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Vital Records
Register of Deaths

St. John's City District

Book 10
PAGES 63 - 74

SOURCE: LDS Microfilm Reels

Date of Death Place of Death Cause of Death Surname Given Names Sex Religious Denomination Age Place of Birth Place of Internment
PAGE 63                  
June 29 Poor Asylum Old Age DILLON Annie S F R.C. 89   Mt. Carmel
June 21 St. Philips Heart Failure TUCKER Henry Sr. M R.C. 87 St. Philips Portugal Cove
June 22 Portugal Cove Rd. Convulsions GLADNEY Joseph M R.C. 14Wks. Portugal Cove Rd. Portugal Cove
June 28 135 Theatre Hill Myocarditis WYLIE Elizabeth F R.C. 75   Belvedere
Apl. 20 S. John's Old Age SPRACKLIN Charlotte F Adventist 81 Port de Grave Gen'l Protestant
June 27 S. John's Indigestion BUTLER Harold S M Adventist 3Mo. S. John's Gen'l Protestant
June 11 Mt. Pearl Old Age BROPHY Lawrence M R.C. 81 M Pearl Kilbride
June 15 Topsail Rd. Old Age NEVILLE Bridget F R.C. 85 Topsail Rd. Belvedere
June 22 Topsail Rd. Convulsions PATRICK? Nolan? M R.C. 16Mo. Topsail Rd. Kilbride
June 25 Kilbride Cancer/Liver MERNER Michael M R.C. 56 Kilbride Kilbride
June 27 S.Side Road Heart Failure RYAN Catherine F R.C. 75 S.S. Road Kilbride
Jan. 06 Freshwater Senile Decay REES John M C.O.E. 87 Lance Cove Lance Cove
Jan. 19 Bell Isld. Senile Decay DICKS Moses M C.O.E. 73 Hr. Buffett Bell Isld.
Feb. 22 Bell Isld. Arthritis DICKS Evelyn F C.O.E. 13 Bell Isld. Bell Isld.
Feb. 21 Lance Cove Senile Decay BUTT Martha F C.O.E. 88 Lance Cove Lance Cove
Apl. 26 Torbay Rd. Pneumonia COLLINS Charles M R.C. 65 S. John's Mt. Carmel
May 03 Torbay Rd. Pneumonia DRUKEN Ellen F R.C. 60 Torbay Mt. Carmel
May 25 Portugal Cove Rd. Pluro Pneumonia MAHON Michael M R.C. 58 S. John's Mt. Carmel
June 04 Logy Bay Heart Disease RYAN Catherine F R.C. 53 Logy Bay Mt. Carmel
July 01 Freshwater Rd. Senility ENGLISH William M U.C. 80 S. John's Gen'l Protestant
July 01 Pleasant St. Prematurity GRACE Baby F R.C. SB S. John's Belvedere
July 01 Pleasant St. Prematurity GRACE Baby F R.C. SB S. John's Belvedere
July 01 Pleasant St. Prematurity GRACE Baby F R.C. SB S. John's Belvedere
July 02 Rochester USA Carcinoma/Sigmoid PARSONS Dr. Wm. H M Presb'n 48 Hr. Grace Hr. Grace
July 03 13 Convent Sq. Senility O'KEEFE Mary F R.C. 82   Mt. Carmel
July 03 47 Bond St. Carcinoma ANDREWS Benjamin M U.C. 63   Gen'l Protestant
July 03 3 Quidi Vidi Rd. Pul. Phthisis WALSH James M R.C. 48   Mt. Carmel
July 03 75 Hamilton St. SB POWER Infant M R.C. SB   Mt. Carmel
July 03 185 Pleasant St. Pul. T.B. BURTON Maria F R.C. 49   Mt. Carmel
July 04 Duckworth St. Drowning MAHER Neil M R.C. 52   Mt. Carmel
July 05 15 Holdsworth St. Pul. T.B. RYAN James M R.C. 43   Mt. Carmel
July 06 Portugal Cove Rd. Pul. T.B. TRICCO Daniel R M R.C. 21   Mt. Carmel
July 07 17 Cuddihy St. Carcinoma/Uterus KELLEY Mrs. Nelly F R.C. 30   Mt. Carmel
July 07 Upper Battery Pul. T.B. LANE Alexander M S.A. 19   S. Army
July 08 Gen'l Hosp. Pleurisy HUGHES Robert M U.C. 65   Gen'l Protestant
July 08 28 Cook St. Marasmus J Joseph --> KEAN M R.C. 4Wks.   Mt. Carmel
July 08 272 New Gower St. Pulm. T.B. LIM Gong M R.C. 22   Gen'l Protestant
July 09 Grace Hosp. Gen'l Debility PECKHAM William M R.C. 8Mo.   Mt. Carmel
July 09 12 Catherine St. Stricture Esophagus MORRISSEY Lawrence M R.C. 3   Mt. Carmel
July 10 Theatre Hill Chronic Nephritis JOCELYN Mary F R.C. 56   Belvedere
PAGE 64                  
July 11 Kenmount Rd. SB POWER Baby F R.C. SB   Belvedere
July 12 Pleasant St. Lobar Pneumonia QUIRK Rose F R.C. 35   Mt. Carmel
July 13 Barnes Rd. Carcinoma/Bowel MAHON John M R.C. 73   Belvedere
July 14 4 Brazils Sq. Tuberculosis HALLIDAY Florence F U.C. 11Mo.   Gen'l Protestant
July 14 S.S. Road W Senility BAKER Mary F R.C. 88   Belvedere
July 14 Mundy Pond Rd. Carcimonia (Madips Tinum? MERCER Thomas M S.A. 57   S. Army
July 15 Hosp/Insane Vav. Heart Disease GARLAND Elizabeth F U.C. 54   Gen'l Protestant
July 15 7 Kings Rd. SB WILLAR Baby F C.O.E. SB   C.O.E.
July 15 11 Longs Hill Old Age KENNEDY Ellen Mrs. F R.C. 88   Mt. Carmel
July 16 Pleasant St. Drowning NOLAN Mary F R.C. 29   Belvedere
July 15 Hosp/Insane Epilepsy THOMAS Minnie F   57   Body sent to Carbonear
July 17 28 Flower Hill Asthenia MURPHY Mary F R.C. 2Wks.   Mt. Carmel
July 18 11 Cochrane St. Senility GALLIVAN Michael M R.C. 84   Belvedere
July 20 Cabot St. SB LANE Mrs George Baby M U.C. SB   Gen'l Protestant
Apl. 01 Wabana Deformity FOWLOW Harrison M C.O.E. SB Wabana Bell Isld.
Apl. 03 Wabana Deformity NOSEWOTHY Ruby F C.O.E. SB Wabana Bell Isld.
Apl. 20 Wabana Deformity TARRENT Ettie? Phoebe F C.O.E. SB Wabana Bell Isld.
Apl. 24 Wabana Bronchitis MEADUS Florence F C.O.E. 4Mo. Wabana Bell Isld.
May 12 Wabana   HAMMOND Etta Louise F C.O.E. 1Mo. Wabana Bell Isld.
May 30 Wabana   HIGGINS Doris F C.O.E. 3Mo. Wabana Bell Isld.
June 11 Wabana SB BUTLER John M C.O.E. SB Bell Isld. Bell Isld.
July 20 103? Barters Hill Convulsions COLLINS John M R.C. 13Mo. S. John's Mt. Carmel
July 20 69 Colonial St. T.B. WALSH William M R.C. 51 S. John's Belvedere
July 21 Long Pond Drowning TUFF Ralph M U.C. 16 S. John's Gen'l Protestant
July 22 39 McKay St. Prematurity GUEST Baby F C.O.E. SB S. John's C.O.E.
July 22 Hosp/Insane Senile Dementia HALL Jno. Robert M   65 Little Bay Islds. Little Bay Islds.
July 23 8 Clifford St. Convulsions MCGORY Lillian? F R.C. 1 S. John's Mt. Carmel
July 23 S. John's Hosp. Intracranial Haemorrhage SHEA Patrick M R.C. 63 S. John's Belvedere
July 24 115 Cabot St. Old Age CRITCH Ambrose M C.O.E. 92   C.O.E.
July 25 57 Pennywell Rd. Asthenia NOSEWOTHY Frances F U.C. 30Mins.   Gen'l Protestant
July 25 124 Bond St. Phthisis TURNER George M R.C. 15Hr.?   Belvedere
July 27 11 Field St. Marasmus THISTLE Betty Louise F U.C. 3Mo.   Gen'l Protestant
July 27 Grace Hosp. SB SPARKS Baby F U.C. SB   Gen'l Protestant
July 27 Convent Lane Accident-Dynamite WARREN John M R.C. 46   Mt. Carmel
July 28 Middle Battery Rd Bronchits SKINNER Charles J M C.O.E. 32   C.O.E.
July 28 Newtown Rd. Anaemia SWEETAPPLE Ethel F U.C. 37   Gen'l Protestant
July 28 136 Gower St. Myocarditis, Senility DOYLE Edward M C.O.E. 84   C.O.E.
July 29 63 Queens Rd. Rheumatic Fever MORRIS Joan Rosemond F C.O.E. 3   C.O.E.
July 29 6 Clifford St. Convulsions SPURRELL Willis M U.C. 16   Gen'l Protestant
July 29 Fever Hosp. Peritonitis T.B. KENNEDY Anna F R.C. 22   Belvedere
PAGE 65                  
July 30 95 Casey St. Myocarditis, Senile BROWN Liberius? J M R.C. 75   Belvedere
July 30 57 Springdale St. Acute Pleurisy LINDSAY Harold M U.C. 35   Gen'l Protestant
July 31 38 ???? St. T.B. Meningitis MARTIN Josephine F R.C. 5   Mt. Carmel
June 12 Petty Hr. Cong. Debility CHAFE Robert M C.O.E. 1Y/6M Petty Hr. Petty Hr.
June 10 Bell Isld. Broncho Pneumonia BROWN James Woodrow M S.A. 5Mo. Bell Isld. Bell Isld.
June 11 Bell Isld. Inanition GOSSE Mary? Stella F S.A. 2Mo. Bell Isld. Bell Isld.
Apl. 03 Goulds Convulsions FINN Dorothy F R.C. 7Mo. Goulds Goulds
Apl. 08 Petty Hr. Convulsions STARK Ellen F R.C. 61 Petty Hr. Petty Hr.
Apl. 08 Petty Hr. Influenza EVERARD James M R.C. 16 Petty Hr. Petty Hr.
May 01 Goulds Old Age SMITH Elizabeth F R.C. 84 Petty Hr. Goulds
May 11 Petty Hr. Paralysis CHAFE Mary F R.C. 72 Petty Hr. Petty Hr.
May 15 Maddox Cove Meningitis MADDEN Edward M R.C. 17 Maddox Cove Petty Hr.
June 02 Maddox Cove Old Age MADDEN Anna F R.C. 87 Maddox Cove Petty Hr.
May 16 Petty Hr. Convulsions STARK Mary F R.C. 8Mo. Petty Hr. Petty Hr.
June 24 Goulds Old Age FINN Mary F R.C. 84 Goulds Goulds
Aug. 01 26 Springdale St. Phthisis ROSE Althea? M F U.C. 27 S. John's Gen'l Protestant
Aug. 01 28 Cook St. Korsakoffs Psychosis SQUIRES Florence F C.O.E. 26 S. John's C.O.E.
Aug. 01 Logy Bay Senility MAHER Johanna F R.C. 90   Mt. Carmel
Aug. 01 Prescott St. Senility McCOUBREY Adam M C.O.E. 82   C.O.E.
Aug. 01 C.O.E. Orphanage Vav'r Disease/Heart COFIELD Mrs. William F S.A. 75   S. Army
Aug. 02 Kenmount Rd. Chronic Bronchitis RYAN Ellen F R.C. 70   Mt. Carmel
Aug. 04 22 Gear St. Senility LEONARD Mrs. Mary F U.C. 86   Gen'l Protestant
Aug. 04 Atlantic Ave. Tub. Peritonitis WAY Elizabeth F U.C. 48   Gen'l Protestant
Aug. 06 St. Clairs Hosp. Carcinoma/Bowel BYRNE Ellen F R.C. 55   Belvedere
Aug. 06 Colonial St. Arterio Sclerosis GHENT John M C.O.E. 76   C.O.E.
Aug. 06 89 Bond St. Cancer/Stomach SAMUELSON Eliza'h Ann F R.C. 67   C.O.E.
Aug. 07 St.John's Place, Brien St. Still Birth FRAMPTON   M U.C. SB   Gen'l Protestant
Aug. 07 13 Bond St. Acute Indigestion MOLLOY Patrick M R.C. 55   Belvedere
Aug. 07 Blank Still Birth OWENS Mary F R.C. SB   Mt. Carmel
Aug. 08 162 Military Rd. Myocarditis ROCHE Johanna F R.C. 77   Belvedere
Aug. 10 Southcott Hosp. Apoplexy GREENE Geo. Fred. A M U.C. 52   Gen'l Protestant
Aug. 10 84 Voys Lane Pulm. Haemorrhage POWER James J M R.C. 10Dys.   Mt. Carmel
Aug. 11 10 Gill Place Senile Decay HOSKINS Jane F C.O.E. 83   C.O.E.
Aug. 11 113 Freshwater Rd. Senile Decay STOTT David M Presb'n 80   Gen'l Protestant
Aug. 11 NF Infirmary TB of Bowels CHAFFEY Joe M   16   Crabbes
Aug. 11 7 Waldegrave St. Dystocia WILKENS John M U.C. 30Mins.   Gen'l Protestant
Aug. 13 Grace Hosp. Prematurity KENNEDY Frances F R.C. 7Hrs.   Mt. Carmel
Aug. 13 10 LeMarchant Rd. Natural Causes BROWNE Bridget F R.C. 57   Belvedere
Aug. 14 Hosp/Insane Mania Depression MASON Robert M R.C. 54   Mt. Carmel
Aug. 14 7 Prospect St. Myocarditis CHAFE Charles M C.O.E. 80   C.O.E.
PAGE 66                  
Aug. 16 S. John's Myocarditis HAYES John M R.C. 72   Belvedere
Aug. 16 Mundy Pond Meningitis MCDONALD Cyril M R.C. 16   Mt. Carmel
Aug. 16 Cook St. Marasmus TIBBO John M S.A. 4Wks.   S. Army
Aug. 17 28 Cook St. Inf. Intoxication HEPDITCH Baby F S.A. 17Mo. Clatt??? Hr. Mt. Carmel
Aug. 18 Fever Hosp. Typhoid SKINNER John M C.O.E. 20 Hr. Breton C.O.E.
Aug. 18 Convent Carcinoma/Stomach PHELAN Mother Mary Francis F R.C. 75   Private St.Patricks
Aug. 18 Blackler Ave. Convulsions CHAFE Albert M U.C. 9Wks.   Gen'l Protestant
Aug. 20 Freshwater Rd. Old Age ANDREWS Mrs. Sarah F C.O.E. 80   Upper Gullies
Aug. 20 84 Voy's Lane SB RYAN Baby   R.C. SB   Mt. Carmel
Aug. 20 Gen'l Hosp. Injury Spinal Cord COLLINS Ambrose M R.C. 29   Placentia
Aug. 21 13 Monkstown Rd. Mycocarditis DONNELLY Rt? Rev. Jos. V M R.C. 84   Belvedere
Aug. 21 Grace Hosp. Convulsions PARDY Susie F U.C. 4   Gen'l Protestant
Aug. 22 13 Prospect St. Ch. Bronchitis HARRIS William M U.C. 80   Gen'l Protestant
Aug. 22 5 Murray St. Pneumonia FISHER Baby M R.C. 1Dy   Mt. Carmel
Aug. 25 10 Murphy Sq. Melancholia HALLIGAN Mary F R.C. 75   Belvedere
Aug. 24 Grace Hosp. Tub. Pneumonia CROTTY Sheila F R.C. 18Mo.   Mt. Carmel
Aug. 24 Richmond (Ryd)? Nephritis BROWNING Miss E F Presb'n 80   Gen'l Protestant
Aug. 24 Gen'l Hosp. Appendicitis DARCY William M R.C. 32   Mt. Carmel
Aug. 26 59 South Side Laryngitis Acute EBSARY Hope F U.C. 4   Gen'l Protestant
Aug. 27 58 Monroe St. Pneumonia SHUTE Chesley M U.C. 9Mo.   Gen'l Protestant
Aug. 28   Heart Block CARTER? Frederick M C.O.E. 67   C.O.E.
Aug. 27 54 Duckworth St. Gastro Enteritis MUGFORD Jesse? Margaret F C.O.E. 6   C.O.E.
Aug. 27 28 Cook St. Senile Decay C??NOW Mrs. Katherine F U.C. 76   Gen'l Protestant
Aug. 27 Grace Hosp. SB NOSEWOTHY Baby M R.C. SB   Mt. Carmel
Aug. 28 15 Simms St. Carcinoma/Liver FOLEY Jane F R.C. 64   Mt. Carmel
Aug. 29 24 Scott St. Chronic Nephritis TAYLOR Mrs. Jane F C.O.E. 75   C.O.E.
July 23 (Hr.)St.John's Carters Hill Drowning WATTS William M C.O.E. 11   C.O.E.
Sep. 01 42 Duckworth St. Endocarditis BILLINGS Sarah F R.C. 74   Mt. Carmel
Sep. 01 Freshwater Rd. Inanition JACKMAN Gertrude F R.C. 6Wks.   Mt. Carmel
Sep. 01 Blackler Ave. Carcinoma/Stomach POWER William M R.C. 65   Belvedere
Sep. 01 26 Central St. Pulm. T.B. MCGRATH Mrs. Lizzie F R.C. 57   Belvedere
Sep. 04 Railway Line Fracture Skull ABBOTT William M R.C. 32   Mt. Carmel
Sep. 03 Gen'l Hosp. Fracture Skull JOYCE Frederick M U.C. 24   Gen'l Protestant
Sep. 05 50 Duckworth St. SB KING Ch.of Mrs.Albert M R.C. SB   Mt. Carmel
Sep. 05 28 Cook St. Myocarditis SKANES Mrs. Sarah F C.O.E. 60   C.O.E.
Sep. 06 76 George St. Ceberal[sic] Haemorrhage KENNEDY David M R.C. 73   Belvedere
Sep. 06 33 Bannerman St. Arterio Sclerosis REARIDGAN John M R.C. 58   Mt. Carmel
Sep. 07 Kenmount Rd. T.B. Colitis MILLER Mary S F C.O.E. 68   C.O.E.
Sep. 09 Adams Lane Child Birth FLYNN Baby F R.C. 5Hrs.   Mt. Carmel
Sep. 09 15 McFarlin St. Colitis SHEPPARD Amelia? P F U.C. 66   Gen'l Protestant
PAGE 67                  
Sep. 08 Sanatorium Pulm. T.B. CAKES Elizabeth F C.O.E. 29 S.W.Arm Green Bay C.O.E.
Sep. 10 24 Bannerman St. Myocarditis MCDERMOT Patrick M R.C. 80   Belvedere
Sep. 10 55 Queen's Rd. Old Age PENDERGRAST Mary F R.C. 82   Belvedere
Sep. 10 Hanly's Place Tuberculosis KANE Rosanna F R.C. 42   Mt. Carmel
Sep. 11 8 Sebastian St. Cerebral Haemorrhage PITMAN Elizabeth F R.C. 42   Mt. Carmel
Sep. 12 43 New Gower St. Old Age DARCY Michael J M R.C. 85   Belvedere
Sep. 12 1 Sheehan Shute Enteritis BARRY Edward? M R.C. 9Mo.   Mt. Carmel
Sep. 13 Lower Battery Rd. Enteritis HANSFORD George M R.C. 1   Mt. Carmel
Sep. 14 Grace Hosp. Injury during Birth STEELE Baby M G.Prot.UC SB   Gen'l Protestant
Sep. 15 29 Cook St. Abdominal Tumour GODDEN? Emma F C.O.E. 77   C.O.E.
Sep. 15 Poor Asylum Old Age LANGMEADE Mary F R.C. 98   Mt. Carmel
Sep. 15 McDougall St. SB DILLON Baby M R.C. SB   Mt. Carmel
Sep. 14 Hosp/Insane Cancer/Stomach BEST Albert M C.O.E. 65   C.O.E.
Sep. 15 334 Duckworth St. Pulm. T.B. AYLWARD John M R.C. 26   Belvedere
Sep. 15 Gen'l Hosp. Meningitis FERNANDES Samuel S M R.C. 18   Mt. Carmel
Sep. 15 Parade St. Senility ASHLEY Thomas M R.C. 93   Belvedere
Sep. 16 42 Cochrane St. Heart Disease ?USTO?SON Agnes F R.C. 74   Belvedere
Sep. 16 66 Bannerman St. Carcinoma/Stomach LODER William M   77   Ht's Content T.B.
Sep. 17 31 Goodview St. Inanition GRIFFITHS Mary F R.C. 3Mo.   Mt. Carmel
Sep. 18 67 Gower? St. Carcinoma/Liver SCOTT Peter M R.C. 72   Belvedere
Sep. 18 1 Sheehan Shute Enteritis BARRY Mary F R.C. 21Mo.   Mt. Carmel
Sep. 18 Gear St. Fracture Skull BUTLER James M U.C. 24   Gen'l Protestant
Sep. 19 NF Infirmary (21 Goodview St.) Old Age DONOVAN? James M R.C. 76   Mt. Carmel
Sep. 19 87 Lime St. Tuber./Bowels GARLAND John T M U.C. 69   Gen'l Protestant
Sep. 20 35 Water St. W SB WILLIAMS Mary F U.C. SB   Gen'l Protestant
Sep. 20 Hosp/Insane Enteritis CARTER Lucretia ? F C.O.E. 5?5   C.O.E.
Sep. 22 Sudbury St. Endocarditis PARK Peter M C.O.E. 44   C.O.E.
Sep. 22 Gen'l Hosp. Carcinoma PIKE Emma F R.C. 65   Belvedere
Sep. 22 Willow? St. Gastro Enteritis GILLARD Aida? M F Adventist 18Mo.   Gen'l Protestant
Sep. 23 30 James St. Acute Bronchitis BAKER Isabella F S.A. 6Mo.   S. Army
Sep. 23 28 Cook St. SB BEST Baby M S.A. SB   S. Army
Sep. 24 22 Lime Place Gastro Enteritis WARREN Patrick Joseph M R.C. 7Mo.   Mt. Carmel
Sep. 24 Calver Ave. Scalds SOPER Henry M C.O.E. 2   C.O.E.
Sep. 25 54 Hamilton St. Gastro Enteritis OWENS Robert M R.C. 10M/2W   Mt. Carmel
Sep. 25 Poor Asylum Old Age HUTCHINGS Mary F R.C. 76   Mt. Carmel
Sep. 26 NF Infirmary Cerebral Haemorrhage WHITTEN Mrs. Bridget F R.C. 79   Mt. Carmel
Sep. 26 Freshwater Valley Lues DUFF John M R.C. 10   Mt. Carmel
Sep. 26 24 Lime St. Enteritis ROCHE Richard Joseph M R.C. 10Mo.   Mt. Carmel
Sep. 27 243 Hamilton St. Cardiac BRANSFIELD Elizabeth F R.C. 65   Sent to Carbonear
Sep. 27 7 Wood? St. Pneumonia BYRNE James M R.C. 59   Belvedere
PAGE 68                  
Aug. 20 Portugal Cove Heart Failure CLARE Mary F R.C. 68 Portugal Cove Portugal Cove
July 02 Bell Isld. Pneumonia COBB Genevieve F R.C. 7Mo. Bell Isld. Bell Isld.
July 08 Bell Isld. Consumption SULLIVAN Mary F R.C. 17 Bell Isld. Bell Isld.
July 12 Bell Isld. SB DOBBIN Mary F R.C. SB Bell Isld. Bell Isld.
Aug. 03 Bell Isld. Pneumonia QUIGLEY Peter M R.C. 11M/2W Bell Isld. Bell Isld.
Aug. 28 Bell Isld. Pneumonia KEARY? Stephen M R.C. 1Y/9M Bell Isld. Bell Isld.
Sep. 06 Bell Isld. Kidney Trouble QUIGLEY Mary F R.C. 40 Bell Isld. Bell Isld.
Sep. 14 Bell Isld. Prematurity MILLER Mary F R.C. 1Dy Bell Isld. Bell Isld.
Sep. 26 Bell Isld. Summer Complaint BARTLETT Mildred F R.C. 8Mo. Bell Isld. Bell Isld.
July 14 S.Side Rd. Old Age BAKER Mary F R.C. 86 S.Side Rd. Mt. Carmel
July 06 Portugal Cove Rd. Consumption TRICCO Daniel M R.C. 21 Portugal Cove Rd. Mt. Carmel
Sep. 30 28 Cook St. Haemorrhage AYLES Jean F C.O.E. 1Mo. S. John's C.O.E.
Oct. 01 Gen'l Hosp. Myocarditis NOLAN Margaret F R.C. 71 Water St. (375) Mt. Carmel
Oct. 01 17 Hayward Ave. Myocarditis MURPHY Violet Harris F C.O.E. 26   C.O.E.
Oct. 02 17 Atlantic Ave. Adenoma/Thyroid SQUIRES Elizabeth F C.O.E. 73   C.O.E.
Oct. 02 Sanatorium Upper Battery Rd. Pul. T.B. KING Michael M R.C. 52   Mt. Carmel
Oct. 02 14 Boncloddy St. Endocarditis DODD Mrs. Ellen F R.C. 55   Mt. Carmel
Oct. 02 Hosp/Insane Manic Depression DAWE Henry M C.O.E. 53   C.O.E.
Oct. 03 Hosp/Insane Senile Dementia JARVIS Catherine F R.C. 60   Belvedere
Oct. 03 28 Cook St. Carcinoma/Colon KEEPING Miss Susie? F C.O.E. 48   C.O.E.
Oct. 03 Gen'l Hosp. Pul. T.B. COLLINS Elizabeth F U.C. 35 S. John's Gen'l Protestant
Oct. 04 Willow St. Inanition GILLARD Harold M U.C. 2Mo.   Gen'l Protestant
Oct. 05 35 Beaumonte? St. Phthisis SHAW Thomas M U.C. 23   Gen'l Protestant
Oct. 06 125 Theatre Hill Chronic Nephritis BRENNAN William M R.C. 57   Belvedere
Oct. 06 256 S.Side Old Age ELLIS Anne F R.C. 80   Belvedere
Oct. 06 Gen'l Hosp. Senility GALLOP Henry M U.C. 78   Gen'l Protestant
Oct. 07 Anchorage Cook St. Uterine Carcinoma BURRY Alfreda F U.C. 35   Gen'l Protestant
Oct. 07 17 Simms St. Enteritis MARTIN Helen F R.C. 6Mo. S. John's Mt. Carmel
Oct. 07 ??? St.Clairs Hosp. Bronchitis KENNEDY Mrs. Bridget F R.C. 59   Mt. Carmel
Oct. 08 23 Cookstown Rd. Old Age COLE Mrs. Helen F R.C. 85   Belvedere
Oct. 08 S. John's W Drowning PENNEY John J M R.C. 46   Belvedere
Oct. 09 Newtown Rd. Pul. T.B. HENLEY John M R.C. 21   Belvedere
Oct. 09 24 Stephen St. Gastro Enteritis KEARSEY Thomas M R.C. 11Mo. S. John's Belvedere
Oct. 10 NF Infirmary Endocarditis FAGAN Joseph M R.C. 85   Mt. Carmel
Oct. 10 S.Philips Senile Decay MORRIS Sarah F U.C. 83   Gen'l Protestant
Oct. 10 Grace Hosp. Pneumonia NEWHOOK Albert Wm. M U.C. 1Mo. S. John's Gen'l Protestant
Oct. 11 28 Cook St. Pul. T.B. NEWELL Sarah F U.C. 2   Gen'l Protestant
Oct. 11 Hosp/Insane Arterio Sclerosis DOHERTY John M R.C. 73   Mt. Carmel
Oct. 12 Top of Pleasant Burns 1Lar??ation? PARSONS William M U.C. 3 S. John's Gen'l Protestant
Oct. 12 Top of Pleasant Burns 1Lar??ation? PARSONS Elsie F U.C. 5Mo. S. John's Gen'l Protestant
PAGE 69                  
Oct. 12 121 Pennywell Rd. Meningitis JANES Edna J F U.C. 16   Gen'l Protestant
Oct. 13 18 Notre Dame St. Enteritis CLARKE James M   3Mo. S. John's  
Oct. 14 Poor Asylum Old Age SNOW William M   78   Sent to Bay Roberts
Oct. 13 5 Brennan St. Marasmus RONAYNE Gerald M R.C. 3M/2W S. John's Mt. Carmel
Oct. 14 7 Howe Place Epilepsy BROCKLEHURST Lillian F R.C. 16 S. John's Mt. Carmel
Oct. 15 224 Duckworth St. Prematurity SB CRIMP Baby M R.C. SB S. John's Mt. Carmel
Oct. 15 Mayor Ave. Enteritis JACKSON Eva F C.O.E. 7Mo. S. John's C.O.E.
Oct. 16 282 New Gower St. Acute Otitis AITKEN Laura F Presb'n 72   Gen'l Protestant
Oct. 16 110 Queens Rd. Marasmus CLARKE Mary Terisa F R.C. 3Mo.   Belvedere
Oct. 16 Gen'l Hosp. 138 Pleasant St. Cancer/Bowels MULLINS Margaret F R.C. 48   Belvedere
Oct. 16 25 Carnall St. Pneumonia HARRINGTON Michael M R.C. 48   Belvedere
Oct. 16 140 Duckworth St. Pul. T.B. HEATH Hazel F C.O.E. 25   C.O.E.
Oct. 16 29 Goodview St. Prematurity FAGAN Baby F R.C. 1Hr.   Belvedere
Oct. 17 Gen'l Hosp. Cirrhosis/Liver BASTOW Agustus M U.C. 69   Gen'l Protestant
Apl. 30 Pouch Cove SB BRAGG   M C.O.E. SB Pouch Cove Pouch Cove
Apl. 30 Pouch Cove Child Birth BRAGG Josephine F C.O.E. 30 Bonavista Pouch Cove
May 07 Pouch Cove Croup SULLIVAN Lucy F C.O.E. 11 Pouch Cove Pouch Cove
Oct. 18 Goodridge St. Enteritis EBBS Pauline F R.C. 1 S. John's Belvedere
Oct. 18 Mundy Pond Rd. Val. Heart Disease SNELGROVE Mary Jane F C.O.E. 35   C.O.E.
Oct. 18 Topsail Rd. Old Age HOLDEN Margaret F R.C. 84   Belvedere
Oct. 19 2 Hunts Lane Gastro Enteritis STANSBURY James M C.O.E. 4Mo. S. John's C.O.E.
Oct. 20 Gen'l Hosp. Marasmus MCCORMACK Jimmie M Belv. R.C. 7Mo. S. John's Belvedere
Oct. 20 Freshwater Rd. Gastro Enteritis ROSE? Phyllis F U.C. 6Mo. S. John's Gen'l Protestant
Oct. 21 Pennywell Rd. Marasmus PEDDIGREW Genevieve M F R.C. 3Mo. S. John's Mt. Carmel
Oct. 21 118 Casey St. Broncho Pneumonia BEST Robert M U.C. 3Wks.? S. John's Gen'l Protestant
Oct. 21 10 Burke Sq. Gastro Enteritis BARRINGTON Catherine* F R.C. 3M/2W S. John's Mt. Carmel
Oct. 22 Grace Hosp. SB WATSON Baby F U.C. SB S. John's Gen'l Protestant
Oct. 22 Whitten's Hotel Cong. Debility HENNESEY Baby M R.C. 2Wks. S. John's Mt. Carmel
Oct. 22 14 McDougall St. Gen'l T.B. RYAN Mrs. Helen F R.C. 30 S. John's Belvedere
Oct. 23 Forest Rd. Prematurity DEVINE Kathleen F R.C. 3Dys. S. John's Belvedere
Oct. 23 56 Casey St. Myocarditis COADY Mrs. Ellen F R.C. 80   Mt. Carmel
Oct. 24 54 Wickford St. Gastro Enteritis RYALL Kathleen Olive F R.C. 8Mo.   Mt. Carmel
Oct. 25 Hosp/Insane Mitral Regurgitation NELLY Eliza F U.C. 69   Gen'l Protestant
Oct. 25 NF Infirmary Ceberal[sic] Haemorrhage SHORTALL Mrs. Minnie F R.C. 74   Body sent to Blackhead
Oct. 25 Poor Asylum Old Age ONEILL Ellen F R.C. 84   Mt. Carmel
Oct. 25 Poor Asylum Heart Disease NEWMAN Fanny F R.C. 70   Mt. Carmel
Oct. 25 9 Brazils Sq. Myocarditis CONNORS Patrick M R.C. 82   Belvedere
Oct. 26 Circular Rd. Pneumonia OREILLEY Joseph M R.C. 77   Belvedere
Oct. 27 13 George St. Mastoid Disease O'TOOLE John M R.C. 68   Mt. Carmel
Oct. 27 Upper Battery Rd. Inanition COLLINS Martin M R.C. 6Wks.   Mt. Carmel
* On original sheet "Katherine" is written above Catherine as given name.
PAGE 70                  
Oct. 27 LeMarchant Rd. Meningitis PIROTT Charles M R.C. 3M/2W S. John's Belvedere
Oct. 28 Gen'l Hosp. Enlarged Prostate BARRETT Simeon M U.C. 88   Gen'l Protestant
Oct. 28 Gen'l Hosp. Cancer/Liver RYAN William M R.C. 66   Brigus CB
Oct. 28 Poor Asylum Old Age WHITE Denis M R.C. 80   Mt. Carmel
Oct. 28 Circular Rd. Nephritis & Myocarditis BLANDFORD Sidney M C.O.E. 61   C.O.E.
Oct. 29 Sheehan Sh. Senility SHEEHAN Johanna F R.C. 89   Belvedere
Oct. 29 Gen'l Hosp. Nephritis STAMP Edward M R.C. 3   Mt. Carmel
Oct. 30 Boggy Hall Gastro Enteritis ONEILL Mary F R.C. 3M/2W   Kilbride
Oct. 31 Old Ladies Home Carcinoma/Breast VERGE Mrs. Dinah F C.O.E. 86   C.O.E.
Oct. 31 57 Queens Rd. Heart Disease PHELAN Catherine F R.C. 62   Belvedere
July 06 Petty Hr. Cong. Debility BAIRD Jacob Henry M C.O.E. 2Mo. Petty Hr. Petty Hr.
Aug. 25 Petty Hr. Senility CHAFE Amelia F C.O.E. 84   Petty Hr.
Aug. 08 Petty Hr. SB BLANK   M C.O.E. SB Petty Hr. Petty Hr.
Apl. 26 Aquaforte Pneumonia RICE Sophia Grace F C.O.E. 12 Aquaforte Aquaforte
Jan. 08 6 George St. Bronchitis CHURCHILL Mary Jane F   87   Portugal Cove
Mar. 11 Wallis Hosp. Arterio Sclerosis GREEN John M R.C. 86   Kilbride
June 19 82 Carters Hill Cerebral Haemorrhage JANE Alex M U.C. 44   Gen'l Protestant
June 26 62 Spruce St. Cancer/Stomach COLLINS Dominic M R.C. 55 Fisherman[sic] Mt. Carmel
July 29 Pouch Cove Tuberculosis NOSEWOTHY Albert M U.C. 25 Domestic[sic] Pouch Cove
Aug. 27 Pouch Cove Tuberculosis NOSEWOTHY Ethel F U.C. 20   Pouch Cove
Nov. 01 28 Cook St. Pul. T.B. MOOTREY Mrs Alice F S.A. 26   S. Army Cemetry
Nov. 01 28 Cook St. Pul. T.B. BROWN Miss Leah F   17   Tax? Beach
Nov. 01 110 Queens St. Nephritis CLARKE M'rd. ?m. F R.C. 22   Belvedere
Nov. 01 Balsam House Chronic Nephritis BURGESS Edwin R M   78   Halifax NS
Nov. 01 Cuddihy St. Typhoid HARTERY John M R.C. 19   Mt. Carmel
Nov. 01 NF. Hotel Myocarditis REID Harry Duff M Presb'n 60   Gen'l Protestant
Oct. 31 55 Harvey St. Intestinal Ulcer FIFIELD Frederick M U.C. 70   Gen'l Protestant
Nov. 01 Gen'l Hosp. Heart Disease MAY Annie F U.C. 57   Gen'l Protestant
Nov. 02 37 Angel Place Strangulation (Suicide) ONEIL William M R.C. 37   Mt. Carmel
Nov. 03 15 Angel Place Intestine Indigestion O'KEEFE Lawrence M R.C. 48   Belvedere
Nov. 03 22 Prospect St. Marasmus MORRISSEY Jean F U.C. 3Mo.   Gen'l Protestant
Nov. 03 Asylum/Insane T.B. (Gen'l) FREAKE Claude M   18   Fogo
Nov. 05 Freshwater Valley Carcinoma/Stomach JENKINSON John M R.C. 62   Belvedere
Nov. 06 Grace Hosp. T.B. Meningitis PIKE Calvin Joseph M U.C. 8Mo.   Gen'l Protestant
Nov. 07 24 Lime St. Prematurity ROCHE Baby F R.C. SB   Mt. Carmel
Nov. 07 70 Brazils Sq. Cong. Malnutrition MERCER Baby F C.O.E. 1Dy.   C.O.E.
Nov. 08 8 Spencer St. Pertussis BURRY Louise F U.C. 14Mo.   Gen'l Protestant
Nov. 08 Sanatorium Pul. T.B. Meningitis TUCKER Frederick M R.C. 17   Mt. Carmel
Nov. 08 17 Balsam St. Apoplexy PIPPY Frank M C.O.E. 66   C.O.E.
Nov. 08 At Sea, SS Kyle Suicide (Poisoning) MCFARLANE Russel B M   34   Boston USA
PAGE 71                  
Nov. 10 Convent,Cathedral Sq. Myocarditis MCCARTHY Rev. Mother Raphael F R.C. 85   Convent Cemetery
Nov. 11 NF Infirmary Cerebral Haemorrhage COX John Wm. M C.O.E. 68 Fortune Bay C.O.E.
Nov. 11 37 Adelaide St. SB BARNES Baby M U.C. SB S. John's Gen'l Protestant
Nov. 11 Grace Hosp. Cong. Debility HUTCHINGS Charles M U.C. 11Hrs. S. John's Gen'l Protestant
Nov. 11 18 Spencer St. Myocarditis WHALEN Martin M R.C. 69 S. John's Belvedere
Nov. 11 Fever Hosp. Diptheria PEARCEY Mabel F U.C. 5Y/6M S. John's Gen'l Protestant
Nov. 12 ?132 Gower St. Phthisis Pulm. WHITE Marion F C.O.E. 28 S. John's C.O.E.
Nov. 12 109 Murray St. Convulsions COMERFORD Cyril J M R.C. 2Y/6M S. John's Belvedere
Nov. 13 8 Gill St. Heart Failure WHITE Esther F R.C. 70 S. John's Mt. Carmel
Nov. 13 6 Prospect St. Gastro Enteritis BYRNE Nellie F R.C. 7Mo. S. John's Mt. Carmel
Nov. 14 70 Lime St. SB HAPGOOD Baby M U.C. SB S. John's Gen'l Protestant
Nov. 14 8 Stephen St. Heart Disease KIDNEY Jeremiah M R.C. 71 S. John's Mt. Carmel
Nov. 14 Middle Battery Rd SB COX Baby F C.O.E. SB S. John's C.O.E.
Nov. 15 50 Brazil Sq. T.B. Adenitis GOSSE Mrs. Sarah F R.C. 76   Belvedere
Nov. 16 26 Tessier Place Pulm. T.B. PARRELL Hester Margaret F R.C. 21 S. John's Mt. Carmel
Nov. 16 10 Burkes Sq. Gastro Enteritis BOLAND Martin M R.C. 1 S. John's Mt. Carmel
Nov. 16 On Bd. "Mont"? Kennemol? Natural Causes RECTOR? Pierre Inles? M R.C. 48 France Mt. Carmel
Nov. 16 79 Kings Rd. Myocarditis MALONE Margaret F R.C. 57   Mt. Carmel
Nov. 17 128 Pleasant St. Asthenia VOISEY Mary F R.C. 2Hrs. S. John's Mt. Carmel
Nov. 18 57 Hayward Ave. Cardiac Insufficiency MALLARD Mrs. Elizabeth F R.C. 76   Mt. Carmel
Jan. 24 Wabana Bronchitis PARSONS Effie Mary F C.O.E. 8Mo. Wabana Lance Cove
Jan. 31 Wabana Broncho Pneumonia COBB Edmond M C.O.E. 15Mo. Wabana Bell Isld.
Aug. 12 Bell Isld. Meningitis BENNETT Ruth F C.O.E. 6 Bell Isld. Bell Isld.
Aug. 14 Wabana Infantile Paralysis BROWN Leonard M C.O.E. 6 Wabana Bell Isld.
Aug. 27 Wabana Convulsions NOSEWOTHY Albert M C.O.E. 3Mo. S. John's Bell Isld.
Nov. 20 28 Goodview St. Pulm. T.B. ANTLE Ellie F   18   Sent to Turks Cove TB
Nov. 07 97 Gower St. SB FEWER Baby M R.C. SB S. John's Mt. Carmel
Nov. 19 45 Bannerman St. Acute Indigestion RIDGLEY Chas. Benedict M R.C. 15 S. John's Mt. Carmel
Nov. 18 Hayward Ave. Myocarditis HALFYARD Joseph M U.C. 68   Gen'l Protestant
Nov. 20 Dunford St. Senility WHITEWAY Edwin M U.C. 79   Gen'l Protestant
Nov. 21 Portugal Cove Rd. Marasmus CONWAY John M R.C. 7Mo. S. John's Mt. Carmel
Nov. 21 Blackmarsh Rd. Pulm. T.B. PEARCEY John M U.C. 19   Gen'l Protestant
Nov. 22 41 Kings Rd. SB COLFORD Baby M R.C. SB S. John's Belvedere
Nov. 22 104 Duckworth St. Prematurity BROWN Mary F R.C. 1half?? S. John's Mt. Carmel
Nov. 22 Gen'l Hosp. Fracture Skull NOEL Peter M   70   Grates Cove BVD
Nov. 22 Paeks? Hill Senile Decay READDY James M R.C. 91   Belvedere
Nov. 23 1 York St. Pulm. T.B. MURPHY Ronald M R.C. 17   Mt. Carmel
Nov. 23 Grace Hosp. Asthenia YETMAN Mary F R.C. 2Dys. S. John's Mt. Carmel
Nov. 23 Grace Hosp. Cardiac ??? OAKLEY Baby F R.C. 3Dys. S. John's Mt. Carmel
Nov. 23 10 Maxe St. Val'r Heart Disease FITZGERALD Wm. B M R.C. 80   Belvedere
PAGE 72                  
Nov. 24 Sanatorium of 28 Scott St. Pulm. T.B. POWER Catherine F R.C. 20   Mt. Carmel
Nov. 24 Sanatorium Pulm. T.B. RYAN Francis P M R.C. 16   Mt. Carmel
Nov. 24 69 Brazil Sq. Paralysis FITZGERALD Margaret F R.C. 70   Mt. Carmel
Nov. 25 Poor Asylum Old Age STACEY Tryphenia F C.O.E. 77   C.O.E.
Nov. 25 25 Bambrick St. Septic Pneumonia MURPHY Francis M R.C. 20   Belvedere
Nov. 25 23 Plymouth Rd. Paralysis WALSH Thomas M R.C. 78   Mt. Carmel
Nov. 26 10 Codners Lane Myocarditis FOLEY John M R.C. 75   Mt. Carmel
Nov. 26 44 Colonial St. Inflamm'n/Stomah WALSH Rita F R.C. 3Mo.   Mt. Carmel
Nov. 26 Kings Bridge Heart Failure HENNEBURY Elizabeth F R.C. 65   Mt. Carmel
Nov. 26 202 LeMarchant Rd. Convulsions LAKE Harry Bertram M U.C. 7Mo.   Gen'l Protestant
Nov. 27 Circular Rd. Pulm. T.B. ARMSTRONG Mrs. Margaret F R.C. 60   Belvedere
Nov. 27 19 Circular Rd. Myocarditis GREENE Tobias M R.C. 65   Mt. Carmel
Nov. 27 Portugal Cove Rd. Carcinoma/Liver LAWLOR John M R.C. 45   Mt. Carmel
Nov. 26 NF Infirmary Paralysis JORDON Mrs. Mary F R.C. 65   Mt. Carmel
Nov. 27 79 Flower Hill Arterio Sclerosis SQUIRES Sarah Ann F C.O.E. 63   C.O.E.
Nov. 28 10 Field St. Senility FOGARTY Bridget F R.C. 81   Belvedere
Nov. 28 Grace Hosp. Atelectosis Heo?oto?um Malnutrition PICCO Baby M R.C. 12Hrs.   Belvedere
Nov. 29 Grace Hosp. Inanition CONSTANTINE Francis M R.C. 3Mo.   Belvedere
Dec. 01 Monkstown Rd. Senility SCOTT John F? M R.C. 80   Belvedere
Nov. 30 Grace Maternity Hospital Acute Nephritis POWER Baby   R.C.     Belvedere
Dec. 02 Quidi Vidi Rd? Phthisis Pulm. WOODLEY Rose F C.O.E. 17   C.O.E.
Dec. 03 4 Victoria St. Myocarditis CONNORS Andrew M R.C. 92   Belvedere
Dec. 03 6 Lime St. Paralysis FIELD John Thomas M R.C. 63   Mt. Carmel
Dec. 03 Carters Hill Pulm. T.B. O'DONNELL Jeremiah M R.C. 57   Belvedere
Dec. 04 11 Allen Sq. Cerebral Haemorrhage MAHONEY Bridget S F R.C. 72   Belvedere
Dec. 04 Grace Hosp. Pneumonia POWER Peter M R.C. 18Dys.   Mt. Carmel
Dec. 04 4 Power St. Pulm. T.B. WHELAN Nicholas M R.C. 23   Mt. Carmel
Dec. 05 Poor Asylum Old Age RIDEOUT William M U.C. 88   Gen'l Protestant
Dec. 06 Poor Asylum Old Age DALTON John M R.C. 89   Belvedere
Dec. 06 LeMarchant Rd. Prematurity JACKMAN Augustus M R.C. 1/2Hr.   Belvedere
Dec. 06 South Side Inanition FELHMAN Effie F C.O.E. 1Dy.   C.O.E.
Dec. 06 Poor Asylum Pulm. T.B. EVENS Thomas M R.C. 56   Mt. Carmel
Dec. 07 40? Carters Hil Inanition/Heart Failure EVOY Andrew M R.C. 43   Mt. Carmel
Dec. 08 Poor Asylum Old Age TREMBLETT Sarah F U.C. 87   Gen'l Protestant
Dec. 08 South Side Inanition FELTHAM Isabel F C.O.E. 3Dys.   C.O.E.
Dec. 09 356 Duckworth St. Cardiac Failure STEVENSON Chas. M U.C. 67   Gen'l Protestant
Dec. 09 18 Clifford St. Prematurity SELLARS Baby F U.C. SB   Gen'l Protestant
Dec. 09 Gen'l Hosp. Cardiac Disease HARTERY William M R.C. 39   Mt. Carmel
Dec. 10 Golf Ave. Hydrocephelus STEELE Shirley May F S.A. 9Mo.   S. Army
Dec. 10 Grace Hosp. Convulsions HEARN Baby F R.C. 2Dys.   Belvedere
PAGE 73                  
Apl. 23 S. John's Tuberculosis HEAD Emma F Ch. Organiz'n 22 Bauline Bauline
Dec. 11 46 Springdale St. Congestion/Lung Acute O'LEAREY Thomas M R.C. 63 S. John's Mt. Carmel
Dec. 13 Tessiers? Wh. On Motor Boat Heart Failure RANDELL James M U.C. 66 S. John's Gen'l Protestant
Dec. 13 Poor Asylum Southern Shore Old Age KEEFE James M R.C. 79 Southern Shore Mt. Carmel
Dec. 14 170 Military Rd. Acute Bronchitis SCLATER Elizabeth F R.C. 75   Belvedere
Dec. 15 47 Wickford St. Cancer/Stomach DONNELLY William M R.C. 77   Belvedere
Dec. 15 Bond St. Cardiac Disease DOODY Wm. F M R.C. 42   Mt. Carmel
Dec. 16 59 South Side Apoplexy EARLE Amelia F U.C. 75   Gen'l Protestant
Dec. 17 119 Circular Rd. Endocarditis DUNNE Johanna F R.C. 70   Belvedere
Dec. 17 St. Clairs Hosp. Post. Operative Atelectasis/Lung WINSLOW Elizabeth F R.C. 24   Belvedere
Dec. 17 27 Mullock St. SB MORRIS Infant F U.C. SB   Gen'l Protestant
Dec. 18 259 Hamilton Ave. Intestinal T.B. REYNOLDS Roy M U.C. 20Mo.   Gen'l Protestant
Dec. 19 Thorburn Rd. Bronchitis TERRY Gerald M R.C. 8Mo.   Mt. Carmel
Dec. 19 Grace Hosp. Marasmus BUTLER Henry John M C.O.E. 2Mo.   C.O.E.
Dec. 20 11 Maxse St. Marasmus MOAKLER Maureen (Baby) F R.C. 1Mo.   Belvedere
Dec. 20 130 Bond St. Senile Decay SKEFFINGTON George M C.O.E. 81 Bonavista C.O.E.
Dec. 20 NF Infirmary Old Age MORTIMER Sarah F   72   Body sent to France
Dec. 20 Hosp/Insane Senile Dementia THORNHILL Thomas M U.C. 72   Gen'l Protestant
Dec. 21 39 LeMarchant Rd. Inanition DUNN John M R.C. 2Mo.   Mt. Carmel
Dec. 21 Grace Hosp. Cong. Heart Disease BUTLER Myrtle F U.C. 2Mo.   Gen'l Protestant
Dec. 21 102 Carters Hill Prematurity MORRIS Vera Florence F U.C. 12Hrs.   Gen'l Protestant
Dec. 22 102 Carters Hill Prematurity MORRIS William M U.C. 24 Hrs.   Gen'l Protestant
Dec. 22 28 Cook St. Acute Peritonitis WAKEHAM Carrie F C.O.E. 75   C.O.E.
Dec. 22 Torbay Rd. Pneumonia PHELAN Michael John M C.O.E. 5Mo.   C.O.E.
Dec. 22 Poor Asylum Old Age DOYLE Thomas M R.C. 80   Mt. Carmel
Dec. 22 97 Lime St. Pneumonia KEAN Mrs Elizabeth F R.C. 87   Belvedere
Dec. 23 9 Plymouth Rd. Old Age HOLLETT William M U.C. 89   Gen'l Protestant
Dec. 23 Blackh'd Rd. Ruptured Duodenal Ulcer MOORE Ernest James M C.O.E. 4   C.O.E.
Dec. 23 Grace Hosp. Tuberculosis HOWELL Grace F R.C.     Mt. Carmel
Dec. 23 Anchorage Cook St. Marasmus BUTLER Baby F R.C. 2Mo.   Mt. Carmel
Dec. 23 Hosp/Insane Senile Dementia TOBIN Ellen F R.C. 74   Mt. Carmel
Dec. 23 26 Gear St. Pulm. T.B. Bishop Edna F C.O.E. 21   C.O.E.
Dec. 23 Blackmarsh Rd. Prematurity OSMOND Baby M U.C. 1Dy.   Gen'l Protestant
Dec. 17 Brooklyn NY Appendicitis PEARL Ernest M U.C. 35   Gen'l Protestant
Dec. 24 28 Cook St. Marasmus ANTHONY Margaret F S.A. 5Wks.   S.Army
Dec. 25 NF Infirmary Cerebral Haemorrhage WILLIAMS George M C.O.E. 85   Body Sent to Hr. Grace
Dec. 26 Grace Hosp. Broncho Pneumonia FLEMMING Baby M R.C. 9Mo.   Mt. Carmel
Dec. 27 Gen'l Hospital Diabetes VIGUERS Minnie F R.C. 63   Belvedere
Dec. 26 56 Lime St. Pulm. T.B. PEARCEY Mary F U.C. 19   Gen'l Protestant
Dec. 26 Sanatorium Pulm. T.B. TAVERNOR Florence F C.O.E. 21   C.O.E.
PAGE 74                  
Dec. 27 5 Damerills Lane Senile Dementia TIBBO Richard M R.C. 77 S. John's Mt. Carmel
Dec. 28 147 South Side Haematemesis EBSARY Stephen M C.O.E. 71 S. John's C.O.E.
Dec. 29 56 Alexander St. Cong. Debility KAVNAGH Infant F R.C. 6Dys.   Mt. Carmel
Dec. 30 56 Alexander St. Cong. Debility KAVNAGH James Jos'h M R.C. 6Dys.   Mt. Carmel
Dec. 31 Poor Asylum Endocarditis DEVERAUX? John M R.C. 68   Belvedere
Dec. 31 Grace Hosp. Lobar Pneumonia UPSHAW Albert M U.C. 6Y/6M   Gen'l Protestant
Dec. 31 28 Cook St. Hemiplegia POWER Katherine F R.C. 76   Mt. Carmel
Dec. 31 31 Hayward Ave. Senility DUNNE Mary F R.C. 96   Mt. Carmel
Oct. 05 S. John's T.B. SHAW Thomas M Pent'l 23   Gen'l Protestant
July 08 Maddox Cove Old Age HEFFERAN Ellen F R.C. 78 Witless Bay Petty Hr.
Oct. 25 S. John's Paralysis SHORTALL Monica F R.C. 74 Ferryland Blackhead
Nov. 07 Maddox Cove Kidney Trouble HEALEY Thomas M R.C. 78 Maddox Cove Petty Hr.
Dec. 11 Petty Hr. Meningitis BITGOOD Bernard M R.C. 2 Petty Hr. Petty Hr.
Dec. 25 Goulds Old Age HOWLETT Johannah F R.C. 85 Kilbride Goulds
Dec. 26 Blackhead Cancer HEALEY Joseph M R.C. 68 Blackhead? Blackhead
Mar. 10 Middle Cove Tumor MALONE Margaret F R.C. 68 Torbay Torbay
May 14 Outer Cove Paralysis CAHILL Catherine F R.C. 78 Outer Cove Outer Cove
Sep. 08 Outer Cove Tuberculosis CAHILL Philip M R.C. 23 Outer Cove Outer Cove
Sep. 09 Outer Cove Tuberculosis SMART Mary F R.C. 29 Logy Bay Outer Cove
Oct. 28 Outer Cove Senility CROKE Catherine F R.C. 89 Outer Cove Outer Cove
Dec. 04 Logy Bay Bronchitis BURKE Alice F R.C. 48 Outer Cove Outer Cove
July 04 Hosp/Insane Arterio Sclerosis WALSH John M R.C. 61 Bay Bulls Bay Bulls
Oct. 09 Bell Isld. Prematurity MORRISSEY John M R.C. 15Min. Bell Isld. Bell Isld.
Oct. 21 Bell Isld. Pneumonia LAHEY Edward M R.C. 9Mo. Bell Isld. Bell Isld.
Oct. 25 Bell Isld. Meningitis GAUL Daniel M R.C. 7M/2W Bell Isld. Bell Isld.
Oct. 25 Bell Isld. Pneumonia LANE Edward M R.C. 9Mo. Bell Isld. Bell Isld.
Oct. 25 Bell Isld. Pneumonia KENNEDY Patrick M R.C. 14Mo. Lance Cove Lance Cove
Nov. 08 Bell Isld. Pneumonia BOWDRING Patrick M R.C. 59 Bell Isld. Bell Isld.
Dec. 03 Bell Isld. Brights Disease KEARY? Annie F R.C. 10 Bell Isld. Bell Isld.
Nov. 28 S. John's Paralysis GORDON Mrs F R.C.   Holyrood S. John's
Dec. 03 Bell Isld. Premature Birth RYAN Mary F R.C. 1Hr. Bell Isld. Bell Isld.
Dec. 14 Bell Isld. Convulsions FOWLER Michael M R.C. 3Mo. Bell Isld. Bell Isld.
Jan. 01/30 206 LeMarchant Rd. Pernicious Anaemia JACKMAN Elsie M F R.C. 37 S. John's Belvedere
Jan. 01/30 28 Cook St. Marasmus LESTER Gordon M C.O.E. 14Wks. S. John's C.O.E.
Jan. 01/30 45 Spencer St. Pul. Phthisis MITCHELL May F U.C. 27 S. John's Gen'l Protestant
Jan. 01/30 NF Infirmary Old Age JACKMAN Michael M R.C. 78 S. John's Mt. Carmel
Jan. 02/30 Sanatorium Pulm. T.B. BRYAN Hubert M R.C. 28 Belvedere -> <- Tilting? Fogo
Jan. 02/30 Cook St. Acute Bronchitis TOBIN Thomas Jos'h M R.C. 4Mo. S. John's Mt. Carmel
Jan. 03/30 Poor Asylum Old Age GOLDSWORTHY Catherine F R.C. 79   Mt. Carmel
Jan. 03/30 Mundy Pond Rd. Appeoplecy[sic] HIGDON Sophie F S.A. 65   S.Army

Transcribed by: Mary Cumby (2012)

Page Last Modified: Friday September 20, 2013 (Don Tate)
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