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Name                            Place                           Date

William Alexander               Bonivesta                       1817 - 28       (scotland)
William Anderson                Adams Cove                      1816
Thomas Angel J.P.               Bay Bulls                       1817
William Armstrong               Trespasey                       1797
Henry Atkins                    St. Johns       `               1736
George Ayers                    Hants Harbour                   1834
Robert Ayles                    Carbonear                       1831 - 51
Robert Baine & Co.              Port De Grave                   1780            (scotland)
Micheal Ballard                 St. Johns                       1736
Phillip Beinlin                 St. Johns                       1798
William Bennett                 Adams Cove                      1819
Benjamin Bowring                St. Johns                       1811
Thomas Buffett                  St. Johns                       1762 - 95
Kenneth Carter                  Fogo                            1871
George F. Christian             Grand Bank                      1871
George Chubb                    Carbonear                       1877
Samuel and John Clarke          Harbour Breton                  1803
John Clements                   Harbour Grace                   1771
Samuel Coffin                   Spensers Cove                   1871
John Crews                      St. Johns                       1803
John Currie                     Western Bay                     1817
John Cusack                     St. Johns                       1827
William Davidson                Conception Bay                  1784
Robert Hunt Dawe                Burgeo                          1851
Thomas Dawson                   Harbour Grace                   1771
William Dean                    St. Johns                       1801
William Dixon                   St. Johns                       1794 - 5
F. Doolan                       Greenspond              b4      1857
John Duder                      Twillingate (St. Johns)         1861
Edwin Duder                     Twillingate                     1881 death
William Isham Eppes             St. Johns                       1793
William Elson                   Tresspassy                      1797
John Elson                      Carbonear                       1814 - 40
John Foote                      Twillingate                     1852
Fox & Stigings                  St. Johns                       1802
John Gale                       St. Johns                       1765
William Goff                    Ferryland                       1822
William Green                   Brigus                          1824
Francis Howard                  St. Marys Bay                   1804
Peter Henderson                 Harbour Grace                   1829d
Samuel Henley                   St. Johns                       1843d
John Howard                     St. Johns                       1787
Patrick Hutchinson              St. Johns                       1809 - 42
Patrick Hunter                  Tresspasy                       1797
Robert Hutton                   St. Johns, Bay Bulls            1801,1802
William Keen                    Bonivesta                       1719
George Lemesurier               Twillingate                     1871
Geo.and Wm. Lethbridge          Twillingate                     1871
Humprey Logan                   St. Johns                       1815
John Mew & Wm Cull              Fogo                            1810
Henry Newman                    St. Johns                       1701
John Noble                      St. Johns                       1794 - 5
William Parkins                 Harbour Grace                   1821
Joseph Rogers                   Conception Bay                  1784
James Rolls                     Barr'd Island                   1871
Adam Saunders                   St. Johns                       1780
John Slade                      Fogo
James Summers                   St. Johns                       1765 - 68
? & Rennie Stewart              River Clyde, Nfld.              1802, 1817
John Street                     St. Johns                       1793
William Tracey                  Herring Neck                    1871
John & Wm Waterman              Twillingate                     1871
Richard Way                     St. Johns                       1778 - 80
Robert West                     St. Johns                       1794 - 5
Thomas A. Windsor               Exploits Burnt Island   	1871




Transcription by Angus Elliot (Posted May 7, 1999)

Updated Jan. 7, 2000 - Bill Crant.

Page Revised: July 2002 (Don Tate)

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