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PART 4 (1903-1908)

NOTES: These are copies of marriages sent to the Nfld government by ministers and not the original parish records. The religion of the ceremony was not given except in some entries in the St Johns area; where the religious affiliation of the minister was definitely known I have indicated it
The marriages at Twillingate performed by Rev Canon R. Temple (St Peters Anglican Church) are believed to be the only extant copies, as the original parish records were lost in a fire. The same may apply to at least some marriages from Little Bay. Where known, I have corrected some errors, such as incorrect marital status, and in some cases incorrect Christian names & surnames. Due to the presence of these errors, readers are strongly advised to consult the original parish records whenever possible.
KEY: Meth = Methodist; RC = Roman Catholic; CE = Church of England; Cong = Congregational; SA = Salvation Army; Bapt = Baptist; Presb = Presbyterian; fish = fisherman; carp = carpenter; lumb = lumberman/lumbering; lab = labourer; wid = widow/widower; spin = spinster; bach = bachelor;
Oct 15 1903 Botwoodville Alfred PORTER 48 wid farmer Meth Norris Arm John H. Porter, Jessie G. Palmer
W.A. Palmer   Mary PARDY 27 spin   Meth Norris Arm  
Oct 19 1903 Millertown Aaron BERGGREW 24 bach lumb Meth Millertown Robert Livingstone, H.C. Hanson
W.A. Palmer   Christina SJOBERG 28 spin   Meth Millertown  
Oct 21 1903 Norris Arm Thomas WOOLDRIDGE* 21 bach lumb Meth Norris Arm Edwd. Blackler, Providence Perry
W.A. Palmer   Susanna MENCHINTON 19 spin   Meth Norris Arm NOTES: *alt of Woolridge
Oct 28 1903 Botwoodville Aubrey JEWER 23 bach lumb Meth Botwoodville Susie Jewer, Arthur Antle
W.A. Palmer   Sarah A. WELLS 20 spin   Meth Exploits NOTES: Aubrey was the s/o John JEWER & Elizabeth SEABRIGHT.
Nov 7 1903 Botwoodville William J. EDISON 27 bach lumb Meth Botwoodville Jacob Edison, Jane Antle
W.A. Palmer   Mary A.J. ELSON 27 spin   Meth Botwoodville  
Nov 9 1903 Botwoodville Robert EVANS 26 bach lumb Meth Northern Arm Edward Evans, Thomas Burt
W.A. Palmer   Louisa BUTT? (BATT*) 24 spin   Meth Herring Neck NOTES: Surname looked like Butt but this is Louisa BATT bap June 8 1879 Gut Arm, Herring Neck, dau of Thomas BATT & Rachel POWELL: died Mar 30 1956 age 77, buried Northern Arm.
Nov 24 1903 Botwoodville Archibald BUCKLER 24 bach lumb Meth Botwoodville Samuel Elliott, Druscilla Hutchings. Surname for Archibald should be BUCKLEY. per Beverly Warford.
W.A. Palmer   Isabella TAYLOR 27 spin   Meth Botwoodville  
Nov 6 1903 Moretons Hr James RIDOUT 23 bach lumb SA Western Head Elijah Cronic (Cornick), Amelia Newbury
Ens. W. Snow (SA)   Bertha CRONIC (CORNICK) 20 spin   SA Moretons Hr NOTES: Henry JAMES was the s/o Alfred Rideout & Emeline Shave. Bertha was b Aug 14 1883 Moretons Hr, the d/o Henry Cornick & Elizabeth Jane Rideout.
Dec 28 1903 Twillingate Frederick M. STOCKLEY 28 bach lumb SA Twillingate Arthur Stockley, Bessie Phillips
Ens. W. Snow (SA)   Emma MITCHARD 21 spin   SA Twillingate NOTES: Frederick Martin was the son of James Stockley & Ann Brewer; Emma was the d/o William Mitchard & Mary Ann Young.
Oct 9 1903 Cottles Island Joseph FLYTE (FLIGHT) 23 bach farmer Meth Cottles Island Hezekiah Wiltshire, Mary E. Cooper
W.H. Dotchon (METH)   Susie RIDOUT 22 spin   SA Cottles Island NOTES: Joseph Henry was the s/o Alfred & Selina Flight. Susie was the d/o Alfred Rideout & Emeline Shave.
Nov 3 1903 Moretons Hr Philip BROWN 29 wid lumb Meth Campbellton Jas. Wall, Emma Wells
W.H. Dotchon (METH)   Selina WALL 32 spin   CE Moretons Hr  
Nov 7 1903 Moretons Hr Frederick J. FRENCH 26 bach fish Meth Moretons Hr Walter B. Jennings, Lilias S. Barnes
W.H. Dotchon (METH)   Agnes JENNINGS 20 spin   Meth Moretons Hr NOTES: Agnes was b May 3 1884, the d/o Samuel Jennings & Dinah Stuckless.
Nov 24 1903 Moretons Hr Henry J. BOYD 24 bach fish Meth Tizzards Hr Obadiah Wheeler, Emily Wheeler
W.H. Dotchon (METH)   Rebecca BOYD 21 spin   Meth Tizzards Hr NOTES: Henry J was the s/o Aaron Boyd & Ann Burt. Rebecca was the d/o Andrew Boyd & Tamar Ann Wheeler.
Nov 26 1903 Western Head John RIDOUT 24 bach fish SA Sains? Cove Andrew Ridout, Jane Taylor
W.H. Dotchon (METH)   Jane DEER 20 spin   SA Pearces Hr NOTES: Jane was b Jul 20 1883 Moretons Hr, the d/o Joseph Deer & Fanny Lacey. The surnames DEER and DEERING are sometimes interchangable.
Nov 28 1903 Moretons Hr Isaac JENKINS 29 bach fish Meth Durrells Arm Mark Ridout, Nora Brett
W.H. Dotchon (METH)   Rebecca BRETT 26 spin   Meth Moretons Hr NOTES: Rebecca Jane was bap Aug 3 1876 Moretons Hr, the d/o William Brett & Jane Forward.
Dec 1 1903 Moretons Hr Robert ANTHONY 52 wid shoemaker CE Moretons Hr Edwd. Bartlettt, Hannah Knight
W.H. Dotchon (METH)   Rebecca TRAVERS(E) 36 spin   Meth Moretons Hr NOTES: Rebecca Mahala was bap Mar 15 1877 Western Hd, age 8 yrs, 7 mo, the d/o Gideon Traverse & Amelia Jones. Per the 1921 Census, Robert Anthony was born Spaniards Bay (Conception Bay).
Dec 23 1903 Moretons Hr Hayward Henry TAYLOR 26 bach fish SA Moretons Hr John Taylor, Edith Brett
W.H. Dotchon (METH)   Cecilia HILL 22 spin   SA Black Island NOTES: Cecilia was b May 22 1881 Black Island, the d/o William & Lucinda Hill.
Oct 7 1903 Herring Neck George BARRETT 27 bach fish CE Beaver Cove John Gillett, Rachel Loader
E. French   Emma MERCER 30 spin   CE Beaver Cove  
Oct 14 1903 Herring Neck Elijah WARREN 25 bach fish CE Herring Neck Pierce Woodford, May Fudge
E. French   Bessie GINN 22 spin   Meth Dog Bay NOTES: Elijah was the s/o Elias Warren Sr & Mary Jane Sealey. Bessie was the d/o Levi & Lavinia Ginn of Change Islands
Nov 19 1903 Cobbs Arm Thomas BROWN 24 bach fish Meth Cobbs Arm Joseph Brown, Selina Loader
E. French   Susie COWARD 25 spin   Meth Cobbs Arm  
Nov 24 1903 Cobbs Arm Joseph BROWN 24 bach fish Meth Cobbs Arm Mark Brown, Jacob Keefe
E. French   Emma KEEFE 21 spin   Meth Burnt Cove NOTES: Emma was b Oct 29 1883 Fridays Bay, the d/o Jacob Keefe & Ann (widow Loder)
Dec 19 1903 Herring Neck George HURLEY 27 bach fish Meth Too Good Arm Lavinia Hurley, Bessie Hurley
E. French   Cecily MILES 21 spin   Meth Too Good Arm NOTES: George was the s/o George Hurley Sr & Rosanna Tuffin. Cecily was the d/o Philip Miles & Elizabeth Emma Blandford.
Dec 23 1903 Herring Neck Arthur WATKINS 21 bach fish CE Herring Neck Levi Farthing, Elizabeth Farthing
E. French   Lavinia* LUSCOMB(E) 23 spin   Meth Herring Neck NOTES: Arthur was the s/o George Watkins & Martha Warren. *believed that this should read LOUISA JANE LUSCOMBE (d/o Thomas Luscombe & Elizabeth Tucker).
Dec 27 1903 Fridays Bay John JENKINS 27 bach fish Meth Fridays Bay George Sansom, Elizabeth Sansom
E. French   Lily ROGERS 24 spin   Meth Fridays Bay NOTES: Lillian Ann was b Dec 29 1876 French Beach, the d/o Samuel Rogers & Maria Smith. He may be the s/o Absalom Jenkins & Elizabeth Dalley.
Oct 5 1903 Twillingate Henry HAMLYN 46 wid fish CE Crow Head George Hamlyn, Elizabeth Guy
Canon Temple (CE)   Mary A. PRIDE 48 wid   CE Twillingate  
Nov 6 1903 Twillingate John WARFORD 29 bach fish CE New Bay William H. Warford, Elsie Baird
Canon Temple (CE)   Mary H. BRETT 26 spin   CE not given NOTES: Mary was bc Mar 1877 Twill, the d/o Mark Brett & Rosanna Roberts.
Dec 6 1903 Twillingate Samuel JENKINS 35 bach fish CE Twillingate Jas. Slade, Lucy Slade
Canon Temple (CE)   Annie SAMSON 28 spin   Ce not given  
Oct 31 1903 Herring Neck Charles RUSSELL 25 bach fish CE Too Good Arm Isaac Hurley, Dorcas Cassell
J.J. White (CE)   Selina HURLEY 18 spin   Meth Too Good Arm NOTES: Charles was the s/o Samuel Russell & Cecilia Mugford. Selina believed to be d/o Jacob Hurley & Alice Canning, but b May 26 1887 Herring Neck and would have been 16 not 18.
Nov 23 1903 Boyds Cove Acquila (Aquilla) NEWMAN 32 bach fish CE Boyds Cove Alfred Mercer, Sarah Mercer
J.J. White (CE)   Frances FREAKE 19 spin   CE Boyds Cove NOTES: Aquilla was b Joe Batts Arm.
Dec 17 1903 Herring Neck Thomas E. MILES 24 bach fish CE Herring Neck Elijah Miles, Elizabeth Miles
J.J. White (CE)   Eliza J. CASSELL 22 spin   CE Herring Neck NOTES: Thomas Elijah was the s/o Samuel Miles & Elizabeth Sealey. Eliza Jane was the d/o Elias Cassell & Sarah Cromp.
Dec 21 1903 Herring Neck John SMART 30 bach fish CE Herring Neck Arthur Burton, Elizabeth Burton
J.J. White (CE)   Eliza BURTON 28 spin   CE Herring Neck NOTES: Eliza remarried to George Holwell; she was the dau of Moses Burton & Mary Ann Woodford.
Dec 22 1903 Herring Neck Arthur GRIMES 26 bach fish CE Herring Neck Alfred Kearley, Emma Grimes
J.J. White (CE)   Lavinia E. WOODFORD 25 spin   CE Herring Neck NOTES: Arthur was the s/o Peter Grimes & Emma Hurley: he died Nov 17 1948. Lavinia Elizabeth was b Dec 8 1879 - d Apr 3 1968 (per her hdstone at old St Marys Ang Cem, Herring Neck).
Nov 14 1903 Leading Tickles Edgar P. NEWMAN 24 bach clerk CE Leading Tickles Elijah Lanning, Louie Lanning
Ll. Godden (CE)   Henrietta LANNING 23 spin   CE Leading Tickles NOTES: full name was Edgar Pearce Newman.
Nov 16 1903 Leading Tickles Charles W. MARTIN 27 bach fish CE Glovers Hr Henry Rowsell, Delilah Rowsell
Ll. Godden (CE)   Asenath J. ROWSELL 28 spin   CE Locks Hr NOTES: full names were Charles William Martin & Asenath Jane Rowsell.
Dec 26 1903 Leading Tickles Joseph ROWSELL 32 bach fish CE Locks Hr Jas. Bignell, Josiah Ward
Ll. Godden (CE)   Leah E. WARD 24 spin   CE Leading Tickles NOTES: full name was Leah Ellen Ward, but she was baptized as Helen Melina, dau of John Ward & Selina Peddle..
Oct 1 1903 Tilt Cove William Henry INDER 23 bach miner CE Tilt Cove George Anstey, Maggie King
Arthur Pittman (CE)   Andrewina SAUNDERS 19 spin   CE Tilt Cove  
Oct 8 1903 Black Island Richard HAMILTON 30 bach fish RC Black Island Patrick King, Norah Newman
J. Scully   Mary NEWMAN 25 spin   RC Black Island  
Nov 5 1903 Fortune Hr Thomas LIVER (LYVIER) 40 bach fish RC Waldrons Cove Laurence Liver (Lyvier), Mary Walker
R. Walsh   Annie STRICKLAND 25 spin   RC Waldrons Cove  
Nov 17 1903 Exploits Victor PURCHASE 27 bach fish Meth Exploits Alfred Downton, Fanny Arnold
E. Taylor   Caroline W. LILLY 25 spin   Meth Exploits NOTES: Victor was the adopted son of Alfred Purchase & Emma Manuel per church records; biological parents unknown. Caroline Winsor was the d/o Abraham Lilly & Mary Menchinton Winsor.
Nov 28 1903 New Bay Bartlett BRETT 24 bach farmer CE New Bay Joseph Boone, Prudence Moore
E. Taylor   Elizabeth A. BOONE 28 spin   Meth New Bay NOTES:Asarella Bartlett was the s/o Mark Brett & Rosanna Roberts: he died March 1917. Elizabeth was the d/o Thomas Boone & Mary Budgell: she died 1925.
Dec 26 1903 New Bay Mark COX 32 bach fish Meth New Bay Edgar Spence, Willis Spence
E. Taylor   Delilah HACKETT (HAGGETT) 24 spin   CE New Bay NOTES: John Mark was the s/o John & Ann Cox; Delilah was the d/o George Haggett & Mary Naomi Chippett. Surnames of Witnesses should be SPENCER per Beverly Warford.
Oct 28 1903 Springdale Aaron GILLARD 27 bach lumb Meth Springdale Maud Spence, Albert Penny
?J French   Susanna TAYLOR 19 spin   Meth Springdale  
Nov 20 1903 Bears Cove Stephen KNIGHT 23 bach miner Meth Bears Cove Frederick Knight, Martha Langdon
?J French   Virtue WHEELER 23 spin   Meth Jacksons Cove NOTES: Stephen was the s/o Temple Knight & Elizabeth Ann Rowsell. Virtue may have been a dau of John Wheeler & Grace Moores.
Nov 18 1903 Southern Arm Daniel ENGLAND 26 bach lumb Meth Southern Arm Jas. Mews, Annie Wells
?J French   Fanny BAKER 23 spin   Meth Southern Arm NOTES: Daniel was likely the s/o John & Ellen England.
Dec 11 1903 North West Arm Ambrose SHINER 23 bach fish Meth Stocking Hr Joseph Penny, Sarah Shiner
W.J. Morris   Louisa PENNY 19 spin   Meth Stocking Hr NOTES: Ambrose was the s/o Thomas Shiner & Mary Shelley; Louisa was the d/o Henry Penny & Elizabeth Hounsell, and the granddau of George Crocker Hounsell & Charlotte Stoodley.
Dec 24 1903 South West Arm Edgar J. CARD 23 bach lumb Meth South West Arm Joseph Whelan, Alfreda Burt
W.J. Morris   Janet TOMS 18 spin   Meth South West Arm  
Dec 24 1903 South West Arm Henry BUDGELL 27 bach lumb Meth South West Arm Walter Strong, Jessie Thistle
W.J. Morris   Alice WHEELER 23 spin   Meth South West Arm  
Nov 10 1903 Little Beaver Cove Jno. Alexander DAY 25 bach fish Meth Little B. Cove Thomas Day, Jno. Peckford
Ernest A. Westmoreland   Sophinia PECKFORD 21 spin   Meth Little B. Cove  
Dec 17 1903 Change Islands John ROBERTS 23 bach merchant Meth Change Islands Sidney Cook, Bessie Roberts
Ernest A. Westmoreland   Winifred LeDREW 23 spin   Meth Change Islands NOTES: full name: John Harris Bennett ROBERTS b Dec 17 1880 Change Islds, s/o Solomon & Susanna Roberts, lightkeeper.
Dec 23 1903 Beaverton Thomas PELLEY 25 bach fish CE Beaverton James Pomeroy, John Barrett
Ernest A. Westmoreland   Janet CHINN 22 spin   Meth New World Island NOTES: Janet was b Dec 19 1881 Fridays Bay, the d/o Joseph Chinn & Diana Gidge.
Oct 5 1903 La Scie William NORMAN 25 bach fish Meth Pacquet Jas. Ward, Job Andrews
J.K. Curtis (Meth)   Louisa NEWBURY 18 spin   Meth Shoe Cove NOTES: William was the s/o Henry Norman & Maria Foster. Louisa was the d/o Alexander Newbury & Mary Wimbleton.
Oct 12 1903 La Scie Jacob PARSONS 23 bach fish Meth La Scie Elias Warren, Arthur Toms
J.K. Curtis (Meth)   Alice CRITCH 18 spin   CE La Scie NOTES: Jacob was the s/o William Parsons & Mary Jane Pelley, and was born Leading Tickles. Alice was the dau of William Henry & Mary A. Critch.
Oct 19 1903 Tilt Cove Robert VERGE 37 bach fish Meth Twillingate George Anstey, Lauretta Eveleigh
J.K. Curtis (Meth)   Charlotte FORWARD 34 spin   Meth Pilleys Island NOTES: Robert was J.P. at Pilleys Island 1921. Charlotte Ann was b Jan 29 1871 Tizzards Hr, the dau of Willis Forward & Elizabeth Oake.
Oct 31 1903 Tilt Cove David DOVE 48 wid miner Meth Twillingate Leonard Day, Elizabeth Day
J.K. Curtis (Meth)   Martha SAUNDERS 37 wid   Meth Tilt Cove NOTES: David Dove was born Trinity. Martha may have been the widow of James Saunders, and was born Tilt Cove. Resided Shoal Arm, Little Bay 1921. Not to be confused with the David & Martha Dove of Crow Head and Chanceport.
Oct 31 1903 Shoe Cove Samuel NEWBURY 26 bach fish Meth Shoe Cove John T. Saunders, Lucy Newbury
J.K. Curtis (Meth)   Charlotte DICKS 20 spin   Meth Shoe Cove NOTES: Samuel was the s/o Alexander Newbury & Mary Wimbleton. Charlotte was the d/o William & Elizabeth Dicks (b Feb 12 1883 Stage Cove - died before 1921).
Oct 31 1903 Shoe Cove George BATH 25 bach fish Meth Shoe Cove John Welshman, Janet M. Welshman
J.K. Curtis (Meth)   Mary E. WELSHMAN 23 spin   Meth Shoe Cove NOTES: George was likely the s/o Alfred Bath & Selina Waterman, born Horse Islands. Mary was the d/o Charles Welshman & Martha Ann Andrews.
Nov 25 1903 Tilt Cove Elijah BURSEY 28 (30) bach schoolteacher Meth Tilt Cove Josiah Roberts, Daisy Winsor
J.K. Curtis (Meth)   Phoebe WINSOR 23 spin   Meth Tilt Cove NOTES: Elijah Bursey was born Nov 18 1873 Lower Island Cove, Conception Bay - died Jan 2 1964 St Johns, the son of Joseph Bursey & Mary Jane Morris. Phoebe Jane Winsor was born June 9 1880 Tilt Cove - died Mar 23 1939 St Johns, the dau of James Winsor & Mary Ann Farr.
Nov 26 1903 Tilt Cove Frederick John EVELEIGH 28 bach fish Meth Tilt Cove George Anstey, Lauretta Eveleigh
J.K. Curtis (Meth)   Selina SQUIRES 19 spin   Meth Tilt Cove NOTES: Frederick J. was the s/o Joseph Eveleigh & Louisa Frecker; Selina poss a dau of John Squires & Sarah England if born Oct 4 1887 Smiths Hr, but would have been 16, not 18.
Dec 7 1903 Tilt Cove Samuel BOONE 28 bach fish Meth New Bay Charles Welshman, Elizabeth Oake (?Cake)
J.K. Curtis (Meth)   Mary J. RICHARDS 22 spin   Meth New Bay NOTES: Samuel was the s/o Thomas Boone & Mary Budgell.
Oct 9 1903 Botwoodville Abel ELLIOTT 23 bach lumb Meth Burnt Arm Robert Elliott, Rosanna Elliott
Ens. S. Bishop (SA)   Maud A. PECKFORD 19 spin   Meth Burnt Arm  
Oct 25 1903 Botwoodville William BURT 22 bach lumb Meth Botwoodville Elizabeth Seymour, Fred. Seymour
Ens. S. Bishop (SA)   Alice J. SEYMOUR 20 spin   CE Botwoodville NOTES: bride's full name Alice Jane, per the birth of their son Stanley Dec 24 1903 at Botwood.
Oct 3 1903 Pilleys Island Peter OXFORD 30 bach Army Officer SA Pilleys Island Stephen Oxford, Nellie Oxford
Brig. Smeeton (SA)   Susie HISCOCK 28 spin   SA Triton NOTES: Peter was the s/o Joseph Oxford & Elizabeth B. Wiseman
Oct 21 1903 Lewisporte Robert J. MARTIN 24 bach lumb Meth Lewisporte Stephen Janes, Minnie Northcott
Edwin Moore   Mary Ann NORTHCOTT 21 spin   Meth Lewisporte Robert John was the d/o Francis Martin & Elizabeth Davis.
Nov 20 1903 Scissors Cove Samuel PILLEY (PELLEY) 25 bach fish Meth Little Burnt Bay William Pilley, Patience Fudge
Edwin Moore   Jessie TAYLOR 21 spin   CE Moretons Hr  
Nov 24 1903 Campbellton Edwd. VINEHAM 25 bach fish Meth Campbellton Edmund Forman, Emma Manuel
Edwin Moore   Laura J. SNOW 24 spin   Meth Campbellton  
Dec 24 1903 Lewisporte Robert William MANUEL 32 bach carp Meth Lewisporte Caleb Manuel, Bessie Holmes
Edwin Moore   Jessie S. READER 31 spin   Meth Lewisporte NOTES: Robert William was the s/o George Manuel & Mahala (nee Manuel). Jessie's middle name was Sophia; they are buried at Corner Brook.
Feb 3 1903 Campbellton William G. VINEHAM 27 wid lumb SA Campbellton Philip Brown, Susanna Young?
Edwin Moore   Dorcas HILLIER 23 spin   Meth Campbellton  
May 17 1903 Gambo James FORD 40 wid lumb Meth Gambo Darius Grunter (Granter), Elizabeth Grunter (Granter)
Edwin Moore   Mary GOLDING 30 spin   Meth Gambo  
Apr 22 1903 Lewisporte Hubert Jno. WALL 27 bach fish SA ?Clarence Hr (?Chance Hr) Robert Woolfrey, Rebecca Russell
Edwin Moore   Elizabeth BOYD 24 spin   Meth Moretons Hr  
Jan 7 1904 Indian Burying Place George BOWERS 24 bach fish Meth Indian Burying Pl William Bowers, Philip Bowers
J.K. Curtis (Meth)   Dora GILES 21 spin   Meth Bobbys Cove NOTES: George Alfred was b Oct 20 1879 Ind. Bury. Pl, the s/o Thomas Bowers & Johanna Foss. Madora (Dora) was b Apr 26 1881 Bobbys Cove, the d/o William Giles & Mary Ann Critch.
Mar 21 1904 Tilt Cove George FOSSE 30 wid fish Meth Snooks Arm Erastus Moore, Emeline Noble
J.K. Curtis (Meth)   Eva MARTIN 22 wid   Meth Tilt Cove NOTES: George Albert Foss was b June 4 1873 Snooks Arm, the s/o James Foss & Eunice Winsor: he was 1st married 1898 to Esther Ann Dicks. Eva was the dau of Josiah & Susanna SAUNDERS, b June 27 1882 Little Wards Hr, the widow of William Martin (married 1901)
Jan 1 1904 Sunday Cove Isld John B. MARTIN 25 bach fish Meth Sunday Cove Isld Robert Burden, Fanny Burden
R.W. Bell (Meth)   Emma J. MOORE (should be MOREY) 21 spin   Meth Sunday Cove Isld NOTES: Emma Jane MOREY was b Feb 11 1883 Sunday Cove Isld, the d/o Jacob MOREY & Selina HEWLETT; John Berthram was b Jul 10 1880 Birchy Cove, the s/o Archibald Martin & Tamar Tuffin.
Jan 19 1904 Cards Hr John LUSH 25 bach fish Meth Cards Hr William Vincent, Harriet Fudge
R.W. Bell (Meth)   Blanche Elizabeth FUDGE 21 spin   Meth Triton NOTES: John was the s/o Joseph Lush & Jane Card. Blanche Elizabeth was the d/o James Fudge & Eliza Newman.
Mar 6 1904 Exploits John PERRY 26 bach fish Meth Lawrences Arm Jacob Perry, Cecilia Frampton
E. Taylor   Sarah M. WHALEN 20 spin   Meth Lawrences Arm NOTES: John was the s/o George & Sarah Jane Perry. Sarah Minnie was the d/o Philip Whalen & Amelia King.
Jan 1 1904 Twillingate Dorman SLADE   bach fish Meth Twillingate Philip Pond, Jessie Warr
Chas House   Kate Sheppard   spin   Meth Twillingate NOTES: Dorman was the s/o George Slade & Mary Rogers.
Jan 30 1904 Twillingate Arthur CHAPPLE   bach fish Meth Twillingate Reuben Chapel (sic), Annie Chapel
Chas House   Ophelia GILLARD   spin   Meth Twillingate NOTES: Ophelia remarried 1906 to Walter Burt.
Feb 1 1904 Twillingate John BUTCHER 26 bach sailor Meth Twillingate George Pond, Patience Pond
Chas House   Edith POND 23 spin   Meth Twillingate NOTES: John Stanley was the s/o Ambrose Butcher & Elizabeth Pardy. Edith was the d/o William & Sarah Pond.
Feb 20 1904 Twillingate William PENNELL 24 bach fish Meth Twillingate Elfrida Howse, Theresa J. Burton
Chas House   Gertrude MOORE 22 spin   Meth Twillingate NOTES: William was the s/o Samuel Pennell & Rebecca Ings. Gertrude may be Annie Gertrude b Sep 5 1882 Back Hr, Twill, d/o Robert James Moore & Louisa White.
Mar 16 1904 Twillingate Oliver WARR 25 bach fish Meth Twillingate Peter Reid, Mary Hull
Chas House   Carrie HULL 25 spin   Meth Twillingate NOTES: Oliver was the s/o Mark Warr & Ann Hollett. Caroline was the d/o George Hull & Mary Ann Barnes.
Feb 7 1904 Southern Arm Benjamin BOWERS 19 (24) bach lumb Meth Southern Arm Matthew Dicks, Annie Wells
J. French   Naomi ROBERTS 23 (19) spin   Meth Little Bay Islands NOTES: the minister who copied the ages of the bride and groom from the original records reversed the ages of the bride and groom; Benjamin was born Jan 1880 Langdons Cove, the s/o William & Fanny and was therefore 24 yrs old in Feb 1904; Naomi was b Dec 1884 Little Bay Islds, the d/o George Roberts & Mary Jane Penny, and was 19 in Feb 1904.
Feb 8 1904 North West Arm Edwin MARTIN 38 wid fish Meth North West Arm Kenneth Mills, Dora M. Bradbury
W.J. Morris   Rebecca FRECKER 36 wid   Meth North West Arm NOTES: Edwin was the s/o Frederick & Ann Martin of North West Arm. He married (1) Emily Green (3) 1906 Caroline Lush and (4) 1909 Harriet Elizabeth Roberts. Rebecca (nee MOREY) Frecker was his 2nd wife; she was the dau of George & Agnes Morey, and was prev married to George Frecker.
Mar 22 1904 Stocking Hr Jacob James SQUIRES 21 bach fish Meth Stocking Hr Israel Hounsell, Rebecca Tilley
W.J. Morris   Annie TILLEY 18 spin   Meth Stocking Hr NOTES: Mary Ann (Annie) was the d/o James Tilley & Marina Hounsell; she remarried 1909 to Gilbert Noble.
Jan 26 1904 Little Beaver Cove Elias DAY 23 bach fish Meth Little Beaver Cove Richard Gilliot? (Gillett?), J. Alice Day
E.A. Westmoreland   Matilda PELLEY 20 spin   CE Beaverton  
Jan 9 1904 Moretons Hr Herbert LOCKE 20 bach fish Meth Tizzards Hr George Small, Georgina French
W.H. Dotchon (Meth)   Dorcas RUSSELL* 20 spin   Meth Moretons Hr NOTES: Herbert John was the s/o James Locke & Mary Langdon. *The bride's surname was incorrectly given as ROWSELL, but should be Dorcas Wheeler RUSSELL, b Jan 10 1884 Moretons Hr, dau of Andrew Russell & Sylvia Wheeler; her mother Sylvia was living with them in the 1921 Census.
Jan 13 1904 Moretons Hr John BRETT 60 wid fish SA Moretons Hr Edwd. Chronic (Cornick), Mabel Jennings
W.H. Dotchon (Meth)   Dinah JENNINGS 53 wid   SA Moretons Hr NOTES: Dinah may be nee STUCKLESS, widow of Samuel Jennings who she married 1880 at age 29.
Feb 25 1904 Trump Island Walter BOYD 22 bach fish Meth Trump Island Titus Wheller (Wheeler), Jessie Sansom
W.H. Dotchon (Meth)   Gertie GIDGE 20 spin   Meth Boyds Cove NOTES: she is likely Gertrude Annie b Nov 18 1886 Durrells Arm, d/o Thomas Gidge & Emma Jenkins.
Mar 23 1904 Birchy Bay John QUINLAN 24 bach fish Meth Birchy Bay Ephraim Mew, Lavinia Cull
W.H. Dotchon (Meth)   Amelia H. MEW 19 spin   Meth Birchy Bay  
Mar 11 1904 Samsons Isld John C. BAKER 58 wid fish Meth Sampsons Island Ronald Sexton, Christiana Twine
Ens. Pitcher (SA)   Dorcas BOUND 52 wid   SA Sampsons Island NOTES: John Charles was bap Nov 17 1845 Black Island, the s/o John & Mary Ann Baker.
Mar 15 1904 Campbellton Timothy PELLEY 24 bach fish Meth Campbellton Mark Snow, Sarah Snow
Ens. Pitcher (SA)   Victoria LUSH 23 spin   Meth Campbellton NOTES: Timothy Philemon was the s/o Moses & Elizabeth, b Oct 24 1879 Black Island.
Oct 28 1903 Little Bay Joseph CAREY 25 bach fish RC Little Bay Sylvester H(e)ad?, Kate Clemens
J. Lynch   MaryA. BARKER 22 spin   RC Little Bay  
May 28 1904 Tilt Cove Edward WHITE 23 bach lab CE Tilt Cove Kenneth Ludlow, Emelina Fudge
Arthur Pittman (CE)   Elizabeth CAKE 19 spin   CE Tilt Cove  
June 1 1904 Round Hr Eli COLLINS 37 wid fish CE Round Hr G.H. Furneaux, Isabel Oakley
Arthur Pittman (CE)   Annie S. STARKS 34 wid   CE Round Hr NOTES: Eli was the s/o William Collins & Louisa Fifield: he was first married 1892 to Lillia Sarah Pearce.. The bride was nee Annie Selina NORMAN, dau of William Norman per the orig parish records; she was the widow of Eli Starks.
June 15 1904 Little Bay Ed. Doyle WELLS 27 bach miner CE Little Bay J.B. Blandford, Mary J. Wells
Arthur Pittman (CE)   May THOMEY 27 spin   RC Harbour Grace  
June 19 1904 Tilt Cove Andrew G. GULLAN 56 wid engineer CE Tilt Cove John Hibbs, Blanche A. Pittman
Arthur Pittman (CE)   Lavinia YOUNG 37 spin   CE Tilt Cove NOTES: groom's middle name was Gray per the orig parish records.
June 8 1904 Twillingate Samuel Charles THOMPSON 32 bach school inspector CE St. Johns A.R. Peyton, Flossie Scott
Canon Temple (CE)   Rosetta Mary PEYTON 24 spin   CE Twillingate NOTES: Rosetta Mary was the d/o Thomas Peyton & Mary Ann Pearce. She remarried Apr 27 1929 Topsail ANG to William Charles Harvey of St Johns.
June 4 1904 Twillingate William B. TEMPLE 24 bach telegraphist CE Glenwood Arthur Manuel, Hannah Osmond
Canon Temple (CE)   Sarah Crosley MANUEL 28 spin   CE Twillingate NOTES: Sarah was the dau of Obadiah & Elizabeth Manuel b Jan 15 1876 Twill - d Jan 31 1950 St Johns.
May 26 1904 Lewisporte Harry P. CORNICK 25 bach accountant CE Lewisporte Alfred Young, J. Walter Guy
Llew. Godden (CE)   Ethel B. YOUNG 19 spin   Meth Lewisporte NOTES: Harry Powell was bap Apr 20 1879 St Johns, the s/o Frederick Charles Cornick & Amelia Udle. Ethel Blanche was born Rose Blanche, the dau of Alfred Young.
May 26 1904 Indian Burying Place William BOWERS 26 bach fish CE Bobbys Cove Philip Bowers, Miss E.A. Perry
J.K. Curtis (Meth)   Emily A. ELLIOTT 25 spin   Meth Bobbys Cove NOTES: William Bowers is believed to be the son of George Bowers & Rachel Stoodley; Emily Ann was the d/o Reuben Elliott (of Twill) & Sarah Jane (nee Elliott).
June 2 1904 Tilt Cove Louis ANSTEY   bach lab Meth Tilt Cove George Fudge, Maggie Short
J.K. Curtis (Meth)   Bessie MILLS   spin   Meth Tilt Cove NOTES: Louis was the s/o Elias Anstey & Susan Dicks. Bessie was likely the d/o Eleazer Kenneth Mills & Druscilla House. He remarried 1907 to Elsie J. Tulk.
June 9 1904 Fortune Hr Michael HANIFANT 28 bach fish RC Black Island Martin Hanifant, Mary Alice Croke
R. Walsh   Catherine CROKE 24 spin   RC Fortune Hr  
Apr 2 1904 Chance Hr William John DOVE 23 bach fish Meth Chance Hr John Wheeler, Matilda N? Wheeler
W.H. Dotchon (Meth)   Mary C. MEW 17 spin   Meth Birchy Bay NOTES: William John was the s/o David & Martha Dove.
May 30 1904 Farmers Arm Joseph JENKINS 25 bach fish Meth Farmers Arm James Jenkins, Hettie Wheeler
W.H. Dotchon (Meth)   Victoria WHEELER 16 spin   Meth Farmers Arm  
May 26 1904 Herring Neck Elijah TUCK 23 bach fish Meth Herring Neck Charles Tuck, Samuel Reddick
E. French   Jessie GILLARD 22 spin   Meth Herring Neck NOTES: Elijah John was the s/o John & Elizabeth Tuck.
June 6 1904 Herring Neck Charles MURCELL 27 bach fish Meth Herring Neck May Fudge, John Edney
E. French   Dora FUDGE 24 spin   Meth Herring Neck NOTES: Charles was the s/o William Mursell & Sarah Warren.
Apr 7 1904 Indian Point Thomas HUMPHRIES 25 bach lumb Meth Northern Arm Charles S LeDrew, Janet LeDrew
W.M. Muir   Ellen GILL 20 spin   Meth Indian Point  
May 8 1904 Laurenceton Nathaniel LIDSTONE 25 bach lumb Meth Laurenceton William John Purchase, Salome J. Oxford
W.M. Muir   Amelia HANN* (Amelia Ann OXFORD) 23 spin   Meth Botwoodville *Per Amalie Tuffin, this should be correct to Amelia Ann OXFORD, b June 14 1881, d/o John Oxford & Martha Mehaney.
May 22 1904 Botwoodville Charles William CHEATER (CHAYTOR) 21 bach lumb Meth Botwoodville Henry William Taylor, Susanna Taylor
W.M. Muir   Martha A. SEYMOUR 27 spin   Meth Botwoodville NOTES: Martha Ann was b Jul 14 1876 Exploits, the d/o John Seymour & Elizabeth Budgell.
June 19 1904 Laurenceton William John PURCHASE 22 bach lumb Meth Laurenceton John Baker, Cecilia Purchase
W.M. Muir   Salome J. OXFORD 24 spin   Meth Botwood NOTES: William John was the s/o Andrew Purchase & Lydia Milley.
June 22 1904 Botwoodville Albert JEWER 24 bach lumb Meth Botwood George James Jewer, Blanche Jane Jewer
W.M. Muir   Jane E. ANTLE 25 spin   Meth Botwood NOTES: Albert was the s/o Alfred Jewer & Lucy Hutchings; he remd 1918 to Sarah Jane Hart. Jane Emma was the d/o James Antle.
Apr 21 1904 Pilleys Island Alfred RIDEOUT 26 bach miner Meth Pilleys Island Andrew Rideout, Emma Watkins
R.W. Bell (Meth)   Lydia WATKINS 22 spin   Meth Pilleys Island NOTES: Alfred was the s/o Richard Rideout & Eliza Shave; Lydia was the d/o William Watkins & Elizabeth Brown.
May 27 1904 Roberts Arm Thomas PADDICK (PADDOCK) 23 bach fish Meth Roberts Arm Samuel Paddick, Eliza Paddick
R.W. Bell (Meth)   Annie ROWSELL 22 spin   Meth Roberts Arm NOTES: Henry THOMAS Paddock was the s/o Eli Paddock & Louisa Anthony. Annie was the d/o Jasper Rowsell & Priscilla Anthony. He married (2) Mary Burton.
May 5 1904 Wild Bight Hugh ROBERTS 30 bach fish Meth Wild Bight Thomas Wells, Annie Wells
J. French   Maud BAKER 20 spin   Meth Harrys Hr NOTES: Hugh was the s/o Abraham & Elizabeth Roberts (b Apr 24 1874 Indian Bight - d June 24 1940); Maud Maria was the d/o Reuben Baker & Isabella White (b Sep 9 1884 Rushy Pond).
May 3 1904 Exploits Pearce WELLS 26 bach fish SA Black Island William Potter, Jessie Potter
E. Taylor   Mary C. STRIDE 26 spin   SA Black Island NOTES: Mary Cecilia b Jul 6 1878 Black Island, the d/o Charles & Jane Elizabeth Stride.
May 28 1904 Exploits John BURT 39 (42) wid fish Meth Samsons Island Edward W. Bulgin, Janie Budgell
E. Taylor   Diana BOONE 30 spin   Meth New Bay NOTES: John was b Oct 20 1862 Tizzards Hr, the s/o John Burt & Eliza Hoddinott. Diana was bap Aug 29 1874 New Bay age 7 mo, the d/o Isaac Boone & Mary Ann Stuckless.
May 31 1904 Twillingate Robert PENNELL 27 bach fish Meth Twillingate George Ings, Theresa J. Burton
Chas House   Louisa WHITE 22 spin   Meth Twillingate NOTES: Robert was the s/o Samuel Pennell & Rebecca Ings; Louisa was the d/o Thomas White & Mary Ann Pond.
June 1 1904 Twillingate Willis CLARKE 23 bach fish Meth Twillingate Andrew Legg(e), Sarah Stockley
Chas House   Maud STOCKLEY 17 spin   Meth Twillingate NOTES: Willis Richard was the s/o William Clarke & Phoebe Reed of Farmers Arm; Maud Elizabeth was the d/o George Stockley & Bathsheba Gibbs.
Jul 30 1904 Twillingate Samuel WATKINS 24 bach engineer Meth Twillingate John Fifield, Isabella Watkins
Chas House   Bessie SLADE 24 spin   Meth Twillingate NOTES: believed to be Robert Samuel, b Aug 3 1880 South Twill, s/o Abraham & Susanna. By 1921 he was married to Dorcas bc 1899. Bessie Ann was b Dec 1 1880 Jenkins Cove, the d/o George Slade & Mary Rogers.
Aug 17 1904 Twillingate Edward STUCKLESS 27 bach sailor Meth Twillingate Alexander Moores, Maud Preston
Chas House   Lucy Elizabeth JANES 21 spin   CE Twillingate NOTES: Edward was the s/o John Bunyan Stuckless & Emily Kendall.
Sep 23 1904 Twillingate Adolphus WHITE 22 bach fish Meth Twillingate Alexander Guy?, Phoebe Matchem
Chas House   Eliza ELLIOTT 21 spin   Meth Twillingate NOTES: Adolphus George was the s/o John White & Elizabeth Mitchard.
Sep 23 1904 Twillingate Donnelly ROBERTS 24 bach sailor Meth Twillingate John Roberts, Theresa J. Burton
Chas House   Dorcas SMITH 23 spin   Meth Twillingate NOTES: Donnelly was the s/o William Roberts & Louisa Stuckless of Bluff Head. Dorcas was the d/o Benjamin & Dorcas Smith.
Aug 8 1904 Little Bay Islds Joshua MARSHALL 22 bach     Halls Bay Head Asenath Oxford, Elsie B. Marshall
John C. Sidey   Jane GOUDIE 23 spin     Halls Bay Head NOTES: Joshua was the s/o Louisa MARSHALL & Ambrose DAY (not married; went by his mother's surname). He was b Dec 23 1881 Little Bay Islands. By 1921, Joshua had remarried to Beatrice L. bc 1894 Fogo. His mother later married Samuel Pinsent of Dark Tickle (Brighton)
Sep 16 1904 Boot Harbour John Thomas MOREY   wid ?freightor Meth Sunday Cove Isld Albert Taylor, Tryphena Wiseman
John C. Sidey   Elizabeth TAYLOR   wid   Meth Boot Harbour NOTES: John Thomas was the s/o George Morey & Caroline Rowsell; b 1854, he was first married to Mary Ann Wellman 1853-1903. Elizabeth is believed to be the widow of William Henry Taylor (died 1899 age 40), and nee JONES.
Sep 24 1904 Pilleys Island Titus COLBOURNE 22 bach miner Meth Pilleys Island Annie Hustings, John ?Hack
E. French   Amelia RYAN 24 spin   Meth Pilleys Island NOTES: Titus died Aug 6 1914 age 32 yrs. Amelia Jane Ryan (b Feb 9 1880 Roberts Arm, d/o William Ryan & Julia Hewlett) married (2) widower John Fudge.
Sep 18 1904 Pilleys Island Edward BROWN 22 bach miner Meth Wild Bight Rebecca Simms, George Simms
E. French   Hannah BLACKMORE 42 wid   Meth Pilleys Island NOTES: Hannah is believed to have married (1) John Loveridge and (2) Benjamin Blackmore in 1898. Maiden name unknown.
Sep 3 1904 Roberts Arm Leander COFFIN 21 bach miner Meth Roberts Arm Nellie Roberts, Abner Anthony
E. French   Fanny ANTHONY 23 (19) spin   Meth Pilleys Island NOTES: Leander Milligan Coffin (b Jan 6 1882 Roberts Arm - died Apr 1 1950) was the son of single parent Adelaide Coffin. Druscilla Fanny was b May 6 1885 - d Jan 18 1926, the dau of J. Jesse Anthony & Ellen Farr, and granddau of George Farr & Fanny Burt. Leander & Fanny moved to Cape Breton sometime between 1907 and 1910.
Sep 3 1904 Pilleys Island Stephen OXFORD 25 bach machinist Meth Pilleys Island Elias Stuckless, Jennie Oxford
E. French   Louisa STUCKLESS 23 spin   Meth Pilleys Island NOTES: Stephen was the s/o Joseph Oxford & Elizabeth Wiseman; b 1878 Little Bay Islands - died 1970 Alberta.
Sep 1 1904 Boot Harbour Henry E. FUDGE 25 bach miner Meth Boot Harbour Archibald Hall, Mabel Locke
E. French   Belle LOCKE 19 spin   Meth Boot Harbour  
Sep 6 1904 Moretons Hr William George FRENCH 26 bach lumb Meth Moretons Hr Harry E. French, Kate French
W.H. Dotchon (Meth)   Edith BRETT 24 spin   Meth Moretons Hr NOTES: William Geo was the s/o James French & Lucy Woolfrey; Edith was the d/o John Brett & Ann Taylor.
Jul 9 1904 Shoe Cove John WELSHMAN 26 bach fish Meth Shoe Cove George Welshman, Mary Squires
J.K. Curtis (Meth)   Mary SQUIRES 24 spin   Meth Shoe Cove  
Jul 19 1904 Twillingate Richard Wright BELL 29 bach Meth. Minister Meth Twillingate W.J. Scott, Leah Newman
Canon Temple (CE)   Maud Elizabeth NEWMAN 28 spin   CE Twillingate  
Sep 2 1904 Twillingate Eleazar BARTLETT 23 bach miner Meth Twillingate John Mills, Susan May
Canon Temple (CE)   Martha Mary MAY 19 spin   CE Twillingate NOTES: Eleazar Aaron b June 14 1882 North West Arm, s/o William Bartlett & Martha Mills.
Jul 3 1904 Exploits Hr Josiah DART 58 wid fish Meth Exploits Hr Simon Milley, Lavinia Milley
Lln. Godden (CE)   Sophia MILLEY (nee FIFIELD) 58 wid   Meth Exploits Hr NOTES: per orig par records, she was the dau of John FIFIELD. He was the son of Robert & Elizabeth Dart.
Jul 17 1904 Lewisporte Clifford Elsworth DEXTER 25 bach dentist Universalist Millertown Harry J. Cornick, Esther Cornick
Edwin Moore   Angelina H. YOUNG 25 spin   Meth Rose Blanche NOTES: the witness Esther Cornick was nee YOUNG and also born at Rose Blanche, dau of Alfred Young at her marriage. She is likely related to Angelina.
Aug 5 1904 Lewisporte Thomas BRIDGER 22 bach fish Meth Campbellton Mary Ann Perry, Peter Young
Edwin Moore   Hannah YOUNG 16 spin   SA Chance Hr  
Sep 29 1904 Scissors Cove Caleb PORTER 29 wid fish Meth Porterville William Ball, Maria Crane
Edwin Moore   Sarah Elizabeth BALL 19 spin   Meth Scissors Cove NOTES: Caleb was the s/o Robert Porter & Julia Crabb (Cramm). Sarah Elizabeth was the d/o Solomon Ball & Mary Ann Randell.
Jul 14 1904 Springdale Alfonzo OXFORD 22 bach fish Meth Springdale Mary A. Oxford, Irene Peters
W. Grimes   Maria SLADE 23 spin   Meth Springdale NOTES: Alphonso was the s/o Henry James Oxford & Agnes Wells, b Aug 29 1882 Little Bay Islds.
Aug 1 1904 Leading Tickles Eli WINSOR 24 bach fish Meth Triton George Vincent, Clara M. Winsor
R.M. Maddock   Emma WAY 22 spin   Meth Greenspond NOTES: Emma died May 2? 1905 age 26 yrs, per head headstone. Eli (son of Joseph Winsor & Maria Chippett), married (2) Mildred Hobbs (1909-1965).
Jul 17 1904 Botwoodville Edward WATKINS 24 bach lumb Meth Norris Arm John Hutchings, Fanny Hutchings
W.M. Muir   Martha SHARON 24 spin   Meth Botwoodville NOTES: Martha was b Aug 10 1879 New Bay, the dau of William Sherron & Rosanna Budgell.
Sep 3 1904 Botwoodville John WELLONS 44 wid lumb Meth Botwoodville John Ward, Jessie Jewer
W.M. Muir   Jane JEWER 27 spin   Meth Botwoodville  
Sep 9 1904 Burnt Arm George TORRENT (TARRANT) 22 bach lumb Meth Burnt Arm John Henry Elliott, Rosanna Elliott
W.M. Muir   Esther ELLIOTT 19 spin   Meth Burnt Arm  
Sep 14 1904 Northern Arm Jabez JEWER 29 bach lumb Meth Botwoodville William E. Evans, Stella B. Evans
W.M. Muir   Ida V. Evans 23 spin   Meth Northern Arm NOTES: Jabez was b Jul 6 1875 Peters Arm - died Jan 10 1911 Botwood of peritonitis; he was the son of Eli Jewer (of Botwood) & Louisa Bursey (of Lower Island Cove CB). Ida Violet was b Sep 15 1881 Northern Arm, the d/o William Evans & Naomi Sheppard; she remarried 1914 to William Fitzgerald. Her occupation was given as domestic in the original parish records.
Sep 27 1904 Laurenceton William J. BAKER 26 bach lumb Meth Laurenceton Ephraim Baker, Ellen Miller
W.M. Muir   Mary Ann JEWER 21 spin   Meth Laurenceton NOTES: Williaj James was the s/o Levi Baker & Alice Gill, b Jan 23 1878 Exploits River. Mary Ann was the d/o Frederick Jewer & Naomi Manuel, b June 8 1883 Killick Island.
July 4 1904 Burnt Arm William John DIAMOND 26 bach lumb Meth Burnt Arm Eli Payton, Abigail Snow
Chas Blount   Elizabeth LOCKE 25 spin   Meth Burnt Arm  
Aug 14 1904 *South West Arm Robert NOBLE 29 bach fish Meth South West Arm John Card, Richard Foster
J.T. Beagarie   Maud BUDGELL 25 spin   Meth South West Arm NOTES: *married at Rattling Brook, SWA per the orig parish records. Maud was the dau of William & Emily Budgell. Robert Noble died Aug 16 1909 South West Arm, age 33, of stomach cancer.
Jul 30 1904 Botwoodville Stanley DALLY 21 bach lumb Meth Botwoodville William Dally, Barbara Pond
Ensign Bishop, SA.   Annie PEARCE 20 spin   CE Botwoodville NOTES: Stanley was the s/o Thomas Dalley & Maria Jenkins. He married (2) Naomi Beatrice of Bay Roberts.
Sep 28 1904 Botwoodville Joshua TORRENT (TARRANT) 23 bach fish CE Fogo Stephen Torrent, Alice Jane Burt
W.M. Muir   Louisa SEYMOUR 23 spin   CE Botwoodville  
Sep 29 1904 Botwoodville Matthew MERCER 23 bach lumb Meth Botwoodville George Wilcox, Thurzer (Thurza/Theresa) Elson
W. M. Muir   Clara PEDDLE 20 Spin   Meth Leading Tickles  
Oct 11 1904 Exploits Joseph James DOREY 25 bach fish Meth Black Island Robert Primer, Annie E. Butt
R.H. Maddock   Mary A. BAKER 24 spin   Meth Samsons Island NOTES: Joseph James was the s/o William & Mary Ann Dorey; Mary Ann was the d/o Joseph Baker & Keziah Gates.
Sep 9 1904 New Bay William WHITE 37 wid fish Meth New Bay Elijah Boone, Fanny Ann Fagan
Solomon Hann   Louisa FAGAN 17 spin   Meth New Bay NOTES: Louisa Jane was b Apr 11 1887 New Bay, d/o Robert Fagan & Mary Richards.
Nov 1 1904 Exploits John Henry WELLS 25 bach fish Meth Swan Harbour John Hynes, Dorcas Wells
R.H. Maddock   Hannah S. BELL 20 spin   Meth Bell Isle NOTES: aka Henry John, s/o James Wells & Elizabeth Emma Diamond.
Nov 19 1904 Leading Tickles Herbert COLES 23 wid fish Meth Rocky Bay Joseph Hackett (Haggett), Leah V Alcock
R.H. Maddock   Mary PEDDLE 18 spin   Meth Leading Tickles NOTES: Mary may be the d/o Robert Peddle & Harriet Noseworthy, b Nov 21 1886 Leading Tickles.
Dec 6 1904 Exploits Josiah PURCHASE 26 bach fish Meth Exploits Ambrose Manuel, Phyllis Parnell
R.H. Maddock   Dora MANUEL 23 spin   Meth Exploits NOTES: Josiah was the s/o Alfred Purchase & Emma Manuel. Dora was the d/o Titus Manuel & Mary Jane Stride.
Dec 10 1904 New Bay Elijah BOONE 23 bach fish Meth New Bay Samuel Tilley, Louise Jean White
R.H. Maddock   Fanny A. FAGAN 16 spin   Meth South East Arm NOTES: Elijah was the s/o Isaac Boone & Mary Ann Stuckless. Fanny was the d/o Robert Fagan & Mary Jane Richards.
Nov 22 1904 Exploits William George WELLS 32 bach fish Meth Swan Harbour Andrew Manuel, Dorcas Wells
R.H. Maddock   Isabella HYNES 25 spin   Meth Muddy Hole NOTES: William Geo was the s/o James Wells & Elizabeth Emma (Amy) Diamond.
Dec 28 1904 Twillingate Frank CURTIS 26 bach carp Meth Twillingate A.A. Pearce, Hannah Pearce
Canon Temple (CE)   Charlotte L PEARCE 28 spin   CE Twillingate NOTES: Frank was the s/o John & Ann Curtis; Charlotte Louisa was the d/o Abraham Ackerman Pearce & Priscilla Luther.
Nov 24 1904 Lewisporte Reuben WHITE 25 bach fish Meth New Harbour John Downey, Johanna Ginn
E. Moore   Leah RIDOUT 22 spin   Meth Western Head  
Dec 2 1904 Lewisporte Jas. NEWHOOK 24 bach lumb CE Notre Dame Junction Alan Hodder, Bertha Moyles
E. Moore   Elizabeth STOCKLEY 21 spin   Meth Lewisporte  
Dec 14 1904 Lewisporte George SERGEANT 30 bach lumb Meth Lewisporte Stephen Hodder, Mary E. Turner
E. Moore   Sarah HODDER 24 spin   Meth Lewisporte  
Dec 19 1904 Lewisporte Henry William LILLY* 33 bach fish CE Exploits W.W. Bradley, Madge Bradley
E. Moore   Maria A. MANUEL 28 spin   Meth Exploits NOTES: *surname looked like TILLEY but known to be LILLY, b Jul 31 1871 Exploits - died Dec 3 1960, s/o William Henry Lilly & Jane Sceviour. Maria Ann was the d/o Jonathan Manuel & Susan Lacey.
Oct 31 1904 Glenwood Isaiah HANN 48 wid lumb Meth Glenwood William George Rowsell, Bertha Haggett
C.R. Blount   Grace B. KING 39 wid   Meth Glenwood NOTES: Isaiah was the s/o Solomon Hann & Elizabeth Ball; Grace was the d/o of Joseph HAGGETT & Mary Ann Rowsell, and the widow of William King.
Dec 10 1904 Scissors Cove Solomon BALL 25 bach fish Meth Scissors Cove Moses Clarke, Margaret Clarke
C.R. Blount   Fanny CLARKE 22 spin   Meth Scissors Cove NOTES: Fanny was the d/o Thomas & Emily Jane Clarke, b Jan 1 1884? Samsons Island.
Dec 24 1904 Glenwood Nathaniel LEDREW 42 wid lumb CE Glenwood George Hann, Deborah Hann
C.R. Blount   Bessie BASS? 20 spin   Meth Glenwood  
Nov 11 1904 Herring Neck Henry MILES 47 bach fish Meth Herring Neck William Rose, Miriam Rose
W.H. Pike   Rachel LOADER 42 spin   Meth Herring Neck NOTES: Henry was the s/o Andrew Miles & Jane Kearley of Starve Hr, Herring Neck; Rachel was the d/o John & Martha Loder of Clarkes Cove.
Nov 16 1904 Herring Neck John TARRANT 21 bach fish Meth Burnt Cove Minnie Oxford, Eli Oxford
W.H. Pike   Julia BURT 16 spin   Meth Burnt Cove NOTES: Julia was the d/o Thomas Burt & Ann Anstey, b Aug 24 1888 Burts Cove.
Nov 20 1904 Herring Neck James EARLE 25 bach fish Meth Burnt Cove Samson Keefe, Thomas Blandford
W.H. Pike   Laura J. BURT 20 spin   Meth Burnt Cove NOTES: James was the s/o George Earle & Lucy Anstey.
Dec 24 1904 Saltans* Paul ROGERS 21 bach fish Meth Saltans David Nicholas, Mary A. Adams
W.H. Pike   Elizabeth GIDGE 23 spin   Meth Saltans NOTES: *Saltans is usually spelled ''Saltons''. Paul was the s/o John & Mary Ann Rogers, b Dec 16 1884 Durrells Arm.
Oct 6 1904 La Scie Job ANDREWS 23 bach fish Meth La Scie George Warren, Maud Welshman
J.K. Curtis (Meth)   Bertha WARREN 20 spin   Meth La Scie NOTES: Job was b Dec 9 1882 Crow Head, the s/o Charles & Mary Andrews. ''Albertha'' was b Jul 20 1885 Shoe Cove, the dau of John Warren & Miriam Budgell, and her brother married on the same day, see next entry. The witness George was another child of John Warren & Miriam Budgell.
Oct 6 1904 La Scie Elias WARREN 21 bach fish Meth La Scie Warwick Budgell, Dorcas Budgell
J.K. Curtis (Meth)   Naomi ULET (HEWLETT) 20 spin   Meth La Scie NOTES: Elias b Aug 8 1883 Shoe Cove - d Dec 27 1970 Hampden, White Bay, buried Salv Army Cemetery. He was the s/o John Warren & Miriam Budgell.
Oct 12 1904 Shoe Cove James WARD 25 bach fish Meth Shoe Cove Lorenzo Noseworthy, George Welshman
J.K. Curtis (Meth)   Lucy NEWBURY 23 spin   Meth Shoe Cove NOTES: James Henry b Dec 16 1877 Leading Tickles, s/o William Ward & Emily Susanna Noseworthy. Lucy b Mar 4 1881 Shoe Cove, d/o Alexander Newbury & Mary Wimbleton.
Oct 13 1904 Tilt Cove William CRITCH 21 bach fish CE La Scie Mary J. Mills, John May
J.K. Curtis (Meth)   Maud MILLS 19 spin   Meth Tilt Cove NOTES: William Henry was b Jul 23 1883 Sunday Cove Island, the s/o Williiam Henry & Mary Ann Critch; his father was from Brigus. Lily Maud was b Aug 1 1886 Little Bay, the d/o Jesse Mills & Selina Moores.
Oct 26 1904 La Scie John TOMS 26 bach fish CE La Scie Joseph Harding, Minnie Webber
J.K. Curtis (Meth)   Lydia SHEPHERD 22 spin   Meth La Scie NOTES: Jonathan Toms was the s/o Solomon Toms & Sarah Newbury, and the grandson of Robert Toms & Susanna Adams of Shoe Cove. Per the 1921 Census, Lydia was born at Harbour Grace CB.
Nov 9 1904 Tilt Cove Thomas PYNN 53 wid fish Meth Tilt Cove W.G. Adams, Annie Curtis
J.K. Curtis (Meth)   Caroline SAUNDERS 65 wid   Meth Caplin Cove NOTES: Thomas Pynn was born St Johns, and was first married to Fanny Winsor (dau of Charles Winsor & Elizabeth Mackey) of Tilt Cove. His 3rd wife, married before the 1921 Census, was widow Sarah (nee White) Foss.
Nov 9 1904 SS CLYDE John J. MANUEL 52 wid merchant SA Jacksons Cove Captain Job Knee, Katie Diamond
J.K. Curtis (Meth)   Caroline GILES 23 spin   SA Rogues Harbour NOTES: Caroline was the dau of William & Phoebe Giles, b Aug 31 1881 Rogues Hr.
Nov 24 1904 Springdale Edgar PENNEY 33 wid lumb Meth Springdale Millie Mercell (Mursell), Herbert Strong
Elijah French   Maud SPENCER 27 spin   Meth Springdale NOTES: Edgar was born Seldom Come By. Sydney Maud was b Sep 4 1884 Wild Cove, Twill, the dau of Albert & Mary Jane Spencer.
Nov 29 1904 Springdale John SHEARING 48 wid merchant Meth Springdale Rosanna Clarke, George Clarke
W.H. Webber   Mary J. SPENCER 52 wid   Meth Springdale NOTES: John is believed to be the son of James Shearing & Betsy Strong; he was first married to Diana Blundon.
Dec 9 1904 Southern Arm John GILLARD 24 bach fish Meth Southern Arm Annie Wells, Minnie J. Churchill
W.H. Webber   Mary ROBERTS 19 spin   Meth Southern Arm NOTES: she may be Mary Elizabeth b Sep 20 1886 Little Bay Islds, d/o George Roberts & Mary Jane Penny.
Dec 13 1904 Woodfords Cove William SIMMS 24 bach miner Meth Woodfords Cove William J. Milley, Beatrice Locke
W.H. Webber   Ethel YOUNG 21 spin   Meth Woodfords Cove NOTES: William J. was bc Aug 1881 Twillingate. Ethel May Ada was b Dec 15 1883 Twill, the d/o Levi Young & Sarah Ann Wheeler. Resided Shoal Arm, Little Bay 1921.
Dec 26 1904 Woodfords Cove William ENGLAND 28 wid fish Meth Woodfords Cove Regina Green, Emelina Snow
W.H. Webber   Beatrice LOCKE 22 spin   Meth Woodfords Cove NOTES: William England was the son of John & Ellen England, b Apr 16 1876 Kings Cove NDB - d 1952 Harrys Hr; Beatrice was b Sep 1 1882 Little Bay Mines - died 1916 Harrys Hr, the dau of Ezra (Israel) Locke & Margaret Mew. Clarification on Ezra/Israel from Oscar Locke.
Oct 15 1904 Moretons Hr Esau MOORE 28 bach carp Meth Moretons Hr Willis Brett, Bessie Brett
W.H. Dotchon (Meth)   Norah BRETT 25 spin   Meth Moretons Hr NOTES: Esau was b Nov 9 1875 Exploits - died May 7 1964 New Jersey, the s/o Alfred Moore & Rhoda Dart. Norah was b Dec 5 1878 Fawcetts Cove - d Feb 18 1985 New Jersey, the dau of William Brett & Jane Forward.
Oct 18 1904 Farmers Arm Willis BOYD 24 bach fish Meth Farmers Arm Richard Wheeler, Bertha Boyde
R.H. Mercer   Eva WATKINS 18 spin   Meth Farmers Arm NOTES: Willis was the s/o James Boyd & Lucy Ann Wheeler, baptism missing. Eva was the d/o Henry Watkins & Ellen Rendell, b Dec 4 1886 Purcells Hr.
Oct 19 1904 Farmers Arm Samuel W. WHEELER 20 bach fish Meth Farmers Arm Theophilis Brown, Mary Jane Wheeler
R.H. Mercer   Joanna WATKINS 25 spin   Meth Farmers Arm  
Oct 29 1904 Moretons Hr Richard George STUCKLESS 23 bach fish Meth Tizzards Hr Samuel Boyde, Emily Wheeler
W.H. Dotchon (Meth)   Annie BROWN 19 spin   Meth Tizzards Hr NOTES: Annie was b Sep 5 1885 Bluff Head Cove, the d/o Edward John Brown & Fanny (?nee Rideout)
Nov 2 1904 Carters Cove Samuel BOYD 26 bach fish Meth Tizzards Hr George Farr, Emma Farr
R.H. Mercer   Jessie CANNINGS 20 spin   Meth Carters Cove NOTES: Samuel James s/o Absalom Boyd & Evelina Lacey.
Nov 19 1904 Birchy Bay Jerry CANNINGS 27 bach fish Meth Comfort Cove Mary Blake, John Canning
R.H. Mercer   Patience BOYD 25 spin   Meth Birchy Bay  
Dec 10 1904 Western Head Job POTTER 27 bach fish Meth Black Island John Piddle (Peddle), Jane Taylor
W.H. Dotchon (Meth)   Phoebe HARVEY 19 spin   Meth Pearces Hr NOTES: Job was b Jul 11 1875 Black Island, the s/o George & Elizabeth Potter. Phoebe was b Mar 10 1885 Western Head, the d/o Joseph Harvey & Delilah Deer.
Dec 31 1904 Tizzards Hr Samuel Joseph BOYD 26 bach fish Meth Tizzards Hr William Boyde, Rhoda Wheeler
W.H. Dotchon (Meth)   Emily WHEELER 22 spin   Meth Tizzards Hr NOTES: Samuel Joseph was the s/o William Boyd & Sarah Burt. Emily Letitia was b Mar 29 1882 Tizzards Hr, the d/o Adam Wheeler & Ann Boyd.
Oct 18 1904 South West Arm Thomas MATTHEWS 24 bach fish Meth South West Arm Daniel Cake, Prudence Jenkins
J.T. Beagarie   Alfreda Jane BURT 22 spin   Meth South West Arm NOTES: Alfreda Jane was b Sep 21 1883 Purcells Hr, the d/o Thomas Burt & Elizabeth Card.
Dec 7 1904 Nippers Hr James Albert STARKS 32 *bach (widower) fish Meth Nippers Hr Albert Noble, Albert E. Starks
J.T. Beagarie   Emaline NOBLE 23 spin   Meth *Nippers Hr NOTES: *his marital status was widower; he was 1st married 1893 to Esther Ann Paddock. The original parish records have her place of residence as Smiths Hr, and her namae as Emmalina.
Oct 3 1904 Northern Arm Cyril ROBERTS 21 bach lumb Meth Northern Arm Stewart Ball, Christina Morgan
W.M. Muir   Alice BALL 18 spin   Meth Northern Arm NOTES: Cyril was the s/o John Robt Roberts & Sarah Ann Mugford. Alice was the d/o Daniel Ball & Mary Langdon.
Oct 30 1904 Phillips Head John LIDSTONE 24 bach lumb Meth (residence erased) Thomas William Osmond, Susie Marsh
W.M. Muir   Annie STRIDE 22 spin   Meth Philips Head NOTES: John was the s/o William Lidstone & Mary Ann Cox, bap Dec 10 1879 Kite Cove. Candidate for Annie is Amelia Ann b Jan 31 1883 Philips Head, d/o George Stride & Maria Ann March.
Nov 3 1904 Laurenceton John E. BAKER 22 bach lumb Meth Laurenceton Sidney LeDrew, Blanche LeDrew
W.M. Muir   Lilian LeDREW 21 spin   Meth Laurenceton NOTES: John Edwards b June 10 1882 Kite Cove, the s/o Levi Baker & Alice Gill.
Nov 24 1904 Northern Arm James DOWLAND 24 bach fish Meth Northern Arm Arch. Sheppard, Sarah Carpenter
W.M. Muir   Agnes CARPENTER 22 spin   Meth Northern Arm NOTES: James b Mar 4 1880 Little Hr, s/o John Dowland & Hannah Lush.
Dec 8 1904 Northern Arm Frederick George G. GINN 22 bach fish Meth Northern Arm Henry Ball, Ethel Evans
W.M. Muir   Lucy BALL 22 spin   Meth Northern Arm  
Dec 26 1904 Norris Arm Joseph Jno. SNOW 23 bach lumb Meth Norris Arm Samuel Compton, Abigail Snow
W.M. Muir   Prudence PERRY 18 spin   Meth Norris Arm NOTES: Prudence was b Dec 28 1886 Exploits, the d/o Frederick Perry & Mary Jane Baker.
Oct 1 1904 Twillingate Silas BURT 40 bach lumb SA Campbellton John Pippy, Clara Osmond
Ens. Pitcher (SA)   Matilda WHITE 50 *spin(wid)   SA Twillingate NOTES: *believed to be widow White, nee Matilda KNELL b Oct 2 2 1851 Twill, d/o Walter Knell & Sophia Wheeler. She md (3) 1922 to Edward Manuel.
Nov 10 1904 Black Island John B. POTTER 24 bach fish SA Black Island James Burt, Maud Potter
Ens. Pitcher (SA)   Beatrice E. PRIMMER 20 spin   Meth Black Island NOTES: Beatrice Ellen was b Dec 27 1883 Black Island, the d/o James Primmer & Sarah Jane Osmond.
Dec 20 1904 Comfort Cove James BRINET? (BRINTON/BRINSON*) 20 bach lumb SA Comfort Cove Peter Watkins, Dorcas Godden
Ens. Pitcher (SA)   Mary HOSHON? 19 spin   SA Comfort Cove NOTES: groom's surname Brinson/Brinton (and other variations), born Dec 16 1884 Loon Bay to Andrew Brinton & Fanny Burge. Both groom and bride's surnames poorly written.
Oct 1 1904 Twillingate Simon HILLIER 22 bach fish Meth Twillingate Lewis Young, Jessie Young
C. House   Emma CROSSLEY 21 spin   CE Twillingate NOTES: Simon b Oct 12 1882 Platters Island Cove, s/o Frederick Hillier & Elizabeth Warr. Emma Ann b Jul 13 1883 Gut Arm, Herring Neck, d/o James Crossley & Susanna Miles.
Oct 16?/11? 1904 Twillingate Uriah HALLETT 22 bach fish Meth Little Hr Edwd. Young, Dulcie Young
C. House   Mary GILLINGHAM 23 spin   Meth Little Hr NOTES: Uriah b Nov 2 1881 Little Hr, s/o Ambrose Hallett & Jane Moores.
Oct 21 1904 Twillingate Edward SANSOM   bach fish Meth Fridays Bay Elfrida House, Mary A. Lambert
F.E. Boothroyd   Louisa SANSOM   spin   Meth Fridays Bay NOTES: Edward James was b Nov 20 1877 Black Island, Fridays Bay, the s/o John Sansom & Fanny Keefe. Louisa was b Mar 27 1883 Fridays Bay, the d/o Robert & Emily.
Oct 22 1904 Twillingate Archibald BOURDON   bach fish Meth Twillingate Isaac Greenham, Maria Greenham
F.E. Boothroyd   Ruth SAMSON   spin   Meth Fridays Bay NOTES: Archibald was b Nov 11 1881 Bluff Head, Twill, s/o Samuel Bourden & Susannah Hallett. Ruth was b Mar 21 1884 Fridays Bay, the d/o John Sansom & Fanny Keefe.
Nov 2 1904 Little Harbour Eli ELLIOTT 31 bach fish Meth Little Hr George Smith, Lily Stuckless
C. House   Emma STUCKLESS 23 spin   SA Purcells Hr NOTES: Eli was b 1872 Merritts Hr, the s/o William Elliott & Mary (Ann) Langdon. Emma was b June 11 1880 Fridays Bay, the d/o David & Susannah Stuckless. Eli & Emma resided Triton West 1921.
Nov 10 1904 Twillingate David NICHOLAS 23 bach fish Meth Twillingate Elijah Jenkins, Clemmie Dally
C. House   Emma ROGERS 68 (!) spin   Meth Fridays Bay NOTE: David was b Sep 30 1880 Durrells Arm, the s/o Jacob Nicholas & Maria Dalley. I strongly suspect that the given age of 68 yrs for Emma is an error; candidate is Emma Rogers b Mar 3 1881 Durrells Arm, d/o John & Mary Ann Rogers.
Nov 21 1904 Twillingate Stewart RIDOUT   bach fish Meth Twillingate Robert Ridout, Elizabeth Hicks
C. House   Kate BAGGS   spin   Meth Twillingate NOTES: Stewart was the s/o Robert Rideout & Eliza Roberts.
Nov 24 1904 Twillingate Albert Jas. ADEY 21 bach fish Meth Twillingate Sidney Burton, Sarah Stockley
Chas House   Carrie ULET (Caroline HEWLETT) 19 spin   Meth Twillingate  
Dec 7 1904 Twillingate Philip VINEHAM 26 bach fish Meth Twillingate Elias Jenkins, Elizabeth Jenkins
Chas House   Susanna DOVE 27 spin   Meth Twillingate NOTES: Susan Mary was b Nov 22 1878 Crow Hd, d/o Phoebe Dove (single parent)
Dec 17 1904 Twillingate Mark DALLY 28 bach fish Meth Twillingate Thomas Dally, Martha Hillier
Chas House   Janet EARLE 19 (17) spin   Meth Fridays Bay NOTES: Mark was b Nov 14 1876 The Arm, s/o James Dalley & Jane Jenkins. Janet was b Aug 24 1887 Farmers Arm, the d/o George Earle & Lucy Anstey. Resided French's Beach 1921.
Dec 31 1904 Twillingate Martin STUCKLESS 22 bach lab Meth Twillingate Silas Facey, Nellie Young
Chas House Twillingate Lucinda PELLEY 22 spin   Meth Twillingate NOTES: Martin was the s/o John Bunyan Stuckless & Emily Kendall; Lucinda (Lucy) was the d/o John Pelley & Lydia Yates: she died Oct 1920.
Jan 5 1905 Twillingate Frederick LEGGE 22 bach fish Meth Twillingate William Warford, Zela (?Zeta) Phillips
Chas House   'Eli'' STOCKLEY 21 spin   Meth Twillingate NOTES: Frederick was the s/o James Legge & Barbara Walsh; ''Eli'' may be Eliza Stockley b Mar 27 1884 Twill, d/o James Stockley & Ann Brewer.
Jan 7 1905 Twillingate Andrew WYATT 34 bach fish Meth Twillingate Joseph Minty, Orpha Minty
Chas House   Lydia BROWN 24 spin   Meth Twillingate  
Jan 7 1905 Twillingate Matthew REID 29 bach fish Meth Twillingate William Pennell, Rebecca Cooper
Chas House   Dorcas YOUNG 28 spin   Meth Twillingate NOTES: Matthew was the s/o George Reid & Elizabeth Clarke. Dorcas was the d/o of William G & Harriet Young.
Jan 15 1905 Twillingate Frederick VINEHAM 25 bach fish Meth Twillingate Charles Vineham, Mary A. Primer
Chas House   Maggie WALSH 19 spin   Meth Twillingate NOTES: Maggie was b Oct 10 1885 Durrells Arm, the d/o Samuel Walsh & Lydia Ings.
Jan 28 1905 Little Harbour Robert KEEFE 26 bach fish Meth Little Hr George Smith, Rosanna Smith
Chas House   Bertha ANSTEY 19 spin   Meth Purcells Hr  
Jan 29 1905 Twillingate Arthur STOCKLEY 28 bach fish Meth Twillingate Jonas Cooper, Rebecca Cooper
Chas House   Mary A. COOPER 23 spin   Meth Twillingate NOTES: Arthur Stanley was the s/o George & Elizabeth Stockley; Mary Ann was the d/o Andrew Cooper & Harriet Vatcher.
Jan 7 1905 Comfort Cove Joseph EVELLY (EVELEIGH) 27 bach merchant CE Comfort Cove John Head, Lily Mercer
R.H. Mercer   Louisa HEAD 19 spin   Meth Comfort Cove NOTES: Joseph was born Change Islands, and Louisa at Comfort Cove, per the 1921 Comfort Cove Census.
Jan 14 1905 Moretons Hr Eugene FORWARD 30 bach fish Meth Tizzards Hr George Osmond, Minnie Burt
W.H. Dotchon (Meth)   Lilias S. BARNES 22 spin   Meth Beachy Cove NOTES: Eugene was the s/o George Forward & Patience Locke; Lilias Sarah, d/o John Barnes & Leah Jane Jennings.
Jan 21 1905 Western Head Stanley WALL 22 bach fish SA Moretons Hr Adolphus Stuckless, Lucretia Bennett
W.H. Dotchon (Meth)   Lily STUCKLESS 21 spin   CE Moretons Hr NOTES: Stanley was the s/o Edwin & Maria Wall, b Jul 2 1882 Moretons Hr. She was Lily Lucretia, b Sep 11 1883 Moretons Hr, d/o Richard Stuckless & Eliza Ann Bennett.
Feb 7 1905 Moretons Hr Thomas PENNY 38 wid fish CE Moretons Hr John Taylor, Emma Wells
W.H. Dotchon (Meth)   Teresa RIDEOUT 36 wid   Meth Western Head NOTES: Henry Thomas was b Oct 14 1866 Moretons Hr, the s/o Hugh Perry & Elizabeth Gatehouse; Teresa was likely nee JONES, widow of Theophilus Rideout, d/o James Jones & Amelia Osmond.
Mar 2 1905 Trump Island Charles WHITE 36 wid fish Meth Trump Island William T. Smith, Emma M. Smith
W.H. Dotchon (Meth)   Emily HILLIER 33 wid   Meth Trump Island  
Jan 14 1905 Burnt Cove, Fridays Bay Peter BURT 22 bach fish Meth Burnt Cove Abraham Burt, Rosanna Keefe
W.H. Pike   Julia EARLE 22 spin   Meth Burnt Cove NOTES: Peter was the s/o Thomas Burt & Ann Anstey. Julia was the d/o George Earle & Lucy Anstey.
Jan 17 1905 Smiths Hr, Green Bay Herman KELLY 25 bach fish Meth Smiths Hr, Green Bay Lorenzo Mills, Walter Squires
J.T. Beagarie   Alice KING 24 (27) spin   Meth Smiths Hr, Green Bay NOTES: Alice was the d/o William King & Mary Ann Andrews, b Dec 21 1877 Nippers Hr.
Feb 17 1905 Botwoodville Frederick WATERMAN 19 bach lumb SA Botwoodville James Seabright, Jane E. Moulton
Ens. Bishop (SA)   Sarah WATERMAN 19 spin   Meth Botwoodville  
Mar 5 1905 South West Arm John THOMPSON 27 bach fish Meth South Arm (sic) Samuel Parmiter, Grace Warford
S. Hann   Emma M. WARFORD 21 spin   Meth South Arm (sic) NOTES: place of res may be South West Arm. Emma May was b Mar 29 1884 New Bay, the d/o Henry & Jane Warford.
Mar 29 1905 Botwoodville Archie HANCOCK 20 bach lumb CE Botwoodville Nathaniel Hart, Janet Jewer
Wm. Muir   Esther JEWER 20 spin   CE Botwoodville NOTES: Archibald William was the s/o single parent Ellen Hancock: she later married Joseph Lilly. Esther was the d/o James Jewer & Ann Phalen.
Apr 14 1905 Northern Arm George LIDSTONE 21 bach lumb Meth Laurenceton Thomas Edison, Selina Purchase
Wm. Muir   'Valendar'' (BELINDA) EDISON 15 spin   Meth Northern Arm NOTES: George was the s/o William Lidstone & Mary Ann Cox. Belinda was bc Feb 1890 Quirpon; she married (2) 1910 William Jewer & (3) 1940 Herbert Francis Butt.
Apr 25 1905 SS Norris Arm John MENCHINTON 22 bach lumb CE SS Norris Arm Samuel Compton, Susie Woolridge
Wm. Muir   Mary Eliza ?FROWE 21 spin   CE SS Norris Arm NOTES: John was the s/o John & Miriam, b Dec 4 1882 Norris Arm.
May 13 1905 Burnt Arm John Henry CHINN 23 bach lumb Meth Burnt Arm Andrew Curtis, Ellen Curtis
Wm. Muir   Ellen MILLER 23 spin   Meth Burnt Arm NOTES: John Henry was b Sep 13 1882 Cains Point, s/o William Chinn & Jane Curtis. Ellen was b Oct 31 1881 Exploits River, the d/o Thomas Miller (of Topsail CB) & Martha Curtis. The bride and groom were first cousins; their mothers Jane and Martha Curtis were sisters, daughters of Francis Curtis & Ellen/Eleanor Luff.
May 17 1905 Northern Arm Jacob EDISON 24 bach fish Meth Northern Arm Arthur N. Antle, Mrs. William Edison
Wm. Muir   Minnie JONES 22 spin   Meth Point of Bay  
May 23 1905 Botwoodville William James MENCHENTON 29 bach fish CE Norris Arm Elijah Menchenton, Mrs. Emma Wentzell
Wm. Muir   Mary R. ELLIOTT 21 spin   Meth Burnt Arm  
Apr 21 1905 North West Arm George JENNINGS 24 bach lumb Meth North West Arm George Robbins, George Green
J.T. Beagarie   Maria E. ROBBINS 23 spin   Meth North West Arm NOTES: George was b Apr 25 1882 NWA, the s/o James & Sarah Ann Jennings. Maria Ellen was b Feb 7 1881 NWA, the d/o Noah Robins & Eliza Ann Blundon.
Apr 22 1905 Cobbs Arm Jesse BLAKE 22 bach fish Meth Cobbs Arm Jos. Brown, Emma Brown
W.H. Pike   Selina LODER 20 spin   Meth Cobbs Arm NOTES: Joseph Jesse was b Mar 3 1883 Pikes Arm, the s/o Henry Blake & Louisa Eveleigh.
Apr 12 1905 Springdale James SNOW 27 bach lumb Meth Springdale Noah Saunders, Millie Saunders
W.H. Webber   Elizabeth SAUNDERS 24 spin   Meth Springdale NOTES: Elizabeth was baptized as ''Lizzie Ann'' Saunders, b Sep 27 1876 Beaver Cove, dau of Adam & Dinah Saunders.
May 18 1905 Beachy Cove Jacob JENKINS 27 bach fish Meth Wild Cove Abraham Barnes, Minnie Burt
W.H. Dotchon (Meth)   Mary A. SHEA 20 spin   Meth Tizzards Hr  
May 23 1905 Comfort Cove Stephen WHITE 24 bach fish Meth New Hr Moses Stead, Lucy Ginn
R.H. Mercer   Joanna GINN 20 spin   Meth New Hr  
Feb 13 1905 Twillingate Arthur Amos BLACKLER 35 bach fish CE Twillingate George Roberts, Minnie Peyton
Canon Temple (CE)   Cecilia F. FOX 30 spin   CE Twillingate NOTES: Arthur Amos was the s/o Amos Blackler & Catherine Pride: he died Apr 12 1945 age 74. Cecilia was the d/o Samuel Fox & Tamar Rideout: she died Aug 27 1949 age 75.
May 13 1905 Twillingate Harry Winfield ANSTEY 20 bach fish CE Twillingate Andrew Lunnan, Annie Lunnan
Canon Temple (CE)   Elizabeth BULGIN 21 spin   CE Twillingate NOTES: Harry was the s/o James Anstey & Rowena Laura Rossiter: b Aug 11 1886 Twill - d Jan 12 1970. Lily Elizabeth was the d/o Archibald Bulgin & Susan Burt: b Sep 14 1884 Farmers Arm - died Jan 30 1969.
June 6 1905 Twillingate Samuel F. ELLIOTT 27 bach carp CE Twillingate Andrew Lunnan, Lillian Lunnan
Canon Temple (CE)   Sarah Colburne LUNNAN 27 spin   CE Twillingate NOTES: Resided St Johns 1921.
Oct 24 1904 Leading Tickles Robert ALCOCK 56 wid fish CE Leading Tickles Henry Andrews, Ethel Andrews
Llew. Godden (CE)   Mary A. MARTIN 67 wid   CE Leading Tickles NOTES: Robert Dudley Alcock was b 1848 Hr Grace - died 1930 Leading Tickles, the s/o Robert Alcock Sr & Mildred Elizabeth Baker Currier. Mary Ann was nee ALCOCK, dau of Robert Alcock; she died 1913 Leading Tickles. She and Robert Dudley were likely distant cousins thru their Hr Grace roots.
Dec 29 1904 Exploits Hr William John LILLY 24 bach sailor CE Exploits Hr Abraham Lilly, Phyllis Parnell
Llew. Godden (CE)   Elizabeth RICE 24 spin   CE Exploits Hr NOTES: William John was the s/o Abraham Lilly & Mary Menchenton Winsor; Elizabeth was bc 1880 White Bay, the dau of James Rice; the orig par records noted she was from Whtie Bay, not Exploits Hr.
Dec 3 1904 Leading Tickles Samuel PHELAN 27 bach fish CE Leading Tickles John Peddle, Mark Phelan
Llew. Godden (CE)   Clara Jane BIGNELL 20 spin   CE Leading Tickles NOTES: Samuel was the s/o William Phelan (aka Whelan) & Hannah Rowsell. Clara Jane was the d/o James Bignall & Mary Jane Noseworthy.
Dec 6 1904 Leading Tickles William Thomas MARSH 29 bach fish CE Winter House Cove Obadiah Haggett, Helena L. Canning
Llew. Godden (CE)   Leah Violet ALCOCK 25 wid   CE Burnt Island NOTES: William Thomas was the s/o George Marsh & Louisa Loder. Leah Violet was nee HAGGETT, the dau of Joseph Haggett & Mary Ann Rowsell; she was first married to Samuel Waterman Alcock in 1897.
Dec 6 1904 Leading Tickles George William CASSELL* 25 bach fish CE Harbour Deep, White Bay Jas. Marsh. Selina Marsh
Llew. Godden (CE)   Mary Ann MARSH* 31 spin   CE Winter House Cove NOTES: Bride and groom's names corrected from original parish records (civil version named him as William Castle, and her as ?Marge Marsh). He was the s/o George Cassell & Diana /Dinah Bath; she was the d/o George Marsh & Louisa Loder.
May 10 1905 Indian Burying Place Thomas BOWERS 37 wid fish CE Bobbys Cove Theophilus Winsor, Alice James (Janes in orig par rec).
Arthur Pittman (CE)   Susanna COLBOURNE 31 wid   SA Bobbys Cove NOTES: Thomas was the s/o George Bowers & Rachel Stoodley; Susanna was nee JANES, the dau of William Thomas Janes & Jane Haggett, b Jan 17 1871 Jacksons Cove.
Nov 24 1904 Boyds Cove George William OKE 35 bach fish CE Boyds Cove Sarah Freak, Titus Freak
R.F. Mercer   Emily FREAK 20 spin   CE Boyds Cove  
Nov 29 1904 Beaverton Benjamin W. ROBERTS 21 (19) bach fish CE Twillingate Richard Elliott, Adam Elliott
R.F. Mercer   Mary E. ELLIOTT 27 spin   CE Beaverton NOTES: Benjamin William was b Sep 29 1885 Bluff Head Cove, Twill, the s/o William Roberts & Louisa Stuckless.
Dec 1 1904 Herring Neck Alfred George* PHILPOTT 26 bach clerk CE Herring Neck Arthur Burton, Elizabeth Burton
R.F. Mercer   Mary A. BURTON 27(21) spin   CE Herring Neck NOTES: Per Amalie Tuffin, this should be Alfred John bap Dec 9 1878 Herring Neck, s/o Charles Philpott & Mary Ann Oake. Mary Ann was b Mar 4 1883 The Bight, Herring Neck, d/o Moses Burton & Mary Ann Woodford.
Dec 5 1904 Herring Neck Arthur HOLWELL 37 bach fish CE Herring Neck Harry Stuckless, Lewis Hyde
R.F. Mercer   Florence STUCKLESS 26 spin   CE Herring Neck NOTES: Arthur was the s/o William John Holwell & Mary Murphy, and the grandson of John Holwell & Elizabeth Marshall of St Johns. Florence was the d/o Joseph Stuckless & Eliza Newman. He was b 1866 - lost at sea 1918. She was b Sep 25 1878 Twill - d 1964 St Johns.
Feb 15 1905 Pikes Arm Robert DALLY 38 bach fish CE Pikes Arm Agnes Richards, Elias Stuckey
R.F. Mercer   Cassandra DALLY* 40 wid   CE Pikes Arm NOTES: Robert was the s/o Thomas Dalley & Mary Ann Stuckey, bap Dec 20 1866 Clarkes Cove. *bride's surname believed to be an error; she is thought to have been widow Cassandra Stuckey, nee RICHARDS; dau of William Richards & Keziah Blanford, bap Jul 6 1862 Clarkes Cove.
Apr 27 1905 Pikes Arm Thomas BROWN 25 bach fish CE Pikes Arm Miriam Stuckey, Eli Dally
R.F. Mercer   Martha A. STUCKLEY (STUCKEY) 22 spin   CE Pikes Arm NOTES: Martha Ann STUCKEY b Mar 11 1884 Pikes Arm, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth Stuckey.
Jul 17 1905 Twillingate Matthew W. COOKE 28 bach lumb CE Twillingate Arthur G. Ashbourne, Eva Purchase
Robert Temple (CE)   Georgina PURCHASE 26 spin   CE Back Harbour NOTES: Matthew W. was the son of Susan Cook {maiden name unknown}; his father may have been Peter Cook. Georgina Purchase was b Nov 21 1879 Twill - died Nov 24 1973 Brockville ON: she was the d/o James Purchase & Rosanna Spencer.
Aug 17 1905 Twillingate Andrew S. LOVERIDGE 25 bach shop asst. Meth Twillingate Andrew Lunnan, Mary B. Loveridge
Robert Temple (CE)   Lilias A. LUNNAN 23 spin   CE Twillingate NOTES: Andrew Stephen was b Jul 22 1880 Twill, the s/o Andrew Loveridge & Hannah Maidment.
Sep 30 1905 Twillingate Peter WHEELER 27 bach shoemaker Meth Twillingate William House, Alfrida M. Anstey
Chas House   Phoebe CURTIS 27 spin   Meth Twillingate NOTES: Phoebe was the d/o John & Ann Curtis, b Aug 13 1877 Twill.
Jul 29 1905 Moretons Hr Peter YOUNG 19 bach fish Meth Chance Hr Arthur Dove, Phoebe Boyde
W.H. Dotchon (Meth)   Rebecca DOREY 19 spin   Meth Chance Hr NOTES: Rebecca was b Apr 20 1887 Black Island, the d/o Henry Dorey & Mary Jane Anstey.
Aug 7 1905 Moretons Hr Moses HEAD 24 bach fish Meth Comfort Cove Aaron Head, Mary Cooper
W.H. Dotchon (Meth)   Lilly MERCER 21 spin   Meth Comfort Cove NOTES: Resided Comfort Cove 1921: Moses was born at Joe Batts Arm; Lilly was born at Bay Roberts.
Sep 16 1905 Moretons Hr Eli STEELE 27 bach merchant Meth Rocky Bay George Taylor, Leah Taylor
W.H. Dotchon (Meth)   Kate WOOLFREY 24 spin   Meth Moretons Hr NOTES: Kate was b Oct 22 1880 Moretons Hr, the d/o Samuel Woolfrey & Priscilla White.
July 17 1905 Lewisporte Hubert PELLEY 40 bach lab Meth Lewisporte Robert H. Boone, Sarah J. Boone
E. Moore   Kate HARDY 35 wid   Meth Lewisporte NOTES: Resided Kings Point 1921; he was born Fogo; her place of birth was either missing or illegible.
Aug 10 1905 Glenwood George LOCKE 27 bach lab Meth Glenwood W.B.Temple, Lucy Rowsell
C.R. Blount   Jessie ROWSELL 23 spin   Meth Glenwood NOTES: Jessie may be the d/o Robert Rowsell & Elizabeth Ann Stride, b Sep 20 1881 Exploits.
Sep 23 1905 Harrys Hr Edward KING (Edmund John KING) 27 bach fish Meth Harrys Hr Joseph Green, Mary J. Upwards
W.H. Webber   Elizabeth M. GREEN* 37 wid   Meth Harrys Hr NOTES: Edmund John King was b Sep 18 1879 Kings Cove NDB, the s/o James King & Harriet Andrews. Elizabeth Mary nee KING was b Sep 22 1865 Kings Cove NDB, the d/o John King & Jane Anstey, and the widow of William GREEN. The bride and groom were 1st cousins: their fathers were brothers.
Aug 27 1905 Exploits George DAWE 38 wid fish SA Exploits Charles Hynes, Alice Cummings
R.H Maddock   Mary A. RIDEOUT 32 wid   Meth Exploits NOTES: George Dawe was born Port de Grave. Per Amalie Tuffin, the bride was nee Mary Ann ROBERTS, dau of James & Phoebe Roberts.
Se 11 1905 Portiaville Henry A. PURCHASE 28 wid fish Meth Kite Cove Albert Porter, Jessie Cole
C.R. Durrant   Maria CRAMM 21 spin   Meth Portiaville* NOTES: *Portiaville is Porterville. Henry Alfred was b Apr 1 1877 New Bay, the s/o Andrew Purchase & Lydia Milley. Maria was b Apr 28 1884 Moretons Hr, the d/o George Cramm of Moretons Hr (aka Crabb) & Rachel Williams of Labrador, who resided with them 1921 at Laurenceton. .
Aug 25 1905 Comfort Cove Louis BRENTON 18 bach lumb SA Beaver Cove Samuel White, Jessie Cole
Ens. Bishop (SA)   Amelia HOLLETT 20 spin   CE Beaver Cove NOTES: Henry Lewis was b Mar 9 1887 Loon Bay, the s/o Andrew Brinston & Fanny Burge.
June 22 1905 Fortune Hr Thomas CAREY 28 bach fish RC Fortune Hr William Carey, Sarah Carroll
J. Lynch   Margaret CARROLL 31 spin   RC Fortune Hr  
Sep 14 1905 Exploits Hr Robert William JANES 28 bach lumb   Sampsons Island Titus Perry, Bessie Hayden (*in orig par records, this witness is Bessie Hayden Spencer).
Llew. Godden (CE)   Jessie Maria OSBORNE 22 (18) spin     Glenwood NOTES: Robert Wm was the s/o Stephen Janes & Eliza Murray (surname given as Jones, corrected as known to be JANES). Jessie Maria was b Sep 5 1887, d/o Eli Osmond/Osbourne & Emma Hoddinott; she died 1909 in childbirth. He married (2) Katherine Wells.
The next group are selected entries, with known or possible Notre Dame Bay links, from different districts in Newfoundland                
Nov 19 1903 Grand Bruit Andrew DART 29 bach Salv. Army Officer SA Bay St George Samuel Billard, Martha Billard
G.H. Bishop   Martha S. MERCER 28 spin   SA Channel NOTES: Possibly the son of Josiah Dart & Ann Manuel. An Andrew Dart born Exploits resided Bell Island 1921, but married to Annie bc 1872 Bonavista. Grand Bruit is on the South Coast of Newfoundland.
Oct 24 1905 St Thomas Ang Church, St Johns Harry BURT 53 wid   CE Botwoodville Frederick B. Wood, Barbara A. Feaver
Henry Dunfield   Amelia J. WOOD 39 spin   CE St Johns NOTES: Harry was born England; Amelia (aka Minnie) was born Windsor, Nova Scotia.
Oct 18 1905 St Johns Charles COFFIN 33 bach watchmaker Meth St Johns George R. Rowe, Jessie Coffin
H.P. Cowperthwaite   Phenie ROWSELL 25 spin   Meth St Johns  
Nov 14 1905 (Church), St Johns Spurgeon CREW 21 bach lab Meth St Johns Sarah Crew, Ed.Wm. Crew
J.L. Dawson   Joanna Lily JENNINGS 22 (25) spin   Meth Moretons Hr NOTES: Joanna Lily was b Mar 21 1880 Western Head, the d/o George Jennings & Rhoda Rideout.
Nov 2 1905 St Johns Samuel FRENCH 28 bach Salv. Army Officer SA St Johns George French, Stephen King
Brig. Glover (SA)   Amelia NEWBURY 24 spin   SA St Johns  
Nov 9 1905 St Johns Archibald BAKER 36 bach Salv. Army Officer SA St Johns John F. Miller, Marion Noel
Brig. Glover (SA)   Sophia HANN 24 spin   SA St Johns  
June 5 1906 St Thomas Ang Church, St Johns Frederick MINTY 26 bach coachman CE Carpasian Farm Heber Pearce, Rose Minty
G.R. Godden   Mary FRY 23 spin   CE Hayward Ave  
Dec 17 1906 Cochrane Street Meth Parsonage Charles WELLMAN 60 wid fish Meth Sandy Cove Island Emily Osmond, Elias Wellman
H.P. Cowperthwaite   Lydia STUCKLESS 55 wid   Meth St Johns NOTES: Groom believed to be Alexander Charles Wellman bap Aug 28 1854 Halls Bay age 9 years, s/o John & Elizabeth Wellman. Bride: possibly nee ANSTEY, widow of Mark Stuckless; if correct, likely b Feb 14 1850 Purcells Hr, d/o William Anstey & Hannah Wiseman.
May 22 1907 George Street Meth Parsonage Leonard WHITE 23 bach clerk Meth Charlton Street Aubrey White, Jessie Stevens
C. Hackett   Sarah ROBERTS 21 spin   Meth Twillingate NOTES: she may be Sarah b Apr 24 1887 Wild Cove, Twill, d/o George Roberts & Lydia Guy.
June 25 1907 119 Hamilton St. Arch. STEELE 24 bach engineer Meth Lewisporte Maud Haynes, Simon Butler.
R.W. Freeman (Meth)   Ida HAYNES 22 spin   Meth Topsail Road  
Aug 8 1907 St Johns Charles OKE 28 bach merchant Meth South West Arm, Green Bay Jessie Pike, Arthur Benson
C.R. Blount   Jessie BENSON 25 spin   Meth St Johns NOTES: Resided Rattling Brook 1921. Charles was born Change Islands; Jessie was born Little Bay.
Sep 12 1907 Rennies Mill Rd William T? CANNING 30 bach chemist Meth Grand Falls M.T. Knight, Millicent Woods
H.P. Cowperthwaite   Florence M.W. KNIGHT 30 spin   Meth St Johns  
Oct 21 1907 Gower St Meth Parsonage John CURTIS 30 bach steward Meth Twillingate George Gillingham, Belle Wheeler
W.T.D. Dunn   Cassie (Keziah) GILLINGHAM 29 spin   Meth Golf Avenue NOTES: Keziah was b Aug 5 1872 Lower Island Cove, Conception Bay, the d/o George Gillingham & Sarah Jane Cooper. Per the orig marr record, John was the son of John Curtis.
Feb 10 1908 Moore Street Alfred H. SMITH 20 bach lab Meth St Johns William G. Smith, Jennie M. Ryan
C. Hackett   Susanna BLAKE 21 spin   Meth Twillingate  
Jan 13 1909 Gower St Meth Parsonage Emmanuel PARSONS 25 bach mariner Meth Lushes Bight A. Grouchy, F. Grouchy
W.T.D. Dunn   Clementina G. YATES 25 spin   Meth South East Arm NOTES: Emmanuel was the s/o George Parsons & Janet White, b Oct 20 1883 Lushes Bight. Clementina was the d/o Adolphus Yates & Elizabeth Moores.
Jan 1 1906 Harbour Grace John NORRIS 26 bach merchant RC Three Arms NDB James Joy, Ellen Norris
J. March   Mary STAPLETON 22 spin   RC Harbour Grace NOTES: He was likely the son of James & Mary Ann Norris, noted in father's obituary as residing 1924 at Conche.
Oct 15 1907   Chesley A. MANUEL 27 bach merchant Meth Exploits Henry R. Overton, Maud Butt
H.P. Cowperthwaite   Mary FROST 26 spin   Meth Harbour Grace NOTES: Chesley was b Aug 22 1879 Exploits, the s/o Josiah Manuel & Jane Elizabeth Butt.
Dec 18 1905 Change Islds Simon PECKFORD 22 bach fish Meth Change Islands Albert J. LeDrew, Mary E. LeDrew
W.H. Pike   Lilian BLAKE 20 spin   Meth Herring Neck NOTES: She may be Lilian Miles Blake b Jul 19 1884 Goshens Arm, d/o Thomas Blake & Eliza Jane Miles.
June 13 1906 Fogo Samuel GILL 24 bach lab Meth Botwoodville Prudence Gard, Henry J. Lind
E.A. Butler (CE)   Flora SNOW 23 spin   CE Fogo NOTES: entry for groom was Samuel Ginn, but this was corrected by Amalie Tuffin; he was Samuel George GILL b Apr 17 1883, s/o Charles Beaton Gill & Sarah Elizabeth Ball; Flora died before 1916 and he remarried to Winnifred Rideout.
Oct 25 1906 Barr'd Islds Samuel LUSCOMBE 23 bach fish Meth Loon Bay Samuel Coffin, Jane Jolliffe
E.A. Butler (CE)   Charlotte JOLLIFFE 30 (20) spin   CE Joe Batts Arm NOTES: Charlotte b 1886 per headstone; 1883 per Census.
Nov 29 1906 Change Islds Thomas CROSSLEY 25 bach fish Meth Herring Neck Thomas Henry Hinds, Irene Miles
H.G. Pegg   Alice HINES 23 spin   CE Change Islands NOTES: Thomas was the s/o James Crossley & Susan Miles.
Dec 8 1906 Fogo Thomas ANTLE 48 wid agent Meth Botwoodville E. Coish, E. Saint.
J.R. Saint   Mary A. PAYNE 47 wid   CE Fogo NOTES: Resided Botwood 1921, he born Brigus.
May 22 1907 Change Islds Dawe FRENCH 24 bach fish CE Lewisporte Martin Peckford, Carrie Morgan
HG Pegg   Elizabeth E. OKE 21 spin   CE Change Islands NOTES: Dawe was b Jul 25 1882 Moretons Hr, the s/o Edward French & Sarah Elizabeth Knight.
Nov 20 1907 Boyds Cove Henry PEARCE 28   fish RC Boyds Cove Edward Pierce, Mary Donohue
W.P. Finn   Elizabeth DONOHUE 21     RC Boyds Cove  
Dec 2 1907 Fogo John Henry NIPPARD 26 bach fish CE Hare Bay Absalom Cole, Ellen Ford
J.R. Saint   Dorcas CASSELL 23 spin   CE Herring Neck NOTES: Dorcas was b Oct 31 1884 Too Good Arm, Herring Neck, the da/o Robert & Susanna Cassell.
Nov 28 1907 Boyds Cove Samuel NEWMAN 30 wid fish CE Boyds Cove George Mercer, Sarah Mercer
A. Richardson   Love Jane BOWND* 26 wid   CE Boyds Cove NOTES: nee Love Jane FREAKE, widow of Isaac Bown (married 1901)
Nov 6 1907 Herring Neck Ernest WOODFORD 24 bach fish CE Herring Neck Arthur Grimes, Lavinia Grimes
A. Richardson   Mary E. NOSEWORTHY 20 spin   CE Herring Neck NOTES: Ernest was b Aug 23 1883 Herring Neck, the s/o Eli Francis Woodford & Mary Card. Mary E. was born Leading Tickles
Nov 19 1907 Greens Cove Archibald BLAKE 27 bach fish CE Greens Cove Thomas Stuckey, Elizabeth Stuckley (Stuckey)
A. Richardson   Elizabeth STUCKEY 21 spin   CE Greens Cove NOTES: Elizabeth was b June 9 1887 Clarkes Cove, Herring Neck, the d/o Edward John Stuckey & Mary Ann Miles.
Dec 5 1907 Herring Neck Stanley T. WOODFORD 24 bach fish CE Herring Neck William Miles, Elfrida Miles
Arthur Pittman (CE)   Blanche MILES 16 spin   CE Herring Neck NOTES: Blanche was b Aug 2 1891 Herring Neck, the d/o William Miles & Jane Hurley.
Dec 9 1907 Boyds Cove Titus FREAK 26 bach fish CE Boyds Cove Ambrose Freak, Lucy Mercer
Hugh Kirby   Sarah MERCER 23 spin   CE Boyds Cove  
Dec 11 1907 Herring Neck Malcolm SIMMS 26 bach telegraphist CE Herring Neck Peter Grimes, Fanny Miles
Hugh Kirby   Elizabeth MILES 22 spin   CE Herring Neck NOTES: Resided Sunnyside, Herring Neck 1921; he was born Fogo. Elizabeth was b Oct 12 1885 Salt Hr, Herring Neck - died Jul 9 1973: she was the d/o Francis Miles & Mary Kates.
Dec 18 1907 Herring Neck Eleazer HURLEY 29 bach fish Meth Too Good Arm Robert Ball, Emma Burton
Hugh Kirby   Minnie HUSSEY 22 spin   CE Starve Hr NOTES: Eleazer was b Apr 4 1878 Herring Neck, the s/o Jacob Hurley & Amelia White: he died Jan 31 1956. Hilda Minnie was b Apr 7 1885 Starve Hr - d Sep 20 1970, the d/o John Hussey & Jane Fudge. Buried Greens Cove old UC Cemetery (Amalie Tuffin)
Dec 24 1907 Herring Neck Edwin KEARLEY 29 wid fish CE Hatchet Hr Abram Hurley, Daisy Hurley
Hugh Kirby   Janet HURLEY 22 spin   CE Too Good Arm NOTES: Edwin was the s/o Joseph Kearley & Miriam Philpott, and was 1st married to Emma Ford Coaker. He married (3) Hilda Blanche Dawe. Janet was the d/o Abraham Hurley & Mary Ann Reddick.
Dec 12 1907 Herring Neck Charles LUSCOMBE 22 bach fish Meth Loon Bay Jesse Reddick, Winifred Kearley
George Pickering   Jane TULK 16 spin   Meth Herring Neck NOTES: per Amalie Tuffin, full name of bride was Cecilia Jane Tulk.
Oct 23 1907 Ladle Cove Lewis ANSTEY 27 wid fish Meth Twillingate Alexander Morris, Bertram M. Tulk
H.J. Creasy   Elsie J. TULK 21 spin   Meth Ladle Cove NOTES: Lewis was the s/o Elias Anstey & Susan Dicks
May 20 1908 Norris Arm John FURY 28 bach lab RC Norris Arm Laurence Morgan, Elizabeth Cormick
S.J. Battcock   Mary MULCAHEY 21 spin   RC Norris Arm  
Oct 4 1908 Herring Neck Peter JANES 33(25*) bach fish RC Herring Neck W. Finn, May Jones
W.P. Finn   Elizabeth J. DALLY 18 spin   RC Herring Neck NOTES:* Presumed to be the same Peter was b Aug 13 1883 Herring Neck, baptized METHODIST, the s/o William Jones & Ann Keefe.

Transcribed by Jill Marshall (December 2004)

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