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1928 Voter's List


Harbour Main District

I hereby certify that the following
is a correct list of persons entitled
to vote in the election of two
members of the House of Assembly
for the District of Harbour Main.

Revising Magistrate
Harbour Main, March 3, 1928

No. Christian Name and Surname Place of Abode Qualification
2615 Anthony, Robert Seal Cove For Males 21yrs
2616 Anthony, Elizabeth Seal Cove For Females 25 up
2617 Anthony, Isaac Seal Cove  
2618 Anthony, Gertrude Seal Cove  
2619 Butler, Robert Seal Cove  
2620 Butler, Jacob Seal Cove  
2621 Butler, Charlie Seal Cove  
2622 Butler, Emma Seal Cove  
2623 Butler, Reuben Seal Cove  
2624 Butler, Samuel Seal Cove  
2625 Butler, Matilda Seal Cove  
2626 Carney, Robert Seal Cove  
2627 Carney, Mary A Seal Cove  
2628 Carney, Mary Seal Cove  
2629 Coveyduck, Rebecca Seal Cove  
2630 Dowden, Thos Seal Cove  
2631 Dowden, Sarah Seal Cove  
2632 Dawe, Robert Seal Cove  
2633 Dowden, William Seal Cove  
2634 Dawe, Albert Seal Cove  
2635 Dowden, Eli Seal Cove  
2636 Dawe, Mary Seal Cove  
2637 Dawe, Eli Seal Cove  
2638 Dawe, Jessie Seal Cove  
2639 Dawe, Samuel Seal Cove  
2640 Dawe, Edith Seal Cove  
2641 Dawe, Isaac Seal Cove  
2642 Dawe, Emma Seal Cove  
2643 Dawe, James Seal Cove  
2644 Dawe, Joseph Seal Cove  
2645 Dawe, Elizabeth Seal Cove  
2646 Dawe, Isaac Seal Cove  
2647 Lear, Jacob Seal Cove  
2648 Lear, Susie Seal Cove  
2649 Lear, Henry Seal Cove  
2650 Lear, Sarah Seal Cove  
2651 Morgan, James Seal Cove  
2652 Morgan, Emily Seal Cove  
2653 Morgan, William Seal Cove  
2654 Morgan, Gilbert Seal Cove  
2655 Morgan, Fred Seal Cove  
2656 Morgan, Alvina Seal Cove  
2657 Morgan, Reuben Seal Cove  
2658 Morgan, William Seal Cove  
2659 Morgan, Emily Seal Cove  
2660 Mrgan, Isaac Seal Cove  
2661 Morgan, Effie Seal Cove  
2662 Morgan, Mary Seal Cove  
2663 Morgan, Abram Seal Cove  
2664 Martin, Elsie Seal Cove  
2665 Morgan, Abram Seal Cove  
2666 Morgan, Emily Seal Cove  
2667 Vaters, Mark Seal Cove  
2668 Vaters, Elsie Seal Cove  

Transcribed By: Judy Barker (February, 2002)

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