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1928 Voter's List


St. Barbe District



I hereby certify this book contains a list of the persons entitled to vote in the Election of One Member for the District of St. Barbe. Dated this 14th Day of March A.D., 1928 -- GEO. W. WILTON, Revising Officer


For Males - 21 years and upwards
For Females - 25 years and upwards


Christian Name & Surname

Place of Abode



1870 Chambers, Matthew Bear Cove
1871 Chambers, John Jr. Bear Cove
1872 Chambers, Murdick Bear Cove
1873 Chambers, Elizabeth Jr. Bear Cove
1874 Chambers, William Sr. Bear Cove
1875 Chambers, John Sr. Bear Cove
1876 Chambers, Timothy Bear Cove
1877 Chambers, Maggie Bear Cove
1878 Chambers, Abraham Bear Cove
1879 Chambers, Israel Bear Cove
1880 Chambers, James Bear Cove
1881 Chambers, Elizabeth Sr. Bear Cove
1882 Chambers, Jane Bear Cove
1883 Chambers, Algren Bear Cove
1884 Chambers, William Jr. Bear Cove
1885 Chambers, Stephen Bear Cove
1886 Chambers, Selena Bear Cove
1887 Chambers, Aaron Bear Cove
1888 Chambers, Johannah Bear Cove
1889 Chambers, James Jr. Bear Cove
1890 Chambers, Selina J. Bear Cove


1891 Duncan, Nathaniel Bear Cove
1892 Duncan, Thomas Jr. Bear Cove
1893 Duncan, James Bear Cove
1894 Duncan, Stephen Bear Cove
1895 Duncan, Eliezer Bear Cove
1896 Duncan, Sarah Bear Cove
1897 Duncan, Edith Bear Cove
1898 Duncan, John Bear Cove
1899 Duncan, Thomas Sr. Bear Cove
1900 Duncan, Brazil Bear Cove


1901 Gould, John Bear Cove
1902 Gould, William Bear Cove
1903 Gould, Phillip Bear Cove
1904 Gould, James Bear Cove
1905 Gould, Agnes Bear Cove
1906 Gould, James Bear Cove
1907 Godfrey, Charles Bear Cove
1908 Gould, Alexander Bear Cove
1909 Gould, Andrew Bear Cove
1910 Gould, Jacob Bear Cove
1911 Gaulton, Charles Bear Cove
1912 Gould, Jane Bear Cove
1913 Gould, Blanche Bear Cove
1914 Gaulton, Susannah Bear Cove
1915 Gould, Isaac Bear Cove
1916 Gould, Lucy Bear Cove


1917 Porter, Cyril Bear Cove
1918 Porter, Mary Bear Cove


1920 White, Mary 1919 is left out on original Bear Cove
1921 (Genge, Julia)

where & as original

Bear Cove

Transcribed By: Kevin Reddigan (November, 2001)

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