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Excerpts from the Encyclopedia of Newfoundland and Labrador pertaining to early Newfoundland elections, with information for Ferryland District -- 1832 - 1900.



A committee was formed under the chairmanship of (Thomas) Brooking and he visited London in January 1832 to urge the British Parliament to grant an elected Assembly to Newfoundland

On June 7, 1832, a Bill to grant a Representative Assembly to Newfoundland was introduced in the British Parliament. Governor Cochrane returned to Newfoundland from London on August 26 with the power to call for the election of members to a new House of Assembly and the election was proclaimed on September 25, 1832.

In order for a person to offer himself as a candidate, certain requirements had to be met. The candidate had to be male of twenty-one years of age or more, of sound understanding, and had to be a natural-born or lawfully naturalized British citizen. He could have no criminal record for any infamous or heinous crime. He also had to be a resident of two years' standing and had to occupy a dwelling as either owner or tenant. Voting was restricted to males under the same qualification except that the residency requirement was for one year.

..... Ferryland (1 member) ranging from Petty Harbour to Cape Race; .....

..... a Bill was introduced into the British House of Commons on May 26, 1842 .....

designed to allow changes in the Newfoundland Constitution to provide for the abolition of the Legislative Council as a separate body and to amalgamate it with the House of Assembly. The new Legislature would consist of fifteen elected and ten nominated members. There was also provision for a separate Executive Council. Membership was restricted to those who had an annual income of £100 or possessed real property of a value of £500. Voter qualifications were also modified; the residency requirement was  raised to two years from one, and voters in towns had to occupy a dwelling valued at £500 either as landlord or tenant and in outports to occupy a dwelling valued at 40s. Elections were also to be held simultaneously rather than spread out and at various times, as had been the case. After a tempestuous debate in the British House, the property restriction clause on voters was removed.

..... Bill was passed early in the Legislative session of 1854 .....

..... Burin, Ferryland and Twillingate and Fogo were increased to two members each; .....

In 1888 there was a new Election Act (51 Vic., c. 19) placed on the books.

It set the qualifications for candidates for election to the House of Assembly. Candidates had to have a net annual income of $480 or be in possession of real property exceeding $2,400 in value. The person also had to have been a resident of Newfoundland for two years, be a male British subject, twenty-one years of age or over, of sound understanding who held no criminal record. The same qualifications (except the monetary ones) applied to voters, and in addition, they could not have received welfare from public funds during the year immediately preceding the election.



Ferryland District -- 1832 - 1900.

Election Date(s) Candidates Elected Members
Sept. 25 to
Dec. 8, 1832
Robert Carter Robert Carter
November 1836 Patrick Morris Patrick Morris
May 1837 Peter Winser Peter Winser
December 1842 Peter Winser, Thomas Glen Thomas Glen
November 1848 Peter Winser, ?? Peter Winser
November 1852 Peter Winser, Robert Carter Peter Winser
May 7, 1855 Thomas Glen, Edward D. Shea,??? Thomas Glen & Edward D.Shea
November 7, 1859 Thomas Glen, Edward D. Shea Thomas Glen & Edward D.Shea
May 2, 1861 Thomas Glen, Edward D. Shea, John White Thomas Glen & Edward D. Shea
May 7, 1865 Thomas Glen, Michael Kearney, ??? Thomas Glen & Michael Kearney
November 13, 1869 Thomas Glen, Thomas Batcock Thomas Glen & Thomas Batcock
November 1873 Thomas Glen, Richard Raftus, ?? Thomas Glen & Richard Raftus
November 7, 1874 Richard Raftus, James G. Conroy Richard Raftus & James G. Conroy
November 4, 1878 Richard Raftus, James G. Conroy,
Daniel Greene
Richard Raftus & Daniel Greene
November 6, 1882 Daniel Greene, Augustus F. Goodridge Daniel Greene & Augustus F. Goodridge
October 31, 1885 Daniel Greene, George Shea Daniel Greene & George Shea
November 6, 1889 Daniel Greene, George Shea, M. Furlong,
M. Condon
Daniel Greene & George Shea
November 6, 1893 Michael P. Cashin, Daniel J. Greene,
George Shea
Michael P. Cashin & Daniel J. Greene
October 28, 1897 Michael P. Cashin, George Shea,
M.W. Furlong, J.E. White, M.E. Condon
Michael P. Cashin & George Shea
November 8, 1900 Michael P. Cashin, J. D. Ryan,
M. E. Condon, J.W. McCulloch, J.N. Cleary
Michael P. Cashin & J. D. Ryan

Contributed and Transcribed by Kevin Reddigan (January 2003)

Page Revised: January - 2003 (Don Tate)

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