List of Persons Entitled to Vote in the Election of One Member
of the House of Assembly for the District of Fogo

Males: 21 years and upwards.
Females: 25 years and upwards
Revising Magistrate - N. Short

1928 Voter's List - Change Islands - Fogo District


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1928 Voter's List

Change Islands

Fogo District
Surname Christian Name Place of Abode
BARTLETT Hilda Change Islands
BOUND James Change Islands
BOUND Priscilla Haskel's Cove
BOUND Josiah Payne's Cove
BOUND Lucy Payne's Cove
BOUND Isaac North End
BOUND Alfreda A. North End
BOUND Andrew Main Tickle South
BOUND Charlotte A. Main Tickle South
BOUND Frederick W. Main Tickle South
BOUND Abel H. Main Tickle South
BOUND Rosanna Main Tickle South
BLAKE Jonas Haskel's Cove
BLAKE Bessie Haskel's Cove
BLAKE Jasper J. Haskel's Cove
BLAKE Selina Haskel's Cove
BLAKE Levi Skinner's Hr
BLAKE Julia Skinner's Hr
BLAKE Sarah A. Pancheon Cove
BRINSON George R. Main Tickle South
BRINSON Naomi Main Tickle South
BRINSON Maxwell Main Tickle South
BRINSON Joseph Grandpher's Cove
BRINSON Miram Grandpher's Cove
BRINSON George W. Grandpher's Cove
BRINSON Mary J. Grandpher's Cove
BRINSON Dorman H. Grandpher's Cove
BRINSON Elam Grandpher's Cove
BRINSON Mary Grandpher's Cove
BRINSON Alfred J. Grandpher's Cove
BRINSON Ada Grandpher's Cove
BRINSON Stewart Codrick's Cove
BRINSON Mary Codrick's Cove
BOUND Ida Main Tickle North
BURSEY William Main Tickle North
BURSEY Enos Main Tickle North
BURSEY Elizabeth S. Main Tickle North
BURSEY Elizazbeth (sic) Main Tickle North
BURSEY Leander Seal Cove
BURSEY Sarah J. Seal Cove
BURSEY Robert Skinner's Hr
BURSEY Janet Skinner's Hr
BURSEY Philip Skinner's Hr
BURSEY Edith Skinner's Hr
CAVE Jabez Handel's Cove
CAVE Fanny A. Woody Is. Tickle
CAVE Joseph Woody Is. Tickle
CAVE Ida P. Woody Is. Tickle
CAVE Walter W. Woody Is. Tickle
CAVE Isabella Woody Is. Tickle
CAVE Henry Woody Is. Tickle
CAVE Jasper Woody Is. Tickle
CAVE Frederick Woody Is. Tickle
CAVE Unice Woody Is. Tickle
CAVE Stewart Woody Is. Tickle
CAVE Solomon Woody Is. Tickle
CAVE Leslie Woody Is. Tickle
CAVE Abraham Woody Is. Tickle
CAVE Caroline Woody Is. Tickle
CAVE Arthur L. Woody Is. Tickle
CAVE William Fox Head Cove
CAVE Alexander Fox Head Cove
CAVE Flora Fox Head Cove
CAVE Henry J. Woody Is. Tickle
CAVE Eliza J. Woody Is. Tickle
CAVE Loyal G. Woody Is. Tickle
CAVE Rhoda Woody Is. Tickle
CAVE John W. Randel's Cove
CAVE Mary J. Randel's Cove
CAVE Elias Fox Head Cove
COLES Abraham Seal Hr. Island
COLES Emily Seal Hr. Island
CULL Joseph Morey's Hr.
CULL Louisa Morey's Hr.
CULL Garland Morey's Hr.
COLLINS Elijah G. North Tickle
COLLINS Susanna S. North Tickle
COLLINS Hubert E. North Tickle
CHAFFEY Alfred J. North End
CHAFFEY Dora North End
CHAFFEY Mark North Tickle
CHAFFEY Sarah A. North Tickle
CHAFFEY John North Tickle
CHAFFEY Clara North Tickle
CIBBILY Sarah North Tickle
DIAMOND Esau Seal Hr.
DIAMOND Amelia Seal Hr.
DIAMOND Gordon Seal Hr.
DIAMOND Allan Main Tickle North
DIAMOND Daisy Main Tickle North
DIAMOND George Puncheon Cove
DIAMOND Selina Puncheon Cove
DIAMOND Frederick Puncheon Cove
DIAMOND Betty Puncheon Cove
DIAMOND Frank Puncheon Cove
DIAMOND Garland Puncheon Cove
DIAMOND Stanley Puncheon Cove
DIAMOND Robert Puncheon Cove
DOWELL Ida I. Main Tickle North
DALLY Herbert Main Tickle South
DALLY Bessie Main Tickle South
ELLIOTT Archibald Main Tickle South
ELLIOTT Charlotte Main Tickle South
ELLIOTT Andrew North Tickle
ELLIOTT Lucy North Tickle
ELLIOTT John North Tickle
ELLIOTT Bertha North Tickle
ELLIOTT Thomas A. South End
ELLIOTT Jemima South End
ELLIOTT Malena Main Tickle North
ELLIOTT Samuel M. Fox Head Cove
ELLIOTT Elizabeth J. Fox Head Cove
EDWARDS Martha Seal Hr. Island
EDWARDS Joseph Seal Hr. Island
EDWARDS Malcolm Seal Hr. Island
EDWARDS Goldie Seal Hr. Island
EDWARDS William Seal Hr. Island
EDWARDS Sarah J. Seal Hr. Island
EDWARDS Henry G. Seal Hr. Island
EDWARDS Elizabeth J. Seal Hr. Island
EDWARDS James Seal Hr. Island
EDWARDS Mathilda (sic) Seal Hr. Island
EDWARDS Louis Seal Hr. Island
EDWARDS Charlotte Seal Hr. Island
EARLE Frederick Charles Fox Head Cove
EARLE William H. Fox Head Cove
EARLE Bertha Fox Head Cove
ELLSWORTH John Main Tickle South
ELLSWORTH Annie Main Tickle South
FORD Ida A. Skinners's Hr.
FAUEY Josiah Red Rock Cove
FAUEY Emma J. Red Rock Cove
FAUEY Hiram Red Rock Cove
FAUEY Sarah Red Rock Cove
FAUEY Josiah of Josiah Red Rock Cove
FAUEY Daisy Red Rock Cove
FAUEY Charles Skinner's Hr.
FAUEY Jane Skinner's Hr.
William E. Skinner's Hr.
FAUEY Bessie Skinner's Hr.
GOSSE Herber (Rev.) Payne's Cove
GOSSE Lizzie M. Payne's Cove
GINN Henry J. Payne's Cove
GINN Johanna Payne's Cove
GINN Walter N. Payne's Cove
GINN Louise Payne's Cove
GINN Ralph Payne's' Cove
GINN Arthur W. Skinner's Hr.
GINN Annie Skinner's Hr.
HART George Fox Head Cove
HART Rosie Fox Head Cove
HART Walter Fox Head Cove
HART Frederick Puncheon Cove
HART Emma Puncheon Cove
HART Emma Puncheon Cove
HART Stewart Puncheon Cove
HART Selina Seal Cove
HART Alfred Duck Cove
HOFFE Martin Main Tickle North
HOFFE John Main Tickle North
HOFFE Louis Main Tickle North
HOFFE Darius Main Tickle North
HOFFE Mary Main Tickle North
HOFFE Alfreda Main Tickle North
HOFFE Lily Main Tickle North
HOFFE Mark Main Tickle North
HOFFE Emma Main Tickle North
HOFFE Alfred J. Main Tickle North
HOFFE Arthur W. Fox Head Cove
HOFFE Margaret Fox Head Cove
HOFFE Enos Fox Head Cove
HOFFE Alice Fox Head Cove
HOFFE Allan Fox Head Cove
HOFFE Laura J. Fox Head Cove
HOFFE Jeremiah Fox Head Cove
HOFFE Julia A. Fox Head Cove
HOFFE Henry Fox Head Cove
HOFFE Margaret Fox Head Cove
HOFFE Archibald Fox Head Cove
HOFFE Mary J. Fox Head Cove
HOFFE Eli Fox Head Cove
HOFFE Rebecca S. Fox Head Cove
HOFFE Lucy Main Tickle South
HOFFE Archibald Main Tickle South
HOFFE Ada V. Main Tickle South
HOFFE Philip Grandpher's Cove
HOFFE Elizabeth L. Grandpher's Cove
HOFFE Frederick Haskel's Cove
HOFFE Emma Haskel's Cove
HAWKINS John R. North End
HAWKINS Keziah North End
HAWKINS John H. North Island
HAWKINS Magaret (sic) North Island
HYDE Lewis G. North End
HYDE Annie North End
HINDS Thomas H. Payne's Cove
HINDS Letta (sic) B. Payne's Cove
HINDS Arthur D. Payne's Cove
HINDS John Payne's Cove
HINDS Edmund Payne's Cove
HINDS Rhoda Payne's Cove
HINDS Evelyn Fox Head Cove
HINDS Elsie Fox Head Cove
HINDS Frank Morey's Hr
HALE Garland Morey's Hr
HALE Julia Morey's Hr
HALE Harry Morey's Hr
HALE Elizabeth Morey's Hr
HALE Arthur Morey's Hr
HALE Emily Morey's Hr
HALE Maxwell Morey's Hr
JONES Daisy Main Tickle South
JONES Ensign R. Main Tickle South
KING James Red Rock Cove
KING Mary Red Rock Cove
KING Alexander Red Rock Cove
KING Simon Red Rock Cove
KING Priscilla Red Rock Cove
KING Ellen Red Rock Cove
KING Arthur Red Rock Cove
KING Allan Red Rock Cove
KING Elizabeth Red Rock Cove
KING Sidney Red Rock  Cove
KING Herbert Main Tickle South
KING Ethel Main Tickle South
LANGDOWN Noah Mother's Island
LANGDOWN Althea Mother's Island
LeDEW Albert J. Payne's Cove
LeDEW Mary E. Payne's Cove
LeDREW Samuel M. Main Tickle South
LeDREW Elizabeth L. Main Tickle South
LeDEW Abel Main Tickle South
LeDREW Agnes Main Tickle South
LeDREW Francis A. Main Tickle South
LeDREW Beniah Skinner's Hr.
LeDREW Margaret Skinner's Hr.
LeDREW Philip Skinner's Hr.
LeDREW Dorcas Skinner's Hr.
LeDREW Jacob of Jacob Skinner's Hr.
LeDREW Louisa Skinner's Hr.
LeDREW Thomas W. Skinner's Hr.
LeDREW William J. Skinner's Hr.
LeDREW Susanna F. Skinner's Hr.
LeDREW Lemuel Skinner's Hr.
LeDREW Eli Skinner's Hr.
LeDREW Lucinda Skinner's Hr.
LeDREW Thomas W. of Rd. Skinner's Hr.
LeDREW Althea Skinner's Hr.
LeDREW Moses J. Skinner's Hr.
LeDREW Henry I.G. Morey's Hr.
LeDREW Matilda Morey's Hr.
LeDREW Malina Seal Cove
LeDREW John Seal Cove
LeDREW Rose Seal Cove
LeDREW Peter Seal Cove
LeDREW Wesley Seal Cove
LeDREW Muriel Seal Cove
LeDREW Jane Seal Cove
LeDREW Samuel Seal Cove
LeDREW Philip Seal Cove
LeDREW Elizabeth Seal Cove
LeDREW Louis Seal Cove
LeDREW Jonathan Seal Cove
LeDREW Maggie G. Seal Hr.
LeDREW Simeon Seal Hr.
LeDREW Emily Seal Hr.
LeDREW William E. Seal Hr.
LeDREW Stewart Seal Hr.
LeDREW Mary A. Seal Hr.
LeDREW Pearl Seal Hr.
LeDREW Matthew Seal Hr.
LeDREW Amelia Seal Hr.
LeDREW Jacob N. Seal Hr.
LeDREW Maggie Main Tickle North
LeDREW Robert H. Main Tickle North
LeDREW Susanna Main Tickle North
LeDREW William A. Main Tickle North
LeDREW Belle Main Tickle North
LeDREW Leo Main Tickle North
LeDREW Joshua Main Tickle North
LeDREW Walter Main Tickle North
LeDREW Deborah Main Tickle North
LeDREW Ida M. Main Tickle North
LeDREW Amelia A. Main Tickle North
LeDREW Louis Main Tickle North
LODER Levi Seal Hr.
LODER Sophia Seal Hr.
LODER Thomas Fox Head Cove
LODER Louise Fox Head Cove
LODER Ida Fox Head Cove
MORGAN Frances G. North End
MORGAN Lilian North End
MORGAN Leander North End
MORGAN Ida M. North End
MORGAN Susan M. North End
MORGAN George Skinner's Hr.
MORGAN Amelia Skinner's Hr.
MOORES Frederick G. Main Tickle South
MOORES Edith M. Main Tickle South
MOORES John H. Skinner's Hr.
MOORES Johanna Skinner's Hr.
MOORES Martha Skinner's Hr.
MOORES Alexander S. Skinner's Hr.
MOORES Enos Skinner's Hr.
MOORES Louise E. Skinner's Hr.
MOORES Whitfield H. Skinner's Hr.
OAKE Elizabeth J. North End
OAKE Arthur W. North End
OAKE Edith North End
OAKE Hubert J. North End
OAKE Mabel North End
OAKE Selina North End
OAKE Josiah North End
OAKE Mary A. North End
OAKE Edgar G.C. North End
OAKE Harold G. North End
OAKE Alice R. North End
OAKE Phebe Grandpher's Cove
PECKFORD Theodore Fox Head Cove
PECKFORD Elizabeth J. Fox Head Cove
PECKFORD Uriah Fox Head Cove
PECKFORD Anna Fox Head Cove
PECKFORD Joseph D. Payne's Cove
PECKFORD Rosley Payne's Cove
PECKFORD Martin Payne's Cove
PECKFORD Sarah J. Payne's Cove
PECKFORD Winnie Payne's Cove
PECKFORD Victor Payne's Cove
PECKFORD Thomas W. Payne's Cove
PECKFORD Elizabeth Payne's Cove
PECKFORD Elam Payne's Cove
PECKFORD Simon North End
PECKFORD Lily North End
PECKFORD Charles W. North End
PECKFORD Thomas W. North End
PECKFORD Janet North End
PECKFORD Thomas W. (J.P.) Main Tickle South
PECKFORD Sophie Main Tickle South
PECKFORD Iva E.E. Main Tickle South
POWELLS Abraham Red Rock Cove
POWELLS Walter Red Rock Cove
POWELLS Richard Red Rock Cove
POWELLS Simeon Red Rock Cove
POWELLS Richalda (sic) Red Rock Cove
POWELLS Sarah Red Rock Cove
POWELLS Emma Red Rock Cove
PARSONS Frederick Codrick's Cove
PARSONS Janet Codrick's Cove
PASONS (sic) Frank Codrick's Cove
PARSONS John of Geo. Codrick's Cove
PARSONS Elizabeth Codrick's Cove
PARSONS Walter J. Codrick's Cove
PARSONS Alfred J. Codrick's Cove
PARSONS Elsie M. Codrick's Cove
PORTER Frederick G. North Tickle
PORTER William J. North Tickle
PORTER Sarah J. North Tickle
PORTER Henry G. North Tickle
PORTER Mariah North Tickle
PORTER Isaac J. North Tickle
PORTER Diana North Tickle
PORTER Janet Main Tickle North
PILLEY Joseph Skinner's Hr.
PENNELL George G. Main Tickle South
REID Lucy J. Main Tickle South
REID John H. Main Tickle South
REID Belinda J. Main Tickle South
REID Charles C. Main Tickle South
REID W. (Rev.) Main Tickle North
REID May J. Main Tickle North
ROBERTS Frederick G. Main Tickle North
ROBERTS John H. Main Tickle North
ROBERTS Susan Main Tickle North
ROBERTS Carrie M. Main Tickle North
ROBERTS Winifred Main Tickle North
SEAMMEL Susie Main Tickle North
SEAMMEL Thomas W. Main Tickle North
SEAMMEL Sarah Payne's Cove
SEAMMEL Archibald Payne's cove
SEAMMEL Stewart Codrick's Cove
SEAMMEL Sarah C. Codrick's Cove
SEAMMEL Athur (sic)W. Codrick's Cove
SEAMMEL Althea Codrick's Cove
SEAMMEL Maxwell Codrick's Cove
SEAMMEL Thomas L. Main Tickle South
SEAMMEL Bertha Main Tickle South
SEAMMEL Charles Main Tickle South
SEAMMEL Henry Main Tickle South
SEAMMEL Elizabeth Main Tickle South
SMART Samuel Main Tickle South
SMART Emily D. Main Tickle South
STEELE Benjamin Main Tickle South
STEELE Esther Main Tickle South
STEELE Rachel Main Tickle South
STEELE Jacob Haskel's Cove
SAUNDERS Henry  Main Tickle North
SAUNDERS Eber Main Tickle North
STRONG John Morey's Hr.
STRONG Maud Morey's Hr.
SHORT Tobias North End
TAYOR (sic) Mildred M. Main Tickle North
TAYLOR Charles Main Tickle North
TAYLOR Janet Main Tickle North
TAYLOR Jesse Main Tickle North
TAYLOR Patience Main Tickle North
TAYLOR May Main Tickle North
TAYLOR George Main Tickle North
TAYLOR Agnes Main Tickle North
TAYLOR Joseph J. Main Tickle North
TAYLOR Annie Main Tickle North
TAYLOR Horatio Main Tickle North
TAYLOR Martin Main Tickle North
TAYLOR James Main Tickle North
TAYLOR Walter W. Main Tickle North
TAYLOR Robert A. Main Tickle North
TAYLOR Julia Main Tickle North
TAYLOR John Main Tickle South
TAYLOR Mary J. Main Tickle South
TAYLOR Benjamin Main Tickle South
TORRAVILLE Oswald Haskel's Cove
TORRAVILLE Frank S. Haskel's Cove
TORRAVILLE Sarah L. Haskel's' Cove
TORRAVILLE Elizabeth Payne's Cove
TORRAVILLE Sidney North End
TORRAVILLE Isabella M. North End
TORRAVILLE Stanley North Tickle
TORRAVILLE Maud E. North Tickle
TORRAVILLE John H. Fox Head Cove
TORRAVILLE Bessie Fox Head Cove
TORRAVILLE Walter J. Main Tickle North
TORRAVILLE Donald Main Tickle North
TORRAVILLE Florence Main Tickle North
TORRAVILLE Beatrice Main Tickle North
TEMPLEMAN William Fox Head Cove
TEMPLEMAN Alice A. Fox Head Cove
WHITE James Seal Hr.
WHITE Lavina Seal Hr.
WHITE Ada Seal Hr.
WHITE Frank Seal Hr.
WHITE Philip Woody Is. Tickle
WHITE Sarah J. Woody Is. Tickle
WHITE Allan Puncheon Cove
WELLS Jesse Puncheon Cove
WELLS Stanley Birt's Cove
WELLS Virtue Birt's Cove
WELLS Victor A. Birt's Cove
WELLS Eileen Birt's Cove
WELLS Baxtor Birt's Cove
WELLS William Main Tickle South
WELLS Bessie J. Main Tickle South
WELLS Eli Skinner's Hr.
WELLS Fanny J. Skinner's Hr.
WELLS Parmenas Skinner's Hr.
WELLS Solomon P. Skinner's Hr.
WELLS Alpheaus Main Tickle North
WELLS Naomi Main Tickle North
WELLS Emma J. Main Tickle North
WELLS Leonard Main Tickle North
WELLS William Main Tickle North
WELSH Theophilus Main Tickle North
WATTON Archibald Main Tickle North
WATTON Isabella Main Tickle North
WATTON Alfred North Tickle
WATTON Elizabeth North Tickle
WATTON John North Tickle
WATTON Louisa North Tickle
WATTON Walter J. North Tickle
WATTON Jane North Tickle
WATTON Robert North Tickle
WATTON Agnes North Tickle
WATERMAN Augustus Fox Head Cove
WATERMAN Lizzie Fox Head Cove
WATERMAN Mary A. Fox Head Cove
WATERMAN Harold W. Fox Head Cove
WATERMAN Lydia Fox Head Cove
WATERMAN Frank North End
WATERMAN John C. North Tickle
WATERMAN Mary A. North Tickle
WATERMAN William N. North Tickle
WATERMAN Henry North Tickle
WATERMAN Diana North Tickle
WATERMAN George North Tickle
WATERMAN Thirza North Tickle
WATERMAN Mark North Tickle
WATERMAN Samuel Main Tickle South
WATERMAN Margaret Main Tickle South
WALBOURNE Samuel Haskel's Cove
WALBOURNE Jessie L. Haskel's Cove
WALBOURNE Walter Mother's Island
WHITT George N. Main Tickle South
WHITT Flora L. Main Tickle South
WHITT Dorman Main Tickle South
WHITT Trixby M. Main Tickle South
WHITT Levina Main Tickle South

Transcribed By: Daniel B. Breen

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