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1928 Voter's List


St. John's West District
Name Place of Abode
Bishop, Hurbert Harold Bay Bulls Road
Brennock, John Petty Hr. Road
Brennock, Jane Mary Petty Hr. Road
Brennock, Jean Mary Petty Hr. Road
Boyles, George Bay Bulls Road
Boyles, Robert Bay Bulls Road
Boyles, Donald Bay Bulls Road
Boyles, Albert Bay Bulls Road
Boyles, Elizabeth Bay Bulls Road
Benmore, James Deer Marsh Road
Benmore, Henry Deer Marsh Road
Benmore, W. James Deer Marsh Road
Chafe, W. Henry Bay Bulls Road
Chafe, Farnold Bay Bulls Road
Chafe, Ann Louisa Bay Bulls Road
Cox, Cyril Bay Bulls Road
Cox, Ida Bay Bulls Road
Chafe, Alan Bay Bulls Road
Chafe, G. Agnes Bay Bulls Road
Chafe, B. Reginald Bay Bulls Road
Chafe, T. Henry Bay Bulls Road
Chafe, B. Louisa Bay Bulls Road
Chafe, Samuel Bay Bulls Road
Chafe, Theophilus Bay Bulls Road
Chafe, Sheila Agnes Bay Bulls Road
Cox, James Bay Bulls Road
Cox, Ann Sarah Bay Bulls Road
Courtney, Samuel Heavy Tree Road
Courtney, F. Harold Heavy Tree Road
Courtney, Beatrice Heavy Tree Road
Cox, Chesley Heavy Tree Road
Cox, Muriel Heavy Tree Road
Cox, Boyd Bay Bulls Road
Cox, Fannie Bay Bulls Road
Chafe, R. Henry Petty Hr. Road
Chafe, Anna Petty Hr. Road
Chafe, B. Alfred Forest Pond
Chafe, T. John Forest Pond
Chafe, J. Andrew Forest Pond
Chafe, Charlotte Forest Pond
Chafe, Edwin Forest Pond
Chafe, E. Clara Forest Pond
Chafe, J. Mary Bay Bulls Road
Chafe, Mabel Bay Bulls Road
Chafe, Gilbert Bay Bulls Road
Donovan, Stephen Beaver House Rd.
Donovan, Margaret Beaver House Rd.
Donovan, James Beaver House Rd.
Donovan, Thomas Beaver House Rd.
Donovan, Clara Beaver House Rd.
Dinn, Martin Shorts Road
Dinn, Martha Shorts Road
Dinn, John Shorts Road
Dinn, Mary Ann Shorts Road
Dooling, Lawrence Bay Bulls Road
Dooling, James Bay Bulls Road
Dooling, Elizabeth Bay Bulls Road
Doyle, Charles Bay Bulls Road
Doyle, Ellen Bay Bulls Road
Driscoll, Chesley Petty Hr. Road
Driscoll, Irene Petty Hr. Road
Everett, Edward Petty Hr. Road
Everett, Lucy Petty Hr. Road
Everett, Margaret Petty Hr. Road
Elsworthy, Percy Deer Marsh Road
Finn, James Petty Hr. Road
Finn, Patrick Petty Hr. Road
Finn, Theresa Petty Hr. Road
Finn, Patrick J. Backline Road
Finn, Mary Backline Road
Finn, William Backline Road
Finn, Harriett Backline Road
Finn, Patrick T. Backline Road
Finn, Peter Backline Road
Finn, James W. Backline Road
Finn, Morris Backline Road
Finn, Cecilia Backline Road
Finn, Patrick F. Shorts Road
Finn, Elizabeth Shorts Road
Finn, Eliza Shorts Road
Finn, Bridget Shorts Road
Finn, Thomas Petty Hr. Road
Finn, Ethel Petty Hr. Road
Finn, James Ed. Petty Hr. Road
Finn, Mary Petty Hr. Road
Fallon, Charles W. Bay Bulls Road
Howlett, James B. Petty Hr. Road
Howlett, James Petty Hr. Road
Howlett, Johanna Petty Hr. Road
Hannaford, Richard Petty Hr. Road
Hannaford, Rosanna Petty Hr. Road
Hannaford, Samuel Petty Hr. Road
Hennessey, William Petty Hr. Road
Hennessey, Bernard Petty Hr. Road
Hennessey, John Petty Hr. Road
Hennessey, Mary J. Petty Hr. Road
Hannaford, Margaret Forest Pond
Hefferman, Margaret Forest Pond
Ireland, William B. Bay Bulls Road
Ireland, Andrew R. Bay Bulls Road
Ireland, Frank Bay Bulls Road
Joy, Mary E. Backline Road
Joyce, Michael Bay Bulls Road
Joyce, John Bay Bulls Road
Joyce, Lucy Bay Bulls Road
Joyce, Mary Bay Bulls Road
Joyce, Margaret Bay Bulls Road
Joyce, Christianna Bay Bulls Road
Kenny, Peter Petty Hr. Road
Kenny, Margaret Petty Hr. Road
Keiley, Henry Beaver House Rd.
Keiley, Ellen Beaver House Rd.
Mogridge, Thomas Bay Bulls Road
Mogridge, Frank Bay Bulls Road
Poole, Martin Shorts Road
Poole, Martha Shorts Road
Power, Richard Bay Bulls Road
Power, Frank Bay Bulls Road
Pearce, Kenneth Bay Bulls Road
Pearce, Harriett Bay Bulls Road
Pearce, Polly Forest Pond
Reilly, Charles Shorts Road
Reilly, Mary Ann Shorts Road
Reid, Daniel Petty Hr. Road
Reid, Mary Joseph Petty Hr. Road
Ruby, Silas Heavy Tree Road
Ruby, George Heavy Tree Road
Ruby, May Heavy Tree Road
Ruby, Alexander Heavy Tree Road
Ruby, Queeny Heavy Tree Road
Ruby, Alan Heavy Tree Road
Ruby, George Heavy Tree Road
Ruby, Janet Heavy Tree Road
Ruby, Ethel Heavy Tree Road
Ruby, Arthur Heavy Tree Road
Ryan, Patrick Beaver House Rd.
Scearls, Thomas Heavy Tree Road
Viguers, William P. Bay Bulls Road
Viguers, Arthur E. Bay Bulls Road
Viguers, George Bay Bulls Road
Viguers, Clifford Bay Bulls Road
Viguers, William A. Bay Bulls Road
Viguers, Frank Bay Bulls Road
Viguers, Anne Bay Bulls Road
Viguers, Emma Bay Bulls Road
Williams, Gordon Forest Pond
Williams, Alan Forest Pond
Williams, Fanny Forest Pond
Williams, Thomas Forest Pond
Williams, John E. Forest Pond
Williams, Elizabeth Forest Pond
Williams, Emmanuel Bay Bulls Road
Williams, Sarah Isabel Bay Bulls Road
Williams, Henry Bay Bulls Road
Williams, Martha Marie Bay Bulls Road
Williams, George B. Petty Hr. Road
Williams, Frederick Petty Hr. Road
Williams, Matthew Petty Hr. Road
Williams, Mary Ann Petty Hr. Road
Williams, Michael Petty Hr. Road
Williams, Ernest Bay Bulls Road
Young, Reuben Heavy Tree Road

Transcribed By: Linda McLean (December 2001)

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