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List of Persons Entitled to Vote in the Election of One Member
of the House of Assembly for the District of Fogo

Males: 21 years and upwards.
Females: 25 years and upwards
Revising Magistrate - N. Short

1928 Voter's List


Fogo District
BANKS George F. Fogo
BANKS Harry G. Fogo
BANKS Rhoda Fogo
BANKS Frank Fogo
BANKS Francis Fogo
BANKS Martha Fogo
BANKS John H. Fogo
BANKS Elizabeth Fogo
BROWN Mary A. Fogo
BROWN Harold Fogo
BROWN Stanley Fogo
BROWN Cyril T. Fogo
BEST Louisa Fogo
BEST William Fogo
BEST Thomas W. Fogo
BEST Maud Fogo
BEST Elijah Fogo
BLANDFORD George J. Fogo
BARNES James Fogo
BARNES Martha Fogo
BARNES Chesley C. Fogo
BARNES Emma J. Fogo
BARNES Richard W. Fogo
BAKER George Fogo
BAKER Jane Fogo
BAKER John C. Fogo
BAKER Blanche Fogo
BENNETT William Fogo
BENNETT thomas Fogo
BENNETT Lydia Fogo
BENNETT Matthew Fogo
BENNETT Laura E. Fogo
BENNETT Bertie Fogo
BENNETT Henry North Side
BUTLER Thomas South Side
BUTLER Emma E. South Side
BUTT William Seal Cove
BUTT Margaret Seal  Cove
BIGNELL George Seal Cove
BIGNELL James Seal Cove
BIGNELL Anne Seal Cove
BURRY Joshua Eastern Tickle
BURRY Jane Eastern Tickle
BEST George Lion's Den
BENNETT Graham Fogo
COLEMAN James Back Cove
COLEMAN Lucy Back Cove
CHEATER George Back Cove
SHEATER (sic) Agnes Back Cove
COLES Peter Back Cove
COLES Michael Back Cove
COLES Edith F. Back Cove
COLES Bridget Back Cove
COLES Sarah Seal Cove
COLES Allan South Side
CHURCHILL Elizabeth South Side
CHAFFEY Charles H. Back Cove
CHAFFEY Phebe Back Cove
COOK Andrew, J.P. South Side
COOK Eliza South Side
CULL Charlie Seal Cove
CULL Janet Seal Cove
COOMBS James North Side
COOMBS Eliza North Side
COFFIN William North Side
COFFIN James E. North Side
COFFIN Clara E. North Side
DWYER Bridget South Side
DELANEY John South Side
DELANEY Elizabeth South Side
DOWNER Israel South Side
DOWNER Martha South Side
DOWNER George A. South Side
DOWNER Catherine South Side
DOWNER John South Side
DOWNER Julia South Side
DWYER John Seal Cove
DWYER Augustine Seal Cove
DWYER Allan Seal Cove
DWYER Mary Seal Cove
DWYER Thomas Seal Cove
DWYER Margaret Seal Cove
FAREWELL Michael Back Cove
FAREWELL Cecilia Back Cove
FAREWELL Myles Seal Cove
FAREWELL Harry Seal Cove
FAREWELL Mark Seal Cove
FAREWELL Edward Seal Cove
FAREWELL Timothy Seal Cove
FAREWELL Winnie Seal Cove
FAREWELL Ellen Seal Cove
FAREWELL Margaret Seal Cove
FAREWELL Nora Seal Cove
FINN Patrick Back Cove
FINN Alce (sic) Back Cove
FITZGERALD Ambrose J. South Side
FITZGERALD James E. South Side
FITZGERALD Anastasia South Side
FITZGERALD Forence (sic) M. South Side
FREAKE Elizabeth Seal Cove
FREAKE Adam Seal Cove
FEAKE (sic) John Back Cove
FREAKE Jane Back Cove
FREAKE Valentine North Side
FREAKE Ester North Side
FORD James Seal Cove
FORD Clarence Seal Cove
FORD Joseph Seal Cove
FORD Florence Seal Cove
FARRELL Veronica South Side
FARRELL Pearce (sic) South Side
FARRELL Michael South Side
FARRELL Pierce A. South Side
FARWELL (sic) Elsie M. North Side
FURZE Flora South Side
FURZE William South Side
FORSEY Hubert Eastern Tickle
FORSEY Johanna Eastern Tickle
GARD James South Side
GARD Walter South Side
GARD Rhoda South Side
GUY Robert South Side
GUY Martha South Side
GINN Albert t. Back Cove
GINN Walter S. Back Cove
GINN Elizabeth Back Cove
GINN Julia S. Back Cove
GINN Bessie Back Cove
GILL Violet Back Cove
GILL John R. South Side
GILL Frederick South Side
GILL Thomas South Side
GILL Claude South Side
GILL Arthur South Side
GILL Margaret South Side
GREEN Ambrose South Side
GREEN Claude South Side
GREEN Eliza A. South Side
GREEN Lydia South Side
GREEN Susanna South Side
GREEN John South Side
GREEN Naomi South Side
GREEN Martha South Side
HURLEY Susanna Back Cove
HART Leah M. South Side
HART Allan North Side
HART Elizabeth M. North Side
HART Walter North Side
HART Sophia North Side
HART Horace North Side
HART Roland South Side
HART Leah South Side
HART William South Side
HART Silas South Side
HART Elijah South Side
HART Jabez South Side
HART Elizabeth South Side
HART Eva South Side
HART Frank South Side
HART Christopher South Side
HART Elizabeth South Side
HEATH Charlie South Side
HEATH Lily South Side
HOVEN Michael Seal Cove
HOVEN William Seal Cove
HOVEN Ronald Seal Cove
HOVEN Allan Seal Cove
HOVEN May E. Seal Cove
HOVEN Dorothy Seal Cove
HISCOCK James South Side
HISCOCK Harriet Ann South Side
HUMPHRIES Thomas South Side
HUMPHRIES Phebe South Side
HYDE Ernest E. South Side
HYDE Elsie M. South Side
HELLINGS Thomas Lion's Den
HELLINGS Mary Lion's Den
IRISH Ezekiel North Side
IRISH Priscilla North Side
JOHNSON Elizabeth South Side
JONES George South Side
JONES Ethel South Side
JONES William South Side
JONES Ida South Side
JONES Harry A. South Side
JONES Amelia A. South Side
JONES Titus South Side
JONES Huldah (sic) South Side
JONES Deborah South Side
LUDLOW Charles J. Back Cove
LUDLOW Florence K. Back Cove
LUDLOW Alfred Back Cove
LUDLOW Emma A. Back Cove
LUDLOW Thomas F. Back Cove
LUDLOW Maxwell B. Back Cove
LUDLOW George Back Cove
LUDLOW Elijah Back Cove
LUDLOW Ezekiel Back Cove
LUDLOW Lucy Back Cove
LUDLOW Clarissa Back Cove
LUDLOW Mary Back Cove
LUDLOW Susanna Back Cove
LAYMAN Mary J. Back Cove
LEYTE Frederick Lock's Cove
LEYTE Emma Lock's Cove
LEYTE John South Side
LEYTE Eliza Ann South Side
LEYTE James South Side
LEYTE Lewis South Side
LEYTE Julia South Side
LEYTE Archibald South Side
LEYTE Julia Ann South Side
LEYTE Stewart Eastern Tickle
LEYTE Dorcas Eastern Tickle
LEYTE Eli Eastern Tickle
LEYTE Alfred Eastern Tickle
LEYTE Amelia Eastern Tickle
LEYTE Malcolm Eastern Tickle
LEYTE Maud Eastern Tickle
LEYTE Frederick J. Eastern Tickle
LEYTE Eliza Eastern Tickle
LEYTE Christopher Eastern Tickle
LEYTE Clara Eastern Tickle
LEYTE Levi Eastern Tickle
LEYTE Martha Eastern Tickle
LETE (sic) Frank Eastern Tickle
LEYTE Fanny Eastern Tickle
LEYTE Thomas Lion's Den
LEYTE George Lion's Den
LUFF Selby South Side
LODER George b. South Side
LODER Emily M. South Side
LODER James H. South Side
LODER Patience South Side
LAYMAN Hector South Side
LAYMAN Mabel South Side
LAYMAN Priscilla South Side
LAYMAN Harry South Side
LAYMAN Prudence South Side
LAYMAN Stanley South Side
LAYMAN Laura South Side
LUDLOW Frederick South Side
LUKEMAN Michael Lion's Den
LUKEMAN Bridget Lion's Den
LUKEMAN Thomas Lion's Den
LAYMAN Mabel Lion's Den
LUKEMAN Margaret Lion's Den
MILLER George Back Cove
MILLER William H. Back Cove
MAHANEY Israel South Side
MAHANEY Matthias South Side
MAHANEY Susan South Side
MAHANEY Frank South Side
MAHANEY Alfreda South Side
MAHANEY Elizabeth South Side
MAHANEY Thomas South Side
MERCER Richard F. (Rev.) South Side
MERCER Clarinda South Side
MADDON Elizabeth South Side
MADDON Margaret South Side
MILLER Emma South Side
MILLER Luke Seal Cove
MILLER Clarence Seal Cove
MILLER John Seal Cove
MILLER Patrick Seal Cove
MILLER Peter Seal Cove
MILLER Elizabeth Seal Cove
MILLER Agnes Seal Cove
MILLER Mary Seal Cove
McPHERSON Samuel Seal Cove
McPHERSON John Seal Cove
McPHERSON James Seal Cove
McPHERSON Jane Seal Cove
McPHERSON Teresa Seal Cove
MORGAN Nathaniel North Side
McKENZIE John (Dr.) South Side
McKENZIE Edith South Side
MOORES Jonas Lion's Den
MOORES Lydia Lion's Den
NEWMAN Patrick Back Cove
NEWMAN Loccadia (sic) Back Cove
OAKE James H. North Side
OAKE Benjamin North Side
OAKE Thomas North Side
OAKE Willie Reginald North Side
OAKE Pierce North Side
OAKE William Sr. North Side
OAKE Frank North Side
OAKE Theodore North Side
OAKE Claude North Side
OAKE Stewart North Side
OAKE Christopher North Side
OAKE Herbert North Side
OAKE Arthur North Side
OAKE Emma North Side
OAKE Lucy North Side
OAKE Susan F. North Side
OAKE Caroline North Side
OAKE Charlotte North Side
OAKE Phebe North Side
OAKE Beatrice North Side
OAKE Prudence North Side
OAKE Elizabeth North Side
OAKE Olivia North Side
OAKE Laura North Side
OAKE Elizabeth Ann North Side
OAKE Annie North Side
OAKE Ham South Side
OAKE Josiah South Side
OAKE Elizabeth M. South Side
OAKE Roland South Side
OAKE William (Capt.) North Side
OAKE Rose North Side
PRICE Dominick Back Cove
PURCHASE Susan South Side
PURCHASE Jonas South Side
PURCHASE Blanche South Side
PURCHASE Edward South Side
PICKETT Ambrose South Side
PICKETT John South Side
PICKETT Martin South Side
PICKETT John H. South Side
PICKETT Nora South Side
PICKETT Joseph South Side
PICKETT Eliza South Side
PICKETT Mark South Side
PICKETT Bridget South Side
PAYNE John G. North Side
PAYNE Julia Ann North Side
PAYNE William H. North Side
PAYNE Charles North Side
PAYNE Walter North Side
PAYNE Albert North Side
PAYNE Hilda M. North Side
PAYNE Frank North Side
PAYNE Louisa North Side
PAYNE Gilbert North Side
PAYNE Blanche North Side
PAYNE Elizabeth J. North Side
PAYNE Dinah North Side
PAYNE Ambrose Wm. South Side
PAYNE Bertha South Side
PAYNE Frederick Eastern Tickle
PAYNE Joseph Eastern Tickle
PAYNE Claude Eastern Tickle
PAYNE John Eastern Tickle
PAYNE William J. Eastern Tickle
PAYNE Sarah Eastern Tickle
PAYNE Julia Eastern Tickle
PAYNE Abia (sic) Eastern Tickle
PITCHER Thomas (Rev.) South Side
PITCHER Mary South Side
POMEROY James Lock's Cove
POMEROY Lemuel Lock's Cove
POMEROY Elizabeth Lock's Cove
POMEROY Jessie Lock's Cove
POMEROY Eliza Lock's Cove
POPE George Lock's Cove
POPE Alfred Lock's Cove
POPE Walter Lock's Cove
POPE William Lock's Cove
POPE Susannah Lock's Cove
POPE Eda B. Lock's Cove
POPE Edith Lock's Cove
REID James Back Cove
REID Mary Back Cove
REID Joshua South Side
REID Emma M. South Side
REID Lily South Side
REID John South Side
REID Edgar South Side
RENDELL Sidney South Side
RENDELL Jessie South Side
RENDELL John South Side
RENDELL Stanley South Side
RENDELL Susanna South Side
RENDELL Thomas South Side
RENDELL Laura South Side
RENDELL Jessie South Side
SHEA Patrick Back Cove
SHEA Cornelius Back Cove
SHEA James Back Cove
SHEA Michael Back Cove
SARGENT Patrick Back Cove
SARGENT Francis Back Cove
SARGENT Joseph Back Cove
SARGENT James Back Cove
SARGENT Martha Back Cove
SARGENT Norah Back Cove
SIBLEY Thomas Wm. South Side
SIBLEY Willie South Side
SIBLEY Llewellyn South Side
SIBLEY Martha South Side
SIBLEY Myrtle South Side
SIBLEY Blanche South Side
SCOTT Robert F. South Side
SCOTT Mablene South Side
SHORT Nehemiah South Side
SHORT Gracie South Side
SNOW Robert South Side
SNOW George South Side
SNOW Rosanna R. South Side
SNOW Ellen South Side
SNOW John South Side
SNOW Violet South Side
SNOW Josiah South Side
SNOW Amelia South Side
SNOW Rebecca South Side
SNOW Bartholomew South Side
SIMMS George Seal Cove
SIMMS Ambrose Seal Cove
SIMMS William Hy. Seal Cove
SIMMS Edgar Seal Cove
SIMMS Thomas Seal Cove
SIMMS Benjamin North Side
SIMMS Frederick North Side
SIMMS Guy North Side
SIMMS James North Side
SIMMS George K. North Side
SIMMS Jemima North Side
SIMMS Eliza North Side
SIMMS Emily North Side
SIMMS Maria North Side
SIMMS Thursa North Side
SIMMS Althea North Side
SIMMS Mary Ann North Side
SIMMS Flora North Side
SIMMS Arthur J. North Side
SIMMS Alice M. Seal Cove
SHEPPARD John South Side
STUCKLESS Lilian North Side
STUCKLESS Julia North Side
STUCKLESS Edwin North Side
SMALL Eva North Side
SMALL Joseph North Side
SHARP Agnes South Side
SNELGROVE Ella South Side
SNELGROVE Hayward South Side
STRICKLAND Hedley South Side
TORRAVILLE William South Side
TORRAVILLE Alfred South Side
TORRAVILLE Eliza South Side
TORRAVILLE Dorothy of W,. South Side
TORRAVILLE Dorothy of Fred North Side
TORRAVILLE Benjamin South Side
TORRAVILLE Louisa South Side
TORRAVILLE Ambrose South Side
TORRAVILLE Solomon North Side
TORRAVILLE Jemima North Side
TORRAVILLE David North Side
TORRAVILLE Allan North Side
TORRAVILLE Mary North Side
TORRAVILLE Thomas A. North Side
TORRAVILLE Eliza North Side
TORRAVILLE Daisy M. North Side
TIZZARD Philip South Side
TIZZARD Emily South Side
VERGE Nellie K. South Side
VERGE Wilfred South Side
WALBOURNE Wm. John North Side
WALBOURNE Harry North Side
WALBOURNE Matilda North Side
WALBOURNE James Seal Cove
WALBOURNE Patrick Seal Cove
WALBOURNE Peter Seal Cove
WALBOURNE Mark Seal Cove
WALBOURNE John Seal Cove
WALBOURNE Michael Seal Cove
WALBOURNE Florence Seal Cove
WALBOURNE John of Job Seal Cove
WALBOURNE Ambrose Seal Cove
WALBOURNE Dorman Seal Cove
WALBOURNE Gertrude North Side
WALBOURNE Cecilia North Side
WALBOURNE Ellen North Side
WALBOURNE Jessie North Side
WALBOURNE Mary A. North Side
WALBOURNE Annie North Side
WALBOURNE Isabella North Side
WALBOURNE Clothilda (sic) South Side
WELLS Titus South Side
WELLS Hilda South Side
WELLS Frederick Eastern Tickle
WELLS Alfred Eastern Tickle
WELLS Jane Eastern Tickle
WHEATON Jonas W. South Side
WHEATON Harriett South Side
WHETHAM (sic) Annie South Side
WHETHAM (sic) James South Side
WHETHAM (sic) Sarah South Side
WINSOR Lina (sic) South Side
WILLIS John H. South Side
WILLIS William South Side
WILLIS Elijah South Side
WILLIS Darius South Side
WILLIS Charles B. South Side
WILLIS Ann South Side
WILLIS Theresa South Side
WILLIS Ada M. South Side
WILLIS Mary M. South Side
WILLIS Thomas W. North Side
WILLIS Annie North Side
WARRICK Aguilla South Side
WARRICK Mark South Side
WARRICK Jessie South Side
WARRICK Bessie South Side
WARRICK Margaret J. South Side
WALSH Michael J. Maroni Station
WALSH Katie Maroni Station
WATERMAN Mark North Side
WATERMAN John North Side
WATERMAN Edgar North Side
WATERMAN Frederick North Side
WATERMAN Melissa North Side
WATERMAN Lydia North Side
WATERMAN Elizabeth J. North Side
WATERMAN Maria South Side
WOOLRIDGE Thomas S. South Side
WOOLRIDGE Charles B. South Side
WOOLRIDGE Harriett South Side
WOOLRIDGE Bertha South Side

Transcribed By: Daniel B. Breen (2002)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday February 20, 2013 (Don Tate)
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