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1928 Voter's List

Nagle's Hill Section

St. John's East District

List of Persons Entitled to Vote in the Election Of One Member
for the House of Assembly for the District of St. John's East.

No. Christian Name Surname Place of Abode
2442 Adams, ? Allandale Rd.
2443 Adams, ? Allandale Rd.
2444 Andrews, ? Sandpit Rd.
2445 Andrews, ? Sandpit Rd.
2446 Boyles, Levi Allandale Rd.
2447 Barnes, Charles Allandale Rd.
2448 Barnes, Daisy Allandale Rd.
2449 Bungay, Isobel Allandale Rd.
2450 Barnes, Lilian Burton's Pond
2451 Barnes, James Burton's Pond
2452 Bursey, Fred Burton's Pond
2453 Bursey, Lizzie M. Burton's Pond
2454 Brennan, Ellen Oxen Pond Rd.
2455 Brennan, Edward Oxen Pond Rd.
2456 Butt, Margaret Oxen Pond Rd.
2457 Butt, William Oxen Pond Rd.
2458 Bastow, Fred Thorburn Rd.
2459 Bastow, Bessie Thorburn Rd.
2460 Bell, William Mount Scio Rd.
2461 Bell, Elizabeth Mount Scio Rd.
2462 Bell, George Nagle's Hill Rd.
2463 Bell, Isabel Nagle's Hill Rd.
2464 Bell, Elizabeth Nagle's Hill Rd.
2465 Barnes, William Long Pond Rd.
2466 Barnes, Phoebe Long Pond Rd.
2467 Barnes, Margaret Allandale Rd.
2468 Barnes, Alex Allandale Rd.
2469 Barnes, Frank Newtown Rd.
2470 Brothers, Veronica Oxen Pond Rd.
2471 Barnes, Ada Allandale Rd.
2472 Barnes, Nellie Allandale Rd.
2473 Carter, Fanny Carpasian Rd.
2474 Coady, Michael Allandale Rd.
2475 Coady, Mary Allandale Rd.
2476 Corbett, Patrick Allandale Rd.
2477 Corbett, Catherine Allandale Rd.
2478 Crocker, Edna Sandpit Rd.
2479 Coefield, Annie Sandpit Rd.
2480 Coefield, William Sandpit Rd.
2481 Clarke, John H. Burton's Pond
2482 Clarke, Henry Burton's Pond
2483 Clarke, Jane E. Burton's Pond
2484 Clayton, William Newtown Rd.
2485 Clayton, Frances Newtown Rd.
2486 Coffin, Charles Freshwater Rd.
2487 Coffin, Louise Freshwater Rd.
2488 Courish, James Freshwater Rd.
2489 Courish, Ellen Freshwater Rd.
2490 Coefield, James Freshwater Rd.
2491 Coefield, Elizabeth Freshwater Rd.
2492 Crummey, Lewis Mount Scio Rd.
2493 Crummey, Hilda Mount Scio Rd.
2494 Curtis,Rhodina Long Pond Rd.
2495 Duder, Margaret Carpasian Rd.
2496 Dyer, Denis Allandale Rd.
2497 Dyer, Elizabeth Allandale Rd.
2498 Dyer, Jack Allandale Rd.
2499 Dewling, Stewart Allandale Rd.
2500 Dewling, Ethel Allandale Rd.
2501 Davis, Kate Long Pond Rd.
2502 Driscoll, Emma Lamb's Lane
2503 Driscoll, Elias Lamb's Lane
2504 Duff, John Lamb's Lane
2505 Duff, Nellie Lamb's Lane
2506 Dodd, James Oxen Pond Rd.
2507 Dodd, Lilian Oxen Pond Rd.
2508 Dwyer, Catherine Nagle's Hill Rd.
2509 Dwyer, Michael Nagle's Hill Rd.
2510 Dwyer, Martin Nagle's Hill Rd.
2511 Dwyer, Fred Nagle's Hill Rd.
2512 Dwyer, Elizabeth Nagle's Hill Rd.
2513 Edmonds, Julia Carpasian Rd.
2514 English, Anna Allandale Rd.
2515 English, John Allandale Rd.
2516 Edgecombe, Elizabeth Burton's Pond
2517 English, Mary Oxen Pond Rd.
2518 English, Arthur Oxen Pond Rd.
2519 Escott, William Allandale Rd.
2520 Escott, Violet Allandale Rd.
2521 English, Elizabeth Oxen Pond Rd.
2522 Furlong, Patrick Long Pond Rd.
2523 Furlong, Fred Long Pond Rd.
2524 Furlong, James Long Pond Rd.
2525 Frost, William Allandale Rd.
2526 Frost, Annie Maud Allandale Rd.
2527 Furlong, Annie Long Pond Rd.
2528 Furlong, Laurence Long Pond Rd.
2529 Furlong, Catherine Long Pond Rd.
2530 Furlong, Annie Long Pond Rd.
2531 Furlong, Bride Long Pond Rd.
2532 Furlong, Ellen Long Pond Rd.
2533 Furneaux, John (Dr) Burton's Pond
2534 Furneaux, May Burton's Pond
2535 Fairley, David Newtown Rd.
2536 Fagan, Azariah Lamb's Lane
2537 Fagan, Eliza Lamb's Lane
2538 Francis, Gordon Oxen Pond Rd.
2539 Francis, Robert Oxen Pond Rd.
2540 Francis, Mary Oxen Pond Rd.
2541 Freeman, Ella Allandale Rd.
2542 Freeman, William Allandale Rd.
2543 Godden, Joseph Allandale Rd.
2544 Godden, Mabel Allandale Rd.
2545 Godden, Sylvia Allandale Rd.
2546 Garland, Benjamin Allandale Rd.
2547 Garland, Susy Allandale Rd.
2548 Greene, Laurence (Sr) Allandale Rd.
2549 Greene, Bride Allandale Rd.
2550 Greene, Laurence (Jr) Allandale Rd.
2551 Greene, Lilian Allandale Rd.
2552 Greene, Nellie Allandale Rd.
2553 Hartery, Bride Long Pond Rd.
2554 Harnum, Kenneth Allandale Rd.
2555 Harnum, May Allandale Rd.
2556 Halliday, James Newtown Rd.
2557 Halliday, Edward A. Newtown Rd.
2558 Halliday, Guy Newtown Rd.
2559 Halliday, Harold Newtown Rd.
2560 Halliday, Bertha Newtown Rd.
2561 Hanlon, Hattie Allandale Rd.
2562 Hafey, William Freshwater Rd.
2563 Hafey, Mary Freshwater Rd.
2564 Hanlon, Michael Mount Scio Rd.
2565 Hanlon, Marietta Mount Scio Rd.
2566 Hanlon, Robert Mount Scio Rd.
2567 Hanlon, Ann Mount Scio Rd.
2568 Hanlon, Mary Mount Scio Rd.
2569 Hall, George Mount Scio Rd.
2570 Hall, Martha Mount Scio Rd.
2571 Hall, Chesley Mount Scio Rd.
2572 Hanlon, Robert Nagle's Hill Rd.
2573 Hanlon, Nellie Nagle's Hill Rd.
2574 Halliday, Mary Nagle's Hill Rd.
2575 Halliday, William Nagle's Hill Rd.
2576 Halliday, Edward Nagle's Hill Rd.
2577 Halliday, Blanche Nagle's Hill Rd.
2578 Howell, William Long Pond Rd.
2579 Howell, Ethel Long Pond Rd.
2580 Hodder, Wilson Nagle's Hill Rd.
2581 Hodder, Minnie Nagle's Hill Rd.
2582 Henry, James Mount Scio Rd.
2583 Hewitt, Stephen Allandale Rd.
2584 Hewitt, Amelia Allandale Rd.
2585 Ivany, Elizabeth Oxen Pond Rd.
2586 Ivany, William Oxen Pond Rd.
2587 Ivany, John Oxen Pond Rd.
2588 Job, Alice Rostellan
2589 Job, Robert B. Rostellan
2590 Jones, Edgar Allandale Rd.
2591 Jones, Phoebe Allandale Rd.
2592 Jenkinson, John Freshwater Rd.
2593 Jenkinson, Anna Freshwater Rd.
2594 Joyce, Matthew Nagle's Hill Rd.
2595 Joyce, Cicely Nagle's Hill Rd.
2596 Kelloway, Lily Sandpit Rd.
2597 Kelly, Patrick Sandpit Rd.
2598 Kelly, Elizabeth Sandpit Rd.
2599 Kearney, George Long Pond Rd.
2600 Kearney, Anna Long Pond Rd.
2601 Learning, George Lamb's Lane
2602 Learning, Sarah Lamb's Lane
2603 Linegar, Thomas Freshwater Rd.
2604 Linegar, Catherine Freshwater Rd.
2605 Linegar, Patrick Freshwater Rd.
2606 LeDrew, Henry Allandale Rd.
2607 LeDrew, Janet Allandale Rd.
2608 LeDrew, Mary Long Pond Rd.
2609 Miller, Azariah Rostellan
2610 Miller, Maud Rostellan
2611 Morrissey, Frank Long Pond Rd.
2612 Morrissey, John Long Pond Rd.
2613 Morrissey, Althea Long Pond Rd.
2614 Mallam, Emmeline Allandale Rd.
2615 Mugford, Alice Long Pond Rd.
2616 Marshall, Elizabeth Sandpit Rd.
2617 Marshall, Matthew Sandpit Rd.
2618 Morris, Elizabeth Lamb's Lane
2619 Murrin, David Lamb's Lane
2620 Murrin, Alice Lamb's Lane
2621 Manuel, Gladys Oxen Pond Rd.
2622 Murphy, Thomas Nagle's Hill Rd.
2623 Miller, Anannias Rostellan
2624 McGrath, Scanlon Long Pond Rd.
2625 McGrath, Frank Long Pond Rd.
2626 McGrath, Mary Long Pond Rd.
2627 McGrath, Alice Long Pond Rd.
2628 McCrindle, David Allandale Rd.
2629 McCrindle, Max Allandale Rd.
2630 McCrindle, Bertha Allandale Rd.
2631 McDonald, Thomas Sandpit Rd.
2632 McDonald, Nellie Sandpit Rd.
2633 McGuire, Daniel Oxen Pond Rd.
2634 McGuire, Margaret Oxen Pond Rd.
2635 McGrath, Andrew Oxen Pond Rd.
2636 McDonald, Richard Mount Scio Rd.
2637 McDonald, Annie Mount Scio Rd.
2638 Norcott, Jean Oxen Pond Rd.
2639 O'Leary, James Oxen Pond Rd.
2640 O'Leary, John Oxen Pond Rd.
2641 O'Leary, Catherine Oxen Pond Rd.
2642 O'Brien, Margaret Oxen Pond Rd.
2643 O'Brien, Denis Oxen Pond Rd.
2644 O'Reilly, Patrick Long Pond Rd.
2645 O'Reilly, Margaret Long Pond Rd.
2646 Owens, Thomas Mount Scio Rd.
2647 Owens, Sadie Mount Scio Rd.
2648 Oakley, William Nagle's Hill Rd.
2649 O'Brien, John Thorburn Rd.
2650 Phelan, John Long Pond Rd.
2651 Phelan, Ellen Long Pond Rd.
2652 Parrell, Bride Allandale Rd.
2653 Parrell, Mamie Allandale Rd.
2654 Parrell, William (Sr) Allandale Rd.
2655 Parrell, William (Jr) Allandale Rd.
2656 Parrell, Leo Allandale Rd.
2657 Philips, Geore Allandale Rd.
2658 Philips, Nellie Allandale Rd.
2659 Philips, Ernest Allandale Rd.
2660 Power, Edward Oxen Pond Rd.
2661 Power, Sarah Oxen Pond Rd.
2662 Philips, Frank Thorburn Rd.
2663 Purcell, Peter Mount Scio Rd.
2664 Purcell, Louise Mount Scio Rd.
2665 Purcell, James Mount Scio Rd.
2666 Purcell, Louisa Mount Scio Rd.
2667 Power, Mary Nagle's Hill Rd.
2668 Power, Edward Nagle's Hill Rd.
2669 Pike, William Long Pond Rd.
2670 Pike, Jane Long Pond Rd.
2671 Prowse, Jane Allandale Rd.
2672 Prowse, Charles Allandale Rd.
2673 Pearce, Leonard Lamb's Lane
2674 Quigley, George Ouigley Lane
2675 Rees, George Allandale Rd.
2676 Rees, Muriel Allandale Rd.
2677 Ryan, Susy Long Pond Rd.
2678 Ryan, Joseph Long Pond Rd.
2679 Ralph, Abel Sandpit Rd.
2680 Rees, Alfred Allandale Rd.
2681 Rees, Daisy Allandale Rd.
2682 Roberts, Herbert Oxen Pond Rd.
2683 Roberts, George Oxen Pond Rd.
2684 Roberts, Jennie Oxen Pond Rd.
2685 Ring, Frances Allandale Rd.
2686 Ring, Thomas Allandale Rd.
2687 Ring, William Allandale Rd.
2688 Snow, Isaac Allandale Rd.
2689 Snow, Eliza Allandale Rd.
2690 Squires, Joseph Mount Scio Rd.
2691 Squires, Alexandra Mount Scio Rd.
2692 Smith, Samuel Newtown Rd.
2693 Smith, Elizabeth Newtown Rd.
2694 Small, Minnie Sandpit Rd.
2695 Small, Joseph Sandpit Rd.
2696 Shllivan, Maud Long Pond Rd.
2697 Stephenson, Alf (Sr) Long Pond Rd.
2698 Stephenson, Emma Long Pond Rd.
2699 Stephenson, Alf (Jr) Long Pond Rd.
2700 Stephenson, Glayds Long Pond Rd.
2701 Taylor, Maurice Job Rostellan Farm
2702 Taylor, Mary Allandale Rd.
2703 Walsh, James Carpasian Rd.
2704 Walsh, Elsie Carpasian Rd.
2705 Williams, Charlotte Carpasian Rd.
2706 Williams, Geo. R. Carpasian Rd.
2707 Wall, Margaret Long Pond Rd.
2708 Wall, William Allandale Rd.
2709 Whiteway, Lydia Allandale Rd.
2710 Way, Ellen Allandale Rd.
2711 Way, Ernest Allandale Rd.
2712 White, Maud Sandpit Rd.
2713 Walker, Eric Newtown Rd.
2714 Weir, James Newtown Rd.
2715 Weir, Edward Newtown Rd.
2716 Wickham, Patrick Thorburn Rd.
2717 Wickham, Mary Thorburn Rd.
2718 Walsh, Frank Mount Scio Rd.
2719 Walsh, Margaret Mount Scio Rd.
2720 Walsh, Thomas Nagle's Hill Rd.
2721 Walsh, Elizabeth Nagle's Hill Rd.
2722 Walsh, Ellen Nagle's Hill Rd.

Transcribed By: Unknown (December, 2001)

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