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List of Electors, 1948
Electoral District of Trinity North
Trinity, Goose Cove, and Lockston
Trinty Bay

No. Name Address
1 Baggs, Gertrude F. Trinity
2 Baggs, John P. Trinity
3 Bailey, Alonzo Trinity
4 Bailey, Arthur Goose Cove
5 Bailey, Edward G. Goose Cove
6 Bailey, Gladys M. Goose Cove
7 Bailey, James H. Goose Cove
8 Bailey, Jessie Goose Cove
9 Bailey, Mark Goose Cove
10 Bailey, Mary Trinity
11 Bailey, Mary Goose Cove
12 Bailey, Noah H. Goose Cove
13 Bailey, Robert Goose Cove
14 Bailey, William Trinity
15 Barbour, Emeline Trinity
16 Barbour, Florence Trinity
17 Barbour, Percy G. Trinity
18 Barbour, Stanley G. Trinity
19 Bartlett, Clara Goose Cove
20 Bartlett, Clarence Goose Cove
21 Bartlett, Cyril Goose Cove
22 Bartlett, Ellen L. Goose Cove
23 Bartlett, Harold Goose Cove
24 Bartlett, Henry J. Goose Cove
25 Bartlett, Llewellyn Goose Cove
26 Bartlett, Nellie Goose Cove
27 Bartlett, Neta Goose Cove
28 Bartlett, Pearce Goose Cove
29 Bartlett, Rhoda J. Goose Cove
30 Bartlett, William R. Goose Cove
31 Batson, Elijah Trinity
32 Batson, Mary A. Trinity
33 Bellows, Elsie Trinity
34 Brady, Frederick Trinity
35 Burke, Leo J. Trinity
36 Christian, Archibald Trinity
37 Christian, Beatrice Trinity
38 Christian, George H. Trinity
39 Christian, Jessie Lockston
40 Churchill, Johannah Goose Cove
41 Churchill, John Goose Cove
42 Clarke, Ambrose Trinity
43 Clarke, Elizabeth G. Trinity
44 Clarke, Florence C. Trinity
45 Clarke, Nellie L. Trinity
46 Cole, Jack W. Trinity
47 Cole, Phyllis M. Trinity
48 Coleridge, Mabel Trinity
49 Coleridge, Peter Trinity
50 Collis, James Trinity
51 Collis, Jessie Trinity
52 Cooper, Edward J. Trinity
53 Crocker, Aubrey Trinity
54 Cullimore, John A. Trinity
55 Cullimore, Lydia Trinity
56 Dampier, Deborah Goose Cove
57 Day, Flora Lockston
58 Day, Kenneth Lockston
59 Day, Lewis Lockston
60 Day, Theresa Lockston
61 Eriksen, Albert E. Trinity
62 Eriksen, Frances M. Trinity
63 Eriksen, Marie F. Trinity
64 Fowlow, Mary P. Trinity
65 Fowlow, Rachel Trinity
66 Gent, Sophie C. Trinity
67 Goldsworthy, Abraham Trinity
68 Goldsworthy, Calvert W. Trinity
69 Goldsworthy, Esther Trinity
70 Goldsworthy, Mary E. Trinity
71 Green, Andrew Trinity
72 Green, Jessie Trinity
73 Green, Mary A. Trinity
74 Green, Mary U. Trinity
75 Green, Thomas G. Trinity
76 Hayter, Corinnia P. Trinity
77 Hayter, Arthur Trinity
78 Hayter, Colin Trinity
79 Hayter, Alonzo Trinity
80 Hayter, Dorothy Trinity
81 Hayter, Effie Trinity
82 Hayter, Eli Trinity
83 Hayter, Fanny E. Trinity
84 Hayter, Frederick Trinity
85 Hayter, Frederick Trinity
86 Hayter, Harold Trinity
87 Hayter, Helen J. Trinity
88 Hayter, Henry A. Trinity
89 Hayter, Isaac J. Trinity
90 Hayter, James Trinity
91 Hayter, James R. Trinity
92 Hayter, Jane Trinity
93 Hayter, John Trinity
94 Hayter, Joseph Trinity
95 Hayter, Mary A. Trinity
96 Hayter, Melvina Trinity
97 Hayter, Noah Trinity
98 Hayter, Phoebe F. Trinity
99 Hayter, Rose Trinity
100 Hayter, Thomas Trinity
101 Hayter, William H. Trinity
102 Hewitt, Martin Goose Cove
103 Hiscock, Alfred J. Trinity
104 Hiscock, Andrew Trinity
105 Hiscock, Arthur Jr. Trinity
106 Hiscock, Arthur Sr. Trinity
107 Hiscock, Beatrice E. Trinity
108 Hiscock, Eliza A. Trinity
109 Hiscock, Eric Trinity
110 Hiscock, Florence G. Trinity
111 Hiscock, George Trinity
112 Hiscock, Hubert Trinity
113 Hiscock, Jessie Trinity
114 Hiscock, Lillian E. Trinity
115 Hiscock, Lindsay Trinity
116 Hiscock, Lizzie M. Trinity
117 Hiscock, Llewellyn Trinity
118 Hiscock, Mary Trinity
119 Hiscock, Mary E. Trinity
120 Hiscock, Phoebe Trinity
121 Hiscock, Sarah M. Trinity
122 Hiscock, William P. Trinity
123 Hoskins, James Trinity
124 Hoskins, Sarah Trinity
125 Hunt, Edmund Goose Cove
126 Hunt, Ernest Goose Cove
127 Hunt, Louie Goose Cove
128 Hurdle, Priscilla Trinity
129 Ivany, Bertha Trinity
130 Ivany, James Trinity
131 Ivany, Rebecca J. Trinity
132 Ivany, Sarah E. Trinity
133 Jenkins, Frances R. Trinity
134 Jenkins, Thomas G. Trinity
135 Jestican, Esther Trinity
136 Jestican, James Trinity
137 Jestican, Jemima Trinity
138 Jestican, Martin Lockston
139 Jestican, Samuel Lockston
140 Jones, Isabella Lockston
141 Jones, Walter Lockston
142 Kane, Chesley Goose Cove
143 Kane, David Goose Cove
144 Kane, Helen M. Goose Cove
145 Kane, Jacob Goose Cove
146 Kane, James Goose Cove
147 Kane, Johannah Goose Cove
148 Kane, Melvina Goose Cove
149 Kelly, Annabelle Trinity
150 Kelly, Faith Trinity
151 Kelly, Israel Trinity
152 Kelly, James Trinity
153 Kelly, William Trinity
154 Locke, Albert G. Lockston
155 Locke, Amy E. Trinity
156 Locke, Arthur H. Lockston
157 Locke, Augustus Trinity
158 Locke, Cecil Trinity
159 Locke, Charles E. Lockston
160 Locke, Charlotte Lockston
161 Locke, David H. Lockston
162 Locke, Deborah Lockston
163 Locke, Ethel M. Lockston
164 Locke, George Jr. Trinity
165 Locke, George Sr. Trinity
166 Locke, James Trinity
167 Locke, Mary A. Trinity
168 Locke, Mary A. Lockston
169 Locke, Patience Trinity
170 Locke, Phoebe F. Trinity
171 Locke, Rosalind Trinity
172 Maidment. Mary Trinity
173 Maidment, Sarah Trinity
174 Maidment, Victor Trinity
175 Makin, Gertrude Trinity
176 Marsh, Fanny Trinity
177 Marsh, Mary F. Trinity
178 Marsh, Norman Trinity
179 Maybee, Florence E. Trinity
180 Maybee, William G. Trinity
181 McGrath, Catherine F. Trinity
182 McGrath, Jane Trinity
183 McGrath, Margaret M. Trinity
184 McGrath, Mary Trinity
185 McGrath, Patrick G. Trinity
186 McGrath, William E. Trinity
187 Morris, Frederick J. Trinity
188 Morris, Jean Trinity
189 Morris, Rupert Trinity
190 Morris, Winifred Trinity
191 Newhook, Mary J. Trinity
192 Newhook, Richard Trinity
193 Norris, Emma Trinity
194 Oakley, Elizabeth Trinity
195 Osbourne, Alma Trinity
196 Osbourne, Bessie Trinity
197 Osbourne, Ernest Trinity
198 Osbourne, Pearl Trinity
199 Osbourne, Silas Trinity
200 Palmer. Hugh W. Trinity
201 Palmer, Joyce Trinity
202 Parsons, Margaret F. Trinity
203 Parsons, Raymond M. Trinity
204 Peddle, Amy Lockston
205 Peddle, Andrew Lockston
206 Peddle, Clara E. Lockston
207 Peddle, Isabella S. Lockston
208 Peddle, Joseph S. Lockston
209 Peddle, Marilyn Lockston
210 Peddle, Martin S. Lockston
211 Peddle, Rachel Lockston
212 Peddle, Robert G. Lockston
213 Peddle, Sarah Trinity
214 Peddle, Sarah E. Trinity
215 Penney, Elizabeth Trinity
216 Pinhorn, Herbert Trinity
217 Pittman, Albert Trinity
218 Pittman, Gertrude Trinity
219 Pittman, Margaret Trinity
220 Ploughman, Annie Trinity
221 Ploughman, Annie J. Trinity
222 Ploughman, Bessie Trinity
223 Ploughman, Frank C. Trinity
224 Ploughman, Harry W. Trinity
225 Ploughman, John A. Trinity
226 Ploughman, Meriam Trinity
227 Ploughman, Patience Trinity
228 Ploughman, Reuben Trinity
229 Ploughman, Walter Trinity
230 Primer, Jean S. Lockston
231 Rowe, Annie G. Trinity
232 Rowe, Archibald Trinity
233 Rowe, Arthur W. Trinity
234 Rowe, Clara B. Trinity
235 Rowe, Henry J. Trinity
236 Rowe, Mary Trinity
237 Peddle, Arthur Lockston
238 Sexton, Hugh Lockston
239 Sheppard, Lydia Lockston
240 Sheppard, Ralph S. Lockston
241 Spurrell, Edwin Lockston
242 Spurrell, Ethel Lockston
243 Spurrell, Thomas Lockston
244 Stone, Nina Lockston
245 Stone, Sophie C. Lockston
246 Stone, William B. Lockston
247 Sullivan, Rose Lockston
248 Sullivan, William Lockston
249 Tibbs, Mary S. Lockston
250 Tibbs, Reuben Lockston
251 Tibbs, Susan Trinity
252 Tibbs, Thomas Trinity
253 Toope, Colin L. Trinity
254 Toope, Sophie S. Trinity
255 Tucker, Annie B. Trinity
256 Tucker, Walter G. Trinity
257 Walters, Frederick Trinity
258 Walters, Marjorie Trinity
259 Watton, Winifred Trinity
260 White, Arthur E. Trinity
261 White, Ethel Trinity
262 White, Margaret I. Trinity
263 White, Margaret L. Trinity
264 White, Walter N. Trinity
265 Wiseman, Edna Goose Cove
266 Wiseman, Frederick Goose Cove
267 Wiseman, Job Goose Cove
268 Wiseman, Mary Goose Cove
269 Wiseman, Walter Goose Cove
270 Wiseman, William Goose Cove
271 Woodrow, Mary C. Trinity
272 Wooldridge, Deborah Trinity
273 Wooldridge, John Trinity
274 Wiseman, Gertrude Goose Cove

Contributed and Transcribed by Tom Hynes (August 2003)

Page Revised: August 2003 (Don Tate)

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