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1928 Voter's List


Harbour Main District

I hereby certify that the following
is a correct list of persons entitled
to vote in the election of two
members of the House of Assembly
for the District of Harbour Main.

Revising Magistrate
Harbour Main, March 3, 1928

No. Christian Name and Surname Place of Abode Qualification
1 Bartlett, Patrick Marysvale For Males 21yrs up
2 Bartlett, Mary Marysvale For Females 25 up
3 Bartlett, William Marysvale  
4 Bartlett, Mary Marysvale  
5 Bartlett, Thomas Marysvale  
6 Bartlett, Michael Marysvale  
7 Bartlett, William Marysvale  
8 Bartlett, Margaret Marysvale  
9 Bartlett, Patrick Marysvale  
10 Bartlett, Mary Marysvale  
11 Bartlett, John Marysvale  
12 Bartlett, Elizabeth Marysvale  
13 Bartlett, Robert Marysvale  
14 Bartlett, James Marysvale  
15 Bartlett, Elizabeth Marysvale  
16 Croake, Edward Marysvale  
17 Croake, Thomas Marysvale  
18 Croake, Margaret Marysvale  
19 Flaherty, James Marysvale  
20 Flaherty, Bridget Marysvale  
21 Flaherty, William Marysvale  
22 Flaherty, John Marysvale  
23 Flaherty, Mary Marysvale  
24 Fowlow, Hugh Marysvale  
25 Fowlow, Mary Marysvale  
26 Fowlow, Lawrence Marysvale  
27 Fowlow, Ellen Marysvale  
28 Hedison, Bernard Marysvale  
29 Hedison, Bridget Marysvale  
30 Hayes, John Marysvale  
31 Hayes, Mary Marysvale  
32 King, John Marysvale  
33 Morioraty, Thomas Marysvale  
34 Morioraty, Thomas Marysvale  
35 Morioraty, Richard Marysvale  
36 Morioraty, John Marysvale  
37 Morioraty, Theresa Marysvale  
38 Morioraty, Annie Marysvale  
39 Morioraty, Mary Marysvale  
40 Morioraty, Patrick Marysvale  
41 Morioraty, William Marysvale  
42 Morioraty, Mary Marysvale  
43 Morioraty, Michael Marysvale  
44 Morioraty, Mary Marysvale  
45 McCue, Charles Marysvale  
46 McCue, Mary Marysvale  
47 McCue, Ronald Marysvale  
48 McCue, Edith Marysvale  
49 McCue, Thomas Marysvale  
50 McCue, Johannah Marysvale  
51 McCue, John Marysvale  
52 McCue, Mary Marysvale  
53 McCue, John Marysvale  
54 McCue, Vincent Marysvale  
55 Mugford, John Marysvale  
56 Mugford, Johannah Marysvale  
57 Murford, Patrick Marysvale  
58 Newell, James Marysvale  
59 Newell, Selena Marysvale  
60 O'Leary, Patrick Marysvale  
61 O'Leary, Sylvester Marysvale  
62 O'Leary, Elizabeth Marysvale  
63 Power, Patrick Marysvale  
64 Power, John Marysvale  
65 Power, James Marysvale  
66 Power, James Marysvale  
67 Power, Patrick Marysvale  
68 Power, Catherine Marysvale  
69 Power, Annie Marysvale  
70 Power, Mary Marysvale  
71 Ryan, Patrick Marysvale  
72 Ryan, Michael Marysvale  
73 Ryan, Margaret Marysvale  
74 Ryan, Margaret Marysvale  
75 Ryan, Bridget Marysvale  
76 Ryan, Edward Marysvale  
77 Ryan, Mary Marysvale  
78 Ryan, William Marysvale  
79 Ryan, Mary Marysvale  
80 Ryan, Andrew Marysvale  
81 Ryan, John Marysvale  
82 Ryan, Catherine Marysvale  
83 Ryan, Michael Marysvale  
84 Ryan, Agnes Marysvale  
85 Ryan, Charles Marysvale  
86 Ryan, Michael Marysvale  
87 Ryan, Theresa Marysvale  
88 Rose, Robert Marysvale  
89 Rose, S. Ann Marysvale  
90 Rose, Nicholas Marysvale  
91 Rose, Thomas Marysvale  
92 Rose, Alice Marysvale  
93 Simms, Henry Marysvale  
94 Simms, Annie Marysvale  
95 Simms, William Marysvale  
96 Simms, Mary Marysvale  
97 Simms, John Marysvale  
98 Shea, Daniel Marysvale  
99 Shea, Margaret Marysvale  
100 Shea, Mary Marysvale  
101 Shea, James Marysvale  
102 Shea, Alice Marysvale  
103 Shea, Francis Marysvale  
104 Shea, Mary Marysvale  
105 Shea, William Marysvale  
106 Shea, Johannah Marysvale  
107 Taylor, Benjamin Marysvale  
108 Taylor, Jane Marysvale  
109 Whelan, Thomas Marysvale  
110 Whelan, Thomas Marysvale  
111 Whelan, Emma Marysvale  

Transcribed By: Judy Barker (February, 2002)

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