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1928 Voter's List


Fogo District
List of Persons Entitled to Vote in the Election of One Member
of the House of Assembly for the District of Fogo

Males: 21 years and upwards.
Females: 25 years and upwards
Revising Magistrate - N. Short
BOONE Isaac Little Seldom
BOONE Sarah Little Seldom
BOONE Frederick Little Seldom
BOONE Harriett Little Seldom
BOONE Martha Little Seldom
BOONE Thomas Seldom
BOONE John Charles Seldom
BOONE Bertha Seldom
BOONE Charles Seldom
BUDDEN Bartholomew Little Seldom
BUDDEN Daniel Little Seldom
BUDDEN Bridget Little Seldom
BUDDEN Richard Little Seldom
BUDDEN Bertha Little Seldom
BUDDEN George Little Seldom
BUDDEN Elijah Little Seldom
BUDDEN Elfreda Little Seldom
BUDGELL Amphilius Wild Cove
BUDGELL Aexander (sic) Wild Cove
BUDGELL Charlotte Wild Cove
BUDGELL Joseph Wild Cove
BUDGELL Wilfred Wild Cove
BUDGELL John Wild Cove
BUDGELL Samuel Wild Cove
COMBDEN William Wild Cove
COMBDEN Sophia Ann Wild Cove
COMBDEN Adelaide Wild Cove
COMBDEN Cyril B. Wild Cove
COMBDEN Mary Ann Wild Cove
COMBDEN Esau Seldom
COMBDEN Priscilla Seldom
COLLINS Frederick of Tim. Seldom
COLLINS Lavinia Seldom
COLLINS Frederick Seldom
COLLINS Timothy Cann Island
COLLINS Jessie Cann Island
COLLINS Isaac Seldom
COLLINS Matilda Seldom
DAWE Solomon of Sol. Seldom
DAWE Phebe Seldom
DAWE Theophilus Seldom
DAWE Eliza Seldom
DAWE Arthur Seldom
DAWE Roland Seldom
DAWE Cecil Seldom
DAWE Harvey Seldom
DAWE James Seldom
DAWE Elizabeth Seldom
DAWE Claude Seldom
DAWE Azariah Seldom
DAWE Clementine Seldom
DAWE Albert Seldom
DAWE John Seldom
DAWE Hubert Seldom
DAWE Ethel Seldom
DAWE Eliol Seldom
DAWE Edith Seldom
DAWE Dorman Seldom
DAWE Solomon of Sam. Seldom
DAWE Laura Seldom
DAWE Samuel Seldom
DAWE Emma Jane Seldom
DAWE Llewellyn Seldom
EVEIGHLEY Dorcas Wild Cove
EVEIGHLEY Edward Wild Cove
EVEIGHLEY Archibald Wild Cove
EVEIGHLEY Esau Wild Cove
GATEHOUSE Gilbert Seldom
GATEHOUSE Eloise Seldom
GREEN Aubrey Seldom
GREEN Louisa Seldom
GREEN Peter Seldom
GREEN Norah Seldom
HARNETT Samuel Seldom
HARNETT Priscilla Seldom
HARNETT Mary Ann Seldom
HARNETT Arthur Seldom
HARNETT Mark of Wm. Seldom
HARNETT Mark of Arthur Seldom
HARNETT William Henry Seldom
HARNETT Hannah Seldom
HARNETT Joseph Wm. Seldom
HARNETT Priscilla Seldom
HOLMES Frederick Seldom
HOLMES Alfred Seldom
HOLMES Lucy Seldom
HOLMES George Seldom
HOLMES Frank Seldom
HOLMES Louisa Seldom
HOLMES Harold Seldom
HOLMES Rachel Seldom
HOLMES May Ann Seldom
HOLMES Samuel Seldom
HOLMES Beatrice Seldom
HOLMES Arthur Wm Seldom
HOLMES Ernest Seldom
HOLMES Sidney Seldom
HOLMES Annie Seldom
HOLMES Herbert Seldom
HOLMES Eliza Seldom
HUSSEY Edgar Seldom
HUSSEY Abigal Seldom
MORGAN Edward Wild Cove
NEWELL Emma Seldom
NEWELL Florence Seldom
NEWELL Selina Seldom
NEWELL May Seldom
NICKO Arthur Seldom
NICKO Susannah Seldom
NICKO George Seldom
NICKO Clara Seldom
NICKO Albert Seldom
NICKO Emily Seldom
NICKO John Seldom
NICKO Mary Jane Seldom
NICKO Leonard Seldom
NICKO Clementine Seldom
NICKO Frances Seldom
PERRY Ellen Seldom
PENNY Joseph Seldom
PENNY Jessie Seldom
PENNY Gertie Seldom
PARSONS Elizabeth Seldom
PENNY Eliol Seldom
PENNY Fanny Seldom
PENNY Enos Seldom
PENNY Wilhelmina Seldom
PENNY Frank Seldom
PENNY Lewis Seldom
PENNY Priscilla Seldom
PENNY Andrew Seldom
PENNY George Little Seldom
PENNY Aguilla Little Seldom
PENNY Reuben Little Seldom
PENNY Jemiam (sic) Little Seldom
PENNY John Little Seldom
PENNY Fanny Little Seldom
PENNY Mark Little Seldom
PENNY Lavinia Little Seldom
PENNY Herbert Little Seldom
PENNY Norman Little Seldom
PENNY Kenneth Little Seldom
PENNY Minnie Little Seldom
PENNY Arthur Little Seldom
PENNY Jordan Little Seldom
PENNY Eliza Little Seldom
RANDELL Alfred Seldom
ROWE Archibald Seldom
ROWE Drucilla Seldom
ROWE Mark S. Seldom
ROWE Elbridge Seldom
ROWE Jessie Seldom
ROWE John D. Seldom
ROWE frank Seldom
ROWE Gasker (sic) Allen Seldom
ROWE Julia Ann Seldom
ROWE Dinah Seldom
ROWE Elijah B. Seldom
ROWE Rachel Seldom
ROWE Lemuel Seldom
ROWE Sarah Seldom
ROWE Allen Seldom
ROWE Ethel Seldom
ROWE Reginald Seldom
SCOTT Frederick D. Seldom
SCOTT Ethel May Seldom
SIMMS William Wild Cove
SIMMS Sarah Wild Cove
SIMMS Joshua Wild Cove
SIMMS Ruth Jane Wild Cove
SIMMS Thomas Wild Cove
SIMMS Edith Wild Cove

Transcribed By: Daniel B. Breen (2002)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday February 20, 2013 (Don Tate)
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