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1928 Voter's List


Harbour Main District

I hereby certify that the following is a correct list of persons entitled to vote in the election of two members of the House of Assembly for the District of Harbour Main.

Revising Magistrate
Harbour Main, March 3, 1928

No. Christian Name and Surname Place of Abode Qualification
3006 Andrews, Alfred Codner For Males 21yrs up
3007 Andrews, Francis Codner For Females 25 up
3008 Butler, Elizabeth Codner  
3009 Butler, Reuben Codner  
3010 Butler, Jessie Codner  
3011 Butler, R. Joseph Codner  
3012 Butler, Susannah Codner  
3013 Butler, Joseph of Reuben Codner  
3014 Butler, Caroline Codner  
3015 Butler, Garland Codner  
3016 Butler, Virtue Codner  
3017 Butler, Nathaniel Codner  
3018 Butler, Mary J Codner  
3019 Butler, George Codner  
3020 Butler, Minnie Codner  
3021 Butler, Henry A Codner  
3022 Butlery, Jane E Codner  
3023 Butler, John Codner  
3024 Butler, Elizabeth Codner  
3025 Butler, Harold Codner  
3026 Butler, Caroline Codner  
3027 Butler, William W Codner  
3028 Butler, Peter Codner  
3029 Butler, Jane Codner  
3030 Butler, Abram Codner  
3031 Butler, Leah Codner  
3032 Clooney, Jacob Codner  
3033 Clooney, Cecil Codner  
3034 Clooney, Joseph Codner  
3035 Clooney, Peter Codner  
3036 Clooney, May Codner  
3037 Clooney, Eliza Codner  
3038 Clooney, Manuel Codner  
3039 Clooney, Mary Codner  
3040 Delaney, Mark Codner  
3041 Delaney, Matilda Codner  
3042 Fagan, Allen Codner  
3043 Fagen, Charlotte Codner  
3044 Fagan, Jacob Sr Codner  
3045 Fagan, Emma Codner  
3046 Fagan, Joseph Codner  
3047 Fagan, Mary Codner  
3048 Fagan, Jacob Jr Codner  
3049 Fagan, Archibald Codner  
3050 Fagan, Mary J Codner  
3051 Fagan, Frank Codner  
3052 Fagan, Hazel Codner  
3053 Fagan, John Codner  
3054 Fowler, Robert Codner  
3055 Fowler, Elizabeth Codner  
3056 Hynes, Samuel J Codner  
3057 Hynes, Fred Codner  
3058 Hynes, Elizabeth R Codner  
3059 Hynes, Violet Codner  
3060 Hynes, Isaac Codner  
3061 Hynes, Fannie J Codner  
3062 Hynes, John S Codner  
3063 Hynes, Robert Codner  
3064 Hynes, Frank Codner  
3065 Hynes, Herbert Codner  
3066 Hynes, Biliza Codner  
3067 Hynes, William J Codner  
3068 Hynes, Maud Codner  
3069 Hynes, Patience Codner  
3070 Hynes, Samuel Codner  
3071 Hynes, Mariah Codner  
3072 Hynes, John Codner  
3073 Hynes, Annie Codner  
3074 Hynes, Charles Codner  
3075 Hynes, Jessie Codner  
3076 Hynes, Edgar Codner  
3077 Hynes, Jane Codner  
3078 Hynes, Herbert Codner  
3079 Hibbs, Julia E Codner  
3080 Hibbs, John Codner  
3081 Hibbs, Henry Codner  
3082 Hibbs, Harriet Codner  
3083 Kennedy, John Codner  
3084 Kennedy, Leah Codner  
3085 Kennedy, Moses Jr Codner  
3086 Kennedy, Moses Sr Codner  
3087 Kennedy, William G. Codner  
3088 Kennedy, Joseph Codner  
3089 Kennedy, Lucinda Codner  
3090 Lear, Joseph Codner  
3091 Lear, Ruth Codner  
3092 Oke, Charles Codner  
3093 Oke, Edith Codner  
3094 Petten, Herbert Codner  
3095 Petten, Lillian Codner  
3096 Petten, John Codner  
3097 Petten, Rebecca Codner  
3098 Petten, George B. Codner  
3099 Petten, Nellie Codner  
3100 Petten, Nicholas Codner  
3101 Petten, Sarah Codner  
3102 Petten, Edward T Codner  
3103 Petten, James J Codner  
3104 Petten, Mary J Codner  
3105 Petten, Mildred Codner  
3106 Petten, Isaac Codner  
3107 Petten, Chesley Codner  
3108 Petten, Nathaniel, Jr Codner  
3109 Petten, Beatrice Codner  
3110 Petten, George Codner  
3111 Petten, Nathaniel, Sr Codner  
3112 Petten, Rachel Codner  
3113 Petten, Lizzie    
3114 Petten, Charles Codner  
3115 Petten, Garland    
3116 Petten, Elsie B. Codner  
3117 Porter, William Codner  
3118 Porter, Bertha Codner  
3119 Scott, Charles Codner  
3120 Stark, Gwendolyn Codner  
3121 Taylor, Job Codner  
3122 Taylor, Lizzie Codner  
3123 Taylor, Jacob, Sr Codner  
3124 Taylor, Elizabeth Codner  
3125 Taylor, Samuel Codner  
3126 Taylor, Allen Codner  
3127 Taylor, Dorcas Codner  
3128 Taylor, Sarah A Codner  
3129 Taylor, Eli Codner  
3130 Taylor, Louise Codner  
3131 Taylor, Emma J Codner  
3132 Taylor, Jacob, Jr Codner  
3133 Taylor, Emma Codner  
3134 Taylor, William Codner  
3135 Taylor, Mary A Codner  
3136 Taylor, Eber Codner  
3137 Taylor, George Codner  
3138 Taylor, Emberly Codner  
3139 Whitehouse, Rev H V Codner  

Transcribed By: Judy Barker (February, 2002)

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