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1928 Voter's List



I hereby certify that the following is the Revised List of Persons entitled to vote in the election of One Member of the House of Assembly for the District of Bonavista Centre 1928.

Revising MagistrateMagistrate's Office,

Qualification: Males 21 Years and Upward;
Females 25 Years and Upward


1167 Blackmore, Martin Gambo
1168 Blackmore, Alice Gambo
1169 Blackmore, Robert Gambo
1170 Blackmore, Patrick Gambo
1171 Best, Jerome Gambo
1172 Best, Gertrude Gambo
1173 Broderick, Daniel Gambo
1174 Broderick, Mary Gambo
1175 Broderick, Thomas Gambo
1176 Broderick, James Gambo


1177 Cullen, W.T. (Rev.) Gambo
1178 Curran, Joseph Gambo
1179 Curran, Margaret Gambo
1180 Cashin, Patk. of Peter Gambo
1181 Cashin, Susannah Gambo
1182 Cashin, John Gambo
1183 Cashin, Mary Gambo
1184 Cashin, James Gambo
1185 Cashin, Bridget Gambo
1186 Cashin, Patrick of Jas. Gambo
1187 Cashin, William Gambo
1188 Cashin, Rich. of Mich. J. Gambo
1189 Cashin, Ellen Gambo
1190 Cashin, Rich. of Ml. Sr. Gambo
1191 Cashin, Emmeline Gambo
1192 Cashin, Cyril Gambo
1193 Cashin, Peter Gambo
1194 Cashin, Joseph Gambo


1195 Duley, Philip Gambo
1196 Duley, Theresa Gambo
1197 Duley, Patrick Gambo
1198 Duley, Jane Gambo
1199 Duley, Catherine Gambo
1200 Dawson, James Gambo
1201 Dawson, May Gambo
1202 Duggan, William Gambo
1203 Duggan, Catherine Gambo
1204 Duggan, James Gambo
1205 Delaney, John Gambo


1206 Fennell, John Gambo
1207 Fennell, Ellen Gambo
1208 Fennell, Michael Gambo
1209 Fennell, Patrick Gambo
1210 Finn, Richard Gambo


1211 Green, James Gambo
1212 Green, Jonah Gambo
1213 Guy, James Gambo
1214 Guy, Alice Gambo


1215 Harty, James Gambo
1216 Harty, Thomas Gambo
1217 Harty, Mary Gambo
1218 Harrington, Agnes Gambo
1219 House, Peter Gambo
1220 House, Edith Gambo


1221 Kelly, Annie Mary Gambo
1222 Kelly, John Gambo
1223 Kelly, Timothy of Thos. Gambo
1224 Kelly, Leo, Jr., of Thos. Gambo
1225 Kelly, Maurice Gambo
1226 Kelly, Alice Gambo
1227 Kelly, Michael of John Gambo
1228 Kelly, Catherine Gambo
1229 Kelly, Joseph Gambo
1230 Kelly, Alice A. Gambo
1231 Kelly, Andrew of M. Gambo
1232 Kelly, Ellen Gambo
1233 Kelly, John Joseph Gambo
1234 Kelly, Andrew of And. Gambo
1235 Kelly, Julia of Andrew Gambo
1236 Kelly, Ambrose Gambo
1237 Kelly, Julia of S. White Gambo
1238 Kelly, James Gambo
1239 Kelly, Rosanna Gambo
1240 Kelly, Thos. Garrett Gambo
1241 Kelly, Mary Gambo
1242 Kelly, Leo, Jr., of Thos. Gambo
1243 Kelly, Garrett Gambo
1244 Kelly, James Patrick Gambo
1245 Kelly, Kate Gambo
1246 Kelly, John Lewis Gambo
1247 Kelly, Agnes of M. McD. Gambo
1248 Kelly, Michael of Pat. Gambo
1249 Kelly, Iva Gambo
1250 Kelly, Timothy of Jno. Gambo
1251 Kelly, Agnes of M.W. Gambo
1252 Kelly, Samuel Gambo
1253 Kelly, Mary Ann Gambo
1254 Kelly, Maurice Gambo
1255 Kelly, Timothy of Wm. Gambo
1256 Kelly, Julia of P.G. Gambo
1257 Kane, Margaret Gambo
1258 Kane, Timothy Gambo
1259 Kane, Patrick Gambo
1260 Kane, Albert Gambo


1261 Lane, Darius of James Gambo
1262 Lane, Mary Kate Gambo
1263 Lane, James Gambo
1264 Lane, Darius of Darius Gambo
1265 Lane, Esau Gambo
1266 Lane, Agnes Gambo
1267 Lane, Bridget Gambo
1268 Lane, Frank Gambo
1269 Lane, Philip John Gambo
1270 Lane, Edward Gambo


1271 MacDonald, Samuel Gambo
1272 MacDonald, Mary Ellen Gambo
1273 MacDonald, John Gambo
1274 MacDonald, Hannah Gambo
1275 MacDonald, Mary Gambo
1276 Moss, Samuel Gambo
1277 Moss, Veronica Gambo
1278 Mervill, Elizabeth Gambo
1279 Morrissey, Edward J. Gambo
1280 Morrissey, Mary Gambo
1281 Morrissey, Elizabeth Gambo


1282 Pynn, George Gambo
1283 Pynn, Josephine Gambo


1284 Stephenson, John Gambo
1285 Stephenson, Sarah Gambo
1286 Sullivan, Peter Gambo
1287 Sullivan, Emma Gambo
1288 Squires, Benjamin Gambo
1289 Slaney, John Gambo
1290 Slaney, Mary Gambo


1291 White, Patrick Gambo
1292 White, James Gambo
1293 White, Michael Gambo
1294 White, Julia Gambo
1295 White, Anastasia Gambo
1296 White, Thomas Gambo
1297 White, Mary Ann Gambo
1298 Walsh, Stephen Gambo
1299 Walsh, Annie Gambo
1300 Walsh, Stephen of S. Gambo

Transcribed By: Peter Godfrey (January, 2002)

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