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1928 Voter's List


Trinity Bay South District
List of Persons Entitled to Vote in the Election
of One Member of the House of Assembly of the
District of Trinity South
488 Branton Edmund Islington
489 Branton Emma Islington
490 Branton Ishmael Islington
491 Branton Mabel Islington
492 Bishop Eli Islington
493 Bishop Eliza Islington
494 Bishop Harrison Islington
495 Bishop John Islington
496 Bryant Dora Islington
497 Bryant Eli Islington
498 Bryant Ellen Islington
499 Bryant Esau Islington
500 Bryant George Islington
501 Bryant Hester Islington
502 Bryant Ishmael Islington
503 Bryant Jacob Islington
504 Bryant James Islington
505 Bryant Johanna Islington
506 Bryant Louis Islington
507 Bryant May Islington
508 Bryant Theresa Islington
509 Chislett Adelaide Islington
510 Chislett Albert Islington
511 Chislett Allan Islington
512 Chislett Bertram Islington
513 Chislett Blooman Islington
514 Chislett Clara Islington
515 Chislett Dora Islington
516 Chislett Edward Islington
517 Chislet Elisha Islington
518 Chislett Elias Islington
519 Chislett Ephraim Islington
520 Chislett Fannie Islington
521 Chislett Frederick Islington
522 Chislett Hannah Islington
523 Chislett Herold Islington
524 Chislett Henry Islington
525 Chislett Irene Islington
526 Chislett Jacob Islington
527 Chislett James of Frederick Islington
528 Chislett James of James Islington
529 Chislett Jessie Islington
530 Chislett Jethro Islington
531 Chislett John of Elias Islington
532 Chislett John of James Islington
533 Chislett Joseph Islington
534 Chislett Joshua Islington
535 Chislett Lavinia Islington
536 Chislett Louise Islington
537 Chislett Mabel Islington
538 Chislett Maria Islington
539 Chislett Maud Islington
540 Chislett Naomi Islington
541 Chislett Ralph Islington
542 Chislett Samuel Islington
543 Chislett Susanna Islington
544 Chislett Tryphena Islington
545 Chislett Walter Islington
546 Chislett William Islington
547 Chislett Willis Islington
548 Harnum Frederick Islington
549 Harnum George Islington
550 Harnum John of Geo. Islington
551 Harnum Leonard Islington
552 Harnum Martha Islington
553 Harnum Robert Islington
554 Harnum Susanna Islington
555 Reid Jasper Islington
556 Welsh Absalom Islington
557 Welsh Annabella Islington
558 Welsh Caroline Islington
559 Welsh Catherine Islington
560 Welsh Elihu Islington
561 Welsh Emmeline Islington
562 Welsh Enos Islington
563 Welsh Israel of John Islington
564 Welsh Israel of Naaman Islington
565 Welsh James Islington
566 Welsh John Islington
567 Welsh Joseph Islington
568 Welsh Lavinia Islington
569 Welsh Louisa Jane Islington
570 Welsh Naaman Islington
571 Welsh Oliver Islington
572 Welsh Sarah Islington
573 Welsh Stephen Islington

Transcribed By: Phyllis Reid Amero (November 2001)

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