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1928 Voter's List

Port Blandford

Bonavista South District

Qualification: Males 21 Years and Upward;
Females 25 Years and Upward

No. Surname of Each Elector Christian Name Place of Abode
27Blackmore GeorgePort Blandford
28Blackmore EleanorPort Blandford
29Blackmore Job K.Port Blandford
30Blackmore Rose B.Port Blandford
31Blandford Herbert J.Port Blandford
32Blandford PriscellaPort Blandford
33Blandford FrancesPort Blandford
34Brown JosephPort Blandford
35Brown ReubenPort Blandford
36Brown DorcasPort Blandford
37Burden HaywardPort Blandford
38Carpenter ThomasPort Blandford
39Carpenter John H.Port Blandford
40Carpenter Mary A.Port Blandford
41Carpenter RuthPort Blandford
42Carpenter JamesPort Blandford
43Carpenter CatherinePort Blandford
44Cook Garnel (t?)Port Blandford
45Cook Elizabeth M.Port Blandford
46Courage J. R.Port Blandford
47Courage ProvidencePort Blandford
48Chafe NathanielPort Blandford
49Chafe JuliaPort Blandford
50Curtis SarahPort Blandford
51Chatman MaryPort Blandford
52Chatman StephenPort Blandford
53Chatman ClaraPort Blandford
54Cross EverettPort Blandford
55Cross EmmalinePort Blandford
56Efford EmmalinePort Blandford
57Efford George A.Port Blandford
58Ford NoahPort Blandford
59Ford Augustus B.Port Blandford
60Garrett JacobPort Blandford
61Garrett LucyPort Blandford
62Garrett JosephPort Blandford
63Garrett LaviniaPort Blandford
64Garrett ThomasPort Blandford
65Garrett AnniePort Blandford
66Garrett NoahPort Blandford
67Garrett MariaPort Blandford
68Garrett Daniel J.Port Blandford
69Greening William M.Port Blandford
70Greening ThomasPort Blandford
71Greening WillisPort Blandford
72Greening IsabellaPort Blandford
73Greening Albert E.Port Blandford
74Greening Sarah G.Port Blandford
75Greening Robert J.Port Blandford
76Greening AnniePort Blandford
77Greening William JosephPort Blandford
78Greening SamuelPort Blandford
79Greening MaryPort Blandford
80Greening HeberPort Blandford
81Greening IrenePort Blandford
82Greening Thomas F.Port Blandford
83Greening Jessie A.Port Blandford
84Greening George H.Port Blandford
85Greening Elizabeth MacK.Port Blandford
86Greening HezekiahPort Blandford
87Greening CarriePort Blandford
88Greening JacksonPort Blandford
89Greening AnniePort Blandford
90Greening James A.Port Blandford
91Greening Edward T.Port Blandford
92Greening Lulu T.Port Blandford
93Greening John srPort Blandford
94Greening Wm of JnoPort Blandford
95Greening SarahPort Blandford
96Harris AlbertPort Blandford
97Harris EdwardPort Blandford
98Harris ClementPort Blandford
99Harris DeborahPort Blandford
100Harris ElizabethPort Blandford
101Harris ChesleyPort Blandford
102Harris WilliamPort Blandford
103Harris John G.Port Blandford
104Harris JessiePort Blandford
105Harris Mary E.Port Blandford
106Hefferman JohnPort Blandford
107Hefferman HenryPort Blandford
108Hefferman BeatricePort Blandford
109Habgood GeorgePort Blandford
110Habgood CarolinePort Blandford
111Hoskins SusanPort Blandford
112Hoskins CarriePort Blandford
113Hunt DanielPort Blandford
114Hunt JessiePort Blandford
115Howe ThomasPort Blandford
116Howe SelinaPort Blandford
117Holloway BarneyPort Blandford
118Holloway ClaraPort Blandford
119Holloway JobPort Blandford
120Holloway Mary AnnPort Blandford
121Holloway JohnPort Blandford
122Holloway William J.Port Blandford
123Holloway Alice M.`Port Blandford
124Holloway CharlottePort Blandford
125Holloway AlexanderPort Blandford
126Holloway Mary A.Port Blandford
127Hynes RonaldPort Blandford
128Hynes ElsiePort Blandford
129Knee AdamPort Blandford
130Knee SusannahPort Blandford
131Knee CliffordPort Blandford
132Knee ClaraPort Blandford
133Keats TheodorePort Blandford
134Keats Mary L.Port Blandford
135Lear Henry W.Port Blandford
136Lear SusannahPort Blandford
137Moss John of ThosPort Blandford
138Moss JamesPort Blandford
139Moss Ethel M.Port Blandford
140Moss W. J. Port Blandford
141Moss AnniePort Blandford
142Napper EmilyPort Blandford
143Oldford WilliamPort Blandford
144Oldford SusannahPort Blandford
145Oldford AlbertPort Blandford
146Oldford AlexanderPort Blandford
147Oldford ElsiePort Blandford
148Pardy ReubenPort Blandford
149Pardy AgnesPort Blandford
150Pardy AlfredPort Blandford
151Pardy RichardPort Blandford
152Pardy Joseph Sr.Port Blandford
153Pardy JessiePort Blandford
154Pardy Joseph Jr.Port Blandford
155Pardy ArthurPort Blandford
156Pardy RebeccaPort Blandford
157Peddle WilliamPort Blandford
158Peddle GeorgePort Blandford
159Peddle HumpheyPort Blandford
160Peddle EthelPort Blandford
161Peddle JohnPort Blandford
162Peddle RebeccaPort Blandford
163Peddle EdwardPort Blandford
164Peddle LeahPort Blandford
165Peddle HuberPort Blandford
166Peddle AmyPort Blandford
167Peddle AndrewPort Blandford
168Peddle JamesPort Blandford
169Pearcey WilliamPort Blandford
170Pearcy EmilyPort Blandford
171Pelley DPort Blandford
172Pelley ElizaPort Blandford
173Pelley LawrencePort Blandford
174Pelley ErminaPort Blandford
175Quinton MarthaPort Blandford
176Rowsell Jas R.Port Blandford
177Rowsell SamuelPort Blandford
178Rowsell JohnPort Blandford
179Rowsell AndrewPort Blandford
180Rowsell BridgetPort Blandford
181Roach Joseph W.Port Blandford
182Roach WilliamPort Blandford
183Ricketts BenjaminPort Blandford
184Ricketts FannyPort Blandford
185Ralph SilasPort Blandford
186Ralph AmeliaPort Blandford
187Stares JohnPort Blandford
188Stares Pearl V.Port Blandford
189Stares EmmaPort Blandford
190Stares RichardPort Blandford
191Stead ErnestPort Blandford
192Stead JessePort Blandford
193Stead FredrickPort Blandford
194Stead SusiePort Blandford
195Stead John T.Port Blandford
196Stead RebeccaPort Blandford
197Stead BenjaminPort Blandford
198Sexton HerbertPort Blandford
199Stanfield SamuelPort Blandford
200Stanfield CarolinePort Blandford
201Stone AmbrosePort Blandford
202Stone IrenePort Blandford
203Stone A. J.Port Blandford
204Stone VictoriaPort Blandford
205Squires JobPort Blandford
206Squires LouisaPort Blandford
207Squires ElizabethPort Blandford
208Trask MaryPort Blandford
209Throke JamesPort Blandford
210Throke ClaraPort Blandford
211Webber AnniePort Blandford
212Webber SusanPort Blandford
213White RobertPort Blandford
214White IrenePort Blandford
215Wicks JamesPort Blandford
216Wicks ElizabethPort Blandford
217Wicks RichardPort Blandford
218Wicks Mary A.Port Blandford
219Wells Levi JamesPort Blandford
220Wells ElizabethPort Blandford
221Wheeler GeorgePort Blandford

Transcribed By: Peter Godfrey (January, 2002)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday February 20, 2013 (Don Tate)
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