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1928 Voter's List


Bonavista South District

Qualification: Males 21 Years and Upward;
Females 25 Years and Upward

No. Surname Christian Name Place of Abode
532Brown EliasMusgravetown
533Brown Mrs. EliasMusgravetown
534Brown NellieMusgravetown
535Brown EdgarMusgravetown
536Brown ThomasMusgravetown
537Butler Rev. W.R.Musgravetown
538Butler Mrs. W. R.Musgravetown
539Cheffy JamesMusgravetown
540Cheffy Mrs. JamesMusgravetown
541Cheffey CharlesMusgravetown
542Cheffey Mrs. CharlesMusgravetown
543Cheffey AlbertMusgravetown
544Cheffey Mrs. AlbertMusgravetown
545Cheffey IsaacMusgravetown
546Cheffey Mrs. IsaacMusgravetown
547Cheffey Mrs. WmMusgravetown
548Cheffey Mrs. JohnMusgravetown
549Cheffey James A. Musgravetown
550Cheffer Mrs. Jas A.Musgravetown
551Cheffey EdmundMusgravetown
552Cheffey Mrs. EdmundMusgravetown
553Dominey ErnestMusgravetown
554Dominey Mrs. ErnestMusgravetown
555Ford Capt. S. ArmyMusgravetown
556Ford Mrs. Capt.Musgravetown
557Greening FrederickMusgravetown
558Greening Mrs. FredMusgravetown
559Greening JosephMusgravetown
560Greening Mrs. JosephMusgravetown
561Greening BaxterMusgravetown
562Greening JohnMusgravetown
563Greening SylvesterMusgravetown
564Greening GideonMusgravetown
565Greening Mrs. GideonMusgravetown
566Greening ElihuMusgravetown
567Greening EliasMusgravetown
568Greening Mrs. EliasMusgravetown
569Greening Mrs. WmMusgravetown
570Greening EliMusgravetown
571Greening Mrs. EliMusgravetown
572Greening GarlandMusgravetown
573Greening ChesleyMusgravetown
574Greening WilliamMusgravetown
575Greening Mrs. WilliamMusgravetown
576Greening Charles E.Musgravetown
577Greening Mrs. Charles E.Musgravetown
578Greening WalterMusgravetown
579Greening GeorgeMusgravetown
580Greening Mrs. GeorgeMusgravetown
581Greening John A.Musgravetown
582Greening Mrs. John A.Musgravetown
583Greening EliolMusgravetown
584Greening ReginaldMusgravetown
585Greening JosephMusgravetown
586Greening Mrs. JosephMusgravetown
587Greening JohnMusgravetown
588Greening Mrs. JohnMusgravetown
589Greening CleophasMusgravetown
590Greening Mrs. CleophasMusgravetown
591Greening William E.Musgravetown
592Greening Mrs. William E.Musgravetown
593Greening JohnMusgravetown
594Humby WilliamMusgravetown
595Humby Mrs. WilliamMusgravetown
596Humby HezekiahMusgravetown
597Humby JohnMusgravetown
598Humby Mrs. JohnMusgravetown
599Ivany JamesMusgravetown
600Ivany Mrs. JamesMusgravetown
601Keats SamuelMusgravetown
602Keats Mrs. SamuelMusgravetown
603Little JamesMusgravetown
604Little Mrs. JamesMusgravetown
605Little JohnMusgravetown
606Little James A.Musgravetown
607Matthews AlfredMusgravetown
608Matthews Mrs. AlfredMusgravetown
609Matthews LeonMusgravetown
610Matthews Mrs. LeonMusgravetown
611Matthews JosephMusgravetown
612Matthews Mrs. JosephMusgravetown
613Matthews PercieMusgravetown
614Matthews Mrs. PercieMusgravetown
615Matthews JohnMusgravetown
616Matthews Mrs. JohnMusgravetown
617Matthews KennethMusgravetown
618Matthews Mrs. KennethMusgravetown
619Matthews AsaphMusgravetown
620Matthews GeorgeMusgravetown
621Matthews Mrs. GeorgeMusgravetown
622Matthews IshmaelMusgravetown
623Matthews Mrs. IshmaelMusgravetown
624Matthews WilliamMusgravetown
625Matthews Mrs. WilliamMusgravetown
626Muggridge JohnMusgravetown
627Muggridge Mrs. JohnMusgravetown
628Oldford Wm P.Musgravetown
629Oldford Mrs. Wm P.Musgravetown
630Oldford EldonMusgravetown
631Oldford Duncan A.Musgravetown
632Oldford Mrs. Duncan A.Musgravetown
633Oldford LeonardMusgravetown
634Oldford Mrs. LeonardMusgravetown
635Oldford WilliamMusgravetown
636Oldford Mrs. WilliamMusgravetown
637Oldford R. S.Musgravetown
638Oldford Mrs. R. S.Musgravetown
639Oldford HaroldMusgravetown
640Oldford Mrs. HaroldMusgravetown
641Oldford Miss Hilda M.Musgravetown
642Oldford Chas. A.Musgravetown
643Oldford Mrs. Chas. A.Musgravetown
644Oldford RobertMusgravetown
645Oldford Mrs. RobertMusgravetown
646Penney AlbertMusgravetown
647Penney Mrs. AlbertMusgravetown
648Pitt SamsonMusgravetown
649Pitt Mrs. SamsonMusgravetown
650Reader JamesMusgravetown
651Reader ArthurMusgravetown
652Reader Mrs. ArthurMusgravetown
653Reader EleazarMusgravetown
654Reader Mrs. EleazarMusgravetown
655Romaine JosephMusgravetown
656Romaine Helen J.Musgravetown
657Russell ThomasMusgravetown
658Russell Mrs. ThomasMusgravetown
659Russell SarahMusgravetown
660Russell AlphaeusMusgravetown
661Russell Mrs. AlphaeusMusgravetown
662Russell GeorgeMusgravetown
663Russell Mrs. GeorgeMusgravetown
664Stead BenjaminMusgravetown
665Stead Mrs. BenjaminMusgravetown
666Stead AbelMusgravetown
667Stead AlfredMusgravetown
668Stead Mrs. AlfredMusgravetown
669Stead HezakiahMusgravetown
670Stead Mrs. HezakiahMusgravetown
671Stead CharlesMusgravetown
672Stead Mrs. CharlesMusgravetown
673Saint AlfredMusgravetown
674Saint Mrs. AlfredMusgravetown
675Saint Miss HildredMusgravetown
676Saint James M.Musgravetown
677Saint Mrs. James M.Musgravetown
678Saint JabezMusgravetown
679Saint Mrs. JabezMusgravetown
680Saint JohnMusgravetown
681Saint Mrs. JohnMusgravetown
682Saint JamesMusgravetown
683Saint Mrs. JamesMusgravetown
684Skeffington BowmanMusgravetown
685Skeffington Mrs. BowmanMusgravetown
686Skeffington SameulMusgravetown
687Skeffington ThomasMusgravetown
688Skeffington Mrs. ThomasMusgravetown
689Skeffington AdamMusgravetown
690Skeffington Mrs. AdamMusgravetown
691Skeffington Mrs. GeorgeMusgravetown
692Skeffington Mrs. GeorgeMusgravetown
693Skeffington ClunyMusgravetown
694Skeffington Mrs. ClunyMusgravetown
695Wiseman DavidMusgravetown
696Wiseman Mrs. DavidMusgravetown
697Wiseman LeslieMusgravetown
698Wiseman FredrickMusgravetown
699Wiseman Mrs. FredMusgravetown
700Wiseman GarlandMusgravetown
701Wiseman EdmundMusgravetown
702Wiseman Mrs. EdmundMusgravetown

Transcribed By: Brenda Janes (December, 2001)

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