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1928 Voter's List

Hare Bay

Fogo District
List of Persons Entitled to Vote in the Election of One Member
of the House of Assembly for the District of Fogo

Males: 21 years and upwards.
Females: 25 years and upwards
Revising Magistrate - N. Short
COLES Henry Hare Bay
COLES Walter Hare Bay
COLES Humphrey Hare Bay
COLES Solomon Hare Bay
COLES Isaac Hare Bay
COLES Absalom Hare Bay
COLES John Wm. Hare Bay
COLES Mark Hare Bay
COLES Elias Hare Bay
COLES Eli Hare Bay
COLES Arthur Wm. Hare Bay
COLES Susannah Hare Bay
COLES Norah Hare Bay
COLES Georgina Hare Bay
COLES Harriet Hare Bay
COLES Emily Hare Bay
COLES Bessie Ann Hare Bay
COLES Emma Hare Bay
COLES Rebecca Hare Bay
COMBDEN Cyril B. Hare Bay
COLLINS Martha Hare Bay
COLLINS Priscilla Hare Bay
HEATH William e. Hare Bay
HEATH Eliza Hare Bay
NIPPARD Levi Hare Bay
NIPPARD Thomas Hare Bay
NIPPARD James Hare Bay
NIPPARD Richard Hare Bay
NIPPARD Stephen Hare Bay
NIPPARD Anbrose Hare Bay
NIPPARD Abraham J. Hare Bay
NIPPARD Hubert Hare Bay
NIPPARD Kenneth Hare Bay
NIPPARD Andrew Hare Bay
NIPPARD Eli Hare Bay
NIPPARD Elias Hare Bay
NIPPARD Albert John Hare Bay
NIPPARD Harriett Hare Bay
NIPPARD Eliza Jane Hare Bay
NIPPARD Irene Jane Hare Bay
NIPPARD Fannie Hare Bay
NIPPARD Ruth Hare Bay
WATERMAN Frank Hare Bay
WATERMAN Richard Hare Bay
WATERMAN Robert Hare Bay
WATERMAN Eliza Hare Bay
WATERMAN Philena Hare Bay
WATERMAN Harriett Hare Bay
WATERMAN Phebe Ann Hare Bay
WATERMAN Benjamin Hare Bay
WATERMAN Henry Hare Bay
WATERMAN David Hare Bay

Transcribed By: Daniel B. Breen (2002)

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