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Book List For the Trinity Bay District

A collection of books published by and about Trinity Bay people, places and events. In the future these titles will be grouped for easier viewing, but, in the meantime, they are listed in alphabetical order by the author's surname.

If you know of a book that has been missed, or would like to correct any of the information here, please forward the appropriate information to the coordinator so that the changes can be made. And in that regard, our first big thanks goes to Clarence Dewling of Trouty, NF, who has a large collection of published books for the Trinity Bay area.

Assiniwi, Bernard (Translated by Wayne Grady)

    The Beothuk Saga
    A historical novel, originally published in French, which tells the story of the Newfoundland aboriginal peoples, with references to the presence of John August in Catalina and the alleged massacre near Hant's Harbour, Trinity Bay.
    ISBN 0-7710-0798-1
    McClelland & Stewart Ltd., Toronto, ON, 1996 (translation, 2000)

Balbo, Italo

    My Air Armada
    Stories of early air travel with Air Marshall Balbo's stopover at Shoal Harbour
    Hurst and Blackett Ltd., London, 1934

Balsom, Jean

    Dear Johnny
    an anthology of prose and verse
    ISBN 0-9694225-0-4

Batstone, Hazel

    Spanning the Years
    Poetry with an inspirational lean of a retired teacher
    ISBN 1-895607-10-8
    Glovertown Literary Creations Inc., Glovertown, NF, 1998.

Beamish, Peter

    Dancing with Whales
    ISBN 1-895387-28-0
    Creative Printers, St. John's, 1993

Benson, Gerald E., Editor

    Out of Our Hearts, Churches of Newfoundland and Labrador, Vol. 1
    ISBN 0-9696482-0-0
    Good News Publication Inc., St. John's, NF, 1992

Benson, Gerald E., Editor

    Church of Newfoundland and Labrador, Vol. 2
    ISBN 0-9211426-24-0
    Canadian Bible Society, St. John's, 1998

Brennan, Beverly, Gerry Hollahan, Sandra Quinton, Jocelyn White

    Songs, Stories and Recitations from the Bonavista Peninsula
    [a post tags project sponsored by the local service district of Summerville, Princeton and Southern Bay

Choyce, Leslie

    A Living History: Nova Scotia - Shaped By The Sea
    A well-written history of Nova Scotia. On page 228 the author claims that Jack Randell was from Lunenburg, NS. Although "cousin" Jack sailed out of Lunenburg, he was born in Ship Cove (now Port Rexton), NF. A brief summary of Randell's rum-running days and the loss of I'M Alone is included in the book
    ISBN 0-14-025132-4
    A Penguin Book, Toronto, 1996.

Cholock, Geneva K

    A Taste of the Stew
    Reprints of column printed in Clarenville Packet.

Clayton, Howard

    Atlantic Bridgehead
    The story of transatlantic communications with reference to the role of The Great Eastern and Heart's Content, Newfoundland.
    ISBN 900391-11-1
    The Garnstone Press Ltd., London, 1968

Cole, Douglas

    The Families of Elliston
    A genealogical study of the families of Elliston, Trinity Bay, and their relationships to one another.
    published by the author, November 1991.

Cole, Doug

    Elliston: A Newfoundland Outport
    A collection of historical data pertaining to the community of Elliston, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland
    ISBN 0-9681156-3-2
    ESPress, Portugal Cove, NF, 1997

Cook, Clayton D.

    The End of the Line, Newfoundland Railway in Pictures
    ISBN 0-921191-39-1
    Harry Cuff Publications Ltd., St. John's, 1989

Cooper, Georgiana

    The Deserted Island
    [65 pages of poetry and paintings, forward by Leslie Harris. Post script by R.A. Parsons, Edited by Harry A. Cuff and Everett H. King]
    Harry Cuff Publications Ltd., St. John's, NF, 1979.

Cooper, Georgiana

    Down aroun' Shore
    [and other Newfoundland poems].

Cooper, S.R. (Bert)

    Random Thoughts
    Poems and black and white art work by author
    ISBN 0-919095-25-9
    Harry Cuff Publications Ltd., St. John's, NF, 1982.

Cooper, S. Robert

    More Random Thoughts
    poetry and art work
    ISBN 0-88651-46-5
    Bonavista, NF, 1984.

Commissioner for Finance

    Newfoundland Post Office Guide

Cormack, W. E.

    Journey Across the Island of Newfoundland in 1822
    A diary of a walk through the interior of Newfoundland from Trinity Bay to Bay St. George in the early 1800s.
    Longmans, Green & Company, Ltd., London, England, 1928.

Cranford, Garry

    Norma and Gladys
    History of the last of the banking schooners.
    ISBN 0-9698767-0-X
    Flanker Press, St. John's, NF, 1994.

Cranford, Garry & Ed Janes

    Cod To Crab
    The history of Hant's Harbour, NF, and folk tales of the area.
    ISBN 0-9698767-1-8
    Flanker Press, St. John's, NF, 1995.

Cranford, Garry, & Raymond Hillier

    Potheads & Drumhoops
    A folk history of New Harbour, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland
    ISBN 0-9698767-2-6
    Flanker Press, St. John's, NF, 1995

Cross Foundation

    The Coffee Table Museum's Memory Album
    Reminiscences of Newfoundland and Labrador.
    The Cross Memorial Health Care Foundation, Clarenville, NF, 1998

Cuff, Harry

    The Coopers of Inglewood
    A collection of stories, photographs and poems centered on the early residents of Inglewood Forest, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland, and in particular Georgiana Cooper
    ISBN 0-921191-58-8
    Harry Cuff Publications Ltd., St. John's, NF, 1990

Dewling, Clarence Brown

    Essays of Eden
    Reminisces of past years in the community of Trouty, Trinity Bay.
    Brown's Cove Productions, Mount Pearl, NF, 1996.

Dewling, Clarence Brown

    History of a Harbour
    "A tiny harbour whose history is recorded since late 1600s.That harbour is Trouty."
    Brown's Cove Productions, Mount Pearl, NF, 1997.

Dewling, Clarence Brown

    Outport Outpouring
    "A booklet of poems noting the place of the outport in the life of the province and the struggle of the outport to maintain its rural place in a modern age."
    Brown's Cove Productions, Trouty, NF, 1998.

Dewling, Clarence Brown

    Gift of Gab
    Words, phrases and idioms of the Newfoundland outport.
    Brown's Cove Productions, Trouty, NF, 1999.

Dibner, Bern

    The Atlantic Cable
    Blaisdell Publishing Co., New York, NY, 1964.

Drodge, Eldon

    Peril On The Sea: The Trinity Bay Disaster of 1892
    This account of the Trinity Bay disaster of February 27th, 1892 is written in the form of a novel. The author remains true to the salient facts of the tragedy. An excellent read.
    ISBN 1-894377-04-4
    Jesperson Publishing, St. John's, NL, 2003.

Handcock, W. Gordon

    Soe longe as there comes noe women
    A reconstruction and explanation of the patterns of early migration from the southwest regions of England to Newfoundland.
    ISBN 0-920911-80-3 (bound); 0-920911-55-2 (paper)
    Breakwater Books, St. John's, NF, 1989

Handcock, Gordon

    The Story of Trinity
    A concise and informative history of " ... the best and largest Harbour in all the Land"
    Published by the Trinity Historical Society, Trinity, NF, 1997

Hayley-Bath, Linda

    Discovery Trail Learning Package:
    Work Along the Discovery Trail
    - ISBN 0-9699912-7-4
    Dwelling Houses on the Discovery Trail - ISBN 0-9699912-5-8
    Poetry and Songs of the Discovery Trail - ISBN 0-9699912-6-6
    Three booklets plus Maps of New Founde Land
    Bonavista South Regional Development Association for the Bonavista, King's Cove, and Trinity Historical Societies, 1998

Hiller, J.K.

    The Newfoundland Railway 1881-1949
    ISBN 0-919095-08-9
    Newfoundland Historic Society, St. John's, 1981

Horwood, Joan

    Hant's Harbour
    A social studies textbook for elementary grades.
    ISBN 0-88902-126-0
    Fitzhenry & Whitesite, Vancouver, BC, 1974

Howley, James P.

    The Beothucks or Red Indians: The Aborginal Inhabitants of Newfoundland
    Reprint of the compilation of the history of the aboriginal peoples of Newfoundland originally published in 1915 and previously published by Coles Book in 1980. Recounts encounters with Beothucks in the Trinity Bay area as well as other centres.
    ISBN 1-55267-139-9
    Prospero Books, Toronto, ON, 2000

Hunt, Rev. Edmund

    Aspects of the History of Trinity
    A personal history of Trinity in the early 1900s.
    Harry Cuff Publications, St. John's, NF, 1981

Janes, L. W. (editor)

    The Treasury of Newfoundland Stories
    A collection of stories, true and fictional, written by Newfoundlanders. Some are stories of Trinity Bay communities.
    Maple Leaf Mills Limited, St. John's, NF, undated (1961).

King, C. Rupert

    My Newfoundland Verse

Marshall, Ingeborg

    A History and Ethnography of the Beothuk
    Part 1 is a documentation of the history of the Beothuk from the first European encounters in the 1500s, including the encounters in the Trinity Bay area. Part 2 is a comprehensive review of Beothuk culture.
    ISBN 0-7735-1390-61973.
    McGill-Queen's University Press, 1996

Martin, Steve

    Matthew, Bonavista Bound!
    Fully illustrated with colour photography of the Matthew's trip and arrival in Bonavista
    ISBN 1-55081-134-7
    Breakwater, St. John's, 1997

Martin, Wendy

    Once Upon A Mine: Story of Pre-Confederation Mines On the Island of Newfoundland
    A history of mining on the island of Newfoundland, with reference to the slate quarries and brickmaking operations of Trinity Bay.
    ISBN 0-919086-03-9
    Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Special Volume 26, 1983

Martin, Lillian May

    Gleams in the Glooming
    A biographical sketch and a collection of her poems.
    ISBN 0-920021-60-3
    Creative Publishers, St. John's, NF, 1988

Martin, Wilfred B. W.

    Random Island Pioneers
    An analysis of the place names, population, industry and people of Random Island from 1836 to 1981.
    ISBN 0-920021-72-7
    Creative Publishers, St. John's, NF, 1990

Martin, Wilfred B. W.

    Random Island and Beyond
    Creative Publishers, St. John's, NF, 1991

Martin, Wilfred B. W.

    Random Islanders On Guard
    Creative Publishers, St. John's, NF, 1993

Mills, David B.

    The Evolution of Folk House Forms in Trinity Bay, Newfoundland
    Dept. of Culture, Recreation and Youth, St. John's, 1982

Mowat, Farley

    Westviking: The Ancient Norse in Greenland and North America
    This original work on the tenth century Norse voyages of discovery and piracy includes interpretation of Leif Eriksson over wintering in Trinity Bay in 995-996.
    Library of Congress Catalog Card No. 65-20746
    McClelland and Stewart Ltd., Toronto, 1965

NF & Lab. Genealogical Society

    St. Paul's Anglican Church, Trinity Newfoundland - Index of Names, Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1753 - 1867
    ISBN 0-921086-19-9
    Newfoundland and Labrador Genealogical Society, Inc., 1995

NF & Lab. Genealogical Society

    St. Paul's Anglican Church, Trinity Newfoundland - Index of Names, Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1867 to early 1900's
    ISBN 0-921086-20-2
    Newfoundland and Labrador Genealogical Society, Inc., 1996

Newfoundland Historic Trust

    Ten Historic Towns
    Drawings by J.M. Ball of architecture around Newfoundland. Each drawing is accompanied by a one page description and background. Maps are included,
    ISBN 0-919962-03-3
    Newfoundland Historic Trust, St. John's, 1978

Newhook, Cle

    Mostly in Rodneys
    An anthology of verse and prose about growing up in Norman's Cove
    ISBN 0-919095-72-0
    Harry Cuff Publications Ltd., St. John's, NF, 1985.

Noseworthy, Randy

    The School Car: Bringing the Three Rs to Newfoundland's Remote Railway Settlements (1936 - 1942)
    The book recalls the days when a travelling school brought basic education services to isolated locations along Newfoundland's rail lines.
    R.P.N. Publishing, P. O. Box 23, Whitbourne, NF, A0B 3K0, 1997.

Parsons, Robert

    Survive The Savage Sea
    Stories of shipwrecks in Newfoundland waters including the Cento; Revenue; Albert J. Lutz; Effie M.; Sperry; Marion Rogers; Edward VII; Catherine B; E.B. Phillips; C. A. Hubley; and President Coaker from the Trinity Bay area.
    ISBN 1-895387-96-5
    Creative Publishers, St. John's, NF, 1998

Patton, Janis

    The Sinking of the I'm Alone,
    [Stories from the Pierre Berton Show]
    ISBN 0-7710-1377-9
    McClelland & Stewart Ltd., Toronto, 1973

Penney, A.R.

    History of the Newfoundland Railway, Vol 1, {1881-1923}
    ISBN 0-921191-32-4
    Harry Cuff Publications Ltd., St. John's, 1988

Penney, A.R., with Fabian Kennedy

    History of the Newfoundland Railway, Vol. 2, (1923-1988)
    ISBN 0-921191-57-X
    Harry Cuff Publications Ltd., St. John's, 1990

Pittman, Henry Herbert


Pretty, Lloyd

    A Coastal Newfoundland Sketch Book
    ISBN 0-9690041-6-8
    Four East Publications Ltd., Tantallon, NS, 1982

Randell, Jack

    I'm Alone
    A sage of 44 years at sea, beginning in 1885, as mate, captain, salvager and rum-runner.
    Newnes, London, 1930

Randell, Violet Bennett

    Thursday's Child
    The story of a young girl growing up in a Newfoundland outport (Port Rexton) and moving away to the city (New York).
    ISBN 0-8062-0095-2
    Carlton Press, Inc., New York, 1975

Rendell, Charles William

    Half Hitches 'round the Stem Head
    The poetry of a Newfoundland bayman.
    ISBN 0-920021-05-0
    Creative Printers & Publishers Ltd., St. John's, NF, 1984.

Rendell, Charles William

    Slack Water
    More poetry of a Newfoundland bayman.
    ISBN 0-920021-29-8
    Creative Printers, St. John's, NF, 1986.

Rowe, Melvin

    I Have Touched the Greatest Ship
    A narrative of Heart's Content from the first recorded visit by John Guy in 1612; to the arrival of The Great Eastern; to the opening of the historic site museum.
    A project of the Heart's Content Retired Citizen's Club, published by Town Crier Publishing Company, St. John's, NF, 1976

Seary, E. R.

    Family Names of the Island of Newfoundland
    A comprehensive compilation of family names and their origins, revised and corrected from the 1977 edition by William Kirwin.
    ISBN 0-7735-1782-0
    McGill-Queen's University Press, 1998

Simmons, Lillian

    Run Ragged
    Reprints from her columns in the Robinson Blackmore Newspapers
    ISBN 0-9698767-6-9
    Flanker Press Ltd., St. John's, NF, 1998.

Smallwood, J. R.

    Coaker of Newfoundland
    A re-issue of an earlier work to commemorate the anniversary of the founding of the Fisherman's Protective Union.
    ISBN 0-9684470-0-7
    Advocate Press, Coaker Heritage Foundation, Port Union, 1998.

Stagg, Bruce

    Three One Act Plays
    ISBN 0-920502-43-1
    Jesperson Press, St. John's, NF, 1985.

Stringer, Eric

    Hodge's Cove ... Take 6
    A "homemade" guide to a number of historical aspects of Hodge's Cove, including church histories, teachers, businesses, resident surnames, etc. Approx 125 pages

Thorne, Robert

    The Sinking of the I'm Alone
    An article in the "Tales of the Northern Sea" series from Downhomer magazine
    pp. 61 - 63; October, 2001.

Toope, Eugene

    Eye Your Roots (and more)
    A history of Ireland's Eye and surrounding area, with an abundance of genealogical information.
    ISBN 0-9682171-0-9
    E & Eye Enterprises, Grand Falls, NF, 1997

Town of Heart's Delight - Islington

    Heart's Delight - Islington: From Growing Communities ... To A Growing Town
    Traces early settlement from 1800s to 1972. Includes excellent census materials and statistics of the early days with good historical development of the economic, social and religious changes during that period.
    Full Circle Printing

Tucker, Otto

    From The Heart Of A Bayman
    Essays on Newfoundland life from Scilly Cove to Poole.
    ISBN 0-919095-57-7
    Creative Printers & Publishers, St. John's, NF, 1984

Vey, Les

    "Let Me Tell Ya!"
    [random humour and cartoons]
    S. Feltham Assoc. Inc., Clarenville, NF, 1995.

Vey, Les

    Random Reflections
    A collection of stories from around the Southwest Arm of Trinity Bay. Included are lists of service people from the area who took part in the wars; residents who lived in the area in the late 1800's; the schooners used in Southwest Arm and their skippers.

Vey, Les

    From Ireland With Fear
    A novel based on the story of the Rice/Vey family, the reasons they left Ireland and travelled to the New World to settle in Grates Cove and Long Beach of Southwest Arm of Trinity Bay.
    ISBN 0-9685693-0-7
    publisher by author, 1999.

Compiled by James Butler, 1999
Updated by James Butler, May 8, 2004
Revised by Jim Butler, September, 2002


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