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1928 Voter's List


Fogo District
List of Persons Entitled to Vote in the Election of One Member
of the House of Assembly for the District of Fogo

Males: 21 years and upwards.
Females: 25 years and upwards
Revising Magistrate - N. Short
BRYAN Patrick J. Tilting
BRYAN Herbert F. Tilting
BRYAN Edwin J. Tilting
BRYAN Ellie Tilting
BRYAN Norah Tilting
BURKE Michael Tilting
BURKE Donavan Tilting
BURKE Frank Tilting
BURKE John Tilting
BURKE Maggie Tilting
BURKE Kyran Tilting
BURKE Lizzie Tilting
BURKE Cyril Tilting
BURKE Joseph Tilting
BURKE William Tilting
BURKE Matilda Tilting
BURKE Alonzo Tilting
BURKE Kate B. Tilting
BURKE Nellie M. Tilting
BURKE Kate L. Tilting
BURKE Nellie H. Tilting
BRODERS Leo Tilting
BRODERS John Tilting
BRODERS Hugh Tilting
BRODERS Annie Tilting
BRODERS Martin Tilting
BRODERS Emily Tilting
BRODERS William Tilting
BRODERS Philip Tilting
BRODERS Agnes Tilting
BRODERS Norah Tilting
BRODERS Maurice Tilting
BRODERS Louise Tilting
BRODERS Bert Tilting
BRODERS Maud Tilting
BRODERS Cecilia Tilting
BRODERS Elizabeth Tilting
CLUETT Agnes Tilting
CARROLL John Tilting
CARROLL Ann Tilting
CARROLL Patrck (sic) Tilting
CARROLL Leonard Tilting
CARROLL Walter Tilting
CARROLL Michael Tilting
CARROLL Annie P. Tilting
CARSON Thomas Tilting
CARSON Lizzie Tilting
CLUETT Cyril Tilting
CLUETT Fannie Tilting
CLUETT Richard Cape Cove
CLUETT Bernard Tilting
CLUETT Elizabeth Tilting
CLUETT Johanna Tilting
CLUETT Margaret Cape Cove
CUETT (sic) Walter Tilting
DWYER Albert Tilting
DWYER Margaret Tilting
DWYER Fergus Tilting
DWYER Joseph Tilting
DWYER Maggie B. Tilting
DWYER Michael Tilting
DWYER William E. Tilting
DWYER Thomas of Ed. Tilting
DWYER Cecilia J. Tilting
DWYER Thomas of Dan. Tilting
DWYER Martin Tilting
DWYER Herbert Tilting
DWYER John Tilting
DWYER Thomas M. Tilting
DWYER Harry Tilting
DWYER Sadie Tilting
DWYER Maurice Tilting
DWYER Alphonsus P. Tilting
DWYER Mary Tilting
DWYER Patrick Tilting
DWYER Gerald Tilting
DWYER Ronald Tilting
DWYER Allan of Patk. Tilting
DWYER Timothy Tilting
DWYER Walter Tilting
DWYER William M. Tilting
DWYER Nellie Tilting
DWYER Cyril Tilting
DWYER Alice Tilting
DWYER James Tilting
DWYER Edward Tilting
DUFF Fergus Tilting
DUFF Cecilia Tilting
DAVIS Alexander Tilting
DAVIS Lizzie A. Tilting
DAVIS Allan Tilting
DAVIS Harold Tilting
EATON Patrick Cape Cove
EATON Theresa Cape Cove
EATON Joseph Cape Cove
FOLEY Pierce Tilting
FOLEY Emeline Tilting
FOLEY Nellie Tilting
FOLEY Joseph Tilting
FOLEY James Tilting
FOLEY Fergus Tilting
FOLEY Deborah Tilting
FOLEY John Tilting
FOLEY Patrick Tilting
FOLEY Maurice Tilting
FOLEY Augustine Tilting
FOLEY Stephen Tilting
FOLEY Allan Tilting
FOLEY Mary G. Tilting
FOLEY Lambert Tilting
FOLEY Mary W. Tilting
FOLEY Alonzo Tilting
FOLEY Mary B. Tilting
FOLEY Katie E. Tilting
FOLEY Clara Tilting
FOLEY Theodore Tilting
FOLEY Catherine Tilting
FOLEY Daniel Tilting
FOLEY Philip Tilting
FOLEY Mary J. Tilting
FOLEY Edward Tilting
FOLEY Eliza Tilting
GREENE Patrick Tilting
GREENE Leonard Tilting
GREENE Lambert Tilting
GREENE Jessie Tilting
GREENE Mary P. Tilting
GREENE John Tilting
GREENE Pierce Tilting
GREENE Theresa Tilting
GREENE Thomas Tilting
GREENE Walter Tilting
GREENE Isabel Tilting
GREENE Mary B. Tilting
GREENE Arthur Tilting
GREENE Mary E. Tilting
GREENE James B. Tilting
GREENE Johanna Tilting
GREENE Nellie Tilting
HURLEY Edward Tilting
HURLEY Margaret Tilting
HURLEY James Oliver's Cove
HURLEY William Oliver's Cove
HURLEY Frederick Oliver's Cove
HURLEY John Oliver's Cove
HURLEY Mary Oliver's Cove
HURLEY Lucy Sandy Cove
HURLEY Michael Sandy Cove
HURLEY Bridget Sandy Cove
HORTON Rachael Tilting
JONES Ed. J. (Rev.) Tilting
KINSELLA Fredeick (sic) Tilting
KINSELLA Richard Tilting
KINSELLA John Tilting
KINSELLA Maria Tilting
KINSELLA Bridget Tilting
KEEFE James Tilting
KEEFE Leo Tilting
KEEFE David Tilting
KEEFE Thomas Tilting
KEEFE Julia Tilting
KEEFE Isabel Tilting
KEEFE Annie Tilting
KEEFE Theresa Tilting
KEOUGH Maria Tilting
LANE Michael Tilting
LANE Cornelius Tilting
LANE William Tilting
LANE Herbert Tilting
LANE Thomas of Patk. Jr. Tilting
LANE Maggie A. Tilting
LANE Joseph Tilting
LANE John Tilting
LANE Mary Tilting
LANE Walter Tilting
LANE Nellie Tilting
LANE Tobias Tilting
LANE Nicholas Tilting
LANE Lawrence Tilting
LANE Daniel Tilting
LANE Thomas of Patk. Sr. Tilting
LANE Ann Tilting
LANE Helen Tilting
LANE Annie J. Tilting
LANE Sadie Tilting
LOUGHLIN Michael Cape Cove
LOUGHLIN Winnie Cape Cove
LOUGHLIN James Tilting
LOUGHLIN Michael Tilting
LOUGHLIN Theresa Tilting
MAHONEY Michael Tilting
MAHONEY Clara Tilting
MAHONEY Frank Tilting
MAHONEY Nicholas Tilting
MAHONEY Maud Tilting
MAHONEY Mark Tilting
MAHONEY Stephen Tilting
MAHONEY Philip Tilting
MAHONEY Bridget Tilting
McGRATH Pierce Tilting
McGRATH Bette Tilting
McGRATH Veronica Tilting
McGRATH Ambrose Tilting
McGRATH Agnes Tilting
McGRATH Leonard Tilting
McGRATH Michael Tilting
McGRATH Austin Tilting
McGRATH William Tilting
McGRATH Kate Tilting
McGRATH Aggie Tilting
McGRATH Philomena Tilting
McCARTHY Thomas Tilting
POWER John Tilting
POWER James Tilting
POWER Thomas Tilting
POWER Mary Tilting
POWER Mary A. Tilting
POWER Patrick Tilting
POWER Wiliam (sic) Tilting
POWER Michael Tilting
POWER Mary E. Tilting
REARDON James Tilting
REARDON Frank Sandy Cove
REARDON Martin Sandy Cove
REARDON Ambrose Sandy Cove
REARDON Bridget Sandy Cove
REARDON Theresa Sandy Cove
REARDON Agnes Sandy Cove
REARDON Harold Sandy Cove
REARDON Albert Sandy Cove
REARDON Clarence Sandy Cove
REARDON Patrick Sandy Cove
REARDON Christina Sandy Cove
REARDON Theresa of T.P. Sandy Cove
REARDON Maria Sandy Cove
SEXTON Thomas Tilting
SEXTON Kate Tilting
SEXTON Herbert Tilting
SEXTON Clarence Tilting
SEXTON Philomena Tilting
SEXTON Michael Tilting
SEXTON Patrick Tilting
SEXTON Aggie Tilting
SANDY Peter Tilting
SANDY Josie Tilting
SANDY Patrick Tilting
SANDY Edward Cape Cove
SANDY Bernard Cape Cove
SANDY Philip Cape Cove
SANDY Alonzo Cape Cove
SANDY Cecilia Cape Cove
SANDY Mary Ann Cape Cove
SANDY Arthur Cape Cove
SANDY William Cape Cove
SANDY Martin Cape Cove
SANDY Samuel Cape Cove
SANDY Pierce Cape Cove
SANDY Alice Cape Cove
SANDY Emily Cape Cove
SANDY Lambert Cape Cove
SANDY Kate Cape Cove
SANDY Ronald Cape Cove
SANDY Emily, Sr. Cape Cove
WALSH Clara Tilting
WALSH Richard Tilting

Transcribed By: Daniel B. Breen (2002)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday February 20, 2013 (Don Tate)
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