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Vital Records
Register of Deaths

St. John's City District

Book 10
PAGES 26 - 37

SOURCE: LDS Microfilm Reels

Date of Death Place of Death Cause of Death Surname Given Names Sex Religious Denomination Age Place of Birth Place of Internment
PAGE 26                  
Jan. 01 Water St. W Cerebral Haemorrhage CHISLETT Frederick G M U. Church 47   G. Protestant
Jan. 01 44 Franklyn Av. Pul. Tuberculosis MCKAY Robert M Presy'n 18   G. Protestant
Jan. 02 Fever Hospital Diphtheria PHILLIPS Herbert G M C.O.E. 5   C.O.E.
Jan. 02 General Hospital G. Tuberculosis MORRISSEY Mary F R.C. 32   Belvedere
Jan. 03 32 Casey St. Pul. Tuberculosis COONEY Elizabeth F R.C. 17   Mt. Carmel
Jan. 03 Insane Asylum Psychosis MOSS Lydia F U. Church 71 Flat Is. B.B. G.P. Cemetery
Jan. 04 98 New Gower Prematurity BISHOP Baby M R.C. 4Hrs.   Mt. Carmel
Jan. 04 5 Aldershot St. Prematurity ROBERTS George M C.O.E. 6Hrs.   C.O.E.
Jan. 04 9 Boggan St. Pul. Tuberculosis MERCER Julia F C.O.E. 46   C.O.E.
Jan. 06 3 Freshwater Rd. Enteritis EGAN William M R.C. 4Mo.   Mt. Carmel
Jan. 06 14 Balsam St. Heart Block GAUL Catherine F F R.C. 77   Belvedere
Jan. 07 St. John's Harbor Acc. Drowning GARLAND Joseph M U. Church 63   G.P. Cemetery
Jan. 08 Winter Avenue Arteriosclerosis LE MESSURRIER Elizabeth F C.O.E. 83   C.O.E.
Jan. 08 G. Hospital Uraemaia COUGHLAN William M R.C. 54   Mt. Carmel
Jan. 07 112 Water St. W Convulsions GRILLS John Joseph M R.C. 3Y/8M   Belvedere
Jan. 09 Grace Hospital Convulsions SIMMONDS Garfield M U. Church 2Mo.   G. Protestant
Jan. 10 The Sanatorium Pul. Tuberculosis YOUNG Delia F R.C. 19 Flat Is. St. Geo. Mt. Carmel
Jan. 10 The Sanatorium Pul. Tuberculosis COOPER Ronald M S. Army 22   S. Army
Jan. 10 Livingstone St. Cerebral Haemorrhage STAPLETON James M R.C. 63 St. John's Mt. Carmel
Jan. 12 86 Pleasant St. Pleuro Pneumonia BUTLER Joseph M M U. Church 77 Port de Grave G.P. Cemetery
Jan. 12 Mundy Pond Rd. Pul. Tuberculosis CONNOLLY Mary Ann F R.C. 20   Mt. Carmel
Jan. 17 16 Barter's Hill Convulsions POWER Edward Joseph M R.C. 1Mo.   Mt. Carmel
Jan. 17 29 Moore St. Pul. Tuberculosis KEHOE Helen Frances F R.C. 11   Mt. Carmel
Jan. 18 G. Hospital Tub'r Peritonitis WAKEHAM Margaret F R.C. 42   Mt. Carmel
Jan. 18 Field Hospital Carcinoma SHINE Ellen F R.C. 66   Mt. Carmel
Jan. 19 18 Colonial St. Pul. Tuberculosis CHRITOPHER Mary M F R.C. 18   Belvedere
Jan. 19 43 South Side Old Age RUSSELL Mary J F U. Church 73   Bay Roberts
Jan. 19 Mundy Pond Rd. Carcinoma/Uterus EBSAY Mary A F C.O.E. 73   C.O.E.
Jan. 21 Southcott Hospital Pleuro Pneumonia EMBERLEY Philip M C.O.E. 35   C.O.E.
Jan. 21 Mundy's Pond Rd. Endocarditis ROOST William M R.C. 80   Mt. Carmel
Jan. 21 Logy Bay Tuberculosis PENDERGAST Bridget F R.C. 49 Logy Bay Mt. Carmel
Jan. 20 G. Hospital Aortic Regurgitation WHITE Robert M S. Army 52   S. Army
Jan. 21 57 Cabot St. Still Birth PITTMAN Baby M R.C. SB   Mt. Carmel
Jan. 22 33 Adelaide St. Convulsions HALLERAN Dorothy F R.C. 6Wks.   Mt. Carmel
Jan. 23 8 Prospect St. Gastro Enteritis BROWN Mary F R.C. 1Mo.   Mt. Carmel
Jan. 23 Casino Theatre Cardiac Syncope FAGAN John M R.C. 53 St. Mary's Belvedere
Jan. 24 Golf Ave. Phthisis LUTHER Florence A F U. Church 19   G.P. Cemetery
Jan. 24 71 Carter's Hill Convulsions HARDING Jane F C.O.E. 16Mo.   C.O.E.
Jan. 27 Southcott Hospital Pneumonia EMBERLEY Stephen M C.O.E. 40   C.O.E.
Jan. 27 Southcott Hospital Pneumonia EMBERLEY James M C.O.E. 77   C.O.E.
PAGE 27                  
Jan. 28 28 Cook St. Still Birth HODDER Baby F S. Army SB   S.Army Cemetery
Jan. 29 Blackhead Rd. Broncho Pneumonia WHITTY Genevieve F R.C. 4Mo.   Belvedere
Jan. 29 20 Holloway St. Pul. Tuberculosis FORAN Thomas J M R.C. 48 St. John's Belvedere
Jan. 29 Insane Asylum Dementia PACK John M C.O.E. 26 Pass Island C.O.E.
Jan. 30 28 John St. Cerebral Haemorrhage ROCHE Mary F R.C. 76   Mt. Carmel
Jan. 31 3 Duckworth St. Ac. Bronchitis MURRAY Eric M C.O.E. 4Mo.   C.O.E.
Jan. 31 Grace Hospital Cong. Debility PEDDLE Annie F S. Army 11Dys.   S. Army
Feb. 01 Fever Hospital Diphtheria PHILLIPS Flora Ethel F C.O.E. 4Y/10M   C.O.E.
Feb. 02 Upper Battery Inanition ANTLE Mary F R.C. 1Mo.   Mt. Carmel
Feb. 02 Cavendish Ho. Dropsy MCCLOUDERY John M R.C. 72   Mt. Carmel
Feb. 01 The Sanatorium Pul. Tuberculosis HANLON Leo M R.C. 17   Mt. Carmel
Feb. 02 442 South Side Bronchitis RYAN Dermot M R.C. 1Y/6M   Mt. Carmel
Feb. 01 14 Cabot St. Influenza STAPLETON Lucy F R.C. 55   Belvedere
Feb. 03 23 Victoria St. Old Age LUSH Louisa F C.O.E. 83   C.O.E.
Feb. 03 17 Larkin's Sq. Endocarditis BURSEY William M R.C. 38   Mt. Carmel
Feb. 03 Topsail Rd. Endocarditis MURPHY Anne F R.C. 82   Mt. Carmel
Feb. 04 3 Hagerty St. Pneumonia JONES George M R.C. 63   Mt. Carmel
Feb. 04 Blackmarsh Rd. Convulsions HICKS Sylvester M R.C. 1Dy.   Mt. Carmel
Feb. 04 Police Court Cardiac Syncope MURPHY John M R.C. 55   Mt. Carmel
Feb. 05 Poor Asylum Old Age CARROLL Laurence M R.C. 73   Mt. Carmel
Feb. 04 Cavendish Ho. Old Age TRASK Samuel M U. Church 70 Port Blandford G. Protestant
Feb. 05 Fort Townshend Epilepsy COOK Colin G M U. Church 22 G. Protestant
Feb. 06 Mundy Pond Rd. General Debility WALSH Andrew Francis M C.O.E. 32 C.O.E.
Feb. 06 Grace Hospital Empyema PERKS Edward Patrick M R.C. 1Y/9M   Mt. Carmel
Feb. 06 59 Brazil Sq. Old Age CURTIS Reginald M U. Church 72   G. Protestant
Feb. 08 Duckworth St. Chronic Myocarditis PADDON John Arthur M C.O.E. 73 Lennoxville Que. Canada C.O.E.
Feb. 08 South Side W Pul. Tuberculosis VIGUERS Verna F C.O.E. 25 Hr. Grace Hr. Grace
Feb. 08 The Sanatorium Abdominal T.B. CUMMINGS Mary F R.C. 10   Mt. Carmel
Feb. 09 Insane Asylum G. Paralysis Insane O'NEIL Frank M R.C. 46   Belvedere
Feb. 11 45 Fleming St. Convulsions HARVEY Michael P M R.C. 1   Mt. Carmel
Feb. 11 G. Hospital Pernicious Anaemia CORCORAN Alphonsus M R.C. 34   Mt. Carmel
Feb. 11 Duckworth St. Still Birth SPURRELL Infant M C.O.E. SB   C.O.E.
Feb. 12 12 Convent Sq. Burns GILLIES Marie F R.C. 3   Mt. Carmel
Feb. 12 131 George St. Pul. Tuberculosis POWER Thomas M R.C. 26 Tor's Cove Belvedere
Feb. 12 Grace Hospital Still Birth STAMP Baby M R.C. SB   Belvedere
Feb. 14 11 Barter's Hill Endocarditis JANES Annie F U. Church 59   G. Protestant
Feb. 14 120 Circular Rd. Convulsions BEMISTER Frank M C.O.E. 8Mo.   C.O.E.
Feb. 15 Field Hospital Pneumonia RYALL Peter M R.C. 48 Job's Cove C.B. Mt. Carmel
Feb. 16 7 Brazil's Sq. Nephritis SHARPE Wm. J M R.C. 63 Hr. Grace Belvedere
Feb. 05 Jersey City Drowning COOPER Bridget F R.C. 50   Mt. Carmel
PAGE 28              
Feb. 16 Cavendish Ho. Old Age FLEMING Ellen F R.C. 92   Belvedere
Feb. 18 18 Victoria St. Pul. Phthisis SUTTON Mary F R.C. 21   Belvedere
Feb. 18 Up. Battery Still Birth ABBOTT Baby M U. Church SB   G.P. Cemetery
Feb. 19 16 Central St. Old Age HOLWELL Emma F C.O.E. 80   C.O.E.
Feb. 19 The Sanatorium Ac. Miliary T.B. TUCKER Daisy F C.O.E. 15 Thorburn Rd. C.O.E.
Feb. 20 97 Gower St. Ch. Bronchitis FEWER Mary F R.C. 68   Mt. Carmel
Feb. 21 Boat Ho. Lane Marasmus MALONE James M R.C. 7Mo.   Mt. Carmel
Feb. 21 244 Hamilton St. Tub. Meningitis GOOBIE John Munden M U. Church 18   G. Protestant
Feb. 23 16 Convent Lane Still Birth POWER Baby F R.C. SB   Mt. Carmel
Feb. 23 Water St. W Carcinoma/Breast MCNEIL Fannie F Presy'n 58 St. John's G. Protestant
Feb. 24 34 Gower St. Endocarditis WADDEN Michael J M R.C. 72 St. John's Belvedere
Feb. 24 Insane Asylum Epileptic Psychosis JANES Moses R M C.O.E. 51   C.O.E.
Feb. 24 Grace Hospital Still Birth CURTIS Baby M R.C. SB   Mt. Carmel
Feb. 27 27 New Gower Still Birth HICKEY Baby M R.C. SB   Belvedere
Feb. 27 27 New Gower Child Birth HICKEY Marion F R.C. 24   Belvedere
Feb. 27 30 Goodview St. Still Birth GRIFFIN Baby M R.C. SB   Belvedere
Feb. 27 5 Howe Place Diphtheria BROCKLEHURST Dorothy F R.C. 6   Mt. Carmel
Feb. 28 59 South Side Tub. Meningitis EBSARY Herbert Newman M U. Church 7   G.P. Cemetery
Feb. 28 97 Springdale St. Ac. Tonsilitis TAYLOR Benjamin M U. Church 74 Carbonear G.P. Cemetery
Feb. 29 5 Hamilton St. Broncho Pneumonia BROWN Olive May F U. Church 6Mo.   G.P. Cemetery
Feb. 28 Cavendish Ho. Old Age NOONAN Ellen F R.C. 85   Belvedere
Feb. 29 North Battery Diphtheria MILLS Harold M C.O.E. 1Y/7M   C.O.E.
Jan. 07 Bell Island Pneumonia KENNEDY Brian Joseph M R.C. 2Mo. Bell Island Bell Island
Jan. 09 Bell Island Pneumonia LEWIS Frederick M R.C. 8Mo. Bell Island Bell Island
Jan. 12 Bell Island Old Age MCLEAN John M R.C. 80   Bell Island
Jan. 15 Bell Island Skin Disease TERRY William M R.C. 35 Avondale Avondale
Jan. 20 Bell Island Old Age DWYER Lucy F R.C. 83 Bell Is. Bell Island
Jan. 26 Bell Island Heart Failure O'NEILL Jeremiah M R.C. 73 Bell Is. Bell Island
Feb. 02 Bell Island Pneumonia CUMMINS Mary E F R.C. 5Mo. Bell Is. Bell Island
Mar. 01 Newtown Rd. Pneumonia KELLY Patrick M R.C. 65   Belvedere
Mar. 01 St. Clare's Hos. Leukaemia SMITH Agnes F R.C. 15   Mt. Carmel
Mar. 01 24 Finn St. Endocarditis FINN Mary F R.C. 70   Belvedere
Mar. 01 17 Parade St. Old Age SPARKS Anne F U. Church 86   G. Protestant
Mar. 03 Gen. Hospital Meningitis GOOSENEY Frances F C.O.E. 8   C.O.E.
Mar. 03 38 Cabot St. Tub. Meningitis RICE Thomas M R.C. 42   Mt. Carmel
Feb. 28 New York Effects of Gas BYRNE James R M R.C. 28   Belvedere
Mar. 05 Upper Battery Rd. Pneumonia WELLS Samuel M C.O.E. 82   C.O.E.
Mar. 05 Grace Hospital Ch. Bronchitis HANN Frances F R.C. 2   Mt. Carmel
Mar. 06 Upper Battery Ac. Bronchitis COLLINS Martin M R.C. 72   Mt. Carmel
Mar. 08 4 Brennan's Lane Convulsions QUILAN Baby M R.C. 2Dys.   Mt. Carmel
PAGE 29                
Mar. 08 Grace Hospital Inanition EMSLEY John M R.C. 3Hrs. Belvedere
Mar. 09 St. Michael's Orph. Meningitis KIRBY Ethel F R.C. 10Y/6M   Belvedere
Mar. 09 Fever Hospital Typhoid Fever MOREY Dorcas F U. Church 18   G. Protestant
Mar. 08 Leslie St. Cong. Debility DOOLING Baby M R.C. 2Mo.   Kilbride
Mar. 10 Insane Asylum Senile Dementia WEBB Elizabeth F U. Church 65 Nain? Labrador G. Protestant
Mar. 11 28 Cook St. Septicaemia POWELL Sarah F U. Church 69   G. Protestant
Mar. 13 5 Cochrane St. Still Birth O'KEEFE Baby M R.C. SB   Mt. Carmel
Mar. 15 57 Long's Hill Prematurity MOLLOY Josephine F U. Church 6Hrs.   Belvedere
Mar. 15 73 Merrymeeting Rd. Pul. Tuberculosis PIKE Elsie M F U. Church 23   G. Protestant
Mar. 14 138 Pleasant St. Old Age CRAWFORD Mary F R.C. 80   Belvedere
Mar. 14 Insane Asylum Dementia MALONE Thomas M R.C. 87   Belvedere
Mar. 14 Insane Asylum G. Paralysis Insane FOLEY Michael J M R.C. 55   Mt. Carmel
Mar. 14 The Sanatorium Pul. Tuberculosis BROWN Caleb M U. Church 22   G.P. Cemetery
Mar. 14 9 Cook St. Broncho Pneumonia WALTERS Doris F U. Church 13Mo.   G.P. Cemetery
Mar. 18 486 South Side Convulsions MADDEN Joan F F R.C. 1M/2W   Mt. Carmel
Mar. 19 Murphy's Sq. Pneumonia MOLLOY Mary F R.C. 70   Mt. Carmel
Mar. 19 17 Flower Hill Carcinoma/Liver WALSH Ellen F R.C. 56   Mt. Carmel
Mar. 20 Forest Rd. Carcinoma/Liver MCNAB Egerton M Presy'n 52   G. Protestant
Mar. 20 9 Wickford St. Convulsions NOFTALL Bramwell C M U. Church 3Mo.   G. Protestant
Mar. 20 4 Charlton St. Prematurity PARROTT Phyllis F U. Church 1Hr.   G. Protestant
Mar. 20 Insane Asylum Gen. Paralysis Insane LAIDLEY John Edward M R.C. 44   Mt. Carmel
Mar. 23 10 Sheehan Shute Malnutrition MANNING Sheila F R.C. 5Wks.   Mt. Carmel
Mar. 21 Grace Hospital Cong. Debility KERIVAN Baby M R.C. 4Dys.   Mt. Carmel
Mar. 22 17 Colonial St. Apoplexy GENT Lydia F C.O.E. 65   C.O.E.
Mar. 23 37 Fleming St. Arteriosclerosis DOWNTON Isabel F C.O.E. 65   C.O.E.
Mar. 23 68 Livingston St. Acute Nephritis FLYNN Mary F R.C. 45   Mt. Carmel
Mar. 23 Insane Asylum Dementia WHITE Mary Joseph F R.C. 44   Mt. Carmel
Mar. 23 54 Cabot St. Epilepsy COMERFORD Patrick M R.C. 15   Belvedere
Mar. 23 67 Merrymeeting Rd. Bronchitis KANE Elizabeth F R.C. 70   Belvedere
Mar. 24 62 Malta St. Meningitis REDDY Mary F R.C. 16   Mt. Carmel
Mar. 24 59 Franklyn Av. Pul. Tuberculosis HOUSE Beatrice F S. Army 20   S. Army
Mar. 25 Circular Rd. Erysipelas KNIGHT Herbert E M C.O.E. 67 St. John's C.O.E.
Mar. 26 21 Mullock St. Gen. Tuberculosis KIRBY Edward M C.O.E. 21   C.O.E.
Mar. 27 5 Dunford St. Apoplexy COLLINS William M S. Army 50   S. Army
Mar. 21 4 Charlton St. Premature PARROTT Phyllis F U. Church 1Hr.   G. Protestant
Mar. 26 85 New Gower St. Endocarditis POWER Margaret F R.C. 54   Mt. Carmel
Mar. 28 144 Casey St. Tub. Peritonitis BUTLER Myrtle F U. Church 22   G. Protestant
Mar. 28 Mundy Pond Rd. Pleuro Pneumonia MAIDMENT Mrs. Sarah F C.O.E. 55   C.O.E.
Mar. 28 28 Cook's? St. Convulsions COLE Michael M R.C. 29Dys.   Mt. Carmel
Mar. 29 28 Cook's? St. Cong. Debility KING Wilson M S. Army 6Wks.   S. Army
PAGE 30              
Mar. 29 31 LeMarchant Rd. Meningitis WALSH Agatha F R.C. 11   Mt. Carmel
Mar. 30 Sheehan Shute Myocarditis MULCAHY Michael M R.C. 74   Mt. Carmel
Mar. 31 Cornwell Av. Senile Decay SYMMONDS Mrs. Mary F C.O.E. 97   C.O.E.
Mar. 31 68 Mullock St. Myocarditis FANNING Francis M R.C. 74   Belvedere
Mar. 23 Hambury? New Jersey Arteriosclerosis JOHNSON Mabel Frances F C.O.E. 54   C.O.E.
Apl. 01 7? Hogerty? St. Premature WEBBER Baby M R.C. SB   Belvedere
Apl. 01 Poor Asylum ?e???ias Dementia PITTMAN Richard M R.C. 68   Mt. Carmel
Apl. 02 13 Brien St. Convulsions FRENCH Ellen F R.C. 1Y/6M   Belvedere
Apl. 02 8 Bully St. Hepatic Abcess? CLARKE Bridget F R.C. 73   Belvedere
Apl. 03 Field Hosp. Cerebral Haemorrhage WALTERS Edna F C.O.E. 55   C.O.E.
Apl. 05 74 George St. Prematurity JONES Baby M C.O.E. 10Min.   C.O.E.
Apl. 06 Grace Hospital Premature WAKELY Dorothy F C.O.E. 3Hrs.   C.O.E.
Apl. 06 65 Brazil Sq. Angina Pectoris PIERCEY Mrs. N? F U. Church 66   G.P. Cem.
Apl. 06 General Hosp. Fractured Ribs & Concussion/Brain BASHA Abraham M R.C. 55   Belvedere
Apl. 06 50 Brazil Sq. Pul. Tuberculosis MAHER Mrs. Hannah F R.C. 74   Mt. Carmel
Apl. 08 Cavendish House Heart Failure PENDER Anna F R.C. 74   Mt. Carmel
Apl. 09 27 Angel Place Pul. Tuberculosis HICKEY Kitty F R.C. 20   Mt. Carmel
Apl. 09 35 S??la St. Cholera Infantum MACKEY Catherine F R.C. 11Mo.   Mt. Carmel
Apl. 09 48 Monroe St. Pul. Tuberculosis PIKE Ralph M U. Church 24   G.P.Cemetery
Apl. 10 24 Balsam St. Tub. Meningitis ANGEL Augustus M R.C. 10   Belvedere
Apl. 06 Grace Hospital Inanition PRENDERGAST Thomas M R.C. 2Dys.   Bay Bulls
Feb. 23 Torbay Pleuro Pneumonia CODNER Elizabeth F C.O.E. 64 Torbay Torbay
Jan. 19 Goulds Internal Convulsions EVERARD Agnes F R.C. 6Wks. Goulds Goulds
Mar. 13 Petty Hr. Cancer PREDHAM Henry M R.C. 72 Petty Hr. Petty Hr.
Apl. 10 St. John's E Diabetes VINNICOMBE Nicholas M R.C. 51   Belvedere
Apl. 11 Head Mundy Pond Rd. Bronchitis TAYLOR Baby R. T. M C.O.E. 4Mo.   C.O.E.
Apl. 11 Monkstown Rd. Meningitis COLLINS Sarah Florence F U. Church 5Mo.   Gen. Prot. Cem.
Apl. 12 Pearce Ave. Carcinoma/Liver WHITE Lena F R.C. 51   Mt. Carmel
Apl. 12 31 Charlton St. Myocardial Degeneration ESCOTT Mrs. Annie F U. Church 62   Gen. Prot. Cem.
Apl. 12 52 Belvedere St. Landry's Ascending Paralysis FOWLER Gertrude F R.C. 14   Mt. Carmel
Apl. 12 112 Bond St. Cancer/Breast HICKEY Elizabeth F R.C. 52   Mt. Carmel
Apl. 12 Poor Asylum Myocarditis SMITH Deborah F C.O.E. 68   C.O.E.
Apl. 13 General Hospital Gen. Tuberculosis KING Margaret F U. Church 30   Gen. Prot. Cem.
Apl. 13 General Hospital Bright's Disease GRIMES Rupert M U. Church 34   Gen. Prot. Cem.
Apl. 13 79 Monkston Rd. Enlarg. Prostate Gland, Rentention LAWLOR Thomas M R.C. 64   Belvedere
Apl. 14 General Hospital Meningitis COUSENS Patrick M R.C. 12   Mt. Carmel
Apl. 14 60 Lime St. Dystocia ASH Baby Herbert M U. Church 2Hrs.   Gen. Prot. Cem.
Apl. 15 North Battery Marasmus FIFIELD Stella M F U. Church 16Mo.   Gen. Prot. Cem.
Apl. 15 1 N. Dame St. Still Birth WAKEHAM Baby M R.C. SB   Goulds RC Cem.
Apl. 16 123 Theatre Hill Pneumonia GEARIN Patrick M R.C. 2Y/5M   Mt. Carmel
PAGE 31              
Apl. 15 21 Goodview St. Pleurisy with Effusion HOLEMAN Kathleen F R.C. 18   Mt. Carmel
Apl. 19 Grace Hospital Malnutrition DALEY Katherine F R.C. 3Mo.   Mt. Carmel
Apl. 19 73 South Side Angina Pectoris WHITTEN George B M C.O.E. 77   C.O.E.
Apl. 20 Military Rd. Tub. Pulmonery QUINN Kitty F R.C. 29   Belvedere
Apl. 20 12 Codner's Lane Cardio Renal SNOW Charles M U. Church 75   Gen. Prot. Cem.
Apl. 21 5 Franklyn Ave. Senility LEONARD Stephen M U. Church 79   Gen. Prot. Cem.
Apl. 21 Irvine? Rd. Allandale Rd Tub's. Spine SMALL Lionel H M C.O.E. 17   C.O.E.
Apl. 22 3 Job St. Broncho Pneumonia JACKMAN Michael Joseph M R.C. 16Mo.   Mt. Carmel
Apl. 23 Upper Battery Rd. Carcinoma/Rectum MORRISSEY Mrs. Margaret F R.C. 57   Mt. Carmel
Apl. 23 180 Pleasant St. Prematurity FORD Francis M C.O.E. 6Hrs.   C.O.E.
Apl. 23 St. Clare's Mercy Hosp. Cerebral Haemorrhage RYAN Mrs. Mary Ellen F R.C. 55   Belvedere
Apl. 23 225 Hamilton St. Pul. Tuberculosis HARDING Nathaniel M C.O.E. 70   C.O.E.
Apl. 23 112 Water St. W Heart Failure STEWART Thomas M R.C. 67   Belvedere
Apl. 24 47 Cabot St. Senility HANNAFORD Mrs. Ellen F R.C. 88   Belvedere
Apl. 25 Military Rd. Heart Failure, Chronic Bronchitis HICKEY Patrick M R.C. 76   Mt. Carmel
Jan. 07 Portugal Cove Rd. Bronchitis DAVIS Mary F R.C. 6Mo. Portugal Cove Rd. Portugal Cove
Jan. 18 Thorburn? Rd. Died at Birth MURPHY Baby F R.C.   Thorburn Rd. Portugal Cove
Feb. 04 Sanatorium,St.John's Consumption TUCKER Ellen F R.C. 26 Regina,Colinel Is. Portugal Cove
Apl. 06 Grace Hosp. Inanition PENDERGAST Thomas M R.C. 2Dys. Grace Hospital Portugal Cove
Apl. 27 Hospital for Insane Mania Depression Psychosis FLYNN James M R.C. 56   Mt. Carmel
Apl. 27 Signal Hill Rd. Still Born POWER Joseph M R.C. SB   Mt. Carmel
Apl. 28 5 Fergus Pl. Senility PIERCEY Julia F U. Church 78   Gen. Prot. Cem.
Apl. 28 17 McDougal St. Carcinoma/Stomach CHURCHILL Richard M U. Church 56   Gen. Prot. Cem.
Apl. 29 Mundy Pond Rd. Gastro Enteritis LARKIN Olive F U. Church 6Mo.   Gen. Prot. Cem.
Apl. 29 Sanatorium Pul. Tuberculosis CARMICHAEL James M U. Church 68 Glasgow Scotland Gen. Prot. Cem.
Apl. 30 68 Lime St. Still Born COCHRANE Baby F U. Church SB   Gen. Prot. Cem.
Apl. 30 General Hospital Cancer EDWARDS Bridget F R.C. 30   Mt. Carmel
May 01 Smithville Cerebral Haemorrhage PHELAN John M R.C. 70   Belvedere
May 01 Poor Asylum Cardio Renal Disease HALL Ann F R.C. 76   Mt. Carmel
May 01 General Hospital Alcoholic Poisoning WHEELER Heber M C.O.E. 39   C.O.E.
Mar. 03 Bell Island Premature Birth HURLEY John Kevin M R.C. 2Dys. Bell Island Bell Island
Mar. 06 Bell Island Premature Birth HURLEY Gregory Gerald M R.C. 6Dys.   Bell Island
Mar. 11 Bell Island Premature Birth DOBBIN Sheila F R.C. 1Dy.   Bell Island
Mar. 22 Bell Island Old Age JONES Rebecca F R.C. 88 Hr. Grace Bell Island
Mar. 26 Bell Island Consumption NEARY Alice F R.C. 33 Bell Island Bell Island
Mar. 12 Bell Island Still Born FITZPATRICK William M R.C. SB Bell Island Bell Island
May 01 Lower Battery Cardio Renal Disease EARL William Joseph M C.O.E. 79   C.O.E.
May 02 21 Field St. Tub. Meningitis SNOW William M R.C. 17   Mt. Carmel
May 03 St. John's Cerebral Apoplexy VINNICOMBE James M R.C. 82   Mt. Carmel
May 03 42 Mckay St. Convulsions DUNN Baby M R.C. 15Hrs.   Mt. Carmel
PAGE 32                
May 03 24 Field St. Asthenia ROGERS Francis M C.O.E. 1Hr. St. John's C.O.E.
May 05 28 Mckay St. Broncho Pneumonia SHAW Michael J M R.C. 1Y/6M   Mt. Carmel
May 05 Upper Battery Rd. Myocarditis EARLES Edward M R.C. 67   Mt. Carmel
May 05 11 Atlantic Ave. Pul. Tuberculosis MACPHERSON Charlotte F R.C. 28   Belvedere
May 05 Fever Hospital Laryngeal Diptheria SHUTE Douglas M C.O.E. 6   C.O.E.
May 06 7 Job St. Meningitis RONAYNE Paul M   3Y/6M Tors Cove Tors Cove
May 06 198 New Gower St. Senile Decay HYNES Victoria F U. Church 79   G. Protestant
May 07 Convent Lane Meningitis GOSS Robert M C.O.E. 2   C.O.E.
May 07 Upper Battery Rd. Dead-Born QUIRK Baby M R.C. SB St. John's Mt. Carmel
May 08 Freshwater Rd. Premature Birth HARFEY? Wm. Patrick M R.C. 1Wk. St. John's Belvedere
May 08 Gen. Hospital Lobar Pneumonia COCARELL George M U. Church 46 Pushthrough Gen. Prot. Cem.
May 08 Body Found Suffocation or Neglect after Birth. UNKNOWN Baby F C.O.E.     C.O.E.
May 08 70 Barter's Hill Osteomyelitis THORNE Lloyd George M U. Church 5   G. Protestant
May 09 19 Livingston St. Valv'r. Heart Disease WISEMAN Mary F R.C. 24   Mt. Carmel
May 09 14 Sebastian St. Pneumonia COLLINS William M R.C. 4Y/6M   Mt. Carmel
May 10 131 Bond St. Tub. Meningitis BUGDEN Gladys F C.O.E. 14   C.O.E.
May 12 Topsail Rd. Endocarditis WALSH Alice F   67 Hr. Main Belvedere
May 12 Rope Walk Range Premature MCDONALD Mary Ann F R.C. 4Dys. St. John's Mt. Carmel
May 12 160 Hamilton St. Hypostatic Pneumonia TUCKER Mrs. Sarah F C.O.E. 66   C.O.E.
May 12 White Hills Acute Bronchitis CLOONEY Martin P M R.C. 13Mo.   Mt. Carmel
May 12 Poor Asylum Senility QUENLIN Timothy M R.C. 85   Mt. Carmel
May 13 Forest Rd. Angina Pectoris YOUNG Robert M Presy'n 61   G. Protestant
May 14 121 Carters Hill Meningitis WHELAN Rose F R.C. 17   Belvedere
May 14 Mundy Pond Convulsions KING Clarence M U. Church 9Mo.   Gen. Protestant
May 14 181 LeMarchant Rd. Cerebral Haemorrhage CARSON William J M C.O.E. 46   C.O.E.
May 15 Gower St. Cerebral Haemorrhage MARTIN William J M C.O.E. 61 St. John's C.O.E.
May 15 Kings Bridge Senile Decay KELLY Katherine F R.C. 84   Mt. Carmel
May 14 67 Prescott St. Intestinal Obstruction CARTER Mary F C.O.E. 71   C.O.E.
May 15 6 Clifford St. Tuberculosis O'NEILL Elizabeth F R.C. 8Mo.   Mt. Carmel
May 15 Gen. Hospital Cholecystitis POWER Bride F R.C. 41   Mt. Carmel
May 15 Gen. Hospital Myocarditis & Nephritis POMEROY Abel M U. Church 70   Gen. Protestant
May 15 87 Kings Rd. Arteriosclerosis DUNPHY John T M R.C. 64 Placentia Belvedere
May 16 27 Cudahy St. Cancer DUKE Elizabeth F R.C. 43   Mt. Carmel
May 16 Hosp. for Insane Status Epeleptecus? LAMB Cyril M R.C. 24   Mt. Carmel
May 17 45 LeMarchant Rd. Heart Failure JOHNSTON Mrs. Mary F R.C. 45   Mt. Carmel
May 17 11 Casey St. Chronic Bronchitis SNOOKS Joseph M R.C. 67   Belvedere
May 18 2 Hunts Lane Broncho Pneumonia STANSBURY Arthur M C.O.E. 3Mo.   C.O.E.
May 19 Fever Hospital T.B. Pneumonia GLADNEY Edward M R.C. 19   Mt. Carmel
May 19 46 George St. Convulsions KENNEDY Archibald Jas. M U. Church 11Mo.   Gen. Protestant
May 20 Gen. Hospital Bright's Disease SKINNER Harry M R.C. 44   Belvedere
PAGE 33              
May 21 Gower St. Senile Myocarditis BEARNS Alice F R.C. 96   Belvedere
May 22 1 Pennywell Rd. Carcinoma/Neck MYRON Patrick M R.C. 77   Belvedere
May 18 Hosp./Insane Senility GREEN Lucy F C.O.E. 78 Winterton T.B. C.O.E.
May 18 Hosp./Insane Pul. Tuberculosis PORTER Theresa F R.C. 62 Twillingate Mt. Carmel
May 20 Hosp./Insane Pul. Tuberculosis MUGFORD Mary F C.O.E. 62 Port de Grave C.O.E.
May 22 49 Quidi Vidi Rd. Strangulated Hernia LURCOMBE Elizabeth F R.C. 79   Mt. Carmel
May 22 Sanatorium Pul. Tuberculosis HANLON Gerald M R.C. 16   Mt. Carmel
May 22 55 Beaumount St. Senility HANCOCK Anne D? F   81 Greenspond Greenspond
May 23 40 Carters Hill Convulsions UPSHALL Alexander M C.O.E. 13Mo.   C.O.E.
May 23 Sanatorium Pul. Tuberculosis BRODRICK Timothy M R.C. 15 St. John's Belvedere
May 23 Poor Asylum Cancer/Bowels MONROE Catherine F U. Church 67 Hr. Grace Gen. Protestant
May 23 Upper Battery Rd. Convulsions JOHNSTON Baby Kathleen F R.C. 13Mo.   Mt. Carmel
May 24 Insane Hospital Cerebral Apoplexy TIZZARD Julia F U. Church 65   Gen. Protestant
May 25 Poor Asylum Arterio Sclerosis SHANON Soloman M R.C. 86 Ferryland Mt. Carmel
May 25 25 Young St. Pneumonia ANDREWS Ronald M C.O.E. 6   C.O.E.
May 25 107 Sprindale St. Still Born EHLERS Baby F C.O.E. SB   C.O.E.
May 26 South Side E Cardiac Renal Failure KING Mary F R.C. 69   Belvedere
May 26 16 Cook St. Endocarditis BUTLER Alice F   73   Portugal Cove
May 27 178 Water St. W Cancer MACLAUGHLIN Ann F R.C. 74   Belvedere
May 28 General Hospital Accident - Internal Injuries COOK Philip G M U. Church 56   Gen. Protestant
May 28 495 South Side Pneumonia PEDDLE James M R.C. 3Mo.   Mt. Carmel
May 28 28 Hamilton St. Pneumonia BURSELL Fred'k Wm. Heath? M C.O.E. 70   C.O.E.
May 08 Body Found Method Unknown Decomposed remains/infant M       C.O.E.
May 30 Pennywell Rd. Astheria RYAN Baby M R.C. 1Hr.   Mt. Carmel
May 30 28 Cook St. Cong. Debility MOORE Florence F S. Army 5Mo.   S. Army Cmty.
May 30 Sanatorium Pul. Tuberculosis DUNN? Philip M R.C. 19   Belvedere
May 31 Gower St. Senility WILLIAMS George M U. Church 81   G.Prot. Cemty.
June 01 Poor Asylum Senility SHEA Esther F R.C. 84   Mt. Carmel
June 01 Hosp./Insane Senile Dementia SHEEHAN Thomas M   78   Mt. Carmel
June 02 16 Brazils Sq. Ulceratery Carcinoma/Breast RUBY Eliza F C.O.E. 78   C.O.E.
June 02 12 Chapel St. Pul. T.B. MURPHY Nicholas M R.C. 24   Mt. Carmel
June 02 Grace Hospital Scorbutus GULLIVER Baby M C.O.E. 1Y/6M   C.O.E.
June 02 South Side W Fibroma of Uterus O'TOOLE Muriel? F C.O.E. 42   C.O.E.
June 03 249 W. Gower St. Bronchitis WHIFFEN Kathleen F R.C. 11Mo.   Mt. Carmel
June 04 Lake View Ave. Pul. Tuberculosis MALONE James M R.C. 41  
June 04 Grace Maternity Hosp. Prematurity MORRISSEY James F M R.C. SB   Belvedere
June 04 Grace Maternity Hosp. Tuberculosis of Lungs HAIFEY? Mary F R.C. 28   Belvedere
June 05 Grace Maternity Hosp. Marasmus ALLAN Baby M 3Mo.  
June 05 19 Fleming St. Cong. Syphilis DALTON Madeline F R.C. 3M/2W   Mt. Carmel
June 06 Southcott Hospital Acute Bronchitis ROWSELL Elizabeth F R.C. 72   Mt. Carmel
PAGE 34                
June 07 7 Sebastian St. Meningitis MORRISSEY Raymond M R.C. 1Y/8M   Mt. Carmel
June 08 111 Longs Hill Cancer RYAN Daniel M R.C. 70   Mt. Carmel
June 08 Smithville Rd. Apoplexy MCGRATH Mary F R.C. 88   Belvedere
June 09 164 LeMarchant Rd. Entero Cholitis BUTLER Fred S M U. Church 41   G.P.Cemty.
June 10 1 Notre Dame St. Cardia Renal Disease WAKEHAM Richard M C.O.E. 74   C.O.E.
June 11 64 Prince of Wales Carcinoma/Bowels ANTLE Willis M U. Church 72   G.P.Cemty.
June 11 Water St. W Still Birth ONEILL Baby M R.C. SB   Mt. Carmel
June 12 6 Nunnery Hill Marasmus EDSTROM Mary F R.C. 1Mo.   Belvedere
June 13 Insane Hospl. Chronic Nephritis BUNGAY John M R.C. 51   Mt. Carmel
June 13 126 Merrymeeting Rd. Whooping Cough BADCOCK Laura F U. Church 1Y/6M   G.P.Cemty.
June 12 Grace Hosptl. Cong. Debility GUZWELL John M R.C. 9Dys.   Mt. Carmel
June 13 17 Waldegrave St. Endocarditis CHASITY Mrs. Rich'd F R.C. 45   Mt. Carmel
June 14 Maxse St. Endocarditis CHAPLIN Mark M U. Church 72   Gen'l Prot.
June 13 37 Gower St. Paralysis MANNING James B M R.C. 89   Belvedere
June 13 120 Casey St. Broncho Pneumonia GOSS Gerald M S.Army 7Mo.   S. Army Cmty.
June 15 127 Theatre Hill Pulmonary Haemorrhage RYAN James M R.C. 42   Belvedere
June 13 Belvedere Orphanage T.B. Meningitis BURKE Clara F R.C. 14   Belvedere
June 15 31 Casey St. Septic Poisoning,Teeth CARRIGAN John M R.C. 41   Mt. Carmel
June 15 Gen'l Hospl. Acute Appendicitis MCNEILLY Robert M R.C. 19   Belvedere
June 15 91 Gower St. Convulsions HARVEY John Joseph M R.C. 4Mo.   Mt. Carmel
June 15 Grace Maternity H. Convulsions BUTT Elizabeth F U. Church 5Dys.   G.P. Cemty.
June 14 13 Balsam St. Carcinoma/Stomach CARTER William M C.O.E. 57   C.O.E.
June 17 121 Cabot St. Chronic Bronchitis CAUL James M R.C. 50   Mt. Carmel
June 17 Freshwater Rd. Carcinoma/Breast EARLEY Elizabeth F C.O.E. 70   C.O.E.
June 18 Water St. W Myocarditis Sheele MORRISSEY Mrs. F R.C. 75   Mt. Carmel
June 18 24 Bond St. Convulsions DOODY Kathleen F R.C. 2   Mt. Carmel
June 18 154 Water St. W Cancer/Stomach BAMBRICK Samuel M R.C. 65   Mt. Carmel
June 19 Cavendish Hosptl. Gangrene KNIGHT William M R.C. 81   Mt. Carmel
June 21 106 Queens Rd. Acute Bronchitis SCEVIOUR Infant F R.C. 10Mo.   Belvedere
June 21 General Hosptl. Coma STEVENSON Graham M U. Church 36   G.P. Cmty.
June 21 Insane Hospl. Dementia Praecox SAUNDERS Isabella F Presb'n 28 Aberdeen Scotland G.P. Cmty.
June 21 16 Pennywell Rd. Neurastenia RENNIE Caroline M F C.O.E. 61   C.O.E.
June 22 Rennies Mill Rd. Angina Pectoris DONNELLY Arthur M R.C. 54   Belvedere
June 22 28 Cook St. Paralysis WHITE Susannah F U. Church 63   G.P. Cmty.
June 23 1 Stewart Ave. Enteritis KNOX Theresa F R.C. 8Mo.   Mt. Carmel
June 23 Field Hosptl. Senility CARTER Emma F U. Church 86   G.P. Cmty.
June 23 10 Dunford St. Carcinoma/Face BARNES Sarah F U. Church 57   G.P. Cmty.
June 23 54 Barters Hill Senility HILL Amelia F R.C. 82   Mt. Carmel
June 23 383 South Side Prematurity KEARNEY John M R.C. 3Wks.   Belvedere
June 23 Outer Battery Jaundice CHAMPION Edna F U. Church 6Dys.   G.P. Cmty.
PAGE 35              
June 24 23 Cuddihy St. Congenital Lues ABBOTT Mary F R.C. 5Wks.   Mt. Carmel Cemty.
June 24 Gen'l Hospl. Carcinoma/Bowels MILLER Thomas M C.O.E. 65   C.O.E.
June 24 Gen'l Hospl. Fracture/Skull FOX James M R.C. 15   Mt. Carmel Cemty.
June 25 St.Clair's Mercy H. Apoplexy RYALL Maud F R.C. 49 St. John's Belvedere Cemty.
June 26 Sudbury Hosptl. Inanition LAUSLEY Gladys Myrtle F   1Mo.  
June 26 80 Springdale St. Apoplexy MCCRUDDER Bridget F R.C. 40   Mt. Carmel
June 26 57 Plymouth Rd. Paralysis MILLER Margaret F R.C. 57   Mt. Carmel
June 27 Cavendish House Arteriosclerosis SHEEHAN Edward M R.C. 77   Mt. Carmel
June 27 141 Mullock St. Lymphatic Leukaemia POWER Peter M R.C. 5   Mt. Carmel
June 27 58 Duckworth St. Broncho Pneumonia GARRETT Alfred M U. Church 2Y/3M   G.Prot. Cemty.
June 28 Gen'l Hospl. Carcinoma/Bowels HAMLYN Moses M C.O.E. 64   C.O.E.
June 29 28 McFarlane St. Whooping Cough WESTCOTT Florence F R.C. 13Mo.   Mt. Carmel
June 30 Gull Pond, Seal Cove C.B. Accidental Drowning PATERSON John M Presb'n 29   Gen. Protestant
June 30 Gull Pond, Seal Cove C.B. Accidental Drowning SMITH William G M C.O.E. 49   C.O.E.
June 30 Franklyn Ave. Potts Disease,TB/Spine EDGAR Olive F C.O.E. 34   C.O.E.
June 19 New York USA Pneumonia BAXTER Hannah G F U. Church 81   G.P. Cmty.
July 02 St. John's Endocarditis PEDDLE Ellen F R.C. 77   Brigus C.Bay
July 02 21 Alexander St. Myocarditis CHANCEY Charles L M U. Church 70   G.P. Cmty.
July 02 Kenmount Rd. Broncho Pneumonia GRISMAN Eric M C.O.E. 3Mo.   C.O.E.
July 02 Fever Hospital Diptheria[sic] TAYLOR Mary R F R.C. 3Y/6M   Mt. Carmel Cemty.
July 02 10 Bond St. Arterio Sclerosis HAYSE Margaret F R.C. 78   Mt. Carmel Cemty.
July 02 Military Rd. Senility LAWRIE Jeanie F Presb'n 85   G. Protestant
July 03 Hunts Lane Arterio Sclerosis POWER William M R.C. 86   Mt. Carmel Cemty.
July 05 Gen'l Hospl. Uraemia TAIT J. Sniclair? M U. Church 80   Gen. Prot.
July 06 37 Brien St. Cerebral Haemorrhage ROBERTS Susanna F C.O.E. 73   C.O.E.
July 06 2 Kings Rd. Whooping Cough HUDSON Gordon M U. Church 2Y/6M   Gen. Prot.
July 06 39 Cochrane St. Cerebral Haemorrhage DUNPHY Elizabeth F R.C. 64   Placentia
July 07 Bannerman St. Strangulation Body of Female Infant F C.O.E.     C.O.E.
July 06 22 Murphys Sq. Natural Causes COOK Patrick Joseph M R.C. 2   Mt. Carmel Cemty.
July 08 91 Carters Hill Arterio Sclerosis BUTT George M U. Church 80   Gen. Prot. Cem.
July 09 11 Prospect St. Prematurity FURLONG Baby F R.C. 2Dys.   Mt. Carmel Cemty.
July 10 Sanatorium Pulmy. Tuberculosis O'BRIEN Lillian F R.C. 26   Mt. Carmel Cemty.
July 10 64 Livingstone St. Convulsions O'BRIEN Marian F R.C. 3Mo.   Mt. Carmel Cemty.
July 10 39 Beaumont St. Gen. Paralysis Insane PIKE Mark M U. Church 57   Gen. Prot. Cem.
July 12 62 Spencer St. Meningitis COLLINS Thresa F R.C. 9   Mt. Carmel
July 12 11 Baron St. Sarcoma DOODY Margaret F R.C. 67   Mt. Carmel
July 12 Duckworth St. Cerebral Haemorrhage CROCKER Richard B M C.O.E. 84   C.O.E.
July 12 178 Patrick St. Carcinoma/Sigmoid REID Sophie Jane F C.O.E. 62   C.O.E.
July 12 22 Mayor Ave. Pulmy. Tuberculosis SELLARS Harry Munden M U. Church 19   G.Prot. Cmty.
July 13 35 Princes St. Convulsions MURRAY Elizabeth B F R.C. 5Mo.   Mt. Carmel
PAGE 36                
July 13 Nagles Hill Senile Decay WALSH Ellen F R.C. 90 Ireland Belvedere
July 14 Barters Hill Phthisis Pulmonatis TAYLOR Herbert M U. Church 33   Gen. Protestant
July 15 Barters Hill Myocarditis PEAR Mary Ann F C.O.E. 74   C.O.E. Cmty.
July 15 152 Signal Hill Pul. Tuberculosis DONNELLY Sr. M. Gregory M R.C. 23   Belvedere
July 17   Inanition JOHNSTONE Baby M C.O.E. 7Hrs.   C.O.E.
July 18 52 Bond St. Hydrocephalus SIMMS Francis M C.O.E. 1/2Hr.   C.O.E.
July 17 Sanatorium Pul. Tuberculosis TAYLOR James M R.C. 45   Mt. Carmel
July 17 Gen'l Hospl. Pneumonia, Myocarditis MCMILLAN D. W. M U. Church 63   New Glasgow, N.S.
July 18 Insane Hospl. Mania Depression LEGGE Annie F C.O.E. 55 Twillingate C.O.E. Cmty.
July 18 Casey St. Cardiac Asthma CHIDLEY Sarah F R.C. 63   Mt. Carmel
July 18 Kings Bridge Inanition BAKER Joseph M S. Army 1Hr.   S. Army Cmty.
July 20 36 Adelaide St. Pul. Tuberculosis HARBIN Llewellyn M S. Army 3Y/6M   S. Army Cmty.
July 21 Quidi Vidi Rd. Paralysis DENEIF Margaret F R.C. 56   Belvedere
July 21 49 Mullock St. Prematurity KAVANAGH Margaret F R.C. 1Dy.   Mt. Carmel
July 21 91 Pennywell Rd. Still Born SOMERTON Baby M C.O.E. SB   C.O.E. Cmty.
July 21 38 Prescott St. Cirrhosis/Liver PIDGEON Margaret F R.C. 65   Belvedere Cemty.
July 22 1 McFarlane St. Tubercuosis MCFARLANE James M R.C. 37   Belvedere Cemty.
July 23 Spencer St. Pneumonia HATCHER Lydia F C.O.E. 81   Catalina
July 23 64 Water St. Apoplexy CROTTY Mary F R.C. 60   Belvedere
July 07 Everett Mass. USA Myocarditis MACDONALD Margaret F U. Church 72   Mt. Carmel Cemty.
July 24 Logy Bay Rd. Endocarditis COOK Philip V M U. Church 11   C.O.E. Cmty.
July 25 Cove Rd. Pul. Tuberculosis MCDONALD Frances F R.C. 65   Mt. Carmel Cemty.
July 25 63 Springdale St. Tumor/Abdomen RUXTON Catherine Anne F U. Church 45   Gen. Prot. Cem.
July 24 King's Rd. Pneumonia CUMMINGS George M U. Church 31   Gen. Prot. Cem.
July 26 6 Angel Place Cardiac Failure CURRAN Annie F R.C. 73   Mt. Carmel Cemty.
July 26 Cavendish House Haemplegia EBBS Edward M R.C.     Mt. Carmel Cemty.
July 27 Insane Hospl. Epileptic Psychosis DORMEDY Ellen F R.C. 50   Belvedere
July 28 34 Quidi Vidi Rd. Whooping Cough LAKE Margaret F R.C. 2   Mt. Carmel Cemty.
July 28 Blackhead Rd. Bronchitis LENINE Edward M R.C. 15Mo.   Mt. Carmel Cemty.
July 29 Torbay Rd. Blood Poisoning PHELAN Michael M C.O.E. 61   C.O.E. Cmty.
July 29 Kings Rd. Myocarditis WALSH Catherine F R.C. 72   Belvedere Cemty.
July 30 89 Casey St. Marasmus MARRY Brendon Jos. M R.C. 3Wks.   Mt. Carmel Cemty.
July 31 Insane Asylum Mania Depression COLLINS Stanley M C.O.E. 22   C.O.E. Cmty.
July 31 192 Pleasant St. Still Born DOWNTON Baby F C.O.E. SB   C.O.E. Cmty.
June 11 Hamilton St. Drowning Meloncholi HURLEY John M R.C. 50   Mt. Carmel Cemty.
???. 08 Wabana Pneumonia YETTMAN? ??tis F C.O.E. 7Mo. Wabana Bell Island
27 Lance Cove Pneumonia REID Wm. James M C.O.E. 6Mo. Lance Cove Lance Cove
Mar. 08 Wabana Pneumonia MEADUS? Julia? F C.O.E. 6Mo. Wabana Bell Island
Apl. 03 Freshwater Tumor/Abdomen PARSONS John? M C.O.E. 82 Bryants Cove Conception B?
Oct. 28/5? Portugal Cove T.B. SUSSEY? Jessie F U. Church 29 Portugal Cove Lance Cove, Portugal Cove
PAGE 37                
Jan. 03 Bell Island Lobar Pneumonia ANTHONY Gordon Stanley M U.C. 5Y/10M Bell Island Bell Island
Jan. 25 Bell Island Bronchitis SOMERTON Daisy Louise F U.C. 5 Bell Island Bell Island
Feb. 09 Portugal Cove Senile Decay MITCHELL James M U.C. 80 Pushthrough Portugal Cove
Apl. 30 Bell Island Spinal Bifida CAULWELL? Vera Frances F U.C. 50 Bell Island Bell Island
June 04 St. John's Prematurity MORRISSEY Jas. Fred? M U.C. 20Yrs.?   Belvedere
June 05 St. John's Tuberculosis HICKEY? Mary F R.C. 28   Belvedere
June 08 St. John's Apoplexy MCGRATH Mary F R.C. 88   Belvedere
June 12 St. John's Marasmus EDSTROM Mary F R.C. 1Mo.   Belvedere
June 15 St. John's Paralysis MANNING Jas. B M R.C. 89   Belvedere
June 14 St. John's Pu??? Hemoerhage[sic] RYAN? James M R.C. 42   Belvedere
June 15 St. John's Acute Appendicitis MC??ILLY Robert M R.C. 19   Belvedere
June 22 St. John's Acute Bronchitis SCEVIOUR Infant M R.C. 10Mo.   Belvedere
June 23 St. John's Prematurity KEARNEY? John M R.C. Prem.   Belvedere
June 23 St. John's Angina Pectoris DONNELLY Arthur M R.C. 54   Belvedere
June 27 St. John's Apoplexy RYALL Maud F R.C. 49  
June 27 St. John's Lymphatic Leukaemia POWER Peter M R.C. 5  
May 02 St. John's Cerebral Hemmorrhage PHELAN John M R.C. 70   Belvedere
May 05 St. John's Pul. T.B. MCPHERSON Charlotte F R.C. 28   Belvedere
May 14 St. John's Endocarditis WALSH Alice F R.C. 67   Belvedere
May 15 St. John's Meningitis WHELAN Rose F R.C. 17   Belvedere
May 17 St. John's Arterio Sclerosis DUNPHY J? T? M R.C. 64   Belvedere
May 18 St. John's Chronic Bronchitis SNOOK Joseph M R.C. 67   Belvedere
May 22 St. John's Carcinoma/Neck RYAN Patrick M R.C. 77   Belvedere
May 22 St. John's Bright's Disease SKINNER Henry M R.C. 44   Belvedere
May 22 St. John's Senile Myocarditis BEARNS Alice F R.C. 96   Belvedere
May 25 St. John's Pul. Tuberculosis BRODERICK Timothy M R.C. 15   Belvedere
May 28 St. John's Cardiac Renal Failure KING Mary F R.C. 69   Belvedere
May 28 St. John's Cancer MCLOUGHLAN Ann F R.C. 74   Belvedere
May 28 St. John's Pul. T.B. DUNN Philip M R.C. 19   Belvedere
May 08 St. John's Prematurity HICKEY? Baby F R.C. 1Wk.   Belvedere
Mar. 01 St. John's Pneumonia KELLY Patrick M R.C. 65   Belvedere
Mar. 03 St. John's Endocarditis LI?? Mary F R.C. 70   Belvedere
Mar. 06 New York Gas Effects BYRNE James M R.C. 28   Belvedere
Mar. 09 St. John's Inanition ?L?SLEY John M R.C. 3Hrs.   Belvedere
Mar. 09 St. John's Meningitis KIRBY Ethel F R.C. 10Y/6M   Belvedere
Mar. 15 St. John's Prematurity MOLLOY Josephine F R.C. 6Hrs.?   Belvedere
Mar. 16 St. John's Senility CRANFORD Mary F R.C. 80   Belvedere
Mar. 24 St. John's Bronchitis KANE Elizabeth F R.C. 70   Belvedere
Mar. 24 St. John's Epilepsy CRANFORD Patrick M R.C. 15   Belvedere

Transcribed by: Betty Cumby (2012)

Page Last Modified: Friday September 20, 2013 (Don Tate)
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