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1928 Voter's List



Qualification: Males 21 Years and Upward;
Females 25 Years and Upward

No. Surname of Each Elector Christian Name Place of Abode
222Abbott WilliamCharlottetown
223Abbott I. BaxterCharlottetown
224Abbott Mrs. Mary HannahCharlottetown
225Abbott SamuelCharlottetown
226Abbott IsaacCharlottetown
227Abbott Mrs. FannieCharlottetown
228Abbott Mrs AnnieCharlottetown
229Abbott Albert J.Charlottetown
230Abbott MosesCharlottetown
231Abbott WestonCharlottetown
232Abbott Mrs. ElizabethCharlottetown
233Cull AbelCharlottetown
234Cull Mrs. MaryCharlottetown
235Chaulk Mrs. AnnieCharlottetown
236Chaulk RichardCharlottetown
237Chaulk EmilyCharlottetown
238Chaulk AllanCharlottetown
239Chaulk Mrs. MaryCharlottetown
240Chaulk AugustusCharlottetown
241Chaulk WillisCharlottetown
242Chatman Wm J.Charlottetown
243Chatman Mrs. MariahCharlottetown
244Chaulk CharlesCharlottetown
245Chaulk SophiaCharlottetown
246Drover Mrs. IsabellaCharlottetown
247Drover F. GarfieldCharlottetown
248Ford Hector W.Charlottetown
249Ford RobertCharlottetown
250Ford Miss Ethel W.Charlottetown
251Ford Miss EmmaCharlottetown
252Ford Mrs. AnnieCharlottetown
253Hussey BrightCharlottetown
254Hussey Mrs. PhoebeCharlottetown
255Hayley JohnCharlottetown
256Hayley Mrs. CarolineCharlottetown
257Hayley TimothyCharlottetown
258Hayley CecilCharlottetown
259Hayley JosephCharlottetown
260Murphy FrederickCharlottetown
261Murphy Mrs. IreneCharlottetown
262Murphy JamesCharlottetown
263Murphy Mrs. HannahCharlottetown
264Martin ThomasCharlottetown
265Martin Mrs. KateCharlottetown
266Penney JamesCharlottetown
267Penney Mrs. EffieCharlottetown
268Penney Alfred J.Charlottetown
269Penney WilliamCharlottetown
270Penney I. JohnCharlottetown
271Penney Miss GertrudeCharlottetown
272Penney Mrs. MaryCharlottetown
273Penney JohnCharlottetown
274Penney Mrs. RachelCharlottetown
275Penney EugeneCharlottetown
276Penney PierceCharlottetown
277Penney GeorgeCharlottetown
278Penney Mrs. MinnieCharlottetown
279Powell GeorgeCharlottetown
280Powell Mrs. LauraCharlottetown
281Powell Mrs. RebeccaCharlottetown
282Spracklin Weston H.Charlottetown
283Spracklin Mrs. LizzieCharlottetown
284Spracklin MaxwellCharlottetown
285Spracklin WilliamCharlottetown
286Simmonds JohnCharlottetown
287Simmonds SimonCharlottetown
288Simmonds CasandraCharlottetown
289Simmonds JamesCharlottetown
290Simmonds Charles Jr.Charlottetown
291Simmonds Mrs. KateCharlottetown
292Simmonds Charles Sr.Charlottetown
293Simmonds ElizabethCharlottetown
294Simmonds LorenzoCharlottetown
295Simmonds Maria AnnCharlottetown
296Spracklin Mrs. ElizabethCharlottetown
297Spracklin AlexanderCharlottetown
298Spracklin Mrs. MiriamCharlottetown
299Spracklin ChesleyCharlottetown
300Templeman ArthurCharlottetown
301Templeman StewartCharlottetown
302Templeman Miss JennieCharlottetown
303Yetman GeorgeCharlottetown

Transcribed By: Unknown (January, 2002)

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