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Churches, Funeral Homes and Newpapers for Central Newfoundland.

Central Newfoundland Churches

Anglican Church


  • Anglican Church-----BaieVerte AOK 1BO
  • Anglican Church----Grand Falls A0J 1M0
  • St.Martins Pro Catherdral--Gander
  • Anglican Church Rectory--Springdale A0J 1T0
  • Anglican Church--Twillingate AOG 4MO
  • Anglican Church---Milltown A0H 1W0
  • Anglican Church--Lewisporte AOG 4RO (A0G 3A0 )
  • Anglican Church--Botwood AOH 1EO
  • Anglican Church Hall--Birchy Bay A0G 1E0
  • St. James Anglican Hall--Botwood AOH 1E0
  • St. Lukes Anglican Church--Main St,Springdale AOJ 1TO
  • St. Paul's Anglican Church-80-A Premier Dr..Lewisporte AOG 3AO
Baptist Church
  • Baptist Church..Cor. McKay and Elizabeth ..Gander
  • Gospel Hall--Main Point--Clarke's Head (Clarkes Beach A0A 1W0 )
  • Kingdom Hall Jehovah Witnesses--146-A Main, Lewisporte AOG 3AO
  • Goodword Ministries Evangelist-Jack Windross 28 Bond--Grand Falls-Windsor A2B 1J4
  • Keystone Assembly of God, 5 Orange Lane, Springdale AOJ 1TO
  • Sacred Heart Parish Church School Road Badger, Newfoundland A0H 1A0


  • Bayview Pentecostal Tabernacle-Middlearm Burlington AOK 1SO
  • Calvary Pentecostal Water---Ming's Bight A0K 3S0
  • Calvary Pentecostal Tavernacle- Main--Bishop's Falls A0H 1C0
  • Pentecostal Assemblies Missions 10 Hardy Av, Grand Falls-Windsor A2A 2P9
  • Pentecostal Church-----Summerford AOG 4EO
  • Pentecostal Church-----Carmanville AOG 1NO
  • Pentecostal Church-----Badger AOH 1AO
  • Pentecostal Church-----Baie Verte AOK 1BO
  • Pentecostal Church-----Roberts Arm A0J 1R0
  • Pentecostal Church-----KingsPoint A0J1H0
  • Pentecostal Church-----Hillgrade AOG 2SO
  • Pentecostal Church-----Glenwood A0G 2K0
  • Pentecostal Church-----Glovertown AOG 2LO
  • Pentecostal Church-----Campbellton AOG 1LO
  • Pentecostal Church-----Brighton---Triton
  • Pentecostal Church-----Burlington AOK 1SO
  • Pentecostal Church-----Cobb's Arm--- Hillgrade AOG 2SO
  • Pentecostal Church-----Cottrell's Cove A0H 1L0
  • Pentecostal Church-----Elizabeth Dr., Gander---
  • Pentecostal Church-----Embree---Lewisporte--AOG 3AO
  • Pentecostal Church-----8 GilchristSt., Buchans--A0H 1G0
  • Pentecostal Church-----Grenfell Hgts., GrandFalls-Windsor
  • Pentecostal Church-----Little Burnt Bay--Lewisporte AOG 3AO
  • Pentecostal Church-----Main--Triton A0J 1V0
  • Pentecostal Church-----Port Anson--Robert's Arm--A0J 1N0
  • Pentecostal Church-----Springdale AOJ 1T0
  • Pentecostal Church-----Musgrave Harbour-AOG 3JO
  • Pentecostal Church-----97 King St., Grand Falls-Windsor
  • Pentecostal Jubilee Temple--28 Fernwood Dr., Botwood AOH 1EO
  • Philadelphia Pentecostal Temple ---Lewisporte AOG 3AO
  • United Pentecostal--Woodstock---Pacquet A0K 5X0

Roman Catholic

  • Roman Catholic------Gander
  • Roman Catholic--JRSmallwoodBlvd---Gambo AOG 1TO
  • Roman Catholic--PortUnion---Catalina A0C 2J0
  • Roman Catholic--19 Greenwood--Grand Falls-Windsor A2A 1S6

Salvation Army

  • Salvation Army Church---Horwood A0G 2T0
  • Salvation Army Citadel--ChanceCove A0B 1K0
  • Salvation Army Citadel--Monkstown A0B 2K0
  • Salvation Army Citadel--Summerford AOG 4EO
  • Salvation Army Citadel--FairbanksEast---Hillgrade AOG 2SO
  • Salvation Army Citadel--Trinton AOJ 1VO

United Church

  • Bethel United Church---Little Heart's Ease A0E 2K0
  • Central United Church---Glovertown AOG 2LO
  • First United Church---Arnold's Cove A0B 1A0
  • First United Church--Shoe Cove--LaScie A0K 5G0
  • NWIE Central United Church---Newville--Hillgrade AOG 2SO
  • Riverside United Church--Burlington N.A0K 1S0
  • St. Luke's United Church--Musgrave Harbour AOG 3JO
  • United Church----Wesleyville AOJ 4RO
  • United Church---Kings Point A0J 1H0
  • United Church--3 BalboDr. Shoal Hr--Clarenville AOE 1JO
  • United Church--Main--Little Bay Islands A0J 1K0
  • United Church--Milton--Clarenville AOE 1JO
  • United Church--Traytown--Glovertown A0G 2L0
  • United Church Hall--Barr'dIsland--JoeBatt's Arm A0G 2X0
  • United Church Manse--3 Brochen---Gander A1V 1T3
  • United Church of Canada--Bonavista A0C 1B0
  • United Church of Canada--Botwood A0H 1E0
  • United Church UCW---St. Anthony A0K 4S0
  • United Church--91 Main, Twillingate AOG 4MO

Funeral Homes of Central Newfoundland

  • Bishop Falls Funeral Home---Main--Bishop Falls A0H 1C0
  • Botwood Funeral Home LTD--Commonwealth Dr---Botwood--AOH 1EO
  • Central Funeral Home LTD-45 Union--GrandFalls-Windsor A2A 2C9
  • Central Funeral Home LTD--Springdale AOJ 1TO
  • Fillatre K M Funeral Home--West St.--St.Anthony AOK 4SO
  • Fogo Island Funeral Home--Barr'd Islands--Joe Batts Arm AOG 2XO
  • Green Bay Fuenral Home--145 Little Bay Rd.---Springdale A0J 1T0
  • Hoskins Funeral Home--527 Main--Bishop Falls A0H 1C0
  • Hurley's Funeral Home--Main St.--Baie Verte AOK 1BO
  • Isles Funeral Home--2 Whitehorn's Hill---Twillingate AOG 4MO
  • Lewisporte Funeral Home--Lewisporte AOG 3AO
  • Mullaly's Funeral Home-- Wesleyville AOG 4RO
  • New World Island Funeral Home--Twillingate AOG 4MO
  • New World Island Funeral Home--Summerford AOG 4EO
  • Noble's Funeral Home--Dover--HareBay A0G 1X0
  • Prichett's Funeral Home--Gambo AOG 1TO
  • Prichett's Funeral Home-Glovertown AOG 2LO
  • Spencer's Funeral Home--Harbour Breton A0H 1P0
  • Squire's Funeral Home---Eastport A0G 1Z0
  • Stacey's Funeral Home--Musgrave Harbour AOG 3JO
  • Stacey's Funeral Home--Gander
  • Woolfrey Gordon Funeral Home--Glenwood & Lewisporte

I did my best with regard to the postal codes of the churches and funeral homes of Central Newfoundland. Please email if you know the correct, if incorrect, addresses of any of the submitted churches or funeral homes or if you know of additional items to add to this list.

Karen Ruedisueli, 1999



Contributed and Transcribed By: Karen Ruedisueli, Jan 1, 1999
Uploaded Jan. 1, 1999

Updated: Jan. 7, 2000
Additional Postal Codes by Roy Taylor

Updated Jan. 7, 2000.

Page Revised: July 2002 (Don Tate)

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