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1835 Voter's List
Bread and Cheese Cove

Harbour Grace District
Harbour Grace Division Conception Bay Thomas Danson, Revising Magistrate
File No. 1835 GN 43/7
Voters List,
Box 7


Christian Name and Surname of each Person at full length

Place of Abode and Qualification

Street, Lane, Road or other Local Description

724 Aid John Spoon Cove  
725 Baker William Bread and Cheese Cove  
726 Barrett William Senior Bread and Cheese Cove  
727 Barrett David Bread and Cheese Cove  
728 Barrett Jacob Bread and Cheese Cove  
729 Barrett Joseph Bread and Cheese Cove  
730 Barrett Nathanael Bread and Cheese Cove  
731 Barrett John Bread and Cheese Cove  
732 Brown Jonathan Bread and Cheese Cove  
733 Bryan William Bread and Cheese Cove  
734 Calaghan John Near Bread and Cheese Cove At Spoon Cove
735 Clark William Near Bread and Cheese Cove At Spoon Cove
736 Crane Joseph Spoon Cove  
737 Dobbin John Spoon Cove  
738 Dobbin Nicholas Spoon Cove  
739 Dobbin George Spoon Cove  
740 Gosse Thomas Bread and Cheese Cove  
741 Gosse Moses Bread and Cheese Cove  
742 Gosse Israel Bread and Cheese Cove  
743 Grealey William Spoon Cove  
744 Lynch George Spoon Cove  
745 Lynch Thomas Spoon Cove  
746 Lynch John Spoon Cove  
747 Mincheton Matthew Bread and Cheese Cove  
748 Mincheton Thomas Bread and Cheese Cove  
749 Mincheton John Bread and Cheese Cove  
750 Mincheton Jonathan Bread and Cheese Cove  
751 Mugford James Bread and Cheese Cove  
752 Piddle William Bread and Cheese Cove  
753 Power Edward Spoon Cove  
754 Quilty John Bread and Cheese Cove  
755 Sharp Thomas Spoon Cove  
756 Smith Abraham Bread and Cheese Cove  
757 Smith William (of Abraham Bread and Cheese Cove  
758 Smith George Bread and Cheese Cove  
759 Smith Francis Bread and Cheese Cove  
760 Smith Jacob Bread and Cheese Cove  
761 Smith Abraham, of William Bread and Cheese Cove  
762 Smith William Bread and Cheese Cove  
763 Smith Thomas Bread and Cheese Cove  
764 Smith Jacob, of William Bread and Cheese Cove  
765 Smith William of Edward Bread and Cheese Cove  
766 Smith Henry Bread and Cheese Cove  
767 Smith Jacob Senior Bread and Cheese Cove  
768 Smith John Bread and Cheese Cove  
769 Youngs John (of Richard Spoon Cove  
770 Anthony Josiah? Near Fagners  
771 Brazil John Northern Cove  
772 Baggs Joseph Near Fagners  
773 Baker Thomas Northern Cove  
774 Baldwin William Mint Cove  
775 Barrett Abraham Near Fagners  
776 Barrett Joseph Near Fagners  
777 Barrett John Near Fagners  
778 Barrett Bethel Near Fagners  
779 Brown Robert Senior Mint Cove  
780 Brown John Riverhead  
781 Brown Robert Junior Mint Cove  
782 Butt John Near Northern Cove  
783 Butt Charles Riverhead  
784 Butt James Riverhead  
785 Butt Moses Northern Cove  
786 Brown William of Robert Mint Cove  
787 Calaghan Ricardus Northern Cove  
788 Chipman Owen Mint Cove  
789 Coady James Riverhead  
790 Collins George Mint Cove  
791 Collins John Mint Cove  
792 Deacon Thomas Riverhead  
793 Donnelly William Mint Cove  
794 Duggan Michael Riverhead  
795 Farrell Michael Mint Cove  
796 Finn Richard Riverhead  
797 Flemming William Riverhead  
798 Foster Joseph Northern Cove  
799 Frayne Richard Northern Cove  
800 Flynn Thomas Green Head  
801 Godsell John Northern Cove  
802 Gosse Robert Senior Northern Cove  
803 Gosse Robert Junior Northern Cove  
804 Gosse Richard Northern Cove  
805 Gosse William Senior Mint Cove  
806 Gosse William Junior Northern Cove  
807 Gosse Joseph Northern Cove  
808 Gosse John Mint Cove  
809 Griffin Jonah Northern Cove  
810 Gosse John Riverhead  
811 Gosse John Mint Cove (Back  
812 Hicks Richard Mint Cove  
813 Hutchins John Senior Mint Cove  
814 Hutchins John Junior Mint Cove  
815 Hutchins James Mint Cove  
816 Hutchins Samuel Mint Cove  
817 Hutchins Jonathan Mint Cove  
818 Hutchins George Mint Cove  
819 Juer Henry Northern Cove  
820 Lynch James Northern Cove  
821 Mullings James Riverhead  
822 Murring Thomas Riverhead  
823 Neal Humphrey Riverhead  
824 Noseworthy Thomas Green Head  
825 Noseworthy James River Head  
826 Phelan William Northern Cove  
827 Phelan Thomas Northern Cove  
828 Phelan John Northern Cove  
829 Pike Robert Northern Cove  
830 Popper Robert Riverhead  
831 Piddle William Senior Riverhead  
832 Piddle William Junior Riverhead  
833 Porter William Senior Riverhead  
834 Porter William Junior Riverhead  
835 Porter George Riverhead  
836 Porter Jonathan Riverhead  
837 Piddle William of John Riverhead  
838 Roberts John Near Northern Cove  
839 Roberts William Near Northern Cove  
840 Ryan Matthew Riverhead  
841 Ryan Patrick Riverhead  
842 Seymour Henry Northern Cove  
843 Seymour Solomon Northern Cove  
844 Seymour John Northern Cove  
845 Sheppard Henry Mint Cove  
846 Sheppard Jonathan Mint Cove  
847 Sheppard John Mint Cove  

Contributed and Transcribed by Bill White (February 2003)

Page Revised: January - 2003 (Don Tate)

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