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1928 Voter's List


Harbour Main District

I hereby certify that the following
is a correct list of persons entitled
to vote in the election of two
members of the House of Assembly
for the District of Harbour Main.

Revising Magistrate
Harbour Main, March 3, 1928

No. Christian Name and Surname Place of Abode Qualification
3934 Allen, Arthur Topsail For Males 21yrs up
3935 Allen, Jemima Topsail For Females 25 up
3936 Allen, Edward Topsail  
3937 Allen, Ethel Topsail  
3938 Allen, William Topsail  
3939 Allen, Archibald Topsail  
3940 Allen, Maria Topsail  
3941 Allen, Mathilda Topsail  
3942 Allen, Ethel Topsail  
3943 Atkins, Charles Topsail  
3944 Boggan, Edward Topsail  
3945 Boggan, Thomas Topsail  
3946 Boggan, William Topsail  
3947 Boggan, Anastasia Topsail  
3948 Butler, John Topsail  
3949 Butler, Phoebe Topsail  
3950 Butler, Alex J Topsail  
3951 Butler, Martha Topsail  
3952 Butler, John M Topsail  
3953 Butler, Maude Topsail  
3954 Barnes, Robert Topsail  
3955 Bartles, Jack Topsail  
3956 Bartles, Susan Topsail  
3957 Barnes, Walter Topsail  
3958 Barnes, Gertie Topsail  
3959 Barnes, Arthur Topsail  
3960 Barnes, Albert Topsail  
3961 Barnes, Carrie Topsail  
3962 Barnes, William J Topsail  
3963 Barnes, Norman Topsail  
3964 Barnes, Harold Topsail  
3965 Barnes, Frank Topsail  
3966 Barnes, Nellie Topsail  
3967 Barnes, Mabel Topsail  
3968 Barnes, William Topsail  
3969 Barnes, Charley Topsail  
3970 Barnes, Florrie Topsail  
3971 Barnes, Wolf Topsail  
3972 Barnes, Mary Topsail  
3973 Bursell, J.K Topsail  
3974 Bursell, Mildred Topsail  
3975 Baird, Thomas Topsail  
3976 Baird, Sarah Topsail  
3977 Baird, Henry Topsail  
3978 Bancroft, James F Topsail  
3879 Bancroft, Mary J Topsail  
3980 Carter, Belle Topsail  
3981 Carter, Charles Topsail  
3982 Carter, George Topsail  
3983 Carter, Fannie Topsail  
3984 Carter, Herbert Topsail  
3985 Carter, Susie Topsail  
3986 Carter, Munn Topsail  
3987 Carter, Annie Topsail  
3988 Drowns, Kenneth Topsail  
3989 Drowns, Dinia Topsail  
3990 Dawe, John C Topsail  
3991 Dawe, Emma Topsail  
3992 Dawe, Dorcas Topsail  
3993 Dawe, Mary Topsail  
3994 Duff, Alban Topsail  
3995 Duff, Elizabeth Topsail  
3996 Gleeson, John Topsail  
3997 Gleeson, Ellen Topsail  
3998 Gleeson, Richard Topsail  
3999 Gleeson, Norah Topsail  
4000 Geehan, John Topsail  
4001 Geehan, Mary Topsail  
4002 Harding, James Topsail  
4003 Halley, Edward Topsail  
4004 Halley, Theresa Topsail  
4005 Halley, Margaret Topsail  
4006 Hiscock, Oscar Topsail  
4007 Hiscock, Edith Topsail  
4008 Hibbs, William Topsail  
4009 Hibbs, Violet Topsail  
4010 Hibbs, Reginald Topsail  
4011 Hibbs, Florence Topsail  
4012 Hibbs, Edward Topsail  
4013 Hibbs, Beatrice Topsail  
4014 Healey, William Topsail  
4015 Healey, Caroline Topsail  
4016 Kearley, Walter Topsail  
4017 Kearley, Francis Topsail  
4018 Kearley, William Topsail  
4019 Kearley, Julia Topsail  
4020 Kearley, George Topsail  
4021 Kearley, Emma Topsail  
4022 Kennedy, James Topsail  
4023 Kennedy, Ellen Topsail  
4024 LeDrew, Irene Topsail  
4025 Leuter, Edward Topsail  
4026 Mercer, George Topsail  
4027 Mercer, Bessie Topsail  
4028 Mercer, William Topsail  
4029 Mercer, Matthew Topsail  
4030 Mercer, Robert Topsail  
4031 Mercer, Mary Topsail  
4032 Miller, Diana Topsail  
4033 Miller, Ananias Topsail  
4034 Miller, Emma Topsail  
4035 Miller, James R Topsail  
4036 Miller, George Topsail  
4037 Miller, Martha Topsail  
4038 Miller, Phoebe Topsail  
4039 Miller, John Topsail  
4040 Miller, Sarah Topsail  
4041 Miller, Gordon Topsail  
4042 Miller, Lillian Topsail  
4043 Miller, Julia Topsail  
4044 Morse, James Topsail  
4045 Mahoney, Maurice Topsail  
4046 Mahoney, Patrick Topsail  
4047 Miller, Joseph Topsail  
4048 Mercer, John Topsail  
4049 Mercer, Bridget Topsail  
4050 Miller, Alice Topsail  
4051 Miller, Jennie Topsail  
4052 Miller, P Florence Topsail  
4053 Neville, James Topsail  
4054 Neville, Emma Topsail  
4055 Neville, Patrick Topsail  
4056 Neville, Theresa Topsail  
4057 Neville, Walter Topsail  
4058 Neville, Catherine Topsail  
4059 Oakley, Frederick Topsail  
4060 O'Brien, William Topsail  
4061 O'Brien, Michael Topsail  
4062 O'Brien, Pierce Topsail  
4063 O'Brien, Mary Topsail  
4064 O'Brien, John Topsail  
4065 O'Brien, Thomas Topsail  
4066 O'Brien, Terence Topsail  
4067 O'Brien, Gertie Topsail  
4068 O'Brien, Lawrence Topsail  
4069 O'Brien, Gertrude Topsail  
4070 O'Brien, John Topsail  
4071 O'Brien, Mary A Topsail  
4072 O'Brien, Thomas Topsail  
4073 O'Brien, Mary J Topsail  
4074 O'Brien, Margaret Topsail  
4075 O'Brien, Mary Topsail  
4076 Perry, Alfred Topsail  
4077 Perry, Bert Topsail  
4078 Perry, Sarah Topsail  
4079 Parmiter, Donald Topsail  
4080 Parmiter, Sophia Topsail  
4081 Parmiter, Samuel Topsail  
4082 Parmiter, John Topsail  
4083 Pittman, Rev Arthur Topsail  
4084 Roach, Patrick Topsail  
4085 Roach, Edith Topsail  
4086 Richards, Arthur Topsail  
4087 Smith, Gordon, Topsail  
4088 Smith, Marion Topsail  
4089 Sommerton, Jacob Topsail  
4090 Snow, Elijah Topsail  
4091 Snow, Emma Topsail  
4092 Snow, Maud Topsail  
4093 Snow, Alexander Topsail  
4094 Squires, Andrew Topsail  
4095 Squires, Phoebe Topsail  
4096 Squires, Azariah Topsail  
4097 Squires, Fred Topsail  
4098 Squires, William Topsail  
4099 Smith, Kenneth Topsail  
4100 Snow, Ada Topsail  

Transcribed By: Judy Barker (February, 2002)

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