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Excerpts from Vital Statistics
King's Cove,Church of England
Marriages 1838-1877

King's Cove20 Oct. 1843Henry MOSS,Bachelor of Barrow Hr., & Catherine GOULD,Spinster of Openhall.
Wit: Henry HANDCOCK,Samuel COFFIN.
King's Cove8 Nov.1847John PARDY,Bachelor of Bonavista,& Eliz(th)GOULD,Spinster of Openhall.
Wit: W(m) SAMSON, John BROWN.
King's Cove2 Nov. 1848John SAMSON,Bachelor of King's Cove,& Hannah GOULD,Spinster of Openhall.
Wit: Joseph SAMSON, Rob(t)BROWN.
Openhall9 Nov.1850Samuel GALE,Bachelor of Tickle Cove,& Ann GOULD,Spinster of Openhall.
Wit: Rob(t) TILLEY,John WARREN.
Open Hall3 Nov.1851John HANDCOCK,Bachelor of King's Cove,& Martha GOULD,Spinster of Openhall.
Wit: James Malcolm HANDCOCK, Henry HANDCOCK.
King's Cove21 May 1852Benjamin MOSS,Bachelor of Openhall,& Eliz(th) GOULD,Spinster of Openhall.
Wit: Christopher GOULD,Hannah GOULD.
King's Cove24 Oct.1853John MUGGERIDGE,Bachelor of Tickle Cove,&Jane OLDFORD,Spinster of Salvage.
Wit: Andrew OLDFORD, Robert BROWN.
King's Cove26 Oct.1854Christopher GOULD,Bachelor of Openhall,and Mary MOSS,Spinster of Salvage.
King's Cove20 Dec.1854John HANDCOCK,Bachelor of King's Cove,& Hannah GOULD,Spinster of King's Cove.
Wit: James HANCOCK,James GOULD.
Plate Cove20 Oct. 1856John CRABBLE,Bachelor of Plate Cove,& Jane HOLLOWAY,Spinster of Plate Cove.
(BH notes: Surname of the groom and first witness is actually CRABBE.This family changed their surname to RUSSELL circa 1870)
King's Cove6 Nov.1858Christopher GOULD,Widower of Blakeman's Island,& Charlotte HISCOCK,Spinster of Trinity.
Wit: John MONKS, James WEEKS.
King's Cove5 Nov.1860John MONKS,Bachelor of King's Cove,& Susan RUSSELL,Spinster of Tickle Cove.
Wit: Thomas BROWN,Sarah WEEKS.
King's Cove24 Nov.1860W(m)HOLLOWAY,Bachelor of Plate Cove,& Isabella HANCOCK,Spinster of Knight's Cove.
Kiels1 Nov.1869James GOULD,Bachelor of Southward Bay,& Ann QUINTON,Spinster of Red Cliff.
Wit: Samuel FRY,Samuel COFFIN.
King's Cove28 Nov.1862Richard MUGGERIDGE,Bachelor of Tickle Cove,and Ann GOULD,Spinster of Openhall.
Wit: John RUSSELL,Abraham HOBBS.
King's Cove29 Sept 1863James HOLLOWAY,Bachelor of Knight's Cove,& Mary(Jane or Ann ?)TUCKER,spinster of Bird Island.
Wit: Thomas HOLLOWAY,Mary Jane CRABBLE.
(BH notes: Second witnesses surname is actually CRABBE).
King's Cove22 Oct 1864Joseph REED,widower of Keils, & Eliz(th) HOLLOWAY,Spinster of Red Cliff.
Wit: Samuel COFFIN,W(m) REED.
King's Cove9 Nov 1865Henry FRY,Bachelor of Indian Arm,& Mary GOULD,Spinster of Lakeman's Island.
Wit: John COFFIN, James GOULD.
Tickle Cove19 Nov 1865John RUSSELL,Bachelor of Tickle Cove,& Sarah QUINTON,Spinster of Red Cliff.
Wit: James RUSSELL, Geo.FRY.
King's Cove12 Nov 1866James MESH,Bachelor of Indian Arm, & Catherine GOULD,Spinster of Openhall.
Goose Bay27 Nov 1867John HOLLOWAY,Bachelor of Goose Bay,& Fanny ANDREWS,Spinster of Goose Bay.
Wit: Gideon WAY, Donald STARES.
Goose Bay27 Nov 1867Henry HOLLOWAY,Bachelor of Goose Bay,& Eliz(th) CRABBE,Spinster of Plate Cove.
Wit: Thomas HOLLOWAY,Gideon WAY.
King's Cove10 Nov 1870W(m) GOULD,Bachelor of Openhall,& Catherine MATCHEM,Spinster of Indian Arm.
Red Cliff13 June 1870James QUINTON,Bachelor of Red Cliff,& Amelia GOULD,Spinster of Openhall.
Wit: Rob(t) QUINTON, Geo.SHEARS.
King's Cove8 June 1873Geo.RUSSELL,Bachelor of Goose Bay, & Rosanna HOLLOWAY, Spinster of Goose Bay.
Goose Bay14 Dec 1874Joseph HOLLOWAY, Bachelor of Goose Bay, & Isabella HOLLOWAY,Spinster of Goose Bay.
Wit: Matthew WAUGH(?), John HOLLOWAY.
Goose Bay14 Dec 1876W(m) HOLLOWAY,Bachelor of Goose Bay & Mary PIDDLE ,Spinster of Castle Cove.
Wit: Andrew HOLLOWAY,Emmeline HOLLOWAY.
Goose Bay8 Dec 1877Andrew HOLLOWAY, Bachelor of Goose Bay, & Mary PENNY,Spinster of Goose Bay.
Wit: W(m) HOLLOWAY, Emmaline HOLLOWAY.

Transcribed by Bonnie Hickey,Harbour Grace,Nfld.

Page Revised: October 2002 (Don Tate)

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