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1928 Voter's List


Harbour Main District

I hereby certify that the following
is a correct list of persons entitled
to vote in the election of two
members of the House of Assembly
for the District of Harbour Main.

Revising Magistrate
Harbour Main, March 3, 1928

No. Christian Name and Surname Place of Abode Qualification
4154 Clark, Robert Paradise For Males 21yrs up
4155 Clark, Susannah Paradise For Males 21yrs up
4156 Clark, John Paradise  
4157 Clark, Clara Paradise  
4158 Clark, William Paradise  
4159 Coomes, William Paradise  
4160 Drover, Ernest Paradise  
4161 Drover, Clara Paradise  
4162 Gosse, Mose Paradise  
4163 Gosse, Richard Paradise  
4164 Gosse, Elizabeth Paradise  
4165 Gosse, William Paradise  
4166 Hussy, Mary Paradise  
4167 Hussy, Robert Paradise  
4168 Hussy, Robert Paradise  
4169 Hussy, Nathaniel Paradise  
4170 Hussy, Rebecca Paradise  
4171 Janes, Ambrose Paradise  
4172 Janes, Amelia Paradise  
4173 Janes, Bertram Paradise  
4174 Janes, Bertha Paradise  
4175 Lynch, Joseph Paradise  
4176 Lynch, Clara Paradise  
4177 Lynch, David Paradise  
4178 Lynch, Chesley Paradise  
4179 Lynch, Marion Paradise  
4180 Lynch, Joseph Paradise  
4181 Lynch, John Paradise  
4182 Lynch, John C Paradise  
4183 Lynch, Jamima Paradise  
4184 McCarthy, Richard Paradise  
4185 McCarthy, Francis Paradise  
4186 Murphy, Robert Paradise  
4187 Murphy, Mary Paradise  
4188 Murphy, Michael Paradise  
4189 Murphy, Elizabeth Paradise  
4190 Murphy, Bernard Paradise  
4191 Murphy, William Paradise  
4192 Parsons, William Paradise  
4193 Parsons, Margaret Paradise  
4194 Sharp, Arch Paradise  
4105 Sharp, James Paradise  
4196 Sharp, Mary Paradise  
4197 Sharp, Thomas Paradise  
4198 Sharp, Julia Paradise  
4199 Sears, Leo Paradise  
4200 Whalen, Paul Paradise  
4201 Whalen, Mary Paradise  

Transcribed By: Judy Barker (February, 2002)

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