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Northern Bay
1832 Voter's List - Bay de Verde District
Newfoundland Directories
No. Surname Christian Name Relation Place of Abode and Qualification Street, Lane, Road, or Local Description
1 Butt John   Gull Island  
2 Bolan Samuel   Gull Island  
3 Buckler John   Northern Bay  
4 Buckler James   Northern Bay  
5 Butler James   Northern Bay  
6 Butler Thomas   Northern Bay  
7 Butler William   Northern Bay  
8 Collins William   Long Beach  
9 Coole Henry   Northern Bay  
10 Dooley William   Gull Island  
11 Doyle John   Gull Island  
12 Doyle James   Gull Island  
13 Doyle William   Gull Island  
14 Duffy Reverend Bernard   Northern Bay  
15 Donahue Jeremiah   Northern Bay  
16 Dale Thomas   Northern Bay  
17 Duggan John   Northern Bay  
18 English William   Gull Island  
19 Furlong John   Gull Island  
20 Fogarty Thomas   Northern Bay  
21 Fahey John   Northern Bay  
22 Harris Robert   Northern Bay  
23 Hogan William   Northern Bay  
24 Hogan Patrick   Northern Bay  
25 Hogan Richard   Northern Bay  
26 Hogan James Senior   Northern Bay  
27 Hogan James Junior   Northern Bay  
28 Hogan James (McNamara)   Northern Bay  
29 Hogan John   Northern Bay  
30 Hogan Joseph   Northern Bay  
31 Hinchey Morgan   Northern Bay  
32 Johnson John   Northern Bay  
33 Johnson Robert   Northern Bay  
34 Jacobs Joseph   Northern Bay  
35 Johnson Stephen   Northern Bay  
36 Layman Gregory   Gull Island  
37 Layman John   Gull Island  
38 Milley John Junior   Burnt Point  
39 Milley John   Burnt Point  
40 Moors George Senior   Northern Bay  
41 Moors George Junior   Northern Bay  
42 Moors     Northern Bay  
43 Moors James   Northern Bay  
44 McNamara William   Northern Bay  
45 McCann Neil   Gull Island  
46 McCann Philip   Gull Island  
47 McGinlay Dennis   Gull Island  
48 Neil William   Gull Island  
49 Oliver Robert   Gull Island  
50 Oliver Henry   Gull Island  
51 Oliver Joseph   Gull Island  
52 Oliver John   Gull Island  
53 Puddester John   Northern Bay  
54 Puddester George   Northern Bay  
55 Puddester Clement Senior   Northern Bay  
56 Puddester Clement Junior   Northern Bay  
57 Rogers James   Burnt Point  
58 Rogers Stephen   Burnt Point  
59 Rogers Robert   Burnt Point  
60 Rogers William   Burnt Point  
61 Riggs James   Northern Bay  
62 Skinner John   Northern Bay  
63 Steele Morgan   Long Beach  
64 Tucker Thomas   Burnt Point  
65 Tucker Henry   Burnt Point  
66 Tucker John   Burnt Point  
67 Trim Moses   Northern Bay  
68 Tobin James   Northern Bay  
69 Tobin Richard   Northern Bay  
70 Weeks James   Burnt Point  
71 Woodfine Richard   Long Beach  
72 Woodfine William   Long Beach  

Contributed and Transcribed by Bill White (2003)

Page Revised: June 2003 (Don Tate)

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