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1928 Voter's List

Bunyon's Cove

Bonavista Bay South District

Qualification: Males 21 Years and Upward;
Females 25 Years and Upward

No. Surname of Each Elector Christian Name Place of Abode
304Burt JohnBunyon's Cove
305Burt AlphaeusBunyon's Cove
306Burt AlexanderBunyon's Cove
307Burt RobertBunyon's Cove
308Burt Mary KateBunyon's Cove
309Burt TheopheusBunyon's Cove
310Burry Eliza JaneBunyon's Cove
311Chaulk CharlesBunyon's Cove
312Chaulk Herbert J.Bunyon's Cove
313Chaulk Edith MayBunyon's Cove
314Clouther ArthurBunyon's Cove
315Clouther EmilyBunyon's Cove
316Clouther LouisBunyon's Cove
317Clouther Eliza P.Bunyon's Cove
318Chatman WilliamBunyon's Cove
319Chatman StewartBunyon's Cove
320Chatman Charles J.Bunyon's Cove
321Chatman EmilyBunyon's Cove
322Cobes ReubenBunyon's Cove
323Cobes AgnesBunyon's Cove
324Cobes AdamBunyon's Cove
325Elliott HeberBunyon's Cove
326Elliott ElizabethBunyon's Cove
327Elliott William J.Bunyon's Cove
328Elliott ThomasBunyon's Cove
329Elliott AnnieBunyon's Cove
330Elliott JacobBunyon's Cove
331Elliott ElizabethBunyon's Cove
332Hobbs ThomasBunyon's Cove
333Hobbs SusannahBunyon's Cove
334Hobbs JohnBunyon's Cove
335Hobbs CharlesBunyon's Cove
336Hobbs Mary KateBunyon's Cove
337Hobbs WilliamBunyon's Cove
338Hobbs SusannahBunyon's Cove
339Hobbs HezekiahBunyon's Cove
340Hobbs GeorgeBunyon's Cove
341Hobbs Charles AndrewBunyon's Cove
342Hobbs BarnabasBunyon's Cove
343Hobbs JessieBunyon's Cove
344Hobbs JosephBunyon's Cove
345Hobbs JessieBunyon's Cove
346Holloway ElizabethBunyon's Cove
347Hussey IsaacBunyon's Cove
348Hussey ElizaBunyon's Cove
349Hussey Albert JohnBunyon's Cove
350Keats AlexanderBunyon's Cove
351Keats CasandraBunyon's Cove
352Keats JamesBunyon's Cove
353Keats ChristinaBunyon's Cove
354Keats EliBunyon's Cove
355Keats AgnesBunyon's Cove
356Keats SamuelBunyon's Cove
357Keats HannahBunyon's Cove
358Keats Henry JasBunyon's Cove
359Keats JohnBunyon's Cove
360Keats Mary KateBunyon's Cove
361Muggeridge EliBunyon's Cove
362Muggeridge JuliaBunyon's Cove
363Martin ArthurBunyon's Cove
364Martin AnnieBunyon's Cove
365Martin ReubenBunyon's Cove
366Martin Albert J.Bunyon's Cove
367Martin DorcasBunyon's Cove
368Martin ThomasBunyon's Cove
369Martin AnnieBunyon's Cove
370Martin John ThomasBunyon's Cove
371Martin LizzieBunyon's Cove
372Miles CharlesBunyon's Cove
373Miles EvaBunyon's Cove
374Miles GeorgeBunyon's Cove
375Miles DeborahBunyon's Cove
376Miles ThomasBunyon's Cove
377Miles JaneBunyon's Cove
378Martin Arthur JohnBunyon's Cove
379Martin JosephBunyon's Cove
380Martin AnnieBunyon's Cove
381Martin LouisBunyon's Cove
382Martin GeorgeBunyon's Cove
383Martin MaryBunyon's Cove
384Miles JohathanBunyon's Cove
385Miles FrancesBunyon's Cove
386Miles WilliamBunyon's Cove
387Miles JaneBunyon's Cove
388Miles EzraBunyon's Cove
389Oldford TobiasBunyon's Cove
390Oldford ElizabethBunyon's Cove
391Oldford ChesleyBunyon's Cove
392Oldford JosephBunyon's Cove
393Oldford JohnBunyon's Cove
394Oldford Sarah JaneBunyon's Cove
395Oldford LeeBunyon's Cove
396Oldford EliasBunyon's Cove
397Oldford GeorgeBunyon's Cove
398Oldford Elsie MayBunyon's Cove
399Oldford RichardBunyon's Cove
400Olfdford FannieBunyon's Cove
401Oldford SamsonBunyon's Cove
402Penney EdwardBunyon's Cove
403Penney Edward Jr.Bunyon's Cove
404Penney AndrewBunyon's Cove
405Penney Martha LillianBunyon's Cove
406Penney WilliamBunyon's Cove
407Penney RebeccaBunyon's Cove
408Penney SamuelBunyon's Cove
409Penney CharlesBunyon's Cove
410Penney JacobBunyon's Cove
411Phillips SamuelBunyon's Cove
412Phillips EdithBunyon's Cove
413Short ElijahBunyon's Cove
414Short JaneBunyon's Cove
415Tucker ThomasBunyon's Cove
416Tucker MarthaBunyon's Cove
417Tucker FederickBunyon's Cove
418Tucker JosiahBunyon's Cove
419Tucker LillianBunyon's Cove
420Tucker SolomonBunyon's Cove
421Tucker AbigailBunyon's Cove
422Tucker RichardBunyon's Cove
423Tucker Mary Ann Jr.Bunyon's Cove
424Tucker EldonBunyon's Cove
425Tucker RossBunyon's Cove
426Tucker Alexander Sr.Bunyon's Cove
427Tucker Mary Ann Sr.Bunyon's Cove
428Tucker JosephBunyon's Cove
429Tucker EllaBunyon's Cove
430Tucker JohnBunyon's Cove
431Tucker EdwardBunyon's Cove
432Tucker Eliza AnnBunyon's Cove
433Turker Alfred GeorgeBunyon's Cove
434Tucker Mary Sr.Bunyon's Cove
435Tucker Alexander Jr.Bunyon's Cove
436Tucker JobBunyon's Cove
437Tucker IvyBunyon's Cove
438Tucker Sarah AnnBunyon's Cove
439White LouisBunyon's Cove
440White Martha JaneBunyon's Cove
441White WilliamBunyon's Cove
442White Samuel Sr.Bunyon's Cove
443White ArthurBunyon's Cove
444White FannieBunyon's Cove
445White LeonardBunyon's Cove
456White RichardBunyon's Cove
457While Samuel Jr.Bunyon's Cove
458White AllanBunyon's Cove

Transcribed By: Peter Godfrey (January, 2002)

Page Last Modified: Wednesday February 20, 2013 (Don Tate)
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