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1928 Voter's List


Harbour Main District

I hereby certify that the following
is a correct list of persons entitled
to vote in the election of two
members of the House of Assembly
for the District of Harbour Main.

Revising Magistrate
Harbour Main, March 3, 1928

No. Christian Name and Surname Place of Abode Qualification
3701 Brien, Leo Manuels For Males 21yrs up
3702 Brien, Michael Manuels For Females 25 up
3703 Chisholm, Archibald Manuels  
3704 Chisholm, Margaret Manuels  
3705 Dawe, Harry Manuels  
3706 Dawe, Mary Manuels  
3706 Eason, Isaac Sr Manuels  
3707 Eason, Isaac Jr Manuels  
3708 Eason, Winnie Manuels  
3709 Eason, William Manuels  
3710 Eason, Elizabeth Manuels  
3711 Eason, Herbert Manuels  
3712 Eason, Leah Manuels  
3713 Eason, Hugh Manuels  
3714 Eason, Mary A Manuels  
3715 Eason, Charles Manuels  
3716 Eason, Fredia Manuels  
3717 Elliott, Elaine Manuels  
3718 Elliott, Jane Manuels  
3719 Kennedy, John Manuels  
3720 Martin, John Manuels  
3721 Martin, Ellen Manuels  
3722 Morgan, George Manuels  
3723 Morgan, Hannah Manuels  
3724 Morgan, Mary J Manuels  
3725 Morgan, Alfred Manuels  
3726 Morgan, Emberly Manuels  
3727 Morgan, William Manuels  
3728 Noble, Thomas Manuels  
3729 O'Neil, Martin Manuels  
3730 O'Neil, Mary Manuels  
3731 O'Neil, Martin Manuels  
3732 Porter, Joseph Manuels  
3733 Porter, Harold Manuels  
3734 Porter, Edward Manuels  
3735 Porter, Mary Manuels  
3736 Porter, Sophie Manuels  
3737 Pretty, Jessie Manuels  
3738 Smith, Allen Manuels  
3739 Smith, Julia Manuels  
3740 Smith, Edward Manuels  
3741 Smith, Mariah Manuels  
3742 Smith, Llewellyn Manuels  
3743 Smith, Joseph Manuels  
3744 Smith, Martha Manuels  
3745 Smith, George Manuels  
3746 Smith, Gertrude Manuels  
3747 Smith, John Sr Manuels  
3748 Smith, John Jr Manuels  
3749 Smith, George Manuels  
3750 Smith, Jessie Manuels  
3751 Smith, William Manuels  
3752 Smith, Walter Manuels  
3753 Smith, Elvina Manuels  
3754 Smith, Albert Manuels  
3755 Smith, Alice Manuels  
3756 Smith, William H Manuels  
3757 Smith, Gertie Manuels  
3758 Smith, William Manuels  
3759 Smith, Eric Manuels  
3760 Smith, Fred Manuels  
3761 Smith, Mary Manuels  
3762 Smith, Sarah Manuels  
3763 Smith, Edward T Manuels  
3764 Smith, Violet Manuels  
3765 Smith, Penney Manuels  
3766 Snow, John Manuels  
3767 Snow, Embery Manuels  
3768 Snow, George Manuels  
3769 Taylor, Hugh Manuels  
3770 Taylor, Bertna Manuels  
3771 Taylor, William Manuels  
3772 Tobin, Arnold Manuels  
3773 Tobin, Nellie Manuels  
3774 Tobin, Ellen Manuels  
3775 Tibin, Patrick Manuels  
3776 Tobin, Julia Manuels  
3777 Walsh, Edward Manuels  
3778 Walsh, Elizabeth Manuels  
3779 Walsh, William Manuels  
3780 Walsh, Mary Manuels  
3781 Walsh, Martha Manuels  

Transcribed By: Judy Barker (February, 2002)

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