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Vital Records
Register of Deaths
(Additional to Books 1 - 14)


1942 - 1943

Pages 10-14, 31-33 & 35-68

PAGE 10 Carbonear (sic) Freshwater                  
Dec 31, 1941     Clarkes Beach Appendicitis BUTT Richard M UC 32 Flat Rock Freshwater
Feb 28, 1942     Flat Rock Pneumonia SOMERS Clarence M UC 6 Mos Flat Rock Freshwater
PAGE 11 Bay de Verde (sic) Freshwater                  
Feb 16, 1943     Blow Me Down Gastro Enteritis & Convulsions WHITE Alice F UC 1 Yr Blow Me Down Freshwater
May 30, 1943     Flat Rock Myocarditis SNOW Silas M UC 75 Flat Rock Freshwater
June 16, 1943     Freshwater Broncho Pneumonia MOORES John robert M UC 63 Freshwater Freshwater
PAGE 12 Bay de Verde (sic) Freshwater                  
Jan 19, 1943     Blow Me Down Internal Carcinoma PARSONS Julia Anna F UC 79 No Entry Freshwater
Jan 27, 1943     Flat Rock Pul T B (Pleuresey Effusion) CLARKE John Thos M UC 21 Flat Rock Freshwater
Mar 13, 1943     Freshwater Pul T B SNOW G L Stantaford M UC 19 Freshwater Freshwater
? ?, 1943 (sic)     High Sea Presumed Lost at Sea PIKE Douglas M UC 34 Freshwater Lost at Sea
Mar 25, 1943     Flat Rock Pul T B EVELY Adeline F UC 23 Flat Rock Freshwater
PAGE 13 Bay de Verde (sic) Freshwater                  
July 1, 1943     Freshwate Gastro Enteritis & Convulsions CLARKE Thos Ezra M UC 4 Mos Freshwater Freshwater
Aug 3, 1943     St John's Motor Accident SNOW Hector John M UC 11-1/2 Yrs Freshwater Freshwater
Aug 31, 1943     Freshwate Paralysis PARSONS John C M UC 84 Freshwater Freshwater
Sept 19, 1943     Freshwate Pernicious Anaemia PARSONS Dorothy F UC 25 Freshwater Freshwater
Sept 26, 1943     Freshwate Cebral Haemorrhage MOORES Hy Chas M UC 74 Freshwater Freshwater
PAGE 14 Bay de Verde (sic) Freshwater                  
Oct 20, 1943     Freshwater Pul T B DAVIS Herbert Alston M UC 21 Freshwater Freshwater
Nov 10, 1943     Freshwater Cebral Haemorrhage BUTT Marcella Jane F UC 69 Flat Rock
Nov 2, 1943     Freshwater Coronary Thrombosis SNOW Frederick M UC 51 Flat Rock Freshwater
Dec 14, 1943     Freshwater Cebral Haemorrhage JOYCE Frances Mary F UC 88 Hbr Grace Freshwater
PAGE 31 Carbonear Freshwater                  
Oct 22, 1942     Blow Me Down Gastric Carcinoma BUTT William M UC 60 Flat Rock Freshwater
Nov 15, 1942     Carbonear Cardio Renal Disease BUTT Stella Jane F UC 70 Flat Rock Salmon Cove
Dec 17, 1942     Otterbury Pul Tuberculkosis ??? WAREHAM Mabel F UC 17 Otterbury Salmon Cove
Dec 29, 1942     Flat Rock Carcinoma BUTT Cecily F UC 56 Flat Rock Freshwater
Dec 31, 1942     Flat Rock Convulsions POTTLE Annie F UC 3 Days Flat Rock Freshwater
PAGE 32 Carbonear Freshwater                  
July 18, 1942     Freshwater Cerebral Haemorrhage MOORES Robert M UC 85 Freshwater Freshwater
Aug 19, 1942     Freshwater Imature Birth PARSONS Baby M UC No Entry Freshwater Freshwater
Sept 21, 1942     Freshwater Cerebral Haemorrhage MOORES Mary Anna F UC 85 Freshwater Freshwater
Sept 30, 1942     Freshwater Congenital Heart Disease KIRBY Donald Edward M UC 7 Days Freshwater Freshwater
PAGE 33 Duplicate of Page 32                
PAGE 35 Carbonear Salvation Army                  
Mar 20, 1943     Carbonear Gastric Carcinoma PENNEY George E M SA 71 Carbonear Carbonear
PAGE 36 Carbonear Salvation Army                  
June 15, 1943     Carbonear Nephritis DAY Cecily F SA 77 No Entry No Entry
PAGE 37 Duplicate of Page 34                
PAGE 38 Carbonear Salvation Army                  
Jan 4, 1943     Carbonear Meningitis CLARKE Patricia F SA 6 Mos Carbonear Carbonear
PAGE 39 Carbonear Salvation Army                  
Aug 10, 1942     Carbonear Cerebral Haemorrhage BURNE (?) John M SA 56 Square Isl, Labrador Carbonear
PAGE 40 Carbonear Carbonear                  
jan 19, 1943     St. John's
Grace Hosp
Acute Nephritis HORWOOD Helen * F UC 34 Tilton Carbonear
Feb 2, 1943     Carbonear Cerebral Haemorrhage MOORS John T M UC 73 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb 2, 1943     Carbonear Still Born OSMOND Josephine & Sarah Jane F UC No Entry Carbonear Carbonear
Feb 13, 1943     Carbonear Coronary Thrombosis MADDOCK Minnie F UC 75 Old Perlican Carbonear
Feb 20, 1943     Carbonear Gastric Carcinoma PILGRIM Albert L M UC 56 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb 20, 1943     Carbonear Laryngitis PELLEY Arthur M UC 32 Carbonear South Carbonear South
Mar 13, 1943     Carbonear Cerebral Haemorrhage BURDEN Miriam F SA 76 Carbonear Carbonear
Mar 21, 1943     Carbonear Pulmonary Tuberculosis ASH Alfreda F UC 18 Carbonear Carbonear
* NOTE: Helen was lined out and no death registration number was assigned.
PAGE 41 Carbonear Carbonear                  
Apr 6, 1943     Carbonear South Bronchitis BAKER Margaret Marcella F UC 6 Mos Carbonear South Carbonear South
May 30, 1943     Carbonear Laryngitis & Pneumonia DAVIS Phyllis F UC 7-1/2 Yrs Carbonear Carbonear
June 8, 1943     Carbonear Pyemia ARSENAULT Gloria F UC 4 Mos St. Johns Carbonear
PAGE 42 Carbonear Carbonear                  
Oct 26, 1943     Bay Roberts Hypertension Cerebral Haemorrhage CAMERON Duncn H M UC 57 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct 29, 1943     Carbonear Cerebral Haemorrhage PIKE Leonora F UC 47 Carbonear South Carbonear
Oct 3. 1943     Carbonear South Premature Birth TAYLOR Joan F UC 3 Hrs Carbonear South Carbonear South
Dec 20, 1943     Carbonear Myocarditis Cerebral Haemorrhage DUFF John M UC 67 Carbonear Carbonear
PAGE 43 Carbonear Carbonear                  
July 7, 1943     Carbonear Bronchitis Pleurisy & Phloebitis FRAMPTON Selina F UC 72 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug 27, 1943     St. John's Epilepsy FOOTE Harry * M UC 44 Carbonear Carbonear
Sept 6, 1943     Carbonear Arterioscherosis with Hypertension. Intercranial Haemorrhage (Apoplexy) HORWOOD Reuben M UC 69 Carbonear Carbonear
Sept 13, 1943     St. John's Myrocardial Degeneration NOEL William T * M UC 74 Freshwater Carbonear
Sept 23, 1943     Carbonear Still Born COLLINS Mr & Mrs Wilson M UC No Entry Carbonear Carbonear
Sept 25, 1943     Grand Falls Gastic Carcinoma Gastric Haemorrhage FORWARD Martha F UC 72 Carbonear Carbonear
* NOTE: Both individuals were lined out and no death registration number was assigned.
PAGE 44 Carbonear Carbonear                  
July 4, 1942     Roddickton Drowning COLLINS Reginald M UC 10 Carbonear Carbonear
July 26, 1942     Carbonear (Lily Pond) Gastic Carcinoma HISCOCK John M UC 71 Carbonear Carbonear
Aug 25, 1942     Crocker's Cove, Carbonear Cerebral Haemorrhage CLARKE Mary F UC 90 Carbonear Carbonear
Sept 1, 1942     Carbonear Congestive Heart Disease & Asthma VATCHER John M UC 80 Carbonear Carbonear
Sept 5, 1942     Carbonear Meningitis PILGRIM Ellis M UC 4 Yrs Carbonear Carbonear
Sept 18, 1942     Crocker's Cove
Gastro Enteritis OATES Franklin Roosevelt M UC 1 Yr Crocker's Cove Carbonear
PAGE 45 Carbonear Carbonear                  
Oct 8, 1942     Carbonear Uterine Carcinoma PIKE Julia F UC 83 Carbonear South Carbonear South
Oct 17, 1942     Carbonear Cerebral Haemorrhage MADDOCK Joseph M UC 80 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct 25, 1942     Carbonear South Cerebral Haemorrhage PENNEY John T M UC 72 Carbonear South Carbonear South
Nov 7, 1942     Carbonear South Premature Birth Convulsions EVELY Chesley G L M UC 1 Wk Carbonear South Carbonear South
Dec 3, 1942     Carbonear South Senility THOMAS Elizabth F UC 87 Carbonear South Carbonear South
Dec 7, 1942     Humber Heights Cardio Renal Cerebral Haemorrhage ROWE Maria F UC 77 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec 14, 1942     Carbonear Still Born REINHARDT Florence M UC No Entry No Entry Carbonear
Dec 25, 1942     Carbonear Senility PIKE Eleazer F UC 88 Carbonear South Carbonear South
Jan 3, 1942     No Entry Killed in Action HAYTER Allan Charles * M UC 22 Carbonear No Entry
Oct 14, 1942     Cabot Strait
SS Caribou
Drowning HOWSE A C William Palmer * M UC No Entry No Entry No Entry
May 10, 1942     Somewhere in Ireland Killed in Air Raid TAYLOR Seaman James * M UC 25 Bristol's Hope Ireland
* NOTE: All three individuals were lined out and no death registration number were assigned.
PAGE 46 Carbonear Bay de Verde Victoria                  
Oct 5, 1943     Perry's Cove Carcinoma of Face PARSONS Joseph M UC 87 Perry's Cove Perry's Cove
Oct 21, 1943     Victoria Infantile Convulsions WHITE Howie M UC 12 Hrs Victoria Victoria
Nov 27, 1943     Salmon Cove Ante Partum Heamorrhage WHITE Elizabeth F UC 42 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Nov 27, 1943     Salmon Cove Still Born WHITE Baby Boy M No Entry No Entry Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Dec 23, 1943     Victoria Cerebral Haemorrhage PENNEY Jessie Louise F UC 72 Broad Cove BDV Victoria
PAGE 47 Carbonear Bay de Verde Victoria                  
Apr 13, 1943     Victoria Cerebral Haemorrhage PARSONS Sarah F UC 79 Victoria Victoria
Apr 13, 1943     Victoria T B Meningitis BURKE Lloyd George M UC 8 Victoria Victoria
May 14, 1943     Victoria Enteriis DEERING Margaret F UC 3 mOS Victoria Victoria
May 11, 1943     Perry's Cove Still Born KING Baby Girl F UC No Entry Perry's Cove Perry's Cove
June 1, 1943     Perry's Cove Intestinal Carcinoma KING Charlotte Wesley F UC 41 Perry's Cove Perry's Cove
June 7, 1943     Salmon Cove T B SLADE Hilda F UC 22 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
June 8,1943     Salmon Cove Pul Tuberculosis ROSE Alfred M UC 43 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
June 6, 1943     Montreal, Canada Stomach Troubles LINDGREN Elsa May * F UC 41 Victoria Victoria
June 16, 1943     Victoria Infantile Convulsions ANTLE William M UC 6 Wks Victoria Victoria
* NOTE: Elsa May was lined out and no death registration number were assigned.
PAGE 48 Carbonear Bay de Verde Victoria                  
Feb 7, 1943     Salmon Cove Infant Convulsions BASE Hedley M UC 3 Days Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Mar 26, 1943     Salmon Cove Infant Convulsions ROSE Blanche F UC 9 Days Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Mar 27, 1943     Victoria T B FRAMPTON Mildred F UC 31 Yrs Victoria Victoria
PAGE 49 Carbonear Bay de Verde Victoria                  
July 19, 1943     Victoria Broncho Pneumonia CLARKE Clarence Ford M UC 11 Mos Victoria Victoria
July 23, 1943     Victoria Myocarditis Complications Artritis BURKE Alice Myrah F UC 60 Yrs Victoria Victoria
Sept 21, 1943     Perry's Cove Infantile Convulsions KING Eliza F UC 6 Wks Perry's Cove Perry's Cove
PAGE 50 Carbonear Bay de Verde Victoria                  
July 2, 1942     Victoria Malnutrition CLARKE Elva Patten F UC 1 Yr Victoria Victoria
July 6, 2942     Victoria Premature Birth COLE Baby M UC 1 Minute Victoria Victoria
July 30, 1942     Victoria Premature Birth PARSONS Elizabeth F UC 5 Days Victoria Victoria
Aug 27, 1942     Victoria Heart Disease DEERING Benjamin M UC 77 Yrs Victoria Victoria
Sept 22, 1947     Victoria Gastro Enteritis & Convulsions COLE Elihu M UC 2 Yrs Victoria Victoria
PAGE 51 Carbonear Bay de Verde Victoria                  
Oct 18, 1942     Victoria Bronchitis & Convulsions HISCOCK Eugene M UC 9 Wks Victoria Victoria
Nov 12, 1942     Victoria Old
CLARKE William M UC 83 Victoria Victoria
Nov 27, 1942     Salmon Cove Premature Birth & Convulsions ROSE Beatrice F UC 2 Days Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Dec 3, 2942     Salmon Cove Old Age PENNEY Martha F UC 85 Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
Dec 30, 1942     Perry's Cove Angina Pectoris BUDDEN Allan T M UC 56 Perry's Cove Perry's Cove
Dec 5, 1942     Victoria Angina Ludvici (?) CLARKE Catherine F UC 58 Victoria Victoria
PAGE 52 Carbonear Bay de Verde Victoria                  
May 20, 1942     Argentia Drowning SNOW William Thomas M UC 26y
Victoria Victoria
June 13, 1942     Salmon Cove Premature Birth ROSE Mark M UC 1 Day Salmon Cove Salmon Cove
June 25, 1942     Victoria Still Born VATERS Baley (?) F UC No Entry Victoria Victoria
PAGE 53 Carbonear Bay de Verde Carbonear                  
Feb 16, 1943     Carbonear Gastro Enteritis & Convulsions PENNEY Aubrey M C of E 3 Yrs Carbonear Carbonear
PAGE 54 Carbonear Bay de Verde Carbonear                  
Apr 13, 1943     Carbonear Cerebral Haemorrhage ROSSITER Nary F C of E 85 Carbonear Carbonear
May 6, 1943     Carbonear Cerebral Haemorrhage GARLAND James M C of E 79 No Entry Carbonear
May 18, 1943     Carbonear Coronary Thrombosis CRANE Charles M C of E 64 Carbonear Carbonear
May 24, 1943     Carbonear Cerebral Haemorrhage PRIDDLE Joseph M C of E 82 Carbonear Carbonear
June 19, 1943     Carbonear Bronchitis Heart Disease CHUBB Mary A F C of E 65 Carbonear Carbonear
PAGE 55 Carbonear Bay de Verde Carbonear                  
Apr 13, 1942     St. John's Senility, Carcinoma of Stomach TRICKETT William H * M C of E 83 Spout Cove Spout Cove
Aug 4, 1942     Carbonear Heart Disease TUCKER Ada F C of E 76 Hearts Delight Carbonear
Aug 13, 1942     Carbonear Premature Birth MURRAY James M C of E 10 Hrs Carbonear Carbonear
* NOTE: William H.was lined out and no death registration number were assigned.
PAGE 56 Carbonear Carbonear                  
July 18, 1943     Carbonear Old Age MOREARTY (?) Elizabeth F RC 98 Carbonear Carbonear
PAGE 57                      
Oct 19, 1943     Carbonear Heart Failure MERRIGAN Rita F RC 47 Fortune Hbr Carbonear
Dec 24, 1943     St. John's Pneumonia McCARTHY Ann F RC 32 St. John's Carbonear
Dec 26, 1943     Carbonear Heart Disease McCARTHY Bridget F RC 68 Carbonear Carbonear
PAGE 58 Carbonear Carbonear                  
Apr 9, 1943     Carbonear Heart Disease MARSHALL David M RC 85 Carbonear Carbonear
Apr 16, 1943     St. John's Dysentery KENNEDY William John M RC 76 Carbonear Carbonear
May 1, 1943     Carbonear Convulsions WARD Michael M RC 1 Month Carbonear Carbonear
May 20, 1943     Carbonear Old Age MADDOCK Bridget F RC 93 Carbonear Carbonear
May 24, 1943     Carbonear Lost Life in Fire (Carbonear) DWYER Catherine F RC 11 Carbonear Carbonear
June 6, 1943     Carbonear Heart Failure FINN Ann Josephine F RC 83 Carbonear Carbonear
June 14, 1943     St. John's Paralysis of Insane McCARTHY Sister Mary Theresa F RC 80 Carbonear Carbonear
PAGE 59 Carbonear Carbonear                  
Feb 4, 1943     Carbonear Heaft Disease WHELAN Elizabeth F RC 69 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb 19, 1943     Carbonear No Entry CRAWFORD Francis M RC 14 Mos Carbonear Carbonear
PAGE 60 Carbonear Carbonear                  
Oct 12, 1942     Carbonear Heart Failure HOGAN James M RC 68 Carbonear Carbonear
Oct 14, 1942     No Entry Lost at Sea HOGAN William Francis M RC 22 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec 3, 1942     Hearts Content Diabetes BURRESS (?) Stephen M RC 72 Hearts Content Hearts Content
Dec 4, 1942     Carbonear Diabetes KAIN Michael M RC 75 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec 8, 1942     Carbonear Heart Disease KENNEDY James (?) M RC 73 Carbonear Carbonear
Dec 12, 1942     St. John's Death Caused by Fire CUMBY Patricia F RC 16 St. John's St. John's
PAGE 61 Carbonear Carbonear                  
Jan 1, 1942     Carbonear Pulmonary Tuberculois WOODFORD Patrick M RC 50 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan 12, 1942     Carbonear Heart Disease MURPHY Hannah F RC 71 Carbonear Carbonear
Jan 12, 1942     Carbonear Tuberculosis of Lungs MURPHY Bernardette (sic) F RC 24 Carbonear Carbonear
Feb 11, 1942     Gander Diabetes BURRESS John M RC 49 Heart's Content Heart's Content
Feb 13, 1942     Hants Hbr TB Diabetes SHEEHAN James M RC 55 Hants Hbr TB Turks (?) Cove T B
Feb 13, 1942     Heart Disease Cancer of Stomach COOMBS Mathias M RC 70 Heart's Desire Heart's Desire
Mar 30, 1942     Carbonear Convulsions MURPHY Shirley Mary F RC 5 Mos Carbonear Carbonear
PAGE 62 Carbonear Carbonear                  
July 1, 1942     Carbonear Diabetes McCARTHY Bridget F RC 50 Carbonear Carbonear
July 6, 1942     Perry's Cove Heart Disease POWER Edward M RC 70 Brigus Perry's Cove
Sept 22, 1942     Carbonear Heart Disease CRAWFORD John M RC 70 Carbonear Carbonear
PAGE 63 Carbonear Carbonear                  
June 3, 1942     Hearts Desire Diabetes LAHEY Frances F RC 78 Heart's Desire Heart's Desire
June 14, 1942     St. John's Heart Disease MURPHY Elizabeth F RC 53 Carbonear Carbonear
June 16, 1942     Harts Desire Heart Disease CLARKE Thomas M RC 65 Heart's Desire Heart's Desire
June 7, 1942     St. John's Heart Disease BURKE Adelaide F RC 57 Carbonear Carbonear
June 24, 1942     Carbonear Heart Disease JONES Edward M RC 77 Carbonear Carbonear
PAGE 64 Carbonear Pentecostal                  
July 3, 1943     Victoria Cerebral Haemorrhage NICHOLL Jessie F Pent 72 Carbonear Victoria
Dec 20, 1943     Victoria Acute Nephtritis SUTTON Sarah F Pent 51 Hearts Delight Victoria
Dec 23, 1943     Victoria Bronchitis SUTTON Mary A. F C of E 66 Victoria Victoria
PAGE 65 Carbonear Pentecostal                  
Feb 11, 1943     Victoria Pyaemed (?) CLARKE Joan Blondell F Pent 2-1/2 Mos Victoria Victoria
Feb 26, 1943     Carbonear Convulsions SLADE Annie Yvonne F Pent 8 Mos Victoria Victoria
PAGE 66 Carbonear Pentecostal                  
June 7, 1943     Victoria Heart Disease VATERS Laura F Pent 82 Fresh-Water Victoria
PAGE 67 Carbonear Pentecostal                  
Sept 15, 1942     Victoria Gastro Enteritis VATERS Winston John M Pent 14 Mos Victoria Victoria
July 8, 1942     Victoria Meningitis (Tube) SUTTON Johanna F Pent 15 Victoria Victoria
Sept 23, 1942     Victoria Tuberculosis BEST Elsie F Pent 30 Victoria Victoria
PAGE 68 Carbonear Pentecostal                  
Dec 31, 1941     Victoria Bronchitis COLE Annie ellen F Pent 7 Mos Victoria Victoria
Feb 24, 1942     Victoria Meningitis BEST Beulah G F Pent 10 Mos Victoria Victoria
Apr 10, 1942     St. John's
Gen Hosp
No Entry CLARKE George * M Pent 35 Victoria Victoria
June 4, 1942     Victoria Cerebral Haemorrhage NICHOLL Moses M Pent 75 Victoria Victoria

Transcribed by Don Tate (2019)

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