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1900 Voter's List - Placentia and St. Mary's District
# Surname Christian Name Relation Place of Abode Qualifications Remarks
1673 Cooney Thomas   Marquise 21 years and upwards  
1674 Cooney Richard   do do  
1675 Cooney Michael   do do  
1676 Dunphy Patrick sr.   do do  
1677 Dunphy Daniel   do do  
1678 Dunphy Patrick   do do  
1679 Dunphy William sr.   do do  
1680 Dunphy Patrick of Wm do do  
1681 Dunphy Martin   do do  
1682 Dunphy Alexander   do do  
1683 Dunphy Michael   do do  
1684 Fitzpatrick William sr   do do  
1685 Fitzpatrick Patrick   do do  
1686 Fitzpatrick Edward   do do  
1687 Fitzpatrick Michael   do do  
1688 Hunt Patrick   do do  
1689 Hunt John   do do  
1690 Hunt Michael   do do  
1691 Houlihan Edward   do do  
1692 Houlihan Patrick   do do  
1693 Murray Maurice   do do  
1694 Murray Patrick   do do  
1695 Murray Daniel   do do  
1696 Mahar Daniel sr   do do  
1697 Mahar Patrick   do do  
1698 Mahar Richard   do do  
1699 Mahar James sr.   do do  
1700 Mahar Daniel jr.   do do  
1701 Mahar John   do do  
1702 Mahar Alexander   do do  
1703 Mahar James   do do  
1704 Mahar John   do do  
1705 Mahar William   do do  
1706 Mahar Michael   do do  
1707 Mahar William sr.   do do  
1708 O’Rielly Edward   do do  
1709 O’Rielly Patrick   do do  
1710 O’Rielly Philip   do do  
1711 Smith James sr.   do do  
1712 Smith Michael jr.   do do  
1713 Smith Henry of Pierce do do  
1714 Smith Peter sr.   do do  
1715 Sampson Joseph   do do  
1716 Smith Michael   do do  
1717 Smith William sr.   do do  
1718 Smith Cornelius   do do  
1719 Smith Henry of Wm do do  
1720 Smith Peter   do do  
1721 Smith Michael   do do  
1722 Smith Henry of J do do  
1723 Walsh Edward   do do  

Contributed and Transcribed by Bill White (2003)

Page Revised: June 2003 (Don Tate)

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