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1928 Voter's List



I hereby certify that the following is the Revised List of Persons entitled to vote in the election of One Member of the House of Assembly for the District of Bonavista Centre 1928.

Revising MagistrateMagistrate's Office,

Qualification: Males 21 Years and Upward;
Females 25 Years and Upward

No. Christian Name & Surname of Each Elector Place of Abode


2783 Babstock, Joseph Eastport
2784 Babstock, Thos. of Geo. Eastport
2785 Babstock, Thos. of Thos. Eastport
2786 Babstock, Randell C. Eastport
2787 Babstock, William J. Eastport
2788 Babstock, Clara E. Eastport
2789 Babstock, Mary Jane Eastport
2790 Babstock, Mary Kate Eastport
2791 Babstock, Sarah Eastport
2792 Bradley, Adam Eastport
2793 Bradley, Arthur A. Eastport
2794 Bradley, Kenneth Eastport
2795 Bradley, Robert P. Eastport
2796 Bradley, William J. Eastport
2797 Bradley, Essie Irene Eastport
2798 Bradley, Ethie Clarice Eastport
2799 Bradley, Harriett Eastport
2800 Bradley, Irene Eastport
2801 Brown, Henry J. Eastport
2802 Brown, Joshua Eastport
2803 Browne, Anne Eastport
2804 Brown, Elizabeth Eastport
2805 Brown, Martha A. Eastport
2806 Bull, George B. Eastport
2807 Bull, George Henry Eastport
2808 Bull, Harold Eastport
2809 Bull, Henry of Wm. Eastport
2810 Bull, Jabez Eastport
2811 Bull, John C. Eastport
2812 Bull, William C. Eastport
2813 Bull, Adelaide Eastport
2814 Bull, Anastasia Eastport
2815 Bull, Caroline Eastport
2816 Bull, Flora Eastport
2817 Bull, Hannah E. Eastport
2818 Bull, Rhoda Eastport
2819 Bull, Susannah Eastport
2820 Burden, Clara Eastport


2821 Crisby, Andrew Eastport
2822 Crisby, Arthur A. Eastport
2823 Crisby, Jabez S. Eastport
2824 Crisby, William J. Eastport
2825 Crisby, Mary E. Eastport
2826 Crisby, Mary Jane Eastport


2827 Dyke, Albert P. Eastport
2828 Dyke, Alpheus Eastport
2829 Dyke, Edward Eastport
2830 Dyke, Edwin Eastport
2831 Dyke, George Eastport
2832 Dyke, George Wm. Eastport
2833 Dyke, Harold D. Eastport
2834 Dyke, Henry of Joseph Eastport
2835 Dyke, Henry of John Eastport
2836 Dyke, Henry James Eastport
2837 Dyke, Israel J. Eastport
2838 Dyke, Job Eastport
2839 Dyke, John M. Eastport
2840 Dyke, Joseph J. Eastport
2841 Dyke, Kenneth Eastport
2842 Dyke, Richard Eastport
2843 Dyke, Richard Norman Eastport
2844 Dyke, Samuel Eastport
2845 Dyke, Walter J. Eastport
2846 Dyke, William J. Eastport
2847 Dyke, Ada. Eastport
2848 Dyke, Eliz. Edwards Eastport
2849 Dyke, Eliz. Brown Eastport
2850 Dyke, Eliz. Hunter Eastport
2851 Dyke, Hannah B. Eastport
2852 Dyke, Hannah Brown Eastport
2853 Dyke, Jediah Eastport
2854 Dyke, Mary A.F. Eastport
2855 Dyke, Mary A. Pike Eastport
2856 Dyke, Mary Emma Eastport
2857 Dyke, Mary Jane Eastport
2858 Dyke, Mary Kate Eastport
2859 Dyke, Louisa Eastport
2860 Dyke, Rosanna Eastport
2861 Dyke, Susannah Eastport


2862 Farwell, Kenneth Eastport
2863 Farwell, Sarah A. Eastport


2864 Hancock, Arthur N. Eastport
2865 Hancock, Emily A. Eastport
2866 Hancock, Isabelle Eastport
2867 Hunter, Hedley V. Eastport
2868 Hunter, John R. Eastport
2869 Hunter, Wm. J.M. Eastport
2870 Hunter, Alice Maud Eastport
2871 Hunter, Mary E. Eastport


2872 Lane, Abram Eastport
2873 Lane, Arthur Eastport
2874 Lane, Caleb Eastport
2875 Lane, George H. Eastport
2876 Lane, John Eastport
2877 Lane, Ronald Eastport
2878 Lane, Walter J. Eastport
2879 Lane, William of Jas. Eastport
2880 Lane, Wm. T. of Arthur Eastport
2881 Lane, Ann Babstock Eastport
2882 Lane, Ann Turner Eastport
2883 Lane, Elizabeth Eastport
2884 Lane, Evelyn Eastport
2885 Lane, Hilda Eastport
2886 Lane, Janet Eastport


2887 Moss, Charles Eastport
2888 Moss, Joseph H.T. Eastport
2889 Moss, William Eastport
2890 Moss, Clara P. Eastport


2891 Pelley, George Eastport
2892 Pelley, Dorcas J. Eastport
2893 Penney, Eric A. Eastport
2894 Penney, George Eastport
2895 Penney, John S. Eastport
2896 Penney, Elizabeth Eastport
2897 Pottle, Freeman Eastport
2898 Pottle, John Eastport
2899 Pottle, Effie Eastport


2900 Squires, Arthur P. Eastport
2901 Squires, Avalon Eastport
2902 Squires, Bidkar P. Eastport
2903 Squires, Charles W. Eastport
2904 Squires, Christopher Eastport
2905 Squires, David S. Eastport
2906 Squires, Enos Eastport
2907 Squires, George W. Eastport
2908 Squires, Harold Eastport
2909 Squires, Jared J. Eastport
2910 Squires, Jesse Eastport
2911 Squires, John of Geo. Eastport
2912 Squires, John of Jos. Eastport
2913 Squires, Joseph H. Eastport
2914 Squires, Lewis Eastport
2915 Squires, Martin D. Eastport
2916 Squires, Philip J. Eastport
2917 Squires, Walter W. Eastport
2918 Squires, Willie Eastport
2919 Squires, Annie F. Eastport
2920 Squires, Catherine Eastport
2921 Squires, Elizabeth A. Eastport
2922 Squires, Johanna Eastport
2923 Squires, Martha A. Eastport
2924 Squires, Mary E. Eastport
2925 Squires, Sarah J. Eastport
2926 Squires, Susannah Eastport
2927 Squires, Victoria Eastport


2928 Walker, Edgar W. Eastport


2929 Yetman, Joseph Eastport
2930 Yetman, Meta Eastport

Transcribed By: Peter Godfrey (January, 2002)

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