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South East Arm
1900 Voter's List - Placentia and St. Mary's District
# Surname Christian Name Relation Place of Abode Qualifications Remarks
1273 Audeaux Slyvester   South East Arm 21 years and upwards  
1274 Blacho Thomas sr.   do do  
1275 Blanche Michael   do do  
1276 Barron William   do do  
1277 Barron James   do do  
1278 Brien James   do do  
1279 Brien Laurence   do do  
1280 Brien John   do do  
1281 Brien Michael   do do  
1282 Collins Samuel   do do  
1283 Collins John   do do  
1284 Collins Thomas   do do  
1285 Collins John J   do do  
1286 Croke Thomas   do do  
1287 Cox Edward   do do  
1288 Fulford Edward   do do  
1289 Grant Bernard   do do  
1290 King James   do do  
1291 King Thomas   do do  
1292 King John   do do  
1293 Keefe Laurence   do do  
1294 Keefe James sr.   do do  
1295 Keefe Thomas   do do  
1296 Keefe James jr.   do do  
1297 Keefe David   do do  
1298 Keefe Patrick   do do  
1299 Keefe Robert   do do  
1300 Kelly Garrett sr.   do do  
1301 Kelly Garrett jr.   do do  
1302 Kelly John sr.   do do  
1303 Kelly William   do do  
1304 Kelly Thomas   do do  
1305 Kelly David   do do  
1306 Kelly Michael   do do  
1307 Lannon William sr.   do do  
1308 Lannon John jr.   do do  
1309 Lannon James jr.   do do  
1310 Lannon John sr.   do do  
1311 Lannon Thomas   do do  
1312 Lannon James sr.   do do  
1313 Lamb John   do do  
1314 Miller James   do do  
1315 Miller Francis   do do  
1316 Miller Stephen   do do  
1317 Morrissey Peter   do do  
1318 McLennan Patrick   do do  
1319 McLennan William   do do  
1320 McLennan James   do do  
1321 McCarthy James   do do  
1322 Patterson Mattrew   do do  
1323 Phippard Richard   do do  
1324 Phippard John   do do  
1325 Shaw Robert   do do  
1326 Shaw Peter   do do  
1327 Train Thomas   do do  
1328 Walsh Thomas sr.   do do  
1329 Walsh Thomas jr.   do do  
1330 Walsh John Joseph   do do  

Contributed and Transcribed by Bill White (2003)

Page Revised: June 2003 (Don Tate)

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