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Vital Records
Register of Deaths

Port de Grave District
1927 - 1930

Book 10
PAGES 131 - 136, 138 - 141 & 143 - 146

SOURCE: LDS Microfilm Reels

Date of Death Place of Death Cause of Death Surname Given Names Religious Denomination Age Place of Birth Place of Internment
PAGE 131                
Jan-07 Hallstown Old Age CONNOLLY Catherine Rom. Cath. 82 Hallstown North River
Jan-11 North River Old Age MORRISSEY Ian Rom. Cath. 87 North River North River
Feb-04 North River Pul. Tuberculosis ENGLISH Mary Alice Rom. Cath. 44 North River North River
Feb-09 North River Old Age MORRISSEY John Rom. Cath. 77 North River North River
Feb-19 St. John's Old Age DELANEY Patrick J. Rom. Cath. 70 Bay Roberts Bay Roberts
Mar-04 Insane Asylum Cancer Stomach POWER James Rom. Cath. 69 Cupids Brigus
Mar-07 Maryvale Old Age FLAHERTY Mary Rom. Cath. 97 Plate Cove Brigus
Mar-10 Brigus Angina Pectoris JAMES Patrick Rom. Cath. 71 Brigus Brigus
Jan-21 Georgetown Consumption KELLY William United Ch. 12 Georgetown Georgetown
Jan-20 Brigus Consumption CURTIS Hubert United Ch. 29 Brigus Brigus
Jan-29 Brigus Old Age ROSE John United Ch. 76 Brigus Brigus
Feb-12 Cupids Anaemia DAWE Eli United Ch. 2 Cupids Brigus
Feb-01 Cupids Convulsions BUTLER Edgar G. United Ch. 11 mos Cupids Cupids
Mar-26 Cupids Marasmus DAWE Frederick G. United Ch. 6 mos Cupids Cupids
Mar-08 Gullies Apoplexy WALSH Eliza United Ch. 79 Gullies Brigus
Feb-23 Cupids Old Age HOYLES John United Ch. 79 Cupids Cupids
Mar-27 Brigus Heart Disease NORMAN Harriet United Ch. 74 Brigus Cupids
Apr-15 Georgetown Consumption YOUDEN Maud United Ch. 21 Georgetown Georgetown
Jun-10 Brigus Pneumonia GUSHUE Eric G. United Ch. 4 mos Brigus Brigus
May-04 Clark's Beach Gastritis MUGFORD James United Ch. 72 Clarke's Beach Clarke's Beach
May-29 Port de Grave Tuberculosis PIERCEY Evelyn United Ch. 22 Port de Grave Port de Grave
May-06 Clarke's Beach Nephritis NORMAN Robert United Ch. 65 Bareneed Clarke's Beach
May-06 Port de Grave Inf. Debility TUCKER George H.S. United Ch. 5 mos Port de Grave Port de Grave
May-24 Port de Grave Heart Failure EFFORD Bertha United Ch. 56 Port de Grave Port de Grave
Jun-25 Port de Grave Paralysis EFFORD Samuel United Ch. 61 Port de Grave Port de Grave
Jun-08 Cupids Gastritis WALSH William Rom. Cath. 65 Cupids Cupids
May-01 Detroit Heart Failure MORRISSEY Thomas Rom. Cath. 40 North River Detroit
May-18 Hallstown Old Age MAHONEY Alice Rom. Cath. 92 North River North River
Jun-02 Springfield Old Age McLEAN Stephen Rom. Cath. 76 Springfield Springfield
Jun-03 South River Old Age FARRETT William Rom. Cath. 78 South River North River
Jun-26 Emerald Vale Prematurity REID Patricia Rom. Cath. 1 day Emerald Vale Emerald Vale
Aug-07 Brigus Inf. Debility LAMB Thomas Rom. Cath. 2 hrs Brigus Brigus
Aug-08 Brigus Inf. Debility FOWLER Michael Rom. Cath. 1 hr Brigus Brigus
Sep-06 St. John's Heart Failure WALKER James Rom. Cath. 49 Brigus Brigus
Sep-08 Roche's Line Convulsions EDWARDS Mary Rom. Cath. 1 hr Roche's Line Brigus
Sep-25 Maryvale Convulsions ROSE Nicholas Rom. Cath. 2 hrs Maryvale Brigus
Jul-15 St. John's Myocarditis TAYLOR William United Ch. 67 Brigus Brigus
Jul-15 Cupids Paralysis AKERMAN William United Ch. 76 Brigus Cupids
Aug-08 Brigus Convulsions PERCY James M. United Ch. 1 wk Brigus Brigus
Aug-13 Cupids Cancer Stomach LE DREW Bertha United Ch. 58 Cupids Cupids
Aug-20 Cupids Apoplexy DAWE Emma United Ch. 71 Cupids Cupids
Aug-18 Salmon Cove Heart Disease COVEYDUCK Emily United Ch. 63 Cupids Cupids
Jul-24 Chelsea, USA Cancer Lung FORD Alexander United Ch. 34 Cupids Cupids
Sep-03 Cupids Old Age BUTLER Jacob United Ch. 80 Cupids Cupids
Sep-04 Brigus Old Age ROBERTS Rhoda United Ch. 81 Brigus Georgetown
Sep-15 Salmon Cove Pul. Tuberculosis SNOW William J. United Ch. 28 Salmon Cove Cupids
Aug-12 Hallstown Old Age KAVANAGH James Rom. Cath. 85 Hallstown North River
Sep-16 Clarke's Beach Convulsions NORMAN Rita Pentecost. 9 dys Clarke's Beach Clarke's Beach
Nov-07 Clarke's Beach Convulsions MUGFORD James Pentecost. 7 dys Clarke's Beach Clarke's Beach
Nov-08 Brigus Paralysis BARTLETT Robert United Ch. 62 Brigus Brigus
Dec-21 Georgetown Haemorrhage Lungs SPARKES Alfred G. United Ch. 23 Georgetown Georgetown
Dec-31 Brigus Prematurity BUTLER James N. United Ch. 3 mos Brigus Brigus
Nov-02 Emerald Vale Prematurity FOWLER Mary Rom. Cath. 1 hr Emerald Vale Emerald Vale
Nov-07 Grace Hospital Appendicitis CONNOLLY Bridget Rom. Cath. 20 North River North River
Dec-09 Bay Roberts Heart Failure FITZPATRICK Mary Rom. Cath. 18 Bay Roberts Bay Roberts
Dec-27 Bay Roberts Pul. Tuberculosis DAWSON Mary C. Rom. Cath. 55 Bay Roberts Bay Roberts
Oct-02 Burnt Head Convulsions WALSH James Rom. Cath. 1 hr Burnt Head Brigus
Oct-23 Cupids Paralysis Brain CROKE John Rom. Cath. 71 Cupids Brigus
Oct-28 Maryvale Convulsions CROKE Edward Rom. Cath. 7 dys Maryvale Brigus
Feb-17 St. John's Old Age WASHER Henry Ch. Eng. 95 Brigus Brigus
Feb-07 English Cove Old Age LUSH Anne Ch. Eng. 75 English Cove English Cove
Apr-03 South River Old Age RICH Diana Ch. Eng. 75 South River Salmon Cove
Jul-19 Indian Hr. Labrador Cardiac Hyperthropy MEADEN George Ch. Eng. 77 Brigus Brigus
Aug-15 St. John's Phthisis DAWE Eileen Ch. Eng. 12 Burnt Head Burnt Head
Jul-22 Juniper Stump Bright's Disease MUGFORD James Ch. Eng. 75 Juniper Stump Juniper Stump
Sep-04 Springfield Convulsions WARFORD Alexander Ch. Eng. 1 3/4 Springfield Salmon Cove
Jul-18 Salmon Cove Old Age ANDREWS Mary Ann Ch. Eng. 81 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Oct-26 Burnt Head Pul. Tuberculosis MORGAN Bertha Ch. Eng. 43 Cupids Burnt Head
Oct-10 Salmon Cove Convulsions SMITH Vera Ch. Eng. 6 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Nov-28 South River Old Age BOONE Thomas Ch. Eng. 86 South River Salmon Cove
Jun-25 Port de Grave Paralysis EFFORD Samuel United Ch. 61 Port de Grave Port de Grave
Jul-14 Port de Grave Gastritis HUSSEY Stephen E. United Ch. 7 mos Port de Grave Port de Grave
Aug-18 Bareneed Dysentary PAUL Gertrude United Ch. 6 mos Bareneed Port de Grave
Aug-20 Port de Grave Cholera Infantum PELTON Raymond L. United Ch. 1 4/12 Port de Grave Port de Grave
Aug-28 Bareneed Old Age THOMPSON Elizabeth United Ch. 89 Port de Grave Bareneed
Sep-09 Clarke's Beach Convulsions COPPIN Harry C. United Ch. 2 3/12 Catalina Clarke's Beach
Mar-07 Blow Me Down Hemiplegia PORTER Isaac Ch. Eng. 72 Blow Me Down Ship Cove
Mar-19 Ship Cove Tuberculosis DAWE Elizabeth Ch. Eng. 58 Ship Cove Ship Cove
Jan-22 Bareneed Nephritis STEVENS John Ch. Eng. 80 Bareneed Bareneed
Feb-03 Bareneed Tuberculosis BOONE William Ch. Eng. 70 Bareneed Bareneed
PAGE 133                
Feb-11 Bareneed Nephritis BUTTON Grace Ch. Eng. 47 Labrador Bareneed
Feb-23 The Dock Myocarditis FRENCH Caroline Ch. Eng. 69 The Dock Bareneed
Mar-02 North River Convulsions McCABE Samuel J. Ch. Eng. 6 mos North River North River
Mar-27 North River Myocarditis CUREW Johanna Ch. Eng. 70 North River North River
May-13 Port de Grave Convulsions RALPH Andrew M. Ch. Eng. 7 dys Port de Grave Ship Cove
Apr-09 Bareneed Convulsions BRADBURY Evelyn Ch. Eng. 4 mos Bareneed Bareneed
Jul-02 Port de Grave Drowned MORGAN Jessie Ch. Eng. 67 Ship Cove Ship Cove
Sep-26 Blow Me Down Dysentary MORGAN William C. Ch. Eng. 66 Blow Me Down Ship Cove
Sep-08 Bareneed Pneumonia MOORE Harold Ch. Eng. 8 mos Bareneed Bareneed
Aug-12 Port de Grave Myocarditis HUSSEY Mary Ann Ch. Eng. 61 Bareneed Bareneed
Oct-23 Pick Eyes Myocarditis BISHOP Sarah Ch. Eng. 69 Ship Cove Ship Cove
Oct-27 Port de Grave Carcinoma TUCKER John C. Ch. Eng. 71 Port de Grave Ship Cove
Oct-29 Ship Cove Convulsions DAWE Susanna Ch. Eng. 6 dys Ship Cove Ship Cove
Dec-20 Blow Me Down Endocarditis PORTER John Ch. Eng. 78 Blow Me Down Ship Cove
Dec-21 Durrell's Hole Gastric Ulcer DAWE John Ch. Eng. 70 Durrell's Hole Ship Cove
Oct-19 Seldom Come By Drowned BARTLETT John J. Ch. Eng. 57 Bareneed Bareneed
Dec-23 Bareneed Endocarditis MOORES William Ch. Eng. 77 Bareneed Bareneed
Dec-03 North River Bright's Disease & Old Age POWER Johanna Rom. Cath. 82 North River North River
Dec-18 Burnt Head Consumption AKERMAN Lavinia United Ch. 35 Burnt Head Cupids
Jun-27 Clarke's Beach Convulsions SMITH Dorothy Pentecost. 7 dys Clarke's Beach Clarke's Beach
Apr-01 Cupids Consumption LE DREW Archibald United Ch. 48 Cupids Cupids
Apr-11 Cupids Paralysis DAWE George United Ch. 64 Cupids Cupids
May-13 Cupids Intestinal Ulcer LE DREW John C. United Ch. 62 Cupids Cupids
May-30 St. John's Pul. Tuberculosis DAWE Silas United Ch. - Cupids Cupids
Apr-03 Burnt Head Cancer of Stomach FOWLER Michael Rom. Cath. 75 Burnt Head Brigus
May-06 Maryvale Convulsions FLAHERTY Peter - 3 dys Maryvale Brigus
May-11 Gould's Rd. Diabetes CARWELL William Rom. Cath. 67 Gould's Rd. Brigus
May-11 Maryvale Convulsions POWER John - 5 mos Maryvale Brigus
May-14 Brigus Convulsions CAUL Michael - 3 dys Brigus Brigus
May-21 Roche's Line Tuberculosis of Lungs HANCOK? Dominic Rom. Cath. 24 Roche's Line Brigus
May-22 Roche's Line Convulsions HANCOK? Stephen - 2 dys Roche's Line Brigus
Jun-05 Maryvale Convulsions POWER James - 1 day Maryvale Brigus
Jun-05 Maryvale Convulsions POWER Patrick John - 1 day Maryvale Brigus
Jun-16 Cupids Cancer of Stomach BEEHAN Patrick Rom. Cath. 67 Cupids Brigus
Apr-03 Bay Roberts Consumption Lungs DELANEY John Thomas Rom. Cath. 57 Bay Roberts Bay Roberts
Apr-13 Emerald Vale Consumption Lungs REID Stella Rom. Cath. 12 Emerald Vale Emerald Vale
May-07 Port de Grave Paralytic Stroke LOIS? Samuel Rom. Cath. 78 Hibbs Cove, Port de G. Port de Grave
Dec-19 North River Delicate from birth & "Flu" MORRISSEY Philip Patrick Rom. Cath. 5 mos North River North River
Oct-10 Georgetown Paralysis JAMES William Rom. Cath. 63 Brigus Brigus
Oct-24 Frog Marsh Tuberculosis KENNEDY Bernard Rom. Cath. 20 Frog Marsh Brigus
Oct-25 Gould's Hill Infant LANE William Rom. Cath. 1 day Gould's Hill Brigus
Oct-15 Clarke's Beach Acute Nephritis MORGAN Emma United Ch. 46 Clarke's Beach Clarke's Beach
Oct-11 Port de Grave Bronchitis LEAR Elizabeth Emma Rom. Cath. 5 mos Port de Grave Port de Grave
PAGE 135                
Mar-18 Clarke's Beach Haemorrhage Lungs MORGAN Frederick Pentecost. 32 Motion, Clarke's Beach Clarke's Beach
Jan-20 Bareneed Myocarditis RICHARDS William Henry Meth. 64 Bareneed Bareneed
Jan-30 Port de Grave nephritis & Myocarditis RALPH Emily Meth. 84 Port de Grave Port de Grave
Feb-03 Clarke's Beach Anaemia Heart Disease MUGFORD Wilfred Meth. 9 Clarke's Beach Clarke's Beach
Feb-17 Clarke's Beach Heart Failure MUGFORD Mary Jane Meth. 53 Clarke's Beach Clarke's Beach
Jan-24 South River Old Age FLYNN Margaret Rom. Cath. 82 South River North River
Feb-22 North River Senile Decay O'BRIEN Richard Rom. Cath. 83 Brigus North River
Feb-25 Bay Roberts Senile Decay & Pneumonia FITZPATRICK Patrick Rom. Cath. 77 Bay Roberts Bay Roberts
Mar-08 South River *Stomach Trouble FLYNN Catherine Rom. Cath. 46 Springfield North River
*chronic acute gastritis                
Feb-10 Ontario Suffocation WHELAN Martin Rom. Cath. 48 Brigus Brigus
Jan-15 Gullies Senility PENNEY John United Ch. 88 Gullies Brigus
Jan-28 Brigus *Fall PERCY Stephen United Ch. 23 Brigus Brigus
*Lived alone. Fell on stove found dead in morning Paralyzed.
Feb-04 Brigus Natural Causes SPARKS James United Ch. 72 Brigus Brigus
Feb-06 Cupids S.S. Apoplexy BUTLER James John United Ch. 65 Cupids S.S. Cupids S.S.
Jan-05 Brigus Natural Causes SNELGROVE Hatchfield Munden United Ch. 2 St. John's Brigus
Feb-22 Cupids Intestinal Obstruction MARTIN Agnes United Ch. 60 Cupids Cupids
Feb-15 Clarke's Beach Died Suddenly MUGFORD Mrs. Amy S. Army 78 Cupids Cupids
Jul-08 Hallstown Consumption FAUCETT Catherine Rom. Cath. 43 South River North River
Sep-09 South River Convulsions ME??? Margaret Rosalie Rom. Cath. 6 dys South River North River
Sep-10 Brigus Convulsions WHALEN ??? L. United Ch. 6 dys Brigus Brigus
Aug-23 Salmon Cove Probably Convulsions PUDDESTER Sarah E. United Ch. 6 mos Salmon Cove Cupids
Mar-25 Clarke's Beach Nephritis MUGFORD William H. United Ch. 52 Clarke's Beach Clarke's Beach
Jul-01 Clarke's Beach Acute Gastritis DAWE William Henry United Ch. 60 Clarke's Beach Clarke's Beach
Jul-02 St. John's Dropsey PEDDLE Ellen Rom. Cath. 79 Brigus Brigus
Jul-07 Maryvale Convulsions POWER Cecilia Rom. Cath. 8 dys Maryvale Brigus
Jul-14 Roche's Line Dropsey HAWCOE James Rom. Cath. 84 Chapel Cove Brigus
Sep-28 Cupids Bronchitis GREEN? ? Rom. Cath. 75 Port de Grave Brigus
Sep-28 Georgetown Paralysis JAMES William Rom. Cath. 63 Georgetown Brigus
Sep-28 Gould's Hill Convulsions LANE William Rom. Cath. 1 day Gould's Hill Brigus
Sep-30 Frog Marsh Tuberculosis of lungs KENNEDY Seward Rom. Cath. 20 Frog Marsh Brigus
Aug-28 Clarke's Beach Consumption NORMAN John S. Army 74 - Brigus
Jul-23 Clarke's Beach Inward Convulsion CARFALL Cassie Pentecost. 9 days Clarke's Beach Clarke's Beach
Jul-22 Port de Grave Senile Decay MURFAU? Edward Ch. Eng. 77 Coley's Point Ship Cove
Sep-23 Bareneed Tuberculosis RICHARDS Mary J. Ch. Eng. 67 Ship Cove Bareneed
May-21 Ship Cove Haemaphlegia DAWE Samuel Ch. Eng. 62 Ship Cove Ship Cove
Jun-13 Ship Cove Pul. Tuberculosis DAWE Mary Clarice Ch. Eng. 22 Ship Cove Ship Cove
Apr-20 Bareneed Meningitis BATTEN Charles Ch. Eng. 45 Bareneed Bareneed
May-22 North River Senile Decay SNOW Emma J. Ch. Eng. 76 North River North River
May-28 North River Drowning ALBINO? Richard Ch. Eng. 18 North River North River
Dec-06 Hallstown Convulsions HALL William Frances Rom. Cath. 8 days Hallstown North River
PAGE 136                
Oct-08 Hallstown Cancer NEWELL Elizabeth Ch. Eng. 67 - Bareneed
Oct-20 Bareneed - GREENLAND Clarence Ch. Eng. 26 - Bareneed
Oct-21 Blow Me Down - MORGAN Lillian Ch. Eng. 30 - Blow Me Down
Oct-25 Port de Grave Chronic Bronchitis TUCKER Sarah Ch. Eng. 73 - Port de Grave
Nov-25 Hibbs Cove - PORTER Lavinia Ch. Eng. 67 Fox Trap Port de Grave
Oct-02 Ship Cove Congestion of Lungs DAWE Daisy Gwendolyn Ch. Eng. 5 Ship Cove Ship Cove
Dec-01 Blow Me Down - MORGAN Sarah Ch. Eng. 73 Ship Cove Ship Cove
Dec-07 Ship Cove Lagrippe ANDREWS Mary Ch. Eng. 65 Ship Cove Ship Cove
Dec-12 Blow Me Down Pul. Tuberculosis MORGAN Sam'l George Ch. Eng. 26 Blow Me Down Blow Me Down
Dec-22 Cupids Heart Failure DAWE Elizabeth United Ch. 56 Labrador Cupids
Oct-25 Cupids Premature Birth BOONE Eric United Ch. 1 hr Burnt Head Cupids
Oct-26 Cupids Consumption WEBBER Richard United Ch. 49 Cupids Cupids
Dec-28 Cupids Angina Pectoris SHANN? William United Ch. 82 England Cupids
Jan-11 South River Ce??rne Haemorrhage BOONE Margaret Ch. Eng. 71 - Salmon Cove
Apr-05 Brigus - DEWLING Henry Victor Ch. Eng. 10 mos Brigus Brigus
May-11 Brigus - WILCOX Caroline Ch. Eng. 77 Brigus Brigus
May-25 English Cove - SKINNER Mary Ann Ch. Eng. 80 Brigus English Cove
Jun-14 Brigus ?atent? Of Bowel GUSHUE Ruth Angela Ch. Eng. 2 Brigus Brigus
Aug-06 Brigus Cancer Gullett CHALKER? Mary Anne Ch. Eng. 57 - Brigus
Jul-04 St. John's Cancer of Liver SNOW Louisa Ch. Eng. 63 - Salmon Cove
Jul-22 Juniper Stump Convulsions MUGFORD Daisy Ch. Eng. 4 mos Juniper Stump Juniper Stump
Aug-16 Springfield Senile Decay MARSHALL Abram Ch. Eng. 76 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Sep-17 Salmon Cove Paralysis BURSEY Mary Ann Ch. Eng. 76 - Salmon Cove
Sep-03 The Broads Diarrhoea MOORE Abram Ch. Eng. 70 Clarke's Beach Salmon Cove
Aug-22 Salmon Cove Cancer of Mouth COVEYDUCK Robert Ch. Eng. 66 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Apr-02 Genl Hospital Arterio Sclerosis MUGFORD Isaac - 70 Goulds Goulds Brigus
Dec-25 Genl Hospital Endocarditis SMITH Mrs. Miriam - 57 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Dec-22 Grace Hospital Pneumonia ANTHONY Mrs. Henry - 40 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Oct-21 Grace Hospital Nephritis MORGAN Mrs. Stephen - 34 Port de Grave Port de Grave
Jun-10 Insane Asylum Pne T.B. DAWE Hector - 24 Cupids Cupids
Dec-21 Brigus Junction Convulsions ROSE George Ch. Eng. 9 mos Brigus Jctn English Cove
Nov-07 Clarke's Beach Tuberculosis MUGFORD Robert Ch. Eng. 58 Clarke's Beach Salmon Cove
Oct-14 Juniper Stump Malnutrition DIXON Florence Ch. Eng. 1 mos Juniper Stump Juniper Stump
Oct-28 Juniper Stump Senility MUGFORD Agnes Ch. Eng. 77 South River Juniper Stump
Dec-20 Foley's Hill Cancer Stomach HUSSEY Albert (I.?) Ch. Eng. 73 South River Salmon Cove
Dec-22 St. John's Pneumonia ANTHONY Caroline Ch. Eng. 40 Port de Grave Salmon Cove
Dec-25 St. John's Myocarditis SMITH Miriam Ch. Eng. 57 Ochre Pit Cove Salmon Cove
Dec-29 South River Drowning HUSSEY Ellen Ch. Eng. 58 - Salmon Cove
Mar-03 Salmon Cove Tuberculosis ANTHONY M?? Ch. Eng. 4 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Mar-03 Salmon Cove Softening of Brain LIDSTONE John Ch. Eng. 60 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
PAGE 138                
Mar-23 Clarke's Beach Still Born BUTT (Sm John & Flora) Pentecost. S.B. Clarke's Beach Clarke's Beach
Jan-19 Cupids Senility NORMAN John U. Church 82 Cupids Cupids
Feb-17 Brigus Senility FRENCH Mary U. Church 83 Brigus Brigus
Mar-25 Brigus Senility JENSEN Charles U. Church 91 Cupids Brigus
Mar-15 Cupids Tuberculosis WELLS William U. Church 29 Cupids Brigus
Mar-26 Cupids Tuberculosis NORMAN Blanche U. Church 19 1/2 Cupids Cupids
Jan-01 St. John's Old Age SHEHAN Bridgit R. Cath. 84 Carbonear Cupids
Jan-02 Cupids Old Age BYRNE Johanna R. Cath. 84 Cupids Brigus
Jan-09 Gould Rd. Cancer ?? Thomas R. Cath. 77 England Brigus
Jan-15 Maryvale Plemo? Pneumonia McCAE Charles R. Cath. 72 Maryvale Brigus
Jan-20 Brigus Old Age FLYNN Richard R. Cath. 89 Brigus Brigus
Jan-20 Brigus Pneumonia POWER Charles R. Cath. 84 St. John's Brigus
Jan-26 Georgetown Old Age LEROY Patrick R. Cath. 93 Maryvale Brigus
Jan-31 Goulds Cancer HURLY Alice R. Cath. 67 Spaniard's Bay Brigus
Feb-04 Brigus Old Age MURPHY Alice R. Cath. 86 Brigus Brigus
Feb-26 Cupids Old Age BRIAN Mary R. Cath. 97 Carbonear Brigus
Mar-18 Goulds Rd. Old Age POWER John R. Cath. 88 Cupids Brigus
Mar-30 Brigus Influenza HANRAHAN Bridgit R. Cath. 57 Brigus Brigus
Jan-17 Port de Grave Infantile Debility MUGFORD Winnie C. of Eng. 7 dys Port de Grave Port de Grave
Jan-29 Port de Grave Senile Decay DAWE Josiah C. of Eng. 83 Port de Grave Port de Grave
Feb-10 Port de Grave Broncho Pneumonia TUCKER Irene C. of Eng. 9 mos Port de Grave Port de Grave
Mar-20 Port de Grave Inanition DAWE Frank Vernon C. of Eng. 7 dys Port de Grave Port de Grave
Feb-18 North River Growth on Liver STEVENS Mary Emma C. of Eng. 59 Bareneed North River
Feb-20 Bareneed Paralysis GREENLAND Jn.? C. of Eng. 64 Coley's Pt. Bareneed
Feb-24 Long Beach Pond Paralysis DAWE Elizabeth Jane U. Church 67 Bareneed Bareneed
Jan-03 Port de Grave Tuberculosis LEAR Mrs. Patrick SA 68 Port de Grave Port de Grave
Jan-10 Hallstown Old Age HURLEY Elizabeth R. Cath. 78 North River North River
Jan-16 North River Cancer of Bowels MORRISEY Patrick R. Cath. 64 North River North River
Jan-17 Springfield Old Age ABBOT Jane R. Cath. 84 Springfield Emerald Vale
Feb-25 North River Old Age WHELAN Anastatia R. Cath. 86 Cupids North River
Apr-07 Clarke's Beach Bronchitis REID Emma R. Cath. 71 Goulds North River
May-08 North River Old Age MAHONEY John R. Cath. 82 Birch Hill? North River
Jun-05 Brigus Convulsions KELLEY James Patrick R. Cath. 8 dys Brigus Emerald Vale
Jun-07 South River Lack of Nourishment CUMMINGS Wm. Stanley R. Cath. 5 mos South River North River
Jun-12 Clarke's Beach Convulsions MAHON Eugene Whelan R. Cath. 8 mos Clarke's Beach North River
Apr-06 Boston Heart Failure HAYES John R. Cath. 58 Cupids Brigus
May-06 Brigus Cancer of Stomach COLLINS Thomas R. Cath. 73 Gould's Rd. Brigus
May-11 English Cove - (congenital d added) COLE Thomas R. Cath. 6 wks E. Cove Brigus
May-19 Insane Hosp. Senility WALKER Elizabeth R. Cath. 82 North River Brigus
Jun-03 Maryvale Cancer of Stomach MORIARITY John R. Cath. 78 Maryvale Brigus
PAGE 139                
Jan-07 Maryvale Old Age BARRETT Matilda R. Cath. 87 Georgetown Brigus
Jan-12 Maryvale Bronchitis ROSE Susan R. Cath. 79 Maryvale Brigus
May-05 Bareneed Broncho Pneumonia NEWELL Phyllis C. of Eng. 3 mos Bareneed Bareneed
May-31 Port de Grave S.B. - - C. of Eng. S.B. Port de Grave Port de Grave
May-16 Port de Grave Infantile Debility PLOUGHMAN Daisy C. of Eng. 1 hr Port de Grave Port de Grave
Jun-06 Port de Grave Childbirth PORTER Florence C. of Eng. 35 Port de Grave Port de Grave
Mar-31 Cupids Tuberculosis NORMAN Blanche U. Church 19 1/2 Cupids Cupids
Apr-10 Brigus Heart Disease SPRACKLIN Azariah U. Church 74 Brigus Brigus
Jul-09 Brigus Heart Disease PERRY Alice U. Church 77 Brigus Brigus
May-18 Clarke's Beach Tuberculosis RENDELL Jessie U. Church 64 Clarke's Beach Clarke's Beach
Aug-18 Clarke's Beach Heart Disease DAWE Edward U. Church 70 Clarke's Beach Clarke's Beach
Sep-25 Port de Grave Intestinal Obstruction BUTLER Annie May U. Church 72 Port de Grave Port de Grave
Sep-26 Clarke's Beach Pneumonia RENDELL Cyril C. U. Church 5 Clarke's Beach Clarke's Beach
Jul-13 Bay Roberts Pulm. T.B. DAWSON Mrs. J.C. R. Cath. 59 Bay Roberts Bay Roberts
Aug-04 North River Paralysis CUMMINGS Daniel R. Cath. 74 North River North River
Aug-22 Butlerville Chronic Bronchitis BUTLER Susannah R. Cath. 76 Butlerville Bay Roberts
Aug-31 Bay Roberts Cancer DELANEY James Patrick R. Cath. 68 Bay Roberts Bay Roberts
Sep-14 Hallstown Cancer Stomach ST. CLAIR Bertha R. Cath. 44 Hallstown North River
Sep-25 North River Pulm. T.B. ST. CLAIR John D. R. Cath. 36 North River North River
Jul-21 Cupids Paralysis DELANEY Bridgit R. Cath. 78 Cupids Brigus
Sep-07 Maryvale Cancer of Face BARTLETT William R. Cath. 69 Maryvale Brigus
Sep-14 Goulds Rd. Convulsions MUGFORD Michael Jos. R. Cath. 5 1/2 mos Goulds Rd. Brigus
Sep-21 Cupids Old Age BREEN James R. Cath. 87 Cupids Brigus
Jul-19 Brigus Convulsions PERRY Clara U. Church 5 dys Brigus Brigus
Aug-12 Brigus Jctn. Pulm. T.B. MORGAN Wm. George U. Church 58 Georgetown Georgetown
Jul-06 Brigus Tuberculosis of Bowels KING Clara U. Church 15 Brigus Brigus
Sep-07 Cupids Apoplexy DAWE William U. Church 76 1/2 Cupids Cupids
Sep-26 Georgetown Tuberculosis Kidneys BARTLETT Elfrida U. Church 53 Clarke's Beach Georgetown
Sep-22 Long Pond Pulm. T.B. LUSH Ethel U. Church 40 Brigus Brigus
Jun-25 North River Pneumonia BRADBURY Frances C. of Eng. 1 North River North River
Jun-25 North River Pneumonia BRADBURY Mary C. of Eng. 1 North River North River
Jul-06 - Senility SNOW Elizabeth C. of Eng. 82 North River North River
Aug-13 Hibb's Cove Senility KENNEDY Samuel C. of Eng. 81 Hibb's Cove Ship Cove
Sep-08 Boston USA Accident KENNEDY Robert C. of Eng. 26 Hibb's Cove Ship Cove
Sep-23 Ship Cove Epileptic Convulsions MORGAN Sybil L. C. of Eng. 2 1/2 Ship Cove Ship Cove
Jan-31 Grace Hosp. Carcinoma HURLEY Alice R. Cath. 56 Brigus Brigus
May-19 Hosp for Insane Pnem T.B. WALKER Elizabeth R. Cath. 52 - Brigus
Jun-07 Genl Hosp Haemorrhage of Brain DIXON Fred R. Cath. 42 Gould's Brigus Goulds Brigus
Jun-17 28 Cook St. Cancer of Face SNOW Mary Ann R. Cath. 78 Clarke's Beach Clarke's Beach
Jan-04 Brigus (Gullies) Bronchitis CLARKE Elizabeth Ch. Organization 80 Brigus Brigus Gullies
PAGE 140                
Oct-07 Clarke's Beach Cancer DAWE John Pentecost. 64 Cupids Clarke's Beach
Oct-12 Port de Grave Senile Decay RALPH Mary Ann C. of Eng. 76 Port de Grave Port de Grave
Nov-11 Bareneed Heart Collapse HOWELL Margaret Jane C. of Eng. 80 Port de Grave Bareneed
Nov-25 North River - BRADBURY Isaac C. of Eng. 27 North River North River
Oct-22 Brigus Heart Disease WHITE William R. Cath. 74 Brigus Brigus
Oct-28 Genl Hosp Cancer of Liver RYAN William R. Cath. 72 Goulds Brigus
Dec-11 Roche's Line - (conv added) HOWELL Richard R. Cath. 2 1/2 mos Roche's Line Brigus
Dec-14 Cupids Pneumonia PINER Julia R. Cath. 67 North River Brigus
Dec-19 Gould's Rd. Paralysis BREEN William R. Cath. 82 Cupids Brigus
Dec-20 Roche's Line Heart Disease HOWELL Catherine R. Cath. 28 Gould's Rd. Brigus
Dec-29 Brigus Old Age POWER Margaret R. Cath. 87 South River Brigus
Oct-13 Bay Roberts Old Age FITZPATRICK John R. Cath. 85 Bay Roberts Bay Roberts
Oct-19 South River - (conv added) NEVILLE Martin R. Cath. 6 mos South River North River
Oct-21 Otterbury Old Age CURNEW Johanna R. Cath. 62 Otterbury North River
Oct-12 Georgetown Pnem T.B. SPARKS Mary A. R. Cath. 28 Georgetown Georgetown
Oct-22 S.S. Cupids Cong. Debility BUTLER Selina R. Cath. 1 day Cupids S. Cupids
Nov-04 Cupids Pleurisy WELLS William R. Cath. 66 Cupids S. Cupids
Nov-22 Brigus Paralysis JONES Emma R. Cath. 65 Brigus Brigus
Nov-25 Brigus Convulsions CURTIS William H. R. Cath. 1 day Brigus Brigus
Nov-12 Brigus Complications? ROBERT Henrietta R. Cath. 69 Brigus Brigus
Dec-27 Brigus Dropsy RENDELL Lavinia R. Cath. 62 Brigus Brigus
Dec-28 Long Pond Senility WHELAN Thomas R. Cath. 85 George Pond? Long Pond
Nov-13 Clarke's Beach Rheumatism HUSSEY John U. Church 73 Port de Grave Clarke's Beach
Dec-01 Clarke's Beach Congestion of Lungs NOSEWORTHY Frank Vernon U. Church 80 Cupids Clarke's Beach
Jan-12 St. John's Senile Dementia MORGAN William C. of Eng. 68 Burnt Head Burnt Head
Jan-20 Brigus Senile Decay BARTLETT William C. of Eng. 75 Brigus Brigus
Feb-25 Brigus Tuberculosis FRY James C. of Eng. 57 Brigus Brigus
Mar-17 St. John's Senile Decay MARTIN Lavinia C. of Eng. 91 Brigus Brigus
Jan-29 The Broads Clarke's Beach Tuberculosis BOONE John C. of Eng. 46 South River Salmon Cove
Feb-21 South River Tuberculosis WILSON Isaac R. C. of Eng. 19 South River Salmon Cove
Feb-28 South River Tuberculosis LAURENCE Florence C. of Eng. 66 South River Salmon Cove
Mar-19 Clarke's Beach Gastric Ulcer SNOW Charles C. of Eng. 73 Clarke's Beach Salmon Cove
Mar-31 Springfield Senile Decay WARFORD John C. of Eng. 83 Port de Grave Salmon Cove
Apr-13 Burnt Head Haemorrhage of Lungs BISHOP Benjamin C. of Eng. 22 Burnt Head Burnt Head
Apr-16 Burnt Head Drowning BISHOP Caroline C. of Eng. 53 Burnt Head Burnt Head
Jun-28 English Cove Convulsions LUSH Samuel C. of Eng. 7 dys E. Cove English Cove
Apr-13 South River Tuberculosis WAYNE Ethel C. of Eng. 35 - Salmon Cove
May-29 Salmon Cove Senile Decay WELLS Susannah C. of Eng. 74 - Salmon Cove
Jun-07 Juniper Stump Paralysis DIXON Frederick C. of Eng. 47 - Juniper Stump
Jun-11 Salmon Cove Pneumonia ANTHONY Walter G. C. of Eng. 6 wks - Salmon Cove
PAGE 141                
Sep-07 St. John's Appendicitis BISHOP Lena C. of Eng. 17 Burnt Head Burnt Head
Sep-18 English Cove Carcinoma Stomach BARTLETT Margaret C. of Eng. 61 Brigus English Cove
Jul-12 St. Anthony - MORGAN Harvey C. of Eng. 54 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Aug-02 Port de Grave Bronchitis WARFORD Elizabeth C. of Eng. 70 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Aug-20 South River Senile Decay RICHARD Mary C. of Eng. 82 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Nov-16 Georgetown Bronchitis ROSE Margaret Lilian C. of Eng. 9 dys Georgetown English Cove
Dec-08 Burnt Head Senile Decay MORGAN Rebecca C. of Eng. 86 Burnt Head Burnt Head
Dec-15 Brigus Myeloid Leukamia HAYSE Frederick C. of Eng. 10 Brigus Brigus
Oct-17 Bell Island Pyorshea BUTLER Naomi C. of Eng. 27 South River Salmon Cove
Dec-07 South River Cancer of Stomach WELLS Thomas C. of Eng. 53 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Dec-29 Juniper Stump Peritonotis REID James C. of Eng. 18 Juniper Stump Juniper Stump
Aug-29 Port de Grave - HUSSEY Isaac A. (antle added) C. of Eng. 66 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Dec-31 North River Inanition MORGAN Moses C. of Eng. 3 hrs North River North River
Dec-29 Ship Cove Pernicious Anaemia DAWE Wilfred C. of Eng. 40 Port de Grave Port de Grave
Dec-31 North River Inanition MORGAN Moses C. of Eng. 3 hrs North River North River
PAGE 143                
Jan-22 Clarke's Beach Infancy (conv. Added) DAWE Elizabeth Pentecost. 5 hrs Clarke's Beach Clarke's Beach
Jan-14 Cupids Infancy (conv. Added) PRENDERGAST Mary R. Cath. 2 dys Cupids Brigus
Jan-15 Brigus Pulm. T.B. CROWLEY Genevieve R. Cath. 22 Brigus Brigus
Jan-19 Cupids Infant WALSH Patrick R. Cath. 1 day Cupids Brigus
Jan-28 Maryvale Old Age KING John R. Cath. 98 Clarke's Beach Brigus
Feb-15 Boston USA Paralysis of Brain HURLEY John R. Cath. 70 South River Brigus
Mar-10 Brigus Haemorrhage of Brain LAMBE Patrick R. Cath. 76 Brigus Brigus
Mar-12 Cupids Tuberculosis of Lungs HAYNE Mary R. Cath. 31 Cupids Brigus
Mar-23 Burnt Head Paralysis FOWLER William R. Cath. 79 Burnt Head Brigus
Jan-19 Port de Grave Paralysis DAWE Matilda C. of Eng. 70 Port de Grave Port de Grave
Jan-22 Port de Grave Senile Decay DAWE Abigail C. of Eng. 85 Port de Grave Port de Grave
Jan-23 Lunatic Asylum St. John's Lunacy BONNELL William K. (John added) U. Church 49 Cupids Cupids
Mar-20 Brigus Bronchitis JACKSON Elizabeth U. Church 3 mos Grand Falls Brigus
Feb-26 Brigus Paralysis LEAMON Marsha U. Church 82 Brigus Brigus
Apr-02 Cupids Paralysis DAWE George U. Church 67 Cupids Cupids
Jan-03 Bay Roberts Consumption of Lungs FITZPATRICK Thomas R. Cath. 62 Bay Roberts Bay Roberts
Jan-23 Hallstown Consumption of Lungs MAHONEY Denis R. Cath. 59 Hallstown North River
Feb-27 Springfield Convulsions ABBOT Ronald Joseph R. Cath. 3 mos Springfield Emerald Vale
Feb-28 Clarke's Beach Kidney Trouble BARRON Michael R. Cath. 65 Holyrood North River
Mar-10 Springfield Consumption of Lungs ABBOT Bridget B. R. Cath. 43 Cupids Emerald Vale
Feb-22 Bareneed Senility FRENCH Abraham U. Church 90 Bareneed Bareneed
May-06 North River Clarke's Beach Ch. Nephritis SNOW James Pentecost. 72 North River Clarke's Beach
Apr-02 Burnt Head Paralysis DAWE George U. Church 67 Cupids Cupids
Apr-26 Brigus Paralysis LEAMON Martha U. Church 82 Brigus Brigus
May-05 Montreal Pnem. T.B. HUBER Jessie U. Church 27 Brigus Brigus
May-20 Bull Cove Gen. Debility YOUDEN Jessie U. Church 76 Bull Cove Georgetown
Apr-08 Lunatic Asylum St. John's Senile Dementia CURTIS Joshua U. Church 78 Brigus Brigus
Apr-09 South River Bronchial Pneumonia TAYLOR Mary Ellen R. Cath. 2 South River North River
Apr-11 Bay Roberts Old Age BRENNAN James R. Cath. 85 Bay Roberts Bay Roberts
May-18 South River Operation NEVILLE Elizabeth R. Cath. 53 Hallstown North River
May-20 Hallstown Cancer of Throat ST. CLAIR Duncan R. Cath. 85 Bay Roberts North River
Jun-11 Bay Roberts Old Age BRENNAN Walter F. R. Cath. 82 Bay Roberts Bay Roberts
Jun-12 South River Convulsions CUMMINGS Margaret R. Cath. 14 dys South River North River
Jun-12 Emerald Vale Cancer of Lungs FOWLER Isabella R. Cath. 13 Emerald Vale Emerald Vale
Apr-01 Port de Grave Pnem T.B. TUCKER Emma? C. of Eng. 19 Port de Grave Port de Grave
Apr-02 Port de Grave Paralysis TUCKER John Wm. C. of Eng. 56 Port de Grave Port de Grave
Apr-07 Port de Grave Heart Failure TAYLOR Wm. John C. of Eng. 47 Port de Grave Port de Grave
May-26 Port de Grave Heart Disease BURTON Henry C. of Eng. 65 Long Pond Port de Grave
Jun-04 Port de Grave Va? Disease of Heart DAWE Sarah Anne C. of Eng. 76 Port de Grave Port de Grave
May-08 Bareneed Jaundice & Heart Failure STEVENS John C. of Eng. 83 Bareneed Bareneed
PAGE 144                
May-09 Bareneed Bronchitis BARTLETT Mary Jane C. of Eng. 56 Bareneed Bareneed
Jun-08 Bareneed Heart Collapse Old Age NEWELL Susannah C. of Eng. 86 Bareneed Bareneed
Apr-15 North River Apploplexy (Apoplexy?) CURNEW James C. of Eng. 75 North River North River
Apr-18 Brigus - (conv added) FORD Mark R. Cath. 1 day Brigus Brigus
Apr-18 Roche's Line Bronchitis HANERE? James R. Cath. 8 mos Roche's Line Brigus
Apr-20 Brigus - (conv added) POWER Patrick R. Cath. 1 day Brigus Brigus
May-20 Roche's Line - (conv added) EDWARDS Richard R. Cath. 1 day Roche's Line Brigus
May-24 Roche's Line Bronchitis HANCOE Mary R. Cath. 79 Roche's Line Brigus
May-26 Brigus Senility MORRISEY Mary R. Cath. 87 Brigus Brigus
Jun-03 Brigus Cancer Stomach BYRNE Michael R. Cath. 64 Brigus Brigus
Jun-05 Gould Rd. T.B. of Lungs FOWLER Ethel R. Cath. 31 Gould Rd. Brigus
Jan-08 Colliers Senility MAHONEY Mary R. Cath. 78 Gould Rd. Conception
Jan-16 Conception Paralysis WADE Edward R. Cath. 86 - Conception
Feb-09 Genl Hosp Appendicitis GHONEY? Margaret R. Cath. 16 - Conception
Feb-20 Conception - TREHEY? Thomas R. Cath. 68 - Conception
Mar-04 Conception - MAHONEY James R. Cath. 70 - Conception
Mar-25 Conception TB Heart Troubles MURPHY Johanna R. Cath. 55 - Conception
Apr-02 Conception Cancer of Bowels COSTELLO David R. Cath. 43 - Conception
Mar-31 USA T.B. BURKE Bertha R. Cath. 35 - Conception
Jun-12 Colliers Senility McDONALD Ellen R. Cath. 82 - Conception
Jun-22 Conception Found Dead WADE Willoiam R. Cath. 74 - Conception
May-13 Port de Grave T.B. STRANGE Roy U. Church 26 Port de Grave Port de Grave
Jul-10 Hibb's Cove Cong. Debility BISHOP Clarence Pentecost. 1 hr Hibb's Cove Hibb's Cove
Aug-07 Cupids Bronchitis CLARKE? Mary Anne R. Cath. 78 Cupids Brigus
Aug-21 Goulds Dropsy MURPHY Thomas R. Cath. 79 Brigus Brigus
Aug-23 Foley's Hill Cancer of Stomach FOLEY Edward R. Cath. 57 Foley's Hill Brigus
Aug-24 Carrols Grove T.B. Lungs CARROLL Mary R. Cath. 21 Carrol's Grove Brigus
Sep-07 Gould's Rd. Infant POWER Regina R. Cath. 2 wks Gould's Rd. Brigus
Sep-08 Maryvale Infant McCAE Anne R. Cath. 1 hr Maryvale Brigus
Sep-08 Gould's Rd. Infant POWER Rose R. Cath. 2 wks Gould's Rd. Brigus
Aug-31 Ship Cove Myocarditis DAWE Emma C. of Eng. 62 Port de Grave Port de Grave
Jul-26 Port de Grave Pnem T.B. DAWE Walter C. of Eng. 19 Port de Grave Port de Grave
Sep-11 St. John's Nephritis BATTEN Evelyn C. of Eng. 22 U.S.A. Bareneed
Jul-09 North River S.B. SNOW Baby C. of Eng. S.B. North River North River
Jul-12 Bay Roberts Old Age FITZPATRICK Matthew R. Cath. 83 Bay Roberts Bay Roberts
Jul-30 Ocean Pond Drowning WINTER Mary Isabella R. Cath. 22 South River North River
Aug-24 Emerald Vale Measles FOWLER William R. Cath. 1 Buchans Emerald Vale
Aug-27 Bay Roberts Haemorrhage of Brain DELANEY Alice (nee Kent) R. Cath. 73 Spaniard's Bay Bay Roberts
Aug-11 Western Cove Accidentally Killed NEVILLE Patrick R. Cath. 8 South River North River
Sep-25 Hallstown Consumption of Lungs HALL Mark R. Cath. 20 Hallstown North River
Jun-27 Poor Asylum Heart Disease CRITCH Samuel C. of Eng. 70 Brigus Ch. Of Eng St. John's
Jan-08 Clarke's Beach Gastro Intestinal Dist?? MUGFORD Florence U. Church 14 mos Clarke's Beach Clarke's Beach
Jan-17 Clarke's Beach T.B. FILLIER Winnifred U. Church 29 Spaniard's Bay Clarke's Beach
Jan-23 Clarke's Beach Va? Disease of Heart DAWE Nathaniel U. Church 63 Clarke's Beach Clarke's Beach
Aug-07 Clarke's Beach Paralysis HUSSEY Wm. I. U. Church 68 Clarke's Beach Clarke's Beach
Aug-26 Bareneed Chronic Nephritis CURNEW Daniel U. Church 67 1/2 Bareneed Bareneed
Oct-07 Brigus Pneumonia POWER Mary Margaret R. Cath. 17 mos Brigus Brigus
Oct-23 Brigus Convulsions FARDY Richard R. Cath. 2 Brigus Brigus
Oct-26 Brigus Cancer of Throat JANES Bridget R. Cath. 66 Brigus Brigus
Oct-26 Brigus S.B. POWER James R. Cath. S.B. Brigus Brigus
Oct-26 Gould's Rd. Measles CONNOLLY Gerald R. Cath. 2 Gould's Rd. Brigus
Nov-06 Genl Hosp Ulcer of Stomach FLAHERTY Mary R. Cath. 35 Ferryland Brigus
Nov-06 Gould's Rd. Measles FOWLER Bernard R. Cath. 11 mos Gould's Rd. Brigus
Nov-23 Maryvale S.B. FOWLER Baby (Wm.) R. Cath. S.B. Maryvale Brigus
Nov-23 Maryvale S.B. FOWLER Baby (John) R. Cath. S.B. Maryvale Brigus
Nov-23 Maryvale S.B. FOWLER Baby (Mary) R. Cath. S.B. Maryvale Brigus
Nov-25 Roche's Line S.B. HOWELL Baby R. Cath. S.B. Roche's Line Brigus
Nov-13 St. John's Hernia MORGAN Edward C. of Eng. 61 Port de Grave Port de Grave
Nov-24 Port de Grave Laryngina T.B. TUCKER Seymour C. of Eng. 28 - -
Sep-11 Bareneed Childbirth BATTEN Evelyn C. of Eng. 22 Port de Grave Port de Grave
Jan-05 St. John's Senile Decay HOYLES Susannah R. Cath. 84 Cupids Cupids
Jan-22 Georgetown Diphtheria SPARKS James R. Cath. 16 Georgetown Georgetown
Aug-01 Brigus Cer. Haemorrhage MONDEN Harriet R. Cath. 74 Brigus Brigus
Aug-12 Cupids Infancy NOSEWORTHY Warren R. Cath. 1 day Cupids Cupids
Sep-05 Cupids Injury from fall SERRICK Alexander R. Cath. 64 Cupids Cupids
Oct-30 Georgetown S.B. SPRACKLIN - R. Cath. S.B. Georgetown Georgetown
Oct-30 Cupids Apoplexy LEDREW James R. Cath. 63 Cupids Cupids
Nov-13 Cupids Infancy DAWE Trevor R. Cath. 6 dys Cupids Cupids
Nov-16 Brigus - McNEIL Mary R. Cath. 40 Brigus Brigus
Nov-26 Everett Mass. USA T.B. DAWE William J. R. Cath. 25 Cupids Cupids
Dec-24 Brigus Pnem T.B. HISCOCK Irene R. Cath. 25 Brigus Brigus
Oct-31 St. John's Cancer of Uterus STRANGE Emma Jane R. Cath. 64 Port de Grave Port de Grave
Nov-01 Clarke's Beach Diabetes WILLIAMS Charles R. Cath. 44 St. John's Clarke's Beach
Jan-14 Juniper Stump Infantile Paralysis MUGFORD James C. C. of Eng. 6 dys Juniper Stump Juniper Stump
Jan-14 South River Nephritis TAYLOR William C. of Eng. 73 Burnt Head Salmon Cove
Feb-24 Clarke's Beach Malnutrition MUGFORD William C. of Eng. 4 hrs Clarke's Beach Salmon Cove
Mar-08 Broads Heart Disease MOORES Nathan C. of Eng. 48 Broads Salmon Cove
Mar-10 Roche's Line Senile Decay PIERCEY William J. C. of Eng. 88 Brigus Brigus
Apr-06 Broads Haemorrhage of Lungs BOONE Malcolm C. of Eng. 30 Broads Salmon Cove
Jun-01 Juniper Stump T.B. REID Winnifred C. of Eng. 9 mos Juniper Stump Juniper Stump
PAGE 146                
May-30 Broads T.B. SPRACKLIN Anne May C. of Eng. 22 Bareneed Bareneed
May-25 St. John's Broncho Pneumonia TAYLOR Clara M. C. of Eng. 1 Burnt Head Burnt Head
May-04 Broads Growth on Bladder MORGAN William J. C. of Eng. 68 Port de Grave Salmon Cove
Aug-18 Salmon Cove Senile Decay WELLS Selina C. of Eng. 85 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Aug-28 Salmon Cove Enteritis ANTHONY Ralph C. of Eng. 2 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Aug-29 Broads T.B. MORGAN Deborah C. of Eng. 70 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Sep-30 Springfield Meningitis WARFORD Ethel M. C. of Eng. 15 Springfield Salmon Cove
Aug-10 Brigus Malnutrition GUSHUE Ruth C. of Eng. 13 dys Brigus Brigus
Nov-02 South River Convulsions TAYLOR Harvey C. of Eng. 8 mos South River Salmon Cove
Oct-03 Brigus Haemorrhage SPRACKLIN Nathan R. C. of Eng. 63 Brigus Brigus
Oct-10 St. John's Senility PAYNE Elizabeth C. of Eng. 86 Brigus Burnt Head
Nov-06 Burnt Head Senility TAYLOR James John C. of Eng. 78 Burnt Head Burnt Head
Dec-07 Burnt Head Pneumonia MORGAN William Ivor? C. of Eng. 1 Burnt Head Burnt Head
Dec-06 Clarke's Beach Prematurity MUGFORD Robert Pentecost. 2 Clarke's Beach Clarke's Beach
Nov-18 Victoria Prematurity CLARKE Helen Pentecost. 2 hrs Victoria Victoria

Transcribed by: Laurie Lockhart (2012)

Page Last Modified: Thursday September 05, 2013 (Don Tate)
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