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List of Persons Entitled to Vote in the Election of One Member
of the House of Assembly for the District of Fogo

Males: 21 years and upwards.
Females: 25 years and upwards

Revising Magistrate - N. Short
1928 Voter's List


Fogo District
ABBOTT Blanche Carmanville
BUFFETT Alice Carmanville
BRINSON John Carmanville
BRINSON Ann Carmanville
BRINSON Samuel Carmanville
BRINSON Mary Carmanville
BRINSON Elmo Carmanville
BRINSON Lloyd Carmanville
BRINSON Jesse Carmanville
BRINSON Pearce Carmanville
BRINSON Evangeline Carmanville
BLACKWOOD Stephen Carmanville
BLACKWOOD Dorcas Carmanville
BLACKWOOD George Carmanville
BLACKWOOD Fannie Carmanville
BLACKWOOD Theophilus Carmanville
BLACKWOOD Walter Carmanville
BLACKWOOD Alfreda Carmanville
BLACKWOOD Charles Carmanville
BLACKWOOD Obadiah Carmanville
BLACKWOOD Julia Ann Carmanville
BLUNDEN Stephen Carmanville
BLUNDEN Mary Carmanville
BLUNDEN Harold Carmanville
BLUNDEN Arthur Carmanville
BLUNDEN Dorcas Carmanville
BUTT Henry Carmanville
BUTT Phoebe Carmanville
BUTT Noah Carmanville
BUTT Rose Carmanville
BUTT Susie Carmanville
BUTT George Carmanville
BUTT Lily Carmanville
BLUNDEN George Carmanville
BLUNDEN Bessie Carmanville
COLES John Carmanville
COLES Samuel Carmanville
COLES Harriett Carmanville
COLES Herbert Carmanville
COLES Mary Carmanville
COLES William Carmanville
COLES Norah Carmanville
COLES John of Samuel Carmanville
COLES Elizabeth Carmanville
COLES Howard Carmanville
COLES George Carmanville
CUFF Edward Carmanville
CUFF Beatrice Carmanville
CUFF Elias Carmanville
CUFF Mabel Carmanville
CUFF William Carmanville
CUFF Mary Carmanville
CUFF George of Wm. Carmanville
CUFF George Carmanville
CUFF Eliza Carmanville
CUFF John of George Carmanville
CUFF Johannah Carmanville
CUFF Heber G. Carmanville
CUFF Willie Carmanville
CUFF Ronald Carmanville
CUFF John Carmanville
CUFF Emily Carmanville
CARNELL Eliza Carmanville
COLLINS Timothy Carmanville
COLLINS Elizabeth Carmanville
COLLINS Walter Carmanville
COLLINS Nathaniel Carmanville
COLLINS Jessie Carmanville
COLLINS Garfield Carmanville
COLLINS William Carmanville
COLLINS Amy Carmanville
COLLINS Frank Carmanville
COLLINS Auslum (sic) Carmanville
COLLINS Janet Carmanville
CLARKE John T. Carmanville
CLARKE Lily Carmanville
CULL James Carmanville
CULL Jessie Carmanville
CHAULK Stephen Carmanville
CHAULK Ellen Carmanville
CHAULK John Carmanville
CHAULK Blanche Carmanville
CHAULK Elias Carmanville
CHAULK Charlotte Carmanville
CHAULK Jasper Carmanville
CHAULK Nellie Carmanville
CHAULK Henry Carmanville
CHAULK Priscilla Carmanville
CHAULK Alpheaus Carmanville
CHAULK Eliza Carmanville
CLOUTER Lemuel Carmanville
DAY Simon Carmanville
DAY Lucy Carmanville
DAY Hiram Carmanville
ELLSWORTH George Carmanville
ELLSWORTH Julia Carmanville
ELLSWORTH Theodore Carmanville
ELLSWORTH Edward Carmanville
ELLSWORTH Dulcie Carmanville
ELLSWORTH Levi Carmanville
ELLSWORTH James Carmanville
ELLSWORTH Phoebe Carmanville
ELLSWORTH Moses Carmanville
ELLSWORTH Isadore Carmanville
ELLSWORTH Eli Carmanville
ELLSWORTH Norah Carmanville
ELLSWORTH Edward Carmanville
ELLSWORTH Bertram Carmanville
GOODYEAR George Carmanville
GOODYEAR Mary Carmanville
GOODYEAR Donald Carmanville
GOODYEAR Ida Carmanville
GOODYEAR Stewart Carmanville
GOODYEAR Myrtle Carmanville
GOODYEAR John of George Carmanville
GOODYEAR Edgar Carmanville
GOODYEAR Sarah Carmanville
GOODYEAR Eli Carmanville
GOODYEAR Amy Carmanville
GOODYEAR Lewis Carmanville
GOODYEAR Julia Carmanville
GOODYEAR Baxter Carmanville
GOODYEAR Margaret Carmanville
GOODYEAR John of James Carmanville
GOODYEAR Mary Carmanville
GOODYEAR Arthur Carmanville
GOODYEAR Janet Carmanville
GOODYEAR Stephen Carmanville
GOODYEAR Bessie Carmanville
GOODYEAR Esau Carmanville
GOODYEAR Dorcas Carmanville
GOODYEAR Jeremiah Carmanville
GOODYEAR Jane Carmanville
GOODYEAR Richard Carmanville
GREENE Edward Carmanville
GREENE Emily Carmanville
GREENE Pearce Carmanville
GREENE Sidney Carmanville
GREENE Susannah Carmanville
GREENE James Carmanville
GREENE George Carmanville
HARVEN George of Geo. Carmanville
HARVEN Matilda Carmanville
HARVEN George Carmanville
HARVEN Sarah J. Carmanville
HARVEN Henry Carmanville
HARVEN Florence Carmanville
HANCOCK Harvey Carmanville
HOLMES Beatrice Carmanville
HICKS Wilfred, J.P. Carmanville
HICKS Lissette Carmanville
HICKS Clyde Carmanville
HICKS Aubrey Carmanville
HICKS Jane Carmanville
HICKS Sarah Jane Carmanville
HICKS Alexander Carmanville
HICKS Miriam Carmanville
HICKS Charles Carmanville
HICKS Ann Carmanville
HICKS Willie Carmanville
HICKS Alma Carmanville
HICKS Jesse Carmanville
HICKS Amelia Carmanville
HICKS Fred Carmanville
HICKS Patience Carmanville
HICKS Dorothy Carmanville
HICKS Samson Carmanville
HICKS Leamon Carmanville
HICKS Ernest Carmanville
HICKS laura Carmanville
HICKS Aguilla Carmanville
HICKS Bertha Carmanville
HICKS Elizabeth Carmanville
HICKS Daniel Carmanville
HICKS Rachel Carmanville
HICKS Kenneth Carmanville
HICKS Dorcas Carmanville
HICKS Enos Carmanville
HICKS Phebe Carmanville
HICKS Frank Carmanville
HICKS Israel Carmanville
HICKS Mary Carmanville
MORGAN George Carmanville
MORGAN Priscilla Carmanville
MORGAN Herbert Carmanville
MORGAN Mahala Carmanville
NORMORE Charles Carmanville
NORMORE Mary Ann Carmanville
NORMORE Susannah Carmanville
PENNELL Arthur Carmanville
PENNELL Alberta Carmanville
PENNELL Kenneth Carmanville
PENNELL Bessie Carmanville
PENNELL Joshua Carmanville
PENNELL John of John Carmanville
PENNELL Levi Carmanville
PENNELL Mildred Carmanville
PENNELL John Carmanville
PENNELL Clara Carmanville
PENNELL Albert Carmanville
PENNELL Caleb Carmanville
PENNELL Beatrice Carmanville
PARSONS James H. Carmanville
PARSONS Elizabeth Carmanville
PARSONS Alphonso Carmanville
PARSONS Gladys Carmanville
PARSONS Lorenzo Carmanville
PARSONS John of Stephen Carmanville
PARSONS Martha Carmanville
PARSONS John of Samson Carmanville
PARSONS Laura Carmanville
PARSONS James A. Carmanville
PARSONS Elizabeth Carmanville
RUSSELL Allen Carmanville
RUSSELL Samson Carmanville
RUSSELL Ann Carmanville
RUSSELL Ralph Carmanville
RUSSELL Beatrice Carmanville
RUSSELL Baxter Carmanville
RUSSELL Fannie Carmanville
SPENCER William Carmanville
SPENCER Victoria Carmanville
SNOW Clement Carmanville
SNOW Mariah Carmanville
SKINNER Emily Carmanville
SKINNER Leonard Carmanville
SKINNER Sidney Carmanville
SHEPPARD Theophilus Carmanville
SHEPPARD Delilah Carmanville
SHEPPARD Fred Carmanville
SHEPPARD Amelia Carmanville
SHEPPARD Absalom Carmanville
SHEPPARD Harriett Carmanville
SHEPPARD Edward Carmanville
SHEPPARD Susannah Carmanville
SHEPPARD Eli Carmanville
SHEPPARD Rebecca Carmanville
SHEPPARD Kenneth Carmanville
SHEPPARD Flora Carmanville
SHEPPARD William Carmanville
TULK Joseph Carmanville
TULK Maud Carmanville
TULK John S. Carmanville
TULK Edwin Carmanville
TULK Janet Carmanville
TULK Willis Carmanville
TULK Ida Carmanville
TULK Abram Carmanville
TULK Abel Carmanville
TULK Beatrice Carmanville
TULK George Carmanville
TULK Ida Carmanville
TULK Thomas Carmanville
TULK Fannie Carmanville
TULK Ernest Carmanville
TULK Darius Carmanville
TULK Naomi Carmanville
TULK Maggie Carmanville
TULK Nathaniel Carmanville
TULK Blanche Carmanville
TULK Walter J. Carmanville
TULK Alice Carmanville
TULK Ephraim Carmanville
WHALEN Aeneas Carmanville
WHALEN Elizabeth Carmanville
WHALEN George Carmanville
WESTE Jesse Carmanville
WESTE Bertha Carmanville
WESTE John of John Carmanville
WESTE Hannah Carmanville
WESTE Hedley Carmanville
WESTE Susie Carmanville
WESTE Simeon Carmanville
WESTE Elsie Carmanville
WESTE Jessie Carmanville
WESTE Christopher Carmanville
WESTE Alpheaus Carmanville
WESTE Beatrice Carmanville
WOOLFREY Alpheaus Carmanville
WOOLFREY Lucy Carmanville
WOOLFREY George Carmanville
WOOLFREY Kate Carmanville
WOOLFREY Annie Carmanville
WOOLFREY Chesley Carmanville

Transcribed By: Daniel B. Breen (2002)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday February 20, 2013 (Don Tate)
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