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1928 Voter's List


Ferryland District
SurnameChristian Name Place of Abode
Qualifications: For males 21 years & upwards. For females 25 years & upwards
Benger Samuel Calvert  
Boland Timothy Calvert  
Boland Margaret Calvert  
Boland William Calvert  
Boland Millie Calvert  
Boland John, of Patrick Calvert  
Boland Mary Calvert  
Boland Robert Calvert  
Boland Patrick Calvert  
Boland Mary Calvert  
Boland James Calvert  
Boland Helena Calvert  
Boland Peter, of Patrick Calvert  
Boland Elizabeth Calvert  
Boland Peter, of John Calvert  
Boland Thomas Calvert  
Boland John, of John Calvert  
Boland John J. Calvert  
Boland Arthur Calvert  
Boland Catherine Calvert  
Canning Leonard Calvert  
Canning Mary Calvert  
Canning Marcella Calvert  
Clancy James Calvert  
Clancy Mary Calvert  
Clancy Michael Calvert  
Clancy Thomas Calvert  
Condon Ernest Calvert  
Condon Angela Calvert  
Costello Frederick Calvert  
Costello Bridget Calvert  
Costello Mary Calvert  
Costello Richard Calvert  
Costello Margaret Calvert  
Costello Albert Calvert  
Costello Ellen Calvert  
Conway Catherine Calvert  
Delahunty Richard Calvert  
Delahunty Margaret Calvert  
Getheral Joseph Calvert  
Hayden Thomas, of Thos. Calvert  
Hayden John, of Thomas Calvert  
Hayden John, of John Calvert  
Hayden Anne, Boland Calvert  
Hayden Anne, Kavenagh Calvert  
Hayden Thomas, of Thos. Calvert  
Johnstone Peter, of Wm. Calvert  
Johnstone William Calvert  
Kavenagh Peter Calvert  
Kavenagh Mary Calvert  
Kavenagh James Calvert  
Kavenagh Catherine Calvert  
Kavenagh John Calvert  
Kavenagh Mary Calvert  
Kavenagh William Calvert  
Kavenagh Margaret Calvert  
Kavenagh Martin Calvert  
Kavenagh Albert Calvert  
Keough Edward Calvert  
Keough Joseph Calvert  
Keough Josephine Calvert  
Keough James Calvert  
Keough Margaret Calvert  
Ledwell Sabastian Calvert  
Ledwell Mary Calvert  
Ledwell William Calvert  
Ledwell Vincent Calvert  
Ledwell Monica Calvert  
Maher Teresa Calvert  
McBride Elizabeth Calvert  
Meaney James Calvert  
Meaney Catherine Calvert  
Meaney Bernard Calvert  
Meaney Ellen Calvert  
Meaney Allan Calvert  
Meaney Thomas Calvert  
Meaney Bazil Calvert  
Murphy Elizabeth Calvert  
Murphy James Calvert  
Murphy Alice Calvert  
Murphy Frederick Calvert  
Murphy Anne, Sweeney Calvert  
Murphy Patrick Calvert  
Murphy Anne, Molloy Calvert  
O' Brien Denis Calvert  
O' Brien Mary Calvert  
O' Toole John Calvert  
O' Toole Agnes Calvert  
O' Toole James Calvert  
O' Toole Amelia Calvert  
O' Toole Mary Calvert  
O' Toole Frank Calvert  
O' Neill Martin Calvert  
Power William Calvert  
Power Michael Calvert  
Power Alice Calvert  
Power Anne, Condon Calvert  
Power Patrick, of Thomas Calvert  
Power Margaret Calvert  
Power James Calvert  
Power Ellen Calvert  
Power Gregory Calvert  
Power Peter Calvert  
Power Arthur Calvert  
Power Mary Calvert  
Power John Calvert  
Power Theresa Calvert  
Power Anne Calvert  
Power James Calvert  
Power Matilda Calvert  
Redigan Michael, of Martin Calvert  
Redigan Alice Calvert  
Redigan Martin Calvert  
Redigan Richard Calvert  
Redigan Bridget Calvert  
Redigan Michael, of Ml. Calvert  
Redigan Catherine Calvert  
Rossiter John Calvert  
Rossiter Mary, O'Neill Calvert  
Rossiter Mary, Boland Calvert  
Rossiter Theresa Calvert  
Ryan Michael Calvert  
Ryan Bridget Calvert  
Ryan Patrick Calvert  
Ryan Mary Calvert  
Ryan Margaret Calvert  
Ryan Henry Calvert  
Ryan Benedict Calvert  
Ryan Caroline Calvert  
Sullivan Patrick, of Robert Calvert  
Sullivan Ellen Calvert  
Sullivan Joseph Calvert  
Sillivan Mary Calvert  
Sullivan Martin Calvert  
Sullivan Mary, Keough Calvert  
Sullivan Catherine Calvert  
Swaine John, of Peter Calvert  
Swaine John, of Joseph Calvert  
Swaine Evelyn Calvert  
Swaine Peter Calvert  
Swaine Bridget Calvert  
Swaine Joseph Calvert  
Swaine Clara Calvert  
Swaine Michael Calvert  
Swaine Mary Calvert  
Wade Catherine Calvert  
Walshe William Calvert  
Walshe Lucy Calvert  
Walshe Michael Calvert  
Walshe Mary Calvert  
Walshe Gertrude Calvert  
Walshe James Calvert  
Walshe Annie Calvert  
Walshe Ambrose Calvert  
Walsh Mary, Meaney Calvert  
Whalen Annie Calvert  
Whalen Thomas Calvert  

Transcribed By: Kevin Reddigan (January, 2002)

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