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1928 Voter's List


Harbour Main District

I hereby certify that the following
is a correct list of persons entitled
to vote in the election of two
members of the House of Assembly
for the District of Harbour Main.

Revising Magistrate
Harbour Main, March 3, 1928

No. Christian Name and Surname Place of Abode Qualification
2858 Anthony, Emma Kelligrews For Males 21yrs up
      For Females 25 up
2859 Butler, Stella Kelligrews  
2860 Cheeseman, Thomas Kelligrews  
2861 Cheeseman, Maud Kelligrews  
2862 Churchill, James Kelligrews  
2863 Craig, George Kelligrews  
2864 Craig, Bride Kelligrews  
2865 Craig, Ada Kelligrews  
2866 Cronin, Michael Kelligrews  
2867 Cronin, Margaret Kelligrews  
2868 Cronin, Thomas Kelligrews  
2869 Courage, Robeert Kelligrews  
2870 Courage, Mary Kelligrews  
2871 Dawe, Michael Kelligrews  
2872 Dawe, Patrick Kelligrews  
2873 Dawe, Susan Kelligrews  
2874 Dawe, Eli Kelligrews  
2875 Dawe, George Kelligrews  
2876 Dawe, Ambrose Kelligrews  
2877 Dawe, Naomi Kelligrews  
2878 Dawe, Charlie Kelligrews  
2879 Dawe, Nicholas Kelligrews  
2880 Dawe, Rachel Kelligrews  
2881 Dawe, Sarah Kelligrews  
2882 Dawe, Isaac Kelligrews  
2883 Dawe, James Kelligrews  
2884 Dwyer, Matthew Kelligrews  
2885 Dwyer, Gertrude Kelligrews  
2886 Dwyer, James Kelligrews  
2887 Dwyer, Maggie Kelligrews  
2888 Dwyer, Matthew Kelligrews  
2889 Dwyer, Margaret Kelligrews  
2890 Dwyer, John Kelligrews  
2891 Dwyer, Thomas Kelligrews  
2892 Dwyer, Jonah Kelligrews  
2893 Easton, Samuel Kelligrews  
2894 Easton, Lily Kelligrews  
2895 Farrel, Thomas Kelligrews  
2896 Farrel, Margaret Kelligrews  
2897 Farrel, Mercedes Kelligrews  
2898 Furneaux, Frances Kelligrews  
2899 Hibbs, Henry Kelligrews  
2900 Hibbs, Phoebe Kelligrews  
2901 Hibbs, Clarence Kelligrews  
2902 Hibbs, Ward Kelligrews  
2903 Hibbs, Fred Kelligrews  
2904 Hibbs, Charlotte Kelligrews  
2905 Hibbs, Thomas Kelligrews  
2906 Hibbs, Lavinia Kelligrews  
2907 Hoskins, Lawrence Kelligrews  
2908 Hoskins, Jane Kelligrews  
2909 Hayes, George Kelligrews  
2910 Hayes, Agnes Kelligrews  
2911 Hodder, Susie Kelligrews  
2912 Hodder, William Kelligrews  
2913 Hynes, Thomas Kelligrews  
2914 Hynes, Elizabeth Kelligrews  
2915 Hennessey, Robert Kelligrews  
2916 Hennessey, Martha Kelligrews  
2917 Hennessey, Azariah Kelligrews  
2918 Hennessey, Leah Kelligrews  
2919 Hennessey, Matthew Kelligrews  
2920 Hennessey, Rachel Kelligrews  
2921 Houlihan, Michael Kelligrews  
2922 Houlihan, Norah Kelligrews  
2923 Joy, John Kelligrews  
2924 Joy, Anastasia Kelligrews  
2925 Jeffers, Charles Kelligrews  
2926 Jeffers, Caroline Kelligrews  
2927 LeDrew, Isaac Kelligrews  
2928 LeDrew, Marie Kelligrews  
2929 LeDrew, Elizabeth Kelligrews  
2930 LeDrew, Rebecca Kelligrews  
2931 LeDrew, William Kelligrews  
2932 LeDrew, Cassie Kelligrews  
2933 LeDrew, Thomas Kelligrews  
2934 LeDrew, Ralph Kelligrews  
2935 LeDrew, Ralph Kelligrews  
2935 Morgan, Edward Kelligrews  
2936 Morgan, Jessie Kelligrews  
2937 Morgan, Herbert Kelligrews  
2938 Mercer, Charlie Kelligrews  
2939 Mercer, Mabel Kelligrews  
2940 Mercer, William Kelligrews  
2941 Mercer, Edith Kelligrews  
2942 Nugent, Thomas Kelligrews  
2943 Nugent, Angela Kelligrews  
2944 Nugent, Rachel Kelligrews  
2945 Nugent, Matthew Kelligrews  
2946 Nugent, Mary Kelligrews  
2947 Payne, James Kelligrews  
2948 Payne, Alfreda Kelligrews  
2949 Petten, Henry Kelligrews  
2950 Petten, Jessie Kelligrews  
2951 Snow, Alexander Kelligrews  
2952 Tilley, Walter Kelligrews  
2953 Tilley, Martha Kelligrews  
2954 Tilley, R William Kelligrews  
2955 Tilley, Edie Kelligrews  
2956 Tilley, Edward Kelligrews  
2957 Tilley, Elsie Kelligrews  
2958 Tilley, Stella Kelligrews  
2959 Tilley,l Andrew Kelligrews  
2960 Tilley, Frank Kelligrews  
2961 Tilley, Robert Kelligrews  
2962 Tilley, Lily Kelligrews  
2963 Tilley, A. George Kelligrews  
2964 Tilley, Maxwell Kelligrews  
2965 Tilley, Charlotte Kelligrews  
2966 Tilley, Esther Kelligrews  
2967 Tilley, Samuel Kelligrews  
2968 Tilley, Llewellyn Kelligrews  
2969 Tilley, Gertrude Kelligrews  
2970 Tilley, Jonathan Kelligrews  
2971 Tilley, Rupert Kelligrews  
2972 Tilley, R. George Kelligrews  
2973 Tilley, Clarence Kelligrews  
2974 Tilley, Walter Kelligrews  
2975 Tilley, H William Kelligrews  
2976 Tilley, Joseph Kelligrews  
2977 Tilley, Alexander Kelligrews  
2978 Tilley, Mabel Kelligrews  
2979 Tilley, Lewis Kelligrews  
2980 Tilley, Sarah Kelligrews  
2981 Tilley, George Kelligrews  
2982 Tilley, Emily Kelligrews  
2983 Tilley, William Kelligrews  
2984 Tilley, Jane Kelligrews  
2985 Tilley, Herman Kelligrews  
2986 Tilley, Arthur Kelligrews  
2987 Tilley, James Kelligrews  
2988 Tilley, G John Kelligrews  
2989 Tilley, William Kelligrews  
2990 Tilley, Emma Kelligrews  
2991 Tilley, William Kelligrews  
2992 Tilley, Lizzie Kelligrews  
2993 Tilley, Patience Kelligrews  
2994 Tilley, John Kelligrews  
2995 Tilley, Sarah Kelligrews  
2996 Tilley, Charilie Kelligrews  
2997 Tilley, John Kelligrews  
2998 Tilley, Alice Kelligrews  
2999 Tilley, H Robert Kelligrews  
3000 Tilley, Lavinia Kelligrews  
3001 Tilley, Heber Kelligrews  
3002 Walsh, Bernard Kelligrews  
3003 Walsh, Elizabeth Kelligrews  
3004 Walsh, Mary Kelligrews  
3005 Windsor, John Kelligrews  

Transcribed By: Judy Barker (February, 2002)

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