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1928 Voter's List

Canning Cove

Bonavista Bay South District
No. Surname Christian Name Place of Abode
449Chatman Edward L.Canning Cove
450Chatman Mrs. Edward L.Canning Cove
451Chatman HeberCanning Cove
452Chatman Mrs. HeberCanning Cove
453Chatman GeorgeCanning Cove
454Chatman Mrs. GeoCanning Cove
455Chatman Mrs. CharlesCanning Cove
456Chatman ThomasCanning Cove
457Chatman Mrs. ThomasCanning Cove
458Chatman Mrs. CharlesCanning Cove
459Chatman CharlesCanning Cove
460Chatman Wm. Jos.Canning Cove
461Chatman Mrs. Wm. Jos.Canning Cove
462Chatman Stephen Sr.Canning Cove
463Chatman AlbertCanning Cove
464Chatman Mrs. AlbertCanning Cove
465Chatman RobertCanning Cove
466Chatman Mrs. RobertCanning Cove
467Chatman William J.Canning Cove
468Chatman HenryCanning Cove
469Chatman Mrs. HenryCanning Cove
470Chatman Stephen Jr.Canning Cove
471Chatman John Jr.Canning Cove
472Chatman John Sr.Canning Cove
473Chatman WilliamCanning Cove
474Chatman Mrs. WmCanning Cove
475Chatman AmbroseCanning Cove
476Chatman EdwardCanning Cove
477Chatman Mrs. EdwardCanning Cove
478Carpenter WilliamCanning Cove
479Carpenter Mrs. WilliamCanning Cove
480Carpenter CharlesCanning Cove
481Penny RobertCanning Cove
482Penny Mrs. RobertCanning Cove
483Penny JamesCanning Cove
484Penny Mrs. JamesCanning Cove
485Penny George M.Canning Cove
486Penny ArchibaldCanning Cove
487Penny Levi JamesCanning Cove
488Penny JosephCanning Cove
489Penny Mrs. JosephCanning Cove
490Penny JohnCanning Cove
491Penny Mrs. JohnCanning Cove
492Penny GeorgeCanning Cove
493Penny Mrs. GeorgeCanning Cove
494Penny LlewellynCanning Cove
495Penny ThomasCanning Cove
496Penny Mrs. ThomasCanning Cove
497Penny WilliamCanning Cove
498Penny CharlesCanning Cove
499Pitts James Sr.Canning Cove
500Pitts Mrs. James Sr.Canning Cove
501Pitts ChesleyCanning Cove
502Pitts WilliamCanning Cove
503Pitts Mrs. WilliamCanning Cove
504Pitts James Jr.Canning Cove
505Pitts JohnCanning Cove
506Penny AbrahamCanning Cove
507Penny Mrs. AbrahamCanning Cove
508Penny Wm E.Canning Cove
509Penny Mrs. Wm E.Canning Cove
510Penny JamesCanning Cove
511Penny W. JamesCanning Cove
512Penny Mrs. W. JamesCanning Cove
513Penny Edward Jr.Canning Cove
514Simmonds ArchibaldCanning Cove
515Simmonds Mrs. ArchCanning Cove
516Simmonds EdwardCanning Cove
517Simmonds WilliamCanning Cove
518Simmonds JosephCanning Cove
519Simmonds Mrs. SimonCanning Cove
520Simmonds Charles Jr.Canning Cove
521Simmonds Mrs. CharlesCanning Cove
522Simmonds JohnCanning Cove
523Simmonds Mrs JOhnCanning Cove
524Simmonds Charles Sr.Canning Cove
525Simmonds Mrs. CharlesCanning Cove
526Simmonds AlfredCanning Cove
527Simmonds Mrs. AlfredCanning Cove
528Simmonds William JasCanning Cove
529Skeffington JosephCanning Cove
530Skeffington Mrs. JosephCanning Cove
531Warren Mrs. SamuelCanning Cove

Transcribed By: Peter Godfrey (January, 2002)

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