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1928 Voter's List


Bonavista Centre District

I hereby certify that the following is the Revised List of Persons entitled to vote in the election of One Member of the House of Assembly for the District of Bonavista Centre 1928.

Revising MagistrateMagistrate's Office,

Qualification: Males 21 Years and Upward;
Females 25 Years and Upward

No. Christian Name &
Surname of Each Elector
Place of Abode


2569 Arnold, James Troytown
2570 Arnold, Thomas Troytown
2571 Arnold, Florence Troytown
2572 Arnold, William Troytown
2573 Arnold, Alice Troytown
2574 Arnold, Edward E. Troytown
2575 Arnold, Hannah Troytown
2576 Arnold, Aharry Troytown
2577 Arnold, Alfreda Troytown
2578 Arnold, Wilfred Troytown
2579 Arnold, Gertrude Troytown
2580 Arnold, Eliza Troytown
2581 Arnold, Richard Troytown
2582 Arnold, Joseph Troytown
2583 Arnold, Arthur Troytown


2584 Cheater, Eleazar Troytown
2585 Cheater, Florence Troytown


2586 Denty, Simeon Troytown
2587 Denty, Elizabeth Troytown
2588 Denty, John Troytown
2589 Denty, Emily Troytown
2590 Denty, Thomas Troytown
2591 Denty, Leah Troytown


2592 Fry, William J. Troytown
2593 Fry, Sarah Troytown


2594 Gullickssen, Tryphena Troytown
2595 Garrett, Elizabeth Troytown
2596 Garrett, Levi Troytown


2597 Hunter, John W. Troytown
2598 Hunter, Beatrice Troytown


2599 Kean, Robert C. Troytown
2600 Kean, Milley Troytown


2601 Littlejohn, George Troytown
2602 Littlejohn, Florence Troytown


2603 Moss, William Troytown
2604 Moss, Maria Troytown
2605 Moss, Arthur W. Troytown
2606 Moss, Beatrice Troytown


2607 Patten, William Henry Troytown
2608 Patten, Annie Troytown
2609 Patten, Hedley H. Troytown
2610 Patten, Kate Troytown
2611 Patten, William Troytown


2612 Ralph, Henry W. Troytown
2613 Ralph, Edith Troytown
2614 Ralph, Hezekiah Troytown
2615 Ralph, Mary Troytown
2616 Ralph, Hannah Troytown
2617 Ralph, Thomas Troytown
2618 Ralph, Clara Troytown
2619 Ralph, Henry of Thomas Troytown
2620 Ralph, Winifred Troytown
2621 Ralph, Moses Troytown
2622 Ralph, Dorcus Troytown
2623 Ralph, William H. Troytown
2624 Ralph, Clarabelle Troytown
2625 Ralph, Charles J. Troytown
2626 Ralph, Jessie Troytown
2627 Ralph, Ronald Troytown
2628 Ralph, Sarah E. Troytown
2629 Ralph, William Lester Troytown
2630 Roach, Isaac G. Troytown
2631 Roach, Hannah Troytown
2632 Ryan, Mary A. Troytown


2633 Wyatt, Bruce Troytown
2634 Wyatt, Janet Troytown
2635 Wyatt, Joseph F. Troytown
2636 Wyatt, Carrie Troytown
2637 Wyatt, William Troytown
2638 Wyatt, Edward E. Troytown
2639 Wyatt, Martin Troytown

Transcribed By: Peter Godfrey (January, 2002)

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