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1928 Voter's List


Trinity Centre District


Persons entitled to Vote in the Election of One Member of the House of Assembly for the District of Trinity Centre 1928.

I hereby certify that this Book contains a correct List of Persons entitled to vote in the Election of One Member for the Distritct of Trinity Centre, for that portion of the said District extending from Georges Brook to St. Jones (Without), inclusive.

A.C. PITTMAN, Revising Justice,

February 1st, 1928,

I hereby certify that this Book contains a correct List of Persons entitled to vote in the Election of One Member for the District of Trinity Centre, for that portion of the said District extending from New Harbour to Bay Bulls Arm inclusive.

F.WOODMAN, Revising Justice.

February 1st, 1928.


Males 21 years and upwards

Females 25 years and upwards


Surname Christian Name Place of Abode
ADEY Wm. H. Clarenville
ADEY Ida Clarenville
ADEY William Clarenville
ADEY Fanny Clarenville
ADEY George Clarenville
ADEY Frederick Clarenville
ADEY Jennie Clarenville
BURSEY Reuben Clarenville
BURSEY Phoebe Clarenville
BURSEY Caroline Clarenville
BURSEY Moses Clarenville
BURSEY Eliza A. Clarenville
BURSEY Joseph Clarenville
BURSEY Eliza Clarenville
BALSOM Eli Clarenville
BALSOM Joseph Clarenville
BALSOM Sarah Clarenville
BALSOM Kenneth Clarenville
BALSOM William Clarenville
BALSOM Arthur Clarenville
BALSOM Mary Clarenville
BALSOM Chesley Clarenville
BALSOM Alfred J. Clarenville
BALSOM Nellie Clarenville
BALSOM Sarah Clarenville
BALSOM Ephrasin Clarenville
BALSOM Rowland Clarenville
BALSOM Allen Clarenville
BALSOM Jessie Clarenville
BALSOM Mary Clarenville
BAGGS Joseph Clarenville
BAGGS Lilly Clarenville
BAKER Isaiah Clarenville
BAKER Edmund Clarenville
BAKER Thresa Clarenville
BAKER William Clarenville
BAKER Caroline Clarenville
BLACKMORE Ronald Clarenville
BLACKMORE Nellie F. Clarenville
BARNES Martin Clarenville
BARNES Jean Clarenville
BLUNDON George Clarenville
CULL Lucy Clarenville
CROSS G. B??d Clarenville
CROSS Carrie Clarenville
CLENCH John Clarenville
CLENCH Fanny Clarenville
DODGE Harriet Clarenville
DICK Frank Clarenville
DICK Annie Clarenville
FROUDE Eliza J. Clarenville
FROST Maria Clarenville
GLADNEY Edward Clarenville
GLADNEY Fanny Clarenville
HUTCHINGS John Clarenville
HUTCHINGS Emma Clarenville
HYNES Joseph Clarenville
HYNES Alfred Clarenville
HYNES Gertie Clarenville
JARVIS Richard Clarenville
JARVIS Cicila Clarenville
JARVIS Mary Clarenville
JANES Joseph Clarenville
JANES Joseph Clarenville
JANES Louisa Clarenville
JANES Rhonda Clarenville
JOHNSON James Clarenville
KENT Ronald Clarenville
KING Phillip Clarenville
KING Absolom Clarenville
KING Sarah B. Clarenville
KING Jeremiah Clarenville
KING Eliza Clarenville
LETHBRIDGE Albert Clarenville
LETHBRIDGE Ida Clarenville
LANGER Allen Clarenville
LANGER Maude Clarenville
LONG Mary Clarenville
LONG William Clarenville
LONG May Clarenville
MADDOCK John Clarenville
MADDICK Mabel Clarenville
MARSH Fred Clarenville
MARSH Barbra Clarenville
NOSEWORTHY William Clarenville
NOSEWORTHY Susan Clarenville
NOSEWORTHY Samuel Clarenville
NEIL Mary E. Clarenville
PLOUGHMAN Henry Clarenville
PITTMAN Allen C. Clarenville
PITTMAN E. Maude Clarenville
PLOUGHMAN Victoria Clarenville
PEARCE George Clarenville
PEARCE Emma Clarenville
PITCHER George Clarenville
PITCHER Mary Clarenville
PITCHER Leslie Clarenville
PRETTY Marion Clarenville
PRETTY Nathaniel Clarenville
PEARCE Eliza Clarenville
PEARCE James Clarenville
PELLEY John Clarenville
STRONG Herbert Clarenville
STRONG Annie Clarenville
STANLEY Edgar Clarenville
STANLEY Blanche Clarenville
STANLEY Zebedee Clarenville
STANLEY Minnie, Wife of Zebedee Clarenville
STANLEY Philip Clarenville
STANLEY Mary Clarenville
STANLEY Arthur Clarenville
STANLEY Lilly Clarenville
STANLEY William Clarenville
STANLEY Minnie Clarenville
STANLEY Norman Clarenville
SEAWARD Adam Clarenville
SEAWARD Mary A. Clarenville
SEAWARD Andrew Clarenville
SEAWARD Rose Clarenville
SEAWARD Isaiah Clarenville
SEAWARD Clara M. Clarenville
SEAWARD Richard Clarenville
SEAWARD Maggie Clarenville
STRONG Absolom Clarenville
STRONG Lilla Clarenville
STRONG Norman Clarenville
STRONG Eliza Clarenville
STRONG Bishel Clarenville
STRONG Gertie Clarenville
STRONG Ebenezer Clarenville
STRONG Miriam Clarenville
STRONG Horatio Clarenville
STRONG Emily Clarenville
STRONG Newman Clarenville
STRONG Rebecca Clarenville
STRONG Ronald Clarenville
STRONG George Clarenville
STRONG Sarah Clarenville
STRONG Harold Clarenville
STRONG Jessie Clarenville
STRONG Arthur Clarenville
STRONG Lilian Clarenville
STRONG Lyman Clarenville
STRONG William Clarenville
STRONG Theresa Clarenville
STRONG John Clarenville
STRONG Eliza Clarenville
SUMMERS Ernest Clarenville
SUMMERS Janet Clarenville
SUMMERS John Clarenville
SUMMERS Alexander Clarenville
SUMMERS Evelyn Clarenville
SEAWARD Elizabeth Clarenville
SEAWARD Eli Clarenville
SEAWARD Elsie Clarenville
SEAWARD Enoch Clarenville
TILLEY Ronald Clarenville
TILLEY Fanny Clarenville
TILLEY Robert Clarenville
TILLEY Archibald Clarenville
TILLEY Julia Ann Clarenville
TILLEY Joseph Clarenville
TILLEY Sybil Clarenville
TILLEY Herman Clarenville
TILLEY Annie Clarenville
TILLEY Brendan Clarenville
TILLEY Annie, wife of Brendan Clarenville
TILLEY Ann, wife of late Walter Tilley Clarenville
TILLEY George Clarenville
TILLEY C??ilia Clarenville
VARDY Hezekian Clarenville
VARDY Annie Clarenville
VARDY William Clarenville
VARDY Susie Clarenville
VARDY M???? Clarenville
VARDY Jane Clarenville
WELLS Hubert Clarenville
WEBBER Alfred Clarenville
WEBBER Edward Clarenville
WEBBER Maxwell Clarenville

Transcribed By: Heather Lutz (December, 2001)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday February 20, 2013 (Don Tate)
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