch. 65 Cape Freels Cape Freels
Mar. 09 Cape Islds. Cancer VINCENT Frederick M United Chch. 72 Cottles Isld. Cape Isld.
Mar. 07 Deadmans Bay Tuberculosis CHAULK William M United Chch. 65 Deadmans Bay Deadmans Bay
Jany 09 Wesleyville Marasmus HANN Mary Emma F United Chch. 6 Mos Wesleyville Wesleyville
Jany 19 Wesleyville Pul. T.B. WINSOR Julia F United Chch. 33 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Jany 24 Wesleyville Myocarditis HOYLES Jane F United Chch. 54 Brookfield Brookfield
Feby 11 Wesleyville Marasmus WICKS John Maxwell M United Chch. 4 1/2Mos Wesleyville Wesleyville
Mar. 10 Wesleyville Malnutrition CHURCHILL Trixie F United Chch. 7Mos Wesleyville Wesleyville
Mar. 13 Wesleyville Myocarditis FORD Anastatia F United Chch. 33 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Mar. 17 Bennetts Cove Meningitis BEST Andrew   United Chch. 2Wks Bennetts Cove Brookfield
Mar. 20 Greenspond Apoplexy WHITE George   United Chch. 67 Greenspond Greenspond
Jany 05 Lethbridge Child-Birth HOLLOWAY Florence   C of E 17 Lethbridge Brooklyn
Jany 08 Cannings Cove Cancer Bowels PITTS John E   C of E 47 Cannings Cove Cannings Cove
Feby 28 Jamestown Meningitis HARRIS Violet   C of E 3 Mos Jamestown Jamestown
Mar. 29 Bunyan's Cove T.B. Pul. HUSSEY Albert John   C of E 22 Bunyans Cove Bunyans Cove
Jany 12 Charlottetown Consumption SPRACKLIN Weston Boyd   United Chch. 20 Charlottetown Charlottetown
Jany 03 Traytown Diptheria WHITE Louis   RC 10 St. Brendan's St. Brendan's
Jany 17 St. Brendan's Consumption WHITE Peter   RC 61 St. Brendan's St. Brendan's
Mar. 11 St. Brendan's Pneumonia TURNER Rosanna   RC 60 St. Brendan's St. Brendan's
Jany 05 Bonavista Broncho Pneumonia SEXTON Eric M United Chch. 5 Bonavista Bonavista
Jany 11 Bonavista Gen'l Tuberculosis WAY Robert J M United Chch. 15 Bonavista Bonavista
Jany 14 Bonavista Ceberal Haemorrhage SHIRRAN James M United Chch. 78 Bonavista Bonavista
Jany 30 S John's Senility ROLLS Thomas M United Chch. 77 Bonavista Bonavista
Feby 15 Bonavista S.B. HAMPTON (Baby) X United Chch. SB Bonavista Bonavista
Feby 17 Bonavista Acute Nephritis HAYWARD Helen F United Chch. 35 Bonavista Bonavista
Feby 22 Bonavista Congenital Obstruction GROVES Frank M United Chch. 7 Mos Bonavista Bonavista
Feby 22 Bonavista Tuberculosis WAY Violet F United Chch. 10 Bonavista Bonavista
Feby 26 Bonavista Sarcoma Femur WHIFFEN Mary F United Chch. 16 Bonavista Bonavista
Mar. 22 Bonavista Epithomia?of Face SHIRRAN Hannah F United Chch. 78 Bonavista Bonavista
Mar. 26 Bonavista Pul. T.B. WAY Tryphena F United Chch. 7 Bonavista Bonavista
Jany 03 Sanders Cove No Entry SPARKES Irene F United Chch. 3 Mos Sanders Cove Saunders Cove
Feby 05 Troytown Still Birth RALPH No Entry X United Chch. SB Troytown Troytown
Feby 11 Sanders Cove Heart Failure DAVIES John M United Chch. 76 Troytown Saunders Cove
Jany 12 Summervile Pulmonary T.B. WHELAN Cecelia F RC 24 Summerville Summerville
PAGE 288                  
Jany 23 Bonavista Kidney Disease FITZGEERALD Charles M RC 74 Summerville Summerville
Jany 30 Bonavista Old Age FITZGEERALD Ellen F RC 72 Bonavista Bonavista
Jany 28 Catalina Old Age LANE Jane F RC 77 Catalina Bonavista
Feby 01 Melrose Cancer Stomach MASON James M RC 49 Catalina Catalina
Feby 13 Catalina Old Age HUNT James M RC 76 Catalina Catalina
Feby 22 Bonavista Old Age FENNELL Ellen F RC 87 Bonavista Bonavista
Mar. 05 Summerville Old Age BRENNAN Elizabeth F RC 77 Summerville Summerville
Mar. 18 Bonavista Paralysis MOREY Peter M RC 64 Bonavista Bonavista
Jany 02 Bonavista No Entry TEMPLEMAN Mabel F SA 6 Mos Bonavista Bonavista
Jany 07 Wesleyville Suffocation STURGE Stephen S M SA 4 Mos No Entry No Entry
Jany 19 Middle Brook Influenza BROWN Chesley M SA 2 1/6 Yr Wesleyville Middle Brook
Jany 11 Newmans Cove Bronchitis EDMONDS Myrtle F C of Eng. 1 1/4 Yr Newmans Cove Newmans Cove
Jany 11 Newmans Cove Tuberculosis ROLLS Alexander M C of Eng. 60 Newmans Cove Newmans Cove
Feby 28 Newmans Cove Inanition BAKER George M C of Eng. 2 Dys Newmans Cove Newmans Cove
Mar. 18 Newmans Cove Senility WISEMAN James M C of Eng. 76? Newmans Cove Newmans Cove
Mar. 13 Newmans Cove Inanition HARVEST Wm. Charles M C of Eng. 5 Mos Newmans Cove Newmans Cove
Jany 07 Bonavista Influenza RUSSELL Esther F C of Eng. 80 Newmans Cove Newmans Cove
Jany 22 Bonavista Influenza BROWN Helena F C of Eng. 72 Newmans Cove Newmans Cove
Jany 29 Bonavista Influenza RYDER Maria F C of Eng. 83 Newmans Cove Newmans Cove
Feby 26 Bonavista Influenza PARDY Arthur M C of Eng. 61 Newmans Cove Newmans Cove
Mar. 03 Bonavista No Entry DURDLE Chas. Edward M C of Eng. 4 Dys Newmans Cove Newmans Cove
Mar. 04 Elliston Influenza SINYARD Anastatia F C of Eng. 1 10/12 Elliston Elliston
Mar. 05 Bonavista No Entry SOPER Mary Kate F C of Eng. 57 Amherst Cove Bonavista
Mar. 27 Bonavista Strangulated Hernia LAURENCE Jessie F C of Eng. 10 Bonavista Bonavista
Jany 09 Gooseberry Isld. Convulsions WARREN* Job M UC 18 Mos Gooseberry Isld. Gooseberry Isld.
Jany 11 Gooseberry Isld. Convulsions WARREN* Wilfred M UC 18 Mos Gooseberry Isld. Gooseberry Isld.
      * Note�Twins     UC      
Jany 03 Elliston Old Age ABBOTT Mary Jane F UC 75 Bonavista Elliston
Jany 08 Newmans Cove Pneumonia HICKS Mary Jane F UC 37 Newmans Cove Newmans Cove
Jany 10 Elliston Old Age ABBOT Joseph M UC 78 Bonavista Elliston
Jany 28 Birchy Cove Old Age RYAN James M UC 90 Birchy Cove Newmans Cove
Feby 23 Elliston Old Age RANDELL Susie F UC 81 Elliston Elliston
Mar. 15 Elliston Prematurity PORTER Wilfred M UC No Entry Elliston Elliston
Mar. 21 Elliston Old Age CREW Abel M UC 79 Elliston Elliston
May 13? Gen'l Hospital Cancer Jaw WELLS Job M UC 66 No Entry Alexander Bay
Jany 14 Musgrave Hr. Heart Failure GUY Josiah Sr M UC 80 Musgrave Hr. Doting Cove
Jany 17 Doting Cove Influenza DYKE Elizabeth F UC 63 Bonavista Doting Cove
Jany 17 Millertown Pul. T.B. CHAULK Kenneth M UC 29 Ladle Cove Ladle Cove
Feby 01 Doting Cove Convulsions ABBOT Stephen Eric M UC 5 Dys Doting Cove Doting Cove
Jany 12 Trinity Pul. Tuberculosis WISEMAN Vashti F C of E 32 Trinity Trinity
Jany 08 Greenspond Chronic Nephritis HUMPHRIES William M C of E 58 Greenspond Greenspond
PAGE 289                  
Mar. 26 Fair Isld. Meningitis NOBLE Idela F C of Eng. 8 Greenspond Greenspond
Feby 24 Fair Isld. Pneumonia RODGERS Churnside M C of Eng. 2 1/2 Fair Isld. Fair Isld.
Feby 11 Fair Isld. Pneumonia RODGERS Mabel F C of Eng. 4 1/2 Fair Isld. Fair Isld.
Feby 11 Fair Isld. Influenza BOLAND John M C of Eng. 1 1/2 Fair Isld. Fair Isld.
Jany 22 Fair Isld. Tuberculosis PICKET David M C of Eng. 19 1/2 Fair Isld. Fair Isld.
Jany 02 Fair Isld. Congenital Debility RODGERS Trixie F C of Eng. 1 Dy. Fair Isld. Fair Isld.
Feby 26 Trinity Influenza POND Rebecca F C of Eng. 4 Mos Trinity Trinity
Mar. 06 Trinity Cardiac Disease PICKETT Moses M C of Eng. 36 Trinity Trinity
Mar. 03 Trinity Pneumonia HUNT Arthur James M C of Eng. 8 Trinity Wareham
Feby 24 Wareham Pneumonia HUNT Gilbert M C of Eng. 1 1/2 Wareham Wareham
Feby 27 Wareham Influenza WICKS Abraham M C of Eng. 6 Mos Wareham Wareham
Feby 18 Wareham Influenza ACKERMAN Amelia F C of Eng. 5 Wareham Indian Bay
Jany 29 Fair Isld. Pneumonia HOUNSELL Ellen F Bible Student 6 Mos Fair Isld. Fair Isld.
Mar. 22 Lumsden N Meningitis HOWELL Ralph G M UC 16 Lumsden N Lumsden
Mar. 30 Templeman Weakness TUFF Lucy F UC 7 Mos Templeman Templeman
May 17 Templeman Tuberculosis JANES Clara F UC 21 Templeman Templeman
Apl. 26 Bonavista Bronchitis FALKNER Helen F UC 5 Mos Bonavista Bonavista
Apl. 26 Bonavista Ceb Meningitis MOULAND Tobias M UC 14 Bonavista Bonavista
May 04 Bonavista Bronchitis WAY Maude F UC 9 Mos Bonavista Bonavista
May 07 Bonavista Myocarditis GROVES Patience F UC 73 Bonavista Bonavista
May 30 Bonavista Pulm. T.B. TEMPLEMAN Greta F UC 18 Bonavista Bonavista
June 10 Bonavista Carcinoma Stomach COOPER Alexander M UC 71 Bonavista Bonavista
June 10 Bonavista Bron Pneumonia POWER Sidney M UC 9 Mos Bonavista Bonavista
June 25 Bonavista Gastric Enteritis HICKS Shirley G F UC 1 Bonavista Bonavista
May 30 Deer Isld. Paralysis FELTHAM Emma Jane F UC 68 Greenspond Deer Isld.
June 14 Gooseberry Isld. Heart Failure PARSONS Dulcie F UC 15 Gooseberry Isld. Gooseberry Isld.
May 29 Port Blandford Cancer TRASK Mary F UC 64 Keels B.B. Port Blandford
June 01 Dark Cove, Gambo No Entry GOULDING Annie F UC 2 Dys Dark Cove Dark Cove, Gambo
Feby 13 Newton Broncho Pneumonia KNEE Charlotte F C of Eng. 58 Newtown Newtown
Jany 14 Pinchards Isld Senility GILL Peter M C of Eng. 85 Pinchard's Isld. Pinchard's Isld.
Jany 30 Pinchards Isld Drowned BOURNE Roderick M C of Eng. 25 Pinchard's Isld. Not Recovered
Feby 16 Newtown Pulmonary T.B. GREEN Ellen F C of Eng. 63 Greenspond Newtown
Mar. 14 Pound Cove Pulmonary T.B. DYKE Lillian Gertie F C of Eng. 19 Pound Cove Pound Cove
Apl. 27 S John's Dementia GILL Annabella F C of Eng. 75 Pinchard's Isld. Pinchard's Isld.
Apl. 30 Newton Croup Pneumonia BUNGAY Olivia F C of Eng. 6 Mos Newtown Newtown
June 13 Pinchards Isld T.B. Peritonitis GILL Noah Kenneth M C of Eng. 2 Pinchard's Isld. Pinchard's Isld.
June 13 S John's Operation PARSONS Louisa F C of Eng. 56 Pinchard's Isld. Pinchard's Isld.
Apl. 14 Pound Cove T.B. Peritonitis GREEN Hazel F C of Eng. 2 Pound Cove Pound Cove
Jany 01 Wesleyville Marasmus ABBOTT Carrie F C of Eng. 1 1/4 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Jany 15 Badgers Quay Prematurity HOSKINS Abel M C of Eng. 2 Mos Badger's Quay Badger's Quay
PAGE 290                  
Jany 16 Badgers Quay Prematurity HOSKINS Harry D M C of E. 1 Dy Badgers Quay Badgers Quay
Jany 27 Valleyfield Paralysis PRESTON Samuel M C of E. 73 Pools Isld. Badgers Quay
Feby 03 Badgers Quay Pulm. T.B. KNEE Julia F C of E. 31 Valleyfield Badgers Quay
Feby 06 Badgers Quay Prematurity BROWN Jane F C of E. 11 Hrs Badgers Quay Badgers Quay
Feby 16 Wesleyville Intestinal Trouble OAKLEY Jacob Wm. M C of E. 6 Mos Wesleyville Wesleyville
Mar. 14 Badgers Quay No Entry DYKE Joseph M C of E. 51 Pools Isld. Badgers Quay
Mar. 31 Valleyfield Pulm. T.B. PRESTON W. F C of E. 28 Valleyfield Valleyfield
May 20 Valleyfield Pulm. T.B. PRESTON Margaret F C of E. 5 Valleyfield Badgers Quay
June 12 Valleyfield Pulm. T.B. PRESTON Mark H? M C of E. 1 Valleyfield Badgers Quay
Jany 26 Valleyfield Pneumonia KNEE Leo Launcelot M C of E. 7 Wks Valleyfield Wesleyville
Mar. 30 Pools Isld. Spinal Disease POND Leonard W M C of E. 2 Mos Pools Isld. Pools Isld.
Apl. 01 Icefield Pneumonia BAREFOOT Job M C of E. 55 Pools Isld. Pools Isld.
June 15 Valleyfield Pulm. T.B. PRESTON Florence F C of E. 29 Wesleyville Badgers Quay
Apl. 20 Fair Isld. Pulm. T.B. ROGERS Jessie Annie F C of E. 19 Fair Isld. Fair Isld.
Apl. 22 Wareham Measles HOUNSELL Woodfine? JOhn M C of E. 3 Mos Wareham Wareham
May 03 Fair Isld. Myocarditis ROGERS Nelson M C of E. 46 Fair Isld. Fair Isld.
May 27 Fair Isld. Arterio Sclerosis ROGERS Moses M C of E. 73 Fair Isld. Fair Isld.
May 06 Wareham Influenza TUCKER Annie Frances F C of E. 8 Mos Wareham Wareham
May 15 Indian Bay Bron Pneumonia HUNT John M C of E. 1 1/2 Indian Bay Indian Bay
June 30 Newport Cancer Bladder COLLINS Job M C of E. 63 Newport Newport
May 03 Greenspond Senility DAWE Eliza Jane F C of E. 84 Greenspond Greenspond
Apl. 25 S John's T.B. Peritonitis SKEFFINGTON Charles M UC 26 No Entry Glovertown
Mar. 22 Greenspond Senility BURRY Job M UC 75 Greenspond Greenspond
Jany 26 Keels Paralysis DUCEY James M RC 65 Keels Kings Cove
Jany 29 Broad Cove Old Age CARROLL John M RC 83 Broad Cove Kings Cove
Feby 07 Broad Cove No Entry GUSH Thomas M RC 70 Broad Cove Kings Cove
Feby 21 Kings Cove Old Age MARTIN Kate F RC 81 King's Cove Kings Cove
No Entry New York Diabetes AYLWARD Patrick M RC 4 Knights Cove Kings Cove
Jany N/E Stock Cove Influenza GALLASHUE? No Entry F RC 16 Stock Cove Kings Cove
Jany 20 Plate Cove Influenza WOODFORD Thomas M RC 65 Plate Cove Open Hall
Mar. 24 Plate Cove No Entry TRACEY Richard M RC 65 Plate Cove Open Hall
May 15 Open Hall Tuberculosis MOSS Nellie F RC 26 Open Hall Open Hall
May 16 Open Hall Tuberculosis LONG William M RC 18 Open Hall Open Hall
Jany 01 Plate Cove No Entry No Entry No Entry   RC Few Hrs. Plate Cove Open Hall
Apl. 11 Newmans Cove Old Age SKEFFINGTON Annie F UC 74 Newmans Cove Newman's Cove
Apl. 25 Elliston Prematurity TRASK No Entry F UC SB Elliston Elliston
Apl. 29 Elliston Childbirth TRASK Josephine F UC 21 Bunyans Cove Elliston
May 15 Newmans Cove Old Age HICKS? Rodger M UC 72 1/2 Newmans Cove Newman's Cove
Apl. 01 Tickle Cove No Entry CROSS Joseph M C of E. 66 Tickle Cove Tickle Cove
May 03 Kings Cove No Entry HANCOCK Henry M C of E. 75 Kings Cove Kings Cove
PAGE 291                  
June 07,1929 Keels Old Age WHEELER Joseph M C of E 75 Keels Keels
May 03,1926 Red Cliffe Old Age NO ENTRY No Entry F C of E 110 Open Hall Red Cliffe
Jany 27,1929 Sandy Cove Pulm. Phthisis KING Albert M C of E 57 Sandy Cove Salvage Bay
Feby 21 Eastport Senility LANE Ann F C of E 90 No Entry Salvage Bay
Mar. 08 Eastport Meningitis DYKE Gordon Lambert M C of E 13 Eastport Salvage Bay
June 20 Eastport Pulm. Phthisis DYKE Joseph Fred'k M C of E 19 Eastport Salvage Bay
Jany 09 Cowards Isld. Influenza PIKE Llewelyn M C of E 27 Coward Isld Coward Isld
Jany 12 Cowards Isld. Influenza PIKE James M C of E 14 Coward Isld Coward Isld
Jany 26 Flat Islds. Pneumonia SAMSON Sarah F C of E 68 Flat Islds Flat Isld
Feby 19 Flat Islds. Tetanus SAMSON Edward M C of E 6 Flat Islds Flat Isld
Jany 16 Salvage Ceberal[sic] Tumour BROWN Catherine F C of E 52 Salvage Salvage
May 23 Bishops Hr. Pulm. Phthisis MOSS Mary Emma F C of E 22 Bishops Hr. Bishops Hr.
May 18 St. Chads Arterio Sclerosis HISCOCK Mary F C of E 78 Flat Islds St. Chads Hr.
May 23 Angle Brook Myocarditis WARREN Eli M C of E 73 Gooseberry Isld Troytown
May 26 Bonavista Myocarditis RALPH Georgina F C of E 64 Bishops Hr. Bonavista
June 07 Salvage Septic Tonsilitis DYKE Bertram? M C of E 16 Salvage Bishops Hr.
June 17 Salvage Chronic Bronchitis SQUIRE John Wm. M C of E 65 Salvage Salvage
Apl 10 Summerville Debility BRENNAN Ellen F RC 74 Summerville Summerville
June 18 Sweet Bay Senility MALONEY John M RC 85 Sweet Bay Sweet Bay
Jany 10 Wellington Cancer NOBLE William M SA 67 No Entry No Entry
Mar. 15 Elliston No Entry (Con) HOBBS Elizabeth F SA 1 Mo. Elliston Elliston
Mar. 27 Wellington Inflamation KEATS Peter M SA 19 No Entry No Entry
Apl 14 Bonavista Tumour HAYWARD Debrah F SA 48 Bonavista Bonavista
Apl 22 Gambo Pulm. T.B. HUNT Harriet F SA 32 Middle Brook Gambo
May 21 Gambo T.B. FELTHAM Florence F SA 22 Middle Brook Gambo
June 13 Bonavista Debility STREET Stephen M SA 6 Mos Bonavista Bonavista
Apl 18 Brookfield Meningitis BLACKWOOD Edward M UC 26 Brookfield Brookfield
June 01 S John's Appendicitis WINSOR Robert M UC 53 Wesleyville Wesleyville
June 07 S John's Dementia NOSEWORTHY Walter M UC 55 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Sep. 18 (Deer Lake) Millertown B.B. Pulm. T.B. STURGE Mrs. M L F UC 66 C????? Deer Lake
July 22 Templeman Blood Poisoning TEMPLEMAN William M UC 65 Cobblers Isld Templeman
Aug. 02 Deadmans Bay Consumption CHAULK Priscilia F UC No Entry Newtown Newtown
July 31 Deadmans Bay Drowning CHAULK No Entry M UC 10 Deadmans Bay Deadmans Bay
Aug. 04 Cape Isld Cancer ANDREWS John M UC 63 Cape Isld Cape Isld
Sep. 14 Lumsden N Consumption WEST Eda? Violet F UC 22 Lumsden Lumsden
July 29 Elliston Pulm. T.B. LITTLE Blanche F UC 20 Bonavista Elliston
Aug. 17 Newmans Cove Convulsions ABBOTT Julia Annie F UC 1 Newmans Cove Newmans Cove
Aug. 18 Elliston Old Age CHAULK George M UC 77 Elliston Elliston
Aug. 31 Newmans Cove Convulsions ABBOT Guy Chester M UC 5 Mos Newmans Cove Newmans Cove
Sep. 02 Elliston Old Age OLDFORD Absolom M UC 81 Elliston Elliston
PAGE 292                  
Sep. 12 Elliston Convulsions CREWE Gerald M UC 2 Mos Elliston Elliston
Sep. 19 Elliston Old Age BAKER Thomas M UC 85 Elliston Elliston
Sep. 26 Elliston Old Age GOODLAND Elizabeth F UC 73 Elliston Elliston
Aug. 09 Lance Cove S.B. FISHER Baby M UC SB Lance Cove Bonavista
Aug. 25 Spillars Cove S.B. PHILLIPS Baby M UC SB Spillars Cove Bonavista
Aug. 31 Bonavista Jaundice BRADLEY Ethel P F UC 1 Mo Bonavista Bonavista
Sep. 02 Bonavista Ceberal[sic] Thrombosis HAYWARD John M UC 76 Bonavista Bonavista
Sep. 08 Bonavista Endocarditis HICKS Ellen F UC 72 Bonavista Bonavista
Sep. 10 Bonavista Nephritis KEEL Solomon M UC 56 Bonavista Bonavista
Sep. 22 Bonavista Carcinoma GRANT Rhoda F UC 70 Bonavista Bonavista
July 25 Deer Isld No Entry Con) FELTHAM Doris Myrtle F UC 8 Mos Deer Isld Deer Isld
Aug. 01 Gooseberry Isld No Entry (Con) WARREN Mary Anne F UC 5 Dys Gooseberry Isld Gooseberry Isld
July 27 Gooseberry Isld S.B. NO ENTRY No Entry F UC SB Gooseberry Isld Gooseberry Isld
July 31 Trinity Drowning BROWN Stanley M C of E 21 Trinity Trinity
Aug. 06 Fair Isld Congenital Debility HOUNSELL Gordon L M C of E 15 Dys Fair Isld Fair Isld
Aug. 06 Trinity Pulm. T.B. BROWN Ella F C of E 14 1/2 Trinity Fair Isld
Aug. 07 Silver Fox Isld Cholera Infantum WICKS Harrison M C of E 1 Silver Fox Isld Silver Fox Isld
Aug. 08 Silver Fox Isld Cholera Infantum MATTHEWS Wilfred M C of E 3 Silver Fox Isld Silver Fox Isld
Sep. 19 Newport Pulm. T.B. ROGERS Frances F C of E 27 Newport Newport
Aug. 25 Round Hr. Fair Isld Cirrhosis of Liver ROGERS Samuel M C of E 76 No Entry Fair Isld
Sep. 06 Fair Isld Senility BROWN James B M C of E 87 Fair Isld Fair Isld
Sep. 22 Fair Isld Dysentery PICKETT Phoebe A F C of E 7 Fair Isld Fair Isld
Sep. 22 Fair Isld Dysentery ROGERS Ezra Jas. M C of E 2 Mos Fair Isld Fair Isld
July 14 Greenspond T.B. of Bowels JANES Andrew M C of E 35 No Entry Greenspond
July 26 Flat Isld Pneumonia SAMSON Sarah F C of E 68 No Entry Flat Isld
Apl 25 Glovertown No Entry SKEFFINGTON Charles M C of E 26 Glovertown Glovertown
Aug. 09 Glovertown Tuberculosis BUTT Joseph Hicks M C of E 54 Flat Isld Glovertown
Sep. 03 Glovertown Diptheria PARSONS Winnifred F C of E 14 Glovertown Glovertown
Sep. 19 Glovertown Carcinoma Liver JANES Ambrose M C of E 82 Grates Cove Glovertown
Sep. 27 Glovertown Convulsions ARNOLD Percy? M C of E 9 Dys Glovertown Glovertown
July 19 Melrose Infantile Paralysis Con. MACKEY Charles M C of E 1 Mo Melrose Catalina
July 19 Melrose Infantile Paralysis Con. MA?Y Elizabeth F C of E 1 Mo Melrose Catalina
Aug. 29 Sweet Bay Heart Failure KELLEY Andrew M C of E 68 Sweet Bay Sweet Bay
Sep. 18 Sweet Bay Pulm. T.B. ONEIL Thomas M C of E 22 Sweet Bay Sweet Bay
June 11 Musgrave Hr. Pulm. T.B. CANNING Laura Maud F C of E 11 Musgrave Hr Doting Cove
July 20 Musgrave Hr. Convulsions WHITEWAY Eva F C of E 5 Dys Musgrave Hr Doting Cove
Aug. 04 Musgrave Hr. Pulm. Haemorrhage WEST Martin M C of E 62 Lumsden Musgrave Hr
Aug. 08 Waldons Isld Pulm. T.B. HICKS Verna F C of E 14 Doting Cove Doting Cove
Sep. 28 Doting Cove General Debility PARDY William M C of E 72 Doting Cove Doting Cove
June ?0 Bonavista No Entry (Con) DURDELL Wilfred M C of E 3 Dys Bonavista Bonavista
PAGE 293                  
Aug. 02 Greenspond Cardiac Heart Failure BURRY Stephen M SA 60 Bonavista Bonavista
Sep. 05 Bonavista Convulsions KEEL Meta F SA 1 Mo. Greenspond Greenspond
Sep. 07 Bonavista Meningitis WHITE William M SA 18 Bonavista Bonavista
Feby 01 Gen'l Hosp. Comp'd Fracture Tibia PYRE Samuel M No Entry 46 Lethbridge B.B. Lethbridge B.B.
May 25 No Entry T.B. ELLIOT Rhoda F UC 54 Lethbridge B.B. Gen'l Protestant
June 07 Insane Hospital Encephalitis NOSEWORTHY Walter M No Entry 55 Wesleyville Wesleyville
July 06 Middle Brook No Entry PRITCHETT Trissie F C of E 13 Middle Brook Middle Brook
July 28 Middle Brook No Entry GUY Theophilus M C of E 8 Middle Brook Middle Brook
Sep. 20 Dark Cove Consumption SAUNDERS Joseph M C of E 25 Dark Cove Middle Brook
Aug. 24 Lance Cove No Entry (Con) STONE Eldred George M C of E 5 Dys Lance Cove Petley
Oct. 16 Bonavista Paralysis SHIRRAN Arthur M UC 62 Bonavista Bonavista
Nov. 05 Bonavista Meningitis WHIFFEN Gladys F UC 6 Bonavista Bonavista
Nov. 15 Bonavista Old Age MARTIN Maria F UC 89 Elliston Bonavista
Nov. 20 Bonavista Cancer HAMPTON Thomas M UC 54 Bonavista Bonavista
Nov. 25 Bonavista T.B General HAMPTON Annie M F UC 26 Bonavista Bonavista
Dec. 09 Bonavista Myocarditis MOULAND Elizabeth F UC 69 Bonavista Bonavista
Oct. 28 Little Catalina Convulsions EDGECOMBE Annie A F UC 4 Mos Little Catalina Little Catalina
Nov. 06 Catalina Convulsions EDGECOMBE Mary J F UC 4 Mos Little Catalina Little Catalina
Nov. 18 Catalina Paralysis DIAMOND Mary A F UC 75 Catalina Catalina
Oct. 25 Philadelphia Gas Poisoning STANFIELD Samuel M UC 35 Port Nelson Port Blandford
Dec. 26 Port Blandford Old Age HARRIS Elizabeth F UC 91 Goose Bay Port Blandford
Mar. 22 Greenspond Senility BURRY Job M UC 75 Greenspond Greenspond
May 09 Greenspond Pulm. T.B. COWARD Henry M UC 4 Greenspond Greenspond
Sep. 24 Safe Hr. Paralysis DYKE George M UC 67 Safe Hr. Safe Hr.
Sep. 27 Greenspond Marasmus WICKS Douglas George M UC 2 Mos Greenspond Greenspond
Oct. 12 Greenspond Carcinoma Bowels CHAYTOR Charles M UC 76 Greenspond Greenspond
Nov. 09 Greenspond Senility JERRETT Mrs. Annie F UC 68 Greenspond Greenspond
Dec. 08 Greenspond Senility GRANTER Robert M UC 87 Greenspond Greenspond
Feby 24 Plate Cove No Entry (Con) HOLLOWAY Baby M RC 2 Dys Plate Cove Open Hall
Apl 25 Plate Cove No Entry (Con) DOOLEY Baby F RC 2 Dys Plate Cove Open Hall
Aug. 05 Open Hall No Entry (Con) MURPHY Raymond M RC 2 Wks Open Hall Open Hall
Aug. 25 Broad Cove Tuberculosis KENEFIC Mary F RC 66 Stock Cove King's Cove
Aug. 31 Knights Cove No Entry (Con) RICKETTS Baby F RC 2 Dys Knights Cove King's Cove
Sep. 08 Stock Cove Influenza MAHONEY William M RC 15 Stock Cove King's Cove
Oct. 10 Kings Cove T.B. SULLIVAN Mary M F RC 72 King,s Cove King's Cove
Oct. 31 Knights Cove Bronchitis GALLASHUE Lawrence M RC 81 Stock Cove King's Cove
Oct. 31 Knights Cove No Entry (Con) WALSH Baby M RC 2 Dys Knights Cove King's Cove
Oct. 31 Kings Cove No Entry (Con) MURPHY Baby F RC 1 Dy King's Cove King's Cove
Nov. 08 Plate Cove W Tuberculosis WALSH Margaret F RC 72 Plate Cove W Open Hall
Nov. 22 Broad Cove No Entry ALYWARD John M RC 56 Broad Cove King's Cove
PAGE 294                  
Oct. 31 Knights Cove No Entry (Con) WALSH Baby F RC 2 Dys. Knights Cove King's Cove
Nov. 23 Keels Bronchitis MURPHY Michael M RC 55 Keels King's Cove
Oct. 13 Catalina Pulm. T.B. WALSH Bernard M RC 66 Catalina Catalina
Oct. 24 Catalina Heart Failure SUTTON John M RC 75 Catalina Catalina
Nov. 15 Spillars Cove Old Age FLEMMING Thomas M RC 82 Spillar's Cove S/ Bonavissta
Nov. 25 Bonavista Old Age CARROL Susannah F RC 83 Bonavista S/ Bonavissta
Oct. 10 Deer Isld Old Age FELTHAM Benjamin M UC 80 Deer Isld Deer Isld
Oct. 20 Braggs Isld Tumor on Brain HUNT Cator M UC 13 Bragg Isld Bragg Isld
Dec. 05 Flat Isld Convulsions BUTT Naboth M UC 8 Dys. Flat Isld Flat Isld
June 09 Gambo Tuberculosis DOOLEY Michael M RC 14 Gambo Gambo
Aug. 22 Pound Cove Pulm. Tuberculosis HOUNSELL Miriam F C of E 74 Pools Isld Pound Cove
Aug. 03 Badgers Quay Suppression of Urine SPURRELL John M C of E 80 Pools Isld Badgers Quay
Nov. 24 Valleyfield Paralysis WHITE Darius M C of E 76 Pools Isld Badgers Quay
Aug. 10 Badgers Quay Thyroid Gland SPURRELL Lewis M C of E 39 Pools Isld Badgers Quay
Dec. 15 Safe Hr. Inanition CALLOWAY Lillian M F C of E 4 Mos. Safe Hr. Safe Hr.
Dec. 23 Badgers Quay Paralysis POND John M C of E 69 Pools Isld Badgers Quay
Aug. 26 Badgers Quay Pulm. T.B. BROWN Llewelyn M C of E 17 Badgers Quay Badgers Quay
Nov. 08 Pools Isld Enlarged Prostate JANES Jeremiah M C of E 73 Pools Isld Pools Isld
June 07 St. Brendans Influenza WHITE Leo M RC 9 Mos. St. Brendans St. Brendans
Aug. 01 Burnt Isld Premature KELLY Francis M RC 2 Dys. Burnt Isld Burnt Isld
July 29 Burnt Isld S.B. KELLY Baby F RC SB Burnt Isld Burnt Isld
July 29 Burnt Isld Child Birth KELLY Elizabeth F RC 21 St. Brendans Burnt Isld
Aug. 07 St. Brendans Premature TURNER Baby M RC 10 Min. St. Brendans St. Brendans
Aug. 18 Labrador No Entry WALSH John M RC 11 St. Brendans St. Brendans
Nov. 22 St. Brendans Paralysis KEAN Joseph M RC 48 Burnt Isld St. Brendans
Dec. 18 St. Brendans Old Age AYLWARD Ellen F RC 84 St. Brendans St. Brendans
Aug. 10 Eastport Pulm. Phthisis DYKE Mary Emma F C of E 27 Eastport Salvage Bay
Aug. 30 Eastport Marasmus DYKE Cecil Gladstone M C of E 10 Dys. Eastport Salvage Bay
Sep. 08 Happy Adventure Arterio Sclerosis ELLIOTT Alfred M C of E 65 Happy Adventure Salvage Bay
Nov. 08 Deer Lake Pneumonia GINN Frederick M C of E 16 Happy Adventure Salvage Bay
Dec. 02 Happy Adventure Enteric Fever TURNER Raymond M C of E 30 Happy Adventure Salvage Bay
Dec. 10 Eastport T.B. Meningitis SQUIRE Beatrice F C of E 17 Eastport Salvage Bay
Dec. 21 Eastport Pulm. Phthisis SQUIRE Margaret F C of E 18 Eastport Salvage Bay
Sep. 28 Salvage Arterio Sclerosis DURDLE James M C of E 83 Salvage Salvage
Sep. 30 Salvage Brights Disease OLDFORD Thomas M C of E 55 Salvage Salvage
Oct. 07 Salvage Influenza BROWN Albert M C of E 10 Salvage Salvage
July 31 Traytown Inanition FRY John M C of E 1 Dy. Traytown Traytown
Dec. 16 Angle Brook Marasmus WARREN Stanley M C of E 3 Mos. Angle Brook Traytown
Oct. 01 St. Chads Arterio Sclerosis LANE Sarah Anne F C of E 74 Salvage St. Chads
Aug. 27 Detroit USA Influenza PIKE Alister John M C of E 24 North Isld North Isld
PAGE 295                  
Sep. 21 North Isld Senility DAVIS Maria M C of E 85 Flat Isld North Isld
Oct. 08 Flat Isld T.B. Peritonitis SAMSON ??????? F C of E 52 Flat Isld Flat Isld
Dec. 08 Flat Isld Senility SAMSON William M C of E 76 Flat Isld Flat Isld
Oct. 08 Leading Tickles Heart Trouble BUTLER Margaret (OFF) F RC (OFF) 66 Merasheen Is. P.B. Fortune Hr.
Dec. 21 Fortune Hr. Senility CROKE Frederick (OFF) M RC (OFF) 83 1/2 No Entry Fortune Hr.
July 21 Wesleyville Nephritis MULLETT James M UC 65 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Sep. 17 Wesleyville Enteritis MULLETT Garland M UC 1 1/2 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Sep. 18 Wesleyville Marasmus CARTER Samuel Gordon M UC 1 1/2 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Sep. 23 Wesleyville Choleystitis HILLIER Gertrude F UC 41 Catalina Wesleyville
Sep. 25 Wesleyville Cerebral Tumor HOUSE George M UC 71 Gooseberry Isld Wesleyville
Sep. 25 Brookfield Dysentery BEST Philomena Esther F UC 13 Mos Brookfield Brookfield
Oct. 24 Wesleyville Senility BEST William M UC 84 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Oct. 27 Pound Cove Pulm. T.B. HOWELL Matilda F UC 33 Newtown Pound Cove
Oct. 30 Brookfield Carcinoma Pylorus KEAN Virtue F UC 71 Cape Freels Brookfield
Nov. 19 Wesleyville Senility BEST Martha F UC 80 No Entry Wesleyville
Nov. 27 Wesleyville Paralysis FIFIELD Elijah M UC 67 Wesleyville Wesleyville
Dec. 17 Wesleyville Intussusception of Intestines WARFIELD Hubert Donald M UC 3 Mos Wesleyville Wesleyville
Oct. 11 Brooklyn Senility PYE Mary Anne F UC 84 Catalina Brooklyn
Jany 08 Portland Influenza ASH Emma Jane F UC 75 Carbonear Portland
Jany 11 Musgravetown E Influenza GREENINGS John Alex. L M UC 54 Musgravetown Musgravetown
Jany 13 Musgravetown E Influenza YOUNG Gerald F.W. M UC 10 Mos Musgravetown Musgravetown
Feby 01 Gen'l Hospital Amputation Leg? Comp'd Fracture PYE Samuel M UC 46 Lethbridge Lethbridge
Feby 11 Musgravetown Scarlet Fever SAINT Kate F UC 14 Musgravetown Musgravetown
Feby 11 Lethbridge Senility LETHBRIDGE Jane F UC 92 Bonavista Lethbridge
Mar. 03 Portland Senility CURTIS William S. M UC 77 Northern Bay Portland
Mar. 11 Bloomfield Senility PERRY Ellen F UC 93 Catalina Musgravetown
Mar. 14 Brooklyn Senility HANCOCK Susannah F UC 88 Cupids Brooklyn
Sep. 01 Bloomfield Pulm. T.B. PEDDLE Jesse M UC 43 Bloomfield Musgravetown
May 15 Bloomfield Cancer of Breast KEATS Elizabeth F UC 71 Knights Cove Musgravetown
July 17 Alexander Bay Drowning WARREN Arthur H. M SA 2 5/12 Alexander Bay Alexander Bay
Aug. 03 Greenspond Inflammation WHEELER Josephine R.E. F SA 18 Dys. Greenspond Greenspond
Oct. 01 Bonavista Convulsions WAY James M SA 3 Mos Bonavista Bonavista
Dec. 23 Bonavista Convulsions ABBOTT Willis John M SA 6 Dys. Bonavista Bonavista
Nov. 04 Musgrave Hr. General Debility MOULAND Sarah F SA 81 Musgrave Hr. Doting Cove
Nov. 08 Musgrave Hr. Cancer of Stomach MOULAND Josiah M SA 57 Musgrave Hr. Musgrave Hr.
Oct. 31 Aspen Cove Pulm. T.B. ANGEL George M SA 65 Aspen Cove Aspen Cove
Nov. 10 Musgrave Hr. General Debility WHITEWAY Moses M SA 79 Musgrave Hr. Doting Cove
Dec. 02 Ladle Cove T.B. Meningitis WELLON Laura F SA 18 Ladle Cove Ladle Cove
Apl 07 Southern Bay Old Age WICKS Sinclair M C of E 78 Southern Bay Southern Bay
June 14 Winter Brook No Entry ELLIOTT Susie F C of E 23 Winter Brook Winter Brook
PAGE 296                  
June 22 Princetown Old Age MOSS Jacob M C of E 97 Princetown Princetown
June 29 Canning's Cove Congenital Debility CHATMAN Malcolm M C of E 1 Mo. Canning's Cove Canning's Cove
July 15 Canning's Cove No Entry CHATMAN Wm. Joseph M C of E 40 Canning's Cove Canning's Cove
Sep. 28 Portland No Entry RICKETTS Annie F C of E 46 Portland Portland
Sep. 26 Canning's Cove No Entry SIMMONDS Irene F C of E 14 Canning's Cove Canning's Cove
Oct. 02 Brooklyn No Entry QUINTON Margaret F C of E 70 Brooklyn Brooklyn
Sep. 30 Trinity Dysentery CUTLER Bessie Lorreta F C of E 1 1/2 Trinity Trinity
Oct. 05 Trinity T.B. Miliary BROWN Carmen M C of E 6 1/2 Trinity Trinity
Oct. 12 Newport Brights Disease COLLINS Jane F C of E 82 No Entry Newport
Oct. 11 Trinity No Entry POND Mary Dorcas F C of E 2 Trinity Trinity
Nov. 07 Fair Isld Senility BOLAND Mary F C of E 73 No Entry Fair Isld
Nov. 18 Fair Isld Marasmus PICKETT Daisy F C of E 1 1/2Mo. Fair Isld Fair Isld
Dec. 09 Greenspond Senility CARTER Hannah F C of E 86 No Entry Greenspond
Sep. 01 Glovertown Child Birth BROOKING Mildred F UC No Entry Sanders Cove Glovertown
Oct. 09 Happy Adventure Arterio Sclerosis POWELL James M UC 79 Happy Adventure Happy Adventure
Oct. 24 Glovertown Malnutrition SPARKES Raymond John M UC 7 1/2Mos Glovertown Glovertown
Oct. 14 Northern Cove Teething STOKES Carrie Loretta F UC 16 Mos. Northern Cove Cape Cove
Dec. 07 Lumsden Diabetes BUTT Maud F UC 37 3/4 Cape Isld Lumsden N
Apl 09 Bonavista Burns SHORT Norman M Ch of Eng. 3 1/2 Bonavista Bonavista
Apl 12 Bonavista Brights Disease STREET Augustus M Ch of Eng. 43 Spillars Cove Bonavista
May 05 Bonavista T.B. (crossed out) TILLEY John M   56 Bonavista Bonavista
May 14 Bonavista T.B. HAYLEY Eva F Ch of Eng. 13 Bonavista Bonavista
May 27 Bonavista Inanition AYLES Violet F Ch of Eng. 1 Mo. Bonavista Bonavista
June 05 Bonavista Typhoid Fever EDMONDS Frederick M Ch of Eng. 23 Bonavista Bonavista
Aug. 07 Bonavista No Entry (Con) ROLLS Marjorie F Ch of Eng. 3 Mo. Bonavista Bonavista
Aug. 11 Elliston Cancer of Bowels TILLEY Samson M Ch of Eng. 65 Elliston Elliston
Oct. 18 Bonavista Meningitis DURDLE Herbert M Ch of Eng. 12 Bonavista Bonavista
Oct. 22 Bonavista Senility ABBOTT Elizabeth F Ch of Eng. 91 Bonavista Bonavista
Oct. 25 Bonavista T.B. EDMONDS Alma F Ch of Eng. 21 Bonavista Bonavista
Dec. 06 Spillars Cove Pulm. T.B. STREET Stephen M Ch of Eng. 55 Bonavista Bonavista
July 08 Newmans Cove Senile Decay ROLLS James M Ch of Eng. 88 Bonavista Bonavista
Aug. 31 Newmans Cove Senile Decay EDMONDS Robert M Ch of Eng. 79 Newmans Cove Bonavista
Sep. 01 Newmans Cove Inanition HARVEST Leslie M Ch of Eng. 10 Mos Newmans Cove Bonavista
Aug. 25 Amherst Cove Scarletina WESTHAVEN? Eileen F Ch of Eng. 1 8/12 Hlfx. N.S. Amherst Cove
Sep. 20 Amherst Cove Senile Decay SKEFFINGTON Charlotte F Ch of Eng. 83 Lower Isld Cove Amherst Cove
Jany 03 Asylum S John's T.B. AYLES William M Ch of Eng. 26 Bonavista Bonavista
Sep. 28 Gen'l Hosp. Intestinal Obstruction GOODYEAR James M Ch of Eng. 54 Barrow Hr. B.B. Bonavista
Aug. 08 Kings Cove No Entry COFFIN Elizabeth F Ch of Eng. 82? Barrow Hr. B.B. Kings Cove
Aug. 31 Kings Cove No Entry BROWN Thomas M Ch of Eng. 69 Kings Cove Kings Cove
Oct. 07 Kings Cove No Entry NOBLE Sarah Gladys F Ch of Eng. 20 Rose Blanche Kings Cove
PAGE 297                  
Oct. 23 Kings Cove No Entry HANCOCK Amelia F Ch of Eng 83 Kings Cove Kings Cove
Oct. 21 Keels No Entry MASH Wilfred M Ch of Eng 9 Keels Keels
Nov. 23 Plate Cove No Entry PHILPOT James M Ch of Eng 76 Plate Cove Plate Cove
Dec. 14 Kings Cove No Entry (Con) BROWN Amy Pearl F Ch of Eng 11 Mos Kings Cove Open Hall
Oct. 28 Newmans Cove Cancer of Stomach RYAN Elizabeth F UC 63 Newmans Cove Newmans Cove
Nov. 24 Newmans Cove Paralysis HICKS Robert M UC 65 Newmans Cove Newmans Cove
Nov. 27 Elliston Burns & Shock CREWE Dora F UC 4 Elliston Elliston
Dec. 18 Newmans Cove Typhoid ROMAINE Virtue F UC 9 Bonavista Newmans Cove
Nov. 03 Wellington Appendicitis COLLINS Frederick M SA 23 Wellington Wellington
Dec. 03 Wellington Pulm. T.B. PARSONS Eliza F SA 20 No Entry No Entry
Dec. 20 Glovertown Tuberculosis FELTHAM Sarah F UC 49 Deer Isld Glovertown
Dec. 06 Drowned at Sea Drowning PARSONS Rex Raymor? M UC 20 Templeman Body not recovered
Dec. 27 Benton SB KING Baby M UC SB Benton Benton

Transcribed by: Betty Cumby (2012)

Page Last Modified: Saturday August 31, 2013 (Don Tate)
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