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NOTES Differences between these records and parish records, when known, are noted, as are errors. Please consult original parish records when possible; having said that, these civil records, on occasion, provide more information in certain cases (ages, marital status, religion, occupation) than original parish records. It was not uncommon for couples to be married by a minister of a different religion than theirs; however the religious affiliation of the minister was not given in these records. Where known, I have added it. Anglican marriage records listed here for Twillingate, usually performed by Rev Robert Temple, are especially valuable as those parish records were lost. There are also many RC marriages contained in these records, and a few SA marriages, which have not been previously posted. These civil records also include marriages for persons connected to NDB families, that were found in the St Johns, Fogo, and St Barbes districts.
Transcribed and contributed by JILL MARSHALL MAR-APR 2006

KEY: CE = Church of England; RC = Roman Catholic; SA = Salvation Army; ME = Methodist; BAP = Baptist; CONG = Congregational; PRES = Presbyterian; d/o = daughter of; s/o = son of; ng = not given; dom.serv. = domestic servant; Twilll = Twillingate; REL = Religion; STATUS = Marital Status; Occup. = Occupation; VS = Vital Statistics version; bc = born circa; bap = baptized; d = died; fish = fisherman; lab = laborer; acct = accountant; carp = carpenter; bach = bachelor; spin = spinster; wid = widowed;
Dec 6 1894 Henry DALLY 30 bach fish CE Herring Neck Benjamin E. Day, Annie M. Dewling
Herring Neck Dorcas MILES 22 spin   CE Herring Neck Henry was bap 1864 Clarkes Cove, HN, s/o Thomas Dalley & Mary Ann Stuckey. Dorcas was bap 1873 HN, d/o Francis Miles & Mary Kates.
Dec 6 1894 John SMART 30 bach fish CE Herring Neck Rosanna Hurley, John Stone
Herring Neck Mary HURLEY 33 spin   CE Herring Neck John was bap 1864 Starve Hr HN, s/o Robert Smart & Elizabeth Collins. Mary was bap 1861 Green Cove HN, d/o George Hurley & Rosanna Tuffin.
Dec 8 1894 William WELLS 26 bach fish CE Twillingate Thomas Wells, Annie Clark.
Twillingate Rebecca BULGIN 27 spin   CE Twillingate a William Wells died 1908 Back Hr age 40 of heart disease. Rebecca resided 1921 at Botwood with her daughter Janet and son in law Kenneth Knight (born Curling).
Dec 16 1894 William KINGSBURY 26 bach fish CE Twillingate William Rideout, Rose Kingsbury, Jennie Wall
Twillingate Susan RIDEOUT 20 spin   CE Twillingate Susan was b Jan 19 1874 Davis Cove, Twill, d/o Henry William Rideout & Eliza Wells; g-dau of Henry Wells & Eliza Lacey of Exploits; they both died in Nova Scotia.
Dec 16 1894 Mark ROBERTS 20 bach fish CE Twillingate Edwin Roberts, Emma Rideout
Twillingate Rosanna SMITH 22 spin   CE Twillingate  
Nov 6 1894 Joseph FOST (FOSS) 53 wid fish CE Bobbys Cove Thomas Bower, Mary Studley.
Indian Burying Pl Fanny BAILEY 50 wid   CE Bobbys Cove Fanny was nee ELLIOTT, dau of Abel. Joseph was s/o John & Grace Foss, who moved from Herring Neck to Round Hr, Green Bay. He md (1) Rebecca Stoodley (d/o Thomas Stoodley & Jane Adams). Md CE
Nov 24 1894 Esau NOBLE 26 bach fish CE Nippers Harbour Charles Batstone, Elizabeth Mills
Nippers Harbour Emily MILLS 22 spin   CE Nippers Harbour Md CE
Nov 27 1894 Henry HIBBS 21 bach lab CE Tilt Cove James Fudge, Jane Taylor
Tilt Cove Phoebe Ann FUDGE 20 spin   CE Tilt Cove Henry Hibbs, son of James Hibbs, was bc 1874 Kelligrews - died Mar 26 1963, buried Foxtrap- Long Pond Ang Cem. Phoebe Ann was the d/o James Fudge, bc Nov 1874 Tilt Cove - d Jan 23 1941, buried Foxtrap-Long Pond Ang Cem. They returned to his hometown of Kelligrews sometime between 1899 and 1904. Md CE
Dec 13 1894 Samuel NOSEWORTHY 25 bach fish CE Leading Tickles John Peddle, Elizabeth Walsh
Pilleys Island Melina HAGGETT 20 spin   CE Leading Tickles Samuel was the s/o Samuel Noseworthy & Elizabeth Ward; Melina was the d/o George Haggett & Mary Naomi Chippett; she died Oct 29 1913 South Side Leading Tickles age 40 yrs. Md CE.
Dec 24 1894 Andrew Robert WEBBER 19 bach miner CE Tilt Cove John L. Webber, A.E. (E.A.) Tilley
Tilt Cove Elfreda Elizabeth NOBLE 18 spin   CE Tilt Cove Andrew R was the s/o Jane Webber {single parent}, b Dec 31 1875 Tilt Cove. Elfreda E was the d/o Samuel Noble & Rachel Prole, g-dau of James & Elizabeth Prole of Indian Burying Place; g-gd of William Prole & Mary Adams. Md CE.
Dec 2 1894 Samuel THOMAS 22 bach lab CE Tilt Cove Alfred Spencer, Alice Harney
Tilt Cove Susanna KEEFE 18 spin   CE Tilt Cove He was the s/o Charles & Mary Thomas; she was the d/o Benjamin & Elizabeth Keefe, bap 1878 Dominion Point, Exploits. Md CE.
Dec 30 1894 Samuel ANSTEY 31 bach lab CE Tilt Cove William Thomas, Melina Newport
Tilt Cove Cecila EDNEY 18 spin   CE Tilt Cove Md CE.
Jan 2 1895 Thomas BOWERS 27 bach fish CE Tilt Cove George Bowers, Lucy White, Benjamin Baily, John Studley (Stoodley)
Indian Burying Pl Annie BAILY 22 spin   CE Tilt Cove This marriage is MISSING FROM PARISH RECORDS. Md by Arthur Pittman (CE). Thomas was bap 1867, s/o George Bowers & Rachel Stoodley, g-son of Thomas Stoodley & Jane Adams; g-gson of John & Emma Adams.
Jan 4 1895 William George BROWN 26 bach fish ME Bluff Head Cove John Hull, Laura Brown
Twillingate Mary Ann ELLIOTT 32 wid   ME Twillingate William George was b June 4 1868 Twill, s/o William Brown & Mary White. Mary Ann was nee RIDEOUT, d/o Mark Rideout & Fanny Pardy, widow of Reuben Elliott (drowned 1891). She was b June 16 1861 Twill. Md by Levi Curtis (ME).
Jan 15 1895 Samuel KEEFE 24 bach fish ME Little Harbour Israel Dove, Lavinia Windsor
Twillingate Charlotte PURCELL 22 spin   ME Little Harbour Resided Grand Falls R.S. (?Railway Stn) 1921 Census, he bc Jul 1870 Little Hr, she bc Feb 1873 Merritts Harbour, no children listed, occ carpenter. Md by Levi Curtis (ME).
Jan 24 1895 David WHEELER 32 wid fish ME Twillingate William Ashbourn(e), Mary Jane Hawkins
Twillingate Laura ANSTEY 26 spin   ME Purcells Harbour David was the s/o Mark Wheeler & Anastatia Ashbourne. Laura was b Nov 8 1868 Purcells Hr, d/o Thomas Anstey & Lydia Watkins. Md by Levi Curtis (ME).
Jan 31 1895 James HORWOOD 28 bach fish ME Twillingate George Jenkins, Naomi Gillett
Twillingate Rose GILLETT 22 spin   ME Twillingate Rose was b Dec 8 1872 The Arm, Twill, d/o George Gillett & Annie Whitehorn. Md by Levi Curtis (ME).
Feb 1 1895 John SPENCER 22 bach fish ME Little Harbour Andrew Sugg, Mary A. Greene
Twillingate Elizabeth EDWARDS ng spin   ME Little Harbour Md by Levi Curtis (ME).
Feb 2 1895 George MINTY 32 bach fish ME Twillingate David Whellor (Wheeler), Carrie Minty
Twillingate Lucy WHEELER 24 spin   ME Twillingate George was bap Oct 12 1861 The Arm age 4 wks, s/o James Minty & Phoebe Smith. Lucy was b June 1 1870 Twill, d/o Mark Wheeler & Anastatia Ashbourne. Md by Levi Curtis (ME).
Feb 12 1895 John SHEPPARD 26 bach fish ME Wild Cove George Payne, William Pride
Twillingate Mary PRIDE 26 spin   ME Wild Cove John was s/o Charles & Sophia, bapt missing. Md by Levi Curtis (ME).
Mar 18 1895 Obadiah BURT 22 bach fish ME Saltons Archibald Cooper, Sarah Jane Samson
Saltons Katie GEDGE (GIDGE) 21 spin   ME Saltons Obadiah was b Jul 27 1873 Little Hr, s/o James Burt & Sarah Vivian. He md (2) Louisa Baker. Katie was b Feb 2 1875 Twill - died Apr 15 1907 Fridays Bay, d/o William Gidge & Mary Ann Dalley. Md by Levi Curtis (ME).
Oct 29 1894 Alexander CHIPP 25 bach fish ME La Scie D.P. Duggan, Harriett Sheppard
La Scie Elizabeth MORGAN 22 spin   ME La Scie Md by John C. Sidey (ME).
Nov 13 1894 Abraham BARTLETT 24 bach carp ME Tilt Cove Thomas Kipping (Keeping), William Whitby
Nippers Harbour Maria BATSTONE 25 spin   ME Nippers Harbour Md by John C. Sidey (ME).
Dec 17 1894 Jabez PILLEY 27 bach fish SA Harrys Harbour Leah Pilley, Temple Pilley
Harrys Harbour Mary Ann KNIGHT 22 spin   SA Jacksons Cove Mary Ann was the d/o Jesse Knight & Sarah Ann Bartlett. Md by John C. Sidey (ME).
Dec 3 1894 Henry James NEWBURY 22 bach fish ME Shoe Cove Samuel Wimbleton, Emily J. Adams
Shoe Cove Susan ROBINSON 18 spin   ME Shoe Cove Henry James was the s/o Charles Newbury & Lucy Fowler. Susan was the d/o John T Robinson & Elizabeth Newbury.
Dec 10 1894 George GOSSE 24 bach fish ME Tilt Cove Samuel Martin, Selina Sergeant
Tilt Cove Mary Ann FRANKLIN 21 spin   ME Tilt Cove Md ME.
Nov 22 1894 Alexander SERGEANT 27 bach miner ME Tilt Cove George Smith, Susan Warford
Tilt Cove Selina MILLS 33 wid   ME Tilt Cove Nee Selina MOORES, d/o Lionel (Elinal) & Mary Moores; md (1) Jesse MILLS. Md by James Opie (ME).
Jan 26 1895 John PETERS 22 bach lumb ME Wolf Cove Fred. Inder, James Inder
Wolf Cove Lucy INDER 27 spin   ME Wolf Cove John was bc 1872 Harbour Grace, s/o Nicholas Peters & Mary Pike. Lucy was b Nov 24 1867 Twill, d/o Job Inder & Martha House; her DOB is not in church records & was provided by Oscar Locke.
Feb 9 1895 Mark ?Serah MAY 26 bach fish ME Little Bay T. Boyd, E. Halfyard
Little Bay Jessie LUFFMAN 21 spin   CE Little Bay Mark May died July 4 1902 Little Bay age 34, of consumption, & was born at Twillingate per his civil death record. Married by WH Browning (ME).
Feb 16 1895 Edward INDER 25 bach lumb ME Wolf Cove Fred. Inder, Eliol Butt
Wolf Cove Eliza BUTT 17 spin   ME Wolf Cove Edward Inder was b Nov 5 1869 Twill - d Nov 14 1917 Springdale (dates from Oscar Locke; DOB is not in church records), s/o Job Inder & Martha House. Edward married (2) Mary Jane Smith of Twillingate. Eliza died Sep 8 1904 Springdale age 25, of consumption. She may have been the d/o Julius Butt of Western Bay CB who moved to Springdale. Md by WH Browning (ME).
Jan 8 1895 Luke DEAN 24 bach carp ME Burnt Arm Jabez Jurr (Jewer), Mary A. Peyton
Laurenceton Maria JURR (JEWER) 29 spin   ME Wolf Cove Julia Maria Jewer was b Dec 20 1865 Lawrences Hole, d/o Frederick Jewer & Naomi Manuel: she died Feb 16 1940 Botwood. Luke Dean was adopted, bc 1871 Seldom - died Aug 21 1955; parents unknown (information courtesy of Judy Gill). Md by Selby Jefferson (ME)
Jan 23 1895 James BENNETT 22 bach fish ME Burnt Bay William John Snow, Mary Ann Pilley
Burnt Bay Alice BRINTON 20 spin   ME Burnt Bay Married by Selby Jefferson (ME).
Jan 23 1895 John DALLY 38 wid fish ME French Beach, Twill John Maidment, Eli Maidment, Martha Elliott
Twillingate Sarah MAIDMENT 30 spin   CE French Beach, Twill John was possibly bap 1855 Twill Arm to Robert & Mary. Md by Robert Temple (CE).
Jan 31 1895 John MAIDMENT 28 bach fish CE French Beach, Twill Henry Wall, Cecilia Fox, Georgina Maidment
Twillingate Jane FOX 23 spin   CE Back Hr, Twill Jane was the d/o Samuel Fox & Tamar Rideout. Md by Robert Temple (CE).
May 18 1895 James PRIMER 47 wid fish ME Black Island William Potter, Jane Dorey
Exploits Susan POTTER 52 wid   ME Lawsons (Samsons) Island James md (1) Sarah Jane OSMOND (2) widow Fanny Pond. He is believed to be the s/o Richard & Dorcas. Susan was nee nee STRIDE, b Jan 25 1843 Exploits Burnt Isld, d/o Henry & Elizabeth. She first married Samuel Eli Potter. Md by Henry Scott.
May 23 1895 William BUDGELL* 51 (49) wid fish ME Exploits Lydia Lock, Georgina Budger (Budgell)
Exploits Kezia HODNOTT (HODDINOTT) 52 (54) wid   ME Green Island Cove *corrected from Budger. Later repeated entry has surname as Budgel. Son of Thomas Budgell & Harriet, b Nov 26 1845 Exploits. Md (1) Sarah Ann Wells & (2) Martha Manuel. Keziah was nee ANSTEY, d/o Charles & Mary, b Aug 30 1840 Bluff Head Cove - d Oct 10 1913 Exploits; first md to George Hoddinott. Md by Henry Scott.
Apr 3 1895 William Francis LOCKE 23 bach miner ME Tilt Cove William Winsor, Loretta House
Tilt Cove Florella Matilda Nightingale WINSOR 19 spin   ME Tilt Cove Florella was b Mar 13 1876 Tilt Cove - died Aug 1 1907 Tilt Cove age 31 of heart failure; dau of James Winsor & Mary Ann Farr; g-dau of Isaac Winsor & Matilda Adams and of George Farr & Fanny Burt. William Francis was b Nov 18 1871 Tilt Cove - d Dec 7 1947 Corner Brook, s/o William Locke & Hannah Stuckless. He md (2) Lavinia Janet Rideout & (3) (spouse unknown). Note that the parish records version of this marriage abbreviated her names while civil version did not. Md by E. Moore (ME).
May 25 1895 Matthew Thomas FOOTE ng bach miner ME Tilt Cove Henry Tucker, Elizabeth Barnes
Tilt Cove Emma Louisa BARNES ng spin   ME Tilt Cove Md ME.
Apr 27 1895 Benjamin PILLEY 35 bach fish ME Marshallville John Freake, ng Freake
Marshallville Elizabeth Ann MILLEY 30 wid   ME ?Scissors Cove  
May 4 1895 William BARRETT 26 bach fish ME Northern Arm William John Sheppard, Sarah Ball
Northern Arm Pennina? PETERSON 21 spin   ME Northern Arm  
May 5 1895 Jonathan PEYTON 36 bach cook ME Burnt Arm Albert Pickford (Peckford), Mary Peyton
Botwoodville Cecilia WELLS 24 spin   ME Burnt Arm NOTE: his age may be error if he is the Jonathan b Apr 14 1870 Seldom Come By, s/o John & Sarah Susanna, and listed at Burnt Arm 1921 with approx DOB of Apr "1868" Seldom.
Jan 9 1895 Samuel PADDICK 21 bach fish ME Rabbits (Roberts) Arm James Starks, Hester Ann Starks
Rabbits (Roberts) Arm Maggie SIMMS 21 spin   ME Rabbits (Roberts) Arm Samuel was b Nov 24 1873 Roberts Arm, s/o Eli Paddock & Louisa Anthony. He md (2) Julia Hibbs & (3) Eliza A. Coffin (widow Powell) in 1901. Maggie died Feb 9 1899 Roberts Arm age 26, of freezing. Md by Edgar Jones (ME).
Feb 12 1895 Archibald ROWSELL 23 bach fish SA Pilleys Island John Rowsell, Jennie Russell
Pilleys Island Mary Ann READ (REID) 19 spin   SA *Pilleys Isld (Englee) Her place of residence given as Englee in parish records. Archibald was s/o John Joseph Rowsell & Maria Bignall, b Aug 4 1872 Wards Hr. Md by Edgar Jones (ME).
May 11 1895 Thomas WHELAN 38 wid farmer ME South West Arm James Gillingham, Janet Hutcheson
Little Bay Sarah Ann CARD 17 spin   ME South West Arm Thomas was bc 1857 Harbour Grace, resided Kings Pt 1921. He died before 1928 when she remarried (Mar 9 1928,) to Hezekiah Starks. Sarah Ann Card was b Jul 4 1878 Merritts Hr, d/o William Card & Harriet Vatcher. Md by WH Browning (ME).
Apr 13 1895 Frederick INDER 29 bach lumb ME Wolf Cove Emma Halfyard, Ella C. Browning
Wolf Cove Jessie Ellen MEECH 22 spin   ME *Wolf Cove *place of residence given as Harbour Grace in parish records. Frederick Inder was b Apr 25 1866 Twill - died Dec 11 1938 Lynn MA, USA, s/o Job Inder & Martha House. Jessie Ellen was b Aug 26 1873 Hr Grace - d Mar 21 1940 Lynn MA, USA, d/o George Meech & Maria Dwyer (all dates from Oscar Locke). She is believed to be the g-dau of William Meech of Poole, Dorset & Mary Gill of Brigus CB.
Apr 13 1895 Silas FACEY 28 bach tinsmith ME Twillingate George Roberts, Lydia Newman
Twill North Harriet ROBERTS 20 spin   ME Twillingate Harriet was b Dec 21 1874 Twill - d Dec 13 1910 Twill of broncho pneumonia, d/o Andrew Roberts & Elizabeth White. Silas md (2) Lillian Unknown of Catalina. Md by Levi Curtis (ME).
May 8 1895 James MITCHELL 22 bach fish ME Twill Arm George Dally, Ellen Burton
Twill South Mary Ann BURTON 23 spin   ME Twill Arm Md by Levi Curtis (ME).
May 24 1895 Joseph SHIRRAN 22 bach fish ME New Bay Martha Baggs, Lillie B. Curtis
Twill South Mary EARLE 17 spin   ME New Bay Shirran is aka Sharron, Sherron, Shearing and other variations. Joseph was b 1873 - d Sep 27 1947 Pt Leamington, s/o William Sharron & Rosanna Budgell. He md (2) Annie Ellsworth & (3) Lucy Unknown. Mary was b Dec 11 1878 Leading Tickles, d/o John Earle & Mary Cox.
May 25 1895 John DOVE 24 bach fish ME Crow Head Thomas Hillier, Sarah Buffett
Twill South Phoebe HILLIER 20 spin   ME Ragged Point John was b Jul 5 1870 Crow Hd, s/o Michael & Charity. Md by Levi Curtis (ME).
Apr 10 1895 Francis CLARK 50 wid fish ME Back Harbour Thomas Wells, Annie Clark.
St Peters Ch, Twill Susanna BLANDFORD 43 wid   CE Back Harbour Nee Susanna ROWSELL, b 1853 Leading Tickles, d/o John Rowsell & Jane Sages; md (1) David Blandford (1851-1890, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth). Francis died Mar 1921 Moretons Hr per the TWILL SUN; s/o Samuel & Fanny Clark. He md (1) 1868 Hannah Milley. Md by Robert Temple (CE).
May 22 1895 Andrew LUNNEN* 21 bach printer CE Twillingate Joseph House, Annie Bulgin, Sarah Lannen (Lunnen)
St Andrews Ch, Twill Fanny BULGIN 21 spin   ME Farmers Arm *corrected from Lannen. He is presumed to be s/o John Lunnen & Louisa Freeman. Md by Robert Temple (CE).
June 6 1895 Thomas KENNEDY ng bach lab RC Tilt Cove Levi Cooper (one only)
Tilt Cove Louisa COOPER ng spin   CE Tilt Cove Louisa was bap Nov 19 1871 Round Hr, d/o Levi & Elizabeth Cooper. Married by Arthur Pittman (CE).
June 30 1895 Titus WARREN 24 bach fish CE Herring Neck Samuel Heyter, Selina Wharford
Herring Neck Naomi SYMONDS 20 spin   CE Herring Neck Titus was s/o William Warren & Mary Ann Philpott. Naomi was d/o William & Emma Symonds. Md by GS Chamberlain (CE).
Nov 29 1894 Edward MEW 24 bach fish CE Birchy Bay Joseph Quinton, Samuel Mew (Mews in parish records)
Exploits Maria QUINTON 23 spin   CE Birchy Bay Groom's name given as Edmond MEWS in parish records. Md CE. Per 1921 Birchy Bay Census, both were born at Barr'd Islands. Freeman suggests correct surname may be Quinlan.
Dec 13 1894 Samuel NOSEWORTHY 25 bach fish CE Leading Tickles John Peddle, Elizabeth Walsh
Pilleys Island Melina HAGGETT 20 spin   CE Leading Tickles Repeated entry. Md by Arthur Pittman (CE)
May 18 1895 James PRIMER 47 wid fish ME Black Island William Potter, Jane Dorey
Exploits Susan POTTER 52 wid   ME Lawsons (Samsons) Island Repeated entry.
May 23 1895 William BUDGEL(L) 51 wid fish ME Exploits Lydia Lock, Georgina Budgell
Exploits Kezia HODNOTT (HODDINOTT) 52 wid   ME Green Island Cove Repeated entry.
Jul 26 1895 John Knill KINSMAN 23 bach sawmill manager ME Indian Arm Mark Janes, John Clark
Indian Arm Ida HARVEY 20 spin   ME Indian Arm  
Sep 14 1895 Cornelius O'DRISCOLL ng bach railway foreman RC Norris Arm John McCloudy, Mary Ann McCloudy
Norris Arm NDB Ellen G. BURSEY ng spin   RC Shoal Harbour Md by Joseph Murphy (RC).
Oct 14 1894 William PARSLEY 28 ng miner RC Tilt Cove Michael Driscoll, Caroline Joy.
Tilt Cove Mary Ellen KEOGH 32 ng   RC Tilt Cove Md by RM Shean (RC).
Nov 5 1894 John NOFTAL 32 ng fish RC Tilt Cove John Ballett?, Lucy Hartery
Tilt Cove Johannah LEWIS 34 ng   RC Tilt Cove  
Nov 8 1894 Augustus HAAS 26 ng fish RC Tilt Cove Dennis Fennessey, Bridget Haas
Tilt Cove Bridget BYRNE 23 ng   RC Tilt Cove  
Nov 30 1894 James ASHFORD 24 ng miner RC Tilt Cove Nicholas Joy, Elizabeth Hedderson
Tilt Cove Catharine HEDDERSON 20 ng   RC Tilt Cove  
Dec 1 1894 Edward WISEMAN 26 ng miner RC Tilt Cove John Domalaine, Jane Domalaine
Tilt Cove Helena HAAS 20 ng   RC Tilt Cove  
May 20 1895 Patrick KENNEDY 28 ng miner RC Tilt Cove William Kennedy, Margaret Corban
Tilt Cove Mary J. BARKER 21 ng   RC Tilt Cove  
May 20 1895 Nicholas JOY 26 ng miner RC Tilt Cove Michael Byrne, Caroline Joy
Tilt Cove Cecilia DOODY 20 ng   RC Tilt Cove  
July 15 1895 Robert MATTHEWS 24 ng miner RC Tilt Cove Pierce Gunn, Mary A. Matthews
Tilt Cove Jane BRENE (?BREEN) 20 ng   RC Tilt Cove  
Sep 9 1895 Michael KIELY 38 ng miner RC Tilt Cove Denis Fennessey, Minnie Conway
Tilt Cove Alice DOYLE 21 ng   RC Tilt Cove  
Sep 28 1895 Alfred BRIDGER* 25 bach miner CE Twillingate Edward Brett, Bessie Bridger*
Twillingate Jessie JENKINS 21 spin   CE Twillingate *corrected from Bridge. Alfred was the s/o John Bridger & Jemima Inder; Jessie was the d/o Titus Jenkins & Sabina White. Md by Robert Temple (CE).
Sep 20 1895 Joshua RIDEOUT 25 bach lab ng Pilleys Island Manuel White, Martha White
Pilleys Island Anna Patience DAWE 21 spin   ng Pilleys Island Joshua was born Twillingate - died 1950 Corner Brook. Resided Heads Hr 1921, moved to Corner Brook by 1935. Hannah (Anna) was born Bay Roberts c 1874 - died 1938 Corner Brook. Md by Arthur Pittman (CE).
Aug 10 1895 William PRIDE 23 bach fish ME Wild Cove John Sheppard, Ellen Sheppard
Twill North Susanna VATCHER 19 spin   ME Sleepy Cove William died Dec 26 1898 age 28 yrs, buried North Side Twill. Susanna md (2) 1900 to Arthur William Tucker, s/o James John TUCKER & Emma MAY; resided Mansfields Point 1921. Md by Levi Curtis (ME).
Sep 27 1895 John GILLARD 25 bach fish ME Gillards Cove Elijah Greenham, Rosanna Rendell
Twill South Druscilla GILLARD 20 spin   ME Gillards Cove Druscilla died Aug 26 1908 Twill in childbirth age 32; she was b Sep 6 1876 Manuels Cove, d/o Charles Gillard & Lavinia Gleeson. Md by Levi Curtis (ME).
Aug 24 1895 Jesse Jonathan TUCKER 21 bach fish ME Buttonhole Cove Israel Bowers, Edward J. Woolfrey
Indian Burying Pl Mary BOWERS 20 spin   ME Bobbys Cove Jesse J was b June 9 1874 Indian Burying Place, s/o James John TUCKER & Emma MAY. Mary was b Jan 8 1875 Bobbys Cove, d/o Thomas Bowers & Johanna Foss. Resided Triton 1921. Md by John C. Sidey (ME).
Dec 14 1895 George Thomas RANDELL 28 bach fish ME Twillingate William Randell, Ellen Hynes
Twillingate Melvina? PHILPOTT 28 spin   CE Herring Neck Md by Arthur Pittman (CE).
Aug 10 1895 Edward George PEDDLE 26 bach lumb ME Northern Arm William D. Manuel, Mary E. Evans
Northern Arm Emily Ann HUMPHREYS 21 spin   ME Northern Arm Edward G was b Nov 23 1866 Leading Tickles - d Dec 22 1896 Northern Arm of consumption; s/o John Peddle & Mary Jane Sheppard.
Aug 12 1895 William JURR (JEWER) 26 bach lumb ME Botwoodville Levi Jurr (Jewer), Selina Ann Jurr (Jewer)
Botwoodville Philipina GALE (GILL) 21 spin   ME Botwoodville William was b Nov 4 1868 Peters Point - d May 17 1928 Botwood, s/o Eli Jewer & Louisa Bursey; g-son of William Bursey & Mary Wheeler of Lower Island Cove CB. Philipina was bap 1875 Exploits - d May 17 1907 Botwood age 33 of consumption; d/o Charles Beaton Gill & Sarah Elizabeth Ball.
Aug 12 1895 Abraham MUGFORD ng bach fish ME South West Arm, New Bay Susanna Thompson, Thomas Stuckless
South West Arm, New Bay Martha SHIRRAN ng spin   ME South West Arm, New Bay Abraham was from Spaniards Bay CB. Martha may be d/o Stephen Sharron & Matilda Cox.
Sep 3 1895 John CLANCE 44 wid fish ME Exploits Frederick Milley, Sophia Milley
Exploits Sarah LUSH 23 spin   ME Exploits John was b Feb 7 1850 Exploits, s/o Edward & Mary. He md (1) Amelia Ann Milley (2) Jane Hoddinott.
Aug 6 1895 Mark Adolphus RIDEOUT 24 bach fish ME Salt Pd, Western Hd Reuben Small, Laura Rideout
Moretons Harbour Alberta BRETT 23 spin   ME Fawcetts Cv, Moretons Hr Mark was b Jul 1 1871 Whales Gulsh, s/o Archelaus Rideout & Rachel Osmond. Alberta was bap Feb 2 1873 Moretons Hr, d/o Charles Brett & Emily Moss.
Jan 9 1895 Michael THOMS 28 ng fish RC Little Bay James Head, Catharine Thoms
Little Bay Anastatia HEAD 21 ng   RC Little Bay May be a son of George & Mary Toms (George CE, Mary RC) who moved from Shoe Cove to Little Bay. Md by S. O'Flynn (RC).
Jan 22 1895 Joseph LISK? 35 ng lab RC Little Bay Patrick Bouzan, Clara Joseph Bouzan
Little Bay Mary GEORGE 29 ng   RC Little Bay md by S. O'Flynn (RC)
Feb 6 1895 John McCARTHY 30 ng lab RC Little Bay Henry Hynes, Margaret Fahey
Little Bay Bridget SCANLAN 22 ng   RC Little Bay md by S. O'Flynn (RC)
June 30 1895 James KIELY 28 ng lab RC Pilleys Island Mrs.Catharine Connors, William Cantwell
Pilleys Island Edith Magdalene BUTLER 31 ng   CE Pilleys Island md by S. O'Flynn (RC)
Aug 18 1895 William STONE 30 ng clerk in shop CE Pilleys Island William ?Milese, Cecilia ?Milese or Miled?
Little Bay Frances DONAHUE 24 ng   RC Pilleys Island md by S. O'Flynn (RC)
Mar 29 1895 Samuel FORSEY 26 bach fish CE Leading Tickles John Marsh, Sarah Ann Ward
Leading Tickles Fanny WARD 25 spin   CE Leading Tickles Samuel was b June 24 1870 Leading Tickles, s/o Albert Forsey & Emma Rowsell: d Feb 14 1951 Winter House Cove. Fanny was b Jan 17 1872 Leading Tickles - d Oct 5 1930 Winter House Cove, d/o John Ward & Susannah Peddle. Md by Edgar Jones (ME).
June 3 1895 Abraham PAUL 30 bach fish RC Wigwam Point Alfred Beaton, Ellen Paul
Wigwam Pt, Exploits River Mary Elizabeth ELLIOT(T) 25 spin   RC Ship Cove Md by Walter Tarehin (RC)
June 12 1895 Pierce FOLEY 30 bach fish RC Fortune Harbour James Croke, Anne Croke
Fortune Harbour Mary FOWLER 26 spin   RC Brigus CB Md by Richard Walsh (RC)
Nov 7 1895 Thomas HEARN 28 bach trader RC Little Bay Patrick Fowler, Mary Carey
Little Bay Ellen KELLY 20 spin   RC Little Bay md by S. O'Flynn (RC)
Nov 25 1895 Henry HYNES 23 bach lab RC Little Bay Edward Baker, Margaret Walsh
Little Bay Emma Jane BURSEY 19 spin   RC Little Bay Per 1921 Pilleys Island Census, Henry was born Tilt Cove, and Emma Jane at Betts Cove. She was listed as METHODIST in that Census. Md by S. O'Flynn (RC).
Dec 6 1895 George HODDER ng ng ng ME Twillingate George Knott?, Carrie Minty
Twillingate Emma MINTY ng ng ng ME Twillingate George was b Dec 13 1867 Twill, s/o George Hodder Sr & Louisa Kendall. Emma was b Feb 18 1870 Twill, d/o John Minty & Elizabeth Moores. Md by Levi Curtis (ME).
Feb 3 1894 William Henry UPWARD 27 bach fish CE Bonne Bay William Geary, Elizabeth Geary
Bonne Bay Sarah Jane RORKE 22 spin   CE Bonne Bay  
Nov 14 1893 John HAAS 22 ng fish RC Brents Cove Michael Martin, Helena Haas
Brents Cove Josephine NOFTALL 20 ng   RC Brents Cove Md by R.M. Shean (RC)
Apr 14 1894 John GUSHUE 27 ng fish RC Fleur de Lys Thomas Hedderson, Ellen Dunn
Coachmans Cove Ann DUNN 23 ng   RC Coachmans Cove Md RC.
Jan 7 1894 Francis Le'MEE 22 ng fish RC Coachmans Cove Andrew Filpot (Philpott), Mary Ann Le'Mee
Coachmans Cove Anastasia FILPOT (PHILPOTT) 22 ng   RC Coachmans Cove Md RC.
July 30 1894 Thomas NORMAN ng bach fish ME Pacquet James Mitchell, Amelia Mitchell
Pacquet Emily ADAMS ng spin   ME Pacquet Candidate is Emily, dau of Thomas & Mary Adams of Twillingate. Md by James Opie (ME)
Oct 8 1894 John HEAD 22 ng fish RC Fleur de Lys Francis Philpott, Anastatia Head
Coachmans Cove Lucy LEWIS 20 ng   RC Fleur de Lys Md RC.
Oct 20 1894 Elias PHILPOTT 29 ng fish RC Coachmans Cove James McCormack, Sarah Keogh
Coachmans Cove Jane AYLWARD 24 ng   RC Coachmans Cove Md RC.
Feb 16 1895 Francis DOWNEY 22 ng fish RC Coachmans Cove John McCormack, Catharine Downey
Coachmans Cove Cecilia McCORMACK 19 ng   RC Coachmans Cove Md RC.
Sep 27 1895 Thomas SACRE (SACREY) 24 bach fish CE Pacquet George Gauss (Gosse), Mary Ann Gauss (Gosse)
Pacquet Phoebe Ann CRABB 22 spin   ME Pacquet Phoebe was b Aug 17 1873 The Arm, Twill, d/o William Crabb & Rosanna Andrews. The witness Mary Ann Gosse was nee Sacrey, and George was her son by John Gosse. Md by James Opie (ME).
Oct 1 1895 William DINNIE (DINNEY) 22 bach fish ME Little Braha Jessie Richard(s), Mary Jane Budgel(l).
Little Braha Sarah BUDGEL(L) 18 spin   ME Little Braha William was b Nov 12 1873 Little Bay Islands - d 1951 Glace Bay NS, s/o William Dinney & Fanny Colbourne. Sarah was the d/o Henry Budgell & Anne Colbourne. His death date & place, and her parents from Pearl Legge Hewlett. Md by Edgar Jones (ME).
June 27 1895 Eleazer J. GOOBY 27 bach S.A. Officer SA Twillingate Arthur Brown, Azalea J. Bethune
Springdale Barracks (SA), St Johns Mary A. BARTER 23 spin S.A. Officer SA Hants Hr, Trinity Bay E.J. Gooby was the officiating minister at several of the SA marriages in this and Part A of NDB Civ Marr 1891-1901. Md by Major Sharpe, SA Officer.
July 17 1895 George HUDSON 26 bach clerk ME St Johns Alfred Gallop, Sawah Noseworthy
St Johns Celia Jane JURE (JEWER) 23 spin   ME Exploits Cecilia Jane was b June 21 1873 Exploits, d/o Frederick Jewer & Naomi Manuel. Md by A.D. Morton (ME).
Sep 21 1895 William P. GOOBY 25 bach grocer ME St Johns Andrew Gooby, Bessie Mutford
St Johns Barbara MUTFORD 25 spin   CE Twillingate Barbara Elizabeth Mutford was bc 1869 Crow Head, Twill - d 1942 St Johns, the d/o Thomas Mutford (from Jim Halliday). William Pearl was bc 1869 - died 1951, the s/o Bernard A. Goobie & Ann Jolliffe. Md by A.D. Morton (ME) at Gower Street Meth Church.
July 12 1895 Selby JEFFERSON 28 bach clergyman ME Botwoodville Arthur W. Martin, Zacharias Cox
St Johns Edith EVANS 28 spin   ME England Selby Jefferson was also a minister (ME) in the NDB area at this time. Md by H.P. Cowperthwaite (ME).
July 3 1895 Edwin MOORE 24 bach clergyman ME Tilt Cove Frederick W. Angel, James Angel
St Johns Annie ANGEL ng spin teacher ME St Johns Edwin Moore was another Meth clergyman who ministered in the NDB area. Md by H.P. Cowperthwaite (ME).
Aug 27 1895 William KELLEY 32 wid fish ME St Johns Thomas Pitcher, Emily Smith
St Johns Rhoda GRIMES 25 spin   ME St Johns Rhoda was bap Sep 26 1869 Starve Hr, Herring Neck, d/o Peter Grimes & Emma Hurley. Md by H.P. Cowperthwaite (ME).
Oct 26 1895 Ephraim BROWN 30 bach fish ME Exploits Margaret Carmichael, Parmenas Brown
St Johns Ellen HAYWARD 25 spin   ME St Johns Md by H.P. Cowperthwaite (ME)
Nov 8 1895 Darius MEADUS 21 bach fish ME Greenspond Alexander Carter, Rebecca Rboerts
St Johns Johanna BUTT 22 spin   ME Twillingate Md by H.P. Cowperthwaite (ME)
Dec 4 1895 Andrew MANUEL 25 bach lab ME Exploits Alexander Leard, Mary Ann Leard
St Johns Emily ROMAIN 25 spin   ME Bonavista Andrew was b Mar 18 1871 Exploits, s/o Jonathan Manuel & Susannah Lacey; he was the g-son of William Lacey & Mary Sceviour. Emily was bc Apr 1871 Bonavista - d Dec 30 1937 Exploits age 66. Md by H.P. Cowperthwaite (ME).
Nov 3 1895 George Robert HAGGETT 26 bach fish CE Leading Tickles Uriah S. Martin, Grace King, Emily Randell
Twillingate Selina ROWSELL 26 spin   CE Leading Tickles George R was b May 25 1869 LT, s/o Joseph Haggett & Mary Ann Rowsell; Selina may be the d/o schooner master Henry Rowsell & Emma Susannah Davis. Md by Robert Temple (CE).
Nov 15 1895 John BANNISTER 28 bach fish CE Ship Cove, Trinity Richard (n/g), Priscilla (n/g).
Twillingate Anna Elizabeth RICE 20 spin   CE Bear Cove, White Bay Md by Robert Temple (CE).
Nov 16 1895 William James HOUSE 26 bach fish CE Twillingate Richard (n/g), Maud Newman, Lucy House
Twillingate Naomi WHITTEN 26 spin   ME Twillingate William James was bc Aug 1868/1869 Twill, s/o Frederick House Sr & Ellen Young: he died Jan 28 1948 age 80 yrs. Naomi died Jul 22 1958 age 90 years. Md by Robert Temple (CE).
Nov 23 1895 George ELLIOTT 24 bach fish CE Crow Head, Twill. John Elliott, Lillian Elliott, C.M. Temple
Twillingate Ruth HAWKINS 22 spin   ME Arms, Twill. Md by Robert Temple (CE).
Nov 28 1895 George LOW(E) 24 bach fish CE Chance Harbour Thomas Verge, Theresa Verge, Jessie Verge
Twillingate Mary VERGE 27 spin   CE Twillingate George was s/o George Lowe Sr & Dorcas Hann (b Oct 10 1872 Moretons Hr - d May 3 1896 Chants Hr aeg 23, of consumption, buried Western Head). Note that he died only a few months after this marriage. Md by Robert Temple (CE).
Dec 3 1895 Edward BLACKLER 28 bach fish CE Back Hr, Twill Titus Manuel, Sarah Manuel, Alfred Manuel. Bride's name should be LACEY, per Amalie Tuffin. Annie Lackey was the dau of Daniel Lacey and Isabella Woodford.
Twillingate Annie LOCKE 24 spin   CE Twillingate Edward died Dec 15 1945 Twill age 80 yrs. Annie died Dec 8 1962 age 90 yrs. Md by Robert Temple (CE).
Dec 24 1895 Walter Henry ANSTEY 23 bach fish CE Back Hr, Twill (omitted)
Twillingate Sophia JENKINS 24 spin   CE Arms, Twill. Walter H was bc 1870 Twill, s/o Stephen Anstey & Mary Ann Freeman: he died Jul 12 1952 Sophia was bc Oct 1871 Twill - d Jan 29 1951 age 79 yrs; believed to be dau of John & Charlotte Jenkins.
Nov 28 1895 John DOLLARD 23 bach fish CE Nippers Harbour Henry Middleton, Mary Fanny Tilley
Nippers Harbour Mary STUDLEY (STOODLEY) 21 spin   CE Nippers Harbour John was s/o Samuel Dolland & Phoebe Langdown (1870-1941); Mary was b 1875 Indian Buryiing Place - d 1922 Nippers Hr, d/o Absalom Stoodley & Amelia Prole. Md by Arthur Pittman (CE).
Nov 4 1895 William MARTIN 24 wid fish ME Shoe Cove George Stewart, Naomi Gray
Shoe Cove Elizabeth NOSEWORTHY 20 spin   CE Shoe Cove Elizabeth was b May 17 1875 Dominion Point, Exploits River, d/o Jacob Noseworthy & Eleanor Phelan. Md by Arthur Pittman (CE).
Dec 7 1895 Robert COOMBS 26 bach fish CE Round Harbour Frederick William Sceviour, Lavinia P. Sceviour, Annie Hussey
Exploits Mary SCEVIOUR 23 spin   CE Exploits Mary was b 1872 - died 1898, d/o William Sceviour & Jane Pearce. Robert was b 1869 Round Hr - died 1940, s/o Charles Coombs & Mary Ann Slade. Md by Christopher Wood (CE).
Dec 12 1895 Edward JENNINGS 25 bach carp ME North West Arm, Green Bay Robert Winsor, Noah Chippett
Leading Tickles Rosannah HAGGETT 23 spin   CE Burnt Island (Leading Tickles) Edward was b Oct 18 1870 Twill, s/o James Jennings & Sarah Ann Spencer. He md (2) Jessie Watts (widow Snow). Moved to Toronto ON. Md by Christopher Wood (CE).
Nov 19 1895 Arthur KEILEY? (KEARLEY) 26 bach fish CE Hatchards Hr John Carely (Kearley), Jane Philpott
St Marys (Church), Herring Neck Rosanna HURLEY 24 spin   CE Hatchards Hr Groom's surname known to be KEARLEY; bc Feb 1869 - d Aug 4 1938, s/o Joseph Kearley & Miriam Philpott. Rosanna was bc Nov 1871 Green Cove, Herring Neck - d Jan 26 1951, d/o James & Rosanna Hurley. Md by GS Chamberlain (CE).
Nov 5 1895 Frederick George WOOLFREY 26 bach fish ME Marshallville Aquilla Woolfrey, Elizabeth Woolfrey
Kanes Point Mary Jane WOOLFREY 23 spin   ME Marshallville Frederick Geo was b Jul 7 1869 Moretons Hr, s/o Josiah Woolfrey & Patience Osmond. Mary Jane was b Oct 16 1871 Moretons Hr, d/o James Woolfrey & Elizabeth French. Resided Lewisporte 1921. Md by Selby Jefferson (ME).
Dec 9 1895 Henry William BALL 22 bach carter ME Indian Arm Abraham Perry, William Dalton
Indian Arm Sarah Ann BALL 23 spin   ME Indian Arm Henry Wm was b Oct 6 1872 Exploits, s/o Henry Ball Sr & Fanny Wells. Sarah Ann was bc 1872 Bonne Bay - d Nov 9 1931 Grand Falls, d/o Albert Ball & Olivia Butt. Her father Albert was b Oct 3 1848 Exploits, s/o William & Sarah Ball.
Dec 6 1895 William John HICKS 21 bach fish CE Merritts Harbour Andrew Powell, Lavinia Keats
St Marys (Church), Herring Neck Elizabeth KING 22 spin   CE Merritts Harbour William John was b Jan 5 1875 Merritts Hr, s/o Philip Hicks & Phoebe Powell. Elizabeth was aka KINGMAN; d/o William KINGMAN (aka KING) & Charity STONE. She was b Aug 27 1873 Merritts Hr. Md by GS Chamberlain (CE).
Oct 24 1895 Abner JENNINGS 23 bach fish SA Western Head Amos Jones, Olivia Jennings
Moretons Harbour Agnes Jane LEETE* 20 spin   ME Fawcetts Cv, Moretons Hr *usually spelt LEYTE/LAYTE. She was b Oct 18 1873 Fogo, d/o Alfred Layte & Elizabeth Ann Packford (per Robert Layte). Abner John was b 1873 Western Head, s/o Henry Jennings & Elizabeth Jane Taylor. Md by Samuel J. Russell.
Nov 1 1895 Solomon HANN 23 bach fish ME Moretons Harbour Emma Baker, Walter E. Taylor
Moretons Harbour Bessie BUDGELL 20 (18) spin   ME Moretons Harbour Solomon was b Aug 14 1872 Moretons Hr, s/o Samuel Hann & Mary Ann Milley: he died Jul 16 1937. Bessie was b June 18 1877 Exploits, d/o William Budgell & Sarah Ann Wells. Md by Samuel J. Russell.
Nov 14 1895 Joseph Elijah FUDGE 25 bach fish ME Salt Pd, Western Hd Stanley Jones, Janet Wall
Moretons Harbour Mary Elizabeth WALL 23 spin   SA Fawcetts Cv, Moretons Hr Mary Elizabeth was b Nov 1 1872 Moretons Hr, d/o Edmund & Maria Wall. Md by Samuel J. Russell.
Nov 23 1895 Jabez SMALL 26 bach fish ME Moretons Harbour Laura Rideout, Augustus Brett
Moretons Harbour Maud BRETT 22 spin   ME Fawcetts Cv, Moretons Hr Jabez was b Aug 25 1869 Moretons Hr - d Jan 21 1962, s/o Emmanuel Small & Elizabeth Wells. Maud was bap 1873, d/o Samuel Brett & Elizabeth Ann Rowsell. Md by Samuel J. Russell.
Dec 5 1895 William BOYD 27 bach fish ME Tizzards Harbour Obadiah L. Wheeler, Phoebe Locke
Tizzards Harbour Julia BOYD 23 spin   ME Tizzards Harbour "Black Bill" Boyd was bc 1867/1868 Tizzards Hr, s/o Abraham Boyd & Harriett Mehaney. Julia was b Nov 15 1872 Tizzards Hr, d/o Aaron Boyd & Ann Burt: she died Apr 1964. Md by Samuel J. Russell
Dec 7 1895 Joseph CURTIS 26 bach fish ME Virgin Arm, Fridays Bay Joseph Knight, Annie Russell.
Moretons Harbour Rebecca BRIDGER 23 spin   ME Indian Arm, Exploits Bay Md by Samuel J. Russell
Dec 14 1895 Augustus BREET (BRETT) 24 bach fish SA Fawcetts Cv, Moretons Hr John S? Colbourne, Deborah Taylor
Moretons Harbour Johanna JENNINGS 20 (18) spin   ME Fawcetts Cv, Moretons Hr Augustus was b Jan 4 1871 Moretons Hr, s/o John Brett & Ann Taylor. Johanna was bap Aug 26 1877 age 2 mo, d/o Samuel Jennings & Sarah Cull. Md by Samuel J. Russell.
Dec 24 1895 Reuben SMALL 23 bach fish ME Moretons Harbour Helen Rideout, James Burton
Moretons Harbour Laura Ann RIDEOUT 20 spin   ME Salt Pd, Western Hd Reuben was b Jan 8 1873 Moretons Hr - d 1936, s/o Emmanuel Small & Elizabeth Wells. Laura Ann was bap Nov 12 1876 Western Hd age 4 mo - d 1967, d/o Archelaus Rideout & Rachel Osmond. Md by William Harris.
Oct 3 1895 Arthur ADAMS 23 bach fish ME Durrells Arm George Earle, Dorcas Cooper
Twillingate Martha RIDEOUT (ROBERTS*) 20 spin   ME Durrells Arm *surname of bride given as ROBERTS in parish records. Arthur was the s/o Thomas Adams. Md by Levi Curtis (ME).
Oct 25 1895 Elias CHAPPELL 26 bach fish ME Kettle Cove Reuben Chappell, Elizabeth Pennell
Twillingate Kate INGS 23 spin   ME Farmers Arm Elias is believed to be the s/o Thomas Chappell & Mary Blackmore. Kate was b Sep 7 1872 Twill, d/o George & Hannah Ings. Md by A. Hoskings.
Oct 30 1895 Samuel DALLEY 25 bach fish ME Durrells Arm William Dalley, Barbara Dalley
Twillingate Sarah WELLS 19 spin   ME Halls Bay Samuel was b Oct 20 1870 Twill, s/o Thomas Dalley & Maria Jenkins. Sarah Jane was b Feb 7 1877 Three Arms, d/o Henry Wells & Isabella Cox. Md by A. Hoskings.
Oct 30 1895 George MITCHARD 21 bach fish ME Twill South Alfred Linfield, E.P. Verge
Twillingate Elizabeth LOYTE 18 spin   ME Hearts Cove George was b Sep 28 1873 Twill, s/o William Mitchard & Mary Ann Young. Elizabeth was b Oct 21 1877 Jenkins Cove, d/o George Loyte & Elizabeth Linfield. Md by A. Hoskings.
Nov 6 1895 Andrew YOUNG 20 bach fish ME Twill South Eli Young, Eugenie Hanrahan.
Twillingate Louisa WHITEHORN 21 spin   ME Twillingate Andrew was b Aug 26 1876 Twill - d Dec 1945, s/o Joseph Young & Eliza Young. Louisa was b Jan 20 1874 Twill - d June 20 1951, d/o James & Susannah Whitehorn. Md by A. Hoskings.
Nov 11 1895 Reuben CHAPPELL 22 bach fish ME Kettle Cove Elias Chappell, Sarah E. Buffett
Twillingate Georgina WYATT 19 spin   ME Kettle Cove Reuben was b Sep 15 1874 Kettle Cove, s/o Thomas Chappell & Mary Blackmore.
Nov 14 1895 Samuel HAWKINS ng bach fish ME Twillingate Peter Sanson, Ruth Young
Twillingate Rosanna SANSON ng spin   ME Twillingate Rosanna was bc Apr 1874 Seal Cove, Fridays Bay - d Oct 24 1935, buried Summerford UC Cemetery.
Nov 14 1895 Walter Thomas WHITE ng bach fish ME Twillingate Walter Knell, Dorcas Waterman
Twillingate Louisa Mary PILLEY ng spin   ME Twillingate Mary Louisa was b Sep 12 1875 Sandy Cove, Twill, d/o Stephen & Elizabeth; she died Apr 17 1951 (death date per Amalie Tuffin).
Nov 23 1895 George PILLEY 30 bach fish ME Sandy Cove John Pilley, Louisa Jane Gedge (Gidge)
Twillingate Millie GEDGE (GIDGE) 29 spin   ME Fridays Bay  
Nov 25 1895 Jacob OSMOND 23 bach fish ME Robins Cove Silas Burt, Clara Osmond
Twillingate Mary Ann WALSH 25 spin   ME Robins Cove Mary Ann was bap Nov 20 1870 Starve Hr, Herring Neck, d/o William Walsh & Charlotte Thompson. Md by Levi Curtis (ME).
Dec 6 1895 George HODDER 28 bach shoemaker CONG Twill South George B. Nott (Knott), Carrie Minty
Twillingate Emma MINTY 25 spin   ME Durrells Arm Repeated entry, with more details. Md by Levi Curtis (ME).
Dec 14 1895 Robert GRANVILLE 25 bach fish ME Wild Cove Henry Hopkins, Emma Dowland
Twillingate Mary Jane DOWLAND 25 spin   ME Little Harbour Robert William was bc Jul 1870 Wild Cove, s/o Henry Granville & Susannah Peckford. Mary Jane was the d/o John Dowland & Hannah Lush. Md by Levi Curtis (ME).
Dec 16 1895 George BLAKE ng bach fish ME Farmers Arm Bartholomew Blake, Elizabeth Blake
Twillingate Joanna CHINN ng spin   ME Farmers Arm Joanna was b Jul 26 1875 Twill, d/o Joseph & Lydia Chinn. Md by Levi Curtis (ME).
Dec 21 1895 George DOVE 23 bach fish ME Crow Head Thomas Hillier, Emily Hillier
Twillingate Lydia HILLIER 23 spin   ME Ragged Point Md by Levi Curtis (ME).
Dec 22 1895 Abraham JENKINS 26 bach fish ME Jenkins Cove Agnes Jenkins, Peter Jenkins
Twillingate Elizabeth BOURDEN 21 spin   ME Manuels Cove Md by Levi Curtis (ME).
Dec 22 1895 Archibald HICKS 28 bach fish ME Durrells Arm Joseph Minty, Annie Pearce
Twillingate Louisa BROWN 22 spin   ME Bluff Head Cove Archibald William was b Jan 13 1867 Twill, s/o Joseph Hicks & Susan Burton. Louisa was b Oct 11 1873 Bluff Head Cove, d/o William Brown & Mary White: d May 10 1896 age 22 of consumption, less than 5 months after marriage. Md by Levi Curtis (ME).
Dec 27 1895 Joseph MINTY 57 wid fish ME Durrells Arm Archibald Hicks, Agnes Smith
Twillingate Louisa BROWN 46 wid   ME Durrells Arm Joseph was 1st md to Amelia Moores 1869. Joseph is presumed to be the son of Joseph Minty (Sr) & Catherirne Cooper. Md by Levi Curtis (ME).
Oct 12 1895 Frederick VOHN (?VAUGHN) 21 bach fish ME Northern Harbour John Edward Downton, Arthur Downton
Northern Hr Charlotte DOWNTON 22 spin   ME Northern Harbour Charlotte was bap Sep 1 1874 Northern Hr age 1.5 yrs, d/o Edward Downton & Elizabeth Baker (aka Bacon). Md by Henry Scott.
Oct 21 1895 Daniel HODNOTT (HODDINOTT) 30 wid fish ME Exploits Henry Hodnott, Mahalah Hutchings.
Exploits Julia Ann BOONE 19 spin   ME New Bay Daniel was b Sep 3 1864 Exploits, s/o John Hoddinott & Elizabeth Burt; he md (1) Dorcas Baker and (3) widow Janet LeDrew Julia Ann is believed to be JULIA JANE b Oct 29 1875 New Bay, d/o Edward Boone & Julia Pilley: she died Mar 2 1904 Masons Cove, age 29, of inflamation, buried Salt Pond. Md by Henry Scott.
Oct 28 1895 John LATE (LAYTE) 28 bach fish ME Indian Arm Solomon Budgell, Sarah Late (Layte)
Exploits Elizabeth Mary SNOW 20 spin   ME Indian Arm John was b Aug 30 1867 Fogo, s/o James Alfred Layte & Elizabeth Peckford (per Robert Layte). Mary Elizabeth was b June 23 1876 Black Island, d/o Jasper Snow & Mary Ann Carraway. Resided Lewisporte 1921. Md by Henry Scott.
Oct 29 1895 Eli POTTER 21 bach fish ME Lawsons (Samsons) Island William Henry Potter, Jane Potter
Exploits Mary Ann JEANS 20 spin   ME Lawsons (Samsons) Island Eli James was b June 2 1875 Samsons Island, s/o Samuel Eli Potter & Susannah Stride. Mary Ann died Jan 28 1898 Samsons Island age 25 in childbirth, born Davis Cove, buried Samsons Island. Eli md (2) Charlotte Emma Spencer 1899.
Nov 19 1895 Noah BALL 40 wid fish ME Exploits Abel Chalk, Lucy Lacey
Exploits Sarah STUCKLESS 27 spin   ME Wild Cove Md by Henry Scott.
Nov 30 1895 Samuel BENNETT 28 bach fish ME Indian Arm Simon Manuel, Cecilia Sceviour
Exploits Emma ANSTEY 19 spin   ME Indian Arm Emma was b May 30 1877 Harts Cove, d/o John Anstey & Jane Curtis. Md by Henry Scott.
Dec 6 1895 George VINAM (VINEHAM) 20 bach fish ME Indian Arm Eliza Stride, Philip Brown
Exploits Susanna CURTIS 19 spin   ME Indian Arm William George md (2) Dorcas Hillier 1903 at Campbellton. Susanna was b Jul 26 1877 Exploits River, d/o Amos/Anias? Curtis & Emily Stride; d Feb 2 1902 Campbellton age 24. Md by Henry Scott.
Dec 5 1895 John HODNOTT (HODDINOTT) 22 bach fish ME Exploits Henry Hodnott, Lydia Locke
Northern Harbour Mahalah HUTCHINGS 23 spin   ME Exploits John was bap May 11 1874 Exploits age 6 wks - d 1970, s/o John Hoddinott & Elizabeth Burt. Mahalah was b Feb 28 1871 Little Northern Hr - d 1943, d/o John Hutchings & Elizabeth Stride. Md by Henry Scott.
Dec 16 1895 Edward DECKER? 25 bach fish ME Northern Harbour Edward Downton, John E. Downton
Northern Harbour Fanny SEIBLY (SIBLEY) 22 spin   ME Northern Harbour Fanny was bap Sep 1 1874 Northern Hr age 3 yrs, d/o John & Sarah Sibley. Md by Henry Scott.
Dec 17 1895 John William PELLEY 36 wid fish ME Tom Halls Harbour Samuel Pelley, Peter Snelgrove
Exploits Elizabeth NIPPER (NIPPARD) 33 wid   ME Tom Halls Harbour John Wm was bap June 24 1857 Exploits age 1 yr, 10 mo, s/o George Pelley & Emma French. He md (1) Emily Hart in 1893. Candidate for Elizabeth is Elizabeth ELLIOTT of Shoal Bay who md 1882 to James Nippard of Little Seldom.
Sep 16 1895 John DEAN 30 bach miner ME Pilleys Island William Vey, Bessie McGuish
Pilleys Island Mary WILCOX 23 spin   ME Pilleys Island Md by Charles Squires (ME).
Oct 15 1895 Joseph COX 25 bach fish ME Pilleys Island Edward Spencer, Sarah Spencer
Pilleys Island Hannah ROBERTS 31 wid   ME Pilleys Island Hannah was nee BROWN, d/o William Brown & Mary White, md (1) 1882 to Frank Roberts; she was b Jan 22 1864 Twillingate. Md by Charles Squires (ME).
Oct 16 1895 Obed STUCKLESS* 23 bach fish ME Badger Bay William Campbell, Martha Stuckless
Badger Bay Ellen ROWSELL 20 spin   ME Badger Bay *surname corrected from "Strickland" per parish records. Obed Stuckless was b Nov 10 1871, s/o Isaac Stuckless & Rebecca Tizzard. Ellen Mary was b June 7 1875 Lockes Hr, d/o William Rowsell & Phoebe Fifield. Md by Charles Squires (ME).
Oct 31 1895 Elias ROBERTS 28 bach lumb ME Badger Bay Hugh Roberts, Julia Wiseman
Little Bay Islds Fanny WISEMAN 23 spin   ME Little Bay Islands Elias is believed to be the s/o Abraham Roberts & Elizabeth Bromley, b Sep 2 1867 Twillingate. Fanny was b Feb 24 1873 LBI, d/o Philip Wiseman & Catherine Curtis. Md by John J. Wheatley (ME).
Oct 17 1895 Joshua PARSONS 21 bach fish ME Lushes Bight Job Parsons, Fanny Brooks
Lushes Bight Lucy SLADE 24 spin   ME Lushes Bight Joshua was b Aug 17 1874 Lushes Bight, s/o John Parsons & Selina Wiseman. Lucy died Oct 24 1897 Lushes Bight age 26, of dropsy. Joshua md (2) 1901 to Eliza May. Md by John J. Wheatley (ME).
Dec 4 1895 Samuel HAWKINS 25 bach fish ME Wards Harbour George Burton, Naomi Hawkins
Wards Harbour Julia BURTON 25 spin   ME Wards Harbour Samuel was b June 30 1870 Wards Hr - died 1938, buried Beaumont Cemetery; s/o George & Sophia Hawkins. Julia was b 1870 - died 1952, parents unknown. Md by John J. Wheatley (ME).
Dec 25 1895 Samuel WINSOR 25 bach fish ME Triton George Winsor, Priscilla Winsor
Triton Louisa CAMPBELL 21 spin   ME Triton Samuel was the s/o Abel Winsor & Elizabeth (Betty) Rice. Louisa was b Jan 25 1875 LBI, d/o Alban Campbell & Martha Roberts. Moved to Corner Brook. Md by Charles Squires (ME)
Dec 22 1895 Luke HEATH 23 bach fish ME Wards Harbour Job Hawkins, Eunice Heath
Wards Harbour Mary HEATH 19 spin   ME *Lushes Bight Luke was b Jan 27 1872 Wards Hr - d Aug 17 1908 age 36, of consumption, s/o James & Eliza Heath. Mary may have been Mary Patience bap 1876 Fogo, d/o William & Mary Jane. *parish records gave her place of residence as Fogo. Md by John J. Wheatley (ME).
Dec 27 1895 Israel RIDEOUT 30 bach fish ME Cutwell Arm Daniel Rideout, Jane Rideout
Cutwell Arm Priscilla BURTON 17 spin   ME Burnt Harbour Israel died May 26 1951 age 85, buried Beaumont UC Cemetery. Priscilla was the d/o Absalom Burton & Jane Sharp. Md by John J. Wheatley (ME).
Aug 14 1895 James John RATFORD ng bach miner ME Tilt Cove William King, Lilian?/Lyrin? Pynn.
Tilt Cove Eliza CULL ng spin   ME Tilt Cove Md ME.
Aug 3 1895 John BARTLETT ng bach miner ME Tilt Cove Albert King, Mrs Albert King
Tilt Cove Emily ANSTEY ng spin   ME Little Bay Md ME.
Nov 5 1895 William NOBLE ng bach fish ME Smiths Harbour John Noble, Laura Noble
Smiths Harbour Elizabeth Ann RIDEOUT ng spin   ME Beaver Cove Md at Nippers Hr in parish records version. Elizabeth Ann was b Sep 16 1867 Tilt Cove, d/o Alfred Rideout & Hannah Mackey. Md ME.
Nov 5 1895 Thomas DWYER ng bach fish ME North West Arm Lorenzo Mills, Lenora Dwyer
North West Arm Susanna MILLS ng spin   ME North West Arm Per Census, Thomas was born Twillingate. Susanna was b Dec 4 1873 NWA, d/o Abraham Mills & Jane Bartlett.
Nov 22 1895 James GREEN ng bach fish ME North West Arm Eli Jennings, Elizabeth Mills.
North West Arm Salome JELLINGS (JENNINGS) ng spin   ME North West Arm James Robert was b Sep 2 1874 NWA, s/o Josiah Green & Sarah Jane Green. Salome was b Dec 22 1876 NWA, d/o James Jennings & Sarah Spencer. Resided Grand Falls 1921. In the older records, you will often see Jellings or Jillings for JENNINGS.
Dec 11 1895 Frederick ROBERTS 23 bach fish ME Wild Bight Theresa Batstone, Corbet Batstone
Three Arms Janet WELLS 21 spin   ME Three Arms Janet Virginia was b May 26 1874 Three Arms - d Sep 5 1914, d/o Henry Wallace Wells & Charlotte Caroline Langdon; & G-dau of John Burge Wells & Elizabeth Strong.
Nov 25 1895 Samuel J. WIMBLEDON 23 bach fish ME Shoe Cove George Dicks, Emily Jane Adams
Shoe Cove Emily Susan DICKS 18 spin   ME Shoe Cove Md ME.
Nov 22 1895 Samuel YOUNG -22 bach miner ME Tilt Cove Edward Young, Miriam Farthing
Tilt Cove Bertha TILLEY -21 spin   ME Tilt Cove Ages taken from parish records version. Md ME.
Nov 14 1895 Esau BURT ng bach miner ME Tilt Cove Stephen Batstone, Fannie Whealan
Tilt Cove Priscilla KNIGHT ng spin   ME Tilt Cove Md ME.
Nov 14 1895 Israel A. ROWSEL(L) ng bach miner ME Tilt Cove Thomas W. Penny, Amelia Boone
Tilt Cove Frances FOSTER ng spin   ME Shoe Cove Israel Alan was b May 16 1868 Leading Tickles, s/o Mark Rowsell & Mary Jane Penny. Frances was d/o Richard Foster & Ann Eliza Rowsell. Md ME.
Oct 25 1895 Henry James TUCKER we bach fish ME Button Hole Cove Arthur William Tucker, Jane Taylor
Tilt Cove Lydia RIDEOUT 19 spin   ME Tilt Cove Md ME.
Nov 15 1895 Mark STOODLEY 21 bach fish ME Indian Burying Place Stephen Joseph Foss*, Mary Welshman (*corrected per parish records, illegible here)
Indian Burying Pl Harriet GRAY 18 spin   ME Shoe Cove Md ME.
Nov 15 1895 William WELSHMAN 25 bach fish ME Shoe Cove Isaac Welshman, Mary Susan Saunders
Shoe Cove Ellen BATH* 20 spin   ME Horse Islands *corrected from what appeared to be Burt. Md ME.
Dec 9 1895 John Thomas STOODLEY* 25 bach fish ME Indian Burying Place George Chidley (STOODLEY), Emma Jane Chidley (STOODLEY)
Indian Burying Pl Lucy WHITE 28 spin   ME Indian Burying Place *corrected from Chidley. STOODLEY is the surname of the groom and 2 witnesses (parish records). Md ME.
Nov 19?* 1895 William Henry SAUNDERS ng bach fish ME Caplin Cove Joseph Saunders, Jane Saunders
Caplin Cove Emily DICKS ng spin   ME Caplin Cove Married Nov 8th per parish records. Md ME.
Jan 1 1896 John HODDER 28 bach blacksmith CONG Twillingate W. Ashbourne, A. Ashbourne, Anne Ashbourne, "etc, etc"
Twillingate Lavinia Ann ASHBOURN(E) 27 spin   CE Durrells Arm John was b Apr 7 1866 Twill, s/o George Hodder & Louisa Kendell: he died May 13 1943 Twillingate, buried St Andrews Ang Cem. Lavinia Ann was b Dec 26 1868 Twill, d/o Thomas Ashbourne & Mary Newman. Md by Robert Temple (CE).
Jan 12 1896 James ROBERTS 41 wid fish ME Wild Cove Joshua French, William Baird, Sarah Wells
Twillingate Phoebe FRENCH 43 spin   CE Twillingate Phoebe may have actually be widowed, and nee Hopkins, md 1890 to Samuel French. Md by Robert Temple (CE).
Jan 28 1896 Abraham BULGIN 30 bach fish ME Twillingate William Freeman, Frances A. Freeman
Twillingate Agnes VERGE 26 spin   CE Twillingate Md by Robert Temple (CE).
Feb 17 1896 William GOUDIE 23 bach hunter CE Pilleys Island John Goudie, Eliza Goudie
Pilleys Island Lily Ann GOUDIE 15 (14) spin   CE Pilleys Island Lily Ann was b Jul 4 1881 Little Bay - d Apr 4 1924 Winter House Cove, d/o John Goudie & Eliza Coombs, g-dau of Robert Coombs of Round Hr & Rebecca Smith of Twillingate; she remarried 1917 to George Marsh. Md by Arthur Pittman (CE).
Mar 5 1896 Samuel LUSCOMBE 31 bach miner CE Tilt Cove James Smith, Mary Ann Smith
Tilt Cove Sarah Ann EDGECOMBE 44 wid   CE Tilt Cove Samuel is believed to be the s/o Thomas Luscombe & Kezia Loder of Herring Neck. Sarah Ann nee FOSTER, bap Aug 26 1853 Shoe Cove age 3 months - died Sep 9 1922 age 67 yrs, d/o John Foster & Elizabeth Gray. She first married Ebenezer Edgecombe. Md by Arthur Pittman (CE).
Jan 4 1896 James LOCKE 25 bach fish ME Little Bay Islands Manuel Locke, William Locke, Elsie Hull, Annie Hull
Little Bay Islds Rose HULL 26 spin   ME Little Bay Islands James was s/o Richard Locke & Mary Ann Wheeler; Rose was d/o Robert Hull & Elizabeth Wells. Md by John J. Wheatley (ME).
Jan 8 1896 Arthur COOK 22 bach miner SA Pilleys Island David Gynn, Sarah White
Pilleys Island Lily HYNES 21 spin   SA Pilleys Island Lily was the d/o Henry Hynes. They resided Bell Isalnd 1921. Md by C.W. Squires (ME).
Jan 11 1896 John JANES (JAMES) 24 bach fish ME Little Bay Islands William Smith, Sarah Tuffin
Little Bay Islds Mary TUFFIN 21 spin   ME Little Bay Islands Surname of groom should be JAMES; b Jul 29 1871 Twill North. s/o James & Jane James. Mary was b Nov 4 1874 LBI, d/o James Tuffin & Priscilla Anstey. Resided Pilleys Island 1921. Md by John J. Wheatley (ME).
Jan 13 1896 William JANES 25 bach fish ME Pilleys Island Lavinia Payne, Frederick Guy
Pilleys Island Harriet Ann SIMS (SIMMS) 18 spin   ME Pilleys Island Md by C.W. Squires (ME)
Feb 8 1896 Frederick JEWER 26 bach miner ME Pilleys Island Edgar S. Mills, Phoebe Mills
Pilleys Island Charlotte PILGRIM 22 spin   ME Pilleys Island Md by C.W. Squires (ME)
Jan 9 1896 George Henry ADAMS 23 bach fish ME Woodfords Cove Dormand (sic) Osmond, Susannah Amelia Osmond
Woodfords Cove Sarah Ann CHAPMAN 21 spin   ME Woodfords Cove George Henry was b Mar 14 1873 Indian Burying Place, s/o John Adams & Susanna Wiseman (widow Budden), g-son of James & Rosa Adams & g-gson of John & Emma Adams. Sarah Ann was b Oct 1 1874 LBI, d/o John Chapman & Martha Jones. Md by John Pye (ME)
Jan 27 1896 Andrew GILLARD 26 bach fish ME Little Bay Mary Richards, Matilda Pye
Little Bay Evangeline RICHARDS 26 spin   SA Little Bay Evangeline was aka Eva, and baptized as Angelina, b Mar 9 1869 New Bay, d/o John Thomas Richards & Sarah Dawe. Md by John Pye (ME)
Jan 29 1896 Thomas Abraham BOYD 22 bach fish ME Little Bay Mark Pye, Alberta Johnstone
Little Bay Mary Annie PIKE 18 spin   ME Little Bay Thomas Abraham was b Aug 5 1874 Tilt Cove, s/o Thomas Boyd & Elizabeth Stuckless. Resided South Side, Little Bay 1921. Md by John Pye (ME)
Feb 5 1896 Reuben MERCER 23 bach fish ng Little Bay Jane Luscombe, John J. Wheatley
Little Bay Edith THOMAS 19 spin   ng Little Bay Edith was b Mar 1 1878 Tilt Cove, d/o Christopher & Justina Thomas. Md by John Pye (ME)
Jan 21 1896 James BURT 26 bach fish ME Carters Cove James Butcher, Phoebe Burt
Moretons Harbour Mary Eliza BURT 21 spin   ME Bridges Cove James died Feb 26 1907 Carters Cove age 37, of pulmonary TB, born Carters Cove per civil death record. Md by Samuel J. Russell.
Dec 24 1895 Reuben SMALL 23 bach fish ME Moretons Harbour Louis Osmond, Helena Rideout
Moretons Harbour Laura Ann RIDEOUT 20 spin   ME Western Head Repeated entry; prev married by "William Harris". This version = married by Samuel J. Russell.
Dec 30 1895 Joseph FARR 25 bach fish ME Carters Cove Mary Jane Clothier, John Farr
Carters Cove Lucy EDWARDS 22 spin   ME Change Islands Joseph Farr was bc 1871 - d 1901, s/o Thomas FARR & Phoebe Ann BURT; g-son of George FARR & Fanny BURT & g-gson of Thomas & Mary Burt of Tizzards Hr. Lucy Ann was bc 1872 Change Islands - died 1905; both died of consumption. Md by Samuel J. Russell.
Jan 7 1896 Heber BUDGELL 21 bach fish ME New Bay John Isaac Boon(e), George Budgel(l)
New Bay Margaret Ann BOON(E) 20 spin   ME New Bay Heber was bap Nov 23 1874 New bay age 1 mo, s/o John & Elizabeth; d Feb 18 1951 age 76 yrs, 4 mo. Margaret was b Sep 11 1876 New Bay, d/o Isaac Boone & Caroline Crump. Md by Henry Scott
Mar 26 1896 George ANDREWS 28 bach fish ME South West Arm, New Bay Joseph Baggs, Mary Ann Baggs
South West Arm, New Bay Claremond PARMITER 36 wid   ME South West Arm, New Bay George was b Sep 23 1867 Leading Tickles, s/o James Andrews of Harbour Grace & Agnes Cox of New Bay. Claremond was nee JACOBS, bc Jul 1859 Northern Bay CB - died 1940, 1st md to George Parmiter (s/o Samuel Parmiter & Charlotte Crocker). Md by Henry Scott.
Jan 11 1896 Joseph RIDEOUT 29 bach fish ME Back Harbour Alfred Lacey, James Roberts
Twillingate Mary Ann ROBERTS 23 spin   ME Wild Cove Mary Ann may have md (2) 1905 Exploits to George Dawe. Md by HJ Indoe?
Jan 14 1896 Robert SHARPE 23 bach fish ME Crow Head Daniel Hamlyn, Elizabeth J. Pennell
Twillingate Mary Ann PENNELL 21 spin   ME Farmers Arm Resided Crow Head 1921. Md by H J Indoe?
Jan 22 1896 Edgar HODDER 26 bach fish ME Twillingate Reuben Blackmore, Jane Young.
Twillingate Emma CHAPMAN 26 spin   ME Twillingate Edgar was b Mar 29 1869 Twill, s/o Jamse Hodder & Susan Linfield. Emma was b Feb 18 1869 Llittle Bay Islds, d/o james Chapman & Isabella P. Inder. Md by Levi Curtis (ME).
Jan 30 1896 Abraham BURT 19 spin fish ME *Fridays Bay Ann Keefe, Lillie Curtis (?Lillian in par rec).
Twillingate Mary KEEFE 21 spin   ME *Fridays Bay *both residing Burnt Cove, Fridays Bay in par records. Md by Levi Curtis (ME).
Feb 22 1896 John BOURDEN 63 wid fish ME Durrells Arm Thomas Dally, Barbara Dally (looked like Dalby?)
Durrells Arm Elizabeth WHELLOR (WHEELER) 58 wid   ME Durrells Arm John was bc 1832 - d 1909 Durrells Arm age 77 of heart failure; md (1) Hannah UNKNOWN.
Feb 14 1896 Solomon LeDREW 26 bach fish ME Burnt Arm William LeDrew, Delphine LeDrew
Marshallville Isabella NORTHCOTE (NORTHCOTT) 26 spin   ME Marshallville Isabella was bc 1867 Carbonear. Solomon was bc 1869 Cupids. Resided Grand Falls 1921.
Feb 21 1896 Richard MEW 67 wid fish CE Birchy Bay John C Canning, Mary Ann Mew
Birchy Bay Elizabeth STUCKLESS 66 wid   CE Birchy Bay Richard died Sep 3 1906 Birchy Bay age 78 yrs. May have md (1) 1856 to Ann Maria Baker both of Black Island. Candidate for Elizabeth is Elizabeth Brown who md 1854 to Eli Stuckless (bc 1830 Tizzards Hr - d 1894 Comfort Cove age 64). Md by Selby Jefferson (ME).
Mar 2 1896 James STRIDE 38 wid fish SA Chants Harbour Pierce Dowell, Maria Butt
Moretons Harbour Naoi SMALL 34 wid   SA Chants Harbour James was bc Sep 1858 Exploits - died 1940, s/o George Stride & Mary Hutchings. He md (1) Philippina Rideout. Naomi was nee LOCKE; b Nov 19 1861 Tizzards Hr, d/o Thomas Locke & Ann Stuckless, widow of Simon Small (died 1892) of Tizzards Hr. Md by Ensign Hy. Freeman (SA).
Mar 29 1896 John RIDEOUT 35 wid miner ME Beaver Cove William Thomas, Sarah Thomas
Tilt Cove Elizabeth THOMAS 24 spin   SA Tilt Cove John was b May 12 1861 Beaver Cove, s/o Alfred Rideout & Hannah Mackey. He md (1) Julia Kelly. Md by Ensign Hy. Freeman (SA).
Feb 22 1896 William Henry GILES 21 bach miner ME Tilt Cove Joseph P. Luther (LUDLOW), Mary Bartlett
Tilt Cove Mary Elizabeth EVELEY 17 spin   ME Tilt Cove William Henry was the s/o Henry Giles & Mary Ann Winsor, g-son of Charles Winsor & Elizabeth Mackey, & g-gson of George & Mary Winsor. Mary Elizabeth was the d/o Joseph Eveleigh & Louisa Frecker. !st witness's surname should be LUDLOW (parish records). Md by Rev E. Moore (ME).
Apr 29 1896 Richard WHEELER 35 wid fish ME Farmers Arm Mathew Stuckless, James Boyde
Farmers Arm Alice BOYD 29 (31) spin   ME Tizzards Harbour Richard (1857-1908) was the s/o William Wheeler & Martha Locke, and was 1st md 1893 to Dorcas Annie Batt. Alice was b Mar 7 1865 Tizzards Hr, d/o Abraham Boyd & Harriet Mehaney. (Alice's DOB per Robert Layte). Md by Samuel J. Russell.
June 2 1896 Arthur MERCER 21 bach fish CE Boyds Cove George Mercer, Jessie Louisa Mills
Boyds Cove Alice HODDER 18 spin   CE Dog Bay Md by GS Chamberlain (CE).
June 15 1896 Thomas William SMART 29 bach fish CE Herring Neck Benjamin Batt, Lavinia Woodford
Herring Neck Familo (Pamela) CROSSLEY 25 spin   CE Herring Neck Bride was baptized as PAMELA, child born to Thomas & PAMELA, yet married and buried as FAMILO. Pamela/Familo was bap Oct 1 1871 Gut Arm - died Aug 21 1903 Herring Neck, age 32 of consumption, d/o James Crossley & Susan Miles. Thomas William was bap Aug 25 1865 Starve Hr - died May 1 1930 age 65 yrs, s/o James Smart & Eliza Green. Md by GS Chamberlain (CE).
June 17 1896 Lemuel SMART 20 bach fish CE *Change Islands James Chaffey, Jane Waterman.
Herring Neck Emily Mary CHAFFEY 16 spin   CE Change Islands *Lemuel was bap Sep 3 1876 Herring Neck, s/o Samuel & Eliza Smart. Resided Grand Falls 1921. Md by GS Chamberlain (CE).
June 20 1896 Alfred James Anthony SMITH 32 bach acct CE Pilleys Island Horace M. Herbert, Archie Strong.
Pilleys Island Eliza HERBERT 24 spin   CE Pilleys Island Md by Arthur Pittman (CE).
Apr 3 1896 James GILL 26 bach lumb CE Indian Point Levi Jure (Jewer), Agnes Gill
Botwoodville Elizabeth Agnes RENDELL 23 spin   ME Indian Point James was b Apr 17 1870 Dominion Pt, s/o John Gill & Mary Clance(y). He died Oct 24 1917 Indian Point, age 47 years. Md by Selby Jefferson (ME).
May 4 1896 George COOPER 24 bach fish ME Farmers Arm Samuel Cooper, Sarah Cooper
Twillingate Lucy JENKINS 26 spin   ME Jenkins Cove William George was b Dec 30 1874 Gilesport, s/o Thomas & Ann Cooper. Lucy was bap Dec 7 1880 age not given, along with 2 siblings, d/o John & Charlotte Jenkins. Resided Farmers Arm 1921. Md by Levi Curtis (ME).
May 23 1896 George TROKE* 25 bach fish ME Durrells Arm John Moyle, Rebecca Ellsworth
Twillingate Kate JENKINS 21 spin   ME Durrells Arm *corrected from what appeared to be FRAKE. Known to be TROKE (aka TROAKE) per late birth registration of one of their children whose birth certificate gave the full names of both parents including mother's maiden name.
June 3 1896 Ambrose LOCKE 29 bach fish ME Little Bay Islands William Snook, Elizabeth Oxford
Little Bay Islds Mary HIBBS 24 spin   ME Little Bay Islands Ambrose was b Nov 10 1866 Tizzards Hr - d Oct 31 1942 Springdale, s/o Richard Locke & Mary Ann Wheeler. He md (2) 1906 Bessie Roberts. Mary was b June 13 1872 LBI - d Feb 15 1905 Boot Hr {in childbirth}, d/o John Hibbs & Merab Oxford. Md by John J. Wheatley (ME).
May 2 1896 George JEFFRIES 22 bach fish ME Exploits Thomas Jeffries, Jane Jeffries
Exploits Clara DALTON 21 spin   ME Exploits George was b June 12 1875 Exploits, s/o George Jeffries & Jane Langdon. Clara was b Dec 2 1875 Kite Cove, d/o John Alexander Dalton & Dorcas Taylor. Md by Henry Scott.
June 6 1896 James J. BAKER 23 bach fish ME Black Island Robert Primer, Jane Potter
Exploits Jane Ann HARRIS 21 spin   ME Black Island James Joshua was b Sep 13 1872 Black Isld, s/o John & Mary. Md by Henry Scott.
Apr 1 1896 Albert RIDEOUt 23 bach miner SA Beaver Cove Darius Miles, Eliza Thorne
Tilt Cove Lucy "TILLEY"* 27 spin   SA Tilt Cove *in 1921 Springdale Census, Albert is listed with wife Wilhelmina born North West Arm. In 1935 Census his wife is listed as LUCY as per marriage record. There was a WILHEMINA LUCY RIDEOUT (not Tilley) b Jan 9 1868 NORTH WEST ARM, dau of single parent Sarah Rideout. Despite the surname "Tilley", this person would be a candidate. Md by Ensign Freeman (SA). Another canidate is Wilhemina Lucy GRAY, per Freeman Fry of BC.
Apr 22 1896 Charles BUDGELL 27 bach fish SA Exploits Saul Stride, Lydia Locke
Exploits Eliza STRIDE 20 spin   SA Exploits Charles was b Mar 13 1871 Exploits, s/o Samuel Budgell & Dinah Locke. Eliza was b Jul 31 1875 Exploits, d/o George Stride & Maria Ann March. Md by Ensign Freeman (SA).
May 1 1896 Simeon LEGGE 55 wid fish SA Durrells Arm Isaac Young, Annie Moore
Twillingate Annie JACOBS ng spin   SA Durrells Arm Annie Jacobs was from Pound Cove, White Bay, and came to Twillingate as a servant to Mrs John White (TWILL SUN). She died Oct 30 1911 age 48 yrs. She md (2) Jul 28 1903 Twill (CE) to widower Joseph Strickland. Simeon (aka SIMON) Legge was bc 1841 - died Aug 15 1901 Durrells Arm age 60 yrs, of la grippe.
Feb 22 1896 William Henry Giles ng bach miner ME Tilt Cove Joseph P. Ludlow, Mary Bartlett.
Tilt Cove Mary Elizabeth EVELEY 17 spin   ME Tilt Cove Repeat entry. Md by Edwin Moore (ME).
June 2 1896 Lemuel BURTON 23 bach miner ME Tilt Cove Moses Noseworthy, Emma Rowsell
Tilt Cove Mary GRAHAM 22 (18) spin   ME Tilt Cove No bap located for Lemuel: bc June 1871/1872 Wards Hr; resided Port Anson 1921. Per parish records, both from "Gull Island, Tilt Cove". Matilda Mary was b May 16 1878 Betts Cove, d/o Matilda Giles & Thomas Graham. Marriage date in par records was June 21 or 20, overwritten. Md by Edwin Moore (ME).
Mar 28 1896 Thomas BUSSEY 65 wid fish ME Griquet Solomon Bussey, E. Jones
Griquet Lizzie SCRIVINGTON 40 spin   ME Griquet Thomas was bap Aug 8 1832 Cupids CB, s/o Joseph & Ann Bussey (aka Bursey); family moved to Griquet. He md (1) Caroline Anderson 1854 at Cupids CB (ME).
Nov 28 1895 Patrick KENNEDY 26 ng miner RC Tilt Cove Thomas Osborne, Johanna Kennedy.
Tilt Cove Margaret CORBAN 22 ng   RC Tilt Cove Md by RM Shean (RC).
Nov 28 1895 Walter SHELLY 28 ng fish RC Fleur de Lys Francis Philpott, Margaret Walsh
Coachmans Cove Josephine LEWIS 26 ng   RC Fleur de Lys Md by RM Shean (RC).
Dec 27 1895 Edward NORRIS 24 ng fish RC Three Arms John Philpot(t), Ellen Crotty
Coachmans Cove Ann PHILPOT(T) 18 ng   RC Coachmans Cove Md RC.
Jan 7 1896 George LEWIS 23 ng fish RC Fleur de Lys James Stuckless, Theresa Lewis
Coachmans Cove Lizzie STUCKLESS 19 ng   RC Coachmans Cove Md RC.
June 1 1896 Angus Michael BYRNE 22 ng miner RC Tilt Cove Francis Ryan, Mary A. Fennessey
Tilt Cove Caroline JOY 19 ng   RC Tilt Cove NOTE: there was a X through their names
June 24 1897 Parmenas BROWN 24 bach fish CE Laurenceton NDB Silas Stuckless, Ethel Evans
St Johns Mary DALTON 23 spin   CE Laurenceton NDB Parmenas died Feb 12 1904 Laurenceton age 29 yrs, of TB, born/buried Laurenceton. Mary Elizabeth Dalton was b Aug 23 1875 Exploits - d Feb 12 1905 Laurenceton; d/o Henry Dalton & Sarah Ryan. Md by Levi Curtis (ME).
Dec 12 1897 Ernest DAY 27 bach miner ME St Johns Thomas Day, Bertha Lush
St Johns Sarah STARKS 26 spin   ME Nippers Harbour Sarah was the d/o John Starks & Amy (Emma) Ann Pollard. Md by Levi Curtis (ME).
Oct 30 1897 Henry STRIDE 35 wid fish SA Moretons Harbour Absalom Reid, Jane Hayward
St Johns Elizabeth HAYWARD 25 spin   SA Newmans Cove Henry was b Sep 29 1861 Exploits, s/o George Stride & Mary Ann Hutchings; he md (1) Elizabeth Ann Curtis. Elizabeth was bc Oct 1872 Newmans Cove BB. Md by George Paine.
Jan 1 1898 William J. BUGDEN 30 bach cooper CE St Johns Joseph Ivaney, Katie Bugden
St Johns Emily CROCKER 35 spin   ME Norris Arm Md by Levi Curtis (ME).
Aug 23 1898 Mark PIKE 25 bach fish ME Little Bay F. Pike, M? Taylor
St Johns Tryphena TAYLOR 22 spin   ME St Johns  
Aug 31 1898 Esau LOVE?/LANE? 25 bach lumb CE Glenwood John Curran, Mary Langdon, Samuel Bower??
Glenwood Agnes BROWN 20 spin   ME Exploits Agnes was b Jul 4 1877 Exploits, d/o Henry & Elizabeth Brown. Md by Thackery ?Long.
Oct 13 1898 Frederick BRUSHETT 38 bach fish CE Catalina Selina Langdon, Lizzie Haynes
St Johns Annie HAYDON 31 spin   CE Twillingate Md by Levi Curtis (ME).
Nov 10 1898 Richard LACEY 25 bach fish ME Exploits Albert E. Bennett, Julia LeDrew
St Johns Delphine LeDREW 25 bach   ME Exploits Richard was b Oct 1873 Exploits, s/o William Lacey & Mary Ann Manuel. Delphine was born Cupids CB per Census. Md by Levi Curtis (ME).
June 7 1899 Lorenzo COLLINS 28 bach fish CE Indian Isld, Fogo Richard Collins, Winifred Lamb
St Johns Lydia FRAMPTON 25 spin   CE St Johns  
Apr 1 1899 Charles A. RENDELL 27 bach book keeper CE Glenwood William Stone, Jane Dowden
St Johns Susannah STONE 27 spin   CE St Johns  
June 1 1899 Isaac C. MORRIS 42 wid sailmaker ME St Johns Susan Wiseman, William Barnes
St Johns Rachel CULL 31 spin   ME Fogo Married at Alexander St METH Church. Isaac Chesley was b June 11 1857 St Johns - d June 5 1937 S tJohns, s/o Benjamin Morris. He md (1) in 1884 to Fanny Shaw, d/o Robert (died Sep 22 1895). Rachel Cull was d/o John Cull per parish records: she died Feb 23 1932 age 63 yrs, buried General Protestant Cemetery, St Johns.
June 8 1899 John L. CARNELL 23 bach fish ME Rocky Bay, Fogo Isabella M. Haynes, Enos Hicks
St Johns Melina HICKS 21 spin   ME Rocky Bay, Fogo  
June 8 1899 Richard PELLEY 51 wid fish SA Hants Harbour A.J. Stickland, Lizzie Sheppard
St Johns Hannah ELLIOTT 37 wid   SA Twillingate Md by Brig. Sharp (SA).
Sep 16 1899 James A.S. PEYTON 24 bach HM Customs CE St Johns John H. Noonan, Eva Noonan
St Johns Cecilia Annie NOONAN 24 spin   RC St Johns James Archibald was bc Mar 1875 Twill, s/o Elias Peyton & Deborah Rideout, g-son of John Peyton Jr & Eleanor Mehaney. Cecilia Annie was b Apr 18 1875 St Johns, d/o James Noonan & Sarah Ann Gaden; she was baptized ANGLICAN at St Thomas Church; her father worked for HM Customs, and was later Colonial Secretary. Md by W.R. Smith.
Nov 2 1899 Jehu* MILLS 26 bach coaster CE Moretons Harbour John Downton, Mark Downton
St Johns Mary HORWOOD 29 spin   CE St Johns *Corrected from what appeared to be Jeku. Jehu was b Sep 9 1871 Moretons Hr, s/o William Mills & Alice Osmond. Candidate for Mary was b June 11 1869 Exploits, d/o Ruth Downton & John Horwood. Md by William Pilot (CE).
Jan 17 1900 Matthew WARFORD 28 (31) *bach (wid) miner ME Moretons Harbour James Whelan, Julia Drodge
St Johns Theresa BROOKING 24 spin   ME St Johns Matthew was bap Nov 29 1868 Tilt Cove, s/o William & Mary. *He is believed to have been first married (1891) to Rachel DICKS (died 1895). Resided Millertown 1921, widowed.
Apr 21 1901 Obediah POND 27 bach fish CE Twillingate Hannibel G. Churchill, Bertha E. Pynn
St Johns Susanna Jane WHITTEN 28 (38) spin   CE South Side, St Johns Obadiah was the son of George Pond per Randy Whitten. He was bc Oct 1867 Twill - d Mar 1 1944 St Johns. Susannah Jane Whitten was b Oct 11 1863 St Johns - d Feb 13 1934 St Johns, d/o Robert Whitten & Martha Pynn.
May 20 1901 Jno. Thomas BAKER*1 27 bach fish CE Old Perlican Absalom Learning, Jemimah Parsons
St Johns Emma LEARNING 25 spin   CE Twillingate Married by Henry Dunfield (CE).
Nov 8 1901 John HULL 23 bach carp CE Twillingate Obadiah Pond, Kate Churchill
St Thomas Church Hanna(h) Amelia CHURCHILL 27/29? spin   ng Twillingate Married by G. Ross Godden (ANG). John Harris Hull was b Dec 12 1879 Bluff Head Cove (Twill), s/o John Peach Hull & Esther Ann Roberts.
Oct 8 1901 William George MORGAN 21 bach fish CE Indian Pond H.G. Houseman, Rd. Spurrell.
St Johns Louisa GOLD 22 spin   CE Tilt Cove Md by H.G. Houseman.
Oct 28 1901 Samuel PADDICK 28 bach carp ME Rabbits (Roberts) Arm ?Abram Morgan, Jessie Coffin
St Johns Eliza A.POWELL 42 wid   ME Rabbits (Roberts) Arm Repeat from another Civil marriage collection already transcribed and on-line. Md by F.W.W. Des Barres. Bride believed to be nee COFFIN.
Nov 16 1896 Michael MEHANEY 33 bach fish RC Tilton Harbour David Brien, Mary B. Foley
Tilton Harbour Elizabeth LIVER (LIVIER) 21 spin   RC Fortune Harbour Married by WP Finn (RC). Fogo District
Oct 31 1896 John WALTON 47 wid fish ME Change Islands Aaron Watton?, Jessie LeDrew
Change Islands Druscilla CUTLER 21 spin   ME Herring Neck Druscilla Jane was bap Apr 16 1876 Clarks Cove, Herring Neck, d/o William Cutler & Elizabeth Stone. Md by William Harris.
June 2 1898 Eliezar BROWN 23 bach fish ME Joe Batts Arm Matthias Hawkins, Thomas Humphries
Barr'd Islands Emily Ann PIDDLE (PEDDLE) 23 wid   ME Exploits Bay, North West Arm, Twillingate Emily Ann was nee HUMPHREYS, md 1895 to George Edward Peddle. Md by W.H. Browning (ME).
June 24 1898 Arthur HURLEY 26 bach fish RC Herring Neck John Jones, Johanna Martin
Herring Neck Susanna BURT 21 spin   CE Herring Neck Married by W.P. Finn (RC). Repeat from another Civil marriage collection (transcribed and online).
Nov 29 1898 Jeremiah TORRAVILLE 26 bach fish CE Herring Neck Henry J. Lind, C.W. Hodder, Fannie Simms
Fogo Isabella Jane BLANDFORD 28 spin   CE Trinity Repeat from another Civil marriage collection already transcribed and on-line. Md by WC White.

BAKER, Jno Thomas*1 Not: John Thomas Baker Should Be: John Thomas Beckett Lisa Walsh -]

Contributed and Transcribed by Jill Marshall (MAR-APR 2006)

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