First Resident  CE Bishops
                      1839 Rev. A.G. Spencer
                      1844 Rev. Edward Field

           FOGO     		TWILLINGATE
     ________________      	_____________________

1.   John Leigh         1816-18	John Leigh              1816-18
2.   T.Langharne **     1820-22	Wm. Bullock/T.Langherne 1820-22
3.   none                       John Chapman            1823-46
4.   J.C. Harvey        1841-42 John Chapman            1823-46
5.   William Bowman     1843    John Chapman            1823-46
6.   none                       John Chapman/T. Boone   1844
7.   Wm J. Hoyles       1847-48	T. Boone             	1844 & 1847-73
8.   Ernest A. Sall     1849-53	T. Boone                1844 & 1847-73
9.   William A.Elder    1854-60	T. Boone                1844 & 1847-73
10.  R. M. Johnson      1860-67	T. Boone                1844 & 1847-73
11.  A. M. Oakley       1868-69	T. Boone                1844 & 1847-73
12.  none                    	T. Boone                1844 & 1847-73
13.  Chris Meek *       1871-84	T. Boone                1844 & 1847-73
14.  Chris Meek         1871-84	T. Boone           	1873
15.  Chris Meek         1871-84	F.R. Murry          	1874-76
16.  Chris Meek         1874-84	R. Temple             	1877-92
17.  C. Wood            1884-88	R. Temple               1877-92
18.  C. Saddington      1887-90	R. Temple               1877-92
19.  Wm C. White        1891-92	R. Temple               1877-92

	* Cristopher Meek died in Boston, USA; while under either improperly
administered for an operation. Buried at St. Johns, Nfld.Educated at Queens
College, Nfld.

     **   According to a letter sent to the Bishop of London who was the
administrator of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in
Foreign Parts in 1823, by four prominent persons of the area, Rev. T.
Langharnes character was some what lacking in morals.

Quote,     "It is painful to our feelings to state that a want of good
morales forms a very leading feature in this person's character, and
that the vice of falsehood which has the effect of weakening the church
cause here to that of disuniting the people is a marked characteristic
of his conduct.....Will your lordship hardly credit that out of 83
successive sundays, Mr Langharne has absented himself 35 from the
Twillingate Church ?.That Mortons Harbour church has not been visited by
him for upwards of twelve months, and that almost a similar neglect has
marked the church at Fogo ?. Surely my Lord the Society never
contemplated proceedings like this and we are confident they will be
redressed as soon as they are known." Unquote.

	Missionaries no doubt kept records of the births and marriages
before 1840.However these records on hand at the Archives on Tufton Street,
London, England; only show totals.This is understandable since it is the
duty of missionary's to save souls, and not keep statistics of families.
Still it is a shame. However these records did show some interesting facts,
such as donations given the church by local residents etc.

     There is one ecception however, that of a rare document created by
Rev. T. Langherne and Assistant / Witness A. Tucker.That of 19 pages of
Baptisms in and around the area of Fogo, Twillingate and Change Islands
between 1816 and 1823.It contains the following references......
seen during visit to London sept 1983.

     Re the Elliotts -

1820may14       Sarah d of John & Sarah Elliott of Twillingate,planter.
1821aug28       Elizabeth Elliott an adult of Change Island.
1821aug28       Amelia dau of Edm & Elizabeth Elliott of C.I.planter.
1821aug28       Mary dau of Edm & Elizabeth Elliott of C.I.planter
1821aug28       Eleanor dau of Edm & Elizabeth Elliott of C.I.planter
1821aug28       Richard son of Edm & Elizabeth Elliott of C.I.planter
1821aug28       Anne dau of Edm & Elizabeth Elliott of C.I.planter
1821aug28       Patience dau of Edm & Elizabeth Elliott of C.I.planter
1821oct23       Mary dau of Richard & Elizabeth Elliott of Fogo,cooper.
1823apr12       Abraham s of John & Anne Elliott of Twillingate,fisher.
1823jun24       Margaret d of Rich & ElizabethElliottof Fogo,planter.
1823aug25       Amelia d of Edward & Elizabeth Elliott of C.I.,planter.

     Other baptisms in Langherne's Document-

1821jan16       Abraham s of John & Eliz Younge of Twillingate,planter.
1821jan16       Edith d of John & Eliz Younge of Twillingate,planter.
1821jan16       Sussana d of John & Eliz Younge of Twillingate,planter.
1821mar29       Andrew s of Steven & Jane Younge of Twill,planter.
1821mar29       Pheobe d of Steven & Jane Younge of Twill, planter.
1821aug19       Eli s of James & Sarah Randell of Fogo, planter.
1821aug23       Charles s of    Joseph & ann Hancock of Bard Isle,planter.
1821aug23       Marg d of       Joseph & Ann Handcock of Bard Isle,planter.
1821aug23       Henry s of      Joseph & Ann Handcock of Bard Isle,planter.
1821aug24       John s of       Joseph & Ann Handcock of Bard Isle,planter.
1821aug26       Racheal d of    Joseph & Mary Oake of Fogo,planter.

     Other Missionarys at Trinity -

     Henry Jones                Trinity         1745-47
     Ben Lindsay                Trinity         1750-60
     James Balfour              Trinity         1764-74
     John Clinch                Trinity         1786-1819
     Aubrey Spencer             Trinity         1820      (bishop 1820)


1.	W. Bullock served in Trinity Bay 1822 - 40.

2.      J. Chapman died in England 1850, after serving in Harbour Grace for
	1847 - 1850.

3.      T. Boone served in Outharbours 1839 - 40, Fortune Bay NDB 1841 - 43,
	Harbour Grace   1845 - 46.

4.      T. Langharne served at St,. Johns outharbours 1825 - 28.

5.      J.C. Harvey served in Carbonear 1843 - 51, Port de Grave 1852 - 88,
	and retired in 1889.

6.      Wm. Bowman served in Ferryland 1839 - 42.

7.      John Leigh served in Harbour Grace 1819 - 1822, was the visiting
missionary 1822 - 23, and died 1823.

8.      There was no missionary at Fogo and Twillingate from 1818 to
1823, which accounts for the 19 pages of baptisms in 1822/23 by Rev.
T. Langharne and W Bullock of Trinity Bay.

	Most of the Elliotts that were marring in the 1840 and 1850s were
born from 1823 on and so their baptisms would have been recorded by Rev. J.
Chapman of Twillingate. But did they survive ?.With shipwreaks and fires
etc. Often the  results of the Missionaries work did not reach the societys



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